The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cascade Fire

2. Newberry

We changed buses in Vancouver and caught another across the border into Washington. Me having no passport or other ID would have caused a problem with the driver and anyone else who might’ve been interested, but Sati has her ways and we crossed with no more questions asked. That bus and then another took all day to get to Medford, where everyone got out and we slept on benches or the floor of the bus station, leaning against windows and each other, the smell of her hair and her milk and her skin and the sound and rhythm of the long bus ride lingering deep in elemental dreams. Next morning, we caught a different bus to Klamath Falls, then yet another to a town so small I didn’t catch its name where a young woman with short, angular dirty blonde hair named Kelsey picked us up outside a general store in an old economy car and drove us into the forest.

Sati could’ve complained about the length of time it took us to get from anywhere to anywhere else, or the boredom of sitting in a bus that stopped every hour or so for 10 minutes with nothing but a hungry infant and a large silent dependent damaged graybeard for company, or the long stops that sometimes required us to exit the bus, or so many transfers, or having to sleep in the bus station, or the fucking cinnamon rolls at the dinner stop, but she seemed to be a woman with some depth, who perhaps had endured worse. Her awareness dwelt in me, whether she knew it or not, whether I wanted it or not, whether I comprehended it or not, but as the refuge for my inaccessible consciousness, her numinous permanence had seemingly replaced that Aegean pool I’d found with Mari. Turns out our route wasn’t ideal, and Sati knew that ahead of time, but it would be awhile before I was in a state to perceive the reason.

“Mari is not goddess,” Sati said to me as we neared Klamath Lake, the first time she’d spoken to me in English since we started our 2-day bus trip.

You can imagine my response.

“Mari is ... what you say ... shifter. Strong one, yes, but not goddess.” She seemed ... sniffy. “This place we go is school. Perhaps I feel bad to take you, but you will like it, I know. Students have much to learn. You can teach, awake or no. I am sorceress, and trickster, and you have tricks to teach, sleeping sorcerer. Is good place to teach, good students, this I know.”

Into the forest, in the back seat of a battered econobox with Sati nursing Lashe, leaning into me, me jostling into her, them, at every bump and every other curve in the dusty dirt road. Cloudy, somewhere between warm and cold, a few patches of snow clinging to shady north-facing spots. Early Spring.

We emerged into a brilliantly gray clearing. I didn’t know such a thing could exist: brilliantly gray? Graveled dirt loop in front of a commons-looking wooden hall, a few smaller buildings and a barn and maybe more scattered nearby, flowers and weird Suess-Escher-Penrose plants blooming every-fucking-where. Beyond mud, gravel, dust, and partially combusted gasoline from our tired vehicle, the place smelled like every fucking thing could ever smell like. Which is a seriously weird thing to think, especially when you aren’t really thinking at all.

A man and a woman, Stuart and Callie, came out from the hall to greet us, Callie eyeing me warily. Took our bags inside with Kelsey. Paid something to Sati ... obeisance? They seemed to know her, even revere her. Somewhere between the car and the front door, it seemed like there was some sort of subtle environmental change, as if we passed through an invisible curtain. Inside was nice, airy. High ceilings, gables, lofts, skylights everywhere, smells like cut pine and cotton and linen warmed by sunlight. Extra rooms, but Sati said she wanted me in hers, and so I was. She seemed to have a reservation, or a standing invite, or something. An airy, spacious room. Huge bed. She led me to it. Lashe was rousing, cranky, needed more attention. Sati nursed him, their eyes deep in each others’, more tales in a language I shouldn’t know but could now mostly understand, though not comprehend. An extremely beautiful language, ancient, but like I could listen to it all day and not have to think about anything else, like I could let someone else do my thinking for me. And my breathing. And ...

Yeah, I was hard. Nancy and her huge mind-sucking tits were still there with me. But here was space, and air, and light, and ...

Sati. Slim waist, soft curvaceous legs and bottom and hips and full milky breasts ... warm ... wet ... unfilled. Yeah, it happened again, she touched the tip of my cock with the tip of one lovely finger, licked a tiny smear of precum from the tip of that finger, her beautiful eyes deep in mine, pronounced it reminiscent of Priapus and a lot more satisfying, climbed on, caftan askew, and ... what was important, anyway?

Sati, up and down, forwards and backwards, side to side to side to ... yeah, OK, we get it. But ... a woman gets into your mind like that, and finds what you like, what you didn’t even know you liked, and works it to the point where you might’ve thought what you used to want and what you want right now are not even on the same virtual continent, well ...

I fucking love her milk. So sweet, resplendent with love, so ...


It took two days for either of us to leave that suite. There was a private bath with a tub and shower, good food and drink placed just inside the door several times a day, and as nice and as necessary as all of that was, what happened inside our room was even more necessary. Apparently.

Sati brushed out her long, glossy golden hair after her first bath but didn’t shower with me until the morning we emerged, and in the meantime she marinated me in every scent and taste her body held plus some merely borrowed and transformed: milk, quim, saliva, vigorous sweat from every part of her, not all of it clean, soap and cream and fruit and bath oil and perfume that smelled like outside, even a little of her blood and mine, me coated from forehead to sternum, navel to sacrum, cock, balls, toes, fingers, tongue, everywhere, until all her scents, her sweet, tingly enhanced feminine essence, were deep within me, conscious and unconscious, sleeping and awake, imagining, fully and repeatedly experiencing the result of that imagination. I knew every one of those scents and tastes and sounds and sights intimately even once their physical residue had been washed away. And Sati came to know everything I knew, understood my capability to know so much more, knew how I could share, or be made to share, all of it. She owned me.

She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life ... it was hard to imagine such beauty could exist, but here she was, dazzling in her intensity, riding both of us to ecstasy time and again and again.

I was a little sore. A good kind of sore.

“Students,” Sati announced after breakfast in their commons, the morning of our emergence, sitting on yoga mats in a circle, her soft hand in mine, “the time has come for advancement.” Her English was much better now.

Everyone was there: five women and a man, only one of them older than about 25: Ingrid, who seemed to be the caretaker and instructor in residence, in her mid-30s.

Callie, Dani, Jess, Kelsey, and Stuart. Everyone rapt when Sati spoke.

“My companion, Robert, is not in his right mind. He was cursed, an awful curse, his consciousness lost. He can be brought back, and we will help him, but it will take time. Until then, he has much to teach, even unconscious, and we will share what he knows, as I have already done ... he has powerful magic and a good heart.”

“How will he teach us, Mistress?” Dani asked. Dani was a bold one.

Sati smiled. “His body knows,” she said. “You must join him with your deepest self and reach out to his, capture it, and when you have it you must seek his physical need and awareness of that need and raise it until he has no choice but to give you what you seek. It is not so easily done, especially not the first time, which is part of his curse, or another curse, and especially if you’ve never done such a thing before. But he is ours to learn from, and we can learn together. The first time I learn this was with my Canada friends, we sat together and felt the world turn around us, and the city, and the people, and the gentle wind in the trees, the flowing river near, cars flowing like water, slower and faster and slower, other people exercising, slow, controlled motion, all of us together, Robert part of that, he’s part of that with us now, you can feel him if you reach out, and I walked with him in the corridors of his unconscious, my hand in his as it is in his now as his is in mine, guiding him, my voice soothing him as it soothes him now, captivates him, captivated all of us, gentling, soothing more and more, relaxing us in that nice warm park, that warm safe sunlit space, focusing more and more, deeper and deeper, staring deep into each others’ eyes, breathing together, deeper and deeper, feeling each other breathe together until it doesn’t matter what anyone is saying, just listening to my words flow past, gently, softly, becoming one with the world around us, feeling its energy enter us, join with us, the quiet sound of birds and the wind in the rustling trees and smells of people and activity and flowers and grass and ...”

Less cities, more moving people
These hands that once were tied

My awareness, which wasn’t really present in the first place, couldn’t have noticed, but some part of me did, that the eyes of everyone else in that room were glazing as Sati’s words came more and more slowly.

“... relaxing more, inch by inch, feeling heavy, warm, safe, sheltered, a gentle wave of relaxation and comfort flowing, eyelids feeling heavier, legs and arms and shoulders, sensation like hands gently massaging your temples, your scalp, your shoulders, any tension you feel flowing away, gentled by the sounds, the smells, the sights, my hand on yours, my hand on you, my hand guiding like my soft gentle voice, your breathing slow and regular, deep and slow, regular and deep, and deeper, and feeling your third eye need to close, so relaxed, so safe, so warm, and feel your eyelids close, feel your safe relaxed body lean backward onto your mat, feel your shoulders settle so comfortably onto the mat, feel them relax further, feel the muscles of your forehead, and your cheeks, your chin, your shoulders, chest, your arms, elbows, wrists, fingers just become slack, and open, and empty, and void, feel your awareness as a glowing warm shape, within you or near, feel its color, its warmth, its brightness, wanting to rise, needing to join, seeking others, joining with others, so relaxed, so warm, so deep. So deep. Going deeper. So deep.”

And there we were, Sati and I sitting, her hand gently stroking mine, my eyes as closed as everyone else’s, something of me already permeating her and now everyone else but not so deeply, five women and a man lying quietly on yoga mats within the arc of a circle that Sati and I completed. Sati directing our joined awareness, now amplified.

We were sitting on the edge of the biggest fucking volcano on the West Coast with another not far away, their two slopes flowing into each other, their bones as joined as my awareness, their slow deep languorous pulses underlying everything around us, and neither of these huge fucking volcanos was extinct.

“This is good place for school,” Sati whispered so only I could hear.

“Feel your joined awareness,” Sati said, louder, for everyone else, but still such a soft, sweet, soothing voice, “feel it rise, feel it turn, feel it strengthen. Feel Robert with us, feel his need, feel his void, a void that needs filling. Feel your own needs, your own collective need, feel it fitting together. Stretch out your arms to the people lying next to you, find their hands, gently hold their hands, feel that connection strengthen between you.”

Sati paused a minute, letting everyone else’s sensation catch up, Jess’ small hand, slender fingers now in mine.

“Feel your friends’ hands in yours, feel their warmth, feel their relaxation mirroring yours, feel yourselves together in this place, enjoying this joining, so pleasant, so freeing, so relaxing, so deep, feel your bodies become attuned to the sensations, the back of your legs, and bottom, and shoulders, your head on the mat, the air softly moving around you, over you, through you, your slow calm breathing, notice how we’re all breathing together, notice the sound of trees rustling in the breeze outside, of animals, birds, squirrels, deer, in the forest around us, the smells of sage and pine and this magical, mythical, safe protected place, feel the pleasure of these shared sensations spread through your joined hands, through your shared breathing, through every part of your body in contact with your environment, let these sensations grow as you breathe deep ... your awareness shared ... so pleasurable ... let yourselves feel ... more ... deeper ... so deep.” Sati was speaking much more slowly now. “And when you feel all of this, when your body tells you it’s ready, let your third eye open again.”

It hadn’t taken long for me to get hard, and Sati’s long soothing unexpected induction had made me a lot harder ... she’d gotten to know my body very well indeed these past two days, well enough that she could probably make me pop with just a word, and while I wasn’t on the edge yet, she could put me there in an instant.

I became aware that everyone else in the room was also becoming aroused.

My unconscious awareness, already permeating the room but not joined in anything more than a superficial way with anyone but Sati, seemed to be communicating my own state of arousal, spreading, heightening everyone else’s. Stuart’s cock, bigger than mine, on the opposite side of our circle, was vibrating, humming in a way every woman in the room could sense, every woman in the room was wet and getting wetter, female arousal scenting the air. And as their inner eyes opened and they tuned into each other’s awareness, that shared arousal rose higher still.

“Robert,” Sati said to me quietly, “mount Jess.” Jess, small, quiet, shoulder-length mouse-brown hair, a pierced nose with a small silver bar in it, 22 years old, a sweet soft breathy voice, so shy, her small hand in mine, deep in trance. “Don’t worry, Robert, she’s done this with us before and already given her consent ... it’s one of the reasons she chooses to be here, learning with us. Jess, slide your sweatpants and panties down. Robert, mount her.” Jess could only slide her pants down to just below her hips from this position, so, releasing Sati’s hand, I helped Jess remove them, leaving her panties around one ankle, knelt between her legs, raised her knees, reattached those panties to her other ankle with a half twist, keeping them close behind me, something I’d never considered doing before but it felt right, and entered her. She was very wet, but so small, the tightest woman I’d ever entered, it took a full minute of gentle pressure and small in and out motions to enter fully despite her lubrication and my precum. I knew well what a cervix felt like, and I was bumping up against hers.

Jess locked her ankles behind my lower back, began humping into me, making an irregular little humming buzzing sound, “hmmmmm hmm hmmmmm”. Deep within her was too late to have second thoughts, but my body hesitated.

Sati sighed. “Jess, do you want Robert inside you like this?” she asked.

“Yes, my goddess, please,” Jess said, breathily. And my body was no longer hesitant, began sliding out and in and out of her, so slowly, the way I like it, swirling against her at the bottom of each stroke, a motion she soon picked up on, locking her ankles tighter behind me, those toned slim legs astonishingly strong, began rocking her hips to feel more of that friction, deep inside.

“Good girl,” Sati said, and I could hear Sati smiling, and I could feel Jess tingling with pleasure at the praise. “Robert, remember what you did with Mari, giving her what you could with your fluids, what I learned when you came in me so many times, and learn more, know more, whatever you can, from her, from us, from this sacred place. Focus on your shared pleasure, share it with all of us.” And I focused on Jess. And it didn’t take long before she came, then came again, quietly at first, mewing in pleasure long before I was ready, and again, more loudly each time, my extrasense keying on that pleasure, feeding it, feeding it back, one of my hands raising her top and playing with her breast, a broad shallow soft shield with a lovely small pink nipple, braless. And Jess came again, now gasping, “oh shit oh oh Oh OHHHhhh!” And she looked at me wide-eyed, disbelieving, like ‘Is this old guy really making this happen to me?’

Behind me, Sati spoke to the others. “Stuart, I’m afraid this will be less satisfying for you since you don’t get to release, but don’t worry, you will still enjoy it very much, and when your release comes, it will be all you could’ve dreamed. Ladies, pleasure each other and Stuart and Jess and Robert, and me when I ask it, taking as much as you can from every experience, giving as much as you can, including to Stuart or to whomever you most want, and stay attuned to our shared awareness as you do, which will help you give and receive pleasure that much more. Everyone open your eyes and begin. Stuart knows better than to come, but ladies, make certain he doesn’t.” And then I became part of my first orgy, and it went on for what seemed like hours.

Someone was sucking on the toes of one of my feet. Sati. As I got close, I kissed Jess on her soft lips, lingering, no tongue, just sharing warmth and arousal and gentle reverence, and with that echo of what Mari had done with me, Jess rocking her hips, her strong legs tight around me, me so deep inside her, Sati sucking my toe, I came, so hard in welcoming wetness, giving her everything my body knew to give, she came again and again, her increasing vocalizations driving me higher and harder, and I could feel the forest around us, and the smell and the taste and the magic of this place, and the fire and the volcanic heat, and there was some other thing under one of those volcanos and it was huge and sullen but torpid and quiet and I wanted to keep it that way so my extrasense tiptoed back and focused instead on so much else around us that was about life and living and joy and mutual discovery and pleasure and Jess came one more time just from that shared awareness of her pleasure and mine.

I lay next to her, still inside, my arm across her, my lips on her temple, gently, sharing this afterbliss, slowly shrinking. She was crying, just a little, and seemed very very happy if not a little perplexed, and I was just as happy to be there with her, sharing. And we lay that way for maybe two minutes before Sati slapped my ass.

“Wake up, busy boy, you have more to do. Get hard.” And she snapped her fingers. And I absolutely was, still inside Jess. “Not inside her, my lovely girl, she had her turn. Time to share. Harder.” And she snapped her fingers again. “So hard you can’t think.” [SNAP] And then I experienced one hot wet pussy after another inside every other hot wet woman in the place, and I was a fucking animal, literally, one perfect woman after another, and I know you know that I know that “perfect” can be a horrible word when applied to people, but this wasn’t about looks, it was about enjoying every one of us enjoying each other together, and whatever anyone might think of any of us just by looking, we were all perfect and all beautiful. For me there was usually more than one at a time in one way or another, 3-ways, 5-ways, 7-ways, everyone but Sati joining in when the going got roughest, and I came in every other woman there. Ingrid was a fucking gymnast, literally ... to this day no one but Mari and three others have come close to what she could do to me. Dani was the only other one who rode me, Stuart got his mind blown along with his cock, and his ass, always to the edge but never beyond, Kelsey took what I gave her, and came with me just as every other woman did, but didn’t seem to want to enjoy it as much as she enjoyed pussy or Stuart, and the women were amazing with each other, lips and tongues and fingers and feathers and grinding and scissoring and yes a couple double-enders appeared and were used for their intended purpose to extended mutual satisfaction, and while Sati spent most of her time arranging us, directing us, she also got off a few times on Stuart and two of the girls, and yes maybe it’s weird that some part of me was aware of that, but frankly I was aware of every fucking thing going on there, which is a lot weirder for someone so hard he couldn’t think, and Jess and then Dani came back for seconds, but eventually, me deep inside Dani-doggy, both of us flexing and bending and writhing and contorting and gasping moaning groaning and enjoying the fuck out of the next most crazy-wonderful thing that had ever happened to me, and maybe I wasn’t alone in that, Sati spoke up again.

“Everyone come from what you’re doing right now, it is time to focus on our two silly boys. Robert is mine. Stuart is yours. We will make them both suffer exquisite torturous pleasure before we let Stuart come. So shall it be.”

And so I shot yet another incredible load into Dani, both of us stuttering, wondering, wanting, loving how it felt to be so deep inside each other, and then we lay down on our sides, and I fell out of her, and Sati snapped me back, and mounted me, and rocked her unbelievably beautiful hips—had she become even more beautiful since we came into this room?—and I looked into her blue-gray-green-gold eyes, and they were such beautiful eyes, and everything about her was that beautiful, so beautiful, and I was as deep and hard as I could be inside her, and behind me Stuart had 5 women, count ’em, five gorgeous perfect women devoted to his pleasure, so long denied, and soon, soon ... soon ... he would come, I would come, we all would come.

Sati said to me “Send out your senses. Fully.” And I did, and what I’d shared or others had shared before now was nothing compared to this.

Sati said “Everyone, feel Robert within you, feel what he feels, let him feel what you feel.”

Sati was with me the whole way, just as she’d been with me since we entered the room.

We were on the flanks of an ancient, huge, not-extinct volcano, within some sort of magical shelter in a floral clearing in a fragrant forest, in a trim clean sunlit building that smelled of sage and sacred incense and cloth and milled pine and magic and sex. There was fire deep below, still. Someday it will rise.

Sati said “No fire.”

And all of us knew what she meant, but I was now in the hindbrain of everyone there, including Sati, which she probably didn’t even know, and when I came it would be like it was back home in Canada ... every mammal within at least a hundred meters was gonna have a blown mind.

Sati on me, flexing gravid hips, getting as much from every wave as she could, me supine, enjoying this, reaching up to cup and squeeze and tease full milky breasts, five women taking turns on Stuart’s cock, his face, getting off, changing places, Kelsey with her strapon not fully entering him but further entrancing that entrance or sometimes the rear entrance of the woman riding him at the time, lubing, teasing, Callie, then Ingrid, then Dani, and Kelsey challenging herself with his truly enormous cock, and finally Jess not able to get all of it in, cumming, making way for the next new adept, me fully engulfed by Sati, rocking her own hips, it was all ... coming to a ... head.

“You should be so lucky,” Sati whispered to me, her lips so close to my ear, me inside her inside me inside her, and oh fuck I came, and Stuart came, and every fucking person came regardless of what might’ve been inside them at the time or not, and it was fucking glorious. And a not-so-tiny piece of land in Central Oregon was suddenly, temporarily devoid of functional mammals.

And that was OK, because life goes on.