The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Buyer’s Remorse

* * *

Five-Hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars.

Hannah swallowed down the lump in her throat when she read the number in the email. She couldn’t believe that everything that she’d worked towards in the last two months would boil down to a simple six-figure number, and whether or not she was willing to pay it.

Sure, there was the whole immorality of it: The monstrosity, the sheer and utter criminality. But those were bridges she had long since crossed—and burned. she had gone this far, and that already meant that she was a monster.

Five-Hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars.

It was the final threshold to cross. If she paid that price, she would set a terrible machine into motion, and there would be no going back.

Her mouth felt dry. Somehow she had expected there to be more trouble, or at least more pomp and circumstance. Instead, what she got was a simple email with a final offer.

Five-Hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars.

That was the price of owning Diana Harvey.

She stared at the other window on her computer screen—the transaction interface of the cryptocurrency exchange that Enclave Holdings had chosen. All text fields were already filled out, and on the bottom right of the window, a small button had turned from gray to black, signaling that she could transfer the funds as soon as she wanted.

Just one click, and the Enclave would kidnap Diana Harvey and turn her into her slave. They would erase her mind and make her obedient to her every whim, her every command. She would be her pet and her toy and her whore and everything else she commanded her to be.

It was a horrible thing to do. A horrible thing to even consider.

As Hannah stared at the transaction button, she thought of everything that had brought her here. Everything that Diana had done to her. Every insult she’d thrown her way. Every lie she’d told. How much She’d trusted her. How much She’d wanted her.

She pressed the button and transferred the money.

* * *

When the confirmation email arrived, she was one and a half bottles deep into ten-dollar Chardonnay. She had cried for a bit, and thrown up, but the initial panic had now given way to a strange, leaden sense of acceptance. The alcohol helped, too.

She was a monster. There was not a single nerve in her body that didn’t tell her that. But there was no more changing that now. She would have to live with it.

It wasn’t like she’d had a choice anymore. She had liquified every last piece of her life to finance the horrible enormity of enslaving the woman that had taken everything from her. If she didn’t go through with it, she would have nothing. If she did, She’d have everything she ever wanted.

She got up from her couch and looked at the e-mail. She read it three times.

Dear Jane Doe,

We have received your payment and have begun the steps to fulfill your order as requested. We thank you for your trust.

We have already received a video recording containing a statement of your intent and identity. We assure you once more that any and all personal information will be handled with the utmost care, and is simply required as a means of insurance against any inquiries by law enforcement officials. We will never publish your information unless we see a compelling reason to protect ourselves against actions you choose to take.

In order to process your chosen material and deliver your slave, we will further need the following, as discussed in our previous correspondence:

A full body picture, without any clothing, in the following poses:

  • Standing neutrally, facing camera
  • Standing, legs spread apart, facing camera
  • Sitting, legs spread apart, facing camera

Please ensure that all pictures are at least 8 megapixels in size, well-lit, and that your genitals are unobstructed. Otherwise, we will have to use stock images, and the quality of your slave’s imprinting may be compromised.

Furthermore, we require:

  • Your current home address
  • Your current work address, if applicable
  • Your private phone number(s)
  • A copy of an up-to-date, valid picture ID

These are necessary for delivery, security, and background check confirmation. We thank you for your understanding. Please note that further steps in your order will not be taken until we have received the aforementioned information.

Once again, we thank you for your trust and discretion. We are looking forward to delivering you the slave of your choice soon. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Best regards,
Beatrice Duke

She stared at the e-mail, light-headed. It was so surreal. This was actually happening. All of it was crazy and terrible and weird. And now they wanted her nudes.

She’d known that this was coming. It had all been part of the pitch. They would imprint Diana on her body, make her want it, make her worship it.

She shouldn’t find that hot. But she did. Fuck me.


Fuck her! Fuck Diana! Diana had cut Hannah out of the company, with no lifeline, no severance. Sure, she could have lived from her savings—moved to a smaller apartment, started over, found a new job. She knew that she had more than enough to survive. More than most people did.

But that wasn’t the point. It didn’t matter if she won a new fortune or not. It didn’t matter if she won.

What mattered was that Diana lost.

She drank up the last of the wine and undressed. It took her a couple of tries to get the pictures right with her phone on self-timer. She took each pose twice, one neutral-looking, and one where she tried looking dominant and lascivious. She felt ridiculous, of course, but she would send both variants. Maybe that would work even better.

She put her clothes back on, took a photo of the front and back of her driver’s license, and sent the information the Enclave had requested.

There was a small progress bar as the custom client encrypted and uploaded the files. Then, the window closed itself, and she was staring at her desktop. It was still hard to believe the horrible crime she was currently committing from her living room.

For a moment, her thoughts spiralled in a pleasant, drunken buzz of alcohol and tiredness and slowly easing tension. She looked at the time. It was midnight.

What now? She thought. Suddenly, the air felt deathly quiet and empty around her. She had been working towards this for months, building up the nerves, finding the right places and contacts on the dark web (after initially figuring out what the dark web actually was). It had been a constant build of rising tension and stress. She had crossed threshold after threshold, coming ever closer to the terrible conclusion that lay on the end of the path she’d chosen.

Now that Hannah had arrived at the end of the path, it felt terribly anti-climactic. It was done. She had closed the deal, and sealed Diana’s fate. And now, she could pick up the TV remote and watch some Netflix.

It was absurd.

Maybe she should have burst into maniacal laughter at some point, or declared loudly that ‘I have you now, Diana!’

But of course that hadn’t happened.

She scoffed quietly, blowing air from her nose, and sat back on the couch.

She had to accept this. This was what her life was going to be now. She had made the decision and there was no going back. There was no more point in being ashamed. Being ashamed wouldn’t change what was going to happen. She might as well allow herself to enjoy it.

She slipped her hand into her waistband. They were stylish, expensive sweatpants, but they were still sweatpants. She hadn’t even dressed up for the occasion of ending someone’s life. Should she have? Whatever.

Her fingers stroked gently across her lower lips, and they felt sensitive and terribly ready to be finally touched. It was like she had denied it herself to give into the terrible, forbidden thrill of everything she had been doing. But when her middle finger gently caressed her clit, there was no denying the ugly, bitter, wonderful truth.

She had done this because she wanted it. Because she wanted her. Because she was hot for her, and because the idea of owning her turned her on. Her lower body contracted in a wave of arousal and pleasure. She imagined Diana, kneeling, mindless, between her legs.

She moaned softly. It was terrible, and wrong, but it turned her on hard.

She kept going, thinking of Diana, and how she’d soon be a slave. She thought of the well-produced sample video that the Enclave had sent her, of a beautiful young woman with an empty expression, presenting her body, intercut with still images taken from social media accounts, showing the same young woman at her graduation, showing her smiling with friends, and on a trip to Paris.

Then it cut back to the naked slave she’d been turned into. No more stupid smile on her face. Only obedience.

Hannah imagined Diana, empty like that young woman, kneeling, presenting her naked body, squeezing her tits, spreading her legs and her pussy lips.

Fuck you, she thought. She was breathing heavily. Her pussy had turned wet and slippery, and her fingers were deep inside her, sliding in and out, stroking her sensitive clit, nudging, flicking, rubbing.

The video had ended with a shot of the slave on a bed, surrounded by white sheets. Sunlight had played around the slave’s body as she slowly caressed her pussy.

“I could be yours,” she’d said, her voice a soft and seductive shade of monotone.

“I am a series D slave. I will obey any command without exception. I have all of my previous skills and faculties, ready to be used to serve you. You can order me with a complete memory wipe or customize which parts of my old life I am allowed to recollect. My body is yours. My mind is yours.”

Then, there had been a voiceover commanding the slave to orgasm, and the slave had moaned and twisted before relaxing back into her empty expression.

“I obey,” the slave had said into the camera, and the video had ended.

Hannah rubbed her aching pussy, thinking of it, thinking of the beautiful woman as Diana. Thinking about owning her. Thinking about using her.

The image seemed to expand and bloom in her mind and ripple through her body in a shivering wave, and the fantasy turned into honey and heat and her pussy turned into a prickling, electric burst of pleasure and she came.

“Ohgod!” she squealed as her body bucked and contracted around the screaming orgasm, and she pulled up her legs and squeezed them tightly around her hand as the pleasure rolled through her and finally petered out into a simmering low heat.

It took her maybe twenty seconds to finally be disgusted with herself. She got up from the couch, cleaned the wine glass in the sink, then went to bed feeling like there were lead weights on her ankles and wrists.

She would have to come to terms with this soon. She wouldn’t get that money back even if she canceled the order right now. And even if she did, she’d already proven what kind of person she was. She should just start admitting to it. To admit to herself just how good it had felt to fuck herself to the mental image of her own personal slave.

But somehow, she couldn’t. Not this quickly. Even if she knew that she’d enjoyed it, wanted it. Her self-image would need time to accept that she was, in fact, the kind of person that didn’t stop at kidnapping and enslaving her enemies.

She laid herself into bed, thoughts swirling in her head.

Today had been the first day of the rest of her life, for better or for worse. Nothing would ever be the same now. She’d get her fortune back, and her company. She’d get revenge on Diana. And she would get to have her next to her, in this very bed, and taste her lips and feel her body. And the mind that had conspired against her and forged a million hidden clauses and bylaws would be stripped and shackled to serve only Hanna.

It would take a long time to get things back to normal. People would be suspicious otherwise. There would have to be lots of theatrics, and lies. But she would manage, and she knew that Diana would manage it, too.

I’m letting you keep all of your memories, bitch. Aren’t you grateful?

Hannah smiled bitterly into her pillow. She felt her thoughts getting heavy and disjointed as darkness descended on her, and she thought of soft lips and empty minds as she fell asleep.

* * *

Diana Harvey got into her car after a long, long day. She’d spent most of it jumping from one ten-minute meeting to the next, her assistant Eve telling her who she was going to be talking to next and what about between every new call or meeting room appointment.

It was exhausting. Most of the time, it was only check-ins and calls for executive decisions. But every time, she’d have to judge, weigh, and check for mistakes and alternatives on how to proceed, or whether or not she was satisfied with how things were going. The company she was running wasn’t huge yet, but they’d just hired a couple of dozen programmers in Taiwan, and the satellite office in Versailles had just started a new government contract. There was lots going on, and it was frankly more than she could handle alone.

That was the one drawback; ever since she’d gotten rid of Hannah, her workload had gone through the roof. But that was the price for no longer having to deal with her erratic and frankly childish way of leading the company. Hannah was good at exactly one thing: Big ideas. She should have left the day-to-day to Diana from the start.

Diana sighed. If only Hannah had seen reason and accepted a position as Speaker of the Board. She would still have had a large voice in the company, not to mention quite the bonus package. But no. To Hannah, it was either total control, or nothing.

It almost made Diana sad, until she remembered the tantrum that Hannah had thrown, and the horrible things that she’d screamed in Diana’s face. She’d berated her and insulted her and then she had torn apart her severance check, and thrown the pieces into Diana’s face before storming out of the building.

She hadn’t answered any of Diana’s calls since.

“Home, Miss Harvey?” the driver asked.

“Yes, Daniel, thank you,” she answered, and her voice was dry and slightly hoarse from a long day of talking. The Mercedes started rolling, and she let herself sink into the leather seat with another deep sigh.

Two weeks. Two weeks, and no answer. No sign of life. No answered calls. No emails from any lawyers. Nothing.

She was beginning to worry about her. She knew that she’d done her dirty the way that she’d used their own legal team to find loopholes to remove her as CEO, but... she’d done it for the good of their company. The good of Hannah’s company. But of course, Hannah wouldn’t see it that way.

They’d been friends, once. And they’d stayed friends through so many taxing times. Near bankruptcy hadn’t torn them apart. Living together in a shitty apartment knee-deep in debt hadn’t done it. Negotiating the split in patent money hadn’t done it. Having to decide who’d be in charge of their newly founded company hadn’t done it. Hannah being on the cover of business insider without Diana hadn’t done it.

Not even the most regrettable drunken hook-up in the history of drunken hook-ups had done it.

In hindsight it was blindingly obvious that the reason why none of it had ended their friendship was the fact that Diana had always been content with the number two position. She was honestly fine with it. Really. But not at the cost of the company. And as their revenue had grown and grown, Hannah had become less and less amenable to input, less and less reasonable, and more and more self-possessed. Success had brought out the worst of her.

She’d managed to deplete the company’s liquid assets in less than two years, and Diana hadn’t been the only one to see the trend. Everyone did. Everyone except Hannah. And so she had to go.

She really wished it didn’t have to be that way.

The drive home was always quiet this late at night. Even L.A. traffic was bearable this long after midnight. Daniel drove them the usual way east, up the hills. They arrived at Diana’s house at two a.m.

Diana thanked him and said good night, and he drove off. He’d be back in two days. They’d both earned their weekend. For a moment she wondered if it was worse to sit in stressful meetings all day, or to be bored out of your mind sitting in someone else’s car, waiting to be called, like Daniel did.

She walked to the front door and unlocked it. She was about to disable the house alarm, but with a small shock, she realized that it was already disabled.

She heard a sudden noise behind her, and she turned around, and she—

* * *

Blinding lights. So bright. So…

…her head hurt so much. What had happened? What…

She tried to move, but she couldn’t. She was strapped into… into some kind of chair. Even her head was clamped tightly into something hard and unyielding she couldn’t see.

She was naked! Why was she naked? Where was she? What was happening?!

There was something in front of her, and it turned suddenly bright. A screen, blasting her with images. White noise flooded her ears.

She screamed, but she could hardly hear herself over the noise. It felt like it was cutting directly into her brain. She tried to look around, but she could only see the screen in front of her. Filled with dancing lights and shifting, pearlescent streams of colors and shapes.

For a moment she looked at it, trying to understand what she was seeing.

Just a moment. Just a moment longer. Just a moment longer.

Just a moment longer.




oh no…

* * *

The doorbell was ringing, again.

Hannah groaned. Her head felt like it was full of angry bees, and her mouth tasted like death. The world was pain. Everything sucked.

Fuck. She’d fallen back asleep. She had heard the doorbell ringing before. She’d ignored it in half-sleep stupor.

Adrenaline kicked her awake when she realized what day it was. She was out of bed before she even realized it, stumbling to her front door in a dizzy, hungover slog. Her eyelids weighed a thousand pounds and her head was throbbing.

Before she realized that she should collect herself, she had already opened the front door.

Oh, God.

It was Diana.

Hannah stared at her through the pounding ache at the back of her eyes, and shame washed through her when she realized that she must look like an absolute drunken bum. She was in her underwear, unshowered, uncombed.

But the worst thing wasn’t how she looked and how she probably smelled. The worst thing was standing in front of her:

Diana looked crisp. All business. All elegance.

“Hannah,” she simply said, and Hannah’s insides squirmed. Her guts were in a knot, somewhere between shock and muted arousal and absolute, utter disgust at herself.

And now, there was also fear. Today was supposed to be the delivery of her slave. Diana was supposed to be her property. Her slave. But she wasn’t—

“You fucking bitch!” Diana said, her expression hard and her eyes on fire. She stepped forward and pushed Hannah back.

Hannah’s blood turned to ice and panicked gripped her. She stammered silently, her mouth opening and closing as she tried to find something to say to defend herself. Oh God it went wrong. She found out! She—

Diana was on top of her, glaring at her with frightening intensity. Why hadn’t she called the cops? Why hadn’t she—

Diana kissed her, and Hannah’s thoughts melted into messy confusion. Before she had even realized that Diana’s lips were pressing against hers, the kiss had already broken again.

“You magnificent fucking bitch,” Diana said, her eyes wild. “You made them enslave me!”

Hannah stared at her, dumbstruck.

“You,” Diana continued, and for a moment, she seemed almost out of breath. “You… you. Thank you! Thank you!”

Diana kissed her again.

“Thank you so much! I’m yours! I’m your slave! I’m your slave!”

She was smiling now; positively beaming. Her eyes were wide with adoration as they looked up and down across Hannah’s body. Her desire was obvious. She stood across Hannah, back straight, chest out, grinning contentedly. There was nothing in her eyes but eagerness and purpose. She was Hannah’s slave. Just like Hannah had wanted. Just like she had ordered.

Hannah threw up.

* * *

“Please, let me do it,” Diana begged. “I want to do it.”

“I’m not making you clean up my sick, Diana.”

Diana scoffed. “Always so fucking proud. Just use me. I fucking want it.”

“But I don’t!” Hannah said through gritted teeth as she wrung out the rag in the bucket of cleaning water next to her. “I… I made a mistake.”

Diana was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.

“It’s too late for that, Hannah. What they did to me was... permanent.” As she spoke, Hannah could hear the shivers in her voice. She knew that this was turning Diana on. It was part of the procedure. Slaves got sexual thrill out of obedience. Even thinking about it. It was part of what made them want it.

“I know,” Hannah said with a resigned sigh. She looked up at Diana, and as she met her eye, Diana’s brow furrowed. Hannah had to look away. She couldn’t bear the sight of her.

“You’ve been drinking,” she said. “You look like shit.”

Hannah said nothing. She only scrubbed the floor. What was she supposed to say?

“Still want to fuck you hard,” Diana said. “All my holes are yours, you know.”

Diana closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her pussy was throbbing just as her stomach was churning. Fuck. It was all fucked.

“I know,” she admitted. “That’s what I told them to make you want.”

Diana wasn’t moving. Her arms were still crossed. Her tone was mocking: “Then why… why… any of this? I don’t get it. You wanted this, didn’t you?! You wanted me!”

Hannah kept scrubbing the floor.

“You don’t need to feel bad, Hannah. I want you, too. I want all of this!”

Hannah kept scrubbing the floor. For a moment, Diana said nothing, either. After a minute, she knelt down on one knee next to Hannah.

“Yes, it’s fucked up, Hannah. I get it. You feel guilty. Don’t. Please, don’t.”

Hannah was still scrubbing the floor, but it had been clean for a while now. She hung her head and sighed heavily, then let the rag fall into the bucket with a wet noise.

“This isn’t going to go away, I guess,” she said.

“You can tell me to leave. I’ll obey. I’ll obey anything you say,” Diana said softly. “But I want to stay. I want to be with you. I want to serve you.”

“I could tell you to act exactly as you would have if I hadn’t enslaved you.”

Diana took a sharp breath before answering. “Yes,” she said. Her voice sounded tight and uncomfortable. “And I would obey that command, too. But it would be nothing but an act. I would never mean it. I would always be thinking about you. Every time I had sex. Every time I touched myself. Every decision I made, every minute of every day. I’m yours. I only exist for you.”

Hannah smiled grimly. “I guess you do. How? How does that even work?”

“No idea. I just… want it, now. Like I used to want salted peanuts. Like I used to want success. Like I used to want to sleep, or fuck, or cry. It’s so deep inside of me. Part of me. And I know it’s fake, but I don’t care. I like that it’s fake. I like that I’ve been made to like it. I know I shouldn’t. But I do. I love it so much. It’s so fucking good.”

Hannah looked at the floor. This was what she wanted Diana to become, wasn’t it? She was her slave, willing and eager and obedient. She loved it. She lived for it. Just like the checkbox Hannah had ticked in the online form.

“I’m happy,” Diana said, and laid her hand on Hannah’s forearm.

Hannah looked up into Diana’s eyes. She was right next to her now. Her face was close.

“I used to fantasize about this,” she said. The words were like tar. Black and heavy and sticky and caustic. Diana’s expression didn’t waver at all. She kept looking at Hannah with eyes that were so wide awake and full of thought.

“I used to fantasize about you. About having you. Taking you.”

Diana licked her lips.

“But now when I see you, and it’s real, and it’s like… too real. Too… much.”

Diana’s hand squeezed her arm more tightly. “Seriously, Hannah. Fucking stop it,” she said with a sad smile. “This is fucking amazing. I want you to see that. Do you have any idea how fucking wet I am? Do you have any idea how much I love this?”

Hannah looked at her. Her lips were dry. She still felt nauseous, but she couldn’t tell anymore if it was from the hangover or from what she had done to Diana.

Diana was so beautiful, and she looked so happy. And horny. She was looking at her with shameless lust in her eyes, and Hannah felt it work. Her pussy was throbbing with forbidden arousal. Diana wanted her. Diana was her slave. She could do anything to her, and Diana would allow it. She could command her to do anything, and Diana would obey.

It was exactly what she had wanted.

She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

Diana’s smile didn’t waver, but it did turn more mischievous.

“Unless you’re gonna tell me otherwise, I’m going to present my body now” she said.

Hannah swallowed. Hearing Diana say it made her quietly squirm with arousal. She didn’t know how long it had been since she’d desired her. And that one drunken time when they had shared their bodies had only made her more hungry for Diana. Diana had regretted it of course.

She no longer did. Her mind had been overwritten. She wanted her, now.

Hannah said nothing, and watched as Diana stripped in front of her, ridding herself of the high-priced business casual shell that pretended to be the woman Diana used to be. She was shameless. She was tearing it off like it was suffocating her.

When she was done, she knelt, legs spread.

“I am yours,” she said. “This is yours. My body. My will. Everything. Please, use me. Please. I want it. All of me. I am your slave. I am yours.”

She was so fucking hot. She had no right to be that smart and that hot at the same time. It shouldn’t be real.

“Touch yourself,” Hannah said before she could stop herself. There was a fraction of second in which she felt ashamed and embarrassed—but then she heard Diana moan, and her friend and business partner obeyed without hesitation.

Diana was so fucking wet. Hannah could see her pussy glisten as she spread her lower lips and started massaging her cunt. For a moment, Hannah was entirely caught up in the sight of Diana’s slick folds, then her gaze found Diana’s eyes again, and Diana was looking at her with an expression of such gratitude and love and sheer, blind enthusiasm. She looked utterly happy, utterly content.

“Yes!” the slave screamed as she fucked herself, “I obey! I obey! I am yours! I am yours!”

It was breathtaking. Deep, ugly emotions and desires reared their heads as they crashed through the surface of Hannah’s mind. She let them out. What was the point? They made her so fucking hot. Diana wanted this. She wanted to be thought of like that.

“Stop, whore,” Hannah said with trembling lips, and it was shocking how good the words felt on her tongue.

Diana stopped rubbing herself and looked at Hannah with wide eyes, expecting another command, expecting another way to obey and serve. Hannah had called her whore, and Diana looked not insulted, but excited.

“This whore obeys,” she said, and her voice was tight with need and pleasure. She smiled wickedly, almost proudly. She let her arms hang by her sides, kneeling with an arched back, presenting her tits, presenting her pussy.

“Bedroom,” Hannah said breathlessly, and led the way.

“Yes! Finally,” Diana said, and obediently followed.

* * *

Hannah screamed as the wet hot pleasure between her legs mixed with the fantasies and obsessions of domination in her hindbrain. Diana was her slave! Her toy! Her property!

“Yesss!” she moaned as Diana’s lips and tongue did everything they could to bring her to orgasm. Hannah looked down between her legs and saw Diana’s zealous eyes sparkle with singular purpose. She wanted this more than anything now. Diana’s hand was between her own legs. She didn’t just do what she had been commanded to do out of a sense of purpose. No. She wanted this so much that it was turning her on. She was wet for this.

A sudden peak of pleasure rolled through Hannah, and she whimpered as she squeezed her tits. Holy fuck, this was so good. This was so fucking good. Diana wanted her! Diana was hers! Only hers! Forever! Her slave!

The thought made her so fucking hot, and it crashed into the pleasure of sex, and together they shimmered and rippled between her legs, and exploded into impossible heights, and Hannah mewled like a bitch as her pleasure rose and plateaued and boiled and tumbled and sizzled and burned and finally burst into screaming release.

Hannah let out a high-pitched squeal as she came, and her body trembled with every forbidden thought that she ever had, every perversion, every guilty fantasy. The warmth of them enveloped her as the pleasure rolled through her body and filled her up with a wonderful, twisted glow. Fuck yes! This was so fucking good.

Soon, she heard Diana scream her own screams of pleasure as her slave achieved climax as well. For a moment she remembered that she’d been given the option of having her conditioned to only be able to cum when commanded to. And for a moment, she wished she’d chosen the option. It would have been so wonderfully fucked up.

But the thought soon passed, dissolving into post-coital regret along with the rest of her fantasies.

But she didn’t feel as bad as she had before. Not with Diana laying by her side adorably, smiling so contently.

“It still feels wrong,” she said. “I just raped you, didn’t I?” she said. She didn’t quite feel it, but some part of her knew that it was true. Diana hadn’t wanted this. They had made her want it against her will.

“Shut up Hannah, I wanted this more than life itself, “ Diana said calmly, happily. She sounded relaxed, like she was close to falling asleep. Like a lover next to her.

Hannah nodded. There wasn’t really any point in denying the reality of it, was there? Whatever had happened, right now Diana was doing exactly what she wanted to do. Hannah had known all along that she would have to come to terms with it. There was no other way left to go forward. Diana had said it herself: No matter what happened to her, whatever she was told to do, she would always be doing it to serve Hannah.

That meant that Hannah was on the hook either way. She was responsible. She had already done the bad thing. The only thing she could do now was live with it as best as she could. Make out if it whatever made her and Diana the happiest.

Next to her, Diana shifted in bed to look at her.

“You can rape me if you want,” she said innocently. “You can admit it if that would get you off. I would love it. I would love to be your quivering, squirming bitch. Fuck. That would be so hot. To be used for my body. You could tie me up. You could hit me.”

Hannah hated that she was considering it. Some part of her was screaming ‘yes’.

“Maybe some other time,” she said. Diana smiled.

“Whenever you’re ready. Whatever you want. I’m yours to use. I want it.”

Hannah swallowed. “I want the company back,” she said.

Diana laughed softly.“I know,” she chuckled. “But you can’t have it.”

* * *

Hannah sat up. “What?!” she shouted.

“Not yet.” Diana said, eyes wide and apologetic. “And at any rate, you probably shouldn’t.”

Hannah shook her head. She didn’t understand. Anger was boiling in her chest. This had been the entire point. She owned Diana, and with Diana, she owned the company.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”

“I split it up!” Diana said with a tone of quiet regret. “If you’d read my emails you would know. It’s a board of directors now. It’s all done by vote. The CEO position was too powerful, so I nerfed it.”

“You didn’t! Who are—”

“Thomas, Alex, and Eliza. They’re just as smart as me, and trustworthy.”

Hannah scoffed with distaste. She couldn’t believe that Diana would just give up her power like that. What the fuck?! For a moment, she was speechless as she tried to find some appropriately caustic words to throw at Diana to tell her what a bad decision it had been to promote the three of them to be her oversight committee. But she couldn’t. Not really. She would never have done it, but if she’d done it, she would have picked the same people.

Still, how fucking dare she?!

“This was OUR company, Diana!”

“But it isn’t just the two of us anymore,” Diana said. “There are hundreds of people working for us now. It is also their company.”

“I can’t believe you’re still fucking saying this,” Hannah said. “You’re my slave! You’re supposed to serve me!”

“I will,” Diana said, eyes wide with pain. “I will always serve you. Anything for you. I would burn it all to the ground for you! I will personally slit their throats if you tell me.”

That shut Hannah up.

“But I don’t think it’s what you should do. I say this as your loyal, obedient, eager slave: You ran the company badly, and you should never be running it again if you want it to prosper.”

Hannah was trying hard not to slap Diana across the face.

“I want it to be yours!” Diana pleaded. “I want it all to be yours! But you really, really should let others run it. Please! I want you to be happy! I need you to succeed! And you won’t. Not by yourself!”

This was unbelievable. Hannah literally couldn’t believe it. For a moment, she looked around, expecting police to rush in as the finale of Diana’s deception. Surely, she had played her, pretending to be a slave to build her up before bringing her down once and for all. This was how it was going to end. Diana would laugh in her face as it all came crashing down.

But nothing happened except for a naked Diana staring at her with big, caring eyes. There was nothing in her expression other than pure devotion.

“You really believe that?” Hannah said after a long moment of silence—and as she said it she realized that she hadn’t entertained the possibility before. It had been so fucking obvious that Diana had been jealous. That she had been wrong. It had been a power move. A conniving, cheating, calculated power grab. It had never occurred to Hannah that Diana could have actually acted out of anything other than self-interest.

But here she was, telling her that she would kill for her in the same breath as telling her that that was exactly what had happened.

“I do,” Diana said. “I want you to be perfect, but you aren’t. Telling you that you are would be a disservice to you, and I can’t do it. I need to serve you as best as I can, and I can’t lie about this. I’m sorry. I want you to be happy.”

Hannah sighed.

“So… you go back, and I stay out? Things stay as they were? That’s what you think is best?”

“No! Fuck no,” Diana said. “That’s not what I mean at all! The company needs to be yours. Anything for you! Anything you can get! Fuck everyone else!”

“But you just said that—”

“—the company itself needs to stay healthy though. That’s what I meant. The way it was going, it was all going to fall apart. But it won’t be with the four of us at the top, serving you.”

Hannah winced as she realized what Diana was suggesting.

“You alone can’t give me the company back,” she said with a sigh and a resigned nod. “I need the board on my side as well.” Some part of her still clung to the small hope that Diana had an idea to just convince them. But she already knew better.

She shook her head. “No,” she said. “I’m not enslaving them, too.”

“You don’t need them on your side when they’re at your feet.” Diana said with a wink. “How much does it cost?? It can’t be that much if you could afford me.”

“No. Not happening.”

Diana fell quiet. She looked thoughtful, focussed. She was thinking hard.

“Whatever you wish. But it’s that way or no way,” she said eventually. “They won’t take you back otherwise. It’s not like you’re crossing some moral line here, Hannah. You’ve already crossed it a while back. This isn’t making it worse. It’s making sure that the first one wasn’t for nothing.”

“No!” Hannah shouted, and Diana pressed her lips together.

“We’re not doing this. I felt absolutely shitty about what I did to you. I… I… I don’t regret it. Not any more. Only a little bit. And only because you told me how much you want it now, and because I can’t change it. But I can’t keep doing this. This is good enough, isn’t it? You’re CEO, and I can have all your money. You’re mine.” She took Diana’s hand. “That’s more than enough.”

Diana smiled awkwardly through gritted teeth, taking a deep breath.

“Well… here’s the thing: I already ordered them enslaved.”

Hannah’s mouth dropped open in shock.

“You did what now?”

“I was right there, in their secret compound!” Diana said apologetically. “Freshly enslaved and in full possession of my mental faculties. I knew who I served, and it was obvious why you had enslaved me. So I just asked for their boss, and placed the order to enslave them before I came here.”

“WHAT?! And they just let you do that?! You’re supposed to be me property! My slave!”

“Do you think the kind of criminals who do amoral stuff like kidnapping and enslaving people for money cared about who or what I was when I offered them a million dollars each?”

Hannah shook her head, absolutely dumbstruck.

“I’m also supposed to tell you that it will take some time since their enslavement will need to be staggered to avoid suspicion,” Diana added meekly.

“Cancel it,” Hanna demanded urgently, but Diana shook her head.

“No refunds,” she said. “Worst case, we do what you thought of earlier with me: Just tell them to act like they would have acted before. Go back to normal. They’ll do it. The money will be gone either way. Please.”

Hannah wanted to tell her no. She wanted to tell her to call it all off. There was still time. It was the right thing to do. It was the moral thing to do.

But she’d already crossed that line. And it was three million dollars. And they’d be happy. She knew that they’d be happy. Just like Diana. And she would get what she wanted. And even more than that, if she demanded it. They would obey her. They would do anything she asked. Anything at all.

There really was only one choice for her now.

“You magnificent bitch,” she said quietly. “You clever, conniving, magnificent piece of work. This is exactly why all of this happened in the first place. You, taking matters into your own hands behind my back.”

Diana shrugged with a mischievous smile. “Feeling lucky to have me as your obedient slut yet?”

“Still getting used to it,” Hannah said with a sigh of resignation, and finally kissed her.

“But it’s getting better.”

* * *