The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Campus Hypnosis


Dr. Anton Stevens was a renowned specialist in the fields of Hypnosis and Neurology. Unknown to any of his colleagues he was a closeted gay male who, being 35, had approximately 21 years of repressed sexual feelings. He was divorced with no children, as he rarely had sex with his ex-wife. He looked very young for his age and was very athletic. Most people guessed him to be in his mid 20’s. He never felt comfortable enough to approach another man openly for sex, but his new invention would soon help him to change that. He only felt comfortable around people when he was in control. The hypnochip he invented would finally allow him to explore his deepest sexual fantasies. He had no desires for world domination or wealth. He simply wanted SEX and he was determined that this device would let him have all the men he could ever want.

The chip could only be seen by a microscope. It was implanted with a device that looked like a pen. The person being implanted would feel nothing so it was easy to insert the chip without the knowledge of the subject. The best location was the back of the neck just below the base of the person’s head. When activated the chip would send signals to the brain entraining the person’s brain waves with those being sent out by the chip. It was possible to induce hypnotic state that would produce 100% control of the subject by using either voice or a small remote control keyboard the size of a soft cover book to send suggestions to the subject.

Dr. Anton had already made plans to begin acquiring his men. He had long been known as a very entertaining stage hypnotist on the side and he would now use that to his advantage to gain control of some of the sexiest men on the planet. The first event he planned on testing the chip out was a hypnoshow he had scheduled at a popular club for students of the University of Michigan. The night of the show 15 audience members came up on stage when he asked for volunteers. Two of them were just the kind of subjects the doc was looking for.

While watching him perform a standard hypnotic induction on the 15 participants, no one noticed him use the hypnochip insertion device on the two unsuspecting 20 something college studs. From their name tags he saw that their names were Jim and Matt. Jim had jet short jet black hair bulging biceps and chest that the T-shirt he was wearing barely could contain. Matt was a blond haired, blue eyed pretty boy who could have passed as being under 18. He was extremely thin, but he had beautiful biceps.

Anton proceeded with a standard stage show and the two best participants were the two men with the hypnochips. No one in the audience could have guessed how completely under Anton’s control these two hunks were. During the show while some of the other participants were laughing uncontrollably and imagining they were naked, Anton whispered special suggestions into the ears of his two prized possessions. He instructed them to find any excuse necessary to break away from their friends tonight and go to the address Anton stuck in their pockets.

The show ended with a thunderous applause and all the participants returned to the friends. Anton packed up and headed to the hotel he was staying at. He was eager to be ready when his guests arrived.

Jim arrived first and Anton instructed him to remove his clothes and sit silently and motionlessly on the couch until he was given further instructions. He complied instantly. When Matt arrived Anton told him to remove his clothes and sit next to Jim. Anton knew that the voice commands worked perfectly, and it was now time to test the remote keyboard. He sent a command to Jim instructing him to become so infatuated with Matt that he could think of nothing else in the world other than to sexually satisfy Matt. Matt was instructed to lust after Jim and make Jim do everything that was sexually possible for two guys. Matt began to stir and the first words out of his mouth were orders for Jim to get on all fours and lick Matt’s ass. Jim instantly and eagerly complied. Soon Matt ordered Jim to give him a blow job and the session concluded with Jim receiving a mouthful of cum. There was no anal sex, because Anton had sent commands to both hunks forbidding them to do that, for now. Anton felt bad that Jim’s dick had received no gratification during the session and he sent a command to Jim making him feel as though he had just had the best blow job ever. Anton then sent a command for Jim to cum. Jim had his largest orgasm ever and his dick had not been touched during the entire experience. Anton smiled as he though about the power the hypnochip had given him. He instructed both Jim and Matt break up with their girlfriends and come out to the world as gay men. They would become lovers, but they would have a desire to serve their Master, Anton, at all times. Anton was ready to become an active participant in sex with his slaves, but he decided he wanted his first experience to be in the form of an huge orgy so he gave Jim and Matt his hypnochip implanters and ordered them to find sexy male recruits to serve him. Being his first two subjects, Jim and Matt would become his on campus recruiters, for hypnosis sex slaves, for the rest of their college days.