The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#27: Glory and Power!

by Jennifer Kohl

Amanita stared into the device in Doctor Feelgood’s hand. The light it produced was beautiful, alluring, fascinating. The world around her seemed to be falling away, dissolving into those beautiful, colorful patterns, patterns that seemed to be eating away into her thoughts, making it harder and harder to focus on anything except the patterns themselves.

“No...” she said, her voice sounding oddly distant. “It’s... just light...” As she spoke, her aura gathered, its own iridescent shine disrupting the hypnotic dance of Feelgood’s device. “Just... just light. And I... I have power over it, not the other way around!” She lashed out with a whip-like extension of her aura, striking the device from Feelgood’s hand.

“Ms. Holtzmann,” Dr. Feelgood said tersely.

Glory Girl leaped to the attack, concentrating her own aura in her fist as she struck her mentor, then spreading it as she threw her weight into the taller woman, trying to drive her to the floor. Still a little hazy from the effects of the device, Gloriana couldn’t quite get her defenses up in time, so while she wasn’t injured by the attack, she was thrown flat on her back and the wind knocked out of her.

Wasting no time, Glory Girl pinned her. Their auras writhed against each other, glowing golden sparks erupting from the points where they clashed, but Gloriana was stronger and more experienced. Slowly she pushed Glory Girl up and back, until she had enough room to actually strike a blow.

But Doctor Feelgood hadn’t wasted the time her hypnotized minion had bought her. She recovered the device and held it once more in front of Gloriana. She tried to look away, close her eyes, but a glance was enough; she was falling into the shimmering, dancing lights, they were surrounding her, gentle, inescapable, inexorable...

She once again brought up her aura to disrupt the light, but she couldn’t fight it and Glory Girl at the same time. Divided as her aura was, Glory Girl’s own power smashed through it. Gloriana was pinned by so much more than hands and weight now, the light of the Power Cosmic, the source of her own powers, was bearing her down.

She tried to struggle, to fight free, but every time she did the light of the service grew stronger as she drew power away from stopping it. She tried to block it more thoroughly, but that meant less power to resist with as Glory Girl’s grip tightened.

And the entire time she struggled with this dilemma, the lights shimmered and danced in her eyes, tumbling endlessly. She could feel her thoughts and movement slowing, her resistance crumbling. The thought occurred to her that if she could just rest a moment, gather her strength, let them think they’d won, maybe she could get away. So she tried it, relaxing her muscles, letting her aura dim, letting go, feeling so good as she slipped down into the dancing colors and lights...

“That’s right,” said Doctor Feelgood. “You’re being such a good girl for me, and that feels so good.” She bit her lip as Amanita squirmed. Beautiful, she thought. Stephanie and her friends are cute, but so young. This woman, though... much closer to my age, and utterly gorgeous. She brushed a strand of Amanita’s wealth of long, dark hair out of the way. It was so soft, as soft as her deep brown skin looked. Of course Felicia had seen the CEO of Teknos on TV, remembered seeing her looking quite attractive on the cover of the sort of magazines that put attractive billionaires on their covers, but hadn’t quite put together just how much.

She’d enjoyed making Stephanie and her friends squirm, enjoyed making them enjoy her control over them, but she’d stopped there. She knew that was over the line of any concept of ethics, but she could still tell herself it was for their own good. She was sacrificing her standards to help them, and if she enjoyed the process, that was just a side effect. What having this woman under her power tempted her to do, however, would be absolutely selfish, purely for Felicia’s own pleasure.

But she really, really wanted to. And didn’t she deserve some reward for saving these poor people from their disrupted identities and compulsive violence? “Amanita, I want you to continue to relax very deeply for me while Stephanie lets you up.” She nodded to Stephanie, who obediently stepped back and got to her feet, letting her aura dissipate.

“Now, Amanita,” Felicia continued. “Stand and strip for me.” Her breath caught as she watched Amanita obey. She was tall, with muscular shoulders and abs, and Felicia had to suppress a momentary urge to climb her like a tree. Instead she let her gaze climb up and down the helpless heroine, taking in that perfect smooth skin, the toned, well-defined muscles beneath. So that’s what a top-end personal trainer can get you, she thought. Her gaze rose to the full breasts rising and falling as Amanita softly, blankly breathed.

Felicia smiled. “Now kneel, my good girl, feeling how good it feels to just float along with my words, how much you love obeying what I say.”

Amanita whimpered softly as she descended—and, to Felicia’s surprise, so did Stephanie. She filed that information away for later exploration, and instead stroked Amanita’s cheek, running her fingers down to her chin and then tilting it up slightly so she could look down into her blank, empty eyes. “Feeling so good, so obedient, so submissive, my good girl. Letting yourself surrender to this wonderful feeling. No more stress, no more worries, letting me take care of everything for you, take care of you. Letting that good feeling concentrate and materialize into desire, desire to submit to me, obey me, desire for me.”

Amanita moaned softly, her empty eyes locked helplessly on Felicia’s own.

“That’s right,” Felicia said. “You want so badly to serve me and service me. You know it’ll feel so good to be used by me for my pleasure, don’t you?”

“Yes...” Amanita moaned softly, the first word she’d said since she went under.

“Good girl. Then on the count of three, you will wake, ready and eager to obey me, to serve me, to be used by me. One, eager to obey... two, eager to serve... and three, awake, obedient, and ready to be used!”

Amanita blinked, and then her eyes widened as she gazed up at the grinning Doctor Feelgood. “What... what did you do?” she asked, still disoriented.

“The question, Amanita, is what will you do for me?”

“Anything,” Amanita replied eagerly, much to her surprise—and even more surprising, she knew she meant it.

* * *

“We’ve got a situation,” said Riot, who was on monitor duty for the Protectors today.

Athena looked up from the maps she was pouring over of every known and suspected cache of illegal weapons in the city, and the battle lines between Tarantula, the police, and what she knew but couldn’t yet prove were Masters’ hired guns. “Another gang fight?” she asked urgently.

“Ugh,” Pinup groaned. Back from her absence for a beachwear shoot somewhere much sunnier, she’d volunteered for double shifts to make up for it, given that Iron Lady and Technopath were both still on deprogramming leave. ”Another?“

“No,” Riot said. “Alarms at Miskatonic and reports of... an orgy?”

“You mean a riot, Riot?”

“No,” Riot replied. “Orgy.”

“Pheromona,” said Athena. “It has to be.” She tapped the communicator buried under her ear. “Panacea, how much of the cure do you have ready?”

In her lab a floor below them in the massive secret Protector compound under Teknos HQ, Panacea made the same gesture. “Enough,” she said. “Orgy suggests the pheromones have been aerosolized, so rather lower doses than usual. I can have fifty half-doses of the cure ready in ten minutes, plus injections to protect the three of you.”

“Great,” Athena replied. She tapped the communicator again, slightly differently. “Comet, I know you’re off for the evening but we’ve got a situation. Can you—” Realizing her mistake, she scrambled to flatten her maps against the table a moment before a gust of wind threatened to send them flying, and the Protectors’ resident speedster was standing in front of her, vibrating slightly. “...come in to take over monitor duty,” she finished dryly.

“Oh, what?” said Comet. “Come on, Riot’s on that, I can come with!”

Athena shook her head, dark curls bouncing. “Your metabolism is too fast, you would need far more doses of the anti-Pheromona drug than we, and we need them for the people at Miskatonic.”

“Wait, she went back to—” Comet started.

“No time,” said Athena. “Riot, Pinup, gear up.”

Pinup nodded. There wasn’t much for her to do, just doff her jacket, leaving herself in the deliberately skimpy costume she’d designed for herself. “A distraction tactic,” she called, though privately Athena suspected her teammate was just an exhibitionist.

Riot did the opposite, pulling on a battered blood-red leather jacket and slinging her Thunder Axe across her back—an electric guitar powered by fragments of an ancient magical weapon that amplified her gift for controlling soundwaves.

By the time they were ready, Athena had already summoned her own arsenal to herself: spear, shield, armor, and helm, all potently magical, shining and golden. “To Miskatonic!” she said, leading the way to the pad where the team’s automated drone copters awaited.

“I was just a kid when everything went down with Pheromona,” said Pinup. “I’ve heard stories of course, but... what can I expect?”

Athena’s eyes grew distant. “We’re innoculated, of course. Her powers won’t effect us directly. But she loves using others, and they will happily die for her. Keeping casualties low will be... challenging.”

“Nearly every man and most women in the place are going to be desperate for two things,” said Riot. “Obedience to Pheromona, and sex. I can knock out the normies easy, but Miskatonic has a lot of inmates with powers, and if she’s ordered them released...”

“Which of course she will have,” said Athena. “It’s highly likely Olympia will be there as well.”

“Are the three of us going to be enough?” asked Pinup anxiously.

“Hope so,” Riot muttered darkly. “MP is mostly useless for this kind of thing, Panacea’s already done everything she can do, Technopath and Iron Lady are sidelined, and Comet’s on monitor. Doesn’t leave a ton of options.”

Athena smiled. “Have courage, sisters! If we absolutely need to, we can have Comet call on Gloriana or the children for support, but we won’t need to. Without the advantage of her pheromones to control us, there is little she can do, and every inmate of Miskatonic is someone we have defeated before!”

I hope she’s right, Pinup thought.

* * *