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Campus Case Study

Part 7: Pre-pubescence.

Monday morning Nick Phillips arrived at class dressed in sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt. I had to wonder if the swaddling fleece was a consequence of his recent regression. We had been working together for six weeks now, and his conscious mind was beginning to exhibit reactions to his conditioning. It was a good portent of things to come.

My lecture today encompassed several theories on early childhood development. During this period of pre-pubescence, girls and boys are blissfully unaware of sexual attraction. There is no sexual politicking and no searching for partners. Much has been written recently on the benefits and costs of separation of the sexes during this age in educational settings. In traditional co-ed classrooms girls are often cheated by a gender-bias toward boys in math and science. Likewise, boys are dissuaded from languages and arts.

Proponents of segregated classrooms argue that learning is facilitated in these surroundings. Both boys and girls seem to function better in same-sex settings. In co-ed classrooms close same-sex friendships often develop between girls, while many boys tend toward isolation. It has been proposed that much of society’s homophobia is fostered by this fear of intimate relationships between men. What would happen if same-sex friendships were encouraged among pre-pubescent boys?

Class ended and Nick waited for me to pack my notes. It was then I realized the sports bottle he’d been drinking from was filled with milk.

“That was really interesting,” Nick said. “Do you think education should be separate?”

“It’s an intriguing concept. I can see pros and cons. What’s your opinion?”

“I don’t know. I mean, I went to a regular high school...”

“We’re actually speaking of elementary schools,” I said.

“Well, it might have been cool.”

We walked down the stairs and out of the building. Campus was busy. Students were crossing the quad, headed to various locations. A couple sat necking on a nearby bench.

“Tell me, Nick, did you have a close boyhood friend?”

He shrugged. “Not really.”

“Did you feel robbed of an experience bonding with a male friend? Or were you content with your friendships?” I was glancing at the people around us. No one appeared to paying much attention to either of us. Perhaps it was a good thing Nick had not worn one of his spandex ensembles. He would draw too much attention.

“There were kids to play with on my street. It was okay, I guess...”

“Beach Bum.”

Nick stopped walking mid-stride. Students strolled past us.

“Nick, you feel calm and relaxed. Breathing deeply. You may open your eyes and follow me.”

Nick resumed walking, falling in step beside me.

“Nick, you are calm and happy. You feel safe and warm.” I had never put Nick under outside of my office. I was uncertain how deep his trance would be, or how suggestible he would remain with external stimuli.

“Focus on my voice, Nick. Let all other sounds drift away. Hear only my voice. Let my words fill your mind, blotting out all other sounds.”

I led Nick to my car and opened the passenger’s door for him. He sat in the car. I climbed in behind the wheel and sped to my home.

My office was a safe space to work with Nick, and there was much less risk involved than taking a student to my home, but for the next step on Nick’s evolutionary ladder I needed a larger space with running water.

Nick stared straight ahead through the windshield at some distant point as I pulled into my driveway. He followed me out of the car wordlessly into the house, down the hall, to the bathroom.

It wasn’t an overly large room, with a shower, sink and toilet.

“Beach Bum, can you hear me?”


“Remove your clothing.”

Nick methodically kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his socks. He unzipped his sweatshirt and shrugged it off. He pushed his sweatpants off his legs, then slid his spandex shorts down and off.

He stood, feet together, arms at his sides, naked before me. His dick stood pointing at his chin.

I gathered his clothing and moved it out of the way.

“Baby Boy.”

I caught Nick as he pitched backward. His legs went slack and his arms flailed. I lowered him to the floor.

“That’s a good baby boy.”

He cooed happily, kicking and grabbing at the air. Physically he was twenty-one. Behaviorally he was an infant. The amount of control a few suggestions about being a baby had taken over his entire being was enormously arousing to behold. I had to pause and re-focus on my scientific studies, rather than the power I was gaining over him.

“You’re growing up, baby boy. Your legs are growing stronger. You are now capable of standing and walking.”

Nick’s legs straightened on the floor.

“You’ve begun talking. No sentences at first. You begin with basic words. You still love your milk and bananas. Are you thirsty, baby boy?”


“Would you like a drink?”


I left him on the bathroom floor and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of milk from the refrigerator, and my digital camera from my bedroom.

I snapped a picture from the doorway of Nick lying naked on the bathroom floor.

“Here’s your milk, baby boy. Drink it.” I placed the bottle in his right hand. He instinctively began to suck from the bottle.

Another picture.

“Nick, you will continue to drink your milk as you grow from babyhood to boyhood. You may speak in sentences now. You are developing a vocabulary and mastering your language skills. You are an active child. You enjoy being physical, and you exercise often. Is that clear?”

Between slurps from the bottle: “Yes.”

“As you recall from my lecture in class today pre-pubescent children have no knowledge of sexual relations. You are currently a child who has not entered puberty. You have no sex drive. All erotic thoughts are forgotten. You are still naïve and curious. Your thoughts are that of a young child. You have no attractions yet; you entertain no thoughts of sexual pleasure. You have not developed enough physically to cum yet. Nor have you discovered masturbation yet. As a matter of fact, Nick, you will not become erect until you enter puberty. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” He sucked air through the bottle.

I took the empty bottle from him and set it on the counter. Before my eyes his hard dick began to soften. The blood left his engorged penis, and it rolled limply against his thigh. It shrank to a fraction of its erect size. Nick would have to wait to grow up before his penis achieved its full impressive length again.

“Nick, now that your mind and emotions have been set back over a decade it is time for your body to catch up.”

I opened the vanity and removed a bottle of shaving cream and a razor.

Nick’s light coloring would leave pale hairs on his legs and arms. His chest was naturally smooth. I lathered under his arms. That hair was the first to go. With a few short strokes there was no hair left under his arms.

I began to lather shaving cream on Nick’s crotch. I briefly wondered if this would have aroused him if he were capable of erection.

I shaved a line straight down from his navel to his limp penis. The hair shore off in clumps. I slowly and carefully shaved his pubic hair, then shaved the fuzz from his scrotum.

Soon he was as smooth as a baby boy.

“Nick, step into the shower and wash yourself.”

He climbed into the shower and began to bathe. When he had finished I handed him a towel. He stood naked, his hairless dick dangling limply against equally hairless balls. He truly looked a decade younger. He could pass for a child like this. Which would indeed help with his belief that he was pre-pubescent again.

I picked up the camera and snapped several shots of newly-shaved Nick.

“Nick, you have no sex drive at all. You are mentally and physically a young boy. You have not entered puberty yet and are still very much a baby boy. You drink your milk. You eat your bananas. You explore the world around you. You will remain very oral. You feel happiest with something in your mouth. You are very healthy and active. You will play aggressively and you will exercise often. You love to ride your bike. As a boy you will seek out other boys to play with, boys to talk to, boys to spend time with. You will attempt to develop deep friendships with other boys. Is that clear?


“Like all good little boys you will eat healthy food and go to bed early. Good boys go to bed early and get up early to exercise. You will continue on your path to evolution, Nick. You will be the culmination of my research. You may now get dressed.”

Nick pulled on his spandex bike shorts, then his socks, sweatpants, sneakers, and sweatshirt.

I wondered if the spandex felt differently against his smooth skin.

“Over the next week your hair will begin to grow back, Nick. This will seem new to you. You will feel the joy of discovery as you begin to enter puberty. Your body will begin to change.” And itch. I was certain when his pubic hair began to grow in he’d be itching terribly. A small sacrifice he’d make for scientific discovery.

“Follow me, Nick.”

We returned to the car and I drove back to campus. Nick followed me to my office. He sat in the usual chair. I sat behind my desk.

“Nick, you will follow all instructions I’ve given you without realizing you’ve been instructed to do so. You will not find it odd that you have been shaved. You will, in fact, not notice any difference, believing you have never grown hair before. Is that clear?”


“You’re a good boy, Nick. 1...2...3.”

Nick awoke in the chair. He looked around at the office. It was obvious he didn’t recall arriving here.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Huh?” he said. “No.”

“I want to thank you for your contributions today, Nick. I’ll look forward to next week.”

Nick smiled, perhaps a bit forced.

He had no idea how much I’d look forward to next week.

Or how different puberty would be for him this time.

To be continued in Part 8...

Campus Case Study

Part 8: Puberty.

Nick was early to class on Monday. He looked fairly untroubled when he strolled into the room. He also looked a bit out of place.

He wore black dress shoes, white socks, blue jeans rolled up at the cuff, and a red polo shirt buttoned up to the neck. His blond hair was neatly parted to the side. A lollipop stuck out of his mouth.

“Hi, Damian!” he said through the lollipop. He sounded like a five year old.

He’d look more at home dressed like this in the third grade than at college. I grinned. Of course, that was about where he was developmentally. “Hi, Nick. How was your weekend?”


I nodded.

“I worked. And then a bunch of us went to my friend Marty’s and had a party.”

“Sounds like a good way to spend the weekend.”

He sat down at his desk and sucked happily on the lollipop.

Students began filling the classroom. Several girls in the class eyed Nick with wonder. His behavior and different modes of dress probably did seem erratic to the casual observer.

I began my lecture on the physical changes associated with puberty and their impact on emotional development. I spoke of new hair growth, the deepening of male voices, the female menstrual cycle, and male erections and ejaculation. We were just beginning to discuss wet dreams and sexuality when time ran out. To be continued at Wednesday’s class...

I gathered my papers together. Nick bounded up beside me. “Can I help?”

He was actually rather cute like this. “No, thank you.”

“Okay.” He shrugged and kicked at the floor with the toe of his dress shoe.

“How are you, Nick?”


“That’s good. How’s rehearsal going?”


“When is your show?”

“Four weeks.”

Four weeks. I wondered if his hair would be completely grown in before he had to rehearse nude. It might be interesting either way.

We walked to my office.

Nick settled into the chair.

I grinned. He really did look like a little kid like this. Charming.

“Beach Bum.”

Nick’s eyes shut.

I took out my camera and took his picture.

“Nick, how was your week?”


“Did you make any friends?”



“I went out with Carm and Marty. And Marty’s friend Mike was there. He’s nice. It was fun.”

“I’m glad to hear you’re having fun. Have you been drinking your milk?”


“You know, milk makes young boys grow. You should be growing. Have you grown this week?”


“Not at all?”

He shook his head.

“Nothing grew on you this week?”

“Hair,” he said.

“You grew hair?”


“On your head?”



“Down there,” he said.

“Down there?” I repeated.

“By my penis,” he whispered.

I chuckled. “Nick, you’re aging again. Time is passing on the evolutionary scale. You’re now passing into puberty. Your body is developing. Your penis will become erect. In fact, it is becoming erect now.”

Nick shifted his legs slightly.

“You are becoming a young man, Nick. One of the first signs of puberty is hair growth. Next comes your voice changing. This week you will find that your voice cracks occasionally as you are speaking. Is that clear?”


I grinned. Perhaps that suggestion was unwise. After all, Nick would be hardpressed to explain his voice changing at age twenty-one. I shrugged.

“Nick, next comes the wet dream. You will have wet dreams this week. Each night as you sleep your penis will become erect and ejaculate in your shorts. These nocturnal emissions will surprise you. You will know when you awaken that wet dreams are the result of sexual arousal. You will begin to feel arousal. What arouses you, Nick?”

“I don’t know.”

“What will arouse you, Nick? What interests you? Spandex. You enjoy wearing spandex. Feeling it against your skin will excite you sexually. You will also become aroused by looking at pictures of men wearing spandex. You will gather a small collection of pictures to look at of men wearing spandex. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” Nick spread his legs wider.

“Beautiful women will attract you. As will beautiful men. You are attracted to both sexes. You love men and women. They excite you and entice you. Each time you encounter a beautiful man or woman you may feel sexually aroused.”

Nick’s erect penis was pressing against his jeans.

“Now that you’ve grown into puberty you are no longer a baby boy. So from now on I will call you Beach Boy. You will continue with your milk and bananas. You enjoy sucking your lollipops. As a teenager you will continue to be extremely oral. This time, though, you are not pre-disposed to women or men. You appreciate the beauty of both sexes equally.

“You will continue to pursue your male friendships. You will enjoy the company of men. You will exercise daily and ride your bike. Changing into your spandex to go riding may begin to feel very sexual. You enjoy that. It excites you.”

That was probably enough for today. I didn’t want to age him too quickly. “Stand and pull down your pants, Nick.”

Nick got to his feet. He unzipped his jeans and pushed them down his thighs. He lowered his spandex shorts. Pale hairs were beginning to sprout around the base of his erect penis.

I took a close-up and a full-length shot of him for the photo journal.

“You may pull up your pants, Nick.”

He did, carefully tucking in his shirt.

“Nick, I very much enjoyed the way you dressed today. You look the part of a small child. But you are leaving here as a teenager today. So perhaps you should modify your appearance. You may open your eyes.”

He did.

“Unbutton your shirt, Nick.”

He undid the three buttons on his polo shirt.

“Roll down your pants.”

He stooped over and uncuffed his jeans.

“Pull out your shirttail.”

He tugged the red polo out of his jeans.

I looked him over. This was more age-appropriate. Except... “Nick, you will keep your hair neat again this week. I approve of the part. Is that clear?”


“Growing up this time you feel confident, Nick. You feel happy. You are strong and beautiful. Men and women are attracted to you—not only for your blond good looks, but your beautiful personality.”

The denim and spandex had his lengthened dick strapped to his belly, nearly poking out of his waistband. “And when it is time for you to have sexual relations your other natural gifts will be an added bonus.” I returned to my desk. “As always this week you will be unaware of any differences in your thoughts or actions. You will continue to grow and develop through puberty. Is that clear?”


“Be seated.”

He slouched in the chair. I wondered how it felt to him to have his hard penis poking into his stomach for the first time.


Nick opened his eyes.

“So then it’s your opinion that gender has very little influence on people’s lives?”

“What?” he asked, straightening in the chair. He tugged his shirt down over his lap. “Oh, well, um, I don’t think being a man or a woman really makes too big a difference today.”

I smiled. It was working already.

To be continued in Part 9...