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This story contains sexual situations, Implied or explict, that should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough or who would be offended if they did. Please find a safer place to be in these cases.

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Breast Takeover

By Sleeping Beauty

At their boss’s house, Linda with her co-workers and boss, Bill, were relaxing before working on their big project. Two men: Bill and Tom, and three women: Jayne, Tiffany, and Linda, were present. Linda was their secretary, the cautious one of the bunch and the one that held things together. For once, she talked Bill into having their meeting in a more relaxed setting than at the office.

The night was young when they started this causal meeting. Drinks and a light dinner served as they talked about the present project and its plans. Bill was worried about spies and took this opportunity to get to know those he worked with. He suggested a game to help get them to focus better and in his mind to make sure none of them were trying to sabotage him or his work.

“Linda can you help me for a moment?” bill asked as he motioned her to stand near him. Linda nodded and moved quickly by his side to demonstrate his intentions. “Okay now it is simple really, the game is like charades except instead of calling out answers you will be calling answers out in form of question, like Jeopardy. Everyone played taking his or her turn. The acting out was funny, as well as the question responses.

As they started to unwind and think less about working, an unexpected visitor arrived. The knock at the door cut through the laughing they all were enjoying. Linda saw Jade enter and was right away suspicious, as was her boss. Bill and Jade exchanged polite pleasantries and Linda could smell a faint perfume emanating from Jade. “So sorry to barge in unannounced, but I wanted to come by and mend fences with you and your company Bill. We left on bad terms and you know how much I hate that.” Jade winked at him as she said the last part. Everyone was taken back by this gesture. Bill was surely going to have Jade just leave. His eyes grew from uneasiness to…relaxed, and He never followed through on kicking her out. Linda, seeing the problem, excused herself and went upstairs to warn Jayne about the potential problem. Jayne told Linda not to worry and they both went back downstairs to the main room.

Coming back down with Jayne, Linda carefully watched and listened to Jade. Jade was talking about how old times were between Bill and her. Linda’s head got fuzzy for a minute or two as she listened to the conversation. Jade, by this time, had taken off the coat she was wearing and revealed her ample bosom. This brought Linda’s eyes to her and focused on them; she blushed and tried to look away. She was captured until Jade spoke. “Am I interrupting anything?”

“Oh no, we were just having a little get together,” Bill retorted. Linda broke her eyes away and shook off the feeling of cloudiness. The tension that was there when Jade entered, was now almost gone and everyone seemed more at ease. Linda excused herself again and ran up the stairs, with her heart racing and her mind reeling from the encounter. Linda let the feelings pass as she calmed down.

Jade explained that she came over to apologize and to extend a peace offering to Bill. And that is all Linda heard before zoning out of it and coming back again. She watched from the stairs as she saw Jade have them relax and put them at ease even more. Moving them into the recreation area, Jade had them sit on the floor and began showing them a series of stretches. She was performing for them, some sort of yoga. All eyes were on Jade as she slithered like a snake. She then had them try it. Jade would help each member make the right positions by touching them and adjusting their bodies with her hands. As she talked soothingly to them, she was lulling them into a false sense of trust and security with her silver tongue.

As Linda watched on, she noticed that one by one her co-workers fell under Jade’s spell and began to follow her as if she was the boss leading some retreat exercise. Every so often Linda saw Jade look up at her, as if she knew she was watching. Jade would wink a few times at Linda then go back to playfully teasing the person she was tending. As she worked with them, Jade told them that they would start a club and only those in the club would be allowed to listen and do things, purposely alienating Linda further.

“Only members will be able to talk about business. They will be able to discuss anything with me and share their thoughts about projects and other things. Those who do not belong will not get to hear or participate.” As Jade spoke the last, she looked up at Linda.

Jade would stroke and touch areas on their bodies to further take them under as they went deeper under the spell and completely enthralled by Jade. With each set of movements of the routine she taught them, they got lost even further.

Linda got up, ran into one of the upstairs offices, and started to download work stuff before they gave Jade access. Maps and other details of the current project were downloading into Linda’s PDA.

While Linda was upstairs, the downstairs went from a workout lesion to a frenzied love fest. Jade had noticed the co-workers eyes traveling to those they liked and Jade would use that to further her distraction. She suggested they team up and help each other. Before she knew it, they were all over one another and Jade was forgotten. Tom and Jayne started playing, stroking their partner’s to orgasm. Billy and Tiffany went at it also, caressing and humping one another like bunnies. Jade took these moments to disappear.

While doing this, Linda felt something against her back. It was Jade and her naked breasts pressing up against her. She swallowed hard as she heard the whisper of Jade’s honey voice.

“You know...all work and no play makes Linda dull.”

“I know what you are doing and I can’t let you have his work. Not after how you have treated him.” Linda’s voice was protective and hurt.

Linda knew Bill and Jade had a past. She understood that Jade had used him and hurt him by becoming his rival after they broke up. Linda was not going to allow it a second time.

Linda got a whiff of the perfume again as Jade spoke. “My little Linda, you look so tired and overworked. Why don’t you just let me help you and you can rest and snuggle in my breasts. I saw you look at them. I know you want to suckle them.”

The statement took Linda’s breath away. How did she know that is what Linda was thinking, craving? She had that very thought when she first saw them and blushed. Linda was blushing now and felt her heart race again. The words from Jade penetrated into her mind that was falling. Falling deep into the desire of her secret lust.

“Yes I know about your closet life Linda...and I can help you. Just relax and listen to me.” Linda gasped at the mention of the secret she kept from her coworkers and others. No one knew. How did Jade? Linda did feel tired and wanted to rest; it was tiring to keep her private life away from everyone. It was like a wave crashing on the rocks. Her body started going limp. Linda’s mind tried to focus on something and found Jade’s lovely silky voice to latch onto. Jade continued, “That’s it dear, let your hands leave the keyboard and your eyes fall away from the screen. You are so tired and want to rest. Close your eyes Linda.”

Linda slowly surrendered to the tiredness and the promise of rest. Linda felt hands turn her around and lift her chin so that her mouth was right at the nipple. Jade’s full and C sized breasts were inches away from her lips. Jade moved so that they bounced and drew Linda’s eyes to them as well.

She stared at those magnificent breasts and wished to be smothered by them the longer she looked at them. Linda struggled with her fear of being discovered and her desire that was building. A smile crept onto Jade’s face. She knew she had hit the right button and would stroke it for all its worth. “You can’t hide it Linda. If I know, you can bet others know about your hidden desire too. It’s not so hidden anymore, just look at you drooling over my breasts. You like my breasts don’t you Linda? Yes, you would give anything right now to taste them in your lips.”

Linda began shaking as she fought her inner desire. She saw Jade lean into her and brush her lips with a breast. She shuddered as it touched her mouth and she let out a faint squeal. Jade knew she was in reach.

Linda felt fear and her desire to suckle them hit her like a truck. There was a pulse between her legs now and her mouth moved as if to speak. Jade placed a finger on her lips to stifle any speech.

“Just look at my breasts Linda, watch them move and jiggle. Think how you want to suckle them, to taste them, to lie in them and rest.”

Linda began to spin as her desire became strong and her worry about what Jade was doing faded. Something was happening, something wrong Linda thought, but that too drifted into the fuzziness and got lost. Linda swayed in the chair and Jade knew she was close. Linda tried to lean forward to kiss Jade’s teasing puffy nipple. A hand held her back and the siren’s voice spoke.

“Not yet dear, you must first do something for me, then you can.” Linda whimpered and pouted but sat back in her chair to wait. Jade nodded and caressed Linda’s face with her fingertips. “First you must copy the rest of the files and give me your PDA. Then, and only then, will you be allowed to kiss and suckle.” Linda looked at them wantonly, needing to suckle like she needed to breath.

“Will you do that favor for me Linda dear?” Jade asked pressing herself against Linda, trapping her. Linda let out a moan. Breathing heavily, “Yes Jade” was all she managed to say. Linda’s whole body was throbbing with pleasure and her mouth watering. Jade smiled having snared her completely. It was work but it was worth it.

Once the download was complete, Linda unplugged her PDA and handed it to Jade. It was like she was giving her a gift or trading her favorite top to her best girlfriend. Linda sat there waiting, squirming in her seat, and ready to leap hungrily. Jade looked to make sure everything was there that she needed. When she was sure it was, Jade smiled and caressed Linda and tweaked her aroused nipple.

“You did good my sweet. Time for your reward.” Jade smiled and pulled Linda to her breast. Without much encouragement, Linda attached her lips onto the nipple and began to suck and kiss it, worshipping it. Jade let out a couple of moans as she did this.

“Yes that’s it, Lin dear, suckle away and drift. Feel the warmth of the breast encompass you and cover you, keeping you safe and warm. Drink your fill my darling.”

Jade held Linda to her breast and watched as she reverted to a small child suckling on her mother’s tit. She let the woman make love to her breasts until she surrendered to the ecstasy of the act. When Linda finished, Jade gently kissed her and placed her on the floor to sleep it off.

Jade took the PDA and carefully traveled back downstairs where she saw the rest of them having what looked like an orgy. She softly chuckled as she put on her coat, tucked the PDA away, and left.

Within the year, Bill’s company folded under. His stock and products went belly up after a copyright infringement battle with Jade’s company. Jade won the rights and used his plans for her own creations. Linda was blamed for what had happened with Jade and was fired. She ended up going to happily work for Jade as an assistant, where she got her obsession with breasts tended to daily.