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Candace Falls 4: Forbidden

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Eugene French sat behind a mahogany desk in his home office, hand writing notes in pencil regarding his work. His latest concoction was a saffron and goats milk moisturiser. He made his beauty products with his own hands, carefully choosing his ingredients, and was proud of his more successful efforts. Early morning sunlight beamed through the windows of his Brooklyn mansion.

He was famous in the fashionably elite circles of New York as a stylist and beautician of unparalleled skill. However, the short, well-kept gentleman had a secondary vocation, a secretive one filled with sexual deviance and perversion. His clients on this side of his life were many and varied, but all shared his dark nature.

From a locked drawer inside his desk, Eugene heard the vibrations of a phone. It wasn’t the one used for his usual business calls. It was solely for his other life, and his most private clients. When he retrieved it, he found the caller ID was blocked. This wasn’t unusual, considering the inclinations of those who called him. He flipped the phone open and answered.

“Hello Mr French. My name is Sir Gregor.” Said a deep, masculine voice.

Eugene started. A surname wasn’t required in this case. In the rarefied circles of the wealthiest decadents, Sir Gregor was a well known, aristocratic pervert. Eugene had never considered that he might come to the man’s attention.

“Hello, Sir Gregor. May I ask how you obtained this number?”

“We have an associate in common. You know him as Mr Awdiris. He recently informed me of a particular portfolio you have been putting together involving a Miss Candace Falls.”

“I see …”

“You may be aware that my daughter has her own ‘inclinations’ … and she tells me she’s a fan of Miss Falls.”

“And you would like to arrange a … private performance for her?”

“Well, that depends upon whether or not she can behave herself … some of her recent ‘adventures’ turned out to be rather costly to cover up. I blame myself … I’ve spoiled her rotten over the years, and indulged her whims when perhaps I shouldn’t. I’ve decided she’ll have to learn to control her own ‘lusts’ for the foreseeable future.”

Eugene waited for Sir Gregor to continue.

“My daughter’s interest in Miss Falls inflamed my own fantasies, however, once I found out who she was. I have a request to make of you … something outside the range of ‘normative’ behaviour, you might say, but I’m sure you’ll be able to accommodate. I’ve heard your reputation.”

“What do you desire?” Eugene asked.

“I wish for Miss Falls to willingly kneel before me and request the privilege of using her as a urinal. A sign of her ultimate surrender, if you will. One so famous, begging for it … preferably in the form of a song. She’s quite the musical talent.”

Eugene considered this dark, depraved request. He had heard tales of the twisted power games Sir Gregor enjoyed to play.

“I understand, Sir Gregor. I believe I can arrange this for you.”

“Can I assume she is virgin in this regard? I’m going to have to insist that I have the pleasure of being the first to use her in this manner.”

“Ah. Well, in that case, it will take me some time to make the proper arrangements.”

“I’m afraid I’m not a man of patience, Mr French. You have a week. Rest assured you’ll be handsomely rewarded, and not just financially.”

“Yes, Sir Gregor. I do have one condition … I want to film the encounter to add to Candace’s showreel.”

“Fair enough. I’ll call you in a few days time to arrange a suitable time and place for her performance. I’ll be flying into town shortly on other business.”

With that, the call ended. Eugene pulled on his beard and thought. To instil in a woman an urophilia fetish without exposing her to the physical act itself would be a challenge. And in such a short time! But if he was successful, he would be brought into close orbit with Sir Gregor, and the dark world of power and influence he lived in.

An idea flashed into his mind. He snapped his fingers. Reaching for his regular, innocent phone, he picked out a number.

“Yes. Speak Loud Records? I’d like to speak to Jennifer Erickson, please.”

As he waited, Eugene considered the form of hypnotic conditioning he would have to employ on his innocent subject. The physical implements of training he would need. He decided he would also have to enlist once again the services of Francisco, his most trusted assistant.

“Hello, Jennifer? How are you? I wanted you to pass along to Ms Falls that I have time available tomorrow evening, if she wishes to receive another course of my beauty treatments. Please let me know if she’s interested. My usual rates apply, of course. Thank you.”

* * *

It was Friday evening, and again Candace Falls was nude and reclining in Mr French’s special chair, letting him touch and stroke her pliant body. Eugene began with the same techniques he had applied on her before. Candace was so intimately familiar with the routine now that her eyes shuttered almost as soon as he began. She sank deeper into the soft leather, breathing deeply and contently, as he continued pulling his red paddle brush through her hair.

“Can you hear me, Ms Falls?” Eugene asked.

“Mm …” She replied. Deep inside she knew exactly what was about to happen, and it thrilled her.

“You truly are a Beautiful Butterfly.”

“Oh …. oh.” She murmured, dropping immediately down into warm, enveloping trance.

“Yes, you are a Beautiful Butterfly, Ms Falls. Tell me what you are.”

“A … beautiful … butterfly …”

“And when you hear those words, you …?”

“Go deeper …” She answered, just as she had been taught.

“Beautiful Butterfly, tell me what you love.”

“I love to be watched. I love to perform. I love to be abused.” The words dripped out automatically.

Eugene was glad he had shared his secret techniques with Tilly Graves. Through another form of hypnosis, he had successfully unearthed and encouraged Tilly’s deeply held sadistic desires. The young model’s lust to sexually dominate her closest friend had led her to entrance Candace several times already, and he had savoured watching the filmed results. This had been a great benefit in regards to her conditioning. She dropped swiftly and easily when she heard this particular hypnotic trigger phrase.

Soon he would instil different phrases into her for different occasions, transforming her into whichever persona he required at any time. He had already prepared one for her training tonight.

“So deep now, Beautiful Butterfly … so wonderfully deep.” Eugene repeated as he stroked her neck from earlobe to collarbone. When he was certain she was ready, he withdrew his fingers and directed her to stand up.

“Please put these on, Ms Falls.” He commanded, holding out a pair of pale blue lace knickers.

Taking the diaphanous underwear from his hand, Candace stepped into them and pulled them up her long legs. They held tightly around her hips. These were a special, expensive brand of knickers that the devious stylist had purchased for this particular evening. Hidden in a discreet pocket of the lining of the crotch was a small, meaningfully curved silicone vibrator.

“Now, please kneel down for me.”

Candace obediently crouched down, placing her knees on the yellow towel that his assistant had laid out in the centre of the room, and rested her buttocks on her heels.

“Are you ready to learn something new about yourself, Ms Falls?” He asked.

“Yes …” She replied, softly.

Francisco appeared from the kitchen, carrying several IV fluid bags filled with white wine. He had heated them in the microwave until they were roughly body temperature. Eugene told him to stand directly in front of his entranced subject.

Using a small remote control, he turned the vibrator onto its lowest setting. The whisper quiet motor began to hum, and Candace felt thrilling reverberations caress her vulva and clitoris. Her chest heaved with this new form of titillating stimulation. The little silver butterflies that adorned her nipples shivered. Eugene smiled. He hadn’t expected Tilly to make her friend get so intimately pierced. It had been a pleasant surprise that Candace had been so easily convinced to do it. The man watched her skin turn blotchy pink.

“Why don’t you sing for me, Ms Falls? I really do enjoy ‘Magic In My Body’.”

She dimly recalled the first time she sang it for him, and the orgasmic bliss that had followed. She began to lilt, softly and sweetly.

“Do it tonight, you wouldn’t believe … can you see the lights in my eyes, baby? You know what I need and just what I want … can you feel the magic in my body?”

“Mm. Louder, Ms Falls.” Eugene encouraged.

“Come on, come on, come on, come on! I know what I need and I need it fast … hold me and touch me, I’m ready for you …” She spurred on to the climax of the song.

“Wonderful. Now, here is your reward for your performance. Francisco?”

Taking his cue, Francisco squeezed the first bag of wine bag in his fist, ejecting a powerful stream of hot liquid that arced down and onto Candace’s face. She flinched in surprise as it splashed onto her cheeks. She tried to swallow the wine down before her mouth filled up entirely. Still the clear liquid spilled over her chin and dripped onto her bare chest. When the bag was empty, Eugene turned the dial of his remote control up ever so slightly. Candace felt the increased vibrations suddenly reverberate over her sensitive, inflamed lips. She fell down onto her elbows, gasping with pleasure.

“This is such a wonderful feeling for you, Ms Falls. On your knees, receiving your reward in your mouth.”

Candace nodded, the heady alcohol further addling her hopelessly hypnotised mind.

“Some people like the sensation of this, Ms Falls. The warmth and the wetness. They might find they love the idea of ingesting something that’s considered taboo. I think you’ll find yourself enjoying breaking this taboo yourself from now on. You do love breaking taboos, don’t you, Ms Falls?”

“I love breaking taboos …” Came her dizzy reply.

“This will be an act of worship and arousal for you from now on. What will it be, Beautiful Butterfly?”

“Worship … and arousal …” She repeated, all other thoughts vanquished from her mind.

“Louder, please.”

“Worship and arousal …”


“Worship and arousal … worship and arousal … worship and arousal …” She moaned.

“Good. Think of it as a sign of worshipping a God’s golden nectar. Repeat after me … a God’s golden nectar.”

“God’s golden nectar …”

“Now, when I tell you that you are a Soulful Songbird, you will take up this position. You will sing, and prepare yourself to receive your reward. Do you understand?”

“Yes …”

“Tell me out loud, so I know you fully understand, Ms Falls.”

“When I’m called a Soulful Songbird, I will kneel … and sing … and be rewarded …”

“What are you?”

“A Soulful Songbird …”

“Excellent. Let’s start again, Francisco.”

Eugene and his assistant repeated the process again and again and again, until Candace was barely croaking out the lyrics of her song. Her weak arms were shaking, her eyes glassy with the awful unquenched arousal that racked her body. Her belly was full and her skin was sticky with the wine she had failed to collect on her tongue. The towel was dark with damp.

At last Eugene decided she could take no more for one night. With her final gulp of the sweet alcohol, he dialled the vibrator up to its highest setting. Finally permitted to fall over her edge, Candace shook and moaned through a terrible, heavenly climax. She fell over and curled up on her side, the panties soaked though, her body quivering with the satisfaction of her wet orgasm.

“It’s just like nectar from a God, isn’t it, Candace?” Eugene asked.

“Mm … nectar …” She whispered, the word itself sinking down into her unconscious and settling like a pebble in soft sand.

“Yes, just like nectar. You’re going to write a song about this moment for me. A special song about how much you crave this nectar. And when you kneel and sing your song, the reward you receive will taste sweeter than anything you have ever tasted.”

Candace barely heard him. She was drifting off into drunken, contended sleep. No matter, Eugene decided. She had responded so well already, better than he had hoped. There was ample time to encourage her urges. He directed his assistant to scoop her up into his arms. As Francisco carried her into her bedroom, Eugene had another idea. He spoke into her ear.

“You’re bladder is so full, Ms Falls, that you might even wet your bed tonight, but that’s okay. It won’t worry you at all … you won’t worry …. it might even feel good to wake up all damp …”

Eugene hoped that his last suggestions of the night might sink in, and reinforce the connections between it all inside her subconscious mind.

* * *

Candace found herself making sure her evenings were free for the rest of week, as she welcomed Mr French and his assistant back again and again. And every evening, her hypnotic training continued.

When Sir Gregor called him to arrange their rendezvous, he was ready. He had already prepared a very specific beautification ritual for Candace. He visited her once again in her apartment early on the appointed evening. She welcomed him back in, so happy to see her beloved personal stylist. She couldn’t wait for the evening he had planned for her, and the wonderful man she was going to meet.

Eugene spent a full hour applying her make-up. He knew she had to look like the star his client expected her to be. He started with an apricot toned primer followed by understated foundation and blush, before adding dark smoky amber shadow to give her a wonderful, wide-eyed look. He wanted Sir Gregor to really enjoy her dazzling electric blue eyes as she sang for him.

After gently washing her hair, letting her drift off once again, he took scissors and neatly trimmed the very ends of her shining fronds, giving her a crisp, fresh appearance. He used a blow dryer and applied a soft holding mousse he had concocted of capuacu butter, babassu oil, and eucalyptus. He produced his hot irons. He skilfully dropped bending locks into the grip of the tongs, creating teased beach waves that flowed pleasingly around her shoulders.

“Mm … your hair is becoming rather long, Ms Falls. We’ll soon have to decide what your next style should be.” He remarked.

As he stroked the straighteners down through her golden hair from scalp to tip, he was tempted to brush the scorching metal ever so slightly against the conductive metal ring adorning Candace’s left nipple. He was curious to discover just how much pleasure she now associated with pain, after her cruel, orgasmic sessions in the hands of Tilly Graves. He decided this wasn’t the moment for such a test. It would have to wait.

Mr French had Candace dress in an expensive fitted black business suit and skirt, sheer stockings and tall heels. He thought that Sir Gregor would appreciate the contrast of her prim appearance with the degrading act he would perform on her. He had considered adding a pair of glasses to the look. Underneath he had chosen for her a set of virginal white lingerie, in the event his client preferred her that way.

Sir Gregor had booked the penthouse suite in the Gramercy Royal, the hotel he routinely stayed in during his visits to America. Disguising her in a long grey trenchcoat and sunglasses, the pair left her apartment and got into Sir Gregor’s private Rolls Royce. The driver took them uptown.

A short, pale woman greeted Eugene when they arrived on the top floor of the hotel. Once out of their coats, Sir Gregor’s own personal assistant led them into the vast central lounge of the luxury suite. A man put down his glass of MacCutcheon Sixty and stood up from his chair.

He was an exceedingly tall gentleman of an uncertain age, still with handsome, angular features. His black hair shone with Brylcreem, parted to one side. A dark clipped moustache lined his upper lip. His mustard pied-de-poule suit and Harris tweed waistcoat spoke to his acquired tastes.

“Mr French, I assume? Sir Gregor.” He greeted his guest with a businesslike handshake.

“Please, call me Eugene. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Allow me introduce Miss Candace Falls.”

Sir Gregor’s cold grey eyes focused his attention on Eugene’s companion. He plucked up her right hand and kissed it.

“My dear! It’s truly a delight to meet such a stunning creature as yourself, Ms Falls. May I call you Candace?”

“Of course.” She smiled at the handsome elder man. His pointed accent made her think of old fashioned film stars.

“I rarely get to meet someone of your celebrity. My daughter is such a fan of yours … I hope she will get to meet you someday. But please, join me in the dining hall.”

He ushered his guests into the adjoining room. A waiter appeared with whiskies for the men, and a fine vintage of wine for Candace. They were served a layered terrine of Scottish smoked salmon.

Over the meal, Sir Gregor talked in broad, vague terms about current events and the world of political intrigues. He also asked Eugene probing questions about his own affairs. Candace sipped on her wine and listened. Her host seemed hardly interested in her.

When they had finished their supper, Sir Gregor drained another glass of whisky.

“Now, I’m eager to proceed, Eugene. Is Candace prepared as I asked?”

“She is.”

“And I will be her first?”

“As promised.”

“Excellent. Let’s return to the lounge.”

“Just allow me to fetch my camera.” Eugene got his high definition digital video recorder out from his valise. He handed to his client a black and silver mask.

“For you—I assume you want to remain anonymous?” He asked.

“Yes, of course … an excellent idea. Thank you.” Sir Gregor took the mask and fixed it over his face. He seemed content to allow Candace to remain fully dressed, as he offered no instructions. Once they were ready, Eugene spoke softly to her.

“Now, Ms Falls. Remember for me … you are a Soulful Songbird.”

Hearing the phrase she had repeated aloud over and over every night for the past week, Candace swayed for a moment. Certain emotions and urges that the words triggered bubbled up to the surface of her mind, and she fell down into the deep hypnotic pit that had been dug for her. The camera was upon her again, she knew. It was time for her to perform again. To be abused again. She shivered in damp delight … she couldn’t resist her darkest desires. She dropped down onto her knees and placed her hands in her lap. Looking up at the man who now towered above her, she began to reverently sing the lyrics she had written for this moment.

“I crave your nectar baby … it makes me so crazy …

It’s in my nature honey … a warning to be ignored …

The sweetest taste on my lips …

Please my darling, my lover, my God …

It’s no coincidence I’m here … like waves crashing on the shore …

I’m coming back for you … call to me like you did before …

The sweetest taste on my lips …

Please my darling, my lover, my God …”

She finished, and opened her mouth wide. She closed her eyes and patiently held out her tongue, ready to receive her delightful reward. She watered in anticipation.

“Bravo, Candace … bravo.” Sir Gregor applauded.

He proceeded to unbutton his trousers. He took out his short, stubby penis, and began to empty his bladder directly into Candace’s mouth.

Mr French had been so right, she realised. The hot liquid that began to splash all over her lips and tongue was better than anything she had ever tasted before, sweeter and more heady than any wine. When the golden stream poured down her throat she happily swallowed, feeling her body blazing with intense erotic pleasure, knowing how much she loved to break taboos. Ingesting his urine … it was so degrading … it was so arousing.

She could really grow to worship this nectar.