The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bypass The Subconscious

by Bad Wolf

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The camera feed flared to life and I stood before it in a normal looking living room, an earth tone couch was flanked by two easy chairs, one slightly smaller than the other. I was dressed in dark slacks and light gray dress shirt, looking for all the world like a young teacher about to begin a lecture.

She sat on the couch in a knee length green dress and black flats. In the frame she was behind and slightly to the left of me I made the introductions.

“My name is Arthur T. Chessman, I am a student of psychiatry and I am dabbling in hypnotherapy, this is my subject…” I trailed off to allow her to introduce herself.

Picking up on the hint she leaned forward and a little too formally said “Kimberly MacDonald” and then sat back and looked at me expectantly.

Resuming I continued “…whom I have known since childhood. We are here today to record an experiment in hypnosis to test the common belief that the subconscious will protect the conscious mind even in a state of deep hypnosis. My subject has volunteered to be placed in a deep trance and then subjected to commands she would never agree to in a conscious stare. I will also try to implant an embarrassing post hypnotic suggestion that will expire in a few days.” I chuckled at that, because I planned to make some suggestions, but if they worked they would be far more than embarrassing and they would not go away in a few days.

I turned to Kimberly and asked “Do you agree with everything I have just said Kimberly?”

She smiled up at me with her green eyes looking slightly mischievous and declared “I agree. I understand you intend to try and make me disrobe and then perform a sex act on you. I have agreed to let you try since I am a lesbian I believe my subconscious will prevent this from happening, for the record IF you somehow succeed I swear not to press charges, I am of sound mind and body and I am giving my consent. Not that I think you have a snowball’s chance in hell.”

I nodded and quickly set a small wooden table in front of Kimberly. Upon the table rested a modified metronome with a 2-inch round mirror mounted on the top of the arm plus a flex-mounted LED light attached to the back of the table which arced up and over the metronome. The light was aimed at the spot where the mirror would pass as it reached the top of its arc when the arm was swinging.

I dimmed the lights in the room and turned on the LED light, then pushed the metronome into motion. The large arm swung back and forth with a “whump—whump” sound. I made a minor adjustment to the angle of the light so that when the metronome reached the apex it reflected the light into Kimberly’s eyes with a flash.

As the arm of the metronome swung back and forth I began speaking in a low monotone t Kimberly:

Whump-Whump: “Focus on the flashing light Kimberly”

Whump-Whump: “Relax your mind and listen to the sound of the metronome”

Whump-Whump: “The light and the sound are all that matters”

Whump-Whump: “The rest of the world will recede as your focus improves”

Whump-Whump: “Feel yourself letting go of worries and anxiety”

Whump-Whump: “Nothing exists outside the light and my voice”

This went on for about 10 minutes, until her breathing was shallow and her eyes glazed over.

At this point I said “When you are completely focused on the light you will see it even when it is gone. When you can see the flashing light in your mind, I want you stand up. You will continue to see the light rhythmically flashing in your mind and you will hear only my voice. ”

A moment later she stood up from the couch and stared off into space past the camera.

I asked in the same monotone “Can you hear me Kimberly?”

She responded, her voice slow and slightly higher pitched than before “yes”.

“Kimberly,” I said “Raise your right hand to your left ear.” This is not something most people do often but she did it without hesitation or awkwardness.

“Kimberly I want you to take off your dress” I told her.

She hesitated a moment then began removing the dress allowing it to drop to the floor. She stood before me in her tan bra and panties. She was gorgeous. With green eyes and blond hair she stood five foot four inches tall, her skill was toned and tanned, her bra held a pair of 34C breasts and she had legs that any sane man would want wrapped around his waist.

I turned to the camera and said “The moment of truth” then turned back to Kimberly and commanded “Kimberly, take off your bra and panties.”

“No” she said.

“No?” I asked “why not?”

“She continued to stare ahead and stated “I don’t want to be naked in front of you.”

“Why not?” I questioned her.

“Because I am a lesbian” she stated.

I pushed on “Have you had sex with men in the past?”

“Yes” she said in that high voice.

“Then why do you resist me?” I asked.

“I was confused then and I never enjoyed it.” She stated.

I pulled out a toy gun from my back pocket and held it out. “Take this gun Kimberly, it’s a real weapon and it’s loaded with real bullets”

She reached out and took the gun.

“Good,” I said, now place the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger.

She got as far was pointing the barrel at her mouth and stopped.

“Why are you not obeying?” I demanded.

“I don’t want to die.” She said matter-of-factly.

I took the ‘weapon’ back from her trembling hands. Then I smiled and looked at the camera and declared “As you can see the subject’s subconscious is preventing her from doing this. Proving that even when hypnotized a person cannot be forced to go against their nature. This concludes my experiment for today.”

I pulled the remote from my pocket and pushed a button, the camera feed died.

Then it flared back to life showing the clock had only moved forward by one minute.

“Now onto phase two where I test a way to bypass the subconscious and actually use it to re-write the conscious mind to make the subject do anything you want them to do.” I said with a grin. “And I do mean ANYTHING.”

I turned back to Kimberly and said “Kimberly, can you hear me?”

“Yes” she intoned

“Good,” I told her “Now Kimberly I want you to imagine a robot that we will call ‘Kim-bot’, this robot looks like you in every detail except she is a blank slate with no personality or memories. Can you see it in your mind?”

“I can see it” She declared.

“Excellent, now Kimberly I want you to help this robot by letting me copy your memories, doing so will not harm you in any way and when it is done you can lie down rest on the couch, will you let me copy your memories? It is perfectly safe.”

“Yes…” she said drowsily.

I walked up to her and stuck an earbud from an old music player in her ear and told her ”This is the mind copier, it will allow me to copy your memories, it will only take 30 seconds so when you are ready begin counting backwards from 30.”

She started counting backwards, when she reached zero she sighed and sat down on the couch then turned and lay on her back, staring up.

I reached out and touched her forehead and said “Stand up and forget that you are Kimberly.”

She did so and then I said “Good, now I want you to forget that you stood up.” She stood there giving no response so I plowed ahead asking “Where is Kim-bot?”

“Kim-bot is standing beside the couch” she replied.

“Look down” I instructed. When she did as I commanded I asked “Where are you?”

She remained looking down and responded “I am standing by the couch.”

I smiled again and said “So you must be the robot copy of Kimberly, correct?”

She didn’t respond for a second and I began to sweat a little, then her mouth moved…

“Yes” she said.

It was go-time.

“I will now set the mind copier to write mode and place it in your ear. In 30 seconds you will have a copy of Kimberly’s memories, everything she knew, you will know, but you will not be Kimberly, you will still be Kim-bot.” I paused and then put the bud in her ear.

Kimberly’s eyes fluttered for a second then closed. When they were closed I began counting down from 30. Upon reaching zero her eyes popped open.

“Robot, do you have Kimberly’s memories and personality now?” I asked.

Kimberly’s head twitched and in a flat monotone she said “Yes.”

“Are you certain you are a robot? Or do you believe you are the human named Kimberly MacDonald?”

She stared off and responded in that monotone “I am Kim-Bot, I have a copy of the human Kimberly MacDonald’s mind but I am not that human.”

Time for the serious work to begin.

“Kim-bot are you sure you are not human?” I asked

“I am certain.” she responded.

My smile widened. “And you are able to access the memories and personality of Kimberly MacDonald?” I asked.

“Affirmative” she replied.

“Can you modify those memories and personality under my instruction?” I asked, trying to keep my breathing steady.

“Affirmative” she replied.

I had to focus not to cheer at that response.

It was working!

I took a deep breath and said “First we need to change your syntax, Kim-bot. I want you to substitute ‘Yes, Master’ for ‘Affirmative’ and ‘No, Master’ for ‘Negative’. Do you understand?

“Yes, Master” she responded in that monotone.

“Next I want you to emulate Kimberly’s voice tone and speech patterns, can you do this for me?” I asked.

“Yes, Master.” She said in her normal voice.

It was time for another test, so I said “remove your bra and panties and kneel in front of me.”

She efficiently removed the articles of clothing and dropped to her knees. “Excellent” I said “Now Kim-bot do you have access to memories of Kimberly ever giving a man a blow-job?”

“Yes, Master” she replied.

“And do these memories include her swallowing when the man ejaculated in her mouth?” I inquired.

“No, Master” she informed me, “Her memories show she allowed the male to ejaculate on her chest.”

That won’t do, I thought then said “Access memories of food, specifically favorite yogurt.”

“Memories found” she responded.

“Now can you splice the memory of swallowing the yogurt to the end of the memory of giving a blow-job to create a template for swallowing the ejaculation?” I asked.

“Yes, Master” she said.

“Do it” I told her, “then use that modified memory to perform a blow-job on me.”

“No, Master.” She said evenly.

My eyes widened and I started to panic, this had to work! Then asked “Why not?”

“Because you are wearing pants.” she said.

I face palmed. Then I dropped my slacks and pulled down my boxers to reveal my rapidly stiffening member. “Now can you do it?” I asked warily.

“Yes, Master. Initiating modified blow job.” she said as she moved to take my cock in her hands and placed her mouth over the tip.

She began to move her head up and down my dick, her technique wasn’t good but then she hadn’t had much practice. I didn’t care, I would make sure she got lots and lots of practice in the future. While it was a warm and soft feeling, there was something missing. “Hum something” I ordered.

She responded by humming ‘I am a little teapot’ which made me burst out laughing, but she paid me no mind and continued her activity until I got my laughter under control. A few moments later I was ready to blow my load and shortly thereafter I let fly into her warm and willing mouth. She stopped moving up and down my shaft and began pulling back slowly as my balls emptied into her mouth. As she did so she swallowed slowly and precisely until I stopped cumming, then she sat back and resumed her kneeling posture.

I sat down on the couch to catch my breath and looked at her. On impulse I asked “What are you thinking?”

“I am not thinking” she said, “I am awaiting commands.”

“And will you obey any commands I give you?” I asked her.

“Yes, Master” she replied “I have no restrictions on my actions.”

I needed to test that so I pulled out a toy gun, I held it out to her.

“This is a real gun, take it and place the barrel in your mouth then pull the trigger knowing it will destroy you.” I said nervously.

I expected hesitation from her but she reached out, took the gun, stuck the barrel in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened of course.

“There seems to be an error with the gun” I told her as I gently removed the prop from her hand. ”Disregard my last instruction.”

“Disregarded” she said without a trace of emotion.

Now that I had proven I could get her to do things she found suicidal I think I had enough confidence to move to phase three.

I stood up and rubbed my palms together as I went to get my magnetic whiteboard and easel from the next room. It had an erasable pen and set of a dozen small colored rectangle magnets on right side. I set it up facing the camera and wrote some words on it along the left side and a set of numbers from 0 to 10 across the top. Then I turned to Kim-bot and said “Kim-Bot, stand up and then access Kimberly’s personality and rate each of these items on a 10-scale using the magnets.”

She stood up, then paused for a moment before stepping up to the board where she began placing magnets, when she stepped back the board read:

I looked over the chart and then made some modifications, when I was done the chart looked like:

I looked at Kim-bot and asked “Can you modify the Kimberly personality to match these settings?”

“Yes, Master.” She said.

“Do it” I said.

“Yes, Master.” She said, her head dipped and then rose again and she announced: “Overwrite complete.”

I turned back to the board and erased the previous “settings” and wrote in new parameters. I pulled off the magnets and put them in Kim-bot’s hands.

“Display Kimberly’s current settings for these parameters” I instructed.

Kim-bot closed her eyes for a second and then opened them and began placing the magnets again. In the end the chart read:

Disappointing but not unexpected. I could hardly keep my hands from shaking as made the changes… When I was done the board looked more like:

“Kim-bot,” I commanded, “Overwrite Kimberly personality to match settings displayed on the board in front of you.”

I waited for a moment as her head dipped again and then she announced “Overwrite complete”

If this worked when I awoke Kimberly’s personality she would be my loving, obedient little bondage slut, eager to be used and controlled by me.

I thought about it for a minute, after all such a radical change could cause mental problems if I didn’t create some cushioning for her mind.

“Kim-bot” I said “make the following changes to Kimberly long term memories and personality:”

“Change one:” I stated “Kimberly has always secretly desired to be controlled and dominated by Arthur Chessman.”

I paused while she did that blink and head dip that seemed to indicate that the over write had taken, then went on in succession:

“Change two: Kimberly will believe that she has only lived a lesbian lifestyle in order to save herself for Arthur Chessman. Every time she has had sex she has fantasized that her partner was Arthur Chessman.”


“Change three: Kimberly will believe with absolute certainty that upon being hypnotized, she found herself unable to resist obeying Arthur Chessman’s commands and admitted that she loved Arthur Chessman and wanted to be controlled by him. She will never think that this was anything but her natural response to the fulfillment of her deepest fantasies. Kimberly will remember breaking down under hypnosis and declaring her true feelings of submissiveness and desire to serve Arthur Chessman.”


“Change four: Kimberly will have no memory of Kim-bot and will never question why her thoughts and attitude changed after being hypnotized. She will also reject any attempts by anyone other than Arthur Chessman to hypnotize her.”


“Change five: Replace all previous memories of Kimberly having an orgasm before today with memories of faking orgasm. Delete memory of real orgasm experience.”


I thought for a moment then added “Change six: Kimberly will spontaneously orgasm when the following three parameters are met: When she is spanked while her hair is pulled by someone saying the words ‘little slut’.”


I ended with “Change seven: Kimberly will go to sleep and the Kim-bot personality will be reactivated whenever I say the phrase ‘Reboot in Kim-bot mode’. Likewise Kim-bot will deactivate and the Kimberly personality will awaken when I say the phrase ‘Awaken in Kimberly mode’ .”


I placed the earbud in her ear and ordered “Now Kim-bot copy all modified memories and personality for Kimberly to the storage device.”

She closed he eyes and 30 seconds later opened them and announced “Copy complete.”

“Lie down on the couch.” I told her, as I removed the ear bud prop, once she was lying down I continued. ”Deactivate Kim-bot. Become Kimberly again but remain hypnotized and open your eyes.”

Kimberly opened her eyes and I saw the glazed look was still present, I asked her “Who are you?”

She responded “Kimberly Macdonald” in that higher pitched tone of hypnotized Kimberly.

I placed the earbud back in her ear and said “Kimberly these are the memories you loaned to Kim-bot, you need to copy them back into your own mind now.”

“OK” she sighed and closed her eyes. Once again 30 seconds passed and then she reopened her eyes.

Now it was time to see if this would hold after the hypnotism wore off.

I went to my bedroom and grabbed the items I had procured in case things went well. I came back with a pair of leather bondage cuffs, a black leather collar with a little “slave” tag and a condom, then returned to where Kimberly lay and commanded “Reboot in Kim-bot mode”.

Her eyes closed and then reopened with the vacant stare of Kim-bot, I stood her up and put the cuffs on her wrists then the collar around her neck. Then I sat down on the couch and pulled on the condom and told her to straddle me. Then I said “Fuck me Kim-bot and when I count of three you will shut down and this hypnosis session will end. Kimberly will awaken with no memory of being Kim-bot. She will then orgasm, and will believe it to the first one she has ever had in her life.”

“Yes, Master.” She answered and then Kim-bot began mechanically moving up and down my cock, when I felt my second load of the night about to erupt I said “one, two, three!”

Kim-bot’s eyes closed and a second later they snapped open, no longer glazed and looking somewhat confused, then I came as Kimberly had her ‘first’ orgasm, she practically howled as it hit her.

After a moment she came to her senses, looked at me, looked at herself impaled on my cock, saw the cuffs on her wrists and felt the collar around her neck. She took a deep, shuddering breath and fell forward onto me.

Her voice was hoarse as she whispered “It’s true, it’s all true. I tried to hide it for years Arthur, but the hypnosis made me face the truth. I have always loved you, I’ve always wanted you to make me yours. I needed to belong to you, I waited and prayed that you would one day take me and make me your woman, but I was too scared to tell you. God how I dreamed of you kidnapping me, tying me down and then ravaging me just so I could give in to you.”

Her voice was close to a sob now as she went on; “Please say you love me, please say you’ll make me yours. I’ll do anything you want, I’ll BE anything you want, just let me stay with you, let me serve you, let me love you… My god, I’ve never had an orgasm before with anyone. I need that again, I need so much…” She trailed off, her cuffed arms around my neck, the collar rubbing against my shoulder.

I took her face in my hands and pulled her back so I could look into her eyes and said “Truth be told, I’ve wanted to tie you up and fuck you into submission for as long as I can remember. So yes, you can stay with me and be my lover. I’ll treat you exactly how you want to be treated and I promise you will always be happy.”

She squealed in delight and in a choked voice said “Thank you Arthur!” as she began humping my softening dick back to life while hugging me tight.

I thought to myself ‘Kim-bot will make sure about the happy and obedient part…’ and then I grabbed her mane of blond hair with my left hand as I slapped her ass-cheek with my right and growled “Call me ‘Master’, you little slut” in her ear.

She had another orgasm and panted “Yes Master!” and gave me a deep tongue-filled kiss.

As I grew hard again inside her hungry pussy, I began to wonder if she had any cute lesbian girlfriends who might be willing to let me test my hypnosis “theory” on them…

But that was for another day, right now I had a gorgeous ex-lesbian slut that wanted nothing more than to be used like living sex doll, and I intended to use her well.