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The Bovide Bus

First Floor Video

Dawn Massey looked up at the bus that she and the rest of her schools cheerleaders and girls volleyball team was going to get a ride on to their destination; some kind of special training camp. It was a modified version of one of the new, super luxurious Greyhound Dreamliner bus; a double decker bus that was roughly fifty feet long, had memory foam seats, and all the amenities of a first class plane flight.

It was a modern luxury bus designed for long hauls across the roads, with a dark tinted windows, nice seats, air conditioning, high quality TV’s and large ear-covering headphones for every seat. The isles were slightly wider, but every seat was large and conformable, each one practically a cocoon of comfort for the long drive to this exclusive training camp called the “Bovinity Female Athletic Summer Training Camp,” which was out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but fields and farmland all around it. There were apparently a couple of camp groups from other schools there had been combined into one large, all-purpose summer camp for female high school and college athletes and cheerleaders, with several large dorms for all the girls surrounded by farm fields and pastures for cows and pigs.

She knew that because like everyone else on the team and squad, she’d been googling it for hours at night, trying to learn about it. There just wasn’t much to know; it was very new, and was trying to make a name for itself by inviting lots of random teams and squads from various schools in the cities, and the local suburbs and towns around them. Dawn suspected their dorms were probably just refurbished animal stalls, and their camp was probably set in the middle of what used to be a pig sty and cow field.

So we’re going to be training by running around in a grassy field and rolling around in the mud? She thought darkly as they slowly piled into the bus. She glanced at the side of the bus and rolled her eyes at the cows and pigs on the side of it, advertising some farm product of some kind. Subtle much? She thought sarcastically as she filed past her coach, Ms. Sloan, and their bus driver, a Mr. Gringler, who was big, fit, and handsome, despite his intense, leering look as he watched all of the teenage senior girls file onto his bus, most of them wearing tight clothes that generally left little to the imagination.

Truthfully, if he didn’t leer at them at least a little, she’d think they were doing something wrong; even a gay guy would stare at them a little, at their clothes if nothing else.

However, this trip had been sprung on them out of nowhere, and it was going to be ALL summer long! Plus some of their early school weeks, with tutors apparently hired to come and teach them so they didn’t fall behind in their classes. They wouldn’t be back until sometime in October!

Their families had agreed to it, since the whole thing was paid for, and it offered lots of college credits to just about any college out there, and it would keep their daughters out of trouble and out of the house for a few months. None of the girls were all that happy about it, but it had too many benefits to pass up, plus if they didn’t participate they wouldn’t be starting, or even playing. They’d be off the team, and it was hinted that they would get a black ball letter sent to whatever college they went too.

So it was basically: shut up and show up, and waste a summer running around in a field of grass and mud doing workouts and drills, and probably some scrimmages against other teams.

It wasn’t really fair, at all, but their choice and say in the matter had been overridden by everyone involved. Their parents wanted them out of the house, and the more help for college the better, plus the camp would keep them in shape. The school was getting a good deal, Dawn suspected there had even been “donations” to various departments for the schools consent. And their teams and squads got to stay together longer and hopefully have more fun, and lots more training, so those that moved up would be better than new recruits by a wide margin, and the ones who left for college or other schools would have a more impressive showing in tryouts.

A win-win for everyone except the girls who hadn’t been asked, or even offered a choice.

At this point though, most had just resigned themselves to the coming trip, since they’d all already tried to get out of it in some way, and had been firmly pushed back on.

Sighing, she strolled up into the, admittedly, very nice interior of the bus, looking for a seat. She was a volleyball player, and the players and cheerleaders had different sections on the bus. The cheerleaders were on the second floor of the double decker bus, while the volleyball players were on the first. Normally the fight was always for a window seat, but with luxurious cocoons like these, there was really no need, besides, most of the window seats had already been taken, so she took an isle seat in the bus, and promptly plopped down into the chair.

Her body jiggled slightly from the motion, which she found both amusing and annoying. She worked hard, practiced a lot, and ate right, not to mention played sports, and still she had lots of curves and jiggly parts all over her. She was a 5′ 6″ redhead with long orange hair, pale skin, blue eyes, freckles, almost D cup breasts, a generally thin waist but wide hips, and just a step shy of a bubble butt. She worked hard to tone her body, but while she was in excellent shape, she still looked soft and squishy.

She enjoyed the extra attention from the boys, (the ones she liked anyway), but it still annoyed her that she looked more like a geeks cartoon-girl wet dream come to life, rather than the dedicated young athlete she actually was.

Especially when the anime nerds started calling her Cow Girl from some anime about some armored lunatic always hunting little green monsters! The fact that she happened to look a lot like that character only made it worse.

Still, on this trip they’d all be sitting, or occasionally standing and pacing, and it was all girls except for the bus driver, so she supposed it didn’t really matter.

She pulled her legs aside as several cheerleaders filed past for the second level. She waved to Anna, the squad captain and old friend of hers as the buxom brunette filed past. Anna waved back, but then focused on getting to the stairs for the inevitable battle to find her own seat, and Dawn went back to slowly fitting into her own seat.

Sighing again she turned next to her teammate sitting across from her, Jenny Hindsdale, and nodded to her. Jenny was a teenage blonde bombshell, with full on DD cup breasts, a bubble butt, toned abs, long blonde hair with natural highlights, blue eyes, and skin that was almost as pale as Dawns. She had pouty lips to go with her button nose, and recently braces-free straight white teeth. She was also 6′ 1″, so her proportions, and jiggly body, actually balanced out better than Dawns did.

Both of them got along, had been friends for years, and were both underwhelmed about the camp they were going to be stuck at.

“Hey Jenny,” Dawn sighed as she slid into the cocoon of a seat, amused just how much she sank into it, though it was oddly lumpy in parts, mostly in the seat between her legs. However, she moved around a little and found that if she spread her legs open slightly and slid back a little more, the lumps disappeared. Looking down she noticed Jenny was sitting spread-legs just like she was. Good thing they all had jeans and sweatpants on, or the poor bus driver would’ve crashed them into a pole sooner or later, ’cause he wouldn’t be looking at the road.

“Hey Dawn.” Jenny nodded back to her, turning the TV set up in the back of the chair/cocoon facing her, with the giant heavy industrial head-can head phones already resting around her neck. “No one was able to get out of this stupid waste of our summer, huh?”

“Nope, everyone was here, accounted for, and miserable,” Dawn replied, chuckling as the rest of the team and squad filed past, filling up seats or heading up to the second floor to do the same thing.

“Yeah, we even had to get here so stupid early in the morning!” Jenny growled, looking out the window at the still dark sky. “The suns only now starting to come up for crying out loud! We’re not in the city, and most of the drive takes us on highways and interstates, so trying to beat traffic’s not a concern. What the hell?”

“Yeah I know,” Dawn yawned, rolling her eyes in annoyance as the last of the girls filed past her to claim the last of the open seats. “It makes no sense. It’s like they wanted all us on this bus so early so we’d fall asleep on it and make it easier and quieter on the drive.”

“That’s probably it,” Jenny chuckled, pushing through the selection on her digital seat TV. “I swear, with this whole farm motif, it’s like they’re treating us like cattle, herding us around on this bus and to camp at all hours of the day and night. It sucks!”

“Oh well, at least we have TV,” Dawn sighed, settling herself into her seat and grabbing the headphones, too tired from the early morning wake up and arrival to really want to socialize.

“A decent selection of videos too, if you’re into farms, cows, pigs and general livestock documentaries.” Jenny rolled her own eyes with a sigh. “There’s a decent selection of videos and shows, but it’s buried by a massive clump of documentaries about farms and farm animals.”

“Lame.” Dawn sighed, slipping the bulky, (if well cushioned and comfortable), headphones on over her hears before she cued up her own TV, and started digging through the library of digital movies and shows for something to watch and zone out to. She would’ve preferred her smart phone, but Coach Sloan had confiscated all of them before everyone boarded the bus. She said she’d hand them back out once they were on the move and everything had been taken care of, but until then, they all had to pay attention.

Very lame, and really annoying! Dawn thought darkly as she kept digging through the annoying documentaries.

A few minutes later, she was still channel surfing as the bus finally pulled out, and their coach Ms. Sloan stood up and brought a microphone to her lips.

“Alright everyone, we’re finally underway to the Bovinity Summer Training Camp, where we’ll be at for the next few months. All our luggage is stowed, and we’re on our way.” Coach Sloan sighed, her voice echoing over the bus’s PA system. “It’s going to be a very long trip, but before we get into that, there’s a video the camp sent us to watch. An info video about where we’ll be staying and what we’ll be doing.“

Nobody else had a PA system besides Coach Sloan, but every single girl on the bus groaned loudly at the mention of having to watch an annoying info video. On both floors.

“I know, I know,” Sloan replied, sighing and clearly rolling her eyes, even if no one could see her. “I don’t care for it either. But it’s a required part of the trip, and the bus has video cameras on all of us, for legal and safety reasons. So just put up with it for twenty minutes, and then you can watch whatever you want, or just pass out and sleep.”

So saying, she put the mike down in a slot at her chair, put on some headphones, and waited, staring at the TV in front of her. Sighing, Dawn and Jenny looked at one another, before Jenny shrugged, and they put on their headphones and looked at their TVs as well. Slowly, out of the corner of her eye, Dawn saw everyone else do the same, until everyone had done it, and she assumed the girls on the second deck of the bus had done the same as well.

On the TV screens all across the bus, a logo appeared, followed by swirling colors and some annoying tune, and before she knew it, she was watching a documentary about the farming group that was putting them up; the Bovinty group. She stared at the screen, hearing the music and soft playing tones, wondering how long she was going to be subjected to it. Dawn sighed as a woman appeared, wearing the traditional T-Shirt, overalls, and big hay hat, to start blabbing at them about cows.

“We at the Bovinity Training Group don’t just train athletes, we also handle all sorts of livestock, but most regularly cows and pigs.” The TV Woman remarked, as pictures of cows in fields and pigs in muddy sty’s appeared with swirling colors behind them. “We’ve refined all the techniques of handling livestock, especially the dumb cows and pigs. They really are dumb animals that have to be looked after so they can fulfill their purposes in life, and we’re the best at caring for these important, but very dumb animals!“

Very cheerful, considering how mean she’s being about the animals she’s in charge of dealing with. Dawn thought, feeling a little sluggish all of a sudden, and slowly sinking into the seat more, her legs spreading and her back arching slightly. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jenny do the same, before her attention shifted fully back to the TV.

On the screen, several more pictures started flashing by, growing more rapid fire as the film progressed, and the woman droned on about caring for dumb cows and dumb pigs.

“Let’s focus on cows for the next few moments.” The TV Girl said, and the swirling pictures lined up on cows in fields, or in stalls. “Cows are very simpleminded animals that need humans to basically do all their thinking for them. They can’t even milk themselves, much less care for themselves. They are only good for milking, breeding, humping, and being used for pleasure. Those are the only things a cow is really good for. They can’t take care of themselves, they need humans for that. They can’t milk themselves, they can’t find food on their own, they have to have everything looked after for them.”

The woman laughed as on the screen the pictures shifted of cows being milked; sometimes by hand, sometimes with machines, before shifting to cows in stalls being fed, or being led around by the nose, or out in fields. Dawn blinked, feeling heavy and suddenly very tired, wanting to sleep, but unable to really close her eyes.

Then the picture shifted again to cows being bred and she felt herself become wet down between her legs. This is starting to get hot! She thought with a small smile, but she didn’t move her hands to her crotch, even though she wanted to. She kept her arms resting in the arm rests, her legs spread, and her back straight, with a little arch in it to push out her breasts.

My udders really. She thought with a laugh to herself as more images of cows popped up on the screen. That’s what they are really, given how big they are. Human udders. Too bad they don’t make milk, or I could be a real cow! She wasn’t really sure where that line of thinking came from, but the more she thought about herself on all fours, naked, being milked, the hotter she got.

“Of course, cows are so dumb, they can’t speak, except with one word. What word is that?” The TV Farm Girl asked, grinning, staring straight out of the screen with swirling colors and soft playing music in the background as she asked her odd question.

“Moo.” Dawn muttered, giggling. She was surprised when everyone else mooed at the same time as her.

“What was that sound again?” TV Girl asked, teasing, as the colors swirled even more on the screen. “Nice and loud now!”

“Moo!” Dawn belted out, much more guttural and from deep in her chest, and she drew the word out for several seconds. So did everyone else in the isle around her. We all sound like a herd of cows! She thought to herself.

That thought made her giggle. The idea of all of them naked, on all fours, mooing, being milked, bred, and fed, with all of them looking around as dumb, simpleminded animals instead of proper smart human beings randomly popped into her head again. That thought nearly had her orgasming in her seat!

That’s odd. She tried to think, but quickly got distracted from that jarring thought by the video again as TV Girl started speaking again.

“Cows are very dumb animals,” TV Girl repeated. “They don’t think. They eat, make milk, are bred, hump, are used for pleasure, and that is their purpose in life. They are obedient, simpleminded, docile animals. They are kept in stalls, or allowed to crawl around in fields, but are otherwise looked after by humans, who they always obey. And they only speak with one word. What is that word?”

“Moo!” Everyone belted out, once again sounding guttural, bestial, long and loud. Dawn smiled as she stared at the screen, as its images of cows being used or living on a farm continued to flash by with swirling colors, all to the tune of a soft sounding music, with random tones in it.

“Cows are so docile and simple, that they even routinely drool, with their tongues randomly popping out to drool, before they pull their tongue back inside, only to eventually do it again.” TV Girl looked out from the screen again with a wicked grin. “But to sum up; dumb, docile cows drool.”

Cows drool. Dawn thought as the pictures of drooling cows on the silly video continued to flash across the screen. Her tongue suddenly felt too big and heavy for her mouth, and fell out for a moment, and her saliva started filling up her mouth before leaking out of her mouth. She quickly pulled her tongue back in, but her arms stayed on the armrests, and she didn’t move her head at all as she kept slowly drooling. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jenny; drooling, tongue randomly going in and out of her mouth, staring at the screen as her drool slowly dripped down her face.

Wow, she’s drooling just like a cow! Dawn thought, almost giggling, but then her own tongue pushed out again, and more of her own saliva dripped down her chin. Slowly, sluggishly, she pulled her own tongue back in as she continued to drool herself. I’m drooling too! Just like a cow. This is funny! I’m drooling, mooing, and have big udders. I’m almost a cow already. But then, so is everyone else on the bus really.

Another image flashed in her mind; that of her entire team on all fours, naked, drooling in a line of stalls, mooing and waiting to be milked and humped like the dumb cows they were. Seriously, where do those thoughts even come from? She wondered, though the flash of pleasure she felt when she thought about it didn’t make her care very much about where the line of thinking came from.

Besides, the video was actually interesting to watch and listen too. She needed to know what the TV Girl said next after all. She needed to be told what to think about cows next.

“Now the best way to handle and care for a cow is to understand how they think and behave. Cows don’t really think, exactly, but they have a simple, and very dumb animal mind that lets them function as the useful but stupid animals they are.” TV Girl remarked, looking out of the screen at Dawn with a wicked smile again, with the swirling colors behind her, and the soft background music with its strange tones playing as she explained about cows in the video. “Cows don’t think, they obey. Cows don’t talk, they moo. Cows don’t walk, they crawl. Cows make milk, and get milked. Cows hump and are bred. Cows are docile and used for pleasure. Cows are dumb and drool. Cows don’t wear clothes, they wear collars. And that’s pretty much all that’s in the brain of a stupid cow.”

Wow, that really is simple. Dawn thought sluggishly, finding it really hard to focus on anything other than the screen with all its swirling colors, and the music with its tones playing over the headphones, like it was bouncing through her head. It was all she could do to keep her tongue in her mouth and not drool too much on her chest.

Well, drool any more than she already was anyway.

“Now, what does a cow say?” TV Girl asked again, smiling wickedly as the screen swirled again behind her.

“Moo!” Everyone belted out from the bottom of their lungs, long and loud, sounding like a herd of cattle. Dawn wanted to giggle, but couldn’t really focus on why it was so funny to moo like a cow. So she just sat and watched the screen and drooled some more, waiting to be told what to think next.

“Now, to truly understand a cow, you need to understand how they act.” TV Girl remarked, grinning. “So, first, cows don’t wear clothes, just collars that they get from humans. Otherwise, they don’t wear anything. So, if you’re not dressed like a cow, go ahead and correct that now, then get ready for more instruction.”

Dawn blinked for a moment, then looked down at herself, her tongue coming out to drool some more before she stuffed it back in her mouth. She was wearing human clothes, but they were trying to understand cows, and cows don’t wear any clothes. She frowned, feeling confused, before she suddenly remembered the solution!

The girl in the video told her to change!

She quickly started chucking off her human clothes; shoes, then socks, then her pants and soaked through panties! After that she took off the headphones and carefully hung them up next to the TV screen before stripping off her shirt and bra, letting her udders hang free.

As her shirt blocked out the screen, for a moment, it felt like she woke up a little, and she wondered just what in the hell was going on! She glanced around, looking at everyone stripping themselves naked, everyone looking like they were drooling or with their tongues hanging out before sliding back into their mouths. Several others were looking around confused and even a little scared too! What the hell is going on!?

Then there was a tone from the seat in front of her, and she and everyone else glanced back to their screens, and to the swirling colors and grinning face of TV Girl.

Dawn blinked, suddenly feeling confused, then relaxed and even started to feel slightly horny and good again. Sighing now that she had the human clothes off, she put the headphones back on, spread her legs, rested her arms on the arm rests, arched her back to present her udders, and waited eagerly for the next part of the video. For TV Girl to tell her what to think again.

“Now, cows are dumb,” TV Girl said again, and Dawn nodded along to that obvious statement, more drool slipping out of her mouth again. “But they are also happy and stress free. They don’t have to think, they don’t have to worry, they don’t have any bills to pay, any classes to pass, no homework, no problems. They just crawl, eat, sleep, hump, breed, make milk, get milked, and obey. That’s all they have to do, and it’s so easy they don’t even need to think while they do it. So yes they are dumb, but happy. Stupid, but content. Obedient but worry free!”

Sounds nice. Dawn thought, her tongue popping out briefly again as she stared at the screen, her drool dripping onto her udders. Not having to stress over tests, college, loans, her future in general, just letting someone else look after her and tell her what to do, and feel good all the time. It sounded amazing!

Then, she suddenly felt something odd, like something was moving inside the seat cushion under her pussy, but she just couldn’t move her eyes away from the screen to look.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jenny sitting and drooling onto her massive udders just like she was as they waited for more instruction.

“Now, it’s very easy to tell humans, and human-cows apart.” TV Girl smiled, as more images of cows, and humans on all fours, naked and being milked, started flashing by on the screen, with more swirling colors and more tones in the soft music playing. “Humans talk, cows moo. Humans wear clothes, cows wear collars, or nothing. Humans have breasts, cows have udders. Humans walk, cows crawl. Humans milk cows, cows get milked.”

More images of women on all fours, getting milked or bred flew by on the screen, with more colors and music and tones all echoing and bouncing around in Dawns head, making it so hard to think. Suddenly she felt something slide up into her pussy! However, she still didn’t look down, instead she just groaned and started instinctively moving her hips, humping in her chair as what felt like a large cock started pumping and vibrating inside of her with a fast and furious pace.

“Cows hump, and breed, and are used for pleasure.” TV Girl said, with more images, most looking like porno shots of doggy-style human humping, some even with very pregnant women on all fours, going on with more swirling colors and tones going off in Dawns head. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jenny humping in her chair as well, her udders bouncing and her tongue lolling as more drool dripped onto her chest. And there, in the middle of the seat of the chair, right between her legs was a mechanical dildo that had come up out of the center of the cushion from some kind of compartment!

It was pushed deep into Jenny’s pussy, which was slick with her juices, and was pistoning away right into her!

Dawn dimly realized that she was humping a dildo as well, and drooling all over herself as she did, and it felt so good! The pleasure was going right to her brain, burning out most other thoughts as she continued to watch her screen, and the smiling, knowing face of TV Girl.

“Remember, cows are dumb. Cows are stupid. Cows are docile. Cows don’t talk, they moo. Cows don’t walk, they crawl. Cows make milk. Cows hump. Cows are bred. Cows eat and sleep, but never think. Cows obey. That’s their place; on all fours, simple and happy and brainless.” TV Girl said, and it felt like each word, each statement, each description, was pounded into Dawn with each thrust of the dildo as she humped in her seat faster and faster, drooling and groaning as her udders flopped around on her chest. “Cows are dumb and happy. Cows are used for pleasure. Cows have udders. Cows drool. Cows wear collars or nothing. Cows are simpleminded and obedient. Cows are for milking, humping, breeding and to be used for pleasure!”

The dildo slammed deep into her as the screen exploded with pictures and swirls of colors, and she came hard!

She groaned as the pleasure tore through her, making her see stars, and before she knew it, she was belting out a loud, long, bestial MOO! Finally the pleasure washed over her, and she sank back into her seat, panting as she refocused on the screen in front of her.

Dimly, she was aware of everyone else doing the same thing all around her; everyone sweating, groaning, mooing, and drooling as they all orgasmed and focused back on their screens.

Being a cow sounds like a lot of fun! Dawn thought as she looked at the screens swirling colors, pictures, and the grinning face of TV Girl, with the music echoing through her head. And wow does it feel so good!

“Now, it’s time for some questions, some statements, and the final lesson.” TV Girl said, smiling straight out from the screen to Dawn, who resumed her position with her udders thrust out, drool covering a lot of them. “What do cows say?”

“Moo!” Dawn, and everyone else belted out, long and loud and deep. Dawn smiled back at TV Girl. This was so easy!

“Cows don’t wear clothes,” TV Girl stated, looking right at Dawn with her wicked grin. “You aren’t wearing clothes.”

Dawn nodded along. Of course not! She’d been told not to.

“Cows drool,” TV Girl continued, still grinning. “You are drooling.”

Dawn nodded again, smiling as she felt herself drool even more at the statement, her tongue falling out of her mouth again for a moment before going back in.

“Cows say moo.” TV Girl continued, still smiling. “You say moo.”

“Moo.” Dawn replied automatically, grinning back at TV Girl, just as everyone else mooed back like a room full of cattle.

“Cows hump like dumb animals.” TV Girl went on, more colors swirling and music playing inside Dawns head. “You hump like a dumb animal.”

The mechanical dildo was still buried deep inside her, literally pinning her to the seat, but it felt so good Dawn didn’t really care.

“Cows are dumb and obedient.” TV Girl stated, looking from the screen straight into Dawns drooling face and glazed eyes. “You are now dumb and obedient.”

That’s mean! Dawn thought, annoyed at being called dumb, even if it was suddenly really hard to think straight, but she nodded along all the same like she was supposed to. She noticed Jenny doing the same, still drooling, just like she was.

“And that leads us to the final lesson.” TV Girl said, laughing as more pictures of human cows on all fours flashed across the screen with more colors. “You moo, drool, are naked, hump, and are dumb and obedient. Cows moo, drool, are naked, hump, and are dumb and obedient. Therefore; you are a cow!”

Dawn blinked, suddenly confused.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Dawn thought slowly, struggling to put into words why that statement didn’t seem right to her, even though she was sitting in a chair, naked, drooling and mooing like a cow. But she was just pretending! Just learning how cows behave by acting like them!

She wasn’t actually a cow...was she?

She groaned as the dildo started to slowly vibrate and piston inside of her again, although it stayed slow this time, and she started to instinctively hump like a dumb animal in her chair again. She couldn’t stop herself, and instead drooled a little more as her tongue popped out of her mouth for a moment as she tried not to hump the mechanical toy that was pinning her to her seat, before she sucked it back in.

She was sure she wasn’t a cow, but she couldn’t remember the reason why. Everyone else around her was groaning and humping slowly in their seats as well, drooling and looking both scared and confused. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jenny frowning at the screen, even as she slowly humped her dildo and drooled all over her naked udders.

“I understand, it’s confusing.” TV Girl stated, drawing Dawns attention back to her screen, where TV Girl was looking at her with an arrogant smirk. “It’s so very hard for you to think, but even you know that cows make milk, so that they can get milked. And after all, you don’t make milk, so you aren’t a cow.”

There! Dawn mooed happily as TV Girl explained the problem. She continued to slowly hump like a dumb animal in her chair, drooling and totally unable to stop herself, even though she was trying, but it just felt so good that she wasn’t trying very hard. At least she was able to relax now that TV Girl had explained it to her.

She couldn’t be a cow; she didn’t make any milk in her big udders!

“Well the answer is simple really, just like your simple minds.” TV Girl laughed as the screen swirled with more colors and the music played with even more random tones through the headset. “You are young cows, what are called heifers; a cow in everything but the ability to be milked. Still a dumb, obedient, docile, drooling and humping stupid little animal that only says moo, but not quite a cow, yet.”

“Moo.” Dawn groaned as she humped and drooled in her seat, getting frustrated at being called dumb, and at the slow, unrelenting pace of the dildo pinning her to her seat. She wasn’t alone in mooing her displeasure; the whole floor did, sounding like a barn full of cattle.

“Don’t worry your dumb little head about it, my pretty little heifer,” TV Girl chuckled as more images of girls in seats with devices that looked like robot arms connected to their udders flashed across the screen with swirling colors, soft music, and slow, steady thrusts from the dildo. Dawn groaned as she stared at the screen, continuing to slowly hump and drool in her seat.

She also relaxed as she slowly humped and drooled; she’d been told not to worry about it, so she didn’t. She was a good obedient heifer after all. The TV Girl had said so!

“There’s a simple treatment we’ll give you to turn you into a proper cow that makes milk, and eventually gets milked. So don’t worry about it, don’t even think about it. We’ll do that for you.” TV Girl smiled at them as the screen just kept swirling around her. “Heifers don’t think after all. Just hump and drool in your chair, and wait for the treatment.”

“Moo!” Dawn belted out, suddenly excited at the thought of being turned into a proper human cow! She was just a heifer, but now apparently she would become a true cow, and make milk in her udders so that humans could milk her, like a proper cow!

Everyone else belted out long, excited Moo’s as well, and continued to slowly drool and hump and groan in their chairs as they waited for the treatment that would transform them into true human milk cows.

A moment later, two compartments under the screen slid back to reveal compact robot arms folded into their little compartments. A moment later, the arms began unlimbering themselves forward and stretching out towards Dawn, and she saw some empty tubes threaded through the arms, and attached to the “hands” and the chair. The “hands” were circular with half-dollar sized soft, flat finger griper digits, while in the palm of the bot hand, several laser-lights lit up, triangulated on her udders, and the robot hands started stretching forward to her udders.

The dildo stopped pistoning in her, and she stopped humping, though the mechanical toy didn’t withdraw from her pussy, so she was still pinned to her chair. Drooling in her chair, with her legs spread, her pussy filled (practically staked to the chair), her arms basically stuck on the armrests, and her back arched and her udders thrust out, she watched as the arms zeroed in on her udders.

Slowly, the fingers opened, and then closed around her udders, slowly gripping them tightly, but not uncomfortably, as the “palm” of the hand hovered just outside the tip of her tit. Or teat, I guess, since I’m a heifer now; and a human cow has udders and teats, not breasts and tits. She sluggishly thought to herself as she stared at the robot arms now attached to her udders, still drooling as she did so.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jenny sitting with two robot arms gripping her large udders in the same way, as she too sat and drooled, staring at the arms holding her udders in place.

“Now, there will be a little pinch in your teats, since we have to pump you full of special medicine to jumpstart your udders to begin making milk.” TV Girl said, the screen swirling with new colors as Dawn turned her attention back to the screen and focused on TV Girls smugly grinning face. “Just ignore it. We’ll make sure you feel good while we give you your treatment that turns you into a true stupid human milk cow. Make sure you don’t move around too much until the robot arms let go of your udders my dumb little obedient heifer.”

“Moo.” Dawn replied, annoyed at being called dumb, again, while she drooled as she stared at the screen, waiting for the treatment.

A moment later, she felt a pair of pinches in the tips of her teats, and she let out a groan of pain. Then the dildo started vibrating deep in her nethers, causing her to start humping again, albeit more carefully and slowly since her udders were still caged in the robot hands. A moment later, she felt a strange cool sensation as some kind of liquid was poured into the organs in her udders.

She groaned at all the strange sensations racking her body all at once, while she kept staring at the screen with the swirling colors, listening to the soft music with the various tones, drooling and humping in her seat as she did.

I’m turning into a cow! She thought sluggishly, feeling relaxed and even happy as all the pain and pleasure clubbed the rest of her mind into simplistic animal behavior. Soon I’ll be making milk in my udders! And then a human will milk me! Maybe even breed me!

“Moo!” She belted out as more liquid poured into her udders, the dildo vibrated even more deep in her pussy, and the thought of being on all fours, milked and humped at the same time sprang fully into her minds eye. Next to her, she saw Jenny arch her back and thrust her udders out more for the robot arms, as she too humped, drooled, and let loose a long, loud moo.

Then all the other heifers on their floor did the same, as they all received their treatment that would transform them into human milk cows. We’re all heifers! She giggled as she drooled more, her tongue lolling out for a moment before she forced it back into her mouth, again, as she continued to stare at the screen in front of her. But now we’ll be crawling, drooling, humping, breeding, milking cows! Real human cows that make milk in their udders! I can’t wait to be milked!

For several more moments, her udders were filled with strange liquids, until she felt quite bloated, and wondered if they were going to fill her up like a water-balloon. But she didn’t worry about it; the TV Girl had told her not too, and she was a good heifer. She did as she was told.

It’s what heifers, and for that matter, human cows did after all; whatever they were told to do by humans.

Then, the filling sensation stopped, the pinching feeling also stopped, and a heavy sore feeling set in, but it was dull and in the background, and easy to ignore and not think about. She saw Jenny sitting and drooling as the robot hands on her udders withdrew a pair of needles back into their “palms” from her teats. Then, the arms let go of Dawns very full, practically bloated udders, and began folding themselves back up into their small compartments under the screens.

“Well now my dumb little heifer,” TV Girl appeared back on the screen with even more swirling kaleidoscopes of colors and shifting shapes. “Your treatment is over. The medicine in your udders will soon be absorbed into you, transforming you fully into a dumb, stupid little human milk cow. Soon you’ll be crawling, humping, breeding, and most importantly, milking like the docile, obedient, stupid, simpleminded cow you now are. Congratulations!”

“Moo!” Dawn, (and everyone else around her), bleated out, so happy that soon she’d be a cow, and not just a heifer! Though she wished TV Girl would stop calling her dumb and stupid; she wasn’t!

But cows are stupid. A thought argued back in her mind as she listened to the soft music, watched the swirling colors on the screen, and drooled in her seat. Cows are dumb; they drool, hump, crawl, and can’t think. They are stupid little animals. TV Girl said so! It’s what this training video was all about! And now, Dawn was becoming a cow. Maybe I really am stupid. I’m a cow now, and cows are stupid.

She frowned as those thoughts went around in circles in her head, all while the robot arms finished curling up and withdrawing fully back into their compartments. A moment later the dildo started pistoning deep into her again, and she immediately started thrusting her hips; humping like a dumb animal in her chair again, unable to stop herself, as she continued to drool all over her newly engorged udders and stare at the screen.

Fine, maybe I am a dumb, stupid little cow! She thought, feeling her mind become even more sluggish, as the pleasure from the seat-dildo started slamming all the way through her brain. But that doesn’t mean I like being called dumb or stupid! TV Girl should be nicer! It’s not our fault we’re so dumb. We’re cows! We’re supposed to be stupid and dumb! She said so!

“In the meantime, just watch the screen as more information is shown to your simple little brain, and drool and hump and feel good in your little seat my dear, stupid little heifer.” TV Girl remarked, cackling right straight into Dawns face from the screen, as if she knew what Dawn was thinking, and deliberately disagreeing. “The shaking of your udders will speed up the absorption rate, like a milk shake. Once you orgasm, you’re little cow brain will be all empty except for what you’ve learned about cows. And then you can get down on all fours like the dumb animal you now are, and wait to be told what to do by a human. You’ll be able to be milked soon, but you’re already ready and able to do everything else a cow is supposed to do. So if the bus driver, or any other human, wants to hump you and breed you, you’ll let him.”

Of course. Dawn thought slowly, smiling as she humped in her seat, her filled-to-the-brim udders bounding heavily on her chest, as her tongue slid out again, letting more drool down her face, again. That’s what a cow is supposed to do, isn’t she? And I’m a cow now! Not just a heifer anymore, but a true cow!

TV Girl smiled cruelly. “You’re a dumb, obedient, naked, drooling, humping, crawling, mooing, and soon to be breeding and milking cow now, meant to be used for pleasure. And that’s all you are, and all you’re able to think about being now, since you can’t really think anymore. Not like a human can, since after all, you’re just a stupid cow. And what do cows say?”

“MOO!!!” Dawn bellowed loudly, deeply, and simplemindedly along with everyone else on the floor of the bus, which now truly did sound like a barn full of cows. She saw Jenny looking big, dumb and happy as she drooled down onto her newly swelled udders while she humped wildly in her seat next to Dawn. Dawn realized she felt the same; dumb and happy as she humped and drooled like the stupid animal she now was in her own seat, staring at the screen.

On the screen, combined with more swirling colors and the music & tones in her headphones, she watched shapes shift into images of women on all fours, many of them very pregnant, getting milked, humped, fed out of troughs, kept in stalls, crawling around in fields, and generally being looked after by humans. The images flashed by faster and faster as the dildo slammed into her harder and deeper, and more of her drool slipped out and fell to her now heavily bouncing udders while she humped and humped with the abandon of a dumb animal in heat!

“Moo!” She bleated out again as the pleasure built until it finally broke and washed all over her, driving most everything else out of her mind as she just slumped into her seat, twitching from the aftershocks of a mind numbing orgasm, panting as her mouth felt slack and her tongue hung out, letting more drool seep out. She saw Jenny do the same, slumping and twitching as she gasped as well. The dildo finally withdrew from her pussy, and disappeared back into the compartment inside the seat.

Sighing, groaning and mooing, Dawn finally moved her arms, taking the headphones off and setting them back on their rack next to the screen, which had finally turned itself off. At last the info video was done, she needed to move around stretch.

She carefully slid forward out of her chair and down onto all fours on the ground, her udders hanging down heavily, and let out a little moan of pleasure. Finally, she could move around, stretch and relax! She’d been trapped in that chair for who knew how long, and she needed to move around and stretch some.

And eventually, she’d start making milk, like a proper cow, and a human would milk her, maybe even breed her!

Looking around the floor of the bus, she started crawling into the main isle, just as everyone else moaned, or slid off their seats, or started crawling around as well. Soon, she knew, they’d all be crawling around, their udders hanging, waiting for feeding, milking and breeding, like good dumb cows. She just wished she didn’t have to wait so long!

Suddenly, she felt the bus slowly come to a stop, and turned around on the floor, craning her head to look up at the bus driver, who had, apparently, carefully pulled them over into a rest stop of some kind. When she looked at him, she saw that he was looking back at her, grinning in a way that made her both blush, and gush! She quickly crawled towards him, passing by Coach Sloan, who was looking around on all fours next to her seat very dumbly and placidly, with her large udders hanging down as well.

Carefully crawling over the shoes and clothes they’d all discarded when they’d been turned into heifers, Dawn made it to the bus seat, while Mr. Gringler just watched her progress and grinned the whole time. Reaching him, she looked up at him with an eager smile. Finally, a human who might breed her! Or at least hump her and use her for pleasure, like she was supposed to be!

“Moo.” She bleated to him, drool running down her chin as she stared at him, before quickly spinning around, arching her back and presenting her pussy to him, as was proper for a dumb cow like her. “Moo!”

“Oh, don’t worry little cow,” Gringler chuckled as she heard him get up out of his seat, and then heard him start undoing his belt. “I know what you need, what you want. And I want you as well. You’re going to be the cow I get as my bonus to breed this trip, just for me. So don’t worry, I’ll get started on making you heavy and fat with a little calf. Watching all of you girls become dumb animals gets me worked up anyway.”

She understood everything he said, it was just hard to focus on it, but once she felt his large, strong hands gripping her flanks, she stopped worrying about it. Then, she gasped as his large member slammed forward deep into her pussy as he thrust into her, his hips slapping against her butt, making her squirm in pleasure even as she started humping with abandon! She was just a dumb cow that was only good for milking, humping, being used for pleasure, and breeding after all!

Breeding! She wasn’t just going to be humped and used for pleasure, she was being bred! Soon she’d be fat with a child, Mr. Gringlers child, while she was milked and humped and kept in her stall! It was the best thing in the world for a stupid cow like her!

“Moo!” She moaned out as Gringler slammed into her, the two of them making a slap-slap noise that drew the attention of all the other cows crawling around their seats and in the main isle, who all turned to watch while they drooled and mooed, as she was humped and bred. “Moo!“

“That’s a good girl!” Gringler called out, laughing as he banged her even harder than the mechanical dildo had! “A nice hard quickie before I go and check on the sows upstairs. And then we’ll have a nice long rut before I get you cows and pigs back on the road!”

“Moo!” She belted out loudly as he banged her hard and deep, not really focusing on what he said, except for one part. Sows? Isn’t that what they call female pigs? But we’re all cows? Oh well, he’s a human, I’m a dumb cow. I’ll find out later, if he decides to tell me. Right now, he’s so hung! He’s filling me up! Every thrust hits so hard I actually feel even dumber each time! She grinned as she grunted and moaned and mooed as they humped right there on the bus with wild abandon.

They went at it for another few minutes, until the pleasure broke, and she screamed another long Moo as she had yet another orgasm today, and her body slumped forward onto the ground, her strength gone as her mind blanked out. The only thing she felt besides the aftershocks of yet another mind shattering orgasm, was the warm feeling of his hot cum pouring deep into her pussy as he blew his load and slap-thrust it deep into her as he did.

Then he finally withdrew, got his pants back on, started walking past her, as she lay on the floor, drooling and gasping in a heap.

“Make way you dumb cows!” He called out, walking down the isle as her coach and teammates all scrambled to crawl out of his way, lolling like the simpleminded animals they had all been turned into as they did. “I need to check on the pigs upstairs!” He laughed as he passed by all the naked human cows crawling around on all fours as he headed to the stairs for the second level of the double decker bus they were on.

The level with the cheerleader squad on it, Dawn recalled.

Where apparently there were sows as well. Dawn idly wondered as she dozed in her newly mentally simplified state, just how much the cheerleaders were enjoying riding around with a bunch pigs, or sows, as female pigs were called.

It would be interesting to crawl up the stairs and find out. Later. She decided firmly, exhaustion keeping her sprawled out on the floor. Later.

She watched idly as Coach Sloan slowly crawled over to her, mooed at her, and then crawled behind her. What’s she doing? Dawn wondered, and then suddenly jerked and let out a surprised bleat of moo as she felt her coaches face suddenly push into her crotch! Then she groaned in pleasure as she felt a tongue start sliding around her pussy, and then into it!

“Moo!” She ground out weakly, not even able to muster up the energy to the get up as her coach licked her pussy and rear from behind. She must want to taste the semen of a human male. Dawn realized, and then slowly positioned her butt so it was pushed up, presented to her coach and elder cow for better licking.

It was only polite after all; one dumb cow to another one.

Coach Sloan mooed in appreciation, and quickly started licking again, her face deep in Dawns crotch as she did.

I think I’m going to enjoy being a dumb, stupid milk cow. Dawn smiled idly as she groaned in pleasure and halfheartedly humped the air as her coach licked her out, and slowly passed out in a pleasurable fog. As her sight slowly faded out, she watched almost drunkenly as her teammates crawled around on all fours, their udders all swinging around back and forth as they mooed at one another, drooled, and generally just looked around the compartment with very simple, stupidly content expressions on their faces.

Camps going to be really interesting! She thought as sleep claimed her. I can’t wait to get my own stall!