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Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#14: Captive Audiences!

by Jennifer Kohl

Alex stared at nothing, shower water pouring down around and over her. After a long silence, she punched the wall. “Dammit!”

Yesterday had been a complete bust. No leads on Deshawn, Tantra’s trail had gone completely cold, and he had still two victims with him. Three people in the clutches of dangerous mind-controllers, serial rapists both, and one of them a serial killer and terrorist to boot.

She hated this feeling, the bubbling lava of rage colliding with the cold, dark water of helplessness. She’d felt like this when her parents were killed, and then again in the Reign of Terror, when Specials under Pheremona’s control had turned the city into a warzone, battling to please her. The worst had been when Pheremona decided there were too many Captains and had them all fight to the death, with the entire city as their arena. She’d been at the wharf when Captain Obvious and Captain Shield had their final battle. She’d watched as one of the two men responsible for her parents’ deaths was beaten to death with his own shield by a man who once jumped into orbit to punch a comet into a cloud of mist. And she’d watched, too, while Captain Cosmos ambushed him and collapsed him into a micro-black hole, which then immediately evaporated, taking half the wharf with it.

She didn’t remember much after that, but she’d learned later that Captain Obvious somehow came back and killed the one or two remaining Captains, only to then be killed with an Obscurite bullet by Nightshade, because Pheremona found him boring. All she knew was that she’d woken up in the hospital being treated for thankfully minor injuries—and that meant she was the closest cop available when the docs figured out how to suppress Pheremona’s powers. Or at least, the closest one that might not be susceptible to them.

She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, dripping onto the tile bathroom floor. She knew, deep down, that was what she was angriest about. I’m the woman who took down the most dangerous mind-controller in history! How did I almost fall for those two little twerps? Admittedly, with Grouper it had been a deliberate sacrifice, a calculated gamble that she might not be affected, and either way it would hold him in place until her Special backup arrived. But Carpenter? That’d been her own failure, very nearly a disaster if she hadn’t been partially immune.

And the shower didn’t wash off how dirty she felt after last night and this morning’s masturbation sessions. That was the worst part, the part that made her angriest—they didn’t almost get to her, they partially got to her, and that was a very different story.

At least they were both 619s, she thought. And I didn’t fire my gun, and there were no injuries. So minimal report detail, and they can’t send me to the shrink for something they don’t know happened.

She patted herself dry and stepped out into the rest of her apartment. As she did, her phone rang.

“Morning, Alex!” said the familiar voice on the other end. “How goes?”

“Hey, Allie,” said Alex. How does she always know? “OK, I guess.“

“You don’t sound that OK,” her sister replied. “What’s wrong?”

Alex sighed and settled into a chair. She had a few minutes to talk before she needed to get dressed and head out. “Work stuff, I guess. Had a couple of 619s with mixed results, and I think Pheremona has Deshawn.”

“Shit!” Allie said. “I’m sorry. Any leads?”

“No,” Alex answered. I’m working on it, but... for all I know, he could already be dead!”

“Hmm... I doubt it. He’s tough, great shot, knows SCI in and out—and he knows you. He’s too useful for her to kill him.”

“I hope you’re right.” But it did make Alex feel better. Maybe there was still time. She always knows what to say.

“Me too. Oh, and etiolated cravat.”

For a moment, Alex wondered why her sister had said something so strange, but then she forgot Allie had said it. She forgot whatever Allie said next, too. It wasn’t important to remember, just to do. Alex hung up the phone, then sent a text. After that, she deleted it and forgot sending it.

She smiled and stretched. She felt much better now, more relaxed, ready to take on the day. I’m so glad she called.

Downtown, in her office, Alicia Alvarez was quite glad she called, too, as she hiked up her pencil skirt under her desk and began rubbing her clit. Alex would be horrified to learn she had a trigger installed during her brief interrogation of Olympia, and using it on her was an utter betrayal. It was so wrong, and so hot that Alicia had no choice but to do it. She thought about what a good, obedient girl she was being for Master, how pleased he would be that she was betraying her sister as he ordered, and came nearly as hard as when he fucked her.

* * *

“...and that’ll get you into the records,” Deshawn finished, trembling.

“Good boy.” Pheremona’s voice was sultry as she stroked the tips of her fingers lazily up and down his erect shaft.

Deshawn whimpered in response, desperate to cum, but knowing he couldn’t. Not yet. Not without permission. That would displease his new goddess, and he needed to please her.

“What do you think, ’Leen?” Pheremona asked.

“Well he has been a very good boy,” Olympia responded from her position straddling Deshawn’s waist, facing his feet. “And he’s jacked.” She stroked his naked torso appreciatively.

“That he is.” She peeled off her skintight leotard while Deshawn lay beneath the two women, helplessly pinned. Physically, he could have thrown them off, though Olympia’s skills meant it wouldn’t be easy. But his goddess didn’t want him to, and therefore he couldn’t.

“Please,” he managed. “I need—”

“Hush,” Pheremona said sternly. “I think we can put that mouth to better use, don’t you?”

Olympia grinned at her girlfriend. “I do!” She twisted nimbly, removing her own sparkly leotard without ever taking her weight off Deshawn, then slid back to straddle his face. “Mmmm, not bad,” she said as he began to eat her out. “This one may be a keeper.”

“For now, at least,” Pheremona replied, lowering herself onto his cock. Using a helpless mindfucked boy always got her wet fast and usually made her cum hard, but that was really all they were good for in her opinion.

Olympia’s grin widened, turning savage. “I love you so much, you psycho.”

“I love you so much.” Pheremona leaned forward and the two kissed deeply. Reaching up, Olympia started stroking Pheremona’s breasts, and Pheremona replied in kind. “Mmmm, that is good.“

“Toldja.” The two women fucked onward, enjoying each other’s bodies, sharing pleasure with each other while taking it from the helpless, obedient man beneath them.

While for him, there was only the agony and ecstasy of serving his goddess and her love.

* * *

“Let me go!” Cosmic Cheerleader shouted, struggling against the magical bonds Corvid created that held her pinned to the wall of the Gamma Pi house’s basement. She tried to bring her head around to hit them with her Spirit Cheer, but the bonds held her head in place, too. “I have to go to him, he needs me!”

“You know that won’t work, Candice,” Corvid said. “You can’t overpower my magic once it’s set.”

“Thank you,” said Starfury. “I’ll take it from here.”

“Sure,” said Corvid. Turning to Candice, she added, “You know that’s not even what tantra really means, right?” Then she walked up the stairs to the ground floor.

As the dark-clad sorceress left, Starfury stepped closer to Cosmic Cheerleader. “You consented to this before,” she said. “We all did—if any of us get mind-controlled and I’m still free, I can go in to fix it, no matter what you say now. But... I don’t want to hurt you if I don’t have to. Please let me in.”

“Never!” the bound girl shouted back, still struggling. “I’ll never let you take me from my master!”

“Very well.” Starfury closed her eyes and concentrated, reaching into the Cheerleader’s mind. “I’m sorry.”

Candice cried out once, in pain, and then went still, her eyes widening as her mouth slackened. In her head, Starfury found all the thoughts and feelings around Tantra. The worshipful devotion, the submissive desire, the obedient pleasure, these she tamped down, lightening and weakening, transforming them from active feelings into memories. Meanwhile, she found the memories of Candice’s old feelings about him: the loathing, the disgust at his behavior, the anger at what he did to other women, and brought them forward, turning them into active memories. As she did, she wove them into the memories of Candice’s servitude, so that while she would remember how she felt under his control, it would lie beneath her anger at him for doing it to her.

It took hours, and when she was done, they were both exhausted. Starfury was barely able to muster the mental energy to tell Corvid she could break the spell holding Candice, or the physical energy to carry the unconscious girl to her bed. But she managed, before collapsing into her own bed, exhausted.

Her eyes closed, but she didn’t fall asleep. Tylifarians didn’t, at least not like humans did—not with their entire brains at once, and not on a regular cycle. But portions of their brains took turns doing so when they were tired, and Starfury’s did now. The part of her brain that dealt with solving problems and evaluating situations, moral choices and social consequences—the equivalent of the human forebrain—went first.

But her memory and feelings were wide awake, churning over the last two days. The feelings in Candice’s memories, the endless cycle of thoughts like I’m a good girl, and how good that felt to think, to be. How good it felt to be a slave serving her Master, how much pleasure there was in obedience...

And with her critical faculties asleep, she didn’t see any reason not to let them keep playing, while she reached down to stroke herself. It felt good, after all. Dimly she was aware that she was programming herself like Candice had been programmed, but good girls are brainwashed was in the memories too. And as it started to feel better and better, it was easier and easier to let memories of memories turn into fantasies, and bit by bit, fantasy became desire, until at last she knew that nothing is hotter than being Master’s slave, and came.

* * *

Alicia looked up at the knock on her door and smiled at the young woman framed in the doorway.

“Ms. Alvarez?” the woman asked.

Alicia studied her appraisingly. Short, a bit sloppily dressed, but cute in a soft, nerdy way, and quite curvy. Pretty dark eyes and bangs made a nice contrast against her pale skin. Not as fit as she herself preferred, but Master might like her. She suppressed a shiver at the thought that she was weighing up random people she met as potential victims to be enslaved. The worse it is, the hotter it is when Master makes me do it, she thought, and wondered if that was a discovery she’d made or a belief he’d given her. She hoped it was the latter.

“I’m Tina,” the woman introduced herself. “Um, Tina Torrance, from the forensics lab. Lt. Alvarez said I should bring you this?” She held up a rather stuffed manila folder.

Alicia smiled. “Yes, thank you.”

Tina walked up and laid the folder on Alicia’s desk. “Alvarez, huh? You related?”

Alicia smiled. “My sister.” She laid a hand on the folder, which Tina had not actually let go of yet. “Thank you.”

“Are you sure you need the whole thing?” Tina asked. “Normally we just send you the summary.”

“We’ll need it all for this case, I’m afraid. Quite a lot hinges on the precise technical details.” She lightly tugged on the envelope, and Tina let go of it.

“Couldn’t you put one of us on the stand?”

Alicia shook her head. “If it were just about getting the facts to the jury, sure. But we need to research this, figure out exactly which of several overlapping charges to hit him with. The law is still trying to catch up to this kind of tech, you know?”

“I guess,” said Tina. “Well, uh, let us know if you need anything else.”

“Thank you, I will.” As soon as she was gone, Alicia opened the enveloped and took out the contents. It was all here: a baggie containing the chips Carpenter had used to control Alex and the two Protectors, and the complete technical analysis by Forensics.

Master will be so pleased.

Next: Caught!

* * *