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Candace Falls 2: Further

“A world famous pop star is hypnotically transformed.”


They weren’t supposed make musicians like this any more! With her string of infectious pop hits, breathtaking good looks and uncanny talent, Candace Falls has become one of the most famous faces in music today.

The recent transformation of Can-Can’s public persona from ‘saint’ to ‘sinner’ has delighted her teenaged fans and scandalised their mothers. The X-Rated lyrics of her newest song has provoked outraged indignation from groups such as Right To Censor. Her night-time adventures have provided the tabloids with so much material they have to edit their editors. We asked the 22-year-old pop starlet the burning questions on the lips of her fan base in a recent interview conducted near her luxury apartment on the Upper East Side.

Now that you’ve become so successful, what makes you happy?

“Spending time with my friends, writing new songs, meeting my fans. Right now this moment is the best moment I’ve lived in my entire life.”

The lyrics for your latest single, ‘Do It To Me’ could only be described as ‘raunchy’. What made you choose the theme you went for?

“I think it’s a kind of rebellion against the type of ‘girly-girl’ label the media have always put on me. I don’t care if I’m slut-shamed by the press. I’m young and I want to explore my sexuality.”

You have been a fixture of the Manhattan club scene recently, spotted leaving LPR at four in the morning with your ‘Girl Gang’ only last night. Are you enjoying being a ‘Party Girl’?

“I used to curl up in bed and watch a marathon of my favourite shows, but it’s just too much fun to be out and experience life! And, honestly, if somebody wants to criticize me for being a ‘train-wreck’, I really don’t care!”

You have a cameo in the upcoming Alicia Jones comedy film ‘Screwball Follies’. Do you have any acting aspirations?

“As far as acting is concerned, I would love to do it if was very well written and witty. That would be my absolute dream.”

We can’t wait to see what Candace will do next!

* * *

“Candy darling! How are you? What can I do for you today?”

“Hey, Jen. You know the Melodies coming up next month?”

“Of course my dear, everything is arranged. Have you decided who you’re wearing?”

“I have this perfect little Givenchy dress picked out. The thing is, I was hoping you’ll get me another appointment with Mr French for styling for the evening. He was really … ‘Wow!’, you know?”

“Well, I’ll try my best, my dear, but you know how in demand he is. I’ll text you the details if I can.”

Candace said goodbye to her manager and slid her phone closed. She really hoped Mr French would make time for her. Whilst her memories of his last visit were a little hazy, she knew that it was just the most fantastic experience. She certainly looked dynamite for days afterwards. It was more than worth the small fortune he charged.

The upcoming Melody City Awards meant a night under the flashbulbs of the paparazzi. She used to detest their cameras, feeling shy and out of place. Now she relished the attention, and she needed Mr French’s personal touch to look her very best. She would pay for his full treatment this time: hair, body and make-up.

The following day, to her absolute delight, Jen sent her a message telling her Mr French could fit her in on the afternoon of the awards. She couldn’t wait.

The appointed day arrived. Just as before, Candace’s concierge allowed the stylist entrance into her apartment complex. When she opened her door, Eugene French politely nodded, and allowed her to beckon him inside. The small, smart man was accompanied once more by his tall, handsome assistant Francisco. Mr French allowed him to set up all the required furniture whilst he proposed his planned beauty routine with Candace. She was eager to discover what hand-made treatments he would produce this time.

“I have a special package for you, including hair styling, full body treatment and make-up. Tonight I think I’ll try marula oil conditioner for your scalp and pomegranate hair crème. I also have aloe barbadensis and honey lotion to be massaged into your skin for vitality. May I ask how you desire your hair to be styled for tonight, Ms Falls?”

“You know, I’d like something different from my usual curls.” She replied.

“A fine choice. I have tourmaline hot irons with me to straighten your tresses.”

Francisco had placed the leather recliner down next to the mirror, wash basin and stool.

“Thank you Francisco. I’ll call you when I require you again.” Mr French said, and turned back to his young client.

“I hope you will trust me with the specific shades and blends of your make-up tonight, Ms Falls. I have prepared a very specific palette to enhance your natural beauty.” He said, smiling.

She assented happily. It felt so good to place herself in the care of such a master beautician. Mr French busiest himself procuring various bottles and containers from his leather valise.

“I have decided upon a Bernard Louis palette for contouring, concealing, and highlighting. To really pick out your eye colour, your eye-shadow will be Ruby Quartz’s smoky satin black-and-blue shimmer. And finally, some Pop! metallic pink blush.”

He held out a fistful of lip colours.

“These are imported from Japan. Kyoto Liquid Lingerie. Please, pick out the shade you prefer.”

I adore them all! Candace thought. It was if Mr French could anticipate her thoughts and desires. She chose a seductive mahogany red.

“Now, if you don’t mind removing your clothes.” He asked.

Candace felt a shiver of deja-vu as she removed her smock. She remembered now that she had been wholly nude during her last session, and it felt natural and right to be so again. Mr French watched her impassively.

“This might sound backwards, Ms Falls, but I feel it’s profitable to apply the make-up before creating the hairstyle. So if you will allow me …”

Mr French spent a long time carefully layering her make-up, from foundation to contouring. Candace felt the hairs on her arms prickle at his close, devoted attention. His eyes were fixed on her face. Finally he painted her lips. At last Mr French stood back and allowed her to look in the mirror. She saw a smouldering vision staring back, the shimmering eyeshadow a burst of sensual colour on her face.

“Oh … wow! It’s just amazing!” Candace beamed.

She relaxed back down into the recliner and allowed Mr French to attend to her hair. Just like the first time, he worked the tingling conditioner into her scalp with his fingers. A familiar feeling of warm peacefulness spread again through her legs and arms. Her fingers tingled. Candace allowed her mind to wander, relishing the attention she was receiving. He applied the crème and rinsed. There was something familiar too about the red paddle brush he brought out to comb through her hair. When she watched it in the mirror, she felt herself getting strangely drowsier by the second. She listened to him talk.

“You do so deserve to be pampered, Ms Falls. Such a beautiful young woman as yourself. Nice and relaxed now … watching the brush … so relaxing …”

Next, the stylist spritzed on a heat protecting spray onto her damp curls and pulled on a lock of her blonde mane, stretching it taut on her scalp. He picked up a straightening comb and dragged it down her hair, followed by the hot iron.

“Feel the heat of the iron now, so close to your skin, Ms Falls. So warm, so nice. Feel the warmth on your skin and in your mind … so warm … so soft … mind so warm and soft now …”

“Mmm …” She agreed, allowing her eyes to flutter shut for just a moment as he plucked another handful of hair.

“Yes, it feels so nice to be pampered like this … so warm and relaxing … feeling that little tug on your scalp … that comforting heat … relaxing … so relaxing …” He droned, watching her eyes blink slower and slower. He lowered his voice almost to a whisper.

“So warm and relaxed now, Ms Falls … so perfectly relaxed … you’re almost falling asleep …”

It was all so familiar, all so wonderful … Candace let her eyelids stay closed. She breathed deeply and steadily.

“Can you hear me, Ms Falls?” Mr French asked.

“Yes …” She murmured.

“Do you recall the words I taught you the last time I visited you?”

“Yes …” She could. They floated up from the deepest recesses of her mind.

“Can you say them out loud for me?”

“Beautiful … Butterfly …”

“Yes … and what happens every time you hear those words?”

“I go deeper …”

“Yes … good girl … Beautiful Butterfly … Beautiful Butterfly … deep down into warm, relaxing trance, where your inhibitions are cast aside. Tell me, Ms Falls, can you remember what you love?”

She hesitated for a moment, as a further recollection loomed up from her unconscious.

“I love to be watched … I love to perform … I love to be … abused …” she whispered.

“That’s right, Beautiful Butterfly. Tell me again.”

“I love to be watched … to perform … to be abused …”

“And do you remember the delight you feel when you perform for me, Beautiful Butterfly?”

“Yes …”

“And the more degraded you feel, the more aroused you feel?”

“Yes …”

“Say it, Beautiful Butterfly.”

“More degraded … more aroused …”

“Excellent. Now for the next part of your treatment. I think your chaise-lounge is perfectly placed. Beautiful Butterfly, come with me and lie down on your stomach.”

Slowly, her eyes still heavily lidded, Candace raised herself from the leather recliner and followed Mr French to her luxuriously decorated chair. She felt as though she were floating. As instructed, she lay down, and rested her head on the crook of her folded arm.

“Now, this aloe and honey lotion will feel truly exceptional on your skin, Ms Falls. And as I massage it in, you will have no choice but to drop deeper and deeper for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She confirmed.

“Say it out loud, please.”

“Deeper and deeper for you.”


“Deeper … deeper …”

Mr French began stroking her naked shoulders, rubbing in the lotion. In long, lazy strokes he ran his hands down her spine to the small of her back. Over and over he repeated this movement, feeling her become looser and looser. He began kneading the globes of her firm bottom, each time pressing his thumbs closer and closer to the lips of her vulva. He stroked and teased her for a spell, allowing her to simmer in the eroticism of his touch. Candace spread her slender legs wider as she felt the thrill of his skilful hands playing across her most erogenous zone, falling deeper into hypnotic trance with every single stroke.

“Mm, you’re nice and wet for me, Ms Falls. Very good.”

Now, with each movement of his thumbs, he stroked closer to the tight pucker of her anus. He listened intently as her sighs became moans, as her arousal increased at being touched so intimately.

“Tell me, Beautiful Butterfly. When did you lose your virginity?” Mr French asked.

“When I was twenty …” She sighed.

“Ah, a late bloomer. Did you enjoy it?”

“Mm … yes …”

“That’s superb, Ms Falls. Because I think you’re going to find you will be unable to resist your own darkest sexual desires from now on. Tell me you won’t be able to resist.”

“Won’t … resist …”

“Won’t resist what?”

“My … darkest … desires …”

Mr French continued. Slowly, rhythmically, he stroked up and down, up and down, until she was straining her backside up to meet his touch. He withdrew his hands, eliciting a mewl of frustration. He dipped his hand back into the tub of pearly white cream. With one finger, he began teasing circles around her anus. A gasp escaped her lips.

“Have you ever had anything up your bottom, Ms Falls?”

“No …”

“Why not?”

“It’s … dirty …”

“It’s not dirty at all, Ms Falls. In fact, I think you’ll find it more pleasurable than anything you’ve felt before in your life. Doesn’t this feel wonderful right now?”

She could only nod. He was right … it did feel wonderful.

“You desire more of this, don’t you?”

“Yes …” She admitted.

Now that she was properly lubricated, he pushed a finger past her ring and into her tight passage. Slowly he inserted one slippery finger, then two. He smiled as he did so, knowing full well the far larger items that would be routinely invading her backside in the future. Candace Falls, public pop star, secret asshole slave? He idly considered, as he gently worked his fingers in and out. He listened to her whimper at the powerful sensations she was experiencing for the first time.

“You’re feeling so much pleasure, Beautiful Butterfly … great pleasure … addictive pleasure …” He softly encouraged.

“Mm … mmm …” She agreed.

Mr French continued in this fashion for a while longer, allowing Candace to truly get lost in the fog of her own arousal. Once he was satisfied she was ready for the next step, he called out once more to his assistant. He appeared in the doorway.

“Fetch me the equipment, Francisco.”

When he returned, the two men looked down at the prostrate pop star. Mr French stroked his prickly grey beard.

“I’ve decided that a wine enema should be a part of the process tonight, Ms Falls. A nice addition to your hypnotic training that should wipe away any last remaining inhibitions you still feel.”

Candace was so lost in blissful trance she barely registered his words.

Under Mr French’s direction, Francisco prepared the enema. He attached a carefully measured rubber container full of white wine to a small tube and nozzle. It slid easily into Candace’s well lubricated rectum. With patience and skill that betrayed his experience of the process, he proceeded until the alcohol was quickly absorbed into her bloodstream.

Candace felt as though she were in a dizzy dream, a haze of mindless bliss. Through her closed eyelids the room felt as if it were in a spinning motion around her body. She had never felt so loose, so drippy, so … wonderful. Recalled memories of the ecstasy Mr French had previously instilled in her made her heart race and her flesh burn with heat.

“Are you ready to perform, Ms Falls?”

“Mm … yes.” She breathed huskily.

“And are you ready to be abused?”

“Yes …”


“Because it gets me so … horny …” She shivered.

“Excellent. Carry her to the toilet, Francisco, and let her evacuate. Then you can get ready yourself.”

By the time they returned, Mr French had set up a small digital video recorder on a tripod, a clear view of the chaise-lounge in its’ view, and a bright halogen lamp for illumination. Francisco gently placed the entranced young woman on her feet, where she stood swaying, flushed, excited. Mr French studied her.

“Consider this something of an acting audition, Ms Falls. The portfolio of photographs I took of you aroused a lot of interest from some of my wealthier contacts. One or two expressed interest in the idea of you putting on a private show for them. I require you to show off your full range of talents.”

Candace nodded her delicate chin. She did love performing so much …

“All we need is some music. I think your latest song will make a superb soundtrack to your performance, Ms Falls. It has such a sexy, percussive rhythm, it’s almost as if you wrote it as the perfect score for a four-minute fuck. I wonder where you got the idea …”

He queued up the song on her soundbar, and readied the volume.

“Present yourself first, Ms Falls. Your audience needs to be certain it’s really you.”

Candace stood up straight and tall, smiling. She felt the giddy intoxication of the alcohol, and remembered just how good it felt to be on display like this, naked, sweating under the lights. Her pussy moistened. Her nipples stood erect for the camera. She waited patiently, so lost in her dream that she didn’t even notice Francisco removing his clothes, and preparing himself for what was to happen next.

“Excellent. Now, beautiful butterfly, lie back down on your stomach. Francisco, you may begin.” Mr French instructed.

His husky assistant knew what precisely to do. His muscular, caramel-complexioned body was the reason why Mr French had chosen him for this particular task, and this particular client. His skin tone contrasted wonderfully against Candace’s pale flesh as he positioned himself on top of her. On his knees, he pushed her thighs apart, and worked himself into the proper position to penetrate her. He nodded his readiness to Mr French, who pressed play on the digital pad.

As the music started, the younger man slowly slid his hard, lubricated virility into the hypnotised starlet, allowing himself to enjoy the feeling of taking her anal cherry. The pulsating bass beat of the music gave way to Candace’s own voice coming through the speakers, singing the lyrics she herself had written.

I had such a time of it … lying back and feeling the heat … searching, searching for you …

“Ah—Ahh—Oh … Godd!” She sobbed out, as she felt every inch of him slide into her sensitive rear hole. There was pain, but also a deliciously new form of erotic stimulation, which rippled through her whole body as she shivered on his cock. She felt horribly, ecstatically stretched. It felt so much more intense that anything she had experienced before, her nerve endings awakening with a lewd, filthy intensity. Her senses overloading, her eyes blurred and began to water.

“Try not to cry too much, Ms Falls. We don’t want your make-up to run.” Mr French urged.

Francisco wrapped a firm hand under her chin and tightly gripped her elegant neck. He pulled her shoulders up and back towards him, stretching and curving her spine, allowing her face and perky freckled bosom to be exposed fully to the lens. Her arms swung limply as the man dominated her entirely.

… I think I’m going crazy, screaming for something new …

Candace heard the lyrics of her own song and grunted wantonly, knowing the camera lens was on her, feeling how good it felt to be watched like this. She knew just how dirty and depraved she was being, performing like a porn star, being screwed in her tight ass for the viewing enjoyment of others … it was so degrading, and it turned her on much.

… Do it to me baby, do it to me now …

Francisco pistoned himself into her body deeper and faster. Stretched and pulled as she was, Candace felt inescapable, orgasmic stimulation on her G-spot. She was dripping with her own wet lust. She couldn’t control the pulsing vibrations of ecstasy that were racking her flesh. She moaned greedily, desiring nothing more than to be abused further.

… Do it to me baby, do it baby, do it, do it, do it …

“Mm, very nice, Ms Falls. Harder, Francisco.”

As Mr French’s assistant began to slam his hips against her with all his effort, Candace’s ravaged mind spun with the intensity of it all, the pounding music, the thrilling agitation in her ass, the sheer euphoric rapture of the moment. She felt such hot agony she thought she would explode. The propulsive beat of the song built now to a crescendo, reverberating the walls of her apartment, her own words now an impassioned demand.


She was so close … she just needed … she needed …


The song reached its crescendo and was over, immediately leaving the room empty but for the guttural shrieks of her ecstasy. And as though her own lyrics had granted her her permission, Candace felt herself burst with overwhelming emotion. She arched her back even further and began keening, feeling the bursting wave of orgasmic release crash through her body. Eventually Francisco released his grip. She collapsed onto the cushions with a final whine, completely drained. He pulled himself from her, leaving her body palpitating.

Mr French zoomed his camera in on the face of one of the most recognisable women in the world, her eyes closed and her perfect features flushed pink from the gratification of her first ever anal orgasm.

* * *

“MANHATTAN GAZETTE, SATURDAY—Pop sensation Candace ‘Candy’ Falls appeared on the red carpet at the Melody City Awards last night, again stunning the assembled media scrum by appearing to be tipsy before the night had even begun.

The singer of ‘Magic In My Body’ and ‘Do It To Me’ showed up looking tousled and rock ’n’ roll, wearing a nude dress, her lipstick and make-up artfully smeared and sporting just-leapt-from-bed hair.

There was a healthy glow to her cheeks, leading some commentators to wonder if Can-Can had a new man in her life. Refusing to answer questions about her romantic affairs, she simply gave her audience a mysterious smile.