The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Breathe Deep


This story is totally fictional. None of this really happened (although I dream about it some days). If you are under 18 please do not read.

We sat in the hotel room, facing each other across the table. Jodie looked as beautiful as ever—long blonde hair, twinkling grey eyes, glowing skin—but she had been ruining my life lately, and it was time to break up. It wasn’t going as well as I’d hoped; Jodie had been calling me at work, writing e-mails to my friends, pestering my parents and basically making me think she was some kind of nutcase.

“Come on,’ she begged. “Wasn’t the sex great? You couldn’t have been faking that?”

I had to admit that the sex had been great—even awesome—but her bizarre behavior outside the bedroom was driving us apart.

“Okay is what I propose. You need to prove you don’t need me in your life. Saying it is one thing, but actions speak louder than words. You must pass one final test.” She leaned forward on the table, showing me her luscious cleavage at the same time, but I wasn’t falling for that trick again. I kept my eyes on hers as she spoke.

“A test? Not another Cosmo quiz?” I was trying to keep it light, so I could end this thing and go have a beer.

“Not quite. This is a test of your willpower. You need to take off all your clothes except your underwear, lie on the bed, and resist fucking me. If you can last one hour, you win.”

One last fuck sounded great, but Jodie was telling me it would be one last tease. I saw some loopholes in the game.

“Heck that’s easy I’ll just read a book and ignore you,’ I replied.

“Well there are rules to every game, and this one is no different—you can’t touch me, nor can you move to avoid my touch. But...” She help up a well-manicured finger to make her point. “I won’t touch your penis unless you ask me to do so. And I won’t remove your jockeys unless you beg me for it. And as for fucking—the only way you get to fuck me is to admit you are mine.” She grinned wolfishly at me. I felt a little unsure of my self-control—just a bit.

If this was the only way to get this crazy woman to leave me alone, I would play along. I knew she’d be able to turn me on, but without being able to touch my dick? I would just think about baseball statistics, or cute little puppy dogs, and in an hour I would be free.

“It’s a deal,’ I said, with as much confidence as I could muster. I stripped down to my “tightie whities” while she dimmed the lights and lit some candles. While I waited on the bed, Jodie changed into a silk kimono wrap which no doubt concealed something lacy and wispy.

“Are you ready to start, slave?” she purred.

“I am ready, lady, but I am no one’s slave,” I retorted, as I lay on my stomach on the bed. I glanced over at the clock, which showed exactly 4:00 pm.

Jodie straddled my back and I gasped as cold liquid splashed onto my skin. As her hands rubbed it into my shoulders, the oil warmed up and my skin begin to tingle a little. Might as well enjoy a good massage, I decided, and relaxed a little.

“This oil is a special oil I use when my slaves are on their best behavior,” she said, applying pressure on my neck and scalp now as well. “It relaxes your muscles, but improves your blood flow. As a bonus, it makes your erection bigger and harder than ever.”

“Keep talking,” I said. “It is using up the time nicely...”

Jodie seemed unworried by the clock. She continued rubbing the oil onto me, lower and lower.

“As I run it into the backs of your thighs, you should feel a slight tickling, as the more sensitive nerves are waking up.” Her hands slowly spread my legs apart, coming closer and closer to my crotch; my dick appreciated the proximity of her knowing hands. I shifted a little to make room for my growing hard-on. “As I run it closer to your balls, you should feel them swell a little, responding to your mistress’ touch.”

A part of me wished she would rub a little higher, but my rational mind realized that was not a good idea.

“Roll over for me, slave, like a good doggie.” I complied slowly, to show her who was boss, but the tent in my underwear showed the effect her hands were having on me. I looked at the clock—only 7 minutes had passed.

Jodie sat astride my chest this time, facing my feet. Her ass was looking fine, I had to admit—but the next thing I knew, her thighs were on either side of my head and her ass was on my face! I could hardly breathe, but when I reflexively raised my hands to move her off, she tutted “No, no no. Remember the rules to the test. No touching mistress.”

Her kimono shrouded my head in silk, so I felt like I was in a warm, musky tent. Jodie continued to pour that kinky oil on the rest of my body, while her legs held my head in a silken vice. All I could smell or taste was Jodie...

“You are surrounded by your mistress’s thighs, covered in her silk, and bathing in her scent. Every breath you take is impressing my own personal power on you—making you fall deeper and deeper into my power. Your dick is throbbing with need...” Her hands rubbed oil into my stomach muscles while her crotch slowly rotated on my face. I was trying hard to think of something else, but Jodie’s soft, warm pussy was right above me, and her soft, silky thighs and ass were stroking gently across my lips and face.

Again she pulled my legs apart, adding more oil, her fingers stroking so tantalizingly close to my balls that they twitched with desire.

“Mmm I can see you are aching to be touched, slave...” She leaned forward, her breath warm on my stomach. My dick was now sticking out of the waistband of my shorts—Jodie’s tongue traced the outline of my cock, without touching it. “All you have to do is say ‘Please, mistress’ and I will give your ice cream cone a lick. Can’t you take it?”

I moaned in frustration, torn between pride and desire. “Please..” I moaned. It looked like desire was winning this round.

Jodie ground her silk-covered pussy onto my lips, while pinching my nipples hard. I almost came right then. That was when I got the idea to just play along—if I came before she got me to fuck her, I would win too.

“You forgot ‘mistress’,’ she hissed.

“Please mistress, touch my cock,’ I begged, wanting to shoot my load in her face.

“Hmm..’ she said, as her fingers teased along the seam of my underwear. “Let’s make a deal...for every lick you give me, I will give you one.” Her teeth bit at the flesh of my stomach which her crotch gently nudged my chin. “Yes, slave?” she whispered.

“Yes mistress,’ I moaned—anything to get off, and get out of here.

“Begin, slave,’ she commanded, reaching down and pulling aside the crotch of her panties. Her pussy was swollen with desire, the inner lips swelling to meet mine as I dragged my tongue across her slit.

“Mmm not bad,’ she commented, and I twitched as her hot tongue swirled around the head of my cock. I humped at her mouth but she backed off. “It’s a shame I can’t reach the rest of my slave’s hard cock,’ she sighed, as I lapped at her pussy. “But rules are rules.”

Through the fog of lust I tried to remember the rules—all I knew was I needed to come, without getting trapped into fucking this crazy sex fiend.

“You need to beg me slave, to take your underwear off.”

Her hands seemed to be everywhere, nails scratching along my ass, fingers pinching my nipples. Her hot breath steamed across my stomach, and her now bare pussy slid across my face.

“Please take the fucking things off,’ I moaned, thrusting my hips, trying in vain to get some friction to make myself come.

“Tsk tsk,’ she whispered. “If my big strong slave wants to come, he has to beg mistress properly. For every sentence you repeat, I will slide your underwear down a little further. If you do well, they will come all the way off. Understand, slave?”

“Yes mistress,’ I groaned, not very happy about the direction this was going. The intense arousal was making me woozy.

“Very good, slave,’ she tittered, giving my dick a provocative lick. “Here is the ritual—before each sentence, breathe deeply, inhaling my musk. As you exhale, say the sentence, and I will slide these underwear down a little further.”

“Yes mistress,’ I replied. I was hoping about 4 of these weird sentences would result in my coming, and I would be free of this mistress—err sex fiend.

“Breathe in...mark my scent...and repeat after me—‘I love my mistress’ pussy.’” I did as she asked and felt my waistband slide down a centimeter or so. Her pussy lowered to my mouth at the same time; instinctively, I licked the juices from her swollen labia.

“Very good, slave...breathe in...and admit ‘I worship my mistress’ pussy power.’” Again, she slid down my briefs and her pussy came down to my mouth.

“I am a slave to my mistress’ scent.”

My cock was about 1/3 exposed now, and my mouth rose to meet her pussy, as I felt closer to coming with each phrase.

“I cannot resist my mistress Jodie.”

Mmm I could feel cool air on my cock, taste my mistress’ pussy on my lips. Fuck I was getting a little caught up in this.

“Being a slave is my calling—pussy is my reward.”

Oh god half my dick was free now—the pressure of the waistband was maddening. I opened my mouth to lick Jodie’s pussy—and she stopped.

“Pussy, mistress’, I gasped, on the edge of exploding.

“Yes slave, that is your mistress’ pussy.” Her voice sounded pleased, and my cock twitched in delight. “Look at it above your face. It is your destiny—and your undoing. By repeating those phrases you have bound yourself to me. Beg for a taste, slave.”

She raked her fingernails along my sides, and lapped at the sides of my cock. God I was so close to coming, I was shaking.

“Oh god mistress, please let me taste you.”

“Breathe deep,’ she said, and lowered her cunt onto my eager tongue.

“And repeat...I am marked by your scent, mistress.”

Now as she slid down my briefs, she poured that oil onto my dick—the cold was so shocking that my head jerked forward and buried my face into her cleft again. Ah the torture.

“Mmm what a good slave you are,’ she giggled as she smeared the gel around my erection. “Mistress Jodie will be very happy with you.”

“Breathe deep,’ she said, as I pulled my trembling mouth away from her snatch ‘And repeat ‘There is no other woman for me but pussy but mistress.’”

Now the waistband was at the base of my dick, but the pressure on my swollen balls was preventing me from coming. Mistress was making me feel so fucking good...mistress was turning sex into a full-course meal...I wanted this never to end.

“Pussy, please, mistress.” Her cunt looked beautiful at this moment: thick droplets of moisture glistening in her curly folds, blonde curly fuzz and the edges. “Feed your slave.”

Her hand was on my cock now, stroking firmly from the head to the base. “Breathe deep,’ she said, as she held her pussy above me again ‘and repeat ‘This is where I belong. Jodie is mistress. I am her slave.’".

Goddammit her hand felt so fucking good...her pussy had me transfixed...and the scent...and the silk...I was in trouble.

“This is where I belong,’ I moaned. She stroked my cock slowly, lovingly, her pussy out of reach above my head.

“Jodie is my mistress,’ I sighed, while thinking Please let me come soon!

“I am her slave.” She lowered herself fully and firmly onto my face, her hands tugging down my briefs...and suddenly she was gone.

Jodie was standing at the foot of the bed, smiling down at me; I was humping the air, twitching with need, and there she stood, looking like a goddess.

I looked over at the clock—only 5 minutes to go! I could make it...and yet...

“Don’t move, slave.” Jodie’s voice was a whisper as she placed her hands upon my hips and straddled my waist. “This is the moment of decision. This is where you decide on your destiny.” Her pussy was so close to my dick, her pubic hairs traced cool lines up and down the shaft as she rocked back and forth above me.

“You felt our connection, slave. You belong to Mistress Jodie now. Your cock already knows it.” She slid her hot wetness along my swollen penis. “Your mouth knows it.” She brought a dripping finger from her snatch to my hungry lips. “You have about 4minutes for your soul to realize it too.”

I twitched my dick but her hands on my hips prevented me from driving into her.

Mistress leaned forward onto my chest, her eyes locked onto mine. I could feel how close my cock was to the entrance to her cunt, it was like a magnetic pull.

“Three more minutes, and this feeling you have now—this purpose—will be gone forever.”

Her fingers traced the outline of my lips, my nose, my chin...I smelled her scent everywhere.

“I’ll make it easier, since you seem to be tongue-tied unless your mistress tells you what to say. If you want, you are free to go—now—and if you stay here, under me, it means you accept that you are, in body and soul, my slave. You don’t have to say anything...just use your manly power and move away from me.”

I was frozen. One minute left, one minute and I could be free...Mistress’ eyes held mine and she raised above me on her knees. She thrust two fingers into herself, and anointed my lips with her juices. “Your mouth belongs to Mistress.” She touched my chest. “You heart belongs to Mistress.” She positioned herself over my throbbing dick “And now...inch by delicious inch...’ She lowered herself onto my shaft ‘ are giving yourself to me completely.”

“With each inch of you..ungh..’ she grunted as I filled her up ‘ give more of your will to Mistress. Feel it leaving you as your desire grows even more. You are my slave.”

The clock ticked over to 5 pm and I knew I was lost.

“Mistress...,’ I hissed, with tears of love in my eyes.

“Yes slave,’ Jodie moaned as she ground against my crotch.

“I am yours!,’ I cried as I gave in at last.

“Yes slave, you are mine...and now your reward.”

Mistress Jodie reached one hand in front of her, to wrap around my dick, while the other went behind her to play with my balls.

“Mmm slave likes that, does he?” she grinned as she slid up and down my shaft.

“Yes Mistress,’ I moaned, desperate for release.

“You will come on command,’ she ordered. “Your hard fucking cock will explode into Mistress Jodie’s hot cunt when I tell you.” She kept pumping my dick, while squeezing my aching balls.

“Yes Mistress,’ I moaned, hoping I could obey.

‘Soon,’ she groaned. ‘soon...I can feel your need, and must reward your dedication tonight.” She pinched at my nipples, and raised herself up until the head of my penis was almost outside of her tight canal. “As I lower myself onto your manhood, claiming you as mine, you may come.”

“Yes Mistress Jodie! Yes!” I screamed with delight as my cock twitched and jumped inside her spasming cunt.

I was hers.