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Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#11: Good Cheer!

by Jennifer Kohl

Candice could barely walk, stumbling down the hallway supported by Tantra and Kelly. Nobody gave them a second glance; like any slightly shitty apartment building near a large college campus, residents were used to the ways of their student neighbors, and helping their drunk friends home was among the least obnoxious ways they occupied a Friday night. At least it didn’t stink the place up with smoke or have a bassline that could be felt five floors away.

The door to Kelly’s apartment opened after the first knock, an anxious-looking and very pretty young woman waiting. “You’re back!” she said desperately. But her eyes weren’t on her girlfriend; they were on Tantra.

They entered, and the other woman—Nora—scrambled to help Kelly get Candice onto the couch. Finally, once Candice was laid out, Tantra came up behind her and stroked a finger down her spine. Nora gasped, her knees trembling, and all the tension flowed out of her face as she finally got her fix. “Thank you, sir,” she moaned. “Thank you, thank you..!”

He beckoned for Kelly to approach, and she did, shyly. “You did very well,” he said to her. “Good girl.”

She trembled in anticipation, a ghost of the pleasure of his touch passing through her from his praise alone. “Please...” she whimpered, and he grinned.

“Very good girl.” He caressed her breast through her top, and she fell to her knees as she came.

“Now, you two lezzies go into the bedroom and make out or something,” he ordered. “Candi and I have some business to discuss.”

Candice gazed fuzzily upwards, barely aware of her surroundings. The faint memory of bliss hung over her, the greatest she’d ever known, but it was distant, fading. In its place was a black despair that drowned out all other thoughts and feelings. She tried to think of something, anything, that had once made her happy, but it all seemed pale and false. Even thoughts of her friends, her team, her sisters—all the words she could use to describe the rest of Girls Power—seemed hollow by comparison to the leaping joy she’d known just a few minutes before.

Tantra sat on the couch by her legs and grinned down at her. “Well, Candi? Ready for me to finally break you?”

She whimpered. He’s going to make a slave like those other girls, she thought. But it meant he would touch her, the touch that was the only real joy, the only true pleasure, the only genuine light in this black pit she had sunk into. “Please,” she managed.

He ran a hand up her thigh, and she gasped, her dead-eyed expression transforming almost instantly into a rictus of ecstasy.

“Good girl,” he said. “And doesn’t being a good girl feel so good?”

“Yes...” she moaned, and he spiked the pleasure even higher.

The conditioning of the Cosmic Cheerleader had begun.

* * *

“Hey, uh, Cara?” asked Aisha as she entered the living room of the Gamma Pi house. “Have you seen Candice?”

“Not since class yesterday,” Cara replied without opening her eyes. She was in her usual position when the Gammas were alone: levitating crosslegged while meditating on... whatever it was that shadow sorcerers meditated on. The other girls had never asked, on the grounds that they were each privately quite sure they didn’t want to know.

“She was at the party last night,” Michelle noted from the couch, which she had draped herself across while she fiddled with her phone.

“Only she was supposed to help me with my routine for cheerleader tryouts today, and I haven’t seen her?”

“You know Candice,” Michelle giggled. “Probably met some cutie at the party, went off for another weekend-long fuckfest.”

“Probably,” Stephanie agreed as she entered the room. The other girls were used to that by now—Glory Girl’s super-hearing made it easy for her to walk into a conversation at the most dramatic possible moment. “But with Tantra on the prowl, I don’t want to take any chances. Does anyone remember seeing her leave?”

The other girls shook their heads.

“Cara?” Stephanie asked.

Cara gave a long-suffering sigh and unfolded her legs. “Okay, okay...” she closed her eyes and concentrated. As she did, the room’s light turned strange, every object in it seeming oddly flat as all the shadows flowed toward the middle of the room, then the door. “There,” said Cara. “That’s where her shadow spent the most time last night.”

Michelle walked over to the shadow. “So she was standing here.” She closed her eyes. “I don’t sense any unusual feelings for most of the—” She cut off with a gasp. “Pleasure. Then surprise, anger, fear. Then more pleasure, the surprise and anger starting to fade. The fear rises briefly but it drowns under such pleasure...” She shook her head. “It was him, it has to be. Tantrum got her.”

All the others turned to Stephanie. “Dammit,” she said. “OK, we need to find her now before he can get his hooks any deeper into her.“

“How?” asked Cara. “They have to have left campus at minimum. For all we know they could have hopped a flight to the far side of the world! I can’t track her shadow that far, and Michelle can’t follow the signature.”

“We need help,” said Aisha. “The Protectors—”

“No!” snapped Stephanie. “We’ve worked too hard to prove we can handle things ourselves. If they found out we lost one of our own and needed their help to find them...”

“Seriously?” Cara’s tone and expression never changed much, but the disbelief came through nonetheless.

“Steph,” Michelle began gently. “We can’t let our pride endanger Candice. They have resources we don’t, access to sources.”

“Technopath could persuade ever security camera in the city to look for them,” said Aisha. “MP could search the dream realm if Candice’s asleep, Comet could zip around the streets until she found them—”

“We don’t need them,” said Stephanie. “I know someone else who can help us.“

* * *

Alex pounded the wheel of her car in frustration. She’d sat outside of DeShawn’s apartment all night, hoping he would show up, but he hadn’t. None of his friends or informants had heard from him either. Or the bartender at his favorite sports bar, and he hadn’t been seen at the police gym, though frankly by the time she went there, she knew she was grasping at straws.

He’s out there, she thought. Happily doing whatever that evil bitch tells him to... and as soon as he isn’t useful to her anymore or she gets bored, she’ll murder him. Or worse.

I will find him before that. I just don’t have any idea how...

Her phone buzzed. For a heart-stopping moment, she imagined it was the call that his body had been found. As it started beating again, she imagined it was a call from someone who’d seen him. But when she picked up the phone, her heart sank: it was just a text. Code 616. Just what I need right now.

She could just let someone else handle it. It was probably no big deal—except then she saw who it was from. “Shit.“

She started her car back up and drove to the meeting point, siren on. She’d tell the rest of SCI that she was on it. If she was calling for help, it had to be big.

Less than ten minutes later, she was on the rooftop where Gloriana asked her to meet, hating every second that passed with no sign of the Special. She was one of the heaviest hitters on the Protectors, maybe the heaviest hitter, and a serious contender for the most dangerous and powerful woman on the planet. She also wasn’t here—but she had super hearing, right? “Gloriana?” Alex called.

Aha. A shining figure in blue, zipping through the sky. But something wasn’t right—had Gloriana shrunk? “You’re not Gloriana!” Alex exclaimed, hand dropping to her gun.

“No,” said the slim, blonde girl who landed on the rooftop in front of Alex. “But we need your help.”

Alex stared at her. “Who—how did you get—you’re not a Protector, how did you get access to issue a Code 616?”

The girl blushed. “I, um, borrowed Gloriana’s phone.”

“You stole a Protector’s phone? Do you have any idea—wait a minute.” Alex snapped her fingers as recognition dawned. “Are you that kid who used to tag along with Gloriana?“

“I’m not a kid—I didn’t tag along! I was her partner!”

“Yeah, I’m sure what a woman who can bench-press a skyscraper needs most is some teen sidekick. What was your name again, kid?”

The kid blushed again. “Glory... Girl...” she admitted.

“Well, you just interrupted an investigation where every second wasted puts lives at risk, Glory Girl. So whatever you’re playing at, you can—“

“Please! He’s got her, we need to find find her!”

Alex paused. “Who’s got who now?”

* * *

Candice was lost in darkness. Moments of bliss faded into long stretches of horror, and both gave way repeatedly to oblivion. At some point, he left her lying there. She could so easily leave... but why? She was so tired, and nothing mattered, and all she wanted was to sleep.

That’s a lie. What I want is to feel his touch again... There was light streaming in from the window. That meant something, but who cared?

The bedroom door opened. She sat up eagerly, desperate to see him—but it was just one of the other two women. A surge of jealousy rose that they got to spend the night with him, being touched by him... she flopped back down. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was waiting here (Like a good girl, and was that her thought or something someone had said to her?) until he came back, until he could—

“Hey, cheerslut.”

She gasped and sat up again. It took everything she had not to rush over and throw herself at his feet, but she stayed on the couch like a good girl.

He grinned and walked over, and her heart rose a little out of the depths. He was pleased, and that meant he might—

Her thoughts dissolved as he caressed her cheek. “That’s right,” he said. “Such a good, obedient girl. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Yes who?” he asked, withdrawing his hand.

Her muddled brain struggled with the question. Who was he? She knew so many names for him. Most of them were bad, names that made him take his touch away. Tantra was good... but there was another in her mind, from somewhere last night. She knew what saying it meant, of course. But like everything else besides his touch, it no longer mattered. “Yes, Master!”

“Good girl,” he said, and traced his fingers down her neck. “Who am I?”

Her back arched in ecstasy. “Master!”

His touch was on her breast now, circling around the most sensitive parts without actually touching them, and the pleasure and tension was more than she could bear. “And what does that make you?”


Her nipple seemed to explode into light at his touch, waves of ecstasy that filled her completely, burning away everything except devotion.

And then it stopped as he stood. The darkness returned, crowding in behind it, the empty hollowness of tepid, pleasureless existence. “Kneel,” he said.

Without hesitation, she slid to her knees and looked up at him pleadingly.

He stroked her shoulder, briefly, and she shuddered in pleasure. “When I give you an order, you say ‘Yes, Master,’ and obey, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master!” she said eagerly.

This time he stroked her breast again, and she struggled to stay on her knees as her whole body threatened to go limp. “Stand,” he said, letting go.

“Yes, Master,” she repeated, rushing to obey as quickly as possible, to get the pleasure back as quickly as possible.

He traced his fingers up the inside of her long, nude thigh. “Good girl.” Then he pulled his hand away and ordered her to kneel again.

He repeated again and again, and then mixed in a few commands where he didn’t touch her. It didn’t matter; it was starting to feel good just to obey. Not as good as his touch, nothing felt as good as that... but enough to keep the darkness at bay.

Then, once he was satisfied, he fucked her until she passed out from the pleasure. When she woke from that, Nora and Kelly were ready with food to welcome their Master’s newest slave, and the first instrument of his revenge.

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* * *