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Carpool Carnal Syndrome

Chapter 10—Like Mother, Like Daughter

That was a really, long day at work. I mean, when you know you have a hot, little teenager that you’re going to fuck when you get off, the day can go incredibly slow and that’s exactly how it went for me but finally the day was over and I picked Joan up.

“You’re not really going to fuck my daughter,” Joan said as soon as we were in the car.

I looked at her and grinned. “You should know better than that,” I said. “I always say what I mean so if I said it, I meant it.”

She thought that over. She wanted to fight it, but she knew I was right and of course, I had the tape player running full blast, so even if she hadn’t known it, she really had no choice. “I ... I don’t want you to,” she said. “She’s just a girl.”

“No, she’s just a little fucking whore, just like her mom and you need to stop coddling her. It’s about time she started to learn what she’s good for.”

The mother shook her head. I knew she didn’t want to agree with me.

“You know what she is,” I said. “You can say it. She’s just a what?”

“She’s ... she’s just a ... a ... a—”

“Say it,” I said again. “Her mom’s just a little fucking whore so what is mommy’s little daughter?”

“She’s just a whore.”

“That’s a little, fucking whore,” I told the mother. “You’ve got to get it right. She’s a little fucking whore, just like her little slut mother who can’t get enough of my cock.”

“She’s a little, fucking whore, just like her mother.”

“So, of course, that being the case, there should be absolutely nothing wrong with me filling her cunt with my cum, is there?”

“I ... I—”

“Come on, Joan. Your daughter’s a little, fucking whore, just like her mother. You wouldn’t mind it if I came and fucked your little, whorish pussy, would you?”

Joan shook her head.

“In fact, you know you’d want me to do it. You know you’d want me to come and fuck your tight, little pussy right now, right?”

Joan nodded.

“So then, the same must be true for your daughter. Not only is it not wrong for me to do it, but deep down, you know your daughter wants me to fuck her.”

Joan nodded again.

“So there’s nothing wrong with me fucking your daughter’s little whore cunt, is there?”

Joan shook her head.

“In fact, you want me to do it. You want me to fuck your daughter’s cunt, right?”

Joan nodded.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I said.

“I want you to fuck my daughter’s cunt,” she said.

“That’s your whore daughter,” I corrected.

“I want you to fuck my whore daughter’s cunt,” Joan said. “She’s a little, fucking whore, just like me.”

“Are you sure,” I asked and Joan nodded.

“She’s a little, fucking whore,” she said again with more assertiveness. “She’s a little fucking whote just like me.”

We were almost at the school but I didn’t let up on the mother. One way or the other, I pretty much kept her saying the very same thing right up until I pulled up in front of the school.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Joan said.

It didn’t take much longer than that before Joan was back with her daughter. The two of them hopped in the car with Rita once again taking her spot in the front seat. I started the car and pulled away from the curb. “So,” I asked as I pulled into traffic, “you ready to get your pussy fucked?”

“I don’t know,” the girl said.

It was the mom who responded, not me. “Honey, don’t be a tease,” the mom said. “You’re a little, fucking whore, just like me, so of course you want to get your pussy fucked.”


“Don’t be such a fucking tease,” the mom said. “We all know what you want. You want to get your pussy fucked, just like me.”

I really didn’t have to say anything. I just sat back and drove as I listened to Joan drill the thoughts into her daughter’s mind.

By the time we got back to their place, I could tell Rita was ready. She was looking at me and then she was looking at her mom. “Is it ... is it okay if we brought him inside,” she asked.

“Honey, we’re little, fucking whores. We can do whatever we want.”

Rita grinned slyly and that’s when she turned to me and said. “Would you like to come inside? If you do, I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Yeah, how worth my while?”

She let a hand slide down and drop in my lap. “You don’t really need to ask me that now, do you?”

I grinned. “I guess not.”

I was slightly worried about what would happen if I shut the car off. I mean, the mom had received enough conditioning that I had no doubt she’d do whatever I wanted her to do even if the tape wasn’t playing but the girl had only been under the effects of the tape for two days. Would it hold even when the tape wasn’t playing? There was only one way to find out.

The girl took me by the hand and then she led me to her home with her mom trailing close behind. A key turned in the lock and we were inside their home and no sooner had the door closed behind us than Rita was turning on me. “You know why you’re here, don’t you?”

I decided to play dumb. I shook my head. “Why don’t you tell me.”

The hand that up until then had been holding on to my hand let go of me and then she was sliding it down the front of my pants and I could feel her working it over my cock. “You know what I want,” she said.

“Show me.”

She didn’t need to be asked twice. The hand that was working the front of my slacks now slid my zipper down and then I could feel it sliding inside. Once again, her fingers wrapped around my cock and this time, she gave it a squeeze.

Her other hand was working on my belt and it wasn’t long before that hand had my belt open. The one hand gave my cock another squeeze even as the other one pushed its way inside my pants.

And that’s when she took my pants down. My underwear soon followed the pants and then once again, Rita had her hand on my cock. “I want to suck this,” she said.

It was a statement of fact and Rita wasn’t about to wait for permission. She dropped to her knees right there in the entryway and she started to suck me off and all the while, there was her mother just standing there, watching. “Do a good job,” she told the daughter. “Be a good little, fucking whore, and suck him good.”

Her mouth was sliding up and down on my cock and as good as that was, that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Still, I wasn’t going to be the one to tell her mouth to stop doing what it was doing, at least not right away and fortunately, I didn’t have to.

“I thought you were going to fuck him,” the mother said.

For a moment, it seemed as if the girl hadn’t heard her mom but then she pulled her mouth free. Her tongue gave me a few good licks and then she looked up at her mom. “I am,” she told her mother, “but I’m sucking him first.”

“Well, stop being such a little fucking tease and stop sucking him and start fucking,” the mother said.


“I mean it. I didn’t raise you to be some little, fucking tease. If you say you’re going to do something, you need to do it. We’re little, fucking whores. If you say you’re going to put out, then you need to put out.”

The girl gave my cock another lick and then she gave it another and then she looked up at me. “Would you like to fuck me,” she asked.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

“You want to go to my bedroom?”

“I got a better idea,” I told the girl. “I’m sure your mom would like to watch you get fucked so why don’t we do it right out here on the couch where she can watch and that way, you can show her just how good a job you’re doing.”

The mother would have done it in an instant but with the girl, I just wasn’t sure. Turns out, I needn’t have worried. The girl just stood and she led me over to the couch. “How do you want me,” she asked.

“Well, first of all, I want to see you naked.”

The girl giggled. “Well yeah, that goes without saying but how do you want me on the couch.”

“Let me think about that while you’re taking your clothes off.”

The girl giggled again as her hands went to her top. “You better think fast then,” she said.

Her top was already falling on the floor and moments later, it was joined by her skirt. She kicked off her shoes and then off came her bra and when her panties finally fell by the wayside, the girl was completely naked.

Her hands played with her tits. “So you figured it out,” she asked playfully. “Maybe you want me like this,” she said as she leaned over the couch and wiggled her butt at me. She looked back at me and mewed meekly, “Fuck me.”

In an instant, she was changing positions. “Or maybe you want me like this,” she said as she dropped to a kneeling position, still bent over the couch. Her legs were more open than they’d been before and I could see her sliding a hand between her thighs and I could see her opening herself up. “Fuck me,” she mewed again. “Fuck me.”

Almost as quickly, she was changing positions again. This time, she was sitting on the couch. She spread her legs and one hand fingered her pussy even as her other hand played its way over her tits. Her tongue licked her lips and then she smiled and she moaned. “Come on,” she pleaded. “Come on. Fuck me.”

“You know what,” I said, “I think I’ll take all three but for now, the one you’re in now is just fine. Why don’t you stay that way.”

“Are you going to fuck me now?”

It was a stupid question. I knew it and she knew it but I answered her anyway. “Of course, I’m going to fuck you.”

I slid in between her legs and her hand grabbed hold of my cock. She was pulling me forward. “Be careful,” she said as she pulled the head of my cock up against her wet, little pussy.

“You’re a whore,” I said. “I don’t need to be careful.”

I could tell that that worried her but I also knew there was nothing she could do about it. She just nodded at me. “Okay, just fuck me,” she said.

For all my words, I didn’t really bang her as hard as I could have. I mean sure, I made her take the length of my cock but I didn’t ram it in there and yet even if I had, I had the feeling the girl could have taken it.

Her pussy was so wet that if it weren’t for how tight she was, I’m sure I would have slid right in all the way right up to the hilt. As it was, it took a little more work but it didn’t take long before I was deep between her legs.

The girl looked up at me and moaned even as the one hand continued to pull on one of her tits. “Fuck me,” she moaned with a smile. “Come on. Fuck me.”

My cock pushed deep inside her and then I pulled it back only to push again.

“That’s it. Fuck my daughter,” I heard Joan say. She was standing off to the side out of my line of sight but somehow I knew she was naked and not only that, I knew she was fingering her pussy as she watched her daughter get fucked.

But it was the daughter that had my attention. She was looking down at me, watching my cock move in and out between her legs. “Fuck me,” she moaned again. “Fuck me.”

I was more than willing to oblige the daughter and she moaned again as my cock moved again inside her.

“Oh yeah,” she was moaning as my cock continued to take her. One hand continued to play with her tits. “Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I doubt I could have stopped even if I’d wanted to. There was something about the girl’s pussy that was just so fucking good so I kept on fucking her and as far as I could tell, that was just fine not only with the girl, but with the mom as well.

The girl wasn’t saying anything anymore. All she was doing was moaning. She wasn’t playing with her tits anymore. She wasn’t watching me. She was just laying there and taking my cock. She was just laying there and moaning.

I knew it was happening. I knew it was imminent. I knew I was going to cum.

For a moment, I thought the girl knew it, too, because she suddenly looked back at me and her eyes opened. “Make me cum,” she moaned. “Make me cum.”

Almost as quickly, she went back to her incoherent moans and that’s when I realized it. She had no idea what I was about to do inside her cunt and I wasn’t sure if she even cared. She wanted me to make her cum. That was it.

And that’s when I realized something else. I’d been making her want me to fuck her but I hadn’t said anything about her wanting me to make her cum. I suppose one might have figured that was a logical conclusion from wanting to get fucked but the mom hadn’t come to that conclusion, at least not right at first, and it seemed like Rita was getting with the program a lot more quickly than her mom had.

Still, I supposed, it might have been coincidence that the daughter seemed even sluttier than her mom. It might have been a coincidence, but I didn’t think so.

Either way, it didn’t matter. I came and I knew she knew it, and moments later, her tight, little cunt was gripping me even harder and that’s when I knew that she was cumming, too.

My cock was pretty well spent as I pulled it free from the girl’s cunt but I wasn’t exactly done. I looked at the mom. “I suppose you want a piece of this,” I said, knowing full well what the answer already was, and Joan nodded right on cue.

“Well if that’s what you want, then you need to suck me hard again so I can give your pussy the good, hard fucking it deserves.”

Joan didn’t say anything. She just dropped down and started sucking and that’s when I knew that like mother, like daughter, I’d be fucking the both of them for a good long time.