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The attached story (“Candace’s Education”), or fragment thereof, is entirely fictional. The characters, places and events depicted in this story are not intended to represent or resemble any real persons, places, or events. Any such resemblance is purely coincidental.

This story is a work of fantasy. The depiction of any act in this story, including, but not limited to, non-consensual sexual activity, use of drugs and other mind-altering substances on an unknowing human being, and degradation, humiliation or enslavement of a human being should not be construed to imply that the author condones the performance of said act, either on the author’s part or on the part of anyone else.

Furthermore, it is the author’s opinion that the methods and techniques that the narrator of this story is depicted to be using would not, in reality, be effective in achieving the goals toward which he is depicted to be using them.



This story deals with a man who illicitly comes into possession of a drug that puts its subjects into a deeply suggestible state. He decides to use the drug on his girlfriend, an exceedingly independent woman, and... well, you’ll have to read the story. This story contains consensual sex, non-consensual sex, the use of drugs to alter a human personality, degradation, humiliation, and enslavement. However, not every one of the above-listed nasty things appears in each chapter.

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In the second chapter, Rick continues his hypnotic conditioning of Candace, and discovers a few things about himself in the process. This one gets into actual sexual intercourse. (Sound of crowd cheering in background.)

Candace’s Education


Rick realized when he got home that he faced a rather critical short-term problem: his supply of the hypnotic drug was low. Looking into the tiny vial, he estimated that at most three doses of the fluid remained. He’d have to get more.

He pondered the problem as he went to bed that night. He had no way to get more himself; he was just a mail clerk. He’d have to make use of Briggs, hypnotize him and get him to order some more. But how best to go about it?

The next morning, he took the half-full vial with him to work, hoping for some excuse to go to Briggs’ office. Typically, he was sent up there several times a week, but it could be days until it happened next.

Luck was on his side. A sample of a new anitibiotic had arrived for Briggs. Rick thought about volunteering to take it up, but didn’t want to arouse suspicion. Harvey Sheldon, the mail room supervisor, knew that Rick hated Briggs with a passion, and would probably take note of his sudden enthusiasm to see “The Marketing Monster.” So Rick remained calm and casual, and got lucky. Sheldon told him to take the package up.

Rick rode the elevator up to the Marketing Department. “Hi, Jen,” he greeted the secretary. “Got a package here for Briggs.”

“Oh, hi, Rick.” Jennifer smiled at him. “Why don’t just leave that here, and I’ll give it to him, okay?”

“Uh...” Rick thought fast. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. Mr Briggs has to sign for it personally.”

“Oh.” Jennifer frowned at the unusual request. “Well, okay, then, why don’t you just take it on in, then.”

“Thanks, Jen,” Rick responded, relieved. He strode through the doors into Briggs’s lair. “Package for you, sir.”

“Mmm...” Briggs took the package from Rick’s outstretched hand. “Oh, all right. Thanks, Rick.”

Rick paused awkwardly before leaving. “Uh...” His eyes searched Briggs’s desk, settling on an empty coffee mug. “Can I get you some more coffee, sir?”

Briggs was taken aback by the unusual offer. “Huh?”

“W-Well, sir, I... thought you might like some more coffee,” Rick repeated stupidly.

Briggs thought for a moment, and shrugged. “Sure. Here you go. No cream, no sugar.”

Rick took the offered mug and walked out of the office. Jennifer looked up as he came out, saw him carrying the mug, and quickly picked hers up off the desk. “Could you get me some, too, Rick?” she asked, thrusting the mug toward him with one hand, nibbling on a block of chocolate with the other.

“Sure thing, Jen,” he replied, taking the mug. Rick trotted down the hall to the coffee machine and filled up the mugs, adding a touch of cream to Jennifer’s. Carefully, he measured out five droplets of the fluid and dripped them into Briggs’s mug. He was about to put the vial with what was left of the fluid back in his pocket when something occurred to him.

He looked down the hall to where Jennifer sat behind the desk, her overweight body crammed into an office chair. He’d always felt sorry for her, for her seeming inability to control her appetite, and her craving for chocolate. He’d been planning to use the last of the fluid on Candace, but...

If his plan worked, he’d have all of the drug he needed. And if it didn’t, he would only have one more dose, and that wasn’t enough to make much of a difference with Candace. So why not use it to do Jennifer a favor?

Decided, he poured half the remaining fluid, one more dose, into Jennifer’s coffee. Replacing the empty vial in his pocket, he carried the coffee back up the hall.

“Here you go, Jen,” he said as he passed her the mug.

“Oooh, thanks, Rick,” she responded, taking the coffee and sipping it. She smiled at the taste. “You got it just right.”

“Of course I did,” he remarked casually, carrying the second mug into Briggs’s office. “Here you go, sir. Black.”

Briggs took the mug and sipped at it. “Thanks, Rick.”

“Anytime, Mr. Briggs. Anytime,” Rick said as he walked out the door. Briggs shot him a quizzical look in response to his casual manner. Rick ignored it.

Half an hour later, after making the regular 11:00 mail run to the fifth floor, Rick returned to Marketing to see if the drugs had taken effect. Jennifer sat at her desk, looking blankly at the papers before her, her hands resting calmly on the desktop.

“Jennifer?” Rick asked.

“Hmm. Yes?”

Rick tried to think of something to ask next, something unusual, but not so unusual as to make him look like an idiot if the drug hadn’t taken effect. “So... been abducted by any UFO’s recently?” he asked, mentally kicking himself afterwards.

“No,” she replied calmly.

Rick took this as proof enough that she was under the drug. “You really like chocolate, don’t you?” he asked nonchalantly.

“I love it.”

“You eat it a lot?”

“Three bars a day. Plus some ice cream at home in the evening.”

“Well, you know it’s bad for you, don’t you? You’re overweight because you eat so much chocolate.”

“Yes, I know. I try to give it up all the time, but I just can’t. I become a nervous wreck. It’s like I’m addicted to it.”

Rick had no idea whether or not he could cure her condition, but he decided it was worth a shot. “I think from now on, you’re going to find you’re not so interested in chocolate. As a matter of fact, it just tastes bad to you. You don’t know why exactly, but it does. And you won’t want to eat it anymore. As a matter of fact, you’re going to find that sweets in general aren’t very tasty. Understand?”

“Okay. Whatever you say.”

“And you’re going to start being concerned about getting in shape. You’re going to join a fitness club and work out regularly three times a week. Concentrate on your chest and your legs, but make sure to get well-conditioned overall. Okay?”


“Good girl.” Rick didn’t want to leave her at her desk in a suggestible state. If some passerby found her like this, it would seem pretty weird. “Jennifer, why don’t you go to the ladies’ room right now, find yourself a stall, and sit in it for fifteen minutes or so? Then you can come back to your desk. When you do, you will have forgotten all about this conversation we had, okay?” Rick hoped this would give her enough time to come down from the drug.

“Sure thing, Rick,” she said, getting up and walking down the hall. He watched her, smiling. A new leaf had turned over in her life, he thought.

Rick turned and strode into Briggs’s office, calm and confident. Thus he was quite startled to be greeted by Briggs’s angry roar. “What the hell are you doing walking into my office?” Rick froze, in fear for his job and his career, transfixed by the angry, reddened face of Damon Briggs. His mind whirled.

Think, dammit, think! he told himself. Why was Briggs yelling at him? Did he not drink the coffee? A quick glance at Briggs’s desk confirmed that he had in fact drunk the coffee. What, then? Rick thought quickly through all he knew about the drug and hypnosis in general.

It occurred to him that even if Briggs was in a suggestible state, that wouldn’t necessarily keep him from reacting to an unusual situation, such as a mailroom clerk barging into his office without warning. The only thing to do was to try to convince Briggs that this wasn’t at all unusual.

“Ummm, well, it isn’t that unusual for me to walk into your office, is it, Mr. Briggs?” he asked nervously.

Briggs’s brow furrowed. “Well...” he began.

Rick cut him off, pressing the attack. “In fact, it’s downright ordinary. I can walk into your office whenever I want. Right?”

Briggs thought for a moment. “Well, yes, now that you mention it, it seems perfectly normal. Yes.” He nodded to himself, convinced. “Sorry for yelling at you,” he said, in a tone that didn’t sound very apologetic. Even in a suggestible state, Rick realized, Briggs was still an asshole.

He decided not to mess with the formalities, and used Briggs’s first name. “I can call you Damon, can’t I?” he asked.

“Sure, Rick.”

“Damon, remember those samples of tetracathalamine that I brought in last week? The ones that got sent here by mistake?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Listen to me carefully. It turns out that you actually do need some tetracathalamine. Thirty minutes after I leave this office today, you are going to have Jennifer call up Dexalco and order ten vials of it. Understand so far?”


“Now listen carefully. When it arrives, you are going to get a fresh cup of coffee and tell Jennifer to hold all your calls. You’re going to open the package, take out the first vial, and put five drops of the fluid into your coffee. Five drops. No more, no less. You will drink the coffee as quickly as possible. For the next twenty minutes, you will do nothing. When twenty minutes has elapsed, you will call the mailroom and ask to have me sent up to see you. You will tell Mr. Sheldon that the situation is urgent. Then you will sit here and do absolutely nothing until I arrive. Do you understand?”


“Exellent. Now, what do you think of me professionally, Damon?”

“You’re a loser. You’re a wimp who’ll never amount to anything. You’re afraid to take action.” He said all this as though he was giving Rick his opinion of the Yankees’ chances at the penant this year.

“I see,” Rick responded. None of this was any surprise to him. “Well, you’ll find your opininon of me has changed. Now you think I’m actually a very capable worker with a bright future in your department. Don’t you think so?”

Briggs pondered this, as though wondering why he hadn’t realized it sooner. “Why, yes, you are.”

“You’re so impressed you’ll do anything to get me into your deparment, won’t you? In fact, you’re going to have a position ready for me when you summon me in a few days, aren’t you?”

“Why, yes, I most certainly am. I’m not going to let some other department snatch you up!” he said, with quite a bit of conviction.

“Someone of my talent should have an important job, isn’t that right, Damon?”

“Of course!”

“Like... Assistant Director of Marketing. Right underneath you.”

“Yes, yes... I’ll serve Gadsen his notice immediately.”

Rick smiled. James Gadsen, the current Assistant Director, was a pompus ass, second only to Briggs himself in that regard. No one would be sorry to see him go. “But you still won’t be able to get rid of Gadsen for at least a month, will you?”

“Well, no, I guess not.”

“But if you wait that long, someone else might hire me.”

“That’s true. Hmmm...” Briggs took on a thoughtful expression.

“So you’ll have to hire me immediately, and just give me a month of paid vacaion time.”

Briggs brightened. “Yes, that would work.”

“And I’ll come in and start work when Gadsen leaves.”

“Yes, you can come in then.”

“I’ll have a nice, large office and my own secretary.”

“Of course.”

“Good, good,” Rick responded. “Smart choice. Now when I walk out that door, you are going to forget that this conversation ever happened. And you aren’t going to answer your phone for another fifteen minutes. Got it?”

“Got it,” Briggs responded cheerfully.

Rick strode out of the office without another word.

Candace strode out of the bookstore. She clutched her purchases tightly to her breast, as though hoping that the writings of several prominent radical feminists would have the power to physically deflect the admiring glances men shot her way. She caught a pair of teenage boys nudging each other as they looked in her direction, and felt the blood rush to her face.

It had never been like this before. Men had always looked at her like that, practically ever since she’d reached puberty. She knew she was attractive by any standard. But until now, it had been something she could ignore, or even use to her advantage, teasing men to get what she wanted from them. And then, so suddenly, just a couple days ago, she’d started feeling these sudden flashes of pleasure whenever she noticed a man looking at her. It was almost like she was getting horny just from the attention.

She noticed a department store to her left. It was nothing unusual, just the same department store where she usually bought her clothes. But this time, she noticed something different. Her eyes were drawn to a skirt in the display window. It was nothing special, just an ordinary, casual white skirt extending a foot below the mannequin’s knees. Quite conservative.

Something about it entranced Candace. Unbidden, an image of herself in the skirt floated into her mind. As she walked, her calves were alternately exposed by the swishing of the skirt. Men would look her way, and... ooh, it was so exciting.

She snapped herself out of it. She couldn’t possibly wear that thing, displaying her legs like some sort of floozy. It would make a mockery of all she stood for. Horny, single-minded men staring at her legs, and Rick...

Rick, oh, Rick! The looks she could get from him! She got excited just thinking about it! She had to have that skirt.

Candace strolled confidently into the store, her previous mores forgotten, and searched out the women’s casual wear section. She found a friendly salesgirl there, who helped her try on several skirts and some matching blouses. Looking at herself in the mirror, she had to admit she was quite pretty. And she didn’t really mind dressing for looks. After all, if men had so much fun looking at her, wasn’t it only fair that she should have a little fun, too?

After a few hours, she had four skirts and three blouses that could be combined in any number of ways. a couple of belts, and three pairs of casual leather shoes. She had struck up quite a rapport with the salesgirl, who was very helpful with her advice. The total bill was upwards of five hundred dollars. Candace handed over her credit card, and the purchases were charged. “Well! Anything else?” the salesgirl asked buoyantly.

“Uh... yes. Could you point me to the cosmetics counter?”

Rick picked Candace up that evening at eight, and couldn’t believe his eyes. She looked incredible! The dowdy old slacks and shirt were gone, replaced by a simple white cotton blouse and a blue denim skirt. The half-inch heels of her shoes clicked across the sidewalk as they walked to the car, and her skirt swayed as she walked, giving occasional glimpses of calf.

But her face was the most amazing part of her. She’d been attractive without makeup, but with a light coat of lipstick, some mascara, and the faintest trace of eyeshadow, she was positively gorgeous. He told her so. “Thank you, Rick,” she said demurely, looking away to hide her blush. She was clearly enjoying the attention he was paying her. Rick was pleased. He’d told her specifically to get the lipstick, but the rest of the makeup was her own doing. She was really starting to enjoy the attention she was getting.

They went to dinner at a Greek restaurant. Rick made a point of glancing at some part of her body every few minutes throughout the meal. Often, this would make her get flustered and forget what she was saying. Rick found hiself enjoying the game, trying to disrupt her just at the most complicated part of her sentences.

She got plenty of long looks from other men. Rick noticed many of these. Candace was less often aware of them, since her attention was focused on Rick. Occasionally, however, she would notice, and this would cause her to smile in a goofy way and forget what she was saying.

They went to a movie afterward, a corny romantic comedy. Rick got up during the last half hour to get them some soft drinks. Before returning to the theatre, he dropped what was left of the hypnotic drug into her drink. Being careful to keep Candace’s drink in his right hand, and his own in his left, he went back to the theatre and sat down.

Candace thanked him, and sucked down her drink over the rest of the movie. When the movie let out, they climbed into the car to drive home. As usual, Candace gradually slipped into a trance-like state. When Rick was sure she was under the drug’s effect, he started talking to her.

“Are you enjoying all the attention you’re getting?”

“Oh, yes. It gets me so... excited.”

“You mean aroused?”

“Yes, that’s it. Aroused.”

“Men looking at you?”

“Yes. Especially you.”

Rick smiled. “Well, from now on, whenever you see me looking at you, you’re going to wonder what it would be like to have sex with me.”

“But I can’t... you’re a man... and men are so...” she sputtered.

“You’re just going to wonder,” he reassured her. “And tonight, when I drop you off, you’re going to give me a kiss. Not a quick kiss, like last time, but a long, passionate kiss. You’re starting to fall in love with me, and you want me to know. Got that?”


“And then after you go back to your apartment, you’re going to go to bed, and you’re going to masturbate. It’s going to feel very good, and you’re going to have a great orgasm. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“And just before you orgasm, you’re going to think of me.”

“O-okay.” She was having trouble with this. Rick decided to leave it at that.

After leading her through the memory-blocking exercise, Rick resumed normal conversation, and the drug wore off. Soon they were back at her apartment.

“Thanks for the evening, Rick. It was wonderful,” she told him.

“You’re welcome. I had fun, too,” he replied.

She sat there, frozen, staring at him for a second, and then slowly closed her eyes, leaning toward him. Rick leaned toward her, and their lips met. Slowly and softly they kissed, their tongues probing, dancing, intertwining. At long last, Rick was getting a kiss from the woman of his dreams.

After an eternity, they broke apart, gazing into each other’s eyes. “Thanks again, Rick,” Candace breathed softly, getting out of the car and closing the door.

Rick smiled to himself as he watched her walk up the steps. Two weeks ago, she’d been on the verge of dumping him, and now, with the help of the drug, they’d just had their first kiss. Life was wonderful.

Candace stumbled into her apartment, feeling more confused than ever. How was this happening to her? This was everything she had ever fought against; dependency on a man. Why did it have to feel so good to betray her beliefs?

Half an hour later, she flopped into bed, her clitoris itching for attention. She shoved one hand under her nightshirt and began rubbing gently at the sensitive round nub between her legs. Oooh, it felt so good. Candace had first discovered how to bring herself pleasure when she was thirteen years old, and since then she’d perfected the skill.

She started slowly, gently bringing her clitoris to erection with a series of light brushes. It tickled, but it was pure pleasure. When she was fully hard, she gradually increased the speed and pressure of her strokes, climbing the long hill to orgasm. With her free hand, she caressed her breasts, rubbing the nipples until the stood hard and erect, pointing outward from her body.

When she felt herself approaching orgasm, she slipped the first knuckle of her index finger into her steamy vagina, gently stroking the top of it, bringing her to new heights of sensation. It felt so good, much better than those fleeting rushes she got from being looked at by men. Her orgasm built inexorably toward a peak. She gloried in it, reaffirming that she and she alone held the key to ultimate ppleasure, not some dickheaded sexist pig men. Her orgasm reached the boiling point...

... and without warning, and image of Rick leapt into her mind, so vivd it almost seemed real. He lay between her legs, his erect member at the gap between her legs, and he was pushing, pushing into her. “No, nooooo...” she moaned, fighting to expel the image from her mind. This was not right. But it felt so good! She could just imagine what it would feel like to take that massive piece of meat inside her.

Her body overwhelmed her, the image of Rick dominating her mind. She burst into orgasm, shrieking his name. “Rick, Rick! Oh, Rick! Yes! Yessssss!” Her body bounced against the bed as she struggled to take his imaginary manhood inside her, her hips straining as waves of pleasure rushed across her body.

She collapsed, exhausted, on the bed, the vision of Rick fading from her mind. As the pleasure drifted away, desperation overcame her. How could this be happening to her? Fantasizing about having sex with a man?

Tired and more confused than ever, Candace drifted off into a troubled sleep.

Rick walked into work the next morning tense and nervous. Today should be the day, he thought. He got right to work, hoping to pass the time until he was called into Briggs’s office. He happened to be in the mailroom when the package from Dexalco came in. He was careful not to be seen looking at it more than casually, however. He didn’t want to arouse any suspicion. Prsently, Harvey assigned one of the other workers to take it up to Briggs. Rick mentally prepared himself.

Twenty-five minutes later, Harvey’s phone rang, and the word came in that Briggs wanted to see Rick. Rick pretended to be surprised as he walked over to the elevator.

He got off at Marketing and walked over to Jennifer’s desk. He was disappointed to see that she was still her same old overweight self. It was unreasonable, though, to expect antything to have changed in two days. It would take time. He did note with satisfaction, however that there was no chocolate bar on her desk. In fact there was no food or drink at all except a half-eaten apple. Good girl, he thought! He should make sure, though.

“Jennifer!” he cried in mock surprise, “No chocolate?”

She grimaced. “Ugh. No. For some reason, I just haven’t felt like having it recently. How’s it going, Rick? What brings you up here?”

“Briggs wants to see me.”

“Oooh. I’m sorry,” she said sympathetically. “Well, I hope he doesn’t rip your head off. Go on in.”

“Thanks, Jen,” he responded, walking through the doors into Briggs’s office.

Briggs jerked to life as he entered. “Hello, Rick. What can I do for you?”

“The hypnotic drug came in?”

“Yep. Here it is.” He gestured toward an open box on the desk. Inside, Rick saw nine glass vials, just like the one he’d stolen earlier. Sitting beside the box was a tenth vial, partially full. In front of it was a large, empty coffee mug.

“So you followed my instructions, Damon?” Rick asked.

“Yep. To the letter.”

“Everything is taken care of?”

“Sure is. You start drawing your new salary tomorrow.”

“Great. Good job, Damon.” Rick took one of the vials out of the package and put it into one of the drawers of Briggs’s desk. Briggs watched with interest. “Now,” Rick instructed him, “the bottle you just saw is for special occasions only. You will remember where it is, but you will never think about it. Never, that is, unless I saiy the words ‘We need to halve a talk’ to you. When I do that, you are to immediately come back here and get a fresh cup of coffee. You will then put five drops of that solution into your coffee, and drink it. From that point on, you will sit here and do nothing until I come in and tell you otherwise. Understand?”


“Now, the rest of these,” I indicated the package, “were forwarded to the Philadelphia office. You will fill out all the necessary paperwork, as though you’d sent it there, but you will also forge a receipt from the interoffice mail carrier. You will keep this forged receipt in your files. As far as you know, this package was sent to Philadelphia. Is that clear?”


“Good.” Rick took the package. He led Briggs through the forget-this-conversation drill, and left the office.

Jennifer was waiting outside, at her desk. She looked at Rick with her best sympathy expression. “So how bad was it? she asked.

Rick feigned unhappiness. “Not too bad, I guess. He gave me the Assistant Director position.”

Jennifer’s big brown eyes lit up in wonder. “Really? No, you’re joking!” she said, hitting him playfully.

“Really!” Rick exclaimed, all pretense of forlorness gone, a big smile splitting his face. “I’m the new Assistant Director of Marketing!”

Jennifer squealed in delight, jumping up to give him a friendly hug. Rick suffered this as best he could, as her flabby arms enveloped him. She was a friend, after all.

Harvey Sheldon congratulated Rick on his promotion and gave him the rest of the day off. “Hell,” he joked, “last thing I want to do is piss off the new Assistant Director of Marketing!” Rick spent the day moving what few personal effects he had at work up to his new office and ordering furniture and supplies from the company store.

That evening, he picked Candace up for a celebratory dinner. She wore a tasteful blue denim sleeveless top, a long white cotton skirt, and a pair of sensible ladies’ shoes. She was gorgeous. Rick made sure to let his eyes roam all up and down her body, causing her no end of pleasurable discomfort.

They went to a pricey Italian restaurant. Rick splurged on good wine, making sure to get Candace good and drunk. And, as usual, he took advantage of her after-dinner trip to the restroom to pour a little bit of the drug into her drink.

On the way, home, Rick waited until she had slipped into a suggestible state before discussing the evening’s activities.

“How are you feeling, Candace?”


“Oh? Why are you so happy?”

“Because you keep looking at my body, silly! It gets me so... hot to be looked at like that.”

Rick smiled. “Well, from now it’s going to make you even hotter, okay?”

“Okay!” she said excitedly. She seemed to really be getting into this.

“You want to get even more attention, don’t you, Candace?”

“Oh, do I ever!”

“Well you could get more attention by dressing the right way. A little more... provocatively.”

“How do I do that?”

“Well, try some shorter skirts. Men like to see women showing a lot of leg. And wearing blouses with lower necklines will show more of your breasts. That’s another good eyecatcher.”

“Hmm. I guess I’ll try that.”

“Also, high heels put a curve in the back of the leg, which a lot of mend find really sexy. And some simple jewelry can draw a lot of attention, too.”

She pondered this for a minute, an uncertain look on her face.

“Well, it’s the truth,” Rick said. “Do it if you want to.” He knew, of course, that sooner or later she would. Changing the subject, he asked, “Did you masturbate last night?”

Color rushed to her cheeks. “Yes, I did.”

“And what happened?”

“I... I thought of you.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“It was so... exciting. But I’m ashamed of it.”


“Because you’re a man! And men just want to use women and cast them aside. I’m disgusted that I could ever thing about letting you do that to me.”

“But if it’s so exciting to think about, could it be that bad?”


“You’re going to masturbate again tongight. And again you’re going to think about me, and you’re going to experience the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. And you’re going to love it.”


“Tonight, when I drop you off, you’re going to give me a long, deep kiss. It’s going to feel so good. And when I rub your nipples throught your blouse, you’re going to feel a stirring deep within, a desire to have me inside you, filling you up. Understand?”

She was shaking, the power of his suggestions battling with her long-held beliefs. “O-O-Okay.”

Rick watched as she calmed down, his suggestion implanting itself in her brain.

Candace snapped herself back to reality. What had been going on? She felt woozy, as though she’d just been asleep. But she hadn’t, she knew that. She’d been sitting in the car, riding home with Rick, and... she couldn’t remember.

“God, honey, I shouldn’t have had so much to drink,” she moaned.

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. All that wine went to your head, huh?” Rick responded.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She leaned her head against his shoulder in a familiar way. A week ago, she wouldn’t have been able to picture herself taking such comfort from a man, but now, here she was, leaning on his shoulder as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Rick pulled up at her apartment. She looked up at him and smiled. “Thanks for dinner,” she purred, in a dreamy voice. God, he was so... so... exciting.

“My pleasure,” he responded.

She was drawn to his mouth. Slowly, slowly, she leaned forward, closing her eyes and parting her lips. Her conscience pleaded with her not to do this, not to give herself to a man, but she was driven by a fire in her loins.

He leaned over to meet her, and their lips touched, a thrill running through her body at the contact. She felt hot...

Her brain became aware of a gentle stroking on her left nipple. Oh, it felt so sexy... She kissed him with renewed vigor, mashing her lips and tongue against his teeth. His hand on her breast was setting her aflame. Her hand involuntarily shot to his crotch, grasping the stiff bulge she found there, squeezing, imagining the trasure contained within. Imagining his manhood inside her...

No! She fought the desire. She mustn’t let this happen! with a gasp, she broke the kiss and pulled away from Rick. He looked at her, confused. “I... I gotta go, Rick. Bye.” She got out of the car, doing her best to keep a serious, stern expression. She caught a glimpse of him looking at her hard nipples showing through the fabric, and groaned audibly. She closed the door and walked hurriedly to the door.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” he said to her back. She turned and looked at him through the window. He was smiling at her. She couldn’t help but smile back and wave weakly before turning back to the door. What the hell was happening to her?

She opened the door and shot up the stairs, her clitoris burning, aching for attention.

Rick whistled merrily as he drove home, thinking about Candace. He could picture her running up the stairs as fast as she could, desperate to get to her apartment and relieve the tension in her crotch. He admitted to himself that it was fun to see her like that, to know that he had that effect on her.

He was quite pleased with their little conversation about clothing. Not once had he ever commanded her to start dressing more provocatively. But she’d been interested all the same. And soon, he had no doubt, she would be sporting some more new clothes.

He’d been quite surprised when she’d grabbed his cock. In fact, he’d almost taken it as a signal that she was going to go all the way, and he’d been quite surprised when she pulled away. But all these feelings were new to her, he realized, and she couldn’t be expected to realize what sort of signals she was sending.

Ah, well. He would get where he was going soon enough.

Candace stumbled into her apartment, slamming the door in her haste. She was almost too weak to stand. Not even bothering to turn the lights on, she threw herself onto the couch and pulled her skirt up. She was so horny from being with Rick all night, and the feel of his hand on her breast...

The elastic of her panties snapped as she pulled the wet fabric violently away from her. She bypassed her usual opening rountine, shoving one finger deep inside her. With her free hand, she rubbed furiously at her erect clitoris.

The finger in her pussy slid back and forth with a quick rhythm. She imagined it was Rick, his hard manhood filling her with pleasure. She imagined him thrusting in and out of her, his body moving up and down in time with hers.

Without warning, she came, a torrential avalanche of pleasure rolling over her body as her fingers thrust furiously in and out of her. Her mind envisioned Rick’s throbbing manhood shooting its seed deep within her. She screamed in ecstacy as the imagined semen shot into her belly, and cried out his name.

Rick called Briggs the next day and confirmed that he was now being paid $80,000 per year, the standard salary for an Assistant Director. Excellent. He told Briggs that he would come back to work at the beginning of the next month.

He spent the day lounging around the house, relaxing. His mind wandered to Candace, and he wondered how long it would be before he would get into her bed. Soon, he knew, soon. But it was so hard to be patient.

Aroused, he took a short walk to the newsstand on the corner near his apartment. After a few minutes of browsing, he purchased a soft-core adult magazine, one of the slickly-produced national titles. He’d never done this before, but the frustration of his situation drove him to seek any release he could find.

Back at his apartment, he removed his purchase from the brown paper bag and began to flip through it. The magazine contained ten or so different photo sets. Most were of lone women. Some featured two women in a lesbian situation, and several featured women and men posing in various sexual positions.

His eyes fixed on one of the male-female couples, and he stopped flipping pages. He was captivated by the woman. It wasn’t so much her appearance; she was fairly good-looking, but not unusually so for a magazine like this.

It was the way she was dressed, and the expression on her face, that caught his eye. She was lying on her back, legs spread and resting on the shoulders of the male model, who was preparing to shove his cock into her pussy. Her clothes were nothing short of whorish. A shiny black leather skirt lay bunched around her waist, pulled up by one hand to give her partner access to her pussy. A white fishnet bodystocking had been pulled down her chest, laying bare her breasts, which were so large and round as to be obviously surgical. Black fishet stockings covered her legs, and adorning her feet were shiny black pumps with heels so long they had to be impossible to walk on.

But her face was the fascinating part. It was well-made up, her hair immaculately styled. With her free hand, she was gripping the man’s cock, pulling it toward her pussy. And the expression on her face was one of pure lust. Lips open, teeth mashed together in determination, eyes fixed on the cock in her hand. The look that said that the cock was the only thing on her mind, the only thing she needed. The look of a complete slut finally getting the one thing she craved in life.

The strength of Rick’s reaction to this picture amazed him. Never before had he found that sort of extreme promiscuity even remotely attractive. But somehow, this picture, this woman, completely entranced him. It was just the fact that she seemed to have so completely dedicated herself to the pursuit of sex, to the point of dressing like a whore and even having her breasts surgically enlarged.

His hand reached down to the zipper of his jeans...

Rick took Candace out every single night for the next several weeks. When the chance arose, typically once every two or three evenings, he slipped the hypnotic fluid into her drink and let it take effect. On the way home, he would question her and “touch up” her programming, making minor adjustments here and there, generally designed to increase the strength of her desire for him.

Every night when he dropped her off, they would make out for a brief period, his hand rubbing her breasts as she nibbled his ears or kissed his neck or lips. The first few times, these sessions ended quickly, with Candace breaking things off abruptly and leaving. But soon, she became more relaxed, and they spent more and more time after each date sitting in his car kissing and nuzzling, Candace getting deliriously hot from Rick’s attentions, and Rick getting hot from thinking about how hot he could make Candace. And after Candace left the car, she would always rush up to her apartment and masturbate on the couch, dreaming of Rick’s cock filling her up.

While this was going on, Candace’s wardrobe shifted again. Now she favored sleveless blouses, often with low necklines, and skirts that left her knees well exposed. Often she would wear a comfortable pair of pumps with heels around two inches in length. This caused her ass to gyrate a little when she walked, much to the pleasure of Rick and any other men in the area. She wore a bit more makeup, with a brighter color lip gloss. A few simple pieces of jewelry—a couple earrings, a pendant, a bracelet on one arm—completed the look. Casual and tasteful, yet quite sexy.

After two weeks of this, when Rick was sure that Candace was comfortable with the intimacy, he suggested to her on the way home that she invite him up to her apartment. When they got there, she did.

Candace calmed her nerves as she unlocked and opened the door. She was torn between two parts of her mind. One the one hand was the part of her that knew men to be evil manipulators, the part that was scared to death of letting Rick into her private life so late at night. But the other part of her was the part that had already fallen madly in love with him, the part that thrilled to his gaze, and lusted for the feel of his body touching hers. And it was this part that was winning.

She showed Rick to the couch and breezed into the kitchen, asking if he wanted a drink. Never having had a man into her apartment after a date before, she was only dimly aware of the protocol in such a situation. Rick refused her offer. She poured herself a glass of water and returned to the living room, sitting on the couch next to Rick.

Minutes later, after a few volleys of polite conversation, they were in each other’s arms again, kissing and fondling. Candace writhed with an electric heat, sexual energy coursing through her body. The independent-female ideal toward which she’d striven for so long melted in the heat of her desire for Rick’s body.

Slowly, tenderly, Rick unbuttoned her blouse, a sleeveless white cotton thing she’d bought a few days ago. It was such a sexy piece of clothing compared to what she’d been wearing a month ago. She grimaced inwardly as she remembered the formless, body-hiding things she’d worn then.

Her thoughts returned to the situation at hand as Rick kissed the soft flesh of her breasts. Oh, it felt so good! How could she have ever thought that men were evil, when they could do something like this to her?

Now he was unhooking her bra, his hands caressing her bare back as he slid it off her chest, freeing her breasts. The cool air on her exposed nipples sent a sensual chill down her spine. Rick leaned toward them and gently blew on them. The quick alternation of cool air and warm excited her, and her nipples stood forth proudly. Mentally, she begged Rick to touch them.

He did better than that. He leaned over and brought his mouth down to her left nipple, gently grasping it in his lips, flicking his tongue back and forth over the tip. Candace let out a long gasp of pleasure at the sensation. Her chest heaved as she breathed heavily, and her breasts rose and fell, alternately pushing into Rick’s face and withdrawing, streching her nipples out as he continued to suck them.

Tonight was the night, she knew. The night they would have sex. The night she would finally feel him inside her, filling the aching hole between her legs. She would let him do it, let him make love to her. She lay back and relished the feeling of his mouth on her breasts.

Rick continued to suck her breasts for some time, occasionally switching between the two. Candace waited for him to make a move toward her crotch. As the minutes passed, she became increasingly frustrated. She didn’t let it show; she couldn’t debase herself that far. But she ached for him to fill the void within her.

After half an hour of this, Rick sat back and looked at her. “I should be going,” he said.

Candace reeled at his words. How could this be? Surely he wanted it at least as much as she did. Didn’t he? He was a man, after all, and by nature he must be interested in sex. All that escaped her mouth was a meek, “Okay.”

He stood up and walked to the door. “I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon, all right?”


“Bye.” And with that, he was gone.

Candace shoved a finger into her pussy, desperately trying to bring back the excitememnt she’d felt just a moment before. She came a minute later, but it was a stale orgasm, devoid of the passion she felt when she was with Rick.

As she came down, she wondered why he hadn’t wanted to do it with her. Maybe he just wasn’t turned on enough. She’d have to do something about that. She would go shopping tomorrow morning...

Rick struggled to calm himself as he drove away. He could have had it, he could’ve made love to her right then and there, and she would have let him do it. But he hadn’t. He’d been planning to, but he hadn’t. And it was hardest thing he’d ever not done.

The damndest thing was, he still didn’t know why he’d left without screwing her. He’d gotten her so incredibly hot that she’d wanted to do it, wanted to feel him inside her, and he’d known she wanted it. But some little voice inside him had told him to wait, had told him that the time wasn’t right, that if he did it now he’d be throwing away something incredible.

The last time he’d gotten this sort of advice from within himself had been the time he’d stolen the hypnosis drug. And look what that’d gotten him! So against all his urges, Rick had pulled away and left. And now he was as horny as he’d ever been in his life, driving away from a woman he knew would eagerly welcome him inside her.

Why, why, why? He almost banged his head against the dashboard in frustration. Making love to Candace would consummate their relationship. After spending a night of passion with him and waking up in his arms, she would love him forever. He was sure of that. That was what he wanted, wasn’t it? After all, he loved her!

Didn’t he?

Without being entirely aware of what he was doing, Rick stopped at an ATM machine and withdrew a large wad of cash. From there he was drawn to “The Strip”, the area of town where most of the adult entertainment clubs were located. Still proceeding on impulse, he started driving up and down the streets past the clubs.

His eyes roved over the hookers prowling the club parking lots. As drunk, horny men came out of the clubs, they would make offers. Occasionally Rick saw a deal being struck, and one of the prostitutes would get into a car with a man. But most of them were still without business. The night was young yet.

Rick had seen these women before, when he’d been driving through this section of town on his way somewhere else, and once when he’d come to one of these clubs for a friend’s bachelor party. But he’d never taken any real notice of them. Now, though, he watched them walk on their high heels, asses swaying, watched them smile at potential customers, even licking their lips occasionally. He was fascinated, and strangely attracted to them, these women whose business was sex.

He cruised past the clubs for five or ten minutes, looking over the hookers with an appraising eye. Most were past their prime, women in their late thirties and forties relying on too-small halter tops to push up their sagging breasts and makeup to cover the lines on their faces. And many had a hardened, cynical look to them, a certain narrowness in the eyes, no doubt from years of working the streets.

And then Rick saw one that was different. She wore the same sort of clothes the others did—a hot pink halter top, black leather skirt slit up the side, fishnet stockings and spkied heels—but the body underneath was younger, firmer, with a tight ass and large, firm tits. Her makeup was similarly overdone—bright pink lipstick, eyeshadow, blond hair teased up around her head—but the face underneath was young and pretty, less hardened than those of her colleagues. Eighteen or nineteen, he guessed.

Rick pulled into the parking lot next to her and rolled down a window. She looked up at him, smiling automatically. “Hey, big guy! Want a girlfriend?”

“Maybe.” Rick smiled back. “What’s it cost?”

“A hundred.”

“For what?”

“A screw. Fifty for a blowjob.”

“How much to come back to my place and stay there all night?”

Her shaded eyebrowd arched. “Five hundred.”

Rick pulled several hundred dollar bills off the wad in his pocket. “Here’s eight. Pretend like you enjoy it.”

The girl blinked, then cautiously took the money from his hand. She counted the bills and smiled, stuffing them into her purse. “Okay, mister. I’m your happy girlfriend.” She walked around to the passenger door. Rick opened it, and she climbed in, the plastic bracelets on her arms clinking merrily. “What’s your name, stud?” she asked.

“Rick. What’s yours?”


Rick smiled. Something about the name excited him. He had his own private slut for the night.

Half an hour later, they arrived at Rick’s apartment. He ushered Bambi inside, and told her to sit on the couch. After getting some drinks, Rick sat down next to her. They talked casually for about five minutes.

“So, Bambi, how about a blowjob?” Rick asked suddenly, deciding to take charge of the situation.

Bambi took on a poorly faked look of shock. “I’m not that easy! You’ve got to warm me up first, honey.” A coy smile followed this last remark.

Rick surprised himself with the anger of his response. His hand reached out and grasped a fistful of blonde hair, yanking it backwards. Bambi shrieked as her head jerked back.

“Listen, you little tramp, I don’t know what you usually do when you’re earning your living screwing customers, but tonight I’m paying you eight hundred dollars to be my personal whore, and you’re going to do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. Understand?”

“O-O-Okay, sir. Wh-Whatever you want.”

“Good,” Rick growled, leting go of her hair. “Now suck my cock, bitch.”

Bambi shuddered at his language, but quickly began fumbling with his zipper. Rick leaned back, enjoying himself as he watched the hooker pull his hard cock out of his pants. He didn’t know why he’d exploded in rage so suddenly, but he liked the effect. The little slut wasn’t playing hard to get now, was she?

Rick let out a moan as Bambi’s shiny red lips encircled his cock. God, it felt so good. All the tensions that had been created by the whole incident with Candace melted away, draining out through his cock into Bambi’s mouth.

Why did this feel so goddamn good? Rick wondered about that. He’d gotten head before, several times, and he’d always enjoyed it. Women he’d loved had gently, tenderly, caressed his cock with their mouths, bringing him to powerful orgasms. But this was different. The sensation he got from watching Bambi’s glossy red lips slide up and down his cock was... electric. The plastic hoops dangling from her earlobes swung back and forth as she pumped up and down on his shaft. He needed to fuck her, and he needed it now.

Rick pushed Bambi’s head off his cock. Her eyes met his, questioningly, showing a slight glint of fear. “On your back, slut,” he commanded. Bambi obeyed without question, falling back on the couch, raising her spiked heels into the air and spreading her stocking-wrapped legs. Her skirt fell open, revealing the soft pink folds of her cunt.

Rick looked down at her pussy lips as he crawled forward between her legs. They glistened with wetness. Not that easy, huh? Rick smiled. The bitch had gotten wet just from having a cock in her mouth. And now she would do whatever he wanted for the rest of the night. He was in complete control, and she was nothing but a toy for him to use however he wanted. With a groan of pure pleasure, Rick thrust his cock into Bambi’s waiting pussy.

She let out a gasp at his entry. “I’m gonna fuck your brains out, you cheap little slut,” he murmured. Babmi’s only response was a squeal as his cock took a long stroke in and out of her pussy. Whether the squeal came from pleasure or pain he couldn’t tell. And he didn’t care. The bitch was his toy. A thought crossed his mind. He could keep Bambi, threaten and intimidate her, make her stay here after tonight, his permanent whore, his own personal slut.

As quickly as the thought had entered his mind, though, it was discarded. People might come looking for her. An angry pimp. It would be impossible to keep her from escaping. And even on his new salary, there was no way he could afford to hire her for the long term. No, he couldn’t keep her, and that was that.

But Candace...

The truth hit him like a hammer, almost physically jarring him. Suddenly, all the little mysteries surrounding his relationship with Candace clicked into place, revealing the pattern behind all that he’d done.

He didn’t love Candace, and he never had. Love was based on mutual respect, on trust, on a willingness on the part of both people to make themselves emotionally dependent on each other. A sharing of power. And they’d never had that. In the beginning, Candace had held all the power, using him to get free dinners, making him wait for her before dates, and teasing him mercilessly. He’d been the victim of a certain puppy-dog infatuation, but no more than that. Not love.

The drug had changed all that. Now he had the power. He could incite fierce passions in her with nothing more than a look. He could influence her mode of dress by addicting her to these passions. And he knew he could make love to her, if he wanted, and she would respond eagerly.

But he didn’t love her. Oh, she loved him, he was sure of that. She’d follow him to the ends of the Earth. But for all its strength, her love was artificial, forced upon her by the drug. He could never love someone over whom he had such control. No, he didn’t want to make love to her.

He wanted to fuck her.

He wanted to use her body for his own pleasure, just as he was doing now with the body of the whore writhing on the couch underneath him. He wanted Candace to be a slut, a cheap piece of trash who’d live for cock, like the woman in the magazine. He wanted her to dress like a whore, doing or saying anything to satisfy her craving for a good fucking. Not the tender, passionate, caring caresses of a lover, but hard, dirty, forceful use by her master.

Rick throbbed in Bambi’s cunt as he dreamed of what was to come. His cock was swollen with passion, with lust, but more than anything, it was swollen with power. He had the power, and he knew it. He would bend Candace to his will, molding her into the perfect slut. In time, she would be little more than a walking, breathing sex doll, a well-tuned fucking machine. And when the time came to be used, she would beg for it. Like the cheap slut she was.

Rick’s balls ignited at the thought. His cock pistoned in and out of Bambi’s cunt with a frenzied speed, his orgasm coming to a head. Bambi squealed underneath him as his cock exploded, shooting hot, sticky wads of jism into the whore’s cunt. Rick shuddered as he felt his power, felt it flowing from him, taking possesion of the cheap slut beneath him. She was nothing more than a toy, a puppet under his control, a slave to his power. And soon, Candace would be too.

* * *

To be continued...