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The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

If you enjoyed this story, please be aware that I write under the name Dark Wynd as well as the name Chrystal Wynd.

* * *

Synopsis: Anna visits her sister at the University of Chrystal Heights and learns that shoplifting from an arcane stand is a bad idea.

* * *

This was an entry in Lisa Teez’s July 2017 contest—‘Vacation’.

* * *

Black Cats Don’t Take Vacations

“Anna!” squealed my twin sister Emma. “Welcome to Chrystal Heights! Where anything can happen and usually does!”

I rolled my eyes at my sister’s enthusiastic—and corny—greeting. “No need to sell me on the place, Emma,” I said. “You can stop squee-ing like a fangirl in heat.”

“I wasn’t squee-ing!” giggled Emma. “I was just speaking in all-caps.”

“Fine,” I said, laughing. “You can stop that, too.”

“Whatever, grump,” said Emma. “I’m just glad you decided to spend your vacation here with me! We’re gonna have so much fun!”

“We’ll see,” I said. “I still don’t know why you feel you have to go to Chrystal Heights University and live in this dumb city.”

“You know darn well why,” said my sister with exaggerated patience. “Because I’m a chemistry major and Blonde Concepts offered me a four-year scholarship and a job after I graduate, that’s why. But only if I attend CHU.”

“Whatever,” I said. “It’s still a dumb city.”

Emma giggled. “You don’t even know anything about it!”

“Sure I do,” I said. “I read all your emails. Chrystal Heights this and Chrystal Heights that blah blah blah…!”

Emma slapped my arm. “I do not sound like that! Anyway, Anna, Chrystal Heights is a fun city. You just gotta be careful, you know? Something you definitely are not.”

I affected an innocent expression. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh, please!” said Emma. “You’re always in trouble for something. Shoplifting, talking back to cops when you get busted, sneaking into places you’re not supposed to be in…”

I shrugged. “Misunderstandings,” I said. “Anyway, I’m here now. What’s on the agenda today?”

Emma said, “I have a class in a little while. You can hang out here in my dorm room until I get back. In fact, you can change into something less comfortable.”

“Real funny,” I said. “You know this is my normal look.”

“Still?” said Emma, looking me over. “Grunge isn’t really a thing right now, you know.”

I stuck out my tongue at her. “You’re just jealous ’cuz I’ve got style you can’t handle.”

Emma giggled. “If baggy jeans with holes and a tank top and sneakers is style, then you’re right. I’ll never be able to match that. And that no-makeup look? Tres chic. Anyway, just wait here until I get back, okay?”

“Oh, please,” I said. “I’m not hanging around some dorm until your class overlord frees you for the day. I’m going to go look around campus. Just call me on the cell when you’re done.”

Emma sighed. “Anna, just stay out of trouble, okay? I gotta go to school here and I’ve got a reputation for being a good girl…unlike certain sisters who shall remain nameless.”

“Don’t worry about me,” I said. “Go to class like a good little girl. I’ll be fine.”

My sister gave me a firm look. “Don’t leave campus,” she said. “I’m serious.”

“I’ll stay on school grounds,” I said. “Scout’s honor.”

“You were never a scout.”

* * *

I had a couple hours to kill, so I waited until Emma was gone for five minutes and then I made my way out of her dorm.

Chrystal Heights University’s sprawling campus presented like any major university. There was a large center courtyard, but with paths branching everywhere toward various buildings. The architectural style differed with several of the buildings, but there was a consistence running through them that made each building feel like a piece of the whole. The campus ambience hummed with ideas and knowledge, but there was an underlying sense of power as well. Students hurried back and forth, but small cliques gathered here and there. One student with a megaphone was making a speech pleading some cause, while another student on the opposite side of the courtyard used a megaphone to support an opposing position. A mime performed near a fountain and a hippie-looking student sat on a chair playing an acoustic guitar while a barefoot girl sang folk songs.

Around the outside of the courtyard, some carts that doubled as small retail stands displayed their wares. One cart caught my eye and I headed in that direction.

The cart was a large, bulky wooden affair, with large wagon wheels and wide side-panels that opened outward to allow rows of containers for display. Black tarps propped by poles extended out from the top of the cart, giving the cart a Renaissance festival-style tent ambiance. A girl a year or two older than me stood by the cart, dressed in flowing black robes and a pointy hat that gave her a definitive young witch appearance.

“Welcome to the Black Cat Shoppe,” said the girl. “My name is Bella. Can I help you find something?”

I glanced over the cart. There was a range of sticks, leaves, rocks and several things I simply couldn’t identify. I looked back at Bella.

“Interesting,” I said. “What is all this for?”

Bella smiled. “Just basic supplies for anyone in touch with their nature or spiritual selves,” she said. “Incense, herbs, small crystals…mostly spell components for basic arcane practice.”

I laughed. “You’re not serious!”

Bella said easily, “Sure I am. This stand is run by the Chi Beta Wiccan sorority. This is just a way to raise some funds.” She looked over the items, appearing bored. “This is just basic stuff, though. You have to go to a real shop like Spellbound to find the good supplies. You could barely light a candle with this stuff.”

I paused as I contemplated my position. A girl who thought she was a witch was trying to sell me spell components from a road-side stand while attempting to convince me people who bought stuff from her could do magic. This was where I was vacationing. Wonderful.

“Well,” I said, shaking my head, “unless you’re selling cigarettes from your little stand here, I don’t think you can help me much.”

Bella laughed. “Actually, I am selling cigarettes.”

I blinked. “Really?”

“Yes,” said Bella. “Well, sort of. Clove cigarettes. They’re not actually tobacco cigarettes, obviously, but this is our own blend of herbs, spices and cloves and there are no health risks involved. They’re very expensive, though.”

She indicated the section with a wave of her hand. There were a number of what appeared to be traditional cigarette packs, but these packs were a wide range of various bright, distinct colors.

“Nice,” I said. “How much?”

Bella told me. I shook my head.

“Way too much,” I said. “Come down on the price and I’ll think about it.”

“Sorry,” said Bella. “Scarletta and Gretchen set the prices. I have nothing to do with it.”

I said, “Who are they?”

“They run the sorority,” said Bella. “Scarletta is the head of the sorority. Gretchen is the president.”

“Oh,” I said. “I think I know who you’re talking about. Isn’t that them over there?” I said, pointing behind Bella.

“Huh?” said Bella, turning and looking. “No…that’s not them. That’s just two students dressed in black.”

I nodded. “Hard to tell the difference, you know?” I said, trying not to smile. Bella was way too gullible. The moment she had turned to look where I was pointing, I had snatched two packs of clove cigarettes and stuck them in my pockets before she ever turned back around.

Bella shook her head. “Stereotype much?”

I grinned. “Nah, just having some fun. See ya later.”

I was already starting to enjoy my vacation.

“Before you go,” said Bella, “maybe you should pay for those items you took.”

I affected an innocent expression. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She pointed at my pocket. “I’m sure you just forgot to put them back. But you should do so now.”

I glared at her, pretending to be offended. “Calling me a thief? I don’t have to put up with this!”

Bella sighed. “I really don’t recommend you try to leave with anything of ours in your pocket.”

“Go screw yourself,” I said. “I’m telling all my friends to avoid this place. Making false accusations like that! Well, I never!”

Bella shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

I spun and started storming away, pleased with my performance. This was fun. As I tried to walk away, though, I realized something was wrong.

It took me a moment to identify it, but then I figured it out. My limbs were stiffening.

Really stiffening.

I couldn’t bend my knees or elbows. Then my joints began locking up. I felt the first surges of panic setting in.

I tried to turn back toward Bella, but I couldn’t even do that. A leaden sensation had taken over my body and I realized I couldn’t move. Not even a little. I felt my facial expression settle into place.

I heard a chuckle behind me, then the sound of a cell phone auto-dialing.

“Hey, it’s Bella,” she said. “I’m working my shift at the Cat. I got a shoplifter caught by the perimeter spell.” A pause, then “All right. I’ll be here. So will she.”

Oh, she was really funny.

It was horribly frustrating not being able to move. People were staring, but keeping their distance. Were the other students really that intimidated by this stupid sorority?

I was actually relieved when I finally sensed somebody had arrived. I couldn’t see her, but she had a certain woodsy fragrance about her. A moment later she popped into view.

She was tall, with long black hair. She appeared to be several years older than me.

“So here’s our misguided guest,” she said. “My name is Gretchen. I’m sorry to say your little shoplifting antic interrupted my brunch and I’m quite put out with you. Bella?”

“Yes, Gretchen,” came Bella’s voice from behind me. I felt fingers sliding over my hips and into my pockets and then the two packs of clove cigarettes I’d snatched were removed from my pocket. A moment later they were in the hands of Gretchen.

The Chi Beta Wiccan president looked down at the two pack of cloves, then at me. She shook her head.

“You’re not too smart, are you?” said Gretchen. “Stealing from the Chi Beta Wiccans is never a good idea.”

I tried to answer her, but I still couldn’t move. I remained a helpless mannequin.

Bella said, “It’s just two packs of cloves. It’s not really that big a deal, is it?”

Gretchen gave Bella a disapproving look. “Two packs of cloves or twenty. It doesn’t matter. Stealing from the Chi Beta Wiccans cannot go unpunished.”

Bella nodded and stopped protesting. Gretchen turned back to me.

“Well, let’s get started,” said Gretchen, stepping closer to me. She reached out and grasped a section of my hair. She began chanting.

What the hell was she doing?

I got my answer a few moments later when I felt a sudden tickling along the back of my neck and my arms. My hair was growing. I couldn’t turn my head or shift in any way, but I just knew my hair was growing far faster than normal.

Gretchen continued holding my hair and chanting for several seconds longer before finally releasing her hold. She stepped back and looked me up and down, then nodded.

“So far, so good,” she said. Then she reached out and lay a finger on my lips, her long black-painted fingernail tickling my upper lip.

I didn’t understand what she was doing. Then, heart pounding, I realized my lips were swelling under her touch.

What the hell?! This was crazy!

I could feel my lips thickening under her fingertip. Then she shifted her finger slightly, altered the angle and suddenly she was sliding her finger into my mouth, my lips wrapped around her finger as she touched my tongue. A moment later she slid her finger out of my mouth.

My cheeks burned as my thick lips remained in the form of an “O”. Bella giggled.

Gretchen stepped even closer, right into my personal space. Students were gathered around now, watching, but the Chi Beta Wiccan president didn’t even appear to notice. She pressed up against me in an embarrassingly intimate way, our breasts touching, her woodsy scent hovering. Then she reached out with both hands and held my hips, as if we were dancing.

There was a sudden aching sensation across my middle section, my leg joints suddenly feeling out of place. Judging time was impossible, but it felt like it went on forever. My hips were changing, shifting. I couldn’t look down, but something was wrong. Something was different.

“Don’t worry,” murmured Gretchen. “I’m almost done.”

Then she slid her hands under my tank top and bra. A moment later, her warm fingers were cupping my breasts, her hands palming my hardening nipples.

And this time, I knew what was happening.

I still couldn’t look down, but this time I had a definite sense of what was happening. My tits were growing. I could feel my breasts swelling, firm bubbles beneath the witch woman’s palms. Big, bigger, huge. Soon my breasts were pressing against each other, and still she left her hands in place.

Finally she released my tits and pulled her hands out from under my top. Then she stepped back and studied me critically.

“That should do,” said Gretchen. “One last touch, though. We have to package it right.”

The witch woman reached out and held both hands close to my clothing, but without touching me, and she began chanting. I held my breath and waited, but nothing happened. Was I finally finished with this crazy scene?

And then I felt a tickling sensation all over my body.

It took me several moments to realize it was an external sensation, not internal. Something weird was going on with my clothes, but I couldn’t figure out what.

From behind me, Bella’s voice said, “Relax. All she’s doing is giving you a different outfit to wear. Your clothes are re-stitching themselves to Gretchen’s specifications.”

A new outfit? What the hell?

Gretchen remained in place chanting for several minutes. The crowd was murmuring in amazement at whatever it was they could see that I couldn’t. After an eternity, she finally stopped her chanting. She stepped back and looked me over.

She nodded in satisfaction. Then she stepped forward and cupped my cheeks in her hand. She started chanting again, but this time I didn’t feel anything. Finally the witch woman stopped chanting and stepped back.

“Well, Bella,” said Gretchen, “what do you think?”

“Perfect!” said Bella.

Gretchen smiled. “Good,” she said. “Let’s give her a more appropriate pose, shall we?”

Gretchen and Bella reached out and they each took one of my arms. I still couldn’t move on my own, but they had no problem arranging my body and limbs to their specifications. Once they were satisfied, they stepped back and turned to the watching crowd.

All the students gathered in the courtyard applauded loudly. Bella performed a mock curtsy and Gretchen smiled tolerantly.

Gretchen finally turned back to me. “You’ll be here for a while,” she said, “so I’ll just give you a look at what the Black Cat has on display for the rest of the day.”

The sorority president gestured and the air in front of me began to shimmer. Soon it formed a reflective surface and I could see what had been done to me. If I could have made a sound, I would have gasped.

Gretchen had turned me into a bimbo on display.

My hair was huge. Big, blonde and all the way down to the back of my knees. I had hair everywhere. Long waves of tight curls formed a golden waterfall over my bare shoulders and down my back.

I had already been thin, but my hips had been widened and erotically curved, contrasting with my tiny waist even more. My ass had filled out, becoming a full, rounded bubble jutting out behind me. And my breasts were ridiculously lush bimbo boobs, bigger than I could conveniently estimate. Double-D’s? F’s? I had no idea.

And my lips were now lush pillows, thick and erotic. Bright red. In fact, my whole face had been made up. Heavy mascara, eye shadow, blush on my cheeks.

And my clothes…or lack thereof. My jeans had re-stitched itself into a denim mini-skirt that barely reached the bottom of my now thick, rounded ass. My tank top had re-stitched itself into a bright red stretch tube-top that barely contained my huge breasts. And my sneakers had reformed into four-inch high heels. It even registered in the back of my mind that my fingernails and toenails were a shade of bright red that matched my lips and my tube-top.

The witch woman had turned me into an embarrassingly hot bimbo mannequin, on display for the entire university to stare at.

Even the pose they had left me in announced that I was nothing more than a display toy. My lips still formed a shocked “O”, with the fingers of one hand partially covering my mouth, my eyes wide, eyebrows arched in surprise. I was leaning forward, back arched, my big bimbo butt jutting out, inviting passers-by to give it a pat or a slap.

And I still couldn’t move.

Gretchen smiled and stepped forward. “Next time you try to steal from us,” she said, “I won’t be so nice.” Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek, turned and left.

* * *

Hours later, I still couldn’t move.

Every muscle I had hurt, every joint ached. I had to pee so bad, I wanted to cry. And yet I knew I still had the same silly expression of dumb surprise on my face.

Apparently the campus students were aware of what happened to anyone who tried to steal from the Black Cat stand, because there was no end of people passing by and patting my rounded ass and giving it a hearty slap. Several students—male and female—stopped and posed by me, getting their pictures taken with me. Several times my tube top was tugged down to expose my breasts for the pictures.

Bella had been relieved and another girl from the Chi Beta Wiccan sorority was working the Black Cat stand now. She was just as indifferent to my plight as Bella had been, though.

Then suddenly my sister Emma was standing in front of me.

I tried to make a sound, to squeak, anything, but I couldn’t make a sound. I couldn’t even twitch.

Emma sighed and shook her head. “You just couldn’t stay out of trouble, could you?”

My cheeks burned.

Emma shook her head again, then walked over to the Black Cat stand. She talked to the Chi Beta Wiccan girl, then came back.

“You’re lucky someone saw you with me earlier today and told me what happened here,” said Emma. “Otherwise I might not have found you out here.”

The Chi Beta Wiccan girl was standing next to Emma now. She said, “I’m going to lift the mannequin spell now, sweetie.”

I would have nodded, but I still couldn’t move. Then the girl said a phrase I couldn’t understand. And just like that, my ability to move returned.

I started to drop, but my sister caught me. “Take it easy, Anna,” she said. “It’ll take a minute for your strength to return.

Everything hurt and I was ready to wet myself. I mumbled something incoherent.

Emma laughed. “Don’t even try to talk, sis,” she said. “We’ll go back to my dorm room and you can rest.”

Emma started to walk me toward the dorm building, but I stopped her. I pointed to my lips, my breasts, my hair.

Emma shook her head. “Sorry, Anna,” she said. “Only the mannequin spell got lifted. You’re going to be stuck in that body for, ummm, a couple days, at least. It’s really a bad idea to steal from the Chi Beta Wiccans, you know.”

Stuck in this bimbo body?! Oh, gawd. This was going to be the most embarrassing vacation ever.

Suddenly the Chi Beta Wicca sorority girl stopped us. “By the way,” she said, “Gretchen said since you’re just on vacation and visiting the campus and all, we should cut you a little slack.”

“Oh?” said Emma.

The sorority girl nodded. “Yes,” she said.

Oh, thank gawd. I was going to get this embarrassing body fixed.

“Here, “ she said, holding out a hand. “She told me to give you this.”

In her hand was a pack of clove cigarettes.

I closed my eyes and sighed.

The sorority girl smiled and tucked the cloves between my huge boobs. “There you go,” she said. “And we hope you enjoy the rest of your Chrystal Heights vacation.”