The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Business Class

Inspired by the real-life erotic hypnosis book Look Into My Eyes by Peter Masters


Eric sat in the business class car at his favorite conference table seat. His Thinkpad was open in front of him and his fingers danced on the keys.

Fantasy #11—Hypnotized and Seduced

(Written for a male subject and a female hypnotist, but can be easily modified for any combination. Highly effective for partners with a submissive streak, or who find the hypnosis itself to be erotic.)

You are out of town on business, and have been for several days. You are unlocking the door of your hotel room, tired and bored and missing your lover’s touch, resigned to spending another evening alone. As the door closes behind you, however, you become aware of a presence in the room. Across from the door, sitting and watching, is a mysterious stranger—a woman, dressed in a silk gown and a heavy veil that hides almost all of her face.

You find yourself approaching the woman, not speaking, wondering who she is and how she got into your room. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she says, her voice silky smooth and compelling.

It’s then that you notice her eyes. They are deep and shining, and seem to look right through you. You feel yourself being captured by her eyes, fascinated, unable to look away. She stands up and comes closer. You think about backing up, running away, doing anything, but all you can do is stand still and lose yourself in those mesmerizing, powerful eyes. You are falling into a trance, you know it, and you also know that there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Your whole body becomes heavy and sleepy. You take one more deep breath and the scent of her perfume wraps itself around your mind, taking you into a deep, blissful hypnotic trance. Down you go, deeper and deeper, unable to resist the woman’s power, not really wanting to. (Look for signs of deepening hypnosis as your subject imagines the trance within the trance, and reinforce these if possible.)

The mysterious woman whispers to you. Your mind cannot hold on to the words long enough to decipher them, but your subconscious feels their effects and responds for you. Your body begins to feel warm, itchy, constricted. Your skin begs to breathe, to feel the air, to be free. It has its wish—you feel hands, your own plus another’s, gently easing the clothing off your body until you are naked. It feels so much better this way, so much more relaxing, so comfortable.

So arousing. Yes, as the woman continues whispering, you feel yourself becoming more and more aroused by her words, by her presence, by her complete control over your body and mind. You feel soft fingers caressing your most intimate places, gentle kisses igniting your body’s need for passion. (Ad lib here, mentioning your partner’s favorite specific places to be touched or kissed or stroked. You should see physical signs of arousal; keep it up until your partner appears ready to orgasm.)

Your eyes open, and you find yourself lying on the bed with the mysterious woman above you. She is naked now except for her veil, and the sight of her body hovering above yours, ready to take you inside her, increases your arousal tenfold. Your body screams its desire to come, but you know that you can’t until she does. She teases you, rubbing her body against yours until you want to beg her to just take you, just do it, but your mouth won’t open and your limbs won’t move. Finally she rises up and guides your iron-hard cock into her, settling down on you. You penetrate her fully, feeling yourself pressing against her cervix. She speaks, and your hips start moving with her, up and down. You feel the pressure building inside you, and you can tell she is almost ready.

She moans, then straightens up and looks straight into your eyes. You feel her body shudder as her orgasm starts, and you see her throw her head back as she gives in to the pleasure. Your eyes close and the pressure releases: you come, harder and longer and stronger than you’ve ever come before. (Allow some time for your partner to experience and enjoy the orgasm.)

As your body collapses, exhausted from the effort, the mysterious woman speaks two more words: “Sleep now.” You relax and slide into sleep, happy to have served her so well.

(Conclude with standard wake-up procedure.)

He paused, remembering with a slight shiver the sensations he’d experienced the night before. The details were hazy, but he’d awakened naked on his bed with half-dried semen all over him and the image of a mysterious, hypnotic woman in the back of his mind. He’d taken himself back into a light trance, probing to remember Patty’s instructions, and was so impressed by their effectiveness that he’d decided to add one more example to the chapter of fantasies.

His mind wandered to Patty, and to Craig. What a piece of work, he thought. She gives him the key to her mind, and he uses it to play childish pranks. What a prick.

That’s right, his inner voice mocked him. You’d never break trust with someone you loved, would you, old buddy? Oh, wait a minute—you did!

The image of Kelly rose unbidden to his mind. Kelly, coming home late again, the stress and frustration showing in every line of her face. Kelly’s voice on the phone: “Sorry, honey, but I’ve got to stay until I can get this paperwork done.” Kelly’s face, blank and staring ahead, while he poured suggestions into her ear: “It’s okay to leave some things for the next day,” he’d told her. “Time at home is just as important as time in the office.” Kelly, hurt and frustrated, telling him how she’d been passed over for promotion because she’d let key, time-critical details slip and become perceived as unwilling to put in the extra effort when needed.

Kelly, wounded and furious, slapping him in the face when he explained why and tried to apologize.

Yes, I did, he admitted, rubbing his cheek as if he could still feel the sting. And I paid the price, and I’ve learned from it. Now fuck off.

Craig and Patty sat in the kitchen, mugs of tepid coffee sitting ignored on the table between them.

“I said I was sorry,” Craig whined. “What more do you want?”

“I don’t know,” Patty confessed. “I just know that ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t enough anymore.”

“I don’t get it. All this hypno crap was your idea to start with, and you’re blaming me for it.”

“It’s not just the triggers,” she insisted. “What you did was just an extension of how you are in general. You’re a little boy, Craig: sweet and loving when you want to be, crude and insensitive and juvenile the rest of the time. It was charming for a long time, but it’s getting old. I need a grown-up.”

“You’ve already got one,” he barked back. “That’s not what you want. You want some pussy-whipped houseboy who’ll do what you want, when you want, all the fucking time. I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient for you that I have a life and friends outside this goddamn apartment, but I’m not giving that up to sit here and worship your cunt.”

Patty sighed, clenching the table. “You aren’t listening to me. I didn’t say a goddamned thing about your friends or your hobbies, although I damned well could if I wanted to.”

Craig grunted and got up from the table. “I don’t need this shit. Fuck you.”

Patty looked daggers at his retreating back. “Not any time soon, asshole.”

“There you are!”

Patty opened her eyes and looked toward the unexpected voice, using the minimum possible effort. Through the steam in the sauna she made out a familiar face. “Hi, Regina,” she said in a dull voice, closing her eyes again.

Regina adjusted her towel and sat down by Patty’s resting head. “You know,” she noted, “Most people go home when they decide to take an afternoon off.”

Patty moved nothing but her mouth. “This is much better than home. This is my sanctuary.”

Her friend clicked her tongue sympathetically. “I’m catching a vibe here that the visit from your hypnotist friend didn’t go well.”

That got Patty’s attention. She lifted her head and made another visual sweep of the sauna room. Satisfied that she and Regina were alone, she sighed and laid her head back again. “Craig pulled another one of his adolescent tricks—made my undies disappear, right in front of Eric. And when I got back from taking Eric to his hotel, Craig used the ‘one-eyed viper’ line on me again.”

Regina let out a heavy sigh. “Unbelievable. Tell me you made him earn it later.”

“Better—I felt the trigger hit, but then I just shook it off and told him I wasn’t interested. You should’ve seen the look on his face.”

“I didn’t know you could do that. Ignore a hypnotic command, I mean.”

“You can, if you want to. I have a tendency to respond first and think second, but Eric helped me there—he put me under and reminded me that I don’t have to follow a suggestion, from him or anybody else, if I don’t want to.”

“I like this guy,” Regina remarked. “Did he help you get Craig under your power?”

“He tried,” Patty sighed, “but nothing happened. Every time I thought we had him, Craig would giggle or hiccup or something and snap right out of it. Eric stopped short of saying so, but I think it was deliberate—Craig just doesn’t want it.”

“I could’ve told you that,” her friend remarked. “He likes his macho image too much. No way is Craig going to let you into his head, even if it means getting laid. Men are like that.”

“Eric isn’t like that,” Patty said. “He had me put him under last night, in front of Craig, just to boost my confidence.”

Her friend perked up instantly. “Really? What was it like?”

Patty hugged herself through the towel, remembering the sensation. “It was a tremendous rush. Arousing, exhilarating ... almost primal. It would be very easy to get addicted to that feeling.” She shook her head and sighed again. “But, there’s no danger of that. Not with Craig, anyway.”

“So dump him,” Regina advised. “You’re long overdue for an upgrade anyway. Why not have a wild, passionate fling with your hypnotist friend?”

Patty chuckled. “You never did like Craig.”

“Honey, nobody likes Craig except you and that little band of gym rats that he hangs out with. I sit up nights wondering why you put up with his crap.”

Staring into the distance, Patty answered slowly. “So do I, sometimes. It wasn’t always like this. For the first year and some, things were good. Lately it just seems as though I’ve grown up and Craig hasn’t. But I have three years invested in this relationship, Gina. It would be stupid to toss that away just because we’re not getting along that well right now.”

Regina shook her head vigorously. “What’s stupid is prolonging a relationship that’s obviously in decline just because you’re afraid to admit the guy is a jerk.”

“He’s not a jerk,” Patty protested. “He’s just—”

“Stop it! Don’t even defend the guy. If my Al pulled that ‘one-eyed viper’ crap on me, he’d wake up in the morning with his balls in a bear trap.”

Patty laughed. “Come on, Gina, don’t hold back. What do you really think?”

“I told you what I think. The question is, what will you do about it?”

Eric was taking a mental break, sitting back in his rec room, watching Unbreakable on DVD. When the phone rang, he paused his DVD to answer it.

“Eric? It’s Patty.”

The hypnotist straightened up in his chair. “Hi,” he said cheerily. “What’s up?”

“I’m going to be back in Alexandria next week,” she replied, “doing some follow-up with the law firm. I thought it would be nice to have dinner together one night—my treat this time.”

Don’t ask questions, his inner voice urged, just say Yes.

“That would be great,” he agreed. “Do you need me to make the reservations?”

“No, I’ve got it. Would you mind meeting me at the hotel? Say, Monday at seven? Same hotel as before.”

“I’ll be there.”

Patty’s smile was warm when she greeted Eric in the lobby of her hotel. She wore a gray business suit similar to the blue one she’d worn on that first train ride. When Eric offered his hand, she took it but pulled in closer and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks for coming,” she said sincerely.

Something’s changed, Eric said to himself. “How’s Craig?”

“Oh, he’s fine. And you?”

“I’m good,” he said, feeling encouraged. “Hungry, too. Where are we going?”

“Actually, I thought the restaurant right here might be nice. Is that okay with you?”

Eric shrugged. “Sure.” He followed her into the hotel’s attached restaurant. It was a more upscale environment than Kilroy’s but still very comfortable and friendly. As Patty took her seat in the booth, the top piece of her suit gaped open obligingly, showing Eric a healthy dose of cleavage and a glimpse of off-white lace.

The dinner conversation stayed light and friendly, keeping clear of sensitive topics by tacit agreement. It wasn’t until the dishes were cleared and they were sipping the last of their wine that Eric moved into the danger zone. “The new book’s been going splendidly,” he said. “The editor is loving it, and the cover art they’ve picked is very nice. I only have a little bit more to write and the CD to finalize.”

“That’s great.”

Eric nodded. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to name you on the dedication page. You’ve had a lot to do with how well this book is turning out—more than you know.”

Patty blushed and smiled. “I don’t mind. In fact, I have an idea for something that might be interesting to add to your book.”

Eric felt the heat rising in his cheeks. “Another fantasy? The one you planted in my head that night in New York is already in the new book. It, uh, really made an impression.”

“No, something different. A joint activity. It’s hard to describe, but I thought we might try it and see how it works.”

Do it! the inner voice shouted, but Eric paused. “I’d love to; but what about Craig?”

There was an extra sparkle in her eye when Patty responded. “He’s in no position to object. Shall we?”

Eric saw the sparkle. I may regret this later, he thought, but probably not much. “After you.”

He followed Patty to her room on the ninth floor. She waved him toward the corner, where two arm chairs were arranged facing each other. “Why don’t you get comfortable?” she suggested. “Loosen your tie, take off your shoes.”

Eric smiled and took the advice. He slipped off his sport coat and draped it over the back of a chair, then took off his tie and undid the top two buttons on his dress shirt. His shoes were comfortable black loafers, but he slipped them off anyway and tucked them under the same chair.

Patty left her shoes on the floor of the closet and sat down in the chair facing him. She had her copy of his first book in hand. “You asked about Craig earlier,” she said. “I found the answer to our problem right here, in your first book.” She opened the book to an early page and held it out to him. “The last paragraph on the page.” Eric took the book from her and saw that it was turned to the Forward page. He reread the last paragraph:

And finally, I cannot stress enough that to use erotic hypnosis effectively requires trust, openness, and a willingness to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with each other. If you and your partner don’t have that kind of relationship already, the ideas and techniques in this book will not help you to create that. In fact, couples who turn to hypnosis to salvage a failing relationship often find that it makes things worse instead of better. If that’s why you’re reading this, please do everyone concerned a favor and return this book for a refund.

Eric finished reading, looked over at Patty and the understanding passed between them. “I didn’t want to admit it,” she told him, “but you were right—things between me and Craig really haven’t been that good for a while. But instead of returning the book, I decided to keep it.”

“And Craig?”

“I go back home Wednesday afternoon,” she explained. “I gave him until then to move out. The lease is in my name. I told the management and the security office that Craig is now persona non grata; they’ll keep an eye out to make sure he doesn’t do anything childish to the apartment, then change the locks and cancel his door code Wednesday morning for me.”

Her words sank in slowly. “You’re sure?” Eric finally asked.


Eric saw the finality in her eyes and nodded. “There’s no way I can say this without it sounding self-serving, but I think you made the right choice. He clearly doesn’t respect your feelings. I’d be surprised if he cared enough to get overly upset.”

“We’ll see. He hates to lose at anything.”

They looked at each other for a moment, letting the subject die a silent death. Eric cleared his throat. “Okay, my curiosity is now thoroughly aroused. What’s your idea?”

“Have you read Tart?”

“Tart,” he said, thinking. “You mean, Charles Tart? Altered States of Consciousness?”

She nodded.

“It’s been a while, but I do remember reading it.” He paused for a moment, trying to remember the book. His mind registered the positions they were sitting in, and he had a flash of insight. “Mutual hypnosis,” he said, looking up and seeing the recognition in her face. “Two subjects hypnotize each other, leading to enhanced rapport and increased depth of trance. Is that your idea?”

Grinning, Patty nodded again. “I’d first read about it a while ago. After that night at the apartment, I dug out the book and read the chapter again. As well as we seem to work together, I thought it would be interesting to see if we could get similar results.”

Eric let the idea roll around in his mind. “I’ve never tried that,” he mused. “As I recall, Tart’s subjects had some pretty vivid experiences. Bordering on the paranormal, in some cases.”

“We don’t need to take it that far,” she assured him. “Are you game?”


“All right, then.” Patty lowered her voice, made direct eye contact with Eric, and began. “Sleep for me now, Eric.”

Eric felt a pleasant fading sensation as he let his eyes close and his body relax. His mind floated down the stream of Patty’s voice, deeper and deeper, willing to go wherever she might take him. Patty watched him sink into the chair and gave herself a moment to enjoy the sensation of power. This time it was tinged with an extra thrill, knowing he would be doing the same to her. She took him as deep as she could. “And now, Eric,” she said, “I’m going to count to three. When I reach three, I want you to open your eyes and lift your head. I don’t want you to wake up, only to open your eyes and lift your head. You will then hypnotize me and take me as deep as you can. When you have me at 100 on my trance thermometer, I want you to have me open my eyes and look into yours; we will both look into each other’s eyes then and go even deeper still, until we are ready to wake up together. One ... two ... three.”

A shiver of anticipation walked down her spine as Eric opened his eyes and looked at her. His arm came up and reached toward her; Patty took his hand in hers, met his gaze, and heard a snap.

She felt herself falling into a comfortable, familiar blackness. Eric was with her, his voice guiding her deeper into trance. She pictured herself with Eric, riding downward in an old-fashioned elevator, watching the floors roll past as they went deeper together. A thermometer materialized in the air in front of Patty and she watched as the red stripe climbed its glassy surface past 80, past 90, to the very top markings.

“One hundred,” she heard herself say.

“Good,” Eric’s voice replied, sounding distant and sleepy. “Now, on the count of three, I want you to open your eyes and look at me. I don’t want you to wake up; I just want you to open your eyes and look at me. Our eyes will meet, and when they do we will both sink even deeper into hypnosis than we are now. One ... two ... three.”

Patty’s eyes opened. Her head lifted, as if in slow motion, and turned slightly as it sought Eric. Their eyes met and locked together and the rest of the world disappeared as each focused all attention exclusively on the other’s eyes. Patty felt an odd quivering, almost like a mild electric shock, followed by the sensation of sinking. “Yes,” she heard herself saying, “that’s it. Deeper and deeper we go.”

“Deeper and deeper,” Eric echoed. “Our minds joining together ...”

“Blending ...”

“Becoming one ...”

“Going deeper ...”

“And deeper ...”

“And deeper ...”

“Finding that special place ...”

“Where we can explore together ...”

“Our dream place ...”

A dark gray shadow passed over them. They blinked, and as their eyes opened again a flood of brilliant, shimmering color poured into them. It was too much to take in right away, like walking out into the daylight from a darkened movie theatre. They blinked again, looked around, and became aware of their surroundings.

It looked like a train car—their train car, the business class car. Patty and Eric sat across from each other, the small conference table between them, just as they had at their first encounter. The car was moving smoothly, so smoothly it felt as if they were flying rather than riding on tracks. Everything in the car seemed cleaner and brighter than the real thing.

Their eyes met again, and they shared a contented smile. Yes, Eric thought, this is our place. It all started here.

Patty reached across the table and took his hand. He squeezed hers and they leaned over the table for a kiss. Their lips met and a soothing, warm sensation spread through them both. They stood up, pulling each other closer, arms embracing one another atop the table, until they cold tolerate the interference no longer.

They slid out into the aisle and embraced again, sharing another long, hungry kiss. Eric felt the hunger growing inside him and he pulled Patty closer, the energy in her kisses telling him that she felt the same. They broke off and looked around: their fellow passengers seemed completely oblivious to their public display. Eric looked at the conference table, and considered picking Patty up and laying her down on it so he could pull off her skirt and taste her. “Wait,” Patty urged him. “Let’s try the café car.”

She led him by the hand to the door at the end of the car. It slid open for them automatically and they stepped into a dark room on the other side. As soon as the door closed the lights came on, and they found themselves in a luxurious bedroom. A giant four-poster bed dominated the room, its white satin sheets gleaming invitingly. The carpet was thick and soft, the furniture exquisitely carved and finished. Only the sight of trees and utility poles rushing past the windows conveyed the idea that they were still on the train.

Still holding Eric’s hand, Patty pulled him gently over to the side of the bed. Their eyes met again, and the electricity flowed between them. “I’m ready,” she said, removing the top to her suit. “Are you?”

Eric was already pulling his shirt off. “I’ve been ready since the day I first saw you.”

They stripped each other, moving together in the timeless presentation of self. She rubbed her hands across his bare chest; he kissed her breasts as he removed her bra. She closed a loving hand on his already-hard shaft as the other worked his pants down to the floor; as he removed her panties he buried his face in her mound and inhaled deeply, filling himself with her scent. He placed his hands on her hips and guided her to the bed, gently pushing her down on it with her legs hanging off the side. The satin sheets felt cool and decadently smooth against her skin. Eric lovingly pushed her legs apart and began kissing his way up her thighs, one side at a time.

Patty gasped sharply when she felt the first kisses at her knees. His lips as they brushed her skin acted like pebbles in a still pond, sending ripples of warmth and arousal throughout her body with each touch. She came so quickly that it took her by surprise, an intense flash of light, joy, and energy exploding from her center, sending shockwaves through her mind and soul. Relishing Patty’s taste on his lips and tongue, Eric didn’t pause or even slow down—no sooner had Patty recovered her wits than a second climax scrambled them again, sending her reeling. Somewhere in the very back of her head, an impassioned voice pleaded: Whatever you do, Patty, don’t wake up now.

“Inside me, Eric,” she panted, her mind barely processing after the second orgasm. “I want you inside me right now.”

Eric stopped long enough to climb the rest of the way up the bed. He kissed her mound, her stomach, her ribs, her breasts. She grabbed him under the arms and twisted, pulling him up and then dropping him down onto the bed beside her. She climbed up on top of him immediately, returning his kisses with some of her own as she teased him with her body, rubbing up and down against him like a stretching cat. His rigid shaft teased against her, brushing against her outer lips, bringing her that much closer. Soon she rose up, reached behind and guided him inside her.

He filled her nicely, his tip pressing against her cervix while his shaft rubbed the magic button on her upper wall. Patty felt the electricity building again. She took his arms and pulled him upward to a sitting position.

Their faces barely an inch apart, Patty and Eric looked into each others’ eyes one more time and felt the strength of their bond growing. Their arms pulled one another closer, until their upper bodies touched everywhere possible: chest, stomach, groin, even their foreheads made contact. They felt the power with themselves joining, becoming one mass of warmth and desire and need. And still their eyes remained locked together.

“We are one,” Eric said.

“One,” Patty agreed. “Joined in spirit.”

“Giving completely.”

“Coming together.”

“One ...”

“Two ...”


There was a blinding flash of light as the power exploded around them, bathing them in the heat of their own emotions. Eric felt his orgasm rushing through him, an enormous flow of energy running through his entire body, flowing outward and into Patty. At the same time, Patty felt the rush of energy flowing into Eric from herself. We’re exchanging souls, she thought deliriously, and felt Eric agreeing with her. Time and place became meaningless as their senses overloaded and their minds let go.

A loud buzzing sound rudely broke the silence. Patty swatted blindly, her eyes closed and not wanting to open, trying to make the intruder go away. A firm, gentle hand caught hers and kissed it, and the sound stopped.

Patty slowly opened her eyes and peered at the fuzzy figure standing over her. “Morning,” Eric said gently.

Her senses slowly came back online, and Patty became aware of the environment. She was lying on the bed in her hotel room, nude. She felt relaxed, well-exercised, and completely satiated. “Wow,” she thought out loud. “No wonder it felt so real.”

“It was real,” Eric concurred, “parts of it, at least. Other parts I’m not so sure about. I remember being on the train with you, kissing, getting up, heading for the café car.”

“And the café car turned into a luxurious bedroom,” she finished for him. “And we made love on a four-poster bed with satin sheets, and counted ourselves up to the climax.”

“We really did connect,” Eric concluded. “A shared fantasy setting, acting as a backdrop to real physical activity. I could do a whole other book on this.”

“We’ll need to do more research,” Patty said with a sexy wink. “Lots and lots of research.”

“True.” He glanced at the clock on the bedside table. “It’s 6:52. How much time do we have?”

“Plenty,” she answered with a contented sigh. “I don’t have to be at the client’s until nine.” She yawned and stretched lazily, presenting her body again for his—for their—pleasure.

“Plenty of time for that,” Eric countered, his cock already rising in anticipation. “But we have a lot to talk about besides.”

“I guess we do,” she agreed. “Distance relationships are tough.”

“Is that where we are now?” he questioned, his hopes rising up in his chest. “In a relationship?”

“We can be,” she answered, looking deeply into his eyes. “If you want it.”

His eyes took in the picture as Patty lay there, naked, watching him, waiting for his response. He felt a familiar turmoil within himself, the one he’d been living with since meeting Patty on the train: desire sparring with hesitation. The final round of the duel was intense, but short.

“I want it,” he said quietly, and joined her on the bed.