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This was an idea that came from Enslaving the Self by the great sara castle.

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of female self-bondage and masturbation. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work to people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.


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* * *

‘It’s here it’s here it’s here!’ thought Hope to herself. She excitedly grabbed the nondescript package from her roommate Denise and tried to be nonchalant as she walked into her room.

“What is it?” came from behind her.

She shut her door and set the average-sized brown box on her bed. “Oh, nothing much.”

“You’re way too excited for it to be nothing.” Denise knocked on her door. “Come on, let me see.”

“After I open it. Which I’m not going to do right now.” Hope decided she wasn’t likely to get privacy for her new prize, so she opened the door and walked back out into the living room. She sat on the large, old brown couch they shared.

“Come on, fess up,” pleaded Denise. “What’s in the box.”

“Nothing, really. Just some stuff from my mom,” replied Hope. She adjusted herself, pulling her legs up and leaning on an armrest.

“Nothing?” said Denise incredulously. “No way. Not the way you flew out to get it, and tried to act like it was nothing as you walked back into your room. Come on, girl’s gotta know.”

“No, really, just some stuff from my mom. If anything exciting is in there, I’ll let you know,” said Hope. She clicked on the T.V.

“Seriously? Fine.” Denise huffed off. “I’m late anyways. Doug’s expecting me.”

“Okay. You two have fun,” said Hope, getting up to give Denise a hug goodbye.

“You’re really not going to tell me, are you?”

“I don’t know what it is,” said Hope. “Depends on what my mom decided I absolutely needed this month.”

“Okay, fine. I’m gone. Lates,” said Denise, in a mock upset voice.

“Bye,” said Hope, trying not to shove Denise out the door.

Denise finally took off on her own, but Hope waited on the couch. A minute later, the door opened again and Denise poked her head in.

“Not yet?” asked Denise.

“Nope. I’ll get to it later,” said Hope.

“Bitch,” said Denise lightly.

“Ho,” replied Hope in a familiar tone.

Denise left again. Hope waited. After five minutes, she couldn’t take it any longer, figuring Denise was probably gone. Denise and Doug were off to the beach for the weekend. Hope was stuck at school, not having the money to go anywhere. She’d used what little fun money she had on the contents of the package. Dashing into her room, she went straight to the package.

First, she tried to get the brown box opened with her hands, but the tape job was solid. Grabbing a knife from the kitchen, she flew back into her room and started cutting. Quickly, she managed to get the top opened, and inside, under plenty of packing peanuts, was her new toy. She gently lifted out the wrapped contents and ripped open the first of several plastic bags.

The four metal cuffs were first, followed by a collar, gag, hood, dildo with clit stimulator, butt plug, straps to hold them in place, adjustable nipple clamps and a control pad, all attached by thin wiring. Her panties were already damp in anticipation. She shut her door and closed the curtains, just in case, and stripped out of her sweats and underwear. Looking at the butt plug, not entirely sure she wanted to play with it, she finally broke down and grabbed some lube. She figured she should might as well get the full effect. Then she started with the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and the collar around her throat. Plugging in the control pad, she watched it intently as it flared to life, booting quickly.

Up came the logo, followed by a screen that took her first name, height and weight. Then the display showed the control screen, saying brightly across the top, “Hi, Hope! Time to play?” A big button with “Calibrate” written on it displayed. A little explanatory text told her to finish putting everything on, hit the button, and get in position. Calibration would take about five minutes. Quickly the dildo slid in. The butt plug went in a little more slowly. She felt full and a little uncomfortable, since this was the first time she’d been filled in both places at once. The two rubbed against each other through her flesh with every slight movement. Then on went the nipple clamps, hood and gag, and off came the gag and hood again as she realized she couldn’t see and wouldn’t be able to hit the button on the screen. Lying on her stomach on the bed, she touched the control to start, and the screen flashed saying, “Put hood on”. She did, then the gag, and then put her arms behind her back and touched them to her ankles. She felt the magnets click, and found she couldn’t separate them. A delicious, helpless feeling burned through her and tingled along her flushed pussy.

She felt a little vibration, alternating slowly from her nipples to the dildo to the plug, gently driving her crazy. Her body was primed to explode, and whatever calibration was necessary seemed torturous when all she really wanted was to get off in her new bondage gear. A disembodied voice said, “Struggle.” It kept repeating. She finally started, pulling and tugging as hard as she could at her bonds. The voice stopped. Then, suddenly, everything came to life at once, quickly sprinting her over the edge and into a blisteringly hot orgasm. The release was so swift it was shocking to her system. She’d never cum so fast before in her life. But then, with the lame attempts of her previous boyfriends at the bondage that she craved, it wasn’t surprising. Her body spasmed and shook in the bonds, unable to break them, and her gut clenched as pleasure hot as fire burned around, shooting up her chest to melt her mind in bliss.

Then it slowed down, and inside the hood, little lights came up. They flashed in interesting patterns, and she was surprised that her new toy could do something like that. She felt more than heard a little whisper in her ear, and a strange crackling feeling played along her scalp. She really had no idea what was going on, but it stopped after a minute, and the cuffs let go. Her arms flopped out to the side and her legs fell back down. It had been the best orgasm of her life, and now she could have them whenever she wanted. Well, as long as Denise wasn’t around.

This was going to be a great weekend.

Still primed, she pulled off the gag and hood, and looked at the control screen. On it now, under the “Hi, Hope!", was a set of sliders, check boxes and buttons. There were intensity and duration settings, both a Struggle and Edge check box, and Start and Advanced buttons. She flipped the duration to ten minutes, the intensity halfway up to five, and clicked the Edge checkbox for the hell of it. She hit the start button and the screen flashed to “Put on hood. Get in position.” She put the hood on, wondering how the system was that smart, but figured it had sensors after what she’d felt during calibration. With her arms again behind her back, she brought her ankles up to meet them and felt the cuffs click into place a second time.

The dildo, plug and nipple clamps all flared to life, and she was still so worked up that the intense buzzing sensations had her ready to cum in moments. But as she felt herself reach the edge of an explosive release, all of the parts backed off. She whined into the gag, and struggled a little against the bonds in frustration. Again the dildo, plug and clamps sped up, and she felt herself taken right to the edge again before they slowed. She wondered how the system was so frustratingly good at this, keeping her on the fringe, melting her crotch and her mind into an endless state of denied orgasm. She felt like her brain was leaking out of her, slowly dripping away in the hot pleasure that didn’t end, that didn’t release. It was so much better than the calibration.

“Please please please,” she started mumbling into the gag. The machine didn’t listen, holding her just on the edge. She tried to rock her hips to get more sensation, but her position didn’t give her much leverage, and the two objects in her intimate places just moved right along with her struggles. She whined again into the gag, helpless to get the satisfaction she desperately needed, mind leaking out of her pussy and onto the sheets. Ten minutes felt like an eternity on the precipice of a shattering orgasm, leaving her a babbling, brainless victim of raging desire and need. Finally, just as she was certain she was going to be permanently broken by the machine, it relented and shot her into blissful release. It smashed her mind against a wall of pleasure that disintegrated all rational thought, leaving her melting in a puddle of hot, heaving ecstasy that burned away her senses and left her breathless and blank.

The cuffs released, but she was too gone to notice. Her arms flopped and her legs dropped, and as she slowly came to her senses again, her body trembled, still releasing the pent up need. She couldn’t move for minutes, reveling in the helpless feeling the cuffs had given her, and the mind-shattering orgasm the machine had forced on her. The afterglow settled in, and she stayed still, even after the trembling stopped and her body felt like it would respond again.

She realized she was in love with her machine. It was better than any partner she ever had. If bondage was like this, she could only be with someone that could really fulfill her desires, not just play act like her previous boyfriends. Though, maybe, with her new toy, she didn’t need a partner.

Sated for the time being, she eventually got up, took off the gear, put on some clothes out of habit, and walked into the kitchen to make some dinner. It was going to be a fun night of experimenting.

A while later, she checked the Struggle setting and played again. And then Edge again, but longer. And Struggle and Edge together. Exhausted, she barely got the clamps off and the dildo and plugs out before drifting into a sated sleep.

* * *

‘It’s Saturday!’ Hope thought to herself as she woke up, sore from her experiments the night before. ‘Denise is gone, and I have all day to play.’ She giggled happily to herself. ‘God, this thing is great. I’ll need to power wash the room before Denise gets back or she’ll know something was up. It reeks of sex.’

She languidly stretched and got out of bed, noting it was nearly noon. Padding into the bathroom, she stepped into the shower and slowly washed up. The warm water felt great on her sore body, and she stayed in longer than she originally intended. Well pruned, she eventually stepped out and got ready for what was left of the day. She made a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, thinking about her toy the entire time.

‘I love the struggle setting,’ she thought to herself. The two vibrators and nipple clamps only came to life while she actively tried to break the bonds. ‘And that edging function is intense. I can’t believe how good it is at that.’ Another bite went into her mouth. ‘Maybe I should read the instructions.’ Chewing, she thought, ‘Fuck it. It’s fun finding out through experimentation.’ She giggled to herself again. Adjusting in the chair, she thought, ‘Maybe I should recover a little more before trying again.’ Her mind drifted back to the bliss the machine had given her. ‘Yeah, fuck that.’

Back in her bedroom after her late breakfast, she pulled up the menu on her toy again. She hit the Advanced button, and up came three sliders and a checkbox. The box was labeled Bet, and the sliders were Willpower, Intelligence and Memory. They seemed a little silly. ‘What the hell do they do?’ She figured there was no better way to find out. She hit Bet, and up came a few more options, Orgasm, Struggle, and Resist, and a timer. She figured Orgasm sounded like fun, since that’s what she wanted, and maybe five minutes. The sliders started flashing. She flicked Willpower down halfway, and a little percent indicator came up signaling it was 50%. She laughed a little at the box, but figured what the hell. Hitting the Start button, she put on each of the cuffs and clamps, and inserted the dildo and plug. Before donning the hood, she noted that the screen was flashing, “Don’t Orgasm.” She laughed a little at that, figuring that was the bet, that the machine couldn’t get her off in five minutes. She was sure it could, and she wondered a bit what the hell the bet meant if she lost, and the Willpower thing. Hood and gag now in place, she clicked her hands and ankles together behind her back. “Begin bet,” the pad intoned.

The vibrations started somewhat muted. Hope had figured they might try to get her off quickly by firing up to full immediately, but instead, they increased gradually, inexorably bringing her up to the edge of a blistering orgasm. She realized she was supposed to resist, according to the bet, but that really wasn’t what she was trying to do. She’d rather give in and find out what exactly the losing the bet entailed. It didn’t take long, with the insistent vibrations quickly sending her up and over the precipice, into a crashing orgasm.

“Bet lost,” the pad intoned. She wondered briefly how it knew. Suddenly, inside the hood, lights began flashing, catching her eyes. She felt a tingling on her scalp and faint whispers in her ears, and then a brilliant spike of pure ecstasy jabbed into her head. She moaned into the gag, her brain feeling like one big erogenous zone. She could feel the spear of pleasure moving around in her mind, drawing from its tip a web of bliss with a loving touch that surrounded some area of her thoughts. She wasn’t exactly sure what was trapped behind the net, but if it felt this good when it happened, she didn’t care, only wanting it to happen again and again. It was better than any orgasm she’d ever had, even those the machine had given her, and it seemed to go on for an eternity. Each traced line felt like a little bit of undiluted ecstasy. When it finally relented, she floated on, euphoria settling in.

She collapsed when the cuffs released, drooling onto the sheets. Only slowly did she come back to herself, able to think, capable of any action. ‘Holy fuck, that was intense.’ It seemed difficult to work up the will to get off the bed, the siren call of the amazing sensations she’d just gone through tugging at her to try again. She took off the hood and gag, her jaw a little sore, and looked at the clock. Two hours had passed. ‘What the hell?’ It was mid-afternoon already. Then, figuring she had nothing but time, she went to the Bet screen again, and this time, the slider for Willpower was at 63%. As she watched, it ticked up to 64%. ‘What the hell?’ She had to admit, she didn’t feel much different, except for the pulsing, euphoric piece of her mind that felt trapped. ‘I wonder what it’s doing. Maybe I should test myself to see if anything is different.’ She looked back at the controller. ‘Fuck it.’ She touched Bet, and Orgasm again, at 5 minutes, and slid both Intelligence and Memory down to 50%.

She wanted to lose and was still pretty worked up, so it only took a few minutes for the machine to send her over the edge again. “Bet lost,” the pad intoned. Again, she wondered how it knew. Then, inside the hood, lights started up again, this time different but just as captivating. Her eyes tried to track them but they came and went and moved and swirled so fast that she was constantly flicking her gaze around, unable to keep up. The tingling started in her scalp, a little stronger this time, and the whispers seemed a little louder, and maybe discordant, like there were two people trying to talk over each other. Then the spike of pleasure entered her head, quickly followed by another. Both trailed burning lines of pure ecstasy through her mind, gently but surely trapping two parts of it behind a web of sinful bliss. Her brain was stroked like a massive clit, bringing her past release and into constant rapture. For a brief eternity, the two spikes wrote in her mind, eventually leaving her a drooling mess floating in euphoria.

The cuffs released, and her arms and legs flopped on the bed. Again, she slowly came back to herself. ‘A... a...,’ she thought. ‘Best ever!’ She smiled happily to herself, and giggled. ‘Again! Again!’ She worked at the gag and hood, trying to figure out how to get them off. It took a few moments, but eventually it sort of came back to her, and with fiddling around, she was able to loosen the strap and get the gag off. The hood took a bit longer. She giggled again. ‘Silly Hope.’ Looking at the pad, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. ‘I want it again. How...?’ She saw that two sliders looked a bit more than halfway, and the other was a further to the left. The words didn’t really make sense, though. ‘B... bet! That’s it!’ she thought. ‘That one. Yay! Now...’ Then there were a few words, so she clicked next to one. It started with an O. The sliders only seemed to go in one direction, and as she slid the three down, she sort of noticed that the numbers went to 0. Quickly the hood went back on, along with the gag. She clicked the cuffs together behind her back, and settled in to let the machine do it’s work.

Hope felt the dildo, plug and clamps come to life, start to bring her up quickly. It was intense, and she knew that once she came, the real fun would start. Willing it to happen, she felt her body rise quickly to the precipice. As she felt herself crash over, her mind awash in pleasure, she heard the pad intone, “Bet lost.” Inside the hood, the lights started up again, catching her eyes, feeling like they were coming from three different directions. The tingling on her scalp was stronger, more intense. The whispers were louder, in three voices. She hardly noticed though, as three spikes of pure pleasure stabbed deep into her head, trailing thick cables that wound around her mind. She went limp in the cuffs, unable to do anything as all thought was caught behind the growing nets. She drooled onto the sheets, both around the gag and around the dildo, as the spikes locked her very self away behind the thick webs. She slowly drifted into blankness, nothing able to break free of the steel set in her mind.

* * *

She inched back into awareness, unsure of how long had passed, and even who she was. Vague aches spread in various parts of her body. The cuffs had released, and she managed to click the latch of the gag. It fell away as she worked her sore jaw. The dildo and plug both came out with a little effort and a dull pop, and the clamps came off painfully. Then she passed out again.

‘Holy fuck,’ Hope thought to herself as her consciousness slipped back into place later. She felt groggy, cobwebs all over her mind. Looking at the clock, she noticed it was early Sunday. ‘How long was... at least 14 hours!’ She looked down at the pad. Each of the sliders still showed, all three at 98%. She laughed a little at herself. Too sore to even think about trying again, and hungry as hell, she wandered into the kitchen, throwing on her robe. She ate a muffin while she cooked some eggs for herself.

She felt a little more human after the food. Sticky and salty, she took a shower to clean off the remains of a great night. The water felt good on the aches and pains, and left her feeling ready for the studying she had to get done.

O-Chem was a pain in the ass. But it was better than the required speech she had to write. She hated public speaking. But she powered through, coming up with a decent enough argument about the current state of affairs in the country to likely suit her teacher. Next came DiffEq, one of her favorite subjects, mostly because she was good at it. That covered her Monday, so she figured she had a little time to play again before Denise came home. She quickly tore through some ramen and a Coke, and headed into her room.

Remembering her last fade out, she thought that maybe she shouldn’t drop things down, or Denise would definitely catch her. ‘It felt so good, though,’ she thought to herself. ‘Maybe just a bit.’ She hurriedly put on everything but the hood and lay on her bed. The controller popped up it’s usual interface, and she went to the Advanced tab and clicked each of the three down to 75%. She set up Bet for Orgasm, and the timer for 10 minutes. She put on the hood, reached behind herself and felt the cuffs on her wrists click to the ones on her ankles.

She luxuriated in the helpless feeling of being bound as the nipple clamps started vibrating and the dildo came to life. Even after all the playing yesterday, she was so worked up by being bound again that it didn’t take long at all for the machine to bring her over the edge. Her mind melted in bliss as wave after wave of euphoria washed up from her crotch to her brain. She clenched in the bonds, shaking in pleasure.

“Bet lost,” the controller intoned. The lights started up, catching her eyes. The tingling on her scalp and faint whispers made her tremble in anticipation. The spikes suddenly entered her mind, three of them, pure ecstasy flooding through her. Each moved around, drawing their webs of bliss, surrounding sections of her brain. She moaned into the gag, giving voice to the pleasure coursing through her being. She drifted on, unable to track time, until the spikes stopped their writing and she floated on in euphoria. She wasn’t aware of the cuffs releasing and her arms and legs dropping back to the bed.

As she slowly came to, she glanced at the clock. Only an hour had passed. She could tell she wasn’t thinking clearly, with cobwebs scattered in her mind. But Denise shouldn’t be home for a little while longer, and it felt so good. The sliders were at 82%. ‘One more time won’t hurt, right?’ She decided to change it up a little and try out a different bet. She figured she understood what Struggle meant, but had no clue what Resist would be. She touched it and another button showed up. It said Commands. She wondered a bit about that, but decided to ignore it, setting the timer to 10 minutes. She slid all three of the sliders down to 50% and hit Start.

This time, the lights started dancing right away, and ghostly voices whispered in her ears. She felt pressure in her mind, trying to enter and do something. She wasn’t really sure what. With a little effort, she found she could stop whatever force was squeezing her intellect. Each moment that passed though, the pressure built, and she found herself having to exert more will to prevent the intrusion. Sweat built on her brow, clammy under the hood. The force continued increasing, and she panted around the gag as best she could while her will was quickly being overwhelmed. She kept it up, imagining a wall protecting her mind, but even in her imagination it was crumbling. It finally collapsed, and she felt something wonderful wash into her mind, sweeping away thoughts and leaving behind only blankness. Whispered words drifted in and made a home in the emptiness. “Bet lost.” The spikes entered her mind again, and she drifted in ecstasy as parts of herself were locked away behind mental cables strong as steel. The whispers didn’t stop, continuing to fill the void.

Eventually, the cuffs let her limbs drop. A while after that, she started to come to. The first thing that came over her was a desperate need to play again. She ripped off the gag and hood and looked at the controller. It didn’t really make sense, but some part of her knew the sliders would feel good if she moved them. They went in only the one direction, and she slid them as far as they would go. Her mind couldn’t really comprehend the word, but a part of her instinctively understood the Start button. Hitting it and donning the hood and gag, she felt the cycle start again. The pressure on her mind was immediate, and with her weakened will, she knew it wouldn’t be long and she’d feel the bliss again.

She faintly heard through the hood and the past the whispers a sound like a door closing. A little panic set in as she barely made out a voice calling out, “Hope, I’m back!” The fear of being discovered made her struggle desperately against the bonds and throw all of her remaining will behind stopping the intrusion in her mind. Drained as she was, she was unable to fight for long, and as she heard her roommate calling out, Hope tried to remember if she’d shut her door. Then the pressure won out, and she felt the wonderful wash again, wiping her mind of all thought. “Bet lost.”

She was unable to comprehend what Denise was saying when she called out, “What was that?” Her mind felt words writing in it. “OMG! What the fuck, Hope!” The spikes entered Hope’s mind, and she knew only bliss.