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Candace Falls 3: Fantasy

GOSS.COM REPORTS—“Tilly: Can-Can And I Are Fine”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Post, Tilly Graves put a swift end to the rumours that her high-profile friendship with Candace Falls is on the rocks with a simple, “Don’t believe everything you read.”

Tilly and C-Filly have long been such close friends that they almost seemed like sisters. Yet, after some recent drama sparked by Ms Fall’s failure to show support for Graves during her recent runway jaunt in Paris—the singer-songwriter “was unavailable” to attend the first night of the fashion show—her fans were left to wonder, “Are they still friends?”

According to the Post interview, Graves’ closest friends still include Ms Falls. “They have vacationed together and have sat front row at several New York Mets games,” reported the tabloid.

Tilly Graves opened her front door and beamed her brightest smile.

“Can, baby! I’ve missed you so much!” She squealed joyfully, hugging her friend close. Candace warmly returned her embrace and kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh my god, it’s so good to see you!” She said, allowing herself to be pulled inside.

Once inside, they walked hand in hand through the apartment and into the chic décor of the model’s lounge. Here they could both relax and shed their public personas. Tilly hadn’t even bothered to throw anything more on than a faded t-shirt and yoga pants. Candace threw off her leather jacket and fell onto the sofa.

“I haven’t seen you all month, Tills! How was Las Vegas?” She asked.

“Exhausting … you wouldn’t believe!” Tilly laughed, brushing her long nut-brown hair over her shoulder.

“I am so glad to be home. Now, which wine do you want? You know there are only two kinds of girls in this world: red wine drinkers and white wine drinkers. It’s crazy how much our choice of alcohol can reveal about our personalities!”

Candace preferred the white, so Tilly poured them both the first of many glasses. They fell together onto her patterned couch, and listened to music and talked until dusk fell. The lights of Manhattan twinkled through the windows. Tilly couldn’t stop gushing about Candace’s latest single.

“I feel like it’s your best song, Can! I’ll randomly text you next time I’m listening to ‘Do It To Me’ and be like, ‘This song is so good!’ It’s so cool that I get to be on the inside of your ‘thing’.”

She took a breath.

“So … I saw you on the cover of Teen Dream. You looked stunning! Do we have Mr French to thank for your style?”

“Oh my god, yes! He is just the best!” Candace enthused. She had seen a lot of her new favourite stylist recently.

“I said so, didn’t I? I’ve had so many sessions with Eugene.” Tilly told her. “But let me do something nice for you tonight. Will you let me brush your hair like I used to do?”

“Oh, I’d adore it, Tills!” Candace exclaimed.

Permission granted, Tilly produced a hair brush from behind one of the cushions, where she had purposefully hidden it, ready for this moment. Pressing herself closer into the side of her friend, she began gently stroking it through Candace’s wavy blonde locks, and started to speak in a low soothing tone.

“You do like it when I brush your hair, don’t you, honey?”

“Yes, Tills … it feels wonderful …” She replied, enjoying the comfortingly gentle tugs on her scalp. The wine had made her pleasantly loose, and this close personal attention immediately gave her a feeling of warm peace.

“I know. Eugene told me how much you love it.”

After only a few minutes, Candace drooped ever so slightly, feeling a recognisable sense of relaxation start to completely envelop her body. She could feel her friend’s free hand drift onto her shoulder, massaging her.

“Just let your eyes close, Can … let your eyes close.” Tilly encouraged.

Candace let her eyes close. She felt so fuzzy and calm, wonderfully close to her most trusted friend.

“Mr French has really encouraged me to explore sides of myself I didn’t even know were there …”

Tilly continued to brush, letting her voice drop to a hush.

“This is so relaxing, isn’t it? Letting me take care of you … feeling the brush stroke through your hair … feeling so wonderfully relaxed now …”

Candace murmured her approval. Tilly continued in a monotonous whisper, tantalisingly close to her friend’s ear.

“Eugene told me some things about you, honey. And he told me what I’m allowed to do tonight … in fact, he says it’s part of your training … there’s only one thing I promised I’d do for him in return … capture it all on film.”

Candace nodded absently, barely listening, as Tilly stroked the tips of her fingers under her earlobe. Feeling them graze lightly down to her shoulder and then back up, Candace shivered with the tingling thrill of the touch. Tilly kept going.

“Mr French told me some words that are very special to you. Do you want to hear them?”

“Mm …”

“Beautiful Butterfly.” Tilly whispered, feeling herself tremble with anticipation.

Candace gave out a long sigh. Her eyelids fluttered but stayed closed.

“What happens when you hear those words?”

“I go deeper.” She husked out.

“Yes, deeper … Beautiful Butterfly … say them out loud for me.” Tilly urged.

“Beautiful Butterfly.”

“Mm. Deeper now. Say them again.”

“Beautiful … Butterfly.” She slurred.

“So deep for me now. You do … love me, don’t you, Can?”

“Yes …”

“Tell me you love me.” She urged.

“I love you …”

“I love you too … I love so much. Mr French told me there are other things you love too. You love to be watched, don’t you?”

“Yes …”

“And you love to perform …”

“Yes … to perform …”

“And … and, you love to be abused, don’t you?” Tilly said, excitement in her breath.

“I do …”

“That’s good, Can. That’s so good. Now, we’re going to do something fun. Would you like to do something fun with me?”

“Yes …” Candace smiled.

“I promise you’ll love it. Now, let’s get up. We’re going to take a shower together, first.”

Tilly picked her up by the hand, and led her into her luxurious, cream-tiled bathroom suite. Only the gentlest of encouragement was needed for Candace to undress. She was so relaxed, so wonderfully deep. She unbuttoned her Nobody denims and slipped them down her legs. It felt perfectly natural to stand naked next to her friend. Tilly watched her intently, savouring the vision of loveliness before her, and then pulled off her own t-shirt and pants. She guided her entranced friend into the shower stall.

Tilly pointed the shower head directly down onto Candace’s chest, and slithered her into the stall behind her. She reached out and turned the knob onto full power. Candace moaned a little as she felt the hot spikes of water hit her skin. As the heated stream soaked them both, the taller girl reached for some liquid soap. She lathered the creamy lotion over her hands. She snaked her arms around Candace’s delicate frame, allowing herself to stroke up and down her curves for long moments. Then she gently pressed her hands onto her breasts. Slowly she massaged her there, allowing her slippery palms to glide around in circles. Candace leaned back, luxuriating in the sensual touch. Loud enough to be heard over the sprinkling water, Tilly began to speak once more.

“Going deeper for me now, honey … deeper … tell me, Beautiful Butterfly … tell me you’re going deeper for me.”

“Going … deeper … for you.” Candace moaned.

“So much pleasure … so much pleasure …” Tilly gasped, trying and failing to disguise her own excitement.

“Pleasure …” Candace replied.

“Oh, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this, Can … fantasised about it …” She said, her voice now brimming with lust.

“Deeper …” She growled, and faltered. She couldn’t hold herself back a moment longer. With one hand still rubbing in circles over Candace’s taut belly, she buried her free fingers between her own legs. She frantically fingered herself, unable to contain the passion she felt, long hidden but now granted release.

“Oh god … I’m … ah … ah!” Tilly cried hysterically as her orgasm overcame her. She pressed her sleek body into her friend’s back even harder, gripping onto her tightly, as she rode out the remaining waves of her own euphoria. Candace stood silently, deep in trance, only distantly feeling the hot soapy water running over her skin and down to her toes.

Tilly held onto her friend as slowly her breath returned to a shallow gasp.

“Now go to sleep for me, Beautiful Butterfly.” She finally said.

Candace’s mind went blank.

* * *

“Wake up now, Can.”

Candace blinked her eyes open. The first thing she felt was the tremendous incandescence of a lamp that shone directly upon her. She realised her body was dripping wet. It only magnified the burning heat on her flesh. She was still naked. Immediately in front of her she saw a digital camera, mounted on a tripod. The red light told her she was being recorded. Her loins grew slick with the realisation she was being watched. Deep inside her hazy mind, she knew it was time for another performance.

She tried to move, and realised she couldn’t. She looked down and saw a bright aluminium spreader bar between her legs, cuffed to her ankles. She realised there must be another one imprisoning her hands in the same way, because she couldn’t shake her arms free. She felt the soft sensation of brushed suede cuffs around her wrists. She was suspended in some fashion, her arms above her shoulders, and was forced at the hips to bend slightly forward, jutting out her chest, presenting herself.

Tilly suddenly appeared from darkness behind the camera. She too was nude, except for a kinky black cat mask that neatly obscured her face. In her hands she fingered a rigid leather riding crop. She strode purposefully closer, and stood by Candace’s side. She imprisoned young woman felt a tremor of fear shiver through her body. She somehow knew exactly what was going to happen next, and she also knew in her state it was useless to fight or struggle. She felt so incredibly vulnerable, and red-raw between her thighs.

“Tell me again what you love, honey.”

“I love … I love to be watched … I love to perform … and I love to be … abused.” Candace flushed.

Tilly tucked the riding crop under her armpit. She began by firmly kneading and squeezing the globes of Candace’s heart-shaped bottom with her hands, helping into increase the blood flow into the flesh. She repeated the process on her small breasts for a few minutes, eliciting a whimper as she teased her nipples between thumb and forefingers.

“Start counting.” Tilly ordered.

Candace hesitated, until she felt the tip of the crop slide up from her hips to her shoulder as an encouragement.

“One.” She started. Tilly raised the crop and cracked it across her buttocks. The sudden shock and pain of the sting made Candace shriek out. Her shoulders sagged as much as the bar allowed. Her damp hair clung over her forehead. Tilly plucked her under the chin and raised her up, forcing her to look back into the camera lens once more.

“Remember your audience, Can. Keep counting …”

“Two.” Candace groaned raggedly. This time the whip came down across her chest. Her sensitive flesh burned with pain. Her nipples pulsed. Abused … I love to be abused … she remembered, and felt her heart pound hard in her chest.

“Three.” Alternating, Tilly smacked the crop against her rear a little harder. Candace strained against her bonds feeling both pain and pleasure now. It was almost as though she were being rewarded for counting. She was so wet between her thighs she knew she must be dripping onto the hard wood of the floor below her.

“Four.” She cried out, and then felt a harder lash once more on her breasts. The light in her eyes blotted everything out except her own body and the terrible sensations she had no way to escape. Every second felt like an eternity. She kept counting.

“Five!” Sweat shone in the glare of the lamp as it dripped from her forehead. She didn’t know how much more of this punishment she could take. Tears streaked down her cheeks.

“S—six!” The room was spinning as she grunted out, barely able to think on what number was meant to come next. Tilly’s strokes were becoming more forceful each time.



“Nine!” And on and on, and on.

Finally, mercifully, after the twentieth whipping stroke across her buttocks, Tilly relented.

“Well done.” Candace heard from somewhere behind her. She suddenly felt slick fingers reaching between her legs to touch her engorged clitoris. Roughly, quickly, her throbbing bud was frigged. In seconds Candace felt the release of all her pent-up emotion, and sobbed out a shattering orgasm made so much more powerful by the fact she couldn’t move to escape the unblinking eye of the camera, even if she wanted to. She didn’t.

Once she had turned off Mr French’s video recorder and removed her mask, Tilly gently unwrapped the cuffs from Candace’s wrists and caught her before she could collapse entirely. She held her in her grip and kissed her passionately, exploring her mouth with her tongue.

Freeing her of both the spreader bars, Tilly carefully guided her punished friend onto her bed. Overwhelmed by the experience, Candace quickly fell asleep in Tilly’s embrace, as the other girl planted tiny hot kisses on her cheeks, whispered things into her ear, and gently stroked her scarlet buttocks, enjoying the glow she felt on her fingertips.

* * *

Black Diamond Designs was the most exclusive tattoo and piercing parlour in New York. If you were rich and famous and on the east coast, this is where you came for your body art. The walls of the reception room were crowded with framed photographs of hundreds of different tattoo designs; intricate spirals, complex tribal patterns, finely detailed mandalas, all testimonies of their masterful work.

The door opened, and two women entered, one blonde, the other brunette, both young and stunningly beautiful. They wore similar sunglasses and large, dark coats, despite the heat of the day. Clearly they wished to avoid any attention. The brunette was guiding her friend in, one hand on her shoulder, the other tightly gripping her left wrist.

The piercer appeared from behind the glass counter to greet them. He was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes celebrities would walk in with a crew of security or an entire entourage and tried to shut down the whole shop. These two, however, were quiet and unassuming.

“Hello. How can I help you?” He asked.

“I’ve … I’ve got an appointment.” The golden haired girl replied.

“Okay. What are you getting done today?” The piercer said. He knew full well who he was talking to, but people came to him specifically for his discretion.

“My, ah, nipples … I’m …”

“She’s getting them pierced.” Her tall friend finished for her.

He let the two women browse the display cases of body decorations. There was a wide choice available; barbells in all different colours with jewels, skulls, gold love hearts, cupids arrows, and angel wings. There were smooth rings with huge closure balls, hanging beads, and swinging pendants.

“She’ll have these ones.” The brunette pointed to a pair. The piercer removed them from the cabinet so they could take a closer look. They were a pair of rings with tiny silver butterflies attached to them.

“Ooh, they’re perfect. Aren’t they perfect, honey?” She asked

“Yes …” Her friend said, quietly.

“Excellent choice.” The piercer agreed.

He led her into a private booth, a cleanly tiled room with shelves of tools, and a black reclining chair. The room was cold and had a sterile feel to it. The timid woman unbuttoned her shirt, seemingly tremendously embarrassed. The piercer showed no concern. He studiously ignored the bright red whip marks that criss-crossed her slim chest. He directed her to lie back on the chair. Her nipples became erect in the chill air.

“Just relax, Candace.” The piercer said, allowing himself to be familiar now they had privacy.

Candace tried, but there was no way she could get comfortable. Her ass was sore, despite the arnica cream Tilly had been kindly massaging her with after every session. She shivered as he showed her the needle he was about to wield on her, and explained the process.

“These piercings are going to take around twelve months to fully heal, so you’re going to have to keep these rings in all the time, okay?” He said. “I recommend you soak each nipple in salt water each night to clean them.”

Twelve months … my god. I can’t go through with this. I just can’t. Candace wailed to herself.

“And I have to warn you, you are going to be extremely sensitive for quite some time.”

She nodded.

The piercer took a cotton swab and tickled her clean. She lay back, trying to conceal her distress, as he took his time to mark her right nipple first, checking and re-checking until he was satisfied with the placement. He picked up a pair of small steel tongs. Carefully, he pinched her nipple and pulled. She shuddered. He placed the needle and she felt a small prick.

“Now take a deep breath.” He instructed.

Candace breathed, and as she let it out, he pushed the needle through. It was worse than she could have possibly imagined. She felt the needle push through all the way through. It was a horrible burning sensation. She gritted her teeth and grimaced.

And yet, something else happened that was entirely unexpected. The explosion of pain sent a shudder of intense sensation down inside her body to her loins. She shuddered as he slipped the silver ring into place.

The pain radiated hotly through her left breast as he prepared again. She just couldn’t escape the awful pulsing she felt in her clitoris that beat with the same rhythm of the pain in her nipple. This one was going to be even worse. Her right side had always been more sensitive.

Knowing now the pain that was to come, she gripped onto the armrests of the chair. She felt like she had been trapped in there an hour already. She desperately squeezed her thighs together, hoping against hope. She was sure she wouldn’t be able to take it. Adrenaline was rushing through her entire body.

She winced again when he pulled on her right nipple with the tongs. and stared at him line up the needle with the mark he had made. Her eyes were fixed on his fingers as he pierced her flesh once more. She felt like she was going to scream out loud. He slid it in. The pain was so much worse, so much more intense … and … and … she was, she couldn’t …

“Oh—oh, oh—OH! She howled as she orgasmed. Her knuckles turned white as she squeezed her fists into balls. Her toes curled.

And finally it was over, the sharpest pain, the worst pleasure, and she was left alone with the deep, throbbing ache in her breasts. Candace’s head slumped down. She couldn’t look at him, she was so embarrassed.

The piercer turned away to hide his smile.

“Don’t worry, it happens all the time. Sometimes people just get overwhelmed.”

She sat up. Her head was spinning. She held onto the chair and tried to steady herself. When she caught sight of herself in the mirror and saw the metal rings now adorning her nipples and the silver butterflies that dangled from them, she flushed even hotter. Beautiful butterflies, she thought.

Candace practically ran out of the room and back to her friend, barely even managing to button up her shirt before she threw on her coat. Her face was burning. She was acutely aware of the fabric brushing agonisingly over her erect nipples, and the wet pounding she still felt between her thighs.

Tilly took her hand and beamed another bright smile.

Celebrity Radar Reports: Candace Falls Spends $8,000 On Bondage Gear

Eclectic singer-songwriter Can-Can’s been apparently shopping for her new wardrobe at a bondage store!

Candace and her friend Tilly Graves visited one of the largest open air shopping, dining and entertainment centres on the east coast, and were later reported browsing in the well known fetish store Serpentine, which is famous for its range of saucy items. Her production team subsequently grabbed $8,000 worth of clothing from the shop, apparently for her next shoot.

Sources say the theme for the music video for Candy’s latest song ‘Do It To Me’ is ‘leather-and-latex’. The look is super-edgy for Candace, whose style definitely used to trend more toward ladylike than bondage themed.