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The Brain of Piacenza

Chapter 4

Mason sighed and knocked on the door. He had come alone to the professor’s house. The changes Monica had made to his memory were still largely in place, so while he now knew that this place had once been his home, it looked completely unfamiliar to him.

Mason’s mom answered the door. “Hello? You’re not a solicitor, right?”

Mason looked at the woman standing before him. Time had been very kind to her—except for maybe a slight hint of age around the eyes, this woman didn’t look like she was old enough to have a son as old as Mason. She was dressed in an outfit that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a 1950’s house wife, and had apparently been in the middle of cooking if her flour-covered apron was any indication.

“No, Mrs. Miller. My name is Mason. I’m here to deliver something for your husband,” Mason said, gesturing to the box in his hands.

“It’s Dr. Miller, actually,” she said patiently. “I didn’t graduate from medical school to be called ‘Mrs.’ In any case, I’m not expecting Mark home for another hour. You’re welcome to wait in the living room if you want.” She pointed to the room behind her.

Mason stepped inside, and she went back to her cooking. The living room and kitchen were adjacent to each other, so Mason could watch as she prepared dinner. She seemed to be struggling a bit with the recipe.

“Do you cook a lot?” Mason asked, trying to make conversation.

“Not really,” Dr. Miller said. “I do breakfast most mornings, but making instant pancake mix is about the limit of my culinary abilities. My husband just told me to cook dinner tonight. Come to think of it, he also told me to put on this outfit,” she gestured towards her old-fashioned dress. “Normally these kinds of things aren’t my style, but when he told me this morning, I don’t know what it was, but I felt like I had to do it...”

Mason shuffled uneasily. He knew exactly what she was talking about. He decided to try changing the subject.

“So... How are things going for your daughter, Jenny?” Mason asked.

“Surprisingly good, recently. She used to drive Mark and I up the wall with her behavior, but the past few days it’s been like a switch was flipped in her head. She doesn’t talk back to us anymore, she’s taking her studies much more seriously, and she broke up with her dreadful boyfriend. I’m really proud of her.”

Mason suspected that this change was probably about as natural as Dr. Miller’s change in wardrobe choice. He began to worry what his fate was going to be once he handed the brain over to the professor. He suspected that whatever it was, it wasn’t going to be anything good.

* * *

The next forty-five minutes crawled by at a snails pace. Mason continued to make small talk with his mom. He got a better feel for this family that he had no memories of. One thing that caught his notice was the surprising lack of family photos around the house. Instead, the frames on the walls and mantelpiece were filled with reproductions of famous Renaissance pieces, and pictures of Etruscan frescoes. That probably went a long way to explaining why none of his family had rediscovered Mason’s existence by questioning who the stranger was in all their family photos.

Mason wondered how important he and Jenny had been to his parents? He glanced at the clock. If Dr. Miller was right, the professor would be back in 10 or 15 more minutes. That was plenty of time to enter his mother’ mind and see what she thought of Jenny. He opened the box and pulled out the brain.

Dr. Miller had already put the food she was preparing in the oven, and was now waiting for the timer to ring. Mason walked over to her, and was about to enter he mind when-

“Stop right there!” Prof. Miller said, and Mason obeyed. The professor turned to his wife. “Close your eyes, cover your ears and hum.”

The woman did as she was told. Mason couldn’t believe his bad luck. He hadn’t even heard the professor entering the house. The professor had his hand in his pocket, which had a small red glow coming out of it.

Prof. Miller looked at Mason and grinned. “Couldn’t resist, huh? You just had to try and mess with my wife’s brain? Couldn’t just deliver the brain, and the girls memories and move on with your life?”

Mason tried to explain himself, but before he could respond the professor began speaking again. “Well, since you’re so eager to mess with her mind, why don’t I grant you your desire? Go inside her head and change her from a frigid doctor to a ditzy, amorous housewife. Remove as much unnecessary knowledge you can, and be sure to take that cookbook on the counter with you. Come out as soon as you’re done.”

Mason tried to resist, even though he knew by now that it was useless. He scooped up the cookbook on the counter, touched the brain to his mom’s head and found himself inside a strange doctor’s office.

He looked through the office and found the filing cabinet along one of the walls. He put the cookbook inside the filing cabinets, and began looking through the folders and pulling out certain folders and putting them in a pile on the floor. When Mason was done, the stack of folders was almost as tall as him. He looked at the pile uneasily, but knew that his job wasn’t done.

He focused his mind on twisting and warping the room around him. It took some effort, but the exam table and blood pressure monitor became a kitchen table with a sumptuous feast on it. He focused on the medicine cabinet and changed it into a utility closet filled with cleaning supplies. He also created a large king-sized bed and began to fill the room with mannequins in various sexual positions.

On the bed two mannequins were 69ing. The kitchen table had one mannequin bent over it, while the other entered her from behind. Inside the utility closet one of the mannequins was giving a blow job to the other one. He looked around at his handiwork, and shook his head. He was done. He summoned a cart to move the folders on the floor, made a door appear and walked out of it.

Back in the regular world, Mason’s mom was still covering her ears, closing her eyes and humming. The professor wasted no time in issuing a new command.

“Mason, stay right were you are. Emily, you can stop now.”

Mason’s mom kept her hands on her ears and didn’t open her eyes. Mason thought he knew what the problem was.

“Uh, I don’t think she can hear you.”

The professor looked exasperated. “What a pain! Mason, pull her hands away from her ears.” The professor waited for this to be done, and tried again. “Emily, you can stop now.”

Mason could see at a glance that this woman embodied the phrase ‘there’s a light on, but nobody’s home.’

“Are you alright, Dr. Miller?” Mason asked.

Emily didn’t reply. Instead she looked around with a blank expression on her face.

“Dr. Miller?” Mason asked again.

“Oh, are you talking to me?” she said cheerfully. “I’m not a doctor, silly. I’m just plain old Mrs. Miller.”

The professor seemed satisfied that Mason had carried out his task to the letter.

“Emily, dinner won’t be ready for 10 more minutes. Why don’t you clean our room a bit in preparation for tonight?”

Emily giggled and said, “Okay, but I’m sad we have to wait until after dinner,” she lowered her voice to almost a whisper, “I kind of want you to take me right now.”

She walked away, and Mason could see that the she moved differently now. Before her movements had been that of a serious-minded career woman. Now, she walked with a much more pronounced wiggle in her walk.

“Well, it seems like you did a good job with her,” Prof. Miller said. “I’ve got good news! I think I’ll let you keep the brain. I’ll just be instructing you on when and where to use it. That’s a lot less work for me.”

Mason didn’t think that sounded like good news at all, but he didn’t say anything.

The professor walked over to the cart filled with folders. He began reading their titles aloud. “Knowledge of Anatomy, Knowledge of Calculus, Freshman Year of College, hmm... She won’t need any of this anymore.” The professor looked towards Mason and put his hand in his pocket. “Grab some matches and that metal trashcan and burn all of these in the backyard.”

Mason was horrified by this order, and protested even as he moved to fulfill it. “No! You can’t do that. How will you change her back?”

“Hm, that’s a really good point,” the professor said mockingly. “Oh wait, no it isn’t! After you burn all those folders, go to the sink and wash your mouth out with soap.” The professor looked gleefully at Mason’s reaction. “I can do whatever I want, boy. You’d do well to remember that.”

Mason got a fire going, and one by one he burned all the folders he had taken from his Mom’s mind. He was sad to see her mind go up in smoke, but his sadness could only get so deep. Because of Monica, he barely knew his mom, so what he felt was more like the sorrow of never getting to know the woman she used to be, not the sorry of a close loved one being forever altered.

When he was done, he walked back inside and could see his mom, dad and sister had already sat down at the table and were eating dinner. He walked over to the sink and began washing his mouth out with soap. He coughed and gagged on the taste, and could see from the corner of his eyes that his dad was watching with sadistic glee. After Mason finished washing his mouth out he stood, waiting for the next order his dad came up with. (Nothing was technically stopping him from running, but he feared what fate would await him if he was caught trying to escape.)

“Mason, come join us at the table,” the professor said.

Mason turned around and sat down at the table. His mouth still had a soapy taste in it. He reached for a glass of water that had been laid out for him, and put it up to his lips.

“Stop Mason,” the professor stared at Mason from across the table. “You will eat nothing and drink nothing for the rest of the day.”

Mason looked at his sister and mom and could see that they looked a little uncomfortable with this, but neither of them said anything. Mason had no choice but to watch the family eat in near silence.

“Jenny, how did your test yesterday go?” the professor asked.

“Very good, father. I got an A on it.” Jenny said.

“Just an A?” the professor said with disappointment, his hand moving to his pocket. “I think I’ve been giving you too much free time. After dinner, you will spend two more hours than usual studying and doing homework. We can’t have your grades falling.”

Jenny looked shocked and betrayed for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure and forced her face into a neutral expression. “Yes, father.”

Mason just watched the family eat dinner, and after everyone was finished Jenny walked upstairs to do her homework, and Mason’s mom began to do the dishes by hand. Mason just sat there across from the professor, holding the brain in his hands. He didn’t know why the professor was torturing him like this, but he knew he just had to endure this until the professor fell asleep. He just hoped he could come up with a plan to get out of this.

When Mrs. Miller had finished doing the dishes, it was clear that her cheeks were flushed with arousal and anticipation. She walked over to the professor, and said, “I’m done, can we go up to the bedroom now?”

The professor stood up and put his hand in his pocket. “Mason, put the brain in your pocket and come with us. You’re going to watch.”

Mrs. Miller seemed uncertain about this. “Honey, don’t you think it will be weird having a stranger watching us?”

“Emily, you love the idea of him watching us. It turns you on knowing that someone’s seeing us making love.”

Mason looked in horror as his mom accepted this new truth.

“Oh, you’re right. That is hot now that I think about it. I don’t know what I was, like, saying,” she said.

They arrived at the bedroom, and the professor commanded Mason to stand in the corner.

Emily pushed the professor onto the bed the moment this was done. She kissed him, and the professor returned it passionately. It had been ages since they had really made love, and the professor was happy to have an enthusiastic partner again after all this time.

Emily began removing her dress and helped the professor remove his pants. His boxers had a tent in them, and she pulled them down and began licking his shaft up and down. She knew what she was doing, and Mason could see that the professor was enjoying this. The professor began to run his hands through his wife’s hair, and she began licking with more vigor.

Emily looked at the professor with lust-filled eyes, and said. “How does that feel?”

“It feels great, Emily. Keep going!”

Emily seemed satisfied, and engulfed him entirely inside her mouth. She moved her head up and down, deep-throating her husband’s cock. No one watching this woman would mistake her for the doctor she once was. Gone were her studies, replaced by a mindless creature who existed to clean the house and pleasure her husband.

Emily looked over to Mason, and when she saw him there, she started to try make more of a show for him. She guided the professor’s hands to her bra, and he unhooked it, freeing her amazing breasts. She began focusing her lips on the tip of the professor’s cock, and using her hand on his shaft. It wasn’t long before the professor was on the edge of heaven.

His face had a look of pure ecstasy as a wave of pleasure rocked his body, and he shot white liquid into his wife’s welcoming mouth. She swallowed the load, and her hand moved down to remove her underwear.

“Are you ready for round two?” she asked seductively. “Are you ready to fuck my brains out?”

The professor didn’t think there was much brains left to be fucked out, but he said, “Definitely, but I don’t think our guest here is properly enjoying proceedings. I have to fix that first.”

The professor picked up his pants from the floor, and pulled the heart from the pockets. He spoke, “Mason, you’re going to be aroused by what you see here. You will masturbate, but you will not cum until I say you can.” The professor looked over to his wife, and said as an aside, “Emily, you name is Emmy from now on.”

Emmy accepted this new truth, but Mason tried to fight his order. Even if he didn’t really remember them this was still his mother and father! His body betrayed him, though. As his father’s cock entered his mother’s wet, waiting pussy, he couldn’t help but be aroused. They began to move rhythmically together, and Mason found himself hanging on their every moan and movement. A tent formed in his pants, and he felt himself pulling down his pants and underwear and jerking himself off.

Emmy and the professor made love for half an hour, and the whole time Mason was masturbating, teetering on the edge but unable to get there. Finally, the professor let out an “Oh my god!” and was taken by pure pleasure, and Emmy was soon to follow. Mason was frustrated watching them get what he couldn’t have.

The professor and Emmy lay there, breathing heavily and enjoying the post-coital bliss. Finally, the professor reached over to the heart on the night stand and said the magic words.

“You may cum now.”

Mason felt like a dam was coming undone as long-suppressed liquid began shooting out of his cock. It was his turn to feel waves of pleasure throughout his body. He looked at the white, sticky liquid all over his hands and felt sort of empty. This was so messed up. He was going to need a lot of brain bleach to unsee what he had just seen. As he thought this, he realized he was being stupid. He had the most perfect brain bleach ever conceived in his pocket.

The professor held the heart up, “Mason, clean yourself up and put on your pants. We have a guest bedroom at the end of the hall. You will be sleeping there tonight. You are not to leave the house or enter my bedroom again tonight, and you are never to use the brain on me or my wife.”

Mason used a nearby box of tissues to clean himself off, and left the room. He walked to the room at the end of the hall, and entered it. This room didn’t seem like a guest bedroom. It had a very lived-in feel to it. He checked the dresser and saw that there were clothes in his size inside. He looked in the closet and found a few participation medals for boy’s soccer. Mason didn’t know for sure, but he was pretty sure that his dad had accidentally sent him to his old room.

Now he had time to think. He still had the brain, but he couldn’t use it on the professor or his mom. That left him and his sister. He had something he wanted to forget anyways, so he thought he’d try entering his own mind using the brain. He touched the relic to his head.

Mason found himself inside a biochem lab. He remembered from watching Monica’s memories that his memories were stored in the computer in one corner of the room. He sat down, and searched for the memory of what he had just seen. He found a file titled “Mom and Dad fucking.” He deleted it. He tried to remember what he had just deleted, but nothing came to mind. He didn’t know why, but he felt incredibly relieved.

Now he needed to figure out how he could use the brain to take control of the situation back. He opened a door to his sister’s room. Her mind looked like a classroom.

He looked through the notebooks that contained her memories, and tried to find the notebook titled “Dad.” After a few minutes of searching, he found it. He flipped to the end, and looked at what commands he had given her. He found what he was looking for pretty quickly:

Mason was pretty sure he could work with this. There was nothing in there saying she couldn’t use the brain or heart. If he could form a plan with her, maybe he could get the heart? He was worried about how they would be able to form a plan without the professor knowing. He thought back to what he had done to Susan and Monica. He could move memories between minds...

Mason went back to his mind room, and sat down on the computer. He summoned an external hard drive, and copied all of his memories on to the hard drive. He walked to his sisters room, and put the copy of his memories in the desks holding her memory-notebooks. He then summoned a door to the outside world, and left through it.

Mason was now in his sister’s dark room. He could hear the sound of her breathing.

“Jenny, wake up!” he whispered, nudging her slightly.

Jenny opened her eyes, and groaned. “Oh my god! My head really hurts.” She held her head in pain for a few seconds, but eventually adjusted to having two sets of memories in her head.

“Jenny, are you okay? I need your help to get the heart away from dad.”

Jenny looked at her brother, and said, “I’m not really just Jenny any more, am I? I have all of your memories and all of my memories inside of my head. I’m more like Jenny-Mason, or Mason-Jenny.”

“Look, I don’t have time for you to philosophize about what you are. Can you help me take care of dad or not?”

“You know I can. He’s made both of our lives hell, and he needs to pay. Give me the brain.”

Mason handed Jenny the brain, and she quickly disappeared into his head.

* * *

Jenny found herself inside Mason’s brain. She remembered just being here, but had a different goal in mind this time. She opened a door to the professor’s mind. She walked into it, and found herself inside a museum.

Inside the museum, there were relics, and books and pictures of her family on the wall. She looked at the pictures on the wall. About a fourth of pictures were blank, but the non-blank pictures depicted Emily as a ditzy 1950’s housewife, Jenny as a model student, and Prof. Miller as a traditional paterfamilias. Jenny wondered if the pictures had always shown this twisted version of their family. Maybe this was how he always seen them. How he always wanted them to be.

She walked over to the book case and looked through it. She found a book titled “Artifacts of Piacenza”, and summoned a fire to burn it. She had half a mind to summon enough fire to destroy all the books here. It would be fitting revenge on the man, but she thought that some of them could be used to bring her mom somewhat closer to her normal self.

She began to gather the books with titles like “Knowledge of Etruscan Art” into a big pile. She summoned a door to her mom’s mind, and moved all these books to her filing cabinet. She did this with a lot of other books as well, doing her best to fill in the blank spaces that Mason had left in his mom’s memory. Emily Miller was never going to be a doctor again, but she was going to make a great scholar of Etruscan studies.

When Jenny was satisfied that her mom would be able to function as a normal human, she had to decide what to do about all the other books. She eventually decided that her father didn’t deserve any of this. Jenny already had two sets of memories, so she didn’t think one more set could hurt. She summoned a door to her mind, and began moving all the remaining books into her head. When she was done, her father’s bookshelves were completely empty.

As a final act, she warped the two minds. She transformed her fathers mind from a museum, into an empty room with four blank walls. She removed the tasteless mannequin’s from her mom’s mind, and replaced most of the homemaker elements with more museum-like elements. When Jenny was satisfied that she was done, she summoned a door to the outside world.

Jenny found herself standing next to her parent’s bed. A horrible headache started in her temple, as she began to absorb more than 40 years worth of memories. She groaned so loud it woke her parents. She saw her mom get up to try to comfort her, while her dad just flailed his arms and legs randomly and began drooling.

As Jenny’s psyche tried to cope with this sudden influx of memories, she began to experience an inner struggle over what to do with the heart and brain once she had both of them in her possession. A new, sadistic voice in her mind told her she should use their power and control her family with an iron fist, and get everything her heart desires. Another part of her thought that she should use the relics to return things back to as normal as possible, and then never use them again. Still another part thought that the relics would be fun to use on Susan and Monica again after everything was done. She felt like she was a charioteer being pulled in a dozen different directions.

She assured her mom that she was alright, and crawled over to the night stand. She grabbed the heart and held the two relics in her hands. She could do whatever she wanted now...

* * *


It was the next semester, and Mason woke up lying next to Susan. The two had been dating for almost five months now, and shared an apartment off campus together. He kissed her forehead, and she opened her sleepy eyes. After showering together, they put on their clothes and walked to the dining hall. They both got in the pancake line.

Now that Mason wasn’t living at home, he only stopped by to visit his family once or twice a week. His dad had had a mental breakdown from stress, and had to be institutionalized (at least that was the official story), and his mom had recently begun teaching Etruscan Studies as an adjunct professor. She had also begun seeing a man who was nice and normal, and was happier than she had been in years.

Jenny’s senior year of high school was turning out to be a breeze. Turns out having a college student’s mind in your head is a great way to get out of studying. She had decided to act as a guardian over the Heart and Brain of Piacenza. She still let Mason borrow the brain from time to time, but she considered the heart too dangerous to be used by anyone. Rumors eventually got around to Mason that on her 18th birthday, Jenny was seen at Nitro Club flirting with a stripper named Crystal...