The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Breaking Innocent Jenny.

Chapter 5: Jenny is finally prepared for her new role in life.

The time had come to get some virgin pussy Bubba thought, as he sat at the breakfast table watching his step daughter.

She was almost ready to leave for school. Wearing one of those hot little numbers that made her look like such a slut. A short, cheerleader style daisy yellow skirt that hovered over her huge round bum and threatened to reveal naked ass cheeks and g-string (probably a baby yellow color) at every quick turn she made, he was sure if she bent over too much she would flash any happy onlooker sitting in the right position (he had been such a happy onlooker himself plenty of times before, and she NEVER wore anything but ridiculously tiny thongs and g-strings, as he knew well from what he had seen and from the laundry basket), knee length white silk socks, a light tight fitting light yellow sweater that did nothing to hide the magnificent gently bouncing tits. The new programing Dana was given was beginning to pay off even now, she had convinced her daughter that the sweater covered her well enough today that she didn’t need a bra. Jenny trusted her mom completely and believed anything she said. So her naked tits where sloshing around in her bra with no support and the friction with the soft cotton material had made her nipples perk up and where trying desperately to poke through the thin material of her top.

He blond hair was combed in a soft flowing way, and she had a intense light pink color on her lips that contrasted with her dark tanned skin.

Some big heeled yellow sneakers that made her calf muscles stand out and made her arch her back deliciously bringing her butt up and out (like if it needed to be more prominent than it already was) completed her attire along with big loop yellow earrings that clicked when she moved and intense large yellow plastic bracelets.

She looked like an innocent girl and like a porn fantasy at the same time.

Bubba had a ragging hard on watching this sexual goddess parade around in his kitchen.

While he was watching, Dana came downstairs again, she was wearing only a thin satin nightie and high heeled shoes!

Her tits where dancing around in her nightie as well, and for a moment he was completely distracted from his step daughter.

Dana had showered, done some heavy make up and put her hair in a messy sexy bun, with some of her hair falling around the shape of her face in twirly bangs. She wore pearl necklace and earrings.

She had on some sweet intense perfume he loved and she rarely put on. She looked like a classy call girl.

Her tits where definitely looking larger and firmer as well! It had been a week now since he had let Goodrich fuck and program her.

She had her eyes on his own the whole time as she walked up behind an unsuspecting Jenny, and with an evil naughty smile on her face she put her arms under he daughter’s arms and reached out to grab her tits by her nipples, pinching them gently and pulling on them from side to side as she squeaked: “PEEK A BOO!!".

Jenny jumped forward and twisted violently away from her mom, blushing furiously and with her mouth in a startled and cute “o” shape.

“What the hell are you doing mom??!!” she demanded as her sloshing udders danced around in her tight sweater hypnotizing Bubba.

“Oh sweetie, it’s just an innocent joke! Can’t a mom hug and fool around now a days with her loving daughter?” She winked naughtily in Bubba’s direction.

“But mom!... " Jenny said gesturing with just her eyes towards Bubba, and trying to hide the fact that her nipples had now definitely turned stone hard, both from the attention the pinching had given them as well as from the humiliation she felt of the whole episode happening in front of her step father, which was after all one of those men that never took their eyes off her body, and specially her tits and ass.

She felt a strange mix of shame and excitement, at once being unsuspectingly forced into a situation of being an object of attention for a male’s lust, specially an older man’s lust (and her step father to boost) and at the same time not being able to help the sensations she got from her over sexed body at the slightest touch. There was something just so wrong with that. And her step father had a predatory lustful look in his eyes as he followed her rock hard nipples with his eyes as her tits, naked under her thing sweater swayed and bobbed gently with every move she made.

She felt the uncomfortable but oohhhh so delicious warm wet trickle reach her thong and begin to spread out as it got soaking wet.

She tried hard not to rub her thighs together.

She could feel Bubba’s gaze travel up and down her body.

She flushed and even darker shade or red and turned around and went up stairs again.

Jenny really needed to change her thong now, or the replacement G-string in her bag would have to be used as soon as she got to school.

As Bubba watched his step daughter go up the stairs, a very enticing sight in itself, he turned towards Dana again as she silently took the straps of her nightie and pulled them out and down. Her tits bouncing out unhindered, her nipples dancing in front of his eyes as she walked towards him.

“Good morning big boy!” She said as she pushed him back as well as his chair so she could get between him and the table.

She swung one leg over and straddled him, quickly pulling down his fly and fishing for his super hard cock. When she had what she was looking for, she held it out, a single drop of pre-cum trickling down the large purple head and she lowered herself onto it, letting out a long delicious sight of pure pleasure, as her wet warmth enveloped him completely, her inner walls sliding their texture over his veiny length.

Dana had NEVER done anything so deliberate in all of their sexual encounters together, and Bubba just sat there frozen in amazement as his wife slowly began to fuck him in front of their kitchen table and with Jenny about to come downstairs at any moment now. She had always forced him to use a rubber, since she only wanted Jenny and no more, in order to keep her body trim and young.

She fed him one of her tits, and then another, sometimes rubbing them around his face as she began to bounce harder, and moaning through her teeth.

“Oh yeah baby, you feel so fucking gooooood!!!! Fuck your whore baby! I’m your property, yours to do so as you wish! I saw how you looked at Jenny. You want her don’t you baby? You want my innocent baby? My only child? The girl I’ve brought up so proper she doesn’t know what sex even is? Her hot body which up to now is untouched by a man’s hand? Would you like this to be one of her tits honey?” She fed him one of her nipples again. “Or how about this one? Would you like this to be one of her innocent udders?” Again, she fed him her other nipple. “How about my cunt honey? Would you like daddy to fuck his little girl like this? To take her virginity? Her own father???” She dropped heavily on him and made a pain stricken innocent face “OUCH DADDY!! THAT HURT!! YOU TOOK MY VIRGINITY!! YOU’RE SUCH A BAD DADDY, DADDY!!! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!” Dana kept saying as she slammed herself on down to his balls.

Suddenly they heard steps coming down the stairs and Dana covered his mouth and brought her moist mouth to whisper in one of his ears “Keep quiet Daddy, we don’t want to get caught! You don’t want anybody to know you’re fucking your innocent daughter now do we?” She changed her movement to rolling around on his lap, his dick twirling around in her silky depths “oooohhhhh daddy, you fuck so gooood!...” She whispered breathing into his ear as she hugged him and began to cum “ooooohhhhhhhh daddyyyyyyyyyyyy, yeeesss daddyyyy... soooo fucking goood!!! I’m cuming daddy! You made your little honey innocent daughter cum on your dirty big man’s cock!”

Jenny had come downstairs and was standing at the doorway to the kitchen. She wasn’t entirely sure of what she was witnessing. Her mom had begun to act very strange since about a week ago, but now her mind couldn’t quite assimilate what she was witnessing. Dana was sitting on Bubba’s lap, turning her hips in lazy circles and whispering something into his right ear. Could her mom and step father be... in plain daylight... in front of her?.... no, not possible. Her mind blocked it out. Besides, in her innocence she couldn’t exactly put a name to it, she suspected what sex was like, but she had never seen any actual graphical images. But right now, the smell in the room coming from the juices her mom was dripping all over Bubba’s cock awakened something inside her that added to the excitement she already had felt from being humiliated earlier. And the look on her mom’s face right now as she let out a very soft sighing moan made a shiver run down her spine.

Her pussy tingled, and she knew that it was too late. She was already soiling another thong. But she couldn’t break away from what she was seeing just ten feet away.

Bubba, with his back to the door and still unaware of Jenny’s presence took hold of his dazed wife, who was still quivering on top of him, who was also unaware of Jenny standing in the doorway.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and began to slam her down on him, Dana made soft mewing sounds and Bubba grunted as he quickly brought himself relief and moaned as he emptied himself into Dana, who had another more gentle and loving orgasm on her husband’s dick.

“Oh yessss daddyyyyyy...” she moaned a whisper into his ear, just barely brushing her wet lips agains his earlobe “you’re gonna get your daughter pregnant now! Give your innocent daughter your baby making man juice baby!”

Dana gyrated her pelvis on her still cuming partner and while holding onto his neck, arched her back and let her head fall back. She moved her head from side to side, her hair wild and flowing in waves and she started to cum again, her orgasm triggered by the burning hot feeling of semen seeping into her womb.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhuuuaaaaaaahhhhhaahhahhaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!..... cumiiiiiinnng!...” She gasped and moaned out of breath.

Jenny was rubbing her thighs together, watching the fucking couple in front of her, and when Dana half turned her way, as if becoming aware of her, her eyes still glazed over, Jenny quickly turned around the corner to hide away from sight, her heart beating wildly, more pussy juice trickling down her thighs.

She quickly went to the door, grabbed her bag and left in a hurry and breathing hard, closing the door behind her before she was caught. She ran all the way to the bus stop, trying to kill off her sexual anxiety with the feeling the exercise working her strong athletic body. She just got more exited, if only slightly winded. Her thong a wet sticky mess when she climbed the steps into the bus.

She was sure the kid sitting next to her on her ride to school could smell her sweet wetness (she didn’t turn around when she got up to get of the bus to see if she had stained the leather seat), and she spent all day at school replaying in her mind the erotic scene she had witnessed at home.

This was the first time she had seem something she suspected was actual sex, and it had looked delicious!

She changed into her clean g-string at lunch time, but it was wet and sticky almost right away. Every male in the school was following her bouncing tits around with their eyes. She knew it had been a mistake not to wear a bra, but her mom had been so sure it wasn’t obvious, and she had believed it. When one of the girls who was the nastiest at making fun of her mentioned that she loved how she was perfect for a wet t-shirt contest with her tits naked under her sweater, and that it proved the fact that she was a cheap slut, she was sure that everyone knew she wasn’t wearing a bra.

This only made her even hotter. She had to go to the bathroom several times to rub her thighs together. Finally when she was near orgasm in one of her leg rubbing sessions in the afternoon break, she got up and ran to the gym. She changed into athletic gear and went out to the track to run the whole time left on her break.

It took out some of the anxious sexual heat from her body, but still, she felt really bothered today.

Humiliation and voyeurism are a very hot mix to deal with, specially for a nubile teenage sex goddess.

At home, right at the time Jenny left and Bubba was emptying his balls into his wife, Dana recovered from her second orgasm and kissed her husband passionately.

“So Big Boy? How did you like that? Was this slave good enough for your morning fuck?”

She looked into his eyes with genuine submissive questioning eyes.

“Huh?... oh, yeah, whatever...” Said Bubba pushing her off his lap. “That was great honey buns. Now go and make me some pancakes sweetcheeks” and he slapped his wife’s ass in the direction of the kitchen.

“Oh baby! I love you!” she gushed with complete adoration as she ran skiping away happily to comply with his wishes.

“Do it naked slut!” he ordered.

“Yes Master!” she replied, letting her nightie fall to the ground around her ankles, then bent forwards and worked on the kitchen counter in that position, pointing her naked ass and her cunt in his direction. Globs of cum pushing out and trickling down to the floor tiles.

Bubba gazed in wonderment at the curve of her back and her perfect ass. Her skin had become smoother and healthier as time passed. It almost glowed. Her waist was thinner and her but cheeks rounder and firmer.

She looked at least 5 years younger and in much better shape than she had ever been. He hair looked silkier and beautiful.

But what he loved most was her attitude. He knew Jenny had caught them, and he also knew Dana was also aware of it, but the fact that she not only didn’t care, but had provoked it to tease her daughter with a blatant sexual display was awesome.

Goodrich had mentioned something about Dana becoming an active participant in the taking of his step daughter, but actually witnessing it was a real turn on.

The grab of Jenny’s innocent tits was the perfect example.

Dana had done it for his benefit, making it totally clear that her intentions where to provide him with the pleasure of taking her only daughter for his personal pleasure.

Dana’s eager betrayal of her daughter’s innocence was a perfect added enticement to the whole plan. He was feeling so good that he got up, his dick hard again and bouncing in front of him as he walked towards the vision of his beautiful naked wife, bent over for his pleasure.

She heard him coming and as she continued to prepare breakfast she wiggled her ass at him inviting him closer.

He grabbed her asscheeks and Dana knew what was coming “Oh daddy! You want more of little Jenny?” she said and then gasped and moaned as Bubba let her have the hardest fuck he had ever given her. Their fuck lubricated by his cum still warm in her pussy.

He slapped at her gorgeous smooth ass the whole time, making her cheeks turn red from the abuse, then he would caress them giving her a delicious contrast between the pain of the slaps and the soft caresses and the smooth wet almost gentle feeling her pussy got by being invaded by the violent raping phalus.

Her tits hit her chin as they woobled around, they where definitely larger now. Her pussy made wet gushing noises and nasty fart sounds as the air was pistoned in and out of her pussy and the semen from the previous fucks foamed around his thick hot dick.

Bubba took a long time to cum, all the time he raped his wife she kept screaming out and telling her daddy to stop and not rape his own daughter. By the time he shoot a large hot load into Dana his sweat was dripping on her smooth back and he collapsed deliciously spent over her and hugged her grabbing hold of her sleek tits and squeezing them as he pumped his cum deep into her.

He went back to the table then, his wife catching her breath from her own super hard orgasm, courtesy of pleasing her Master and complying with the order of offering him her daughter as a his personal whore.

She had felt his hot lava shooting deep into her, and now she could feel it slowly dripping down to the mouth of her well used pussy. Her cunt lips felt raw. The fresh morning air doing wonders with her sensitive snatch.

She stayed in the same position, her Master had to be able to see her fuck holes and also see what he had done to her. She was after all just a sexual toy to be displayed for his pleasure.

Bubba watched her working on his pancakes, still bent over, her swollen cunt lips smeared with semen. Now more cum was twinkling down to the floor. What a deliciously nasty sight that was. And soon, it would be Jenny in that position, with his cum dripping out of her never-again virgin pussy.

Later that day Bubba was ready for Jenny.

When she got home he had already emptied two full vials of the blue liquid into a diet coke and as the hot big boobed blonde came through the door he invited her over to drink something cold with him in the kitchen. For Jenny it was a blessing, she was feeling very hot and bothered from all the stimulation that day and she needed to drink something refreshing. She all but chugged down the whole can after Bubba handed it to her, before awkwardly remembering herself and apologizing to her step father for such lousy manners as a small trickle of slightly glowing liquid escaped from the side of her mouth down her chin. Bubba had a truly evil smile on his face while he stared at her in anticipation with clearly a possessive satisfied expression, and suddenly Jenny was aware that something terribly wrong had just happened, and then, right after the moment of realization, her mind went blank.

Bubba stayed where he was taking in the sight of the frozen teenager. Her breast that for a moment had moved in agitation as for just a brief second she had been aware that he had done something to her, now moved in a placid calm breathing rhythm. Her right hand still held the almost completely empty can of soda. Her eyes had the typical glazed over expression.

He had given her two vials of liquid (which he had first checked with Goodrich to make sure that it was not a health hazard, he wouldn’t want to make a mistake and kill Jenny before he had his fun) so he could have her in this state for some good long hours of hypnotized style fun with her before he handed her over to the Doctor for programming. Bubba hoped he could hold of from just throwing her to the ground and fucking her right there and popping her cherry until after she had been thoroughly altered according to his whims. He would have to make a great effort though, the mere sight of her standing there helpless, a willing slave to anything he wished, was in itself such a turn on that he had the biggest raging hard on he had ever felt in his pants before. This was an innocent teenage girl, with the most perfect natural body he had ever seen. His own step daughter. A complete virgin. And if he wanted right now. He could take all her virgin holes and she would let him.

But no, he would hold off, he wanted to savor it more with her being an active and exited participant of her rape.

He stood up, walking towards her. The bulge in his pants obvious.

“Jenny...” he gasped looking at her and wanting desperately to grab he melons and grope and suck at them. “tell me. Have you been turned on today because of what you saw your mom and me doing in the kitchen this morning?”

“Yes dad... all day. I had to change my g-string before going to school, but I soiled it again on my way to the bus, and the one I put on in the girls bathroom at school is all wet as well. I tried to run track a bit to cool of, but I’ve just kept rubbing my legs together all day. I feel a strange tickle down there, and I feel very wet.”

Her answer made him gape. He never would have thought the timid girl with the sex goddess body was such a nympho.

She never changed expression as she answered him though, in a normal situation, she would probably not have answered at all, and if she had been forced to admit this, she would have turned beet red. This time though, she had the same placid glazed over expression in her eyes and her voice was a calm monotone.

“Walk of to that chair Jenny, turn to me and place your right foot on the chair’s seat. Lift your skirt and show me your wet panties...” His bulge was getting uncomfortable in his pants, his anticipation at her obeying his orders made his breath come out in hot short gasps.

Jenny didn’t even blink. She walked up to the chair, turned around, spread up and out one leg and placed her foot squarely on the chair.

Her tiny skirt had already ridden up to her crotch, but she lifted it up completely, exposing her hot pink g-string, which had buried itself between her generous pussy lips. A dark wet patch covered most of the small triangle of sheer cloth. Her pussy lips glistened as well.

Bubba sipped back in the drool that had started to flow out of his mouth.

He walked toward the unmoving girl, still holding her skirt as ordered.

“Give me your other hand Jenny...” he gasped.

She did and he gided it towards her wet snatch.

There he extended two of her fingers and proceeded to rub them gently against her mound.

“Continue to do this Jenny, and if it starts to feel good, continue to do it even faster...”

Bubba took out his mini HD video camera, and pointed it at Jenny.

“Now Jenny, I want you to act in your natural fully awake state as you talk to the camera and tell it how hot you feel, that your pussy, don’t say vagina, you can say pussy, snatch, cunt, fuck hole, but not vagina, that it feels really soft and wet and you need a huge cock to fuck you right now. Say it letting yourself go with the sensation you are having from your fingers caressing your cunt. Tell it to the camera. Beg that someone gives it to you right now, that you need it sooooo bad. Beg in a little girl’s voice. Continue to do it until l tell you to stop. Beg harder and harder as you get more exited, and keep describing what you feel. You can ask for a huge cock, a hot rod of steel, a big piece of man meat, a rock hard dick, use all those terms as well as the names I gave you for vagina. Now start doing it!”

He clicked the record button on the HD camera and Jenny began as instructed while her two fingers worked oooooh such wonderlful magic on her tender pussy lips.

“Oh..... ohhhh, ohhh...” she moaned as her hips moved slowly and rythm to her invading fingers, her other hand holding up her scant little skirt. “I’m such a poor sad little girl...” she said in a innocent voice “I’m so desperate for a piece of hot man meat!... ohhhhhhhh!” she moaned again. Anyone could see that either she was a candidate for an Oscar nomination, or that this was a truly turned on nympho. Her fingers where making wet noises as they rubbed her pussy around quickly but lightly, her thong had disappeared deeply in between her cunt lips.

She was making quick forward lunges with her hips, her legs spreading slightly. As if fucking an invisible man in front of her.

“Gooooood!!.... of soooooo goood! So wet!... I have never felt like this before!... I have never touched myself down there before! I never knew it could fee soooooooo goooood! I need cock! My innocent pussy needs cock! My cunt needs a hot steel rod stuck all the way inside!”

Bubba suspected that the part about her not even touching herself was true. And that it was happening for the first time right in front of him and on camera! Shit! He controlled again the urge to jump her and brutally rape her right there.

“Tell me Jenny” he said, faking a voice and an accent just in case “have you ever had an orgasm?”

“Nooooo....” she moaned, as her eyes where now half closed and her expression completely flushed. She was now rubbing her pussy furiously and her humping motions where becoming anxious.

“STOP JENNY!” he ordered her.

And Jenny stopped immediately. Although her agitated breathing continued and her ecstatic expression never left her face.

“Tell me Jenny” Bubba continued in his weird faked accent and voice “do you want to cum?”

“Is cuming the same as having and orgasm?” she asked in a small trembling voice. Her fingers where unmoving but still touching her dripping pussy and she was still holding up her skirt.

“Yes Jenny” he replied “cuming is the same as having an orgasm”

“Then yes Sir. I want to cum Sir...” The last part came out as a plea.

“Well you won’t Jenny. Do you understand? You will not cum, not until I tell you to cum. Until I let you cum. Do you understand? You will not let yourself cum. Your first ever orgasm will be around my cock when I finally fuck you. Got it? Until, and only when it’s my cock in you, you will orgasm. Only my cock can make you cum. Understood?”

“Yes sir..” she said with a sad little look in her eyes.

“Now come over here Jenny...” Bubba unziped his pants and took out his pulsating cock. He followed her with the camera as she walked towards him, her hand was still holding up her skirt according to the instructions he had given her.

“Pull up your sweater Jenny...”

She let go of her skirt now, and took the bottom of her sweater with both hands and pulled. The two perfect cantaloupes that bounced up and down in front of him almost made him cum from the sight.



And bouncing deliciously in front of him.

“Kneel down right in front of me Jenny...”

She did. And being in the state she was not self conscious, so one of her huge tits grazed and pushed down on his cock as she went down on her knees. His cock bounced in an aching pulsating state. Pointing straight at her beautiful pouty full mouth. She had the glazed over expression.

“Open your mouth Jenny, and stick out your tongue”

She obeyed.

“Lean forward until my cock rests on your tongue Jenny.”

Again she complied, her soft tender mouth and tongue making gentle contact with his hot hard meat. His purple over inflated cock head resting nastily on her innocent tongue and surrounded by her lips at it’s tip.

“Kiss it Jenny, suck it like if it was delicious creamy ice cream. The best lollypop in the world”

Bubba sounded like a french redneck if there was such a thing, but he didn’t care. What he felt now was like heaven. Jenny was so tentative, so gentle in her kissing and sucking that he felt he wasn’t going to last long.

Her perfect tits framing her beautiful face.

Her mouth that had only been used for innocent kissing was now sucking cock. HIS cock.

“Look up at me Jenny, and tell me you love to suck cock. My cock!”

She looked up at him with a submissive expression.

“Yes Daddy!... mmmmm I love the taste of this delicious lollypop Daddy! Mmmmm.. aahhhhmmmmmm... mmmmmm..” she sucked the purple head into her mouth and her tongue danced around it “mmmm.. mmmmm.. mmm.. mmmmmmmm” if popped back out and now she licked under it, never taking hold of it with her hands, so it escaped and bounced away from her mouth but she followed it hungrily and continued to kiss and lick it.

“Do you like this Daddy?... your little girl sucking your big man dick Daddy?” Bubba was surprised by the conspiratory look in her eyes, a sexy mischievous glint in them. Jenny knew she was doing something naughty, and it had come out through even by being completely under the influence of the blue liquid.

“Suck all my cock into your mouth you nasty cunt!” He groaned. “I want you to choke on my huge dick you little whore!”

She obeyed again without thought. And immediately began to choke and gag on it. After all, Bubba had a considerable long and thick cock.

So he helped her gag even more by fucking his dick into her throat.

Maybe because of the drug, that made her have no reservations or second thoughts about anything she was ordered to do helped the fact that she never went past the gagging into spilling the contents in her stomach as she gagged choking on his meat, her breathing blocked by the invading member, her saliva spilling out, making bubbles and dripping to her tits and later to the floor. Tears where marring her make up as she continued to willingly let her mouth and throat be raped. Her tears and makeup slowly making a line down her cheeks to her jaw and chin.

Bubba never stopped filming.

Now he began making urgent anxious thrusts as he neared orgasm.

“Now you will swallow every single drop of my hot cum, do you hear you nasty cunt?!”

“ymmmsss” she gagged around his thick member and chocked again...

“AAHHHHHH!!! AAHHHHHHHHH!!! AAHHHHHHH!!!!! TAKE IT YOU WHOREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Bubba yelled as he emptied his sack down her throat.

He some how managed to never point the camera in another direction, filming the moment he filled her throat with hot cum.

Jenny tried desperately to swallow around the cock that hit the back of her throat violently. But all she could do was try not to breath and let it just shoot straight in, in strong short hot bursts.

As he withdrew slightly as his knees gave under the sensation of his strong orgasm Jenny was able to swallow a bit more easily and finally make an intake of some oxygen she desperately needed.

As he came out of his orgasm, Bubba pulled out a little more and just left his deflating cock rest on the outermost part of her soft wet mouth.

Now Jenny was desperately trying to get her breath back while gulping in more globs of cum.

Her tears streaming down as she still gagged involuntarily from the attack on her throat.

Bubba again in his french redneck accent said “Ok Jenny, that was a good girl!.. say thank you to the camera sweeetie” He pulled out his cock completely, glistening but with not a drop of cum on it.

“Thank you so much Mr Camera Man. Daddy was such a nice Daddy. He gave Jenny such a delicious, such a tasty present. So much melted hot icecream to swallow... mmmmm!” She opened her mouth wide without being asked and stuck out her tongue sweetly so everyone could see all the cum was gone. Her face a mess from tears and smeared makeup.

“Ok Jenny, now stand up again Dear.” Bubba ordered “Show everyone what a mess your tears made on your face and tits”

“Yes Daddy!” She said “Look everyone!” She said holding up her gigantic melons for inspection “Look what a mess I made. I’m such a bad girl!” There where black streaks on her perfect globes from her make up mixed with her tears.

“Take off your skirt Jenny, and use it to clean your face and tits” the french redneck ordered.

Jenny complied, now dressed only in her wet g-string and the high heeled yellow sneakers. She cleaned her beautiful and flawless face first. Then she rubbed her tits with the little yellow garment.

“See?... " she said in the same innocent sweet tone she had maintained through the whole ordeal “All gone! My titties look brand new!” She smiled sweetly as she picked her huge knockers up and let them drop again, bouncing violently on their own meaty weight and bobbing around deliciously.

Bubba turned off his HD camera.

He stopped using the stupid accent and faked voice now “Ok Jenny, let’s go upstairs and get you ready for your Doctor’s appointment!” he said with a satisfied expression on his face as he zipped up again, even though his dick was getting hard again from the topless nymph standing a few feet in front of him ready to do his will.

They went up stairs and he had Jenny dress up in an outfit very similar to the one she had worn to school. After all, most of her clothes where of that kind anyway.

A fresh dark blue thong, and tight navy blue tank top. No bra again. A frilly almost see through mini skirt and this time some dark blue three inch heels.

Then he had her do a whole photo shoot with her slowly undressing for pictures taken with the same HD camera. In the end, being as athletic and flexible as she was, her last poses involved her having he legs behind her head as she spread her pussy and asshole widely open while smiling sweetly at the camera. The best part was that in all the last pictures where she spread her holes wide, anyone could see that they where untouched by cock.

Bubba planned to create a very lucrative porn site. That would include not only his wife and step daughter, but all the woman he was transforming as well into famous celebrity lookalikes.

Finally they got into his car and drove off to visit Goodrich to prepare Jenny for her new life.