The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Call the Police”

Madeline slid her phone across the coffee table to where Shaylene was sitting, her elegantly manicured red fingernails pressing lightly against the glass surface to prevent even the tips of her pale fingers from activating the touch screen. “Please, go right ahead,” she said, her voice as smooth and perfect as her carefully made up face. “You can use my phone if you want. Tell them that your best friend has been brainwashed by a sinister hypnotist into becoming a lesbian sex slave, and that you need to rescue her from Madame Josephine’s evil clutches. Tell them and see what they—”

Shaylene scooped up the phone and stabbed out a single mahogany brown finger at the ‘Call’ icon, then went to the keypad and pressed 9-1-1. She put the phone to her ear and as soon as the operator answered, she said, “Hello, my name is Shaylene Wilsburg and I’m currently at 400 West Peachtree Street NW, Unit...” She paused, struggling to remember the number on the door of the ritzy condominium she followed Tia up to. “Unit 499B. My friend is here and she seems really out of it, like I think she might have been drugged or something, and the woman who owns the place won’t let her leave. Can you send an officer to help her get home?”

She favored ‘Madame Josephine’ with a wide, innocent smile that showed every single tooth. Her big brown eyes crinkled in an ‘oops, did I do that?’ expression of mischievous amusement. “Thank you,” she said, in response to the woman on the other end of the line. “No, I understand. I’ll just wait here with my friend. No, I don’t think there’s any danger. She’s not threatening us, she just won’t let us leave. No, I don’t mind waiting on the line at all. I—no, I’m afraid I don’t know what she took. Her eyes look kind of glassy, though, and she’s not really responding when I talk to her. She’s acting...”

Shaylene trailed off into silence, trying to find an accurate and tactful way to describe Tia’s behavior. Her best friend was down on her knees on the immaculate hardwood floor, naked with one hand down between her legs and the other pinching and squeezing her dark brown nipples. Her jaw hung slack, and drool spilled down her chin as she mumbled something too incoherent for Shaylene to make out properly. She didn’t seem to notice either of the woman currently arguing over her. Her eyes had rolled back in her head until only the whites showed, and her warm brown eyelids fluttered in exquisite, mindless pleasure.

“She’s acting funny,” Shaylene said at last. “I’ll be really glad if you can get someone here just to help her get home. I’ll make sure her family takes care of her.” That last bit wasn’t quite true. Shaylene didn’t have any intention of mentioning that they were even out at a lesbian club, much less that Tia wound up leaving with some rich white chick who spoke to her in low, soft tones until Tia’s eyes glazed over and she sleepwalked her way to the ritzy condos six blocks away. She was just going to get Tia home, sit on her goddamn chest until she snapped out of all this hypnosis bullshit, make her promise to keep her distance from this crazy bitch, and hope that was the end of it.

Judging by the way Josephine was looking at her, it probably wouldn’t be. The tall Caucasian woman sat in her high-backed velvet chair, tapping her fingers on the wooden arm as if she was waiting for a particularly inept high school play to finish. She didn’t look angry, though. That was the scary part to Shaylene, the bit that made her really fucking happy that the 9-1-1 operator wasn’t hanging up on her. She didn’t look like she was furious at Shaylene for taking her toy away or unhappy that some dumb bitch from Lakewood Heights who should be cleaning her toilets was sitting across from her like an equal or even that kind of desperate, scared mad people sometimes get when they’re trying to bluster through a bad situation. She looked....

Shit. She looked like she thought it was funny. Shaylene didn’t like that at all. Josephine looked like she thought the whole thing was going according to plan, like this was just the boring bit she had to sit through before the real fun could begin. She looked like she knew something Shaylene didn’t. And that made Shaylene very grateful for the calming presence of the woman on the other side of the phone. Not so much to have someone to talk to, although she was glad to answer questions like, “Is there anyone else there?” and “Is the woman armed?” No, she was glad someone else was listening.

Because if Josephine knew there was someone else paying attention, it made her a little less likely to try to... well, not that she probably could, not with Shaylene on her guard, but—but Tia was no dummy, she was going to community college, and she didn’t seem to be able to stop herself from sinking into a daze while Shaylene was off talking to the leggy blonde with the bunny ears and the glowstick necklace. If this woman was some kind of weird hypnotist who could make someone play with themselves, maybe she could do it with Shaylene? Even when she was watching for it. Even when she tried to stop it.

The idea gave her shivers. She was really grateful when the dispatcher said, “We’ve got an officer on site and coming up in the elevator now.” Even when the sound on the other end of the line cut out, and Shaylene pulled the phone away from her face to see that the battery had died completely, she still couldn’t hide her expression of relief. She never thought she’d actually be fucking happy to see a police officer, but this whole damn night was full of the kind of weird shit she never thought would actually happen to her.

Even when Josephine forced her features into her own wide-eyed, innocent stare and said, “Oh dear! I must not have realized how low that phone was on battery when I gave it to you! It’s just lucky it lasted as long as it did, instead of disconnecting right after you told them my address.” Her deep brown eyes betrayed nothing but sincere concern, but Shaylene involuntarily shuddered at the thought of spending the last twenty minutes by herself with the sinister, charismatic woman sitting across from her. “I’m sure you could call back on your own, but there’s no need, is there? Not with the police already on their way and everything.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Josephine stood in a swift, graceful motion and made her way to the small foyer in four strides of her long legs. She slid back the bolt and the chain, then twisted the handle and stepped back. “Come in, officer!” she said, her expression suddenly so refined and charming that Shaylene almost wondered if she hadn’t imagined the cold, calculating woman who’d been staring at her just moments ago. “I’m afraid there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding. I’m very grateful to you for stopping by and clearing it up.”

Shaylene’s heart sank for a moment—she knew full well what happened when a white woman turned on her ‘Can I please speak to the manager?’ voice around authority figures. But she was momentarily buoyed when the officer asked, “May I come inside?” and the voice was unmistakably that of a Black woman. It was even more of a relief when the black woman turned out to be butch, short, and so obviously lesbian that Shaylene’s gaydar pinged involuntarily. If she had to get the cops involved, at least she was lucky enough to get a cop who understood women like her.

But still nothing cracked that veneer of calm. “Of course, officer!” Josephine cooed, gesturing to the living room and closing the door behind her as the police woman entered. “You see, I just got back from the club with this absolutely darling young thing—she and I hit it off so well, and it turns out we were both into... well, are you familiar with something called ‘power exchange’, officer?” She favored the butch woman with a slightly embarrassed grin that suggested she was just a little bit hesitant about talking so openly about her kink... but also that she knew she was in the presence of someone who understood. Shaylene’s jaw dropped in open amazement at the manipulative little bitch’s skills.

The police woman opened her mouth to speak—she’d already noticed Tia still vacantly masturbating on the living room floor, dripping musky fluids onto the hardwood as she burbled out incoherent mantras of obedience—but Josephine filled in every gap in the conversation with the assumption of assent so smoothly and easily that it was almost like the possibility of disagreement couldn’t exist. “And as you can see, my good girl was very much into the idea. She gets off on being caught, you see. On being watched while she fucks herself for me. It makes her incredibly wet.” For just a moment, Josephine’s voice softened, becoming low and husky and seductive as she described Tia’s masturbatory predicament.

Then, almost as if it had never happened, she was back to her previous ‘reasonable white woman explains it all’ voice. “And I think she must have been secretly hoping that her friend would catch her in the act, because she told this young woman where we were heading. And I’m afraid that Miss... Shaytelle, was it?” She glanced over at Shaylene as if she only barely noticed the other woman’s existence. “That she jumped to conclusions about it all. You know what it’s like with some girls. They don’t really... understand why a woman could want this.”

The officer didn’t exactly look understanding. She had a stern, stone-faced expression on her face, and her eyes gave off nothing but a cool and professional indifference to anything but the facts. But at the same time, she didn’t look incredulous, either. Shaylene suddenly understood just how hard it was going to be to prove anything bad had actually happened. Tia wasn’t going to back up her version of events, and Josephine had a lot of ways to make the situation even worse if she wanted to. All she needed to do was say that Shaylene pushed her way in, and suddenly the young woman was looking at a trespassing charge. Maybe even breaking and entering.

Shaylene tried to interject something, but her brain just kind of... locked up at the sheer enormity of the task of breaking the narrative pattern that Josephine was establishing. The other woman’s version of events was clear. It was simple. It made sense in the world of stories and archetypes that people inhabited. Josephine was obviously rich and powerful, and rich and powerful people did kinky shit and the cops knew better than to mess with them. Shaylene was poor and dressed trashy and looked like she’d never graduated high school, and she was making a big fuss that was going to cause a lot of trouble if the officer believed her. Shaylene already knew how this story ended.

Desperately, she tried to at least drag the conversation away from questions of who was to blame. “Can you just give me and my friend a ride home, ma’am? We...” Shaylene tried to choke back a sudden sob of anxiety, and was perversely grateful that she couldn’t quite hold it in. Her tears were never going to stack up to rich white woman tears, but they had to be good for something. “We just want to go home. Okay?”

But Josephine smiled like that was exactly the opening she’d been looking for. “Does Tia look like she wants to go home, officer? Look at her face. Look at that soft, sleepy smile she has. She looks happy. She looks so blissful down there on her knees, letting her mind drift away into that warm, beautiful place inside her head where surrender is the best thing in the world for her. She looks like there’s nowhere she’d rather be right now than kneeling for me. She looks so very, very happy right now.”

Shaylene felt a sick, sinking ball of worry grow inside her gut as Josephine’s voice grew softer, more coaxing with every word. “Really look at her closely, officer. Take in every detail. See the way those eyelids keep fluttering, desperate to slam shut into a deep haze of mindless arousal? She wants to close those heavy, tired eyes so badly and float in a sea of pleasure for me, but she knows I’ve commanded her to keep them open. Even though the ecstasy keeps washing over her in waves, making her drowsy body feel so good and warm and happy that all she wants to do is sink into bliss forever, she wants to please me even more. It feels even better than fucking herself. It feels even better than cumming for me.”

Shaylene could see the police woman’s eyes glaze over just a little, losing some of their cynical hardness and softening into fascination at the woman on the floor and her obvious, evident enjoyment of her own subjugation. She wanted to do something to snap the officer out of it, to shout or scream or give the other woman a hard slap, but Shaylene knew that would give Josephine just the excuse she needed to paint Shaylene as irrational and violent. She’d be kicked out—kicked out if she was lucky—and Josephine would have Tia all to herself for the night. And Shaylene just knew that by tomorrow, it would be too late. Josephine was just too good at this hypnosis crap.

“Look at those big, soft tits, those firm nipples,” Josephine purred, leaning a little closer to the officer’s body and letting her intoxicating closeness become a promise of further intimacy to come. “See how stiff her nipples are? She’s playing with them for me, and they’re tingling so hard right now. She can’t think with all that pleasure flowing through her. It’s saturating her mind, filling her brain with arousal. She’s so focused on her body right now. She’s so completely mesmerized by the warm, wonderful feelings she’s experiencing. Just imagine how good it feels to be that consumed with utter, decadent bliss. She doesn’t want to leave, officer. She never wants to leave that happy place inside her head.”

Josephine’s hand snaked out delicately, pressing against the small of the police woman’s back and warming her skin through the thin fabric. “All she wants to do is keep cumming, keep rubbing, keep losing herself deeper and deeper in the pleasure now. There’s not a single thought inside that pretty, empty, vacant head. It feels too good to think. It feels too hot to think. It feels too sexy to masturbate away that silly mind and let go of everything except for that wonderful euphoric feeling of deep, helpless bliss.” The officer started a bit at the touch, but it was only for a moment. Then the rhythm of Josephine’s slow, stroking fingers seeped into the distracted woman’s head and soothed her even further into fascinated arousal.

Shaylene shook her head wildly, her brown eyes wide and terrified, but Josephine merely angled the officer’s body to stare even more directly at Tia’s hypnotized, helpless form. “It’s so good. That pussy is so wet, so aroused right now. Dripping and aching and needy, and there’s so much pleasure waiting for it. Always more pleasure, always more surrender, always more deep and blissful obedience waiting for that pretty cunt. There’s no end to the ecstasy, no end to the wonderful feelings my control evokes. It’s like a warm, wonderful, euphoric dream that never ever stops. It only gets stronger. It only goes deeper.”

Josephine was openly petting the police woman’s body now, her bright red fingernails roaming over every inch of the other woman’s flesh and teasing her through her uniform. The officer’s arms had dropped to her sides and gone slack, and she visibly swayed in time with Josephine’s caresses. “That’s what those words are right now,” Josephine cooed, her voice a sensual murmur in the officer’s ear. “It’s hard to hear them clearly because of that relaxed and sleepy jaw, but that’s what’s looping around and around and around in that pretty, empty head. ‘The deeper I go, the better I feel. The better I feel, the deeper I go. The deeper I go, the better I feel. The better I feel....’”

Shaylene’s blood ran cold as she heard the officer’s voice mutter, in a drowsy monotone that was nothing like what she heard when the police woman arrived, “the deeper i go.” She didn’t sound like she knew she was saying it. She sounded like she was just vocalizing her thoughts.

“That’s right,” Josephine said, steering the helpless woman into a slow, sleepy fall to her knees with gentle pressure applied just at the moment of each swaying motion. “The better I feel, the deeper I go. The deeper I go, the better I feel.” She reached around and undid the buttons on the officer’s uniform, guiding the hypnotized victim’s hands up to rub and fondle her tits as she exposed them. Then she undid the fascinated police woman’s fly and slid two fingers in to tease her cunt under her panties. “The better I feel, the deeper I go. The deeper I go, the better I feel.”

A minute or two more, and the officer’s conditioning was entirely self-sustaining. Josephine got up and whispered a word or two in Tia’s ears, and soon both women were staring emptily at each other, each one deepening the other with their fascination and focus on the hypnotized, vacant slave in front of them. “D-deep’r I feel....” the police woman muttered, her jaw already growing slack and her speech mushy as she sank into perfect synchronization with Tia’s blank, mindless moans.

Josephine stood up. “Thank you,” she said, favoring Shaylene with a cruel smile. “I’ve always wanted to own some police, but it’s so hard to find a reason to get one into your house without any interruptions. Now I can spend some quality time telling her exactly what to remember about you and about your little friend, and it won’t be long before she’s introducing me to absolutely everyone she knows on the force.” She chuckled coldly. “Just in case you were trying to think about making trouble for me in some other way.”

She slid off her dress, revealing a body that under any other circumstances Shaylene would have killed to spend a night with. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some fun waiting for me with my new pets... and I’m afraid the invitation is for hypnotized slaves only. You can sit and watch if you like. Or you can show yourself out. Or, if you’re willing to admit defeat, you can come join us.” She leaned into the mindless police woman’s face, pressing her cunt directly against the helpless officer’s mouth, then beckoned for Tia to come closer. “It’s entirely up to you.”

Shaylene watched as Tia’s long, talented tongue snaked in between Josephine’s ass cheeks and began to lick. She stared in helpless fascination at the two devoted, mindless women worshiping Josephine’s body. She knew she couldn’t leave—if Josephine had a whole night to program her new slaves, they’d never be free of her control. Shaylene couldn’t walk away and let that happen. And she couldn’t simply sit there and watch a lesbian threesome unfold in front of her. And she—she couldn’t give in. She wouldn’t. She mustn’t.

Shaylene kept watching. The slaves kept licking. Eventually, without even realizing it was happening, her hand crept down between her legs and began to tease her soaking cunt.