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Carpool Carnal Syndrome

Chapter 7—Just Like Mommy

It was a couple days later and it was a Friday afternoon. Joan and I had just climbed into my car and right on cue, Joan turned to me and said, “I want to suck your cock.”


Her hand slid down between my legs and she found what she was looking for. “Yeah, that’s what I want.”

“Well, if that’s what you want.”

Joan wasn’t stupid. She knew what that meant and she didn’t need an engraved invitation. She spent the next fifteen minutes going face down in my lap and to tell the truth, she was getting pretty good at sucking me off and I’m pretty damned sure that she really didn’t need the full fifteen minutes to get a mouth full of cum. She was just taking her time and I have to tell you, I appreciated that.

But the truth was, she could try and draw it out as long as she wanted but sooner or later, she was going to get a mouth full of cum and when that happened, there was only one thing she had to decide. Was she going to spit or swallow?

Of course, even that wasn’t true. By that time, if she’d ever tried to do anything less than swallow it all, I would have had to make sure something really unfortunate happened to her, like I don’t know, maybe pulling over by the side of the road and having her hop out and suck off one of those guys with their little cardboard signs, and then, maybe just to make sure she got it, I’d have her do it again ... and again ... and again.

Fortunately for both her and for me, it never came to that.

Joan finally pulled her mouth up off of my cock. “Oh fuck, I forgot to tell you. We have to take Rita to school next week.”

“Your daughter? Why do we have to take her to school?”

“Her car’s going to be in the shop on Monday and Tuesday.”

Oh great. I remembered Rita. I’d met her once and I hadn’t been all that impressed. As far as I could tell, she was just a younger copy of her mother or at least a younger copy of her mother before I’d got my hands on Joan.

And she was a prettier one as well, and yeah, that did give me some ideas.

“Fine,” I said. “When should I pick you guys up?”

“Since we got to drop her off, how about fifteen minutes earlier.”

“How about I show up a half hour earlier, just to make sure we have enough time.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“No, I wouldn’t mind and hey, if we got a little excess time, maybe that’ll give you a little more time to suck my cock.”

The old Joan would have gone ballistic at even the thought that I might want her to suck off my cock but fortunately for me, that Joan was long gone. This one just winked at me. “Sounds like fun,” she said. “I can’t wait.”

And that’s how I ended up showing at Joan’s place a half hour early on a Monday morning.

It was a good thing, too, because neither woman was ready. Joan answered the door. “Oh geez,” she said in frustration. “Come on in, will ya. We’ll be ready in just a minute.”

That wasn’t exactly true. The daughter was ready first but even she wasn’t ready in “just a minute.” Still, she was ready and so it was her and me that were talking in the living room while the mom finished doing whatever it was she was doing, and I couldn’t help wondering just how long did it take for a whore to get herself ready.

“So your car’s in the shop,” I said to the daughter.


“What’s wrong with it?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? How do you not know what’s wrong with your car?”

The girl just shrugged. “All I know is it’s going to cost six hundred bucks to fix it.”

“Yeah? Where you going to get that?”

The girl shrugged.

“You don’t even know how you’re going to pay for the repairs.”

The girl shrugged again. “I guess mom will pay for it.”

We were quiet again. The girl took to looking out the window which I figured probably meant she didn’t want to talk and normally, I would have taken the hint, but I wanted to know more about her. “So, what are you, a Junior, a Senior, what?”

The girl looked back at me. “I’m not a Junior,” she said dismissively.

“That would make you a Senior then?”

“Well, duh. Good guess, Sherlock.”

The girl needed an attitude adjustment and fortunately for me and not so fortunately for her, I was just the one to give it to her.

“You don’t like me much,” I said.

“You’re my mom’s friend, not mine,” she said.

“I wouldn’t mind being your friend, too.”

From the way she said, “Yeah, right,” I knew what she thought of that idea.

“You don’t think much of your mom’s friends, do you?”

Instinctively, she shook her head. “Nuh uh,” she said, “they’re just so—” It was only then that she caught herself and she stopped. “No,” she said more sedately. “They’re her friends, not mine.”

“I understand,” I said, “but you never know. Somewhere down the line, they might be your friends, too.”

“Yeah right.”

Her tone left little doubt about the likelihood of that happening and it was then that Joan showed up. “You guys ready to go,” she said.

“Yeah, sure,” I said.

We walked to the car. Joan got in the front while Rita piled into the back. I could see Joan’s hand twitching. I was pretty sure I knew what she wanted.

Maybe Rita saw it, too, or maybe she was just a damned good, guesser. “Jesus Christ,” the girl said in disgust. “Do you have to be such a slut, mom.”

Joan wheeled on her daughter. “I am still your mother,” she said.

“Then act like one for chrissakes.”

While a catfight between the two of them might have been fun to watch, I was pretty sure I didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of one, and definitely not in a closed car. “I’ll tell you what, Rita. You don’t like how things are going, why don’t you trade places with your mom. Then you can keep an eye on the both of us and make sure there aren’t any shenanigans. What do you say to that?”

“I guess that would be okay.”

“Either that, or you could sit in the back there and watch your mom go down on me.”

“Jesus Christ, do you have to be so fucking gross. I said okay.”

“I just wanted to make sure you knew what your options were.”

“I said okay, okay.”

The girl might have agreed to it but I was pretty sure her mom wasn’t all that happy with the new seating arrangements because I had no doubt that given half a chance, she really would have gone down on me even with her daughter sitting there in the back.

I started the car up and the tape started playing. “Your mom hates this tape,” I said. “She says it’s more like something you’d listen to. What do you think?”

“It’s okay,” the girl said.

“Just okay,” I said as I pulled the car away from the curb. “That’s too bad.”

“Too bad why?”

“I thought you’d like it more. I mean listen to it.”

“I said it’s okay.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I guess I was just hoping for something more.”


“Just trying to be friendly, that’s all. Don’t you want to be friends?”

“With you? Not really.”

I’d come up on the point of no return. Up until that moment, I’d really done nothing to alter the daughter. Sure, I’d played the tape for her but so far, I’d made no suggestions so she remained untouched and maybe she would have stayed that way if she hadn’t been such a bitch, if she hadn’t been like her mom had been.

“That’s a pity,” I said.

“What is?”

“That you don’t want to be friends,” I said, “because from where I’m sitting, the feeling I’m getting is you want to get to know me better. The feeling I’m getting is you really want to be my friend.”

The girl laughed at that. “I want to be your friend? Yeah right. That’s a laugh.”

“Hey, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but that’s the vibe I’m getting. You just seem to be totally into me.”

“I’m into you?” The girl was still questioning it but she wasn’t laughing.

“Sure,” I said. “You’re in to me. You want to get to know me better. You want to know everything about me.”

“I ... I ... no wait. That doesn’t ... that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Really? Hmm, it makes total sense to me.”

“It does?”

“Sure. Teenage girl like you, I’ll bet you want to get guys to notice you, don’t you?”


“Yeah, that’s what you want,” I said again. “You want to get guys to notice you, but not just the boys in high school. Those guys, they’re so horny that they’d pretty much take notice of anything with a cunt. They practically don’t count because of course they’d notice you.”

“Of course.” In a way, my words made sense to her.

“Yeah, what you want is men to notice you. College boys are always better than high school boys, right?”

“Right.” So far, what I’d said so far made sense.

“And when they’re older than that, that’s even better. You want that. You want older guys to notice you.”

Rita didn’t say anything.

“You want older guys to notice you,” I said again. “It’s only natural. That’s what you want. Everyone knows that.”

Still, Rita didn’t say anything.

“It makes you so hot to think that your teachers are staring at you, that maybe they’re looking up your skirt to see if they can see your panties, or maybe if they’re lucky and you’re not wearing any panties, then maybe they can see your pussy. That makes you hot, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t lie to me,” I said. “It makes you hot. It makes you so fucking hot and you know it.”

“But I ... but I—”

“Don’t lie,” I said again. “It makes you hot. It makes you really hot to think your teachers are looking up your skirt.”

“Well, maybe.”

“I knew it,” I said. “I knew it. You want older guys to notice you but of course, you can’t say anything, because you don’t want people to know what a slut you are.”

“I’m a slut?”

“Of course you are, but don’t you worry. You don’t have to tell anyone what a little, fucking slut you are. It’ll just be our little secret, okay?”


“Of course, you’ll be horny all the time for older cock, but that’s okay. Teacher cock is good but there’s something that’s even better. Do you want to know what’s better than that?”


“Getting cock that your mom has had. I’ll bet she still treats you like a kid, doesn’t she?”

Rita nodded. I could tell it wasn’t just the tape that was making her agree with that.

“And I’ll bet you’d like to show her you’re not a kid anymore.”

Again, Rita nodded.

“So of course the best way to show her is to show her that you can take the same cocks that she can. That makes sense, doesn’t it?”

Again, Rita nodded.

“Whatever your mom gets, you want it, too.”


“You ever sucked a cock before, Rita.”

“No, never.”

“How about your mom. You think she’s ever sucked a cock off before.”

“Mom? No way. She wouldn’t do that.”

“You never know,” I told her. “I mean maybe she has and maybe she hasn’t but more likely than not, I think she has, and you know why?”


“Only women who are really grown up and are really ready for sex would think of doing that. Are you ready for sex, Rita?”


“Then you must be thinking of what it’s like to give a guy a blow job. Tell me you want to give a guy a blow job.”

“I want to give a guy a blow job.”

“Tell me you want to suck his dick off.”

“I want to suck his dick off.”

“You want to fuck who your mom fucks and you want to suck who your mom sucks,” I said. “I want you to think about that while you’re in school today. Don’t tell anyone about it, but think about it and we’ll talk later, okay.”


We were just pulling up in front of Rita’s school. “Remember,” I said, “you want to fuck who your mom fucks and you want to suck who your mom sucks.”

“I’ll remember,” she said and then she hopped out of the car.

Joan moved up into the front seat. “How could you do that,” she asked.

“Do what?”

“Do what? You know what you were doing. You were doing something to my daughter. You were ... I don’t know ... you were making her do things.”

“What was I making her do?”

Joan obviously had part of it figured out but she didn’t have it all. “You were, it was like you were making her think things, and say things that Rita wouldn’t say. Rita’s a good girl, you know.”

“Good like her mom, right?”

Joan was silent and I knew she was thinking about all the things she’d done of recent.

“So is she better than you?”


“But how can that be? You raised her. She should be just like you.”

“I ... I ... that’s not right.”

“What’s not right. You raised her. She should have your values. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, but—”

“But what? Don’t you want her to be a good girl?”

“She is a good girl.”

“A good girl just like you?”

“You think I’m good,” Joan asked hopefully.

I smiled at her. “I think you’re good,” I told her, “and I think you’re even better when you’re fucking and when you’re sucking, so the question is do you want her to be a good, little girl, just like her mom?”

Joan was fighting with that one. There was something wrong with the logic.

“You raised her,” I said, “so she should be just like you.”

“Yes, but—”

“But what. She should be just like you.”

She was nodding almost imperceptibly.

“You want your daughter to be a good, little girl, just like you.”

She was nodding even more.

“Then you should be glad I’m helping you out. You should be glad I’m helping make your daughter just like you.”

Joan wanted to say something.

“Tell me how glad you are that I’m helping raise your daughter. Tell me how glad you are that your daughter is just like you.”

“Thank you for helping me raise my daughter,” she said finally. “I want her to be just like me.”

“There’s no need to thank me,” I said. “I’m just glad I could help out, but there is something you could do for me.”

She looked at me quizzically.

“I think you need to suck my cock.”

Joan paused and then she grinned. Her hand went down between my legs and then she was pulling my cock and she bent down.

I stopped her before she could take me in her mouth. “Tell me again how happy you are that I’m taking such an active interest in your daughter’s education.”

Joan moaned. “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for taking such an active interest in Rita’s education.”

“You want her to be just like you, don’t you?”

“Yes. I want her to be just like me.”

“You need my help. Tell me you need my help to help you raise your daughter.”

“I need your help,” Joan said. “I need your help with Rita.”

“And what’s the magic word when you ask for help.”

Joan hesitated. “Please,” she said finally. “Please help me with Rita’s education.”

“You want me to keep doing what I’m doing then.”

“Yes, I want you to keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Well all right then, I guess you’ve earned your reward. You can go ahead and suck my cock.”

And of course, that’s exactly what Joan did. She sucked me off until she made me cum and then, just for good measure, I let her do it again.