The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Blue Plate Special

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

In the months since he had moved here, Hank had grown fond of the small town. It was nice and out of the way, a welcome respite from the big cities he had seen as a touring hypnotist. His practice was going well, he was financially comfortable and, of course, he had his pick of any of his female patients. All that was needed was a phone call, a simple trigger and a night of passion would follow that the women would forget about entirely in the morning. Hank was comfortable with his life and saw retirement as a wonderful thing.

Among the numerous restaurants in town, Hank had grown fond of the small all-night diner on the corner a few miles away from his home. It was small, rarely crowded and attracted a clientele mainly of truckers and tourists driving by and needing a quick bite. For a nice late-night snack, it was the perfect place to go. However, it wasn’t just the food that had Hank coming back.

She was a young but striking beauty, with long dark hair and high cheekbones, looking sexy even when clad in a pair of jeans and a slightly stained shirt. Her name was Olivia, but everyone called her Liv. She was working her way through college, Hank had learned and was a friendly person, not one to lose her temper or ignore a customer’s request. Which made her perfect for what Hank had in mind.

He had been to the diner numerous times, enough to get a handle on her schedule so he knew when she was going off shift. He had timed things perfectly this evening, coming in, ordering his food and eating it right near the end of Liv’s shift. He could see she was tired and a bit distracted and therefore unwittingly playing right into Hank’s hands. He had already given her the fee for the diner and watched as she came up to clean up the plates. “Sure there’s nothing else I can get you?” she asked in a sweet voice.

“Not at all,” Hank said. He took his change and made a show of putting it into his wallet. He had carefully planned for this by taking a “donation” from a rich client of his and thus his wallet was packed. He could see Liv’s eyes widen at the sight of more money than she made in a month. “You can’t tell me you don’t have enough for a tip,” she said.

Hank smiled. “Actually, I have an offer to make you.” He reached into his pocket and took out a bright shiny silver coin. “I’ve always been a gambling man, so I have a wager to make you. I spin this coin on the table, on its side. You guess which end it comes up on. If you guess right, then you get the entire contents of my wallet.”

Liv stared at him. “You’re kidding me, right?”


“What happens if I choose wrong?”

“Well, then, you’ll have to submit to my will completely.”

Liv fixed him with an incredulous look.

Hank shook his head, twirling the coin in between his fingers. “I’m deadly serious. What have you got to lose?” He knew she couldn’t resist. The money alone did that. A simple fifty-fifty wager, with her not having to pay if she lost. What she didn’t know was that no matter what she chose, Hank would be the one true winner. “What the hell? Heads.”

“We’ll see,” Hank said. He held the coin onto the table, making a show of balancing it. “Now, keep your eyes straight on the coin. You have to keep your eyes on the coin to make sure it lands where you want it. Keep your eyes on the coin, Liv and let’s see how you do.” He gave a quick twist and the coin began to spin. “Just keep your eyes on the coin, Liv,” Hank said. “Just watch as it spins, round and round, round and round. Just keep watching it, Liv, watch it spin, watch how the light catches it with each rotation. Watch how the light flashes off it every time it spins around and around, flash, flash, round and around, flash, flash. Watch it spin, Liv, watch it spin and flash, spin and flash, again and again. Just keep watching as it flashes every time it spins, around and around, flash, flash, around and around, flash, flash.”

As Hank continued to speak, he could see Liv’s eyes fixed to the spinning coin, her face becoming more relaxed. The coin wasn’t normal, of course. Hank had picked it up at a magic shop, specially designed to continue spinning on its side until it was knocked over. Hank could see that it was working just as he had hoped. Picking her on the end of her shift, when she was dead tired, was a crucial element, lowering her defenses and making sure her subconscious picked up his words. Hank decided to go in for the kill.

“As you watch the coin spin and flash, around and around, you’re feeling very tired, Liv. You’ve felt tired all night but now the fatigue is coming through loud and clear right now. As you watch the coin spin around and around, you’re feeling so very, very tired. With each spin of the coin, with each flash of light, with each spin and flash, you feel more and more tired. You are so tired, Liv, as the coin spins and flashes, around and around, spins and flashes, you feel so tired, you could just close your eyes. With each flash of the coin, you feel more and more like closing your eyes. You’re so tired, Liv, so very tired that you just want to close your eyes. When the coin stops, Liv, you can close your tired, tired eyes. When the coin stop spinning and flashing, spinning and flashing, you can close your eyes and rest, Liv. Close your eyes and rest.” Hank gave a small bump on the table and the coin fell to the side, heads up. Liv didn’t notice as her eyes closed and her head slumped forward slightly.

Hank glanced around quickly to see if anyone had noticed, but his corner booth was far from the few customers around, most of whom were too busy eating to pay any attention to the two of them. “Liv, listen to me,” Hank said. “In a moment, I’m going to snap my fingers. When I do, you will wake up. You will not remember being asleep or anything unusual. You will remember my paying for the meal and leaving. Now, when you see me holding this coin before you, you will instantly fall back into this sleep and listen to me, do you understand?”

“Yes...” Liv nodded. Hank stood up and walked past her, snapping his fingers as he swept by. Not even glancing back, he walked out the door and to the parking lot. He glanced at his watch and waited. According to his earlier surveliances, Liv took a late-night bus back to her modest apartment near the college. Tonight, however, she would take a different route.

Hank felt his pulse quicken as he saw Liv leave the restaurant, stuffing her tip money into her purse. Hank moved forward quickly and stopped in front of her. Before she could say anything, he held up the coin and Liv was instantly entranced. “Liv, open your eyes but remain deeply relaxed,” Hank ordered. Liv’s eyes opened, focusing on the coin Hank waved before her face. “Listen to me, Liv. You lost the coin toss, Liv. You chose wrong. Do you know what that means?”


“Say it. What did I tell you would happen if you chose wrong? What would you have to do, Liv?”

“ your will..”

“Yes, Liv, you must submit to my will. You must obey me. You know you must obey me. You lost the wager so you must obey my will and do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes... I will obey you..”

The drive to Hank’s house was spent deepening Liv’s trance and instilling within her a deep obedience for him. By the time he led her into his bedroom, Liv was utterly enthralled by Hank’s words, willing to do anything he told her to. His first command, to strip naked, was rapidly carried out, allowing him to see a wonderful body with perfectly toned breasts and long, smooth legs. Hank pulled her onto the bed and into a hot and powerful kiss. She was slow to respond but he could soon feel her get into it, wrapping her tongue around his as they embraced. His hands drifted down her body, to her full breasts before touching her smooth ass. He grabbed the cheeks tight as he pulled her closer, her breasts rubbing against his chest as the kiss continued.

He rolled them over so he was on top. He took a moment to savor the sight of the beautiful hypnotized woman beneath him. Then, he pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. She grunted as she felt him enter her, then sighed as he began sliding his cock in and out of her tight passage. She raked her fingernails across his back, loving the feeling as he pumped into her. His hands found her ass again, gripping it tight as he continued to plow into her. Liv’s moans heightened as he worked his way into her, plunging into the depths of her womanhood. She shrieked as they orgasmed, his seed blasting into her body with an incredible effort that left her breathless.

AS they began to go into another round, Hank grinned at the thought of many nights with this lovely woman. To be fair, Hank decided he would give her the money after all. It was the least he could do. It wasn’t quite the tip Liv would have imagined, but it definitely served them both well. And when it came to serving, Liv was about to be a lot more experienced.