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Brain Steam

(Intelligence Play, Edging, D/s, Lifestyle BDSM)
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Please note this story is intended for adult audiences! Do not read if you are under the age of 18.

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Sofie faces consequences after not doing as well in her math class as her Domme would like.

* * *

Sofie was not good at math. In fact, at her first attempt at higher education, she nearly failed her remedial math class. In high school, she was frequently thrown into lower-grade math, only for her inability to wrap her mind around the numbers. She hated numbers. She hated thinking about math. Doing it in her head was even worse. She’d get the numbers confused — hell, why did 2 look so much like a 3? And why did some people write their 1s indistinguishable from 7s?

Unfortunately, she had to face the numerical beast once again when her Mistress, Delia, enrolled her in a community college class. Delia was an accomplished businesswoman, and needed a new bookkeeper for her business. She didn’t want to hire anyone she didn’t know and trust — so, why not bring her devoted thrall onto her team? Sofie was excited by that prospect, of course, but her excitement dropped like an anvil when Delia mentioned she’d have to take business math courses. Sofie almost wanted to beg against it, but she knew her words didn’t stand up much against her Owner’s.

Sofie was in the third week of the class, and she was already lost. So when they had a quiz last week already, she knew she was going to fail. She knew that she wasn’t going to understand anything, especially without the clutch of a calculator.

She was right, of course. The professor handed back the test, a big, fat, red “47” written at the top of the page. The quiz Sofie had taken was covered in red X’s and question marks. Needless to say, she felt hopeless. And Sofie knew that Delia would have some strong words or punishments to teach Sofie to study harder.

Her heart sank. Delia was a great Domme. But she was also a cruel sadist. Sofie shivered as she thought about what kind of punishment she’d be dealt out. Surely Delia wouldn’t have remembered she had a quiz, right? Or maybe she wouldn’t care about her awful grade?

Sofie hoped. She hoped real, real hard.

* * *

Sofie got home around 4:45pm — only about fifteen minutes before Delia would get home. She laid down on the sofa, spreading her legs and arms across it in defeatism. Delia was going to be so mad. And Sofia was angry at herself, too; angry at herself for being so stupid, angry at herself for not understanding what should be basic math, and angry at herself for wasting Delia’s time and money.

Sofie grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to her favorite channel — baking contest shows. She loved laughing at the inexperienced cook’s basic mishaps and weird food combinations. At the very least, it made her laugh a little, lightening her up and distracting her from the time she had to wait for Delia to get home. As soon as the cook put an awful-looking cake mix in the oven, Sofie heard the door swing open. She shut off the TV in fear that Delia would scold her for laying back and watching TV.

Luckily, Delia didn’t seem to notice as she walked into view. Against Sofie’s innocent blonde look with a white dress and pink cardigan (Delia forbade her from wearing pants), Delia looked much different. She was best described as ‘business goth’; she wore suits and slacks, sure, but it was almost all black, with the occasional red jewelry or fascination. Delia was much taller than Sofie, and she frequently used that to her advantage. Slamming Sofie against the wall and pinning her against it was her favorite thing to do.

“How are you today, pet?” Delia asked warmly, sitting right next to Sofie on the sofa. She graced her sub’s cheek with a light kiss, then grabbed Sofie’s chin and made out with her for a minute.

“It was good,” Sofie lied. “You know. Class. Writing bad smut. The usual.”

“Good plaything,” Delia cooed, playing with her hair. “Writing such fun erotica for me. You are so good to me.”

Sofie smiled. All of her worries went away when Delia praised her. It was absolutely the best part of playing with Delia. Her words could make Sofie feel so good. Even when Delia degraded and insulted Sofie, her words felt safe.

“What would you like for dinner tonight, Mistress?” Sofie asked.

“Oh, maybe some pasta and meatballs,” Delia suggested. “You can do that, yes? You have all the ingredients?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Sofie purred. She was about to stand up and grab the pot to boil water, before Delia grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“Sit down,” Delia’s tone turned serious. Sofie gulped — she was certain now that Delia didn’t forget.

“You had a quiz earlier this week, right?” Delia asked. She stared into Sofie’s eyes, her stare piercing and almost convincing Sofie to fess up right then and there. Why was her stare so powerful? Why was Delia so acute at getting Sofie to tell the truth about everything without even using her words?

Regardless, Sofie had to stand her ground. She had to stop herself from telling Delia everything. Delia didn’t really need to know about the grade, right?

“Yes…” Sofie said.

“And tell me. How did you do?”

Delia’s eyes were much more serious than before. Sofie hesitated, which was the wrong thing to do — prompting Delia to slap Sofie’s cheek hard. Sofie reeled back from the stinging, yelping out and staring at Delia with a pleading face.

“You need to tell me how you did, plaything. This class is very important. I need you helping me out in every possible way you can — and if that means getting your dumb brain to understand basic arithmetic, then I’ll make it happen. So tell me. How did you do?”

Sofie gulped. “I-I did okay.”

Another slap and another yelp. Sofie felt a certain warmth in her growing.

“Wrong. You’re lying. How did you do?”

Sofie looked down, no longer being able to meet her Mistress’ eyes anymore. “I failed,” she finally admitted, feeling the silence thicken even more. “I didn’t understand anything. And I didn’t have a calculator.”

Delia took a deep inhale. “What a disappointment,” she said on the exhale, the words stinging Sofie’s chest. “I ask you to do this one very simple thing that everyone else can do, and you can’t do it. Why? What’s making it difficult?”

“I’m… just bad at math,” Sofie sulked.

“That’s not an excuse. I ordered you to get better at math so you could help me with my business. Why aren’t you doing this? How else do I need to order you around?”

Sofie put her hands in her face and groaned into them, both in submissiveness and self-hatred. Delia grabbed her hands away from Sofie’s face and glared at her.

“You’re such a stupid idiot. You’re so capable at everything else — you know how to do so many things, like serve me, pleasure me, worship me… and yet, you can’t memorize times tables even if I burnt it into your brain. Do your brain cells just not hold onto any information? Are you nothing but a mindless ditz?”

“Mmmm…” Sofie hummed. The degradation was something else, but much better than the shaming she’d just gone through. “I… I guess so, Mistress…”

“Good to know,” Delia scoffed. “And what do I do with mindless ditzes?”

“You… punish them.”

“That’s right,” Delia laughed. “After I laugh at them for hours too. So, get into the bedroom and take off your panties. Wait for me there.”

Sofie responded with her usual affirmative ‘yes, Mistress’, though she sounded much more discouraged than previously. Regardless, she walked into the bedroom. The bed was unmade, as she had hastily ran out the door after sleeping for way too long. She knew her Mistress would be even more displeased if she walked in to see how disheveled her bed was, so Sofie took a few moments to straighten out the blankets, fix the sheets, and rearrange the pillows into a neat fashion.

And then she stripped. Her cardigan came off first, as it dropped to the floor. As she took off her dress over her head, she rearranged her clothes onto the desk after moving some gadgets out of the way. Sofie looked in the mirror, trying to admire her princess-like lingerie that also shimmered in pink and white hues. Delia had instilled some sense of confidence into her, but Sofie was still more on the insecure side. Regardless, she knew that Delia would want her lingerie off too, do Sofie undid it gently and put it next to her clothes.

She stood at the door, anxiously waiting for Delia to walk in. Eventually, her Mistress walked through the door, joining her submissive by the bed. In her hand was the bedroom collar that Sofie loved so much. It was a soft pink collar with faux fur on the inside and diamond studs, with a hoop to attach to a leash — which Delia always did. She put it around Sofie’s neck, pushing her hair out of the clips’ way and attaching a navy blue leash to it.

Delia didn’t ask for Sofie to get on the bed. She sat down herself; and then she grabbed Sofie’s shoulders to sit her down in Delia’s lap.

“Spread your legs.”

Sofie obeyed, spreading her legs as wide as she could, until Delia was satisfied.

“Good plaything.” Delia reached into the bedside table and pulled out what they called the ‘bag of terrible things’ — AKA, their sex toy bag. She pulled out the toy that always brought Sofie to her weakest point, a $200 magic wand with 25 settings and a tip that would bring anyone to sheer pleasure.

“Since you can’t use that brain of yours, why don’t I get rid of it?” Delia chuckled as she turned on the wand, holding it atoms away from Sofie’s cunt. “Make your useless brain melt right out of your ears.”

“Are…” Sofie gulped. “Are you going to overstimulate me, Mistress?”

“Overstimulate you? Darling, the last thing you deserve right now is an orgasm. I’m going to do something much worse.” Delia turned the wand on to a higher setting, pressing it against Sofie hard. Sofie immediately broke into a stream of moans and gasps, even though the toy was only on the 5th or so setting. Mistress couldn’t possibly expect her not to finish, could she?

“I’m going to ask you some questions, plaything. Math questions.” That sounded way too ominous. There was no way Sofie of all people was going to get math questions right after being edged over and over again. “Twelve times four, divided by two.”

“I… uh… ah…” Sofie gasped, trying to refocus her brain. Twelve times four was… forty-eight. Divided by two was… “Twenty f-four.”

“Good. You know some things. Good girl. Now, let me make this a bit easier for you…”

Sofie wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t for Delia to turn the vibrator down to a lower setting and pull it less deep. It still rested on the top of her pussy, teasing her, but not dragging her into a shameless state of deep pleasure.

She whimpered.

“You’re not allowed to finish, plaything. Doesn’t this make it easier for you to follow orders?” Delia’s tone was cruel and loving, completely enjoying how much she played with both of her toys.

“Y-yes, Mistress…”

“Next question.” Sofie braced herself for it as Delia turned the vibrator back onto a higher vibration and stuffed it back inside of Sofie’s cunt. “Ten plus five, divided by three.”

Sofie began to calculate. ‘So… fifteen, divided by…’

Her train of thought was cut off completely when Delia used one of her many trigger phrases, instilled into her through deep trance and long hypnosis sessions. “Steam.”

Sofie’s head felt like it slowed down, as if it were overheating and could barely function. Her mind had gone into overdrive, and she couldn’t think straight. She could once again physically feel steam pouring out of her ears, as if her brain were melting out of her skull. She tried to refocus on the math problem. “Fifteen, um…”

“Divided by three, darling.”

Three… fifteen and three… “Um… twelve?”

Delia burst out laughing. “That’s not even close, you stupid idiot.” This time, she didn’t take the magic wand out, and instead she turned it onto a much higher setting and shoved it up against her clit. Sofie let out a howl of pleasure, her back arching and her head thrown back. She tried to stop herself from feeling too overwhelmed by the pleasure — after all, she didn’t have permission — but it was much harder than she thought it’d be.

“See, plaything? This is what you get when you don’t put your mind to things. If you can’t use your brain for work, well, I might as well use it as a toy.”

Delia turned it back down and went lighter — thankfully enough. Before Sofie could say anything else, Delia whispered in her ear again, “steam”.

Her brain was turning into smoke, emitting from her ears — not that either of them could see it, but Delia could see the empty, ditzy look in Sofie’s eyes. It was the look of someone who couldn’t come up with a single coherent thought, if they tried.

“Let’s try something easier. Four plus seven.”

“I… um…” Sofie tried to think. She thought she had the answer when she said “thirteen”, but it was clearly wrong based on how Delia went back in with the vibrator onto a higher setting.

“Three plus six.”

“M-math… um… six.”

“Idiot.” Delia scoffed, though she was clearly more amused than angry as she continued to edge Sofie even harder and even crazier. Sofie was becoming less of a dignified if not airheaded submissive, and more of a shameless brainless bimbo. “One more try. One plus one. Certainly even you can know that.”

Sofie did. “T—“


And the answer was gone. Sofie’s brain was completely gone. She burst into a fit of moans and giggles, not even trying to think like an intelligent human anymore. Even without Sofie’s trigger phrase, the edging was driving her into a bimbo-like state. All she could do was giggle and make sad attempts at thinking.

“There you go. You’re who you’re supposed to be — an idiotic ditz who can’t do simple addition.” Even the insults and degradation got Sofie going even more, driving her more into ditziness as Delia put the vibrator on max speed and stuffed her fingers into Sofie’s mouth to fuck her with her hand. Sofie thrashed in her Mistress’s lap, begging to cum even if she didn’t say so. She needed it. Her body needed it. She melted into Delia’s arms as she tried to stop herself from cumming for 1, 5, 10 minutes — not that Sofie could even count them anymore.

Eventually, without a single orgasm, the vibrator was turned off suddenly and taken off of her cunt. A string of her fluids stuck onto the completely soaked tip.

“Mm… Mistress…” Sofie begged. “Can I pretty please cum?”

Delia kissed her sub’s cheek, and Sofie could at least feel her smile on her. “Darling, this was a punishment. Of course you’re not allowed to finish.”

Sofie moaned out loud in disappointment. “Nooooo… please, Mistress? Please?”

Delia chuckled lightly. She wasn’t mad in the slightest — she was just playing along with the fun game they had. “You can finish after your next quiz, and only if you get an A. Now, go make me dinner, plaything.”

* * *