The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Black Swan

Chapter 4: Chase

“This can’t be their main base of operations,” said Kate, commenting on the structure she was sneaking up to.

“Probably a waypoint or an outpost of some sort,” said Bower over the radio “Do we know anything about how they operate?”

“They have a decentralized system, never stay in any place for long. They move like locusts. They use property of victims once they are enslaved. Once they find somewhere new, they move and leave the brain-washed owners behind as sleeper-agents.” replied Kate.

“It’s what I would do,” they heard Shaw saying. She was sitting in the van with Bower, the mic picking her up pretty well.

“Remind me never to get on your bad side, Sophie,” said Bower.

“Oh, I can be deadly,“ she snarked.

“Cut the chatter,” snapped Sarah from the rooftop she was lying on, and the radio remained silent after that. She was carefully scanning the perimeter of the building through the magnifying scope of her high-calibre rifle. She had picked the .50, imagining what it would do to Moreau’s head if she dared to show up. It had been one of her more positive thoughts as of late.

It was a small building, not much larger that a simple cabin, though with a high ceiling and large windows and skylights. It might originally have been used it as a small machine shop or garage. There was probably only one room inside. A Fence ran close to it and blocked the light of any street lamps. Not many corners, easy to sneak up to. They expected a trap.

Kate had a an electronic sniffer and had taken it once around the building. It hadn’t detected any explosives. She steered a micro-drone though an air-vent and watched the video feed on a small screen on her wrist. There was a single guard with the three unconscious prisoners lying on blankets with their hands bound together. Only one guard. She looked at her watch. It was 4 a.m. It had been seven hours since they had gotten captured. They hadn’t been enslaved yet. That took at least four times that long.

“What about the perimeter?”

“Aerial drone is picking up nothing. No movement within 500 meters, all parked cars show nominal heat signatures, no unaccounted-for radio frequencies… all quiet. Sophie?” There was a small pause and the faint sound of a keyboard could be heard. “Thumbs-up from her. You’re good to go, Prescott!”

”Sarah, what about you?”, asked Kate

”Just go”, said Sarah and fired the gun. It shattered a window and exploded a sizeable chunk out of the wall right next to the guard, who twitched and looked around in panic, then threw himself on the ground.

“Cutting it close,” whispered Kate. “you almost hit him.”

Sarah didn’t answer.

The guard scrambled into a corner, and pulled out a cell phone. He dialled a number, set the phone down, and pulled out a handgun. The three unconscious agents remained still.

“Any reaction?”

“I don’t pick up anything, yet,” said Bower over the radio.

Kate raised her suppressed rifle and fired at the building, making sure not to aim anywhere near where she new the guard and the captured agents were. The shots were suppressed but still as loud as hammer blows.

“How about now?”

“Well, you’ve certainly woken up the neighbourhood. I’ve got lights, some movement, but—wait! I got something! Vehicles approaching from the east and west! ETA 2 minutes 20 seconds! There’s a lot of them!”

“Good, let’s hope this works,” said Kate. She let her rifle swing down from its strap and picked up the shotgun she had placed on the ground earlier. She checked the drone feed, visualized the inside of the building, trained the shotgun at a point in space beyond the wall, kicked down the door and immediately fired the crowd control rounds at the guard.

The guard screamed through clenched teeth as the projectile bruised him and the electricity made him twitch. He dropped his gun.

“Stay the fuck down!” she yelled. “Are you alone?! Answer me now!”

“Nnnngh aaargh!”

“Answer me!”

”Yes! Aah!”

“Then who did you call?”

“I…, I…”

She put hear hand on her earpiece, pretending to get a radio transmission. She faked surprise and made a show of looking around the room. She kicked away the gun, ran towards the unconscious Agents and knelt over them as if to check their vitals.

“They are here! Maybe there is time to—“ she said to nobody in particular. As she spoke she quietly injected one of them with a subderdmal tracker. “No, fuck you, I won’t—“

“One minute thirty! Get out! You’re not going for an Oscar!”

“Fuck! Damn you” she screamed as she got up. She picked up the cell phone and smashed it on the floor next to the guard, who winced. She raised her rifle at him. He closed his eyes.

“You tell your fucking boss to go fuck herself!” she said and stormed out.

”Left, then right!” came Bower over the radio “Fast! We’re on the move!”

She ran out the door and pain shot through her. Her hands and legs cramped and she fell. She hit the dirt face-first.

On the rooftop, Sarah watched Kate fall though the scope and a surge of adrenaline rushed through her. She frantically scanned the perimeter through her scope.

“Shaw! Prescott is down, I don’t see tangos! Open up her channel!”


”Do it!”

As Shaw set the mic to always-on, the noise of Kate’s pained screams popped into her ear, mixed with bursts of noise as the mic rubbed against the ground. Sarah considered her options. She was three blocks away, no time to come help her. From here, she had limited visibility. She assumed the attacker to be on the far side of the building.

“Drone’s got visual, there’s someone on the north side.”

She hated being right.

“Kate, get them to move towards you.”

“Nggh,” came back over the radio and she saw Kate slowly and with difficulty turning herself on her back, nose bloody “no time, leave me!”


“They’re gonna be here in a minute.”

“I’m not leaving you.”

”Bower! Pick her up!”


Kate pulled her handgun from its holster. She lifted it up towards her temple, hand trembling.

”Sarah, I’m sorry!” she said. She closed her eyes, ready to pull the trigger. Another stunner hit her and she collapsed into a heap.

Shaw’s voice came high-pitched and raspy over the radio: “Mahoney! We’re picking you up. Get out of there!”

She looked though the scope at Kate lying unconscious in the dust. Out of the door stumbled the guard, unarmed, looking self-satisfied. She could hear his muffled voice over Kate’s radio.

”Hey bitch. Looks like you’re not so smart anymore. Did you really think I was alone? You—”

She pulled the trigger and a tenth of a second later, his head exploded. She aimed at Kate, putting the crosshair over her head. Her aim was unsteady now. “Save one bullet for yourself,” Kate had said what felt like months ago, but what had only been hours. How had it all gone so fucking wrong? She swallowed and put her finger on the trigger.

No! Wait! Stupid! There was still a chance. They had the trackers. There were just four to rescue now instead of three. A tiny bit of relief rolled through her. Her head felt clearer now. She got to her knees.

“Cut off Prescott! We need safe comms! I’m leaving, give me directions!” she said and rushed down the stairwell.

Three minutes later, she was in the van, holding onto a overhead handrail as it turned a corner at a measured pace. It made her nervous. They should be racing at breakneck speed. But they hadn’t been seen, so blending into traffic was the right thing to do, no matter how fast their blood was pumping.

“I’ve got West on the line!” said Shaw as Bower pulled them into an alley, put the van in park and went back to his computer in the back.

“Put her on the radio. Director West?”

“West here. What is the situation?”

“We successfully planted a tracker on our captive agents, but Prescott was captured by the enemy. We are monitoring the site by drone. They are currently loading the captives into a van. We are ready to covertly follow them once they move out.”

”I will ready our remaining operatives for an attack on Moreau—if she is indeed at the location the captives are being transported to.”

“You mean…”

“I’m sorry, Miss Mahoney. I cannot expend any personnel unless we are absolutely positive that Moreau is there. If she is not, I am afraid we will have to write our agents off as lost.”

“You can’t be serious!”

“I am afraid that I am. We simply cannot risk another involvement with the Syndicate. We do not have the forces to take them on. Every encounter will entail losses to our side. They will slowly wear us down every time we fight them. Our only chance at all is directly taking out Moreau.”

“You can’t just give up Kate!”

”I do not at all intend to do so, but I may be forced to.”

Sarah wanted to scream at West. It took all self-control that she had not to so.

“Let us just pray that it will not come to that,” said West.

“Yes. Let’s,” said Sarah bitterly. She made herself think of Moreau to direct her anger at something useful. They would follow Kate to find Moreau, and kill her. They would kill her. She imagined pulling the trigger. That helped a bit.

“Ummm… something’s happening”, said Bower. He sounded worried.

“Is there a problem?”

“There might be. They are loading them into two different vans. The tracker is still in place but only on of the captives has one. We can only follow the one with the tracker, if they split up.”

”What about the drone?”

”Drone isn’t fast enough. They’re moving now.”

In Bower’s monitor, there was a window with the drone feed, and one with a map that had the tracker dot overlaid on it. Both still showed the same area, but were starting to diverge.

“You will follow the one with the tracker and regard the other as lost,” said West over the comms. Her voice was crisp and hard.

“They’re moving south. Fuck. Of course. They’re splitting up! One’s going southwest.” Bower hit some keys and the drone feed followed the other van. It could somewhat keep up, but it was slowly crawling towards the edge of the feed.

“Which one is Kate in?”

Bower didn’t answer.


“The one without the tracker,” he said in a small voice.

Sarah closed her eyes. Shaw and Bower looked at her. Shaw swallowed, because she knew what was about to happen. “Sarah,” she said. “We’ve got to do this.”

Sarah shot her an angry look, then reached over Shaw’s shoulder and killed the feed to Director West.

”We’re going after Prescott.”

“But Director West just said that—“ tried Bower.

”I’m not fucking leaving her!” she yelled and squeezed herself into the driver’s seat.

“Keep tracking the other van! We can’t lose that one, can we? So what’s more urgent, huh?”

She put her foot on the gas and drove off. “Now tell me where to fucking go or you can try to explain to West why we just sat there and did nothing at all!”

Bower looked at Shaw. She bit her lip, closed her eyes, and nodded.

“Okay, we’ll do it your way then! Take a left!”

Sarah followed and the unmarked van sped into the night.

* * *

Kate woke with a start. She tried to get up, but fell back when her wrists caught on something. She hit the back of her head against the wall of the van. She groaned. She was handcuffed and chained to the bench between her legs. They had taken all her gear. She was just wearing cargo pants and a black t-shirt. Her pockets felt empty, her boots were gone.

“Hey Kate!”, said a voice.

Kate looked at the woman sitting at the front end of the van. It was Lilly.

She wore a black latex suit that reflected the deep red light that lit the van. She was lazily toying with the tazer gun she had shot Kate with.

“I was afraid I might have hit you too hard. Being unconscious for too long isn’t healthy. But you are very resilient. It didn’t take you long at all to wake up. We barely started the chase.”


“Yes. We are being pursued,” said Lilly and continued, voice dripping with sarcasm: “I’m afraid we are not driving quite fast enough to evade them. And sadly, we have no escort to protect us at all! How unfortunate!”

“So we’re bait!? You won’t get them!” said another voice. Kate turned her head. Across from her sat Agent Kelly. Kate hadn’t even noticed her. Her short black hair was messy and oily from what she had been through. She looked very tired. Kate and her had spoken once or twice. She was ex-FBI, early thirties. Last time they’d talked, she had had told Kate about the horse she co-owned and something about how hot her downstairs neighbour was.

“No, I won’t. You will,“ said Lilly and put down the tazer gun. She produced an ominous-looking small metal cylinder from her cleavage. Kate looked at it, then at agent Kelly. Lorraine.

Lorraine stared back at her. She looked as scared as Kate felt. Lilly got up from her seat, carefully balancing in the moving car. Kate watched her sit down next Lorraine with crossed legs, like they were about to take a picture together. Lorraine tried to lean away from her as far as she could, which wasn’t far.

“Hey Kate, watch this,” she said and, before she could react, stabbed the cylinder into Lorraine’s neck. Lorraine’s eyes went wide and she took in a gasping breath. Then she made a croaking noise and collapsed forward in her seat as the breath escaped her in a sigh. Lilly gently caught her and righted her back up back against the wall. She was completely limp.

Kate screamed in shock and anger.

“You killed her!”

Lilly turned to her, brows furrowed. “What?! Nooooo! Nonono! Something much better!“

Kate blinked in confusion.

“We’re so high-tech now, Kate! It’s a modern-day miracle.”

Kate’s mouth opened and closed and she blinked, trying to understand. She felt the inevitable conclusion forming in her mind.

“Oh God, no!”, she said, her voice small and dry.

“Yesss! You get it, don’t you? How it’s been only two days and I’m already… enslaved.” Lilly caressed the words as she spoke them. She traced a finger down agent Kelly’s face.

“It’s so hot, seeing them this way. Turning. Becoming—“ She paused, putting a finger on her right ear and listened to something. She nodded and looked at Kate, smiling again.

“Ten minutes until our friends catch up, give or take. Ample time to prepare,“ she lounged back and put her arm around the shoulders of the unconscious woman next to her and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. She stayed close, glancing at Kate from the corners of her eyes as she started to draw circles around the tips of agent Kelly’s breasts.

“No! Don’t you—“

“Shut up, Kate! Don’t spoil the moment! Any second now!”

Kate wanted to retort, but in that moment, agent Kelly twitched and raised her head. Kate looked at her, feeling numb, breathing heavily. Lilly was still right next to her, half wrapped around her, fingers on her chest.

Agent Kelly’s eyes narrowed and seemed to be in thought for a moment. She looked at Lilly.

“I am a slave,” she said.

There was a pause. Then she chuckled, looking embarrassed. “Sorry. That sounded way less stupid in my head. I just felt like I had to say something. Kind of a big deal what just happened, I mean.”

“Don’t worry, I get it,” said Lilly with a smile. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Then they kissed, mouths wide open. Lilly’s hand was firmly on Lorraine’s left breast, and Lorraine’s cuffed hands reached up to hold Lilly’s arm.

The kiss lasted for what felt like hours to Kate. When they finally broke apart, Lilly did a little nod in Kate’s direction and they both eyed her. Lorraine leaned forward, elbows resting on her spread legs. Lilly’s arm was around Lorraine’s shoulders again. Both of them smiled. Their looks were predatory, hungry.

Kate was just staring in utter shock, her breathing fast and shallow.

“And now…”, said Lilly

“You,” smiled Lorraine.

Kate stared in disbelief for a moment, as the terrible truth assembled itself in her brain. She looked at the two women across from her, saw their gazes. There was a moment when she could have said something. She let it pass. Instead, she sighed quietly and closed her eyes, lowering her head. There was silence. She just sat there, elbows on her knees, head lowered, saying nothing.

After a moment of puzzlement, Lilly stood up and pulled another injector from between her breasts. She gently swayed as she stood over Kate. “What?” she mocked. “No fight left in you? I honestly expected better of you.”

Kate wasn’t listening. She was thinking of her colleagues, her friends. They were right behind them. Shaw and Bower, Sarah. They had no idea. It had taken less than two minutes. Literally anyone could be turned. She breathed heavily. It was hopeless. Lilly was about to enslave her, and there was nothing she could do.

Her heart was racing to a point where it nearly hurt. It was her fight or flight instincts kicking into their highest gear, completely unprepared by evolution for this situation. It was the fear of dying.

She would be dying, in a way. After this, there would be no Kate Prescott. Her thoughts would stop and never continue after. The thought constricted her chest and she felt her heart pound in panicked response. Again, she thought of Sarah. Poor Sarah. At least she had apologized.

She sat up straight, calmly staring ahead into the distance, not looking at Lilly and Lorraine. Her lips were pressed tight and it took all of her effort to control herself. Her body screamed at her in acidic anger and rage, to fight, to hurt them before they hurt her. But she knew there was nothing she could do. She was chained up, and her hands couldn’t even reach above her chest, leaving her unable to do anything but flail uselessly, and then they’d get her anyway.

No. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing her fail, trying to escape like an animal. She wouldn’t let them have her last moments like that, giving away her dignity. This she could control. This was still her own.

“Fuck you”, she said flatly as she waited for the inevitable.

“Oh, you will”, said Lilly with a smile and injected her.

As the cold metal bit into her, Kate exhaled sharply, controlling herself, certainly not giving them the pleasure of making her scream as she bore the sudden pain. She didn’t flinch. She didn’t move. She sat straight with her head raised high and her eyes facing forward in a stoic look of defiance.

She lasted maybe five seconds. Then she whimpered weakly and her eyes rolled back. Like someone had flipped a switch, her face went slack and she tipped forward lifelessly.

Lilly watched with an amused and satisfied expression before gently catching Kate’s fall by her shoulders. Lilly was breathing heavily now, her body visibly trembling and tensing underneath her skin-tight suit. Slowly, she pushed back Kate’s head against the backrest, tilting it up to look at the woman’s unconscious face.

Kate’s eyes were closed and her mouth hung open, like she’d passed out drunk. It didn’t look dignified at all. Her eyelids were twitching. Lilly lightly brushed her thumb across her cheek, then let go. Kate’s head dropped ungracefully down onto her chest.

Lilly produced a key and undid Kate’s handcuffs, then sat down next to Lorraine and did the same to hers. Lorraine rubbed her wrists as they came loose and put her hand on Lilly’s inner thigh. She whispered something into her ear. Lilly smiled, nodded and kissed her cheek before they both quickly turned back to watch Kate, not wanting to miss anything.

Kate’s red hair had fallen in front of her face and obscured her features. She had slid down forward in her seat and her arms were now resting bonelessly next to her, palms up. Her head was gently bobbing left and right with each movement of the car, her chin pressed against her chest. Apart from that, she didn’t move at all. For the moment, there was only the noise of the van driving down the streets, quickly, but not too quickly.

Fifty-three more seconds passed before she woke.

Kate’s fingers twitched, once, twice, and her body tensed, then shivered. Behind strands of messy crimson her eyes opened, bright and terribly awake. She sat up straight and brushed the hair from her face, looking from shocked eyes at the slaves opposite her. Then, with the slowness of dripping honey, her lips widened into a smile.

She remembered what had happened. She remembered everything. But everything around her had flipped. Or rather she had. The knew what she was. She’d known the moment she’d woken up and felt the hot ache between her legs. The sheer, absolute truth of it was like the weight of her own body against the cold steel bench she sat on. It anchored her, propelled her. It was as much part of her being as the arousal that radiated from her pussy. She knew what she was. She was a slave!

Kate looked at the beautifully enslaved women before her. Her mind was sparkling with adoration and belonging as the truth of it overcame her again. Slave Lilly. Slave Lorraine. They were hot, obedient slaves, like herself. She was one of them! Kate was one of them, and it was perfect. Slave Lilly, slave Lorraine, slave Kate!

She felt her new desires, in her heart and in her loins, as effortless as old habit and as seductive and irresistible as the touch of a lover. She loved what had happened to her. She couldn’t believe how hot it made her. Being a slave made her so wet. Being a slave made her want to come. Being a slave was everything she’d been afraid it would be. She loved it. Not loving it was out of the question.

She remembered how she had felt when the injector stung her, how it would be like dying. She remembered being Kate. How she had tried to resist. A doomed woman’s pathetic final struggle before she was erased.

She was in awe at all the things she wanted—really, deeply wanted—to do now that she hadn’t wanted, would have rather died than doing. Yes! Old Kate was dead! Long live slave Kate! The thought made her pussy throb in excitement. Fuck that bitch. Slave Kate hoped to become everything that cunt had been afraid of.

She started by thinking about Sarah. She thought about how fucking hot it would be to push an injector into her neck and watch her turn into a slave. She indulged in the fantasy for a moment, feeling the arousal spread through her. It made her shiver like the good slave she was.

Slave Lilly and Lorraine had been watching her for a while, waiting for her to speak. Here was another opportunity. She leaned forward towards slave Lilly. She raised her eyebrows.

“When this is over, we’re going to fuck so hard”, promised slave Kate in breathless excitement. She spread her legs and caressed her inner thighs to illustrate her point.

Slave Lilly and slave Lorraine beamed at her. She beamed back, taking them in. She saw the same lust in them that she felt herself now. They were so hot and she loved being like them. She wanted to fuck them—pleasure them—make them come, to show that there was nothing of old Kate left.

“I’m sorry you don’t get time to enjoy this more, slave Kate”, said slave Lilly, and those last two words felt like slave Lilly were gently blowing them over her clit. “I’d love to fuck your sweet ass right now, but...”

“But first, I get to betray Sarah and the rest”, smiled slave Kate with barely restrained excitement. Saying it, thinking it, made her know that she was absolutely and totally enslaved. Good.

“So. What’s the plan?”