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‘Blake’s Magic Ring’


WARNING: This work of fiction may contain elements including but not limited to the weird, cruel and unethical. Reader discretion is mandatory.

SUMMARY: Blake Hamilton gets revenge on his bitch step-sisters by turning them into obedient whore Slaves.

Chapter Six — Ashanti and Aeliana and Akahana

Blake Hamilton has started out his empire with his right hand man, Riley, now under his control and working out the means to take over Bank Street, and in so doing, take over all of Fylth City.

The key to taking root on Bank Street would be one Idaho Jackson, the lady from Blake’s gym, as she could bring them into one of the most well-connected businesses on the planet, and gain influence from there. Riley is working out the details on what to do with her as Blake is taking it easy.

Bank Street will be his.

But first, Blake wants to settle some personal affairs, and subjugate those bitches he’s had to live with most of his life: his stepsisters. Ash, Lia and Hana; the dreadful Vandermeer bitches.

Three bratty snobs that come in brunette, redhead and raven-haired, with nearly identical personalities -what little personality they have at least- and fully identical agendas: to make other people’s life hell and gain something while they’re at it. Gold diggers, one and all.

After he’s through molesting them out of revenge for their bullying over the years, he’ll whore them out so they’ll be making money rather than spending it.

Blake is enjoying his Sunday afternoon, reading through Landon’s diary, taking in the details of his grandfather’s words.

“Master.” Tara starts, looking apologetic and ashamed. “I... The girls are on their way.”

“Good. Get dressed. For the time being you can pretend to be a person again.” he grins. “We don’t want them finding out you’re just a worthless Slave now, do we?”

“No, Master. Of course not.” she agrees, only because she’s compelled to.

He can tell she’d be on the verge of crying if his influence over her wasn’t absolute. She’s horrified she’s helping him ensnare her own daughters.

But he doesn’t care. Tara and her family has always been nothing more than a bunch of horrible, spoiled, money-hungry cretins. All of them, except for Heidi, of course. He actually got along swell with his step-cousin, but she was the black sheep of the family for actually having some empathy, and not being out to humiliate ‘poor people’, and ‘put them in their place’.

To think someone whose ambitions it is to start up a charity foundation can come out of that family...

The Vandermeer Foundation already exists, of course, but it’s a money laundering front.

For the next half hour, as they wait for the girls to arrive, Blake has Tara on her knees, deepthroating him while wearing a pillowcase as a bib—so she doesn’t make a mess all over her nice clothes. It’ll probably be the last time she wears anything this nice ever again. From here on out it’ll be slutty maid uniforms and other humiliating attire exclusively.

She’s choking with that tip lodged down her gullet when they hear the door open. They’ve returned from their long weekend to celebrate their 18th birthday.

“Ah, we can begin! Remember, you’re only pretending to be a person.” he chuckles, whispering at Tara.

“Yes, Master.” she says, removing the bib full of her drool and various fluids, and gets up to her feet to go and greet the girls.

“Hey mom!” they call out. They sound cheerful and full of life. They’d better be in a good mood, they just spent half a week on a billionaire’s yacht the size of a hotel, being catered to by underpaid and over-performing staff.

It’s been a couple of days since Blake’s seen them, and they’re always great on the eyes. Horrible personalities, but what a feast to behold.

And soon they’ll be nothing more than his harem.

Nobody ever dared speak up about it, but Tara’s a huge slut. And her daughters reflect that: Ashanti’s obviously the daughter of the head of AfrExCorp, the African Exports Corporation, and he’s a huge Nigerian man with biceps and deltoids the size of a small car. Aeliana looks a lot like her father, a Colombian pop star with a notorious streak with the ladies—he’s rumored to have over a thousand illegitimate children all over the world. And Akahana is -no doubt- the daughter of a billionaire Japanese businessman spoken of only as ‘the Serious Man’ and ‘Uncle’, leading many to think he’s the head of a powerful family in the world of organized crime. Barely anyone has ever heard him speak, but his decisions can make or break companies no matter where they are or what they do.

Three girls, triplets, from three different guys. Of course, the way the stories go, about three dozen men could have been the fathers... Tara got around, spending money on fertility treatments to trap men into marriage—though when the three kids came out very different that left her with none of the three willing to pay up for two kids that obviously weren’t his.

Superfecundation... it’s one hell of a trip.

“How was your trip?” Tara asks.

“It was okay, I guess.” Aeliana says. “Ashanti had to wait like, almost a whole minute or something before she got her venti salted caramel mocha frappucino with five pumps of frap roast, four pumps of caramel sauce, four pumps of caramel syrup, three pumps of mocha, three pumps of toffee nut syrup, double blended with extra whipped cream... so I had the guy marched out onto the deck in front of everyone, made to apologize and then had the captain fire him.”

The girls giggle, though Hana just puts up an uncomfortable smile.

“Yeah, that was great.” Akahana adds a bit awkwardly. “He started crying and shouting, he was so pathetic! I think he really loved that job, or at least really needed the money.”

“Ugh, you don’t feel sorry for that pathetic loser, do you?” Lia asks. “They’re like dogs, not people like you and I.”

“Of course not!” Hana insists. Even though she spends most of her time with her sisters, she’s always seemed out of her depth, desperate to fit in somewhere.

“Ugh, poor people...” Ashanti says, in visible disgust with a matching tone of voice. “They’re so... revolting.”

“Remember that guy asking for money outside the Coffee Corner?” Aeliana says. “I told a cop he grabbed my tits so he went over and beat him up and took him to jail!”

“Poor people are stupid!” Akahana forcedly huffs. “Some of them even think they deserve rights or whatever. They should just shut up and do what I tell them.”

Ashanti groans. “Ugh, I had like, three sandwiches. I’m going for a run.” she declares, and walks off towards the home gym.

Aeliana picks up her phone. “I’m gonna call Steph. She’s such a slut but I need her to think we’re friends so I don’t have to wait in line at her daddy’s night club like those losers outside the door.” She, too, walks off.

Akahana, finally vanishes into her room. She’s looking tired, and she does love her beauty sleep—or perhaps she just needs her quiet alone time after spending so much time with her very active sisters.

Blake, of course, has been watching from just around the corner.

Akahana’s easy prey. He’ll take her last, she probably won’t put up much of a fight while she’s asleep. Aeliana’s already on her phone, video chatting with someone. Blake would rather not alert any outsider of what’s going on, so it’s best to wait until she’s done calling her fake friend.

That leaves Ashanti. Alone in the home gym. Working out that nubile, sculpted body of hers.

She’s gonna be first!

He snaps his fingers and gestures Tara to follow him. “Stand where I tell you to and watch. Don’t say a word!”

She’d reply with ‘Yes, Master!’ but she’s under orders not to speak.

With a grin on his face and a spring in his step, Blake heads over to the home gym, leaving poor Ashanti the time to change into her workout clothes. The saucy brunette has her long hair in two braided pigtails, those plush tits snug in a sports bra, and that fat, round jigglebutt stuffed into yoga pants two sizes too small (by choice).

He gestures Tara to wait a few steps away, and she watches as told to. Blake can see her tremble as Tara, from deep down, tries desperately to warn her daughter to run or fight or do whatever it takes not to be enslaved... but it’s in vain.

Oh, man, she’s on the treadmill. This sporty girl is all jiggle, zero flab. A tight, thin waist with a nice set of D’s bouncing happily with each step, those buns dancing in those stretched pants as she runs. Though she has the least endowed chest of the triplets, she has by far the biggest, roundest ass.

Quietly, he gets behind her. He spends a minute getting hard, watching that butt go as she runs just out of arm’s reach.

Then he raises his hand and subjects her to the might of the magic ring.

She slows down, and the automated treadmill corrects so she doesn’t get hurled off. Soon she’s up to a complete stop, staring forward out the window into the city. The home gym looks out across Fifth, and it’s packed with yellow cabs, black executive cars, and a couple of silver buses for the common folk.

A test. Something simple. -Walk to the window!—

He’s getting good at this.

Ashanti gets off the treadmill and walks towards the window, staring out. She’s so far not even aware she’s behaving oddly.

She’s standing there, staring, at either the street below or her reflection in the glass.

He subjects her to another unspoken command, just like Landon wrote about in his journal.

-Kiss your reflection!—

She leans in, and presses her big, puffy bimbo lips up against the glass, sucking flat and even rubbing her tongue against the pane. A natural slut—but that’s nothing new.

-Lean into it!—

Her hands press flat on either side of her reflection, and her perky, round breasts flatten as she presses her whole upper self into the window, making a thumping noise.

-Shake that ass!—

Her ass starts to dance, side to side, as she’s making he fishy-face against the window, her tits pancaked as she’s feeling the cold from the window seep into her warm body.

Blake can’t hold back anymore. He steps up and grabs her hips, rubbing her ass against his bulge.

Only now does she realize something’s going on.

“Blake? What the fuck, perv?” she asks, blinking nervously. She’s still got her ass arched out, gyrating against his lap.

“Just relax, Ashanti.” he grins, sliding his hands up from her hips to her breasts, peeling up the top and letting those plump plums press against the window bare.

“Fuck. That’s cold!” she complains, but maintains her position. Her chocolate skin dotted with little beads of sweat. She still smells great, though. It’s her scent that puts Blake in such a mood to claim her. As if her nubile body is reaching out to him with a silent siren’s call.

“Oh, honey,” he starts in a somewhat compassionate tone of voice, before adding “I really don’t give a shit.”

A smack on that big round ass! Man, it jiggles like jello!

She yelps, then moans. “Ow! Stop it!”

“Or what?” he asks grinning, smacking the other cheek just as hard.

She yelps again, groaning “I said stop it!”

-Say you’re a whore!—

“I’m a whore!” she yells out, before groaning “Fuck! Why did I—? What’re you doing?”

He grins, gripping the elastic band on her yoga pants and starts to peel them down. “Me? I’m getting ready to fuck you.”

“No, you’re not! Get your hands off me, you sick fuck!” she groans, trying to get away, but finding herself unable to do anything more than squirm. Only then does she notice Tara standing there. “Mom! Help me!”

But mommy doesn’t move. She just stands there and watches, crying quietly. Sobbing in strict silence as she watches her daughter get molested. She’s heartbroken... but still obedient to her owner.

Blake grabs Ash by the tits and his fingers sink into those delicious dark orbs, pulling down, making her bend over deep and stick out her fat ass against him.

She yelps out in pain. They’re attached all right.

-Beg for dick!—

She groans out, and it’s obvious she’s trying to scream. Unfortunately for her, his influence is keeping her from crying out for help.

Ashanti is at Blake’s mercy now, and he’s not going to show any.

-Beg for dick!—

It sounds like a powerful, unrelenting, compelling thought, intruding her mind and driving out all others.

She tries to resist, clenching her teeth, trying to refuse.

Blake’s not being very subtle, but he doesn’t want Ashanti to remain Ashanti. He wants a new Ashanti, completely broken. Her mind destroyed, her old self wiped. Just a sexy body desperate to obey his every wish.

Her knees tremble, her legs are weak. It’s as if a giant weight is pressing down on her, rendering her helpless.

-Beg for dick!—

She groans out, dropping to her knees. “B-Blake... f-fuckkk m-meee...” she grunts through gritted teeth. “Plea-ease... I n-need it...”

-Beg harder!—

“Blake... please... your cock... I need it... please...” she whines, tears flowing down her puffy chocolate cheeks. Her hands weakly claw at his zipper, trying to take his rod out of his pants, but the room is spinning and she’s got a splitting migraine.

He turns to Tara, grinning. “You see that, Slave? She’s aching to get my cock!”

Tara would give anything for this to be a bad dream. To be able to do anything to stop it. But as it is, she can’t even turn away or close her eyes—she’s been ordered to watch.

And it’s crushing what’s left of her soul.


Ash starts to sob, whining impotently. The magic influence restrains her from calling out, so all she can do is whimper and moan, as she collapses onto a simple workout bench next to her, pulling at her own clothes. “Fuck me... please. Blake, please, put your cock inside me...” she whines.

Blake gets behind her and pulls down her yoga pants, tearing a few seams as he yanks it off her thick legs, popping off her running shoes as he renders her bare from the waist down. The sports bra he just yanks at until it tears, leaving his step-sister nude.

Of course, when he does finally give her that dick she’s desperate for, she’ll moan out. So he balls up the ruined sports bra and stuffs it in her mouth, as she whines and sobs.

“You’re a bitch, Ash. You’ve had this a long time coming!” he grins, leaning over to whisper in her ear as his fat dick pokes against her tight ass. His tip throbs and leaks between her huge buns, as he grabs her pigtails and uses them as handle bars, pulling hard as he pushes in harder, making her whine out impotently into the balled up rag, wordlessly begging for mercy as her tiny hole stretches painfully to accommodate his huge ramrod.

The tears streaming down those chocolate cheeks makes Tara beg she was dead... rather dead that have to watch her child get violated.

The pain spreads through Ash’s whole body radiating out from the tight ring, leaving her legs heavy and tired, unable to move much at all, as she clamps on to the bench, trying not to fall off as he starts to violently pump her asshole raw, chuckling all the while. She groans through the discomfort, wailing in pain.

He’s so big!

All the while, a powerful, commanding thought throbs in her mind.




An all-consuming thought spreads through her brain, leaving only one truth. Blake is her Master. She’s property to Blake. And Blake’s cock... is her God.

Her eyes go blank and glaze over. The body reacts but there’s no-one left behind the wheel.

Now is the time to strike!

He forcibly inserts himself balls-deep, and lets her have the full might of his need. His thrusting and her squirming cause the bench to ride around the gym, only stopping until it bumps into the large automatic treadmill in front of it and comes to a stop.

Then he pauses for a moment, and feels her body. She’s trembling, shaking, as if shivering from a freezing cold. But her body is warm, feverishly hot!

He leans over and removes the rag, letting her pant and moan, wheezing for air.

“What are you?” he asks in a stern tone of voice.

“I am your worthless Slave, Master. I want nothing more than for you to abuse and humiliate me...” she says, without any hint of hesitation... or autonomic thought.

He pulls her hair to make her tilt her head back, and she squeaks in delight. A lusty, appreciative little moan off those plush lips. Blake can see it in her eyes. The way she looks at him now.


No, it’s more than that. She feels it. The need to serve. She aches to worship Blake and surrender to his cock.

He smiles, holding her by the head as he folds her back and pounds into her tight ass. He watches her face emote how much pain and discomfort she’s in as he punishes her spine and her ass with his huge dick, yet can’t help but see that she’s enjoying the pain he’s dealing out.

His own personal masochist. How delightful!

It’s too much, he can’t hold back any longer. He groans, and flushes a hot, thick load right into her colon.

She kicks her feet in delight, like a small child getting a present at Christmas that’s bigger than the child itself.

“Thank you so much, Master! I’m not worthy to receive your cum!” she gasps cheerfully, truly grateful for something for the first time in her worthless life.

Blake smiles, petting her head, as his other hand reaches into the pocket on his unzipped hoodie. Out comes a brand new, high quality leather dog collar. Nothing from a BDSM store, no, that would be too good for them.

He got this from a kennel.

“You’ve earned this... my little bitch.” he chuckles, handing it to her, and watches her put it on happily.

“Thank you so much, Master! I don’t deserve your kindness!” she squeaks, wearing nothing but the collar.

“Now be a good Slave and come with me. Stand where I tell you to stand and be quiet... you’re going to watch me fuck and enslave your sisters.”

“Yes, Master! I live to serve!” she smiles.

Looking at her, it’s obvious. The old Ash is dead and gone. This new Ash is going to be a lot of fun...

He smacks her ass as she bounces up off the bench, walking a little funny as her ass is still aching from the raw dogging she received mere moments ago.

Another whore for the harem...

Next, is Aeliana. She hates Steph, so she must be done with the call by now.

Blake lets his fat rod hang out, and whistles a pleasant tune as he saunters out of the home gym. Just in time to catch sight of little Lia walking into the main bathroom, for one of her long showers.

Good! No need to undress her...

He gets out of his clothes, putting them on the long couch in the living room. With a mere thought, Tara undresses too, though she just leaves her clothes where she is, and puts on her own collar that she kept close by.

Tara and Ash, side by side, in nothing but a collar. Good, obedient Slaves.

He hands the two remaining collars to Tara, and says “Hold these for Master.” just to make her even more complicit to what’s happening to her beloved children.

He gives Lia just enough time to get into the shower, and once she starts humming her songs, he quietly enters.

They never let him in this bathroom, in his own fucking home. He has to use the second bathroom on the end of the small corridor—the guest room bathroom for the guest room he’s staying in. Though he’s not much of a guest, he’s treated as if they’re liable to kick him out at any minute.

But now the tables are turned.

He walks right up to her, looking at her on the other side of the large pane of frosted glass. Lia gets so into things when she’s showering.

He raises his hand and begins to push thoughts into her head.

The shower’s pretty large, you could get five people in there. Good! Once they’re all under his control, he’ll make them bathe him all together.

-Get on your knees!—

He watches her through the frosted glass, the silhouette of her naked body dancing on the other side. Her large, round breasts outmatch those of her sisters, even of her mother... though she’s got the smallest ass.

Certainly not a small ass. She’s got that round, Latin bottom that’s tight but full, and those large, hefty melons make up for quite a lot.

Her long red hair sticks to her nubile body as she slows down in place, as if she heard a sound come from everywhere at once.

-Get on your knees!—

Slowly, without knowing why, she gets to one knee, and then down on both knees, in the middle of the running shower.


-Put your back against the wall!—

She takes a moment to comply, but quietly shuffles on her knees to pose against the wall, and only now does she see Blake’s shape on the other side of the frosted glass.

“Who’s there?” she asks, getting nervous, but finding herself, like her sister before her, unable to get away or call for help.

“It’s me.” Blake says, stepping into the shower with her. “Thought I’d join you. That’s okay, right? You don’t mind?”

“Ugh, get out of here, you pervert! I’m going to tell mom and she’s going to kick your worthless ass out of here for good!” she huffs, scowling at Blake. “You’re such a fucking creep! You don’t belong here, nobody likes you!”

“Let’s see what mom has to say about this...” he grins, and snaps his fingers.

There’s an opening on either side of the large pane of frosted glass to step into the massive shower with gets on the ceiling and three walls, hosing down the cornered redhead, and each opening is now blocked off—one by Tara, one by Ash.

“M-Mom? What’re you doing? Help me!”

But Tara can do nothing but cry, and watch.

“Ash! Come on... please!”

But Ash just smiles. Soon her owner will have another worthless Slave.

-Shut up!—

Suddenly the words stop. Lia tries to speak, and becomes quite nervous as she realizes she can’t part her lips anymore.

-Press your tits together!—

Slowly her hands move from being planted firmly against the wet walls to being on and under her hefty breasts, and poses them up together as instructed.

She’s panicking. It’s clear in her eyes.

He steps closer, and all she can see is his massive erection swing in front of her face, as she tries to get away—but she can’t.


She leans up, her shoulders still pressed against the wall, but her hips raising herself high enough for his erection to reach her chest.

Lia winces in discontent as his cock throbs between those fat jugs.

Hateful daggers shoot out of her eyes at the man she cannot refuse. All he can see are her puffy bimbo lips.

-Say you’re a whore!—

“I’m a whore.” she says, and falls quiet again. Her bottom lip wobbles, and her expression gains an obvious touch of sadness. She’s no longer in control of herself, and it’s fucking her up.

Her eyes aren’t saying ‘I hate you’ anymore. They’re begging for mercy.

He ignores her desperate pleas the same as he ignored Ash’s.

-Suck the tip, and rub the shaft!—

She struggles as much as she can, but she cannot stop her body from moving up and down, rubbing her fat tits up and down the shaft, faster and faster, as her puffy bimbo lips suck onto the tip, and her tongue even licks the slit.

He looks back at Tara, living through her worst nightmares. Blake abusing and ensnaring her children. Her beloved daughters. She’d give anything, do anything... to make this not true.

Lia starts to sob, shaking in place. Not much longer now before she breaks. Her mind is a whirlwind of fear and pressure.

He’s got to... he’s always wanted to...

Blake grabs her head and forces his fat cock down her throat, plunging deep. She squeaks and squirms, but puts up only a minimum of resistance.

She’d push him away, if she could summon her own strength to do so. But his influence prevents her.

-Hands behind your back!—

She stops smacking his legs, her hands floating on either side. Not resisting, but not behind her back, either.

-Hands behind your back!—

She obeys at last, her tears of pain hidden by the shower’s stream on her face as she chokes on Blake’s fat cock. Gagging, wheezing, sputtering... She’s helpless to his lust. That dick’s going nowhere.


She looks up at him, as he slowly lets go of her head, but she stays lodged on that cock, now choking herself on it.




His tip stretches out her gullet, making a visible bulge on her thin neck. She must be in quite a bit of pain.


She stops squirming.

“Good girl.” he grins, as he forcibly fucks her throat, leaving her weak and helpless. He violates her gullet until her eyes glaze over, and the old Aeliana is gone. This new one, however, is much better in every regard. Obedient, servile, and eager.

Finally he shoots a hot, thick load into her mouth, and retracts to let her breathe and wheeze.

“What are you?” he asks in a stern tone of voice.

“I am your worthless Slave, Master. I want nothing more than for you to abuse and humiliate me...” she says, exactly as her sister did. Perfectly programmed.

Wonderful! Two down, one to go!

He grabs her by the neck and pulls her to her feet. “Dry yourself off and put this on.” he instructs, pulling her out of the shower with him, and taking a collar from Tara’s hands.

Without hesitation, she takes the leather collar and puts it on.

With her arms up like that, her fat tits jiggle, and Blake can’t help himself. He grabs those juicy udders and squeezes them firmly, enjoying them as he rubs his face into the mounds. Sucking and nibbling on the nipples, dragging his tongue across that soft flesh.

And she’s so grateful her owner desires her this way.

He grins, then smacks her ass. “Come with us, be very quiet, and watch as I go and claim your sister.” he instructs, and with a smile she obeys.

Blake doesn’t even bother getting dressed for the final addition to his harem for that day. He merely dries himself off, and then heads to Hana’s bedroom with his three slaves in tow.

Hana is the most beautiful of the three. Sure, Ash has that incredible ass and Lia has those monster jugs, but Hana’s the perfect balance. A beautiful, adorable face. Large, round breasts—though not larger than Lia’s. Large, round ass—though not larger than Ash’s. Big soft kissing lips... perfect to suck cock.

The only thing that spoils her is her horrible personality... which is something Blake will fix right now.

Though, she’s always been the odd one out. Like she was just trying to fit in. Still, that doesn’t excuse being horrible to him and countless other people just because she wants her mother and sisters to like her.

He quietly and slowly opens the door to her room, and finds her sleeping on her bed, listening to her favorite artist using brand new designer headphones.

Tara, Ash and Lia wait by the door, watching. Tara’s sobbing, but doing it in utter silence as to not distrub Hana’s rest... or Master’s approach.

Blake raises his hand and grins.


Slowly, without opening her eyes, her hands move about her nubile body, and start to unbutton her blouse. Starting at the bottom, moving up, Blake watches from the side of the bed as her belly button peeks, the blouse sliding to either side of her as it opens up.

The bridge of her bra then shows. Black lace, Blake’s favorite.

Her hands reach for the bra, unclasping the hook that bridged both cups, and suddenly those fat, round breasts pop free.

This looks like a lot of fun.

-Stop! Stay!—

Her hands fall limp at her sides.

Blake puts his hands on her soft, exposed skin. Starting at her wasp waist, moving up. It wakes her, but she can’t move.

“Wh-What the f—...” she starts, panicking. But her body won’t move, and she can’t cry out for help. She just lays there, as his hands slide over her soft, flawless skin onto her hefty breasts, which he gropes and kisses and licks.

“Hi, Hana.” he says with a grin, before sucking on one of her nipples. Then, the other, until they’re both hard and pointy. “You have really nice breasts for a bitch.”

“Get off me, you... f-freak! Did you... drug me?” she says, her fear obvious.

He takes off her headphones and puts them aside on the nightstand, and turns off her phone to stop the music disturbing them.

His hand caresses her flat tummy as he licks his lips. “You’d look great pregnant... with my child, of course.”

“Wh-What?! You can’t! We’re... siblings!”

“Not by blood, you stupid bitch!” he chuckles, reaching for her shoulders as he starts to undress her. As if she’s his living doll, and they’re playing dress-up.

He takes his time. He has plenty of it, after all.

A helpless Asian beauty. He’s going to savor the experience.

“Mom! Ash! Lia! Help me!” she calls out, but her sisters just smile, and her mother just cries.

Gently he lifts Hana up slightly to remove the blouse and bra without making her get out of bed, as she whines weakly, unable to stop him.

“Why aren’t you stopping him?”

“You mom and sisters belong to me now... and soon, you will too!”

He peels off her thigh high stockings one at a time, his hands feeling down those soft, plush legs.

Her skirt, next. The zipper on the thigh. It almost feels like slowly and neatly unwrapping a candy bar.

Black lace thong. What a slut.

“Please... don’t do this...” she whines, tears rolling down the sides of her face. She can barely lift her head to look at him.

Without reply, he slowly pulls at her panties with his teeth, grinning back at her. This is happening, whether she wants to or not.

Hairless, like the other two. They got that from their mother.

He gets on the bed with her and holds her. The sensation of their warm, naked bodies rubbing together is pleasant, and he plays with one of her large breasts as he lets his erection rub against her thigh.

Blake then leans in for a kiss on her lips. She doesn’t kiss back, but she doesn’t pull away, either. It’s a strange sensation, and it fills him with a sense of unknown power.

“Please don’t...” she whines, sobbing quietly. “I’ve never done anything but hand stuff before...”

Could it be? “You’re a virgin?”

She nods, looking like she’s about to burst out into loud wailing. “I just tease and... I never really do anything. That’s how I get all those gifts... they think that... if they give me stuff... I’ll put out... but...”

He grins. “Clever minx.” he says, leaning in again to kiss her, this time on the cheek, then down her neck, as he moves over to lie on top of her, his erection rubbing between her legs.

-Spread your legs!—

She whines, quietly and at length, as if she’s got a foot stuck in a bear trap. Her legs spread, as she feels his massive ramrod rub against her folds.

“This is going to hurt. And not just because of my size...” he grins, nibbling on her ear as he slowly inserts his cock into her pussy.

She pants, gasping, squeaking.

He feels her tighten on his cock. Yeah, she’s a virgin. A skittish one, at that!

Her whole body trembles as she’s robbed of her virginity.

Fuck, she’s so beautiful. It’s easy to forget how much of a bitch she is now that she’s rendered so... accommodating.

“Hana... tell me something.” he tries. “Why do you guys hate me so?”

“Mom had a plan...” she admits. “When Landon dies, and we hear that’s going to happen soon... she’s got paperwork to render you mentally unfit. They’ll lock you up in an asylum, and we’ll get your inheritance, all of it. We know you’re Landon’s favorite. It’s the only reason she put up with you...”

“Well, sorry to ruin that plan.” he grins.

“Blake...” she gasps, panting. Her heavy breathing makes her fat tits rub against his broad chest. “You’re so big... you’re hurting me.”

“I know, Hana.” he says, leaning in to kiss her on the lips again. Her mouth opens slightly, but she’s still not kissing back.

“I’m s-scared.”

“I know. That’ll be over soon.”

“Are you... going to kill us?” she asks.

Maybe he shouldn’t let her talk this much... but it’s a good question.

“In a way.”

She sobs, squeaking “Please don’t kill me.”

He smiles, and runs his hand through her long, dark hair. “Too late for that...”

Blake doesn’t hate-fuck Hana like he did Ash and Lia. She was always the least awful, so he feels a slight bit sorry for her. In fact, he can’t recall a single time she was mean to him when she was by herself. She was only a bitch with her sisters around.

“Hana... if you’d betrayed your mother and sisters for me... I’d have split the money two ways with you. That’s better than splitting it four ways with them, right?”

“I... don’t care about money...” she gasps, panting. “I just... wanna fit in...”

Somehow he’s reminded of the first time he had sex. The girl just lied there, both of them feeling awkward.

He at least tries to make it a little bit more comfortable for her.

His hands reach for hers, and they clutch their fingers together, intertwined. Her body rocks as he thrusts into her, she moans in rhythm with his lunges. It’s almost like consensual love.

But she’s still Akahana, the cocktease, the bitch, the snake. Mustn’t forget that, Blake thinks. She’s a bitch... she’s a bitch... is she really a bitch? Or just another victim of the Vandermeer clan?

“Hana...” he starts, “kiss back when I kiss you.”

She presses her lips together in a sour expression and tries to shake her head ‘no’.

“Please.” he asks. “I’m trying my best to go easy on you...”

She shuts her eyes firmly, and shortly after, quite awkwardly, she purses her lips up.

A kiss. A kiss with Hana.

Even though it’s so forced it feels... quite pleasant.

“Hana, I’m... honestly glad I could take your virginity.” he admits. “You’re a real flower, and I’m truly happy you’re mine now.”

“You’re a monster.” she returns weakly, looking sad. Turns out Akahana the snake was just a pushover all this time... The most beautiful doormat, just copying her sisters.

He wraps his arms around her body and hugs her close, and he finds that she raises her arms and hugs him back. For whatever reason, he’s being embraced.

What an incredible feeling! He’s not forcing her to do so, and to have her, who’s mocked him and insulted him so often, show any form of affection...

Blake plants his lips on hers, and she kisses back. They embrace, and kiss, and for a moment they’re making genuine love.

He can’t hold out much longer now. Fuck, he’s gotta fill her up. His sack aches and rumbles, and he pushes in deep, punching through her cervix and making her scream out, her grip tightening on him as she’s frightened... and he unloads his balls into her womb.

Who gives a shit if she’s pregnant, right?

Then she picks up her sobbing again. “I’m sorry...” she squeaks.

He leans up off her to look at her, as she wipes away her tears with her hands.

“I never wanted to bully you... I just wanted my sisters to think I’m... I’m... I felt sorry for you but... my mom... and my sisters... and... and... I couldn’t...”

He smiles and comes in to kiss her. It catches her by surprise.

“I forgive you, Hana.” he says.

A blush on her confused face. And then a smile.

It doesn’t last, though. “Please... don’t kill me.”

“Don’t worry, Hana. Think of it as going to sleep.” he whispers, as he hugs her tightly, and she hugs him back if only out of fear of what’s about to happen.


She squeaks and shakes. It hits her like a hammer strike.


She squeaks again, terrified. Her whole body trembles.

-Sub...!— ... no.


She gasps, as if being finally able to breathe after drowning.


She squirms, her hands on him, trying to hold on. But she feels so heavy, and she’s so exhausted.


Almost there. She looks so weak, so tired of resisting. Part of her already yearns to give up.

He takes her hands, and their fingers intertwine.

“Don’t be afraid, Hana. I’m right here.” he says.


Her eyes glaze over, and her expression goes blank.

He looks at her for a moment, and caresses her body as his cock still throbs inside her. She’s like a living doll, just resting.

“What are you?” he asks in a stern tone of voice.

“I am your worthless Slave, Master. I want nothing more than for you to abuse and humiliate me...” Akahana says, programmed to perfection.

Tara comes forward with the collar.

He takes it and looks at it. All he has to do is hand it to her and she’ll put it on.

But he doesn’t.

Then she smiles. “I’m glad... you didn’t kill me.”

Blake is surprised... but pleasantly so.

He kisses her below the ear. “I’m glad too, Hana.”

“Will you make love to me again some time, Master? Perhaps soon?” she asks whispering. “I promise, I won’t be scared next time... Please?”

A blush on her cheeks. A shy little smile. A sparkle returning to her eyes.

He nods. “I’m looking forward to it.”

She reaches up her head to kiss him on the lips, and sighs in relief. “I’m so happy.” Then that smile. That bright smile.

Gosh, she’s breathtaking when she smiles.

Now when they kiss, there’s passion. There’s affection. She’s enjoying the embrace... though it seems part of her is left in there. Only the good, none of the bad.

The nice girl that would have been, if not for her wicked mother and bitch sisters.

What remains of the old Hana, and what new sides of Hana have emerged, both spun around his finger, trembling on his cock. She’s his now, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

When he tries to get up, she holds him. “Stay, Master... let me feel you inside me a little while longer.” she says, that delighted tone in her voice. He can’t say no to that.

Still hard, he gently thrusts again, and she moans as he reaches deep inside her.

“Master...” she pants. “You’re so big...”

He smiles, and comes in to kiss her.

With his lips pressing against hers, she lets out awkwardly “Master... I love you...”

“That’s sweet of you, Slave.” he smiles, and tries to get up again, but she pulls back again, this time putting him on the bed, and getting on top of him. His cock hasn’t left her pussy since it entered.

Now he finds her straddling him, her large breasts hanging down in front of him like ripe fruits. Mouth watering fruit.

She leans back, getting comfy, and starts to fuck herself on that massive rod of his, sticking straight up inside her. Her hands on her head, playing through her hair as she picks up speed. “F-Fuck... unff—!” she squeaks, panting and moaning. Those large breasts bouncing as she rides her owner.

This girl’s insatiable! And to think she was a virgin before he mounted her. Turning her into his Slave has transformed her greed into lust, and she now overflows with the need to mount Master.

If he had another load to pump inside her he would have.

“Is that... for me?” she asks, finally noticing the dog collar.

“No, Hana...” he shakes his head, getting comfy on her bed as his Asian step-sister does all the work. “That’s for Seven... now.”

He reaches up and hugs her, sitting upright on her bed, kissing her breasts and her chest, her neck and her adorable face. “You can sleep in Master’s bed tonight... speaking of which, come with me.”

Blake walks with Hana, both of them naked and holding hands, to the master bedroom, with the there other Slaves following. “Aren’t I lucky...” he grins, watching his expanded harem pose together. “I want you to move everything from Tara into the servant’s quarters, and I want you to then move my stuff in here. I’m taking this room but... leave the TV and the cinema system.

“Yes, Master.” it sounds from all of them.

They start by emptying the closets, but Blake holds Hana’s hand, and doesn’t let her help her sisters and mother. “Not you. You’re staying with me.”

“I don’t mind, Master, I’m just so happy I can finally fit in!”

He smiles, petting her cheek. “You’ll fit in... as my pet, not my servant.”

“I’m so glad!”

She smiles, and Blake almost melts.

Blake grins, looking over harem. He should call over Seven and Julie, and Riley to fill out the ranks. They all belong to him now.

Finally, after all those years of neglect and embarrassment, Blake finally came out on top. He reclaimed his home and his pride, all thanks to his beloved grandfather.

He really should send him a gift. Perhaps send over a few girls to see to his good health... A bunch of cheerleaders fresh off a college campus perhaps?

Blake couldn’t be happier. Finally life’s going his way.

Unfortunately, the moment is somewhat ruined by his phone ringing. Who would it be at this hour?

He walks over to the long couch to get at his clothes, and Hana follows him, hugging him from behind, their naked bodies pressing together. She’s quiet for him, but she’s being overly affectionate.

“Hold on a moment, pet.” he smiles, then answers his phone. It’s an unknown number, but not a blocked one. “Hamilton, Blake speaking.”

Hana watches with confusion, her grip on his slacking as he reacts oddly to whatever’s being said.

“What do you mean?” Blake asks. “That can’t be right. I just saw him today and he was—” he insists, but before he can say ‘fine’ his mind flashes the memory of his grandfather in bed before his eyes, pale as a sheet and covered in tubes and wires.

He wasn’t fine. Far from, in fact.

“He...” Blake starts, but starts to go pale. “You’re wrong.” he says, insistent. “You’re wrong!”

Whatever he’s being told, he refuses it.

“How dare you fucking call me at this hour and lie to me? This is unacceptable! I’ll have you fired!” he tries. He’s become unreasonably angry, as his mind tries to put up a wall between him and the truth.

It doesn’t hold long.

Blake is trembling, and it causes him to drop the phone. Hana manages to catch it before it cracks on the floor, but as she lets go of him he walks off into the master bedroom, wandering aimlessly.

Everything’s spinning. The air itself becomes a wall and from all sides it crushes down on him. The light from the setting sun outside is blinding.

Luckily, he falls back onto the large bed.

Hana throws herself onto the bed and grabs him, clinging to him, just as he starts crying his eyes out into her embrace.

Even with her there, he feels so alone.