The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

…But Violet Gives Willingly

by Penny Propofol

David George was a very successful and respected psychiatrist. In his career, he’d managed to help many unfortunate patients that desperately needed care. David’s understanding of the human mind was nothing short of remarkable. His wife Violet was a gorgeous statuesque woman with fiery brown eyes and shoulder length auburn hair. Her figure was eye-popping and her walk was poetry in motion. On the surface she had the look of a typical trophy wife. Outwardly, Violet was a rather confident woman. She knew that her beauty gave her a power over most men. Those that didn’t really know her could easily mistake her cool demeanor for a cold heart. In truth, she really was in love with David and he was the only man she wanted. However, she had grown up with very strict parents with very rigid attitudes about sex. Deep inside, she was conflicted about it all. On the one hand, she loved this man with her whole heart and wanted to love him with her body as passionately as she did with her heart. Allowing herself to do that was impossible given her deeply ingrained inhibitions. Her husband was not one to push her further than she was comfortable going. They had talked about it many times. She was just unable to let go and explore her sexuality. He understood this about her. She agreed to have him help her with the issue.

It was Friday afternoon, he’d seen his last patient and he was sitting behind his desk finishing his paperwork. In a small white paper bag, sitting on his desk was a bottle with an eye-dropper lid in it. The contents of the bottle were from a colleague of his, Dr. Richard. It was an inhalant drug designed to be applied to a paper dust mask over the mouth and nose of the patient. Essentially, the patient would experience a loss of anxiety and inhibition. With the proper guidance, they would be able to talk about their most troubling or disturbing experiences without becoming upset. In the right hands, the miraculous drug allowed patients to face emotional problems without emotional trauma. In the wrong hands, the drug could be used for all kinds of untoward things.

David brought the bottle home with him. He’d told Violet about the drug and together they decided that she would try a little. As they got ready, he explained to her that it was very important for her to have a comfortable environment around her. That she should feel safe and relaxed. Before he arrived home, she had fixed up the den where David had a soft exam table. She set up some soft lighting with candles and music. She met him at the door wearing a sexy silk nightie. He growled softly as he kissed her hello, his arms wrapped around her tender body. He sat down his brief case and hung up his jacket. Together they walked to the study. David instructed her to get up onto the table; she obediently hopped up. He handed her the bottle and asked her to open it and try the scent.

Violet opened the bottle, and took a cautious sniff from it. To her surprise, it was a pleasant and delicate scent, not at all what she had anticipated. David removed Violet’s nightie as he kissed her. He placed a soft pillow at one end of the table and had Violet lie on her back with her head resting comfortably. He had her put the paper mask over her mouth and nose. Once she was ready, he began to apply the drops onto the mask. All she had to do was to continue to breathe normally while he stepped out of the room briefly. As she was lying on her back Violet took in steady breaths. After a few seconds she began to feel warmth through her whole body.

As the seconds passed, her anxiety about trying the drug melted away and was replaced by a calm and happy feeling. When David returned he sat a small cylinder shaped object on the table near her head. He switched the device on and it began to draw bright swirling patterns on the ceiling. Within seconds, the drug and the swirling lights snared Violet’s mind. To her it felt almost as if she was sinking back farther inside her eyes; she felt more distant from the outside world. Violet could feel her mind opening up as her defenses were falling away. David sat at the end of the table near her head and spoke to her soothingly. He gently worked his fingers through her pretty hair, massaging her scalp as his words worked their magic on her. He watched as her beautiful brown eyes softened and went nearly half way closed.

Violet felt his words entering her mind, penetrating to the very core of her psyche. She felt his words controlling and relaxing her. Her open mind was putty in his hands. He explained to her that the drug in her system would increase her sensitivity to pleasure. He began to kiss her graceful neck up and down. As he did, she felt electric tingles running through her body as the swirling lights continued to open her mind completely. Every inch of her body was sparking to life. She was so open to the experience and uninhibited; it was the first time in her life she’d enjoyed this level of physical bliss. He worked his way down to her chest and tenderly licked, nibbled and sucked on her nipples. Her eyes rolled up in unbridled sexual pleasure. He began to massage her lovely legs, slowly, taking his time, adoring every inch of them.

David continued the massage on Violet’s soft and smooth legs. She was in heaven as he gently but thoroughly massaged every last drop of tension from her thighs and calves. She felt the loving passion in his touch; she felt emotions so pure and so strong. His skilled hands worked their magic on her feet and toes. She felt herself slipping deeper and deeper under his power. She had never been at ease with him looking at her naked body. In spite of the fact that she was a stunningly beautiful woman, she was shy at heart when it came to her man seeing her body. She usually felt so imperfect and worried that he would be displeased. Normally, she would have dreaded having him scoot her bottom down to the foot of the table and spread her legs wide in the stirrups. As she was lying there on her back, she didn’t feel anxiety under his adoring gaze. She felt loving warmth and adoration. She saw him disappear from sight as he sat down on a stool right in front of her pussy that was on display.

Gently he slid his fingers up and down the length of her pussy. Her eyes rolled up and closed as she sighed with bliss. The drug in her system magnified her sensitivity. Her breathing became more rapid as the sensation bathed her mind in a wave of pleasure. Then he gently spread her pussy open with the thumbs of his hands. He simply looked in wonder at her tender pink opening. His tongue slid up the length of her soft pussy and sent shudders through her body. Then he began kissing, licking, nibbling her pussy as well as licking and sucking her clitoris. Being completely under his control was a new experience for her. Her mind was an open book; putty in his hands. Her body was his for the taking; every instinct inside of her urging total submission to his will. She knew that she was under his power and yet discovered to her surprise that she liked letting him control her. She was euphoric that he could be so gentle and loving while controlling her. Her emotions soared as his tongue made love to her.

Her breathing was rapid, her back arched and she was ready to cum for him. She felt his lips and tongue move away; she felt his fingers expertly penetrating her and homing straight in on her g spot. The pad of his finger pressed then repeatedly stroked the perfect spot. The effect was profound and the resulting orgasm was cataclysmic. Her body twisted and writhed in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure rolled through her. As it subsided, she smiled at him lovingly; she was so hungry for more. Smiling his most mischievous smile, he spoke to her softly. He said, “Now, my dear, I believe you’re ready to go well outside your boundaries.” He freed her legs from the stirrups and lifted her body with ease. David told Violet that he was taking her to the bedroom. Being carried in his arms made her feel so close to him. Feeling the strength of his arms holding her body made her feel so feel so delicate and feminine. She nestled her head beneath his strong jaw, glowing with a loving emotional warmth for him. She melted and just went with the experience.

When they reached the bedroom, he stood Violet on her feet. He smiled and told her he had a surprise for her. She turned her around slowly, Violet’s eyes got big when she saw Lindsay lying spread eagle on their bed. David had brought her into the house earlier while Violet was being dosed in the den. The paper mask on her face was soaked with the drug. Her half opened blue eyes watched the laser show on the ceiling. Her golden blonde hair was fanned out on the bed. Violet had seen and adored Lindsay at David’s office. She had never approached the girl about sex but had desired her for months. David smiled as he spoke into Violet’s ear, “Go ahead honey. You know you want her. She’ll do whatever you want and tomorrow she won’t remember a bit of it.”

Violet walked over to the bed and reached out carefully with her hand. Tenderly, she touched Lindsay’s thigh. Her body was very relaxed and her upper leg was so soft to the touch. Although she had been curious about having sex with another woman, she had never experienced it. All of her sexual experience was with male partners. At the moment she was experiencing a thrill and trepidation. She bit her lip and decided to dive in. Violet got onto the bed on all fours beside Lindsay. She stroked the girl’s forehead and hair with gentle affection. Lindsay was in some kind of trance from the laser light dancing on the ceiling. Her mind had been snared and opened up. David explained to Violet that Lindsay was completely helpless against the power of suggestion. Violet looked deep into the girl’s eyes. After a few seconds, Lindsay noticed Violet and returned the gaze.

Violet didn’t know how long she’d been looking deeply into the lovely blonde’s eyes; she found herself nearly mesmerized by the beauty of the soul behind them. She looked longingly into Lindsay’s blue eyes. She realized that Lindsay had begun to smile behind her drugged mask. Violet got down onto her side next to Lindsay and began to talk softly in her ear. Violet’s words drifted deeply into the drugged woman’s mind.

Lindsay found herself beginning to feel the warmth of Violet’s adoring words. In truth, she had always found Violet to be very sultry and alluring. Though she never would have made the first move, she was very content to lie upon her back and let Violet have her way. Violet asked Lindsay if she wanted to be pleasured. Lindsay smiled and nodded her head to say “Yes.” Violet found Lindsay’s innocent looking eyes to be such a turn on. She carefully removed the mask from Lindsay’s face. She straddled Lindsay and then bent down very close to her face. Violet could feel the mutual attraction pulling at her. She looking down into the lovely girl’s eyes a mere couple of inches away; Lindsay looking up submissively, hungry for Violet’s tender lips.

Lindsay’s pretty eyes slid closed as Violet kissed her passionately. She had longed to kiss Lindsay and the moment was electric with passion as Lindsay returned the kiss. Again and again the two women kissed with an amazing passion, each basking in the warmth of the moment, oblivious to the rest of the world. Violet’s tender lips made their way down and began to plant kisses up and down Lindsay’s delicate neck. Lindsay moaned as her body tingled from the sensation. David stood back and admired the beautiful loving dance the two women were sharing on the bed. Violet’s lower body was up on its knees, her torso was flat against Lindsay’s body. She slid down just a little more and began to suck and nibble her nipples the way David had with her own earlier.

Lindsay shuddered and moaned as her nipples erected. Violet’s gentle cupping and caressing of her breasts was very seductive too. Violet backed her way down further. Lindsay giggled as Violet’s lips and tongue tickled her tummy. Lindsay felt Violet’s lips making their way closer to her pussy. Almost as a reflex, Lindsay spread her legs wide and raised her knees near her own chest. In a lusty haze, Violet smiled as she looked down at Lindsay’s perfect pussy. She adored the way its tender shade of pink went with Lindsay’s golden tanned skin. The lips of her pussy were engorged and spread. They were smooth and perfect; Lindsay had the most beautiful pussy Violet had ever seen.

Unable to wait any longer she ran her tongue up the length of Lindsay’s aching slit. Lindsay let out a soft moan as she felt Violet’s tongue slide over her pussy. She felt Violet’s beautiful hair upon her golden skin as the tongue and tender lips began wrecking her mind with pleasure. Violet heard Lindsay’s breathing become more rapid, listened to the sounds she made in order to get the motion and suction just right. Violet felt Lindsay’s body melting as her drug soaked mind became more and more enslaved to emotions she was feeling.

The world was spinning out of control for Lindsay. She felt herself slipping completely under Violet’s control. All she could think about was Violet’s gorgeous hair and loving brown eyes. Violet’s tongue and lips had her right up against the edge of an epic orgasm. She felt Violet’s finger slide into her and begin to manipulate her G spot the lips and tongue worked her swollen clit closer and closer to climax. Violet began to spin the tip of her tongue around Lindsay’s clit, giving it a gentle flick with each pass. It sent Lindsay surging toward her orgasm. She wanted to make it last as long as she could but it was just too strong.

Her blue eyes rolled up as she clawed at the cover of the bed. The orgasm went crashing through her drug soaked mind like a tsunami, taking everything as it went through. Violet raised her head and smiled at the orgasmic girl. Lindsay’s beautiful body was writhing on the bed in front of her. Suddenly, Violet felt David climb onto the bed behind her. Before she could say anything, her mouth was covered by David’s hand. She felt his strong legs on the outsides of her own. She felt his big, hard dick brushing up against her helpless soaking pussy. His powerful abs and chest were right up against her back as he bent her over. He took his hand from her mouth and brushed her pretty auburn hair from her neck. She felt the roughness of his stubble as he inhaled her scent from her neck. He felt her soft body touching his own. The feeling it gave him was almost beyond words. He let out a low growl as his lust for her took him over.

Her tender pink pussy didn’t resist as his hard dick pressed right up inside of her. Violet’s brown eyes slid closed as she felt him invading her from behind. He went all the way in and held it there for a second; Violet whimpered in anticipation as he drew it slowly back out. Now that he was lubricated down the length of his shaft, he slammed his hammer-like dick back into her again and again. Its effect on her mind was profound as she let her body go completely. She knew now that she was going to be thoroughly fucked. Violet loved her dalliance with Lindsay so much, but right now she really needed to feel a man inside her. David pushed her down onto Lindsay with his strong arms. Lindsay kissed at her neck and nibbled at her ear as David pounded Violet relentlessly from behind.

All she could say was, “Oh yeah, oh yeah.” Her mentality had been completely swallowed up by the sensation of being fucked from behind. She loved having her pussy used like this, helpless beneath his powerful body. He imposed his will upon her body, thrusting into her violently over and over. That combination of the tender foreplay and the rough sex made melt for him every time. He had won her, she was now his for the taking and she enjoyed being taken. She heard Lindsay in her ear speaking softly. Lindsay coaxed her to just let go completely and let the feelings have their way. All of the pleasure and emotion welled up inside of Violet. For her it was like some kind of runaway train; it was just too powerful to stop now that it was plowing down the rail. She braced herself for what she knew would be a mind-altering experience. She hung on until the very last second. Faster, faster, harder he pounded at her. She felt the explosion inside of her when he came and it set her off.

Her body quivered when that runaway train hit her. The feelings coursing through her body and heart were almost too much to take. She collapsed into a puddle of a melted and defeated woman. She felt his big dick slide back out of her and come to rest on the crack of her ass as he collapsed onto her. The weight of his body felt good as it pressed down upon her. His strong hands rested lovingly on her small shoulders. In seconds she could hear him sleeping. In the afterglow, she and Lindsay kissed and snuggled for the longest time. Her brown eyes slid to a close as she gave in to sleep as she was contented at being sandwiched between the two bodies of her partners.