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Card Games

Chapter 10 -

“Now,” I continued, “I want you to take these pictures over to Erin’s house and bring her over here tonight.” When she started to protest, I held my hand up and shook my head. “Don’t give me any of this shit about you’re not going to do it with Erin again or anything like that. You may have only half enjoyed having my dick shoved up your pussy and ass hole, but you loved fucking Erin. I’ve got the video to prove it. And I don’t want to hear anything about she won’t do it, either. She’ll do it or she’ll find pictures of her face, ...and other parts of her lovely body, plastered all over the school. Remember, sis, you’re on my side in all of this. You’ve already agreed to obey me to keep this stuff quiet. But if Erin or Carla don’t go along... well, some of your pictures might end up posted because of them.”

I was going to continue, but Jen interrupted me. “That’s not fair! I can’t control what they’ll do. That’s not fair. I did what you wanted. You can’t ...” Jenny swallowed hard while she tried to figure out what she was trying to say. “Please Dave. You can’t. That wouldn’t be fair, would it?” Now she crawled over to me and grabbed my hands. “Please, David. I promise I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. But if Erin or Carla don’t do it, that’s not my fault. Please don’t put my pictures out because of them.”

“Look, sis. I don’t want to. I want to do what I have to do to make them do what I tell ‘em. I’ll start out with less explicit photos of ‘em, each one individually. I don’t want to embarrass you or Carla or Erin if you agree to do what I say, but at some point, I’m going to have to start releasing pictures of the one who won’t agree kissing or fucking one of the others.” I held Jenny’s hands in mine and tried to fake being as sincere as I could be. “Look, Jen. I don’t want to hurt you or Erin or Carla if you do what I tell you. Especially, I don’t want to hurt you. But to some extent, all three of you are in this together. You’ve got to convince Erin and then the two of you have to convince Carla.”

Jenny started to cry all over again. I held her for a minute or two, then went on with some advice. “Look, Jen. I know you think this is gross, but Erin was really turned on by fucking you. She may not say so. She may not even know. But she’s in love with your body, and I think she’s in love with you. Use that to your advantage. When you go over there today, dress to seduce her. I mean, tell her the truth about what she’s going to have to do, but she’ll figure out that if she agrees, she’ll get another go at you, too.”

Jenny’s crying turned up another notch as I told her this. “Plus, you can tell her how much you enjoyed getting fucked again. I know you were both virgins until last night. She lost both cherries last night, you got to keep your ass hole till today. Tell her how much you enjoyed it and how turned on you got. Tell her you came like you’ve never come before. Don’t tell her how much it hurt or how you’re sitting here crying now.”

Jenny started to calm down after this talk. “What am I supposed to do? I mean, what if she says ‘no’?”

“Look Jen. I know Erin wont like the sound of it, but she’s got no choice, just like you had no choice this morning. Once you explain the situation to her, she’ll come round.”

When Jenny still seemed uncertain, I continued, “Look, just take these pictures over to her house. Get her away from her parents, obviously, and sit down with her. Tell her what happened this morning. You were getting ready to run away, just like they had done, when I called you back. I made you sit down at the table and go through these pictures. Remind her that I’ve also got a video of all of it somewhere. I’m sure she’ll suggest stealing the photos and the video. Tell her what I told you about having five copies of all the pictures and the video and hiding them in several places. I’ve also sent two in the mail to myself in care of different people, so there’s no way to get hold of this stuff and destroy it. Then she’ll try and figure out what you guys can do to blackmail me. Let me tell you that I’m willing to play chicken. Whatever you can find out about me pales in comparison to what you girls will go through if you don’t play ball. Tell her that you really believe I’ll do it, and I will. I don’t have to ruin your life because you’re playing, but I’ll ruin Erin and Carla’s lives if I have to.”

Jenny had started nodding as I went through all this. I think I was starting to get her onto my side. Now I figured it was time to go in for the kill. “Jen, I know you’ve been jealous of Erin and Carla. I know that you think they’re using you to some extent. I can see that they both think they’re better than you are. Just ‘cause they’ve got better bodies, bigger tits and all, they think they’re the queens of the earth. This is your chance to get back at them. I know I’m making you pay too. And that’s ‘cause I love your body just as much as I love their bodies. But at least make them pay the same price you’re paying.”

Jenny was getting into it. I could see that she was listening to what I was saying and that it was making sense to her. It was starting to look like I’d have a willing ally in all this. “All right,” Jenny suddenly said, “I’ll try to get Erin over here too. I guess I’ve already given in. It’s only fair that they have to pay too. Plus I don’t want them to say no and have my life ruined with theirs.” She waited a few moments, obviously thinking about something. “If I do this Dave, if I get them to come over and let you do whatever you want to do with them, will you leave me alone?”

I looked at Jenny, trying to figure out what she wanted the answer to be. I suspected that she wanted to continue to be used the way I had been. Either way, I had no intention of stopping fucking her. “No chance, sis. I want all three of you. I told you I like your body just as much as either of theirs. Yours isn’t as good in some ways, but I’ve lived with you all my life. I’ve looked at your fucking body for the last year or so, since you’ve started to grow up, and wanted to fuck you. I want to fuck Erin and Carla too, and I won’t quit fucking them either, but there’s no way I’m letting you off the hook, just ‘cause I get them on. I want all three of you to be my fuck toys. Each one alone, two at a time, and all three together. I loved watching you girls make love to each other last night, and I’m not about to give that up either. Besides, I watched Erin very carefully last night. You’ll be half the reason that she agrees to do it. I think she’s totally gay. She’ll bend over and take it up the ass because she has to, but what she wants is to fuck you and Carla. You go over there dressed to thrill and you seduce her. You won’t have much trouble. But make sure she realizes that you’re not into that. The only way she’ll get into your panties is with me forcing the issue.”

Jenny had turned bright red as I went through the last item. “Dave, please don’t make me do things with Erin and Carla. It’s not .... Well, it’s just not normal. I don’t like them that way, even if you’re right about Erin. Just because she likes me doesn’t mean I like her.”

“Oh, I know that. You like dicks, she likes clits. But I like to see you both doing things you don’t want to do. It turned me on to see you going down on her and her giving you a tongue lashing on the pussy. You didn’t mind it that much. I could tell you were getting turned on by that too. Listen, Jen. It’s natural for you to enjoy another girl just as much as you enjoy me. Just be open to it and it won’t be too bad.

Jenny nodded and looked thoughtful. “I’ll call over to Erin’s place right now and see if her parents are going to be gone for a while today. I’ll go over then.”


About four o’clock, Jenny came down and said that Erin’s parents had gone out for the night. Erin said Jenny could come over to “talk about last night.” Jenny was wearing regular clothes, but I told her that wouldn’t do. I told her go change, explained what I wanted her to wear and told her to wear her long raincoat over it.

Jenny told me later what happened when she went over to Erin’s that afternoon.


Chap. 11

Jenny rang the doorbell at Erin’s house wearing her raincoat despite the sunny day. She asked to make sure that Erin’s parents weren’t home and discovered that they wouldn’t be home for the rest of the evening. Erin asked her why she was wearing the raincoat, and Jenny explained that it was because of what I (Dave) was making her wear underneath.

“How is Dave making you wear anything?”

“That’s what I’m here to tell you about. Remember how Dave was taking pictures all night?”

“Oh my g-d!”

“He’s already got the pictures developed. He showed them to me this morning, then made me do things with him like we did last night.”

“Jeez. I can’t believe he’d be that mean.”

“He ... you know... he put it in to me today ... his thing... he put it up my butt.”

“He put it up mine last night. Remember.”

“Oh yeah,” then Jenny giggled. She thinks that caught Erin right there. “I remember he made me wear that thing and you get on top of it, and then he came up behind you and put it up yours that way.”

Erin nodded gravely. “I thought I was going to die. I can’t believe I let him do that to me. My butt’s still sore.”

“Mine ‘ll be sore tomorrow.”

“Yeah. You’d better believe it.” Erin hesitated a second, then went on, “You know, I didn’t really mind you and me doing it that way, though. I know it was gross and all, but if I had to do it, you know, that way wasn’t so bad.”

Jenny didn’t know how to respond, but she did pretty well anyway. “I don’t know. I guess none of it was really that bad. Even though it was gross, it actually made me feel pretty good.”

She went on to try to tantalize Erin, “I know he’s my brother and all, but he’s pretty good looking. I’ve seen you and Carla checking him out before and ... I guess I didn’t really mind him ... you know ... putting his thing in me.”

Now Erin decided to change tactics to try and get Jenny to see her in a sexual light (since her last attempt had only let Jenny to talk about me).

“What’s your brother making you wear?” she wanted to know.

Jenny’s face turned red as a beet. “You would never believe it. We went shopping and he bought me ... the grossest stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” Erin wanted to know.

“Clothes that even the sluttiest girls would never wear. You would never believe what I’m wearing under this.”

“What do you mean? You’ve got to let me see.”

“No way,” said Jenny (just as she’d been instructed) “I’m not taking this coat off in front of anyone unless Dave makes me. You can see EVERYTHING, or almost everything anyway. I’m so embarrassed.”

“C’mon. You’ve got to let me see. You’re killing my curiosity.”

Jenny unbuttoned the top button on the coat and pulled it off her shoulders, but kept it wrapped around herself at the level of her tits. Erin could see she was wearing a mesh tight top with no bra that you could see right through. Jenny explained “There’s no way I’m taking my coat off here. I mean what if you parents came home early. You can see what he’s making me wear. It’s the same all the way down.... Plus,” she whispered conspiratorially, “it’s crotchless.”

“You are lying!” Erin shouted. “He wouldn’t dare.”

“Really. Think about what he’s made us do already. Making me wear this is nothing.”

“C’mon, Jen. Let me see it. I’m really curious.” (Curious, my ass. She was turned on.)

“No way. Not here. But you’ll get to see it over at my house anyway.”

“What do you mean ‘over at your house.’ I’m never stepping foot in that house again as long as Dave is still there. You know what he’ll try to make me do.”

“I know exactly. It’s just like what he made me do earlier!” Jenny was getting angry at Erin now. “What makes you so special. Why do I have to do what he says and you don’t? Just ‘cause he’s not your brother, do you think your parents would react any better than mine if they see his pictures. Do you think your friends at school would talk to you just ‘cause you’re you but mine wouldn’t talk to me if those pictures get out. You’re in this just as deep as I am.” Now she was really angry and was even starting to curse unconsciously. “You’re fucked as bad as I am. And we’re both fucked as bad as Carla is. We’re all in this together, whether you want to or not. He fucked me up my ass today and it hurt. If I’ve got to put up with that, you do too. You think your life’ll be any less ruined when he sends out those pictures than mine will be?” Jenny was starting to calm down a little. “C’mon Erin. Why do you think I came over here like this. I wouldn’t leave the house unless he made me. He sent me over here to get you. He wants to fuck you too, just like me.”

As Jenny went on her tirade, Erin had first turned red with anger, then embarrassment, then finally white with fear. “What do you mean, he sent you over to get me?”

“Can’t you figure it out. The only reason I’m over here is to get you. He gave me a set of the pictures to show you. Just wait till you see them. Some of this I remember doing, some of it I can’t really remember, but he’s got pictures of all three of us. We’re screwed Erin. Really screwed.” Jenny pulled the packet of pictures out of the pocket of her coat and held them out to Erin.

Her face got even paler as she took them from Jenny. “Did it really hurt that much. This afternoon... when he went up... you know, ... up your butt?”

“Well, sort of. It did at first, you know? but then it didn’t hurt so much. I mean it wasn’t like he was banging into me, you know? Not like in and out over and over. It was more like he went slow and it hurt at first, but then it didn’t hurt so much, and then it actually felt sort of good.... Actually,” Jenny’s voice dropped, “actually I came, like, unbelievably. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after it was all over.”

Jenny kept going “How ‘bout you? You did it that way last night. Did it hurt?”

“I don’t really remember. I know it hurts now.” Erin turned away slightly, sort of bashful, and still trying to drop the hint “Actually it turned me on, to be doing it with both of you.”

Jenny deliberately misunderstood what Erin was suggesting. “I think I know what you mean. When Dave was... you know... in my butt, he made me finger myself like I do when I want to ... get excited. It felt so good to have something in both places. It really turned me on, too.”

Erin was disappointed that Jenny had missed what she was suggesting, so she turned back into the house and opened up the pictures. As she started to leaf through them, she staggered over a couple, then had to sit down on the nearest space (the ottoman in her front room). “My g-d. These pictures are terrible. Look at this one. Oh Jeez, is that me. I don’t remember doing that to you. She swallowed hard at the next picture. You can see Carla’s finger all the way up my slit... all the way inside me.” She looked up at Jenny. “If these pictures ever get out... I’ll have to kill myself. I could never face anyone again.... He’s saying he’s going to give these to people at school?”

“Not only that. He said he’d send copies to our dads if we didn’t play along with him. He wants all three of us to be his slaves for the next six months, till he goes off to college. He promised that if we did what he wants, he’ll give us the negatives and the original video too.”

Erin was shocked into silence for a moment, then whispered, “He’s got a video too?”

Jenny nodded. “He didn’t show it to me, but he showed me where the camera was last night. It was in the coat closet by the front room. That’s why he didn’t want to go upstairs to... you know.”

Erin nodded. “Do you think we could get this stuff away from him somehow. Without having to... do this?”

Jenny shook her head. “No way. He told me he’d made a bunch of copies and hid them where they’d eventually be found. He said if we do what he wants for the next six months, he’ll get them all and give them to us. He even said something about mailing copies to himself through some of his friends. I don’t know who he trusts enough to do that, but I believe him that he did.”

Erin looked defeated. “What are we going to do?”

“We can’t do anything. We’ve got to do what he wants. It’s only for six months Erin. It’s not so bad. Plus, I mean, look at what we’ve done already. There’s hardly anything left for him to do to us that he hasn’t already done. I hope it’s not so bad the second time. And I guess after that, I’ll get used to it. I figure it won’t be so bad after the first few times. Then, before we know it, it’ll be over and we’ll have those tapes and pictures.

“Do you think he’ll make us do ... you know... do things together?”

Jenny deliberately misinterpreted the question again: “Probably. He said something about that when he sent me over here. But it’s not that big a deal. I told him that I didn’t ... that I wasn’t a ... that I didn’t think of other girls that way. He told me that I hadn’t thought of him that way either. I guess it’s just something we have to do, Erin. I mean it’s not like we haven’t been best friends for years... and I’m sure none of this is going to change that. Once we’re done with my brother, we’ll just go back to the way we were.”

“Maybe, Jen. Maybe this will make us even closer friends. I mean, having to go through this together and all. ... Really, I mind doing it with your brother more than I mind doing it with you. After all, like you said, at least we’ve been friends for years. I mean, we have more in common together than any boys will ever have with us.”

After what I’d said to Jenny earlier, these last comments really made her think Erin was starting to come on to her. Then Erin got up and started to reach for Jenny. Jenny really started to freak at this point. She couldn’t remember exactly what she said, but she backed away a little bit and turned around, away from Erin and said something about needing to get ready to come back over to my house.

She said when she turned back around, Erin seemed a little flustered and embarrassed. She tried to hide it by coming back to the subject on both of their minds. “Do I have to go over there right now. What about tomorrow? Can’t he wait?”

“He won’t wait. I was with him most of the day. He’s pretty insistent that you come over tonight. If you don’t, he’ll take one of early pictures, he showed me one of you sitting there with no top on, just your bra, and leave it in the cafeteria on Monday. You gotta come over tonight.”

“What about Carla. How come I have to go but Carla doesn’t?”

“He said he was going to deal with Carla tomorrow.”

After a few seconds of Erin obviously trying to figure out a way out, Jenny continued: “C’mon, Erin. It’s not like we can do anything anyway. Carla’ll get hers too. There’s no sense fighting something we can’t win, is there?”

“I guess not.... I’ll just leave a note for my parents that I’ve gone over to your house and I’m spending the night, then I’m ready to go.”

“You’re not going over there dressed like that, are you?”

Erin was wearing loose jeans and a loose sweatshirt. “What do you mean. Can’t I dress any way I want?”

Jenny shook her head. “Why do you think I’m dressed up the way I am. He said if you came over, you’d better look sexy. I don’t know what he’ll do if you don’t, but, you know, Erin, it’s the same deal. Why fight this if we can’t win it. If you come over there dressed like that, I know I’ll catch hell for it too. It’s not like he’s not going to strip that stuff off you the second you walk in. You might as well wear something he’ll let you keep on for a while.”

Erin looked disgusted for a second, then shook her head. She glanced over at Jenny when she thought she wasn’t watching her. I suspect she was checking out her sheer net stockings that she could see on Jenny’s feet below the hem of the raincoat. “I suppose,” she finally said, resignedly. “I’ll just write this note to my parents, then I’ll get changed. Then we can go.... Jeez.... It’s like you’re on his side or something.”

Jenny tried to look shocked. “Don’t be stupid, Erin. It’s just that I know when to fight and when to give in. What do you want me to do? What do you want to do that’s going to magically get us out of this piece of shit trap?”

“I don’t know. I guess you’re right. It’s not fair for me to blame you for this. It’s not your fault, just ‘cause he’s your brother.”

“It’s not my fault! It’s not at all! I’m the one who’s got to pay for our—all of our—mistake, every night. I’m in the same house as he is, remember? There’ll be plenty of nights when you and Carla get to come home and go to sleep and not have to worry about a thing. Not for me! He’ll be coming into my room after my parents have gone to sleep and do whatever he wants. And you two—you two will be sound asleep and not worrying about a thing. How can you say I might be on his side?! That’s not fair!”

Erin stepped up to Jenny and took her into a big hug. “I’m sorry, Jen. I really am. I’m just a little scared, that’s all. I guess I’m looking for anyone to blame but me. I know it’s not your fault, and I’m sorry I said so.” While she was saying this, the had pulled Jenny’s face into her shoulder and was rubbing her head with one hand and rubbing her back with the other. She was half comforting her and half feeling her up.

After a second or two, she let her go. I’m guessing that she was a little concerned about being put off again after just having her overtures rejected. She pulled away and ran her hands down Jenny’s arms till she was holding both Jenny’s hands in hers. “Let’s try to be nice to each other now, since we’re both in the same boat. I’m sorry I blamed you for a second, and you’ll forgive me for doing it, won’t you?”

Jenny nodded, she said, half-sincerely. She had been genuinely pissed-off at Erin for suggesting that (I suspect mainly because it was true). “OK. Apology accepted.” She dropped her hands from Erin’s. “Now go on up and get changed and write that note so we can get back before he gets pissed off and starts sending out copies of some of those pictures.”