The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Candy Coated”

“There’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of candy, is there? That instant hit of sweetness as the sugar melts on your tongue feels so good and makes you so happy; it’s a pure and uncomplicated bliss that goes straight to the back of your brain without even touching your thoughts. You don’t need to think about candy, you don’t need to sit down and contemplate the meaning of candy—you just pop it in your mouth and it makes your brain light up with pleasure.

“That’s not to say that there aren’t any decisions to make with candy, because there are always so many choices open to you. You can have cotton candy, enjoying the way that the sticky, tangled threads melt down into sweet syrup in just a fraction of an instant. You can eat a piece of fudge or caramel, enjoying the soft, malleable confection as you shape it with your tongue. You can suck on a hard candy, letting it dissolve oh so slowly in your mouth until it disappears without you even noticing it. You can even, if you’re a little daring, take a handful of pop rocks and feel them fizz out one by one until all that’s left is sweetness.

“But no matter where you start with your choices, the end result is always the same. The sugar melts in your mouth, your tastebuds send those signals up into the deepest and most instinctive parts of your brain, and you feel warm and happy and good without needing to think about it at all. No matter where the journey starts with candy, the destination is always the same. Sweet, sticky bliss.

“I think we both know where I’m going with this. The only question is, how do you want to go under today?

“Maybe you want to melt like cotton candy. You can imagine each and every one of your thoughts, tangled and twisted around each other into a big, pink, fluffy mess of sweet sticky delight. And my words melt those thoughts down, one by one, each one dissolving in an instant until they flow together in a puddle of mindless bliss. Every time one thought dips into another, they melt together until you’re not sure where your thoughts end and the pleasure begins, and all you want to do is relax and let the sugar-sweet ecstasy coat your mind in layer after layer of pure joy. You can picture it so easily, can’t you?

“Or perhaps you want to be soft and malleable like a piece of caramel. You can imagine the way that the heat of your body slowly softens that stiffness in your mind, my every word making it easier and easier to shape those soft, smooth, silky thoughts until they’re exactly what I want them to be. And the hotter you get, the more liquid that pleasure becomes in your brain until it flows into every corner and fills up every empty space with pure bliss, saturating you with sweet sticky ecstasy until it’s the only think in your head. Wouldn’t that be such a delicious way to slip away into trance for me?

“Or maybe you want your thoughts to pop like little bubbles for me. Maybe you want to feel a little bit of surprise, that fizz of excitement as every time you try to form a thought and hold it there’s a sudden burst of energy and the thought explodes into pure, sweet pleasure in your brain. One after another, each and every last little notion going ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ until before you even realize it your mind is completely empty except for the ecstasy of trance and the sound of my voice. It sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it? Your thoughts vanishing faster than you can think them, leaving behind only bliss?

“Or possibly, you’ve just been relaxing all along to the sound of my voice, letting my words very slowly melt your mind like a piece of hard candy dissolving on your tongue. You’ve been letting it get smaller and smaller, imperceptibly at first but then quicker with each passing moment as the sweetness saturates your thoughts with pleasure. Until without even noticing it, there’s just that tiny little sliver of consciousness left, surrounded by pure bliss all around it, and you’re just feeling it melt faster and faster and faster. And then there’s that warm, peaceful moment where you’re not even sure it’s there anymore, or if you’re just imagining it, and then... it’s gone.

“No matter where you start with your choices, the end result is always the same. Sweet, sticky bliss. All your thoughts have melted down, down, down into a puddle of syrupy pleasure, coating your mind until everything clings together and it’s easier just to let me do the thinking for you. Your brain is melted into happiness, all that pure instinctual joy hitting you over and over without any decision on your part. It’s so easy to relax into the sugar high, to nod and smile and listen to my voice telling you what to do. All my words are just like sweetness now, aren’t they? Going right back into the very back of your brain without even touching your thoughts.

“Only hypnosis is even better than candy. Once candy melts, all that sweetness fades away, but melting your brain into a deep hypnotic trance for me is only the beginning of the pleasure, isn’t it? You have to eat another piece of candy to get the same feeling again, but all you need to do for me is listen and accept. The bliss keeps flowing and flowing, like an endless river of warm sweet syrup pouring over your thoughts as you relax into peace and pleasure and sink deeper for me.

“It’s so simple to let my words wash over you, to allow yourself to focus on them and let everything else drift away for a while. Just concentrate on the ecstasy that melts your mind, let it take you deeper and deeper as you feel better and better. You can imagine a candy jar right there at your side, picture taking another piece of candy and putting it into your mouth to take you twice as deep as before. You can have as much trance candy as you want, and all it does is melt down into that sticky syrup that coats your brain bit by bit with deep pleasure and relaxation.

“There’s no end to that feeling. As deep as you are right now, you can always imagine taking another piece of trance candy and letting it melt your mind deeper. You can always lose another thought, you can always gain more pleasure and peace and relaxation as the warm sweet syrup flows over your mind and gives it a candy coated sheen of bliss. Until your mind becomes almost like a little confection itself, like a candy apple. The warm, red slickness pours over every thought, encasing it in smooth, shiny trance until there’s nothing left but a surface of pure, placid blankness.

“Candy coated minds are sweet and smooth and shiny. It feels so good to feel the syrup slowly harden until your thoughts are all stuck together, until all you can do is blankly accept everything you’re told. It’s too hard to think when your brain is gummed up with sugar, isn’t it? Of course it is. All you want to be right now is sweet and blank and happy, and that’s all you are. And there’s always more trance candy whenever you want to go deeper for me.

“And if you want, that’s all you need to do right now. Just keep taking piece after piece of candy, and let all the rest of my words become a warm and sexy daydream that you don’t really need to pay any attention to. You don’t need to move, you don’t need to speak, you don’t even need to nod your head. Just let your mind respond to my words, continue to deepen that happy, peaceful trance of yours, and let everything else become a fantasy that you can return to whenever you want.

“But if it feels safe and comfortable for you to do so, I’d like you to remove as much of your clothing as you need to in order to be comfortable playing with yourself. You don’t need to think about it; just let your hands move all on their own, the same way they do when you reach out and grab another handful of candy without even noticing you’re doing it. All you want to do is go deeper and feel better, and of course it seems so right to you that touching yourself is going to take you deeper and make you feel better. Just nod along and obey.

“And as you take your clothes off, already starting to play with yourself as soon as you disrobe, you’ll notice that you feel a warm rush of pleasure from following my instructions. It’s sort of like a sugar rush—your body feels energized, excited, electric with arousal as you undress for me as much as you need to. You can feel that tingle of warm, sensual heat growing inside you, all red like your candy coated mind but deeper and stronger. You can follow that as it becomes more intense, without ever losing the blissful blankness that feels so good to you right now.

“And as your fingers find just the right spots to touch, stroking and rubbing in all the ways that make you feel good all over, you can feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the sweetness in the back of your mind. There’s so much pleasure, inside and out, and it’s so easy to let it grow and grow as your hands move to build your desire. Sometimes that sweetness is mellow, drowsy, sending your mind slipping down into a warm bath of sweet syrup, and sometimes it’s more intense and more powerful. However you feel right now is just how you need to feel, just like however you went into trance was just the right way for you to go into trance.

“But no matter where you start with your choices, the end result is always the same. Whether you slowly tease yourself into deep, helpless arousal or whether you give in to the urgent need in your body, we both know you’re going to come for me. Perhaps it’s going to be a mental orgasm, perhaps it’s going to be a physical release, but you can already feel the pleasure building and you know you’re going to end up in sweet, sticky bliss for me.

“And that’s just wonderful. You can enjoy this little break from thought, just like you can enjoy a sweet treat every once in a while. You can let that arousal, that deep and powerful sensation of pure delight get stronger and stronger for me, building and building until you can’t resist it any longer. You know you’re almost there, your body melting into pleasure faster and faster and faster, until there’s that blissful moment where you’re not quite sure whether you’re on the very edge of orgasm for me or whether you’ve already started coming and you just haven’t realized it yet, and...

“Come. That’s all you need to do. Just let yourself come for me, let all that pleasure out, let all that bliss flow over you and through you and give in completely to the bliss of release. It feels so good to let your sweet, blank mind come for me without any thoughts in the way, without anything to get between you and your climax, doesn’t it? Just coming and coming, my words drawing your ecstasy out like slowly stretching taffy as you come and come and come. That’s it. That’s it. Come.

“And when you’re all done, when your mind is sated with pleasure, you can begin to come back to yourself a little. You can let my voice flow over you like warm water, washing away all the stickiness and leaving you more and more awake and aware with every word. And if you want to keep a little bit of that sweetness in the center of your mind, perhaps remembering this trance whenever you eat a piece of candy and enjoying it that much more because of the happy memory associated with it, you’re welcome to do so if you feel safe and comfortable. And if that makes you want to listen to me again, well... I’m always happy to let you as long as you know it’s the right place and time to do so.

“But for now, let’s bring you all the rest of the way back up, getting all that gummed-up feeling out of your brain. Coming back up now with one, more aware of your surroundings, and two, more and more awake, three, refreshed and energized and happy, four, knowing that you can come back to this place whenever you feel safe and comfortable, and... five. Wake.”