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Breast Enhancement

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Something that hit me and I figured Rose was perfect for it. Ending may be a bit different than some of my works and I’ll let you decide if that’s good or bad. Enjoy.

There was one major drawback to having a singular focal point for hypnotic inductions. That was that there were only so many ways you could use it to make it interesting. Rose had been using her breasts as hypnotic tools for a while now, ensnaring several people but she figured variety was the spice of life and she should find a way to make her encounters more intriguing. With a mind as wicked as hers, it wasn’t too hard to come up with a few intriguing ideas, one of which was reaching fruitation with the delivery of a package.

Rose whistled lightly as she padded around her apartment. After finding out how some of her “subjects” could be “persuaded” to give her some cash without knowing it, she had used a bit to get herself a nice apartment off campus. Yeah, it sucked not being able to put Syd under and have her lick out her clit every night but Rose figured the ability to not have to sneak hypnotized people past the dorm monitors was worth it. Plus, she got to walk around her apartment naked, a little thrill that fed her ever eager sex drive.

It was a brief glance through the weekend section of the paper that got Rose’s creative juices flowing (her other juices could wait a bit). An add for a certain men’s club on one page and some intriguing jewelry on the other, all of it added to a wicked idea that Rose simply couldn’t pass up.

On one of the few non-hypnosis involving dates she’d been on, Rose had found her date, a really egotistic football player, actually dragging her to a strip club. Rose had acted disgusted by had actually gotten a kick out of a few of the strippers around, although she pretended to be angry. Course, the player forgot his anger, as well as the way Rose paid him back later that night. But the images of those ladies dancing had gotten Rose’s attention and one in particular.

Her name was Cassandra, although Rose was sure that was a fake. A few years older than her, she had the same sort of mischievous beauty Rose liked in people. Long dark brown hair flowing past her shoulders, a beautiful and wicked face, great legs and a nice round ass. She was very good dancing, her body lithe and nimble despite her large round breasts, which looked great when she bent backwards.

Rose had wanted to jump this woman the first time she saw her but was at a loss on exactly how to proceed until the newspaper had given her the idea. She had observed the club for a while, making sure of Cassandra’s routines while waiting for her deliveries to come for her. Once they did, Rose proceeded to put her plan into action.

She walked into the club, deserted except for Cassandra, who was wiping down the nearby bar. The girls often got extra bucks by helping clean the place up a bit and Cassandra was always eager to please, which Rose was counting on. “Hey,” she called out. “Heard you guys were looking for new dancers?”

“Boss is out for a few hours,” Cassandra said as she came around. She was dressed in a loose shirt and pants that accented her curves, checking out Rose, who was wearing a tight top and shorts, long black hair behind her. “What can I do for you?”

“Wanted to know if there was an audition anytime soon,” Rose answered, keeping her eyes on Cassandra. “Thought it might be a way to get some extra bucks out.”

“Well, the money is good,” Cassandra said. “You got any problems shucking your tits in front of total strangers?”

In answer, Rose brought her hands up and untied the front of her shirt, peeling off the top to reveal her breasts. Clamped around each nipple was a bright golden charm, a red gem polished in the center of each to highlight Rose’s breasts. “That question’s answered,” Cassandra nodded. “And I see you’ve got your own attractions as well.”

“I think it’d be good to get attention,” Rose smiled. “It’s got yours already, I can tell, it’s got your attention already. You’re already looking at the gems on the gold, you’re already looking at the gems on the gold, you’re a woman and you’re already fascinated by them, Cassandra, I can tell you’re already fascinated by them. Just look right at the, Cassandra, just look right at them, just like that, Cassandra, just look at them just like that, Cassandra, just look at them like that, just look right at them, Cassandra, just look right at the gems on my breasts, Cassandra, just look right at the gems on my breasts.”

Rose started shaking her chest a bit, allowing her breasts to bounce and sway, the gems twinkling in the light as she swayed. Cassandra’s eyes were fixed on Rose’s tits, that strange hypnotic power they had seemingly enhanced by the decorative gems. “Just look at my tits, Cassandra, my glowing tits, yes, they’re glowing, Cassandra, they’re glowing from the gems inside them, they’re glowing from the gems and they’re so nice to look at Cassandra, so nice to look at. Watch them sway and bounce and glow, sway and bounce and glow, Cassandra, sway and bounce and glow, watch my breasts, Cassandra, watch my breasts and watch them sway and bounce and glow, sway and bounce and glow, Cassandra, sway and bounce and glow, it’s so nice to watch, Cassandra, so nice to watch, so very nice to watch, Cassandra, so very nice to watch them sway and bounce and glow, sway and bounce and glow....

“It’s so soothing, Cassandra, it’s so soothing and relaxing to watch my breasts, to watch them sway and bounce and glow, sway and bounce and glow, sway and bounce and glow, Cassandra, sway and bounce and glow, it’s so relaxing to watch, Cassandra, so very relaxing to watch, you’re feeling very relaxed, Cassandra, very relaxed, so very relaxed as they sway and bounce and glow, so relaxed, Cassandra, so relaxed, so sleepy in fact, Cassandra, you feel so sleepy as you watch my breasts sway and bounce and glow, Cassandra, sleepy as they sway and bounce and glow, so sleepy, Cassandra, so very sleepy. When I count to 3, you’ll shut your eyes and fall into a deep, deep sleep, Cassandra. 1, 2, 3, SLEEP!”

Cassandra’s glazed eyes slammed shut and her head slumped forward as she fell into a trance. Rose looked at her, smiling as she did. “Now, Cassandra, you’re asleep but you can hear every word I say to you. Now, what is your real name?”

“Lisa....” She whispered through parted lips.

“Hmm. Not bad, but I guess we’ll stick with Cassandra. More of an exotic air. Now, listen to me carefully, Cassandra and with every second you hear my voice you will fall deeper into this wonderful sleep. Now, Cassandra, I have shown you my breasts, you’ve seen my breasts, Cassandra, you’ve seen my breasts. Now, I want to see yours, Cassandra, I want to see your breasts, in fact I want to see all of you naked. Show my your body, Cassandra, show me your body.”

Cassandra’s hands moved up to her shirt, fumbling with the buttons but Rose suddenly spoke. “No. I want to see you strip, Cassandra. Show me how you strip.” Slowly, Cassandra moved onto the stage and started to dance, swaying her body slowly in time to a beat only heard in her hypnotized mind, her ass swaying side to side as she moved to the pole in the middle of the runway stage, leaning against it as she undid her buttons. She spun around the pole and in one motion threw off her shirt, allowing her breasts to burst free. She leaned back, breasts thrust skyward and then spun around, sliding off her pants, her ass to Rose to show off her tight black thong. She twirled for a bit around the pole, leaning against it, the smooth surface pressing in between her breasts and working against the front of her thong. It didn’t take long for the thong to join the clothes strewn around the stage and Cassandra was soon naked save for her high heels, which added to the great image of her nude body.

Rose had stripped far faster than this and was walking up the stage, moving to Cassandra. She pressed her against the pole, her hands moving around the pole to embrace her as she kissed Cassandra hard. Cassandra sighed as she felt the tongue inside her own mouth and kissed back hard, the two women’s breasts merging together as Rose pushed Cassandra back on the pole, the shaft sliding along Cassandra’s ass cheeks as they continued to kiss.

“You’re so turned on now, Cassandra,” Rose muttered through the kiss. “So hot and sexy, you just want to feel me fuck you, Cassandra, you want me to fuck you here and now.”

“Yes...” Cassandra hissed. “Fuck me....”

Rose spun Cassandra around, pressing her against the pole and leaning down. She moved her hands up to Cassandra’s ass, squeezing the cheeks and parting them enough for her to slide her tongue inside the pussy, tickling the lips briefly before entering with a vengeance. She kneaded Cassandra’s ass as she licked away at the stripper. Cassandra moaned and leaned against the pole, rubbing herself on it, the hard metal moving in between her breasts, each ample tit pressed against the shaft as Rose licked away at her, the hypnotist loving the feeling as the dancer moved her body up and down on the pole, her ass moving back and forth on Rose’s hands and tongue. Rose continued lapping away at Cassandra and the stripper was soon shrieking as she felt herself coming onto Rose’s waiting tongue, her cum swallowed by the dark-haired woman.

Rose held onto Cassandra’s ass tight, bringing her down onto the stage and onto her back. She moved herself onto Cassandra, thrusting her tits into Cassandra’s face. Cassandra began to lick at them running her tongue over the ample curves, gasping as the tongue hit the clamps on Rose’s nipples, staining the gems with saliva. After a few moments, Rose sat herself up onto Cassandra’s face, lowering her pussy to the other woman. Appararently, Cassandra had been with women before as her tongue shot out and started to lick out Rose, her tongue sliding along the clit before entering the pussy in full, working in and around it. Her hands moved up Rose’s body to her breasts, squeezing the globes hard, rubbing at the golden coverings as she licked away at Rose. Rose moaned, pushing her pelvis further into Cassandra’s face and letting her lick away, her hands joining Cassandra’s in manipulating her breasts, pushing the tits together as Cassandra’s licks began to bear fruit, Rose’s juices dropping slowly at first. With one squeeze of her breasts, Rose came in full onto Cassandra’s face.

A few minutes later, Rose and Cassandra were redressed, Cassandra’s face and ass wiped off and her eyes were closed as Rose spoke. “Thank you very much for a wonderful time, Cassandra and now I know a way you can repay me for what I’ve given you. You’ll do anything for me and my tits, won’t you, Cassandra?”


“All right.” Rose took a card and put it in Cassandra’s pocket. “Big party for the football team tonight. The address is on the card. You’ll find yourself wanting to go there, Cassandra, you’ll need to go to this party, you’ll need to go to this party, Cassandra and you’ll dress as sexily as possible and dance as hot as you can while you’re there, you’ll do all that, Cassandra, you’ll do all that. And as you do all that, Cassandra, you’ll feel yourself becoming more and more aroused as you’ll dance and if any of those guys want to fuck you, well, you’ll let them do it and you’ll love every minute of it. In fact, Cassandra, whenever you dance, you’ll become hot, so hot, Cassandra, so very hot that after you’ve danced, you won’t be able to sleep or relax or anything until you’ve fucked some guy, preferably the least attractive guy who watched you dance. Now, when you hear the door shut, you’ll wake up. You won’t remember seeing me or anything that’s happened but you will remember to go to this party and you’ll remember how hot you feel and what you need to get off.”

Rose was on a high as she left the club. Damn, the control she had was so intoxicating, she couldn’t believe how good it felt to be able to make a woman do something like that. It gave her so many ideas on how to make others dance to her tune. And after what she just saw, maybe dance was meant in the literal sense.