The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Campfire

AN: This story is intended to be enjoyed as a fantasy by persons over the age of 18—similar actions if undertaken in real life would be deeply unethical and probably illegal. © MoldedMind, 2019.

* * *

“You’re really a hypnotist?” Liza asked Travis, leaning in closer to the campfire.

Travis shrugged. “I do alright. Just something I picked up as a hobby. You know.”

Liza snorted. Hypnosis was hardly a fun, popular hobby. “You say it like that’s just so natural. Like lots of people pick up hypnosis as a hobby. But it’s not common at all. I’ve never met a hypnotist before now—and that’s if you’re telling me the truth.”

Travis looked up at her. “What, do you want me to prove it to you, or something?”

Liza shrugged, pulling her knees to her chest. The sand shifted beneath her towel to accommodate the motion, and she looked up at the stars for a second. Then back down to Travis.

“Maybe,” She admitted, even with her doubts. “But I don’t know if it will work on me.”

It was too quiet, then. The only sound was the quiet rippling of the waves on the sandy shore, and the occasional rustling in the dark of unseen animals. Liza was suddenly aware of how alone she and Travis were.

She didn’t even know what time it was, but it had to be late. Their other three friends, Rebecca, Nate and Chloe had all headed back up to the cottage over an hour ago, and for that hour, she and Travis had sat there, making small talk. In the back of her mind, the whole time, and even earlier in the night, she’d been chewing on Travis’ confession of his special gift during an earlier game of Two Truths and a Lie, trying to build up the courage to ask him about it.

And now she couldn’t help but notice just how alone she was with him, how quiet it was on the beach. It felt like too much. It felt too overwhelming, too tense. There was too much pressure.

“Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t. Everyone reacts differently, and it’s not really a big deal either way,” Travis replied, his voice soft.

Liza swallowed.

“Did you want to try it?” He asked, his voice curious.

The thought made her stomach twist in fear—yet she held a strange fascination for it. Was it possible to be hypnotized? Was hypnosis real? She’d always assumed it was a made up fantasy that couldn’t really happen—had she been wrong?

“I guess,” She said quietly, after a moment. “But don’t feel bad if I don’t go under like I should… Like I said, it just might not work on me at all.”

“Fair enough,” Travis said, but then he gave her a smile she could see over the fire. “But you’ve got to promise me the same thing. If it doesn’t work on you, don’t you feel bad about it.”

“Deal,” Liza said. “So do you have a… watch, or something?”

Travis snorted. “Hardly. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. I wouldn’t touch a cliché like that with a ten foot pole.”

Despite herself, Liza let out a nervous laugh. “But then… how will you do it?”

Travis sighed, but it was a contented, peaceful sigh. “You let me worry about that,” He said, settling in on his side of the fire. From the soft thump in the sand, she guessed he’d stretched his legs out, and crossed them. He put his hands behind his head like a cushion, and then disappeared out of sight.

Surprised, Liza left her towel, and walked around the campfire to where Travis was now lying in the sand, his eyes towards the sky. “Don’t you at least need to have eye contact, or-or something?”

“Relax, Liza,” Travis said. “Why don’t you just sit down right here next to me, and get nice and comfortable, just like I am?”

Regretting leaving her towel behind, Liza hesitantly lowered herself to the sand. She was only wearing cut-off jean shorts and a bikini top, and so there was no protection from the grainy, gritty feeling of the sand on her back. Her eyes went back up to the stars, which was where Travis seemed to be looking.

“Now, Liza,” He said, in that soft-voice of his, which somehow seemed way louder than it was in contrast to the relative stillness around them. “Let’s leave all your pre-conceptions about hypnosis at the door, alright? Just picture… a nice, big, white box in your mind. And all the preconceptions are these… heavy books on a shelf beside it. And you just shove the books off the shelf, and watch them fall into the box. Can you do that for me, Liza?”

Liza focused on the described mental image, with some difficulty. She pictured the books on the shelf. She pictured the empty white box, and the books falling into it. She even added a little flair of closing the box flaps over the top of them, and taping the box shut—and imagining a little plaque on the shelf that read “Hypnosis,” and a little folded paper sign that read—“No Preconceptions.”

But even having done all that, she didn’t really get how that was going to keep her from having assumptions about what he was going to do next, or what it was going to feel like. Those ideas were still in her brain—the books and the box were only symbols.

“Done,” She said, quietly.

“I think we’ll do a nice, long induction for you,” Travis mused. “Seeing as it’s your first time and all. The important thing is just that you feel comfortable, and good, at all times. Whether or not we can actually get you into trance doesn’t actually matter at all. It’s only important that you enjoy yourself.”

“Can I go grab my towel and come back, then?” She asked.

“Sure,” Travis said.

She got up, retrieved her towel, spread it next to Travis, and lay back down. When the fabric touched her bare back, she let out a sigh. This was her favourite beach towel for a reason—the fabric was so soft and fluffy that it always felt like heaven on her skin.

“Why don’t you tell me what you’re feeling in your body right now?” He asked, his voice pleasantly calm.

“Well, my towel’s really soft—and the fire’s really warm. I haven’t even had to put clothes on over my daywear. I’m not even cold, lying here by the fire.”

“That’s good,” Travis encouraged. “Can you focus on the feel of the fire, for a second? Remember, there is no one way that this should go. There are no rules, and no requirements. The only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable. If you’re feeling good in your body, you’re doing it right. It’s that simple.”

Liza kept her eyes on the night sky, but she allowed her attention to wander back down to earth. Back to where she was laying so comfortably, doing it right. She could feel the heat from the fire licking over her, caressing each section of her body.

“I feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket,” She described, for Travis’ benefit. “Like I’m wrapped in the warmest, cosiest blanket in the world. When I eventually go to bed tonight, it’s not even going to be this comfortable. My bed at home isn’t even as comfortable as this warm fire.”

“Very good,” Travis said. “Does the fire make you feel anything else?”

Liza squinted in concentration for a minute, still looking at the sky. “It makes me feel a bit… sleepy. Like, I’m so warm, I just want to curl up and take a nap.” That was actually sounding like heaven to her right now. The stillness of the night was having a soporific effect now—the coaxing of the waves made her feel like she was being rocked, and the crackling of the fire was like music. She couldn’t have asked for a better sleep-soundtrack. If someone came down here and recorded this, they could easily put it out as a nature sounds album, or a sleep meditation or… something. She was starting to feel too drowsy to care.

“It’s good to feel sleepy,” Travis said, his voice light. “You’re in a very safe environment, where you can sleep with no worries. All your worries and fears can just melt away. In fact, the fire is so warm that it’s causing you to sweat them out, onto your towel. And then they sink through your towel into the sand and just… blow away.”

Liza hummed her agreement. She could feel little beads of sweat running down the sides of her body, dripping onto the towel, just like Travis said—her fears and worries, all that tension from before was dripping out with them.

“The best thing about sleeping is that if you do it right, you can sleep and stay awake at the same time,” Travis murmured, and the contradiction was almost enough to jolt her out of her haze. “Shh,” Travis said. “Trust me. I’m an expert.”

She hesitated for a moment, and then let go and relaxed back to her previous state. If it felt good, that meant it was the right thing to do. And it felt good to relax and trust Travis. So she was doing it right.

“Your mind can slip into the most peaceful, satisfying sleep of your life, and your eyes can stay wide open while your mind sleeps. That’s a really good feeling. Can you taste how good it would feel, to put your mind to sleep, and experience that state of total, complete, full-body relaxation?”

“Mmhmm,” She hummed in response. It was starting to feel hard to say, or even think, proper words. It felt better just… to moan, or hum.

“But there’s only one place your mind can safely and comfortably curl up. Do you know where that is?”

Silently, she shook her head. It didn’t even occur to her that maybe he wouldn’t even see it. Those kinds of thoughts were too hard, too uncomfortable. It felt better just to trust that it was all happening the way it was supposed to. That Travis was taking care of filling in all the gaps.

“The only safe place for your consciousness to sleep is in my Will,” He spoke, and again, the bluntness of the statement almost shook her out of it. “Just feel good,” He murmured softly. “Just relax into the warm, licking heat of the fire… and the quiet, peaceful rippling of the waves… that’s right…”

She felt the alertness draining out sending it away with the sand, and all her other worries.

“My Will is a safe comfortable place for your mind to sleep, Liza,” He coaxed. “It’s warm, and it’s dark, just like the fire, just like the sky. And when you sleep in my Will, you are perfectly primed to obey me. Obeying ensures that the bone deep relaxation just gets deeper and deeper with every act of obedience. And the most satisfying sleep of your life becomes even more satisfying than you ever thought it could be. You relax so fully, so completely, that there’s really no way to capture how good it feels, in words.”

Liza felt her breath hitching in her chest. She could picture the feelings he was describing so clearly. She’d never felt any of them before, but she wanted to, suddenly. He made them sound so delicious, whispering about them like this, in the night.

“Can you feel it, Liza? My Will is already washing over you, licking at your body, encircling you. Holding you like a cocoon. Your true self sleeps inside, waiting to come out. That self that feels so good, all the time… and we have to put your other self to sleep, first, so we can bring the real self out. It’s okay, Liza. I’m holding you in my Will. You are safe.”

She felt it, and she realized how foolish she had been. There was no fire—there never had been. That warm darkness licking at her had been his Will all along, coating and covering her body like a liquid. That warmth she felt was the complete relaxation he had talked about—part of her had realized she was in his Will before her mind had. Of course—it all made sense, now.

She sighed at the realization, and felt him lean close, speaking only inches from her ear.

“My will is seeping into your brain, now, Liza. Can you feel it? It’s slipping in through your ears, reaching your mind, and encasing it like a mold. It’s running along the inside of your skull—it’s such a pleasurable feeling, isn’t it?”

Liza let out a soft exhalation of air. It was the only response she was capable of, because the feeling was electric. It was like a cool liquid, pooling inside her head, but somehow, also stretchy, encasing her mind in such a tight, perfect fit that it gave her shivers of pleasure.

“Your mind is wrapped up, nice and snug in my Will now, Liza. And it’s warm, and it’s safe, and it’s dark. And what does that mean, pretty girl?”

The words poured out of her like magic—she hadn’t thought she was capable of speaking any more, but here they were, clear as day. “It means it’s time for my mind to sleep, Travis. And it’s time for me to obey, and become my true self.”

“Verygood, Liza. You’re such a clever learner for me. But you know that you can only sleep when I tell you to.”

She nodded. Of course she knew that. She always had.

“And when your mind sleeps, you’re still going to be perfectly aware of everything that is happening. In fact, all the sensations in your body are going to multiply many times because your conscious mind won’t be there to get in the way. And when I wake you, you won’t remember what’s happened, unless I tell you to.”

“Yes, Travis.” She spoke, her voice a low drone.

“Pretty girl,” Travis said, his voice still a gentle coaxing. “Call me Master, now.”

“Yes, Master,” She said, feeling a slight shiver run through her.

“Alright, Liza. I’m going to count backwards from five, and with each descending number, you feel my Will wrap more and more tightly around your mind, making you sleepier and sleepier. And when I say, ‘Drop,’ your mind will be entirely asleep.”

“Yes, Master,” She moaned, the thought almost too much to bear.

“5,” he spoke, and she felt it: that cool pulsing energy in her mind, tightening comfortable around her brain. It wasn’t painful at all—it just felt like snuggling deeply into a blanket.

“4,” he said next, and she snuggled deeper. It was starting to feel like her whole head was tingling, on the inside of her skull, and the outside of it. The edges of her consciousness were getting hazy. But that was right and good—she was inside Master’s Will. She was supposed to put her mind to sleep in it.

“3,” came then, and she let out a soft moan. The tingling had intensified pleasurably, and she felt like she was so deep, and so cocooned inside so many beautiful fuzzy blankets that she never wanted to come back out.

“2,” next, and the feeling got even better. Her mind felt like it had gone almost entirely dark. Only the faintest wisps of thought were left, and she knew they would be gone soon. She snuggled in deeper, settling in the safe, warm encasement surrounding her mind.

“1,” at last, and it was so so close that it intoxicated her. All the good feelings intensified further, and she was boneless against her towel, her consciousness hanging on by a thread.

“Sleep in my Will, Liza. Drop.”

It was neat, tight snipping off that last thread, and then her mind was gone, fast asleep, wrapped safely inside its cocoon. It was a strange feeling—she felt she was looking at the world with new eyes. Everything took on a timeless quality, and everything had just a touch of shininess to it—like it was all too perfect to be real.

And the feeling in her body was delicious. Deep, pulsating, drifting liquid pleasure. She’d never felt this kind of relaxation in her body before, never in all her life.

“Pretty girl, it’s time for you to obey me, now,” Master’s voice spoke, and she felt an odd anticipation at that word.”

“I am primed to obey you, Master,” she responded, pleased by how well she was obeying already.

“Obedience is pleasure,” he whispered, and it was like the liquid pleasure, the warmth already inside her was weaponized. It became electrified and she suddenly realized—god, she was horny!

She let out a keening noise. “Shh,” He murmured, in that soft, comforting way of his. “Master will take care of you.”

Fingers, then, on the button of her cut off shorts, and she understood what he was trying to do. She beat him to it, pulling her shorts down for him, and leaving her pussy exposed.

Then she realized she had obeyed him by doing so, and felt another wet, warm pulse of pleasure between her legs.

“You’re doing so well, my pet,” he breathed. “You deserve a very big reward.”

She let out another keening noise at the promise he’d spoken.

Suddenly his hand was there, stroking through her wetness, and she thrust up into it, moaning her pleasure.

“That’s right, just like that,” Master spoke. “Whenever you feel pleasure, it means you are obeying. Because I want you to feel pleasure, beautiful, mind-bending pleasure at all times. So when you allow yourself to feel it, you are obeying me perfectly. And you know that you are obeying me because you can feel the pleasure in your body.”

The thought was deeply satisfying to her, and it only made the pleasure feel better. She thrust herself up more forcefully, trying to urge his fingers inside, and away form their dancing, stroking path that was sending shivers through her. But he didn’t vary from his pace.

“But when you feel pleasure, you also know it is a call to go deeper. Deeper into my control, deeper into your obedience. And the deeper you go, the better it feels. And the better it feels, the deeper you go. And it all just spirals on and on forever. It never stops.”

There were tears in her eyes. It was so beautiful—so perfect! She was feeling hot pleasure in her pussy already—and that meant she was obeying master perfectly. And that felt so good that she knew she had to go deeper, and when she went deeper she knew she was obeying perfectly…

Her mouth fell open as the pleasure intensified in her body. He had stopped touching her, but it didn’t even matter—she felt herself falling, falling endlessly into the spiral he had set her in. She was trapped in the most perfect, most beautiful positive feedback loop that had ever existed, her pleasure feeding on itself and pumping her full of more and more obedience, and the obedience creating more pleasure, and the pleasure creating more obedience…

“That’s right, pretty girl,” Master spoke in her ear, immediately intensifying her pleasure with his praise. She had pleased him. The thought made her pussy clench down in need. “You’re obeying me perfectly already. And you can just go on sinking deeper and feeling better forever.”

She cried out from the pleasure, because it was happening. Her body was full of pleasure, more than she had ever felt before, and it was forcing her to obey, and that was such a sexy thought that… that…

“But you know that you can’t ever come until I tell you,” he instructed, and she nodded. She knew. She’d always known. It fit into her like a missing puzzle pieces, sliding into place.

“I’m going to give you your reward now, pretty girl,” he purred, and she heard a rustling of fabric. Then, something nudged between her lips. Soft but firm. She realized with a rush of pure euphoric joy—it was Master’s cock. Master was rewarding her with his cock!

He slid into her so comfortably, and the feeling of being filled overwhelmed her. The pleasure was off the charts, screaming and burning in her veins for release, but she knew it would not come. And she knew the hotter it burned, the more perfectly she had obeyed, and so it burned even hotter, and that was just…

He took up a punishing pace, and she was a blubbering, sobbing mess beneath him. It all felt too perfect, too delicious to be real. She was clenching and twitching on him at an impossibly fast speed, and the pleasure was coiling and tightening within her…

“Come for me now, pretty girl,” Master cooed, and the orgasm was earth shattering. She thrashed and screamed as all the tension unfurled in her, all the pleasure spread through her body, racing and filling every inch of her. The tightening, the grasping in her lower back was heavenly.

Even better, she could feel Master filling her twitching cunt with his seed even as she came down from her orgasm. Then, slowly he withdrew.

“There,” He said, a bit out of breath. She understood how he felt perfectly. “You obeyed me perfectly.”

And with the curl of pleasure that unleashed in her, she felt herself sinking even deeper still.

* * *