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Cat Bites

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Chapter 2: Change

Sarah awakened on the same leather sofa she remembered sitting on before. Looking around the somewhat familiar area, she recalled most of the events that happened between her and Ranki. With a gasp, she stood up quickly. “I have to get home,” she thought immediately. Sarah looked around for any kind of escape, but was afraid that she wouldn’t find one. Just then a cool breeze blew from behind her. It was the door, which had been left open, strangely. Not wanting the window—or door, per se—of opportunity to lock itself up tightly—literally—she didn’t give it any thought and made a break for it.

“Going somewhere?” a certain voice called to her, making her stop in her tracks. Turning, she saw that Ranki had come in from the kitchen, with a wine glass filled with an amber fluid. His expression appeared to be borderline madness to the poor human girl.

“You can’t keep me here, Ranki!” she shouted with her hand over her chest as she breathed heavily. “My parents will know something’s wrong! And they’ll find me here!”

Ranki grinned at her and began a slow approach. “I can just smell your fear, Sarah,” he said as he took in a deep breath. Licking his lips, he smirked. “And it’s very arousing…” Sarah felt a shudder down her spine as he said that. Something in the way he said it was arousing to her as well. “While you’re by the door, Sarah dear, please shut it for me and sit down,” he ordered as he took a seat in the leather sofa Sarah woke up on. Defeated, Sarah shut the door and started for the chair opposite of his seat. “No, no,” Ranki said just as she was about to sit. With another one of his smirks, he gestured for himself. “Sit here. On my lap.”

“W-what? N-no, I—”

“I said ‘sit on my lap,’ Sarah. And I meant it,” his voice came sternly.

With a visible flinch, she complied and approached the Dark Trianni with a fearful look in her eyes. “What’s he trying to do to me?” she thought as she turned away from him and began to sit. She flipped the back of her skirt down as she sat, so the skirt would be between them.

Again, she was cut off by Ranki. “No, Sarah. Just sit without adjusting your skirt.” Doing as he commanded, she let go of her skirt and sat down on his lap. With her in this position, the skirt rose up in the back, resting against Ranki’s stomach while he could feel her backside against his groin. With a smile, he began to play with Sarah’s hair.

Sarah continued to breathe heavily as she could feel his manhood hardening against her backside. It reminded her of the day before, when Ranki raped her with his massive 12 inch-long penis. Her entire body shuddered. She was aroused again. Her clit pulsed and her vagina demanded to be filled up again. “N-no! Fight the urge, Sarah…” She didn’t want him to know of her need. Arching her back against him, she let out a pitiful little whimper.

Ranki’s nostrils flared as he took in a familiar scent. With a grin, he looked to Sarah. “Stand up.” Quickly, she obeyed and leapt to her feet. When she turned to face him, she began to worry. “Unbutton your blouse and pull off that skirt.”

“Ranki, please,” she begged, eyes welling with tears. Ranki stood up, leering at her with a menacing look on his face. “R-Ranki! I’m begging you! Let me go, please!” She was swiftly knocked to the floor with a quick backhand from Ranki. As she rubbed her sore cheek, she looked up to her attacker and sobbed.

He knelt down to her, still wearing that powerful glower. “Unbutton your blouse… and pull off that skirt…” he repeated, far less than amused. “I demand complete obedience, Sarah,” Ranki added dangerously. Sarah turned her face away from him and sobbed. “Sarah…” She gave no response except for a soft sobbing. “Sarah.” The human didn’t even budge from her position, and kept her eyes off Ranki. “Sarah!” Now Ranki was getting angry. With that tone, Sarah finally looked to him. “Stand up now.”

Sarah gave it some thought, and with another sob, she stood up and rubbed her arm nervously. “Y-yes, Ranki?” Without any warning, Ranki lunged at her and jammed his fangs into the side of her neck. She let out a frenzied cry as she tried to pry him off her. But with each of her pushes, he only sank his fangs in deeper and deeper. He apparently wasn’t about to let up. “R-Rankiiiiiii!!” she cried out in agony. It was now that his claws dug into her arm and waist, lacerating her skin. “Okay! Okay, okay!” Sarah begged as she swiftly unbuttoned her blouse, tossed it off and then pulled down her skirt. “T-there! Let me go!”

Ranki scoffed and withdrew his fangs from her neck and his claws from her arm and waist. “If you do not do as I say, you will face that again,” he warned, cleaning the blood from his teeth and nails. “Now, kneel before me and remove my pants,” he demanded roughly, flashing his now bloodstained teeth to her, just so she gets the idea. Without a word or a nod, she approached him, absently rubbing the bite on her neck. Until Ranki smacked her, that is. “The wound will heal, so quit worrying!”

She flinched at both the smack and his harsh words, but continued to approach him. She knelt down in front of him and raised her hands to the button on his pants. With a gulp, she unbuttoned it and began to carefully glide the zipper down. Following the zipper, she pulled the jeans down and saw his boxers. It reminded her of the circus’ main tent! She felt a chill down her spine as she reached for the waistband.

Her hand was met with a fierce slap. Retreating her hands back, she looked up at Ranki. “I didn’t tell you to pull the boxers down, did I?” he asked dangerously. She looked away and shook her head no. “Then tell me, Sarah: Why did you try?”

Embarrassed, blush lit up her face as she looked away. “B-because… I… Assumed—”

“You assumed, huh?” She nodded, almost ashamed. “What happens when you assume, Sarah?” She didn’t want to answer. She looked away and lowered her head. “Answer me, Sarah,” Ranki demanded sternly.

“It… It makes an ass out of you and me…” She swiftly received an open-palmed smack from Ranki and it whipped her face back towards him. Her large eyes began to tear up again.

“‘It makes an ass... out of you and me…’” Ranki repeated her statement and glowered at her. “Sarah… Why in the world would you make an ass out of me?” His tone was dangerous again. She felt like she was riding an insane roller-coaster, that could, at any given moment in time, end her life. “Answer me.”

She looked up at him and sniffled. “I-I’m sorry, Ranki,” she managed and rubbed her face. There was a warm wetness where he had slapped her. Looking at her hand, she gathered that she was bleeding. “R-Ranki—”

With a vile grin, he chuckled darkly at the poor girl. “Call your parents on your cell,” he said, eliciting a confused look from Sarah. “Tell them that you’re going to stay at your friend’s house… for a few days.”

“D-DAYS!?” she exclaimed.

“Sarah…” came his dangerous tone and a more formidable leer.

Not wishing to make him attack her again, she sobbed and headed for her book bag to collect her phone. Once she found it, she flipped it open and began to shakily dial her home phone number. “Why am I doing this?” she thought with a weak sob. “What did I do to deserve this?” The other line rang dully in her ear as she waited for her parents to pick up.

[Hello?] came the answer. It was her father. [Sarah, are you okay?]

“Yes, daddy, I’m fine,” she lied—she was surprisingly good at it, despite being a good girl. Through the corner of her eye, she saw Ranki standing beside her, watching like a hawk. “I’m not coming home tonight, dad, so tell mom to set only two plates.”

There was silence on the line for a second. [Are you staying with a friend?] he asked, almost a little concerned.

“Yeah. She’s the new girl, and I want to help her with her homework and moving into her new house,” she lied again. Though she felt terrible lying to her father, she couldn’t help but feel a little rush in her crotch.

[Alright, Sarah. I’ll inform your mother.] Sarah silently sighed when he believed her boldfaced lie. [You’re always so busy.] he added. [Maybe you should rest some while you’re there.]

“Okay, daddy,” she said. “I love you. Bye.” With that, she hung up and turned to Ranki. “Why did you want me to do that?” she asked, almost dreading the answer.

“Get your clothes back on and come with me,” Ranki said, pulling his pants back on and heading down the hall to his bedroom. “And don’t even think of running away. You will obey me, Sarah.” His voice echoed down the hall back to Sarah, and she shuddered at how eerie it sounded.

She did as she was told and slipped her skirt up and pulled on her blouse, buttoning it neatly like always. She was in no rush; Ranki already had her where he wanted her, so there was no point. When she had finished with her blouse, she proceeded to follow Ranki down the corridor to his room.

Once in Ranki’s room, she looked around the familiar place. “I was raped in here…” she lamented to herself and stepped in more. Behind her, the door slammed itself shut with a loud bang. Sarah gasped as she looked around. The drapes on the windows were flapping in the wind, so it must’ve been the wind that whipped the door shut. “A-alright, Ranki… I’m here…”

Ranki smirked as he walked out of the bathroom. “Good.” His voice made her shiver. “I have something very special to share with you,” he said, voice cold and sinister.

“What do you want to share now, Ranki?” she asked, half scared and half curious, but completely tame. She didn’t want Ranki mad at her.

With a faint laugh, Ranki approached her, causing her to back away. “Do you know the extent of a Dark Trianni’s power, little Sarah?” With nothing to respond with, she looked away. “I didn’t expect you to.” He turned on his heel and started for his bookshelf. “Tell me… What can I do with something that’s mine?”

“I’m not your possession, Ranki!” she snapped, a bit of a defiant flare still alive in her. After her outburst, she clasped her hands over mouth and gasped. Ranki’s ear twitched. Fear overtook her as she backed away a bit.

Nothing Sarah expected came. Ranki just laughed, and harshly at that. “That mark on your shoulder blade says otherwise.” Suddenly, the mark on her burned sharply. With a painful hiss, her hand flew to the mark and stroked it in a vain attempt to ease the pain. “Anyway… What can I do with something that’s mine, Sarah?” he asked again, still looking away from her.

The burning stopped as she looked to Ranki’s back. Nervously, she rubbed her arm. “A-anything you want?” she stammered, fear welling up in her. She didn’t like where this was headed.

“Exactly!” he shouted, turning to face her. “I can do whatever I please with something that’s mine.” His eyes were arched sinisterly. “And in my case, ‘whatever I please’ means anything, Sarah…”

She squirmed slightly. “What’s the worst he can do?” she thought. “It’s not like he can change me…” Even though she was slightly relieved, it wasn’t enough to completely reassure her that she’ll be alright…

Suddenly, she felt something strange. She didn’t quite know what it was, but something was definitely happening to her. She winced as her blouse was shrinking. Looking down, she realized it wasn’t her blouse at all. Her breasts were growing larger! “O-oh my god!” she cried out as her top button gave out and shot out. They didn’t stop there. They continued to push out of her thin white blouse. Another button burst off as her breasts reached double-D cups in instants. It was becoming too much for Sarah; they were growing in sensitivity too, and her nipples were hardening. With a moan, she jut her ballooning breasts out, straining the last of the buttons to their fullest until they just burst off, exposing her new chest to Ranki. She gasped a few times, as she had met her peak a few times, but was never able to achieve orgasm. “R-Ranki?” she managed between breaths, “W-what did you d-do?”

Ranki smirked and tweaked her eraser-sized nipple, making her gasp and arch back. “What do you think I did?” he asked, his finger circling her large areolas. She couldn’t focus on answering, his stimulation was taking precedence. “I made your tits bigger; near an F cup. I’ve always liked big, fat tits.” He released her nipple, making her whine. Pressing his finger against her lips to shut her up, he smirked to her. “There’s more than just that, Sarah.”

She didn’t know what he meant, but soon she understood. Her skirt began to strain against her hips and backside as they swelled. To equalize the extra weight on her, he lengthened her legs a bit and made them look much better than they already were. Her skirt tore in half, completely unable to contain her new posterior and hips. “W-what are you doing to me?” she asked, breathing heavily.

He adjusted her so she could walk with her new assets—strengthening the muscles of her back, chest and legs, but not altering the shape of said muscles—and made her hair shinier, and gave it more volume. “I’m making you my perfect little doll,” he responded with a grin. He changed her from a very modest and conservative girl to a voluptuous sex goddess in less than a few seconds. He thought that modesty with a curvy body was incredibly sexy, so he made her more modest. However he also liked girls that were incredibly sensitive to the touch.

She could feel the changes taking place in her body. Her naked form brought bright red blush to her face as she slowly brought her left arm to cover her sizable breasts and her right hand to cover her crotch. When her arm made contact with her breast, it sent a wave of pleasure down her spine and hardened her nipples. She gasped and looked to Ranki shyly. “R-Ranki… W-why did you change me like this?”

“Because I can, Sarah,” he answered. Looking over her, he appeared a little displeased. “Something’s missing,” the Dark Trianni remarked, making Sarah flinch. She knew more was to come, but she was a little scared. Finally, a fanged sneer appeared over his face. “I’ve got it…”

Sarah felt a strange feeling take over her whole body. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself as she dropped to her knees. “A-ah! It h-hurts!” she cried out as sweat began to appear on her forehead. Her ears were the first to change. First they elongated outward and became coated in a thin layer of fur. They were becoming more Trianni-like by the passing second. As her ears continued to transform, her teeth began to hurt, making her cry in pain. She felt her canine teeth lengthening and becoming sharp fangs. Curiously, her tongue ran over the new fangs and she realized her tongue had taken on a cat-like roughness and possibly lengthened a few inches. Her eyes clamped shut. Sarah was hoping this was just a nightmare and that she would wake up in her bed, in her normal body with her normal state-of-mind, but this was becoming painful—dreams don’t hurt. Her hands slammed against the floor as her cries of pain became louder. Her fingertips were burning and she felt something growing from them. As she gripped the floorboards beneath her, she felt the wood scraping off. “C-claws!?” she stammered as she felt her feet undergo a similar change. “R-Ranki! S-stop! Please!” she begged, but Ranki only stood over her, wide smirk beginning to form.

On her face where he had scratched her, the cuts began to mold into red markings suitable for a Trianni, and the other side changed to match. Now over her skin, a very fine, thin layer of fur began to appear. The fur gave the illusion of a fairly darker skin tone. A few black striped markings appeared on her thighs, hips, waist, shoulders, arms and calves, and she felt a strange sensation at the base of her spine. Suddenly, she arched her back in pain as a long, tiger tail extended out of her tailbone and began to swish softly. She collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily out of pain and her body was covered in sweat. “There we are,” Ranki said as he looked over his tigress with lust and pride. “Now we’re perfect.” Her eyes snapped open and they had changed too. They were now a very bright emerald green with slit pupils. They also had a natural ‘mascara’ about them, bringing attention to her feline eyes.

The slits reverted back to normal pupils as she looked up at him with teary eyes. “R-Ranki… W-what have you done t-to me?...” she sobbed.

“I’ve made you better, Sarah,” he said, crossing his arms. “You are now a part of the Trianni race—I also altered your DNA to that of a Trianni girl.” She tried to stand, but found it difficult with her new, heavy breasts and sat back down on the bed. “Be proud of your new body, Sarah. With it comes new powers your pathetic human form could even dream of.”

Her ears perked as she looked to him. “But Ranki! I liked being a human! I liked being me! I—”

Ranki smacked her across the face harshly before she could complete her sentence. “No. No, Sarah. You didn’t like your human form or your boring life,” he said, leering at her with his amber eyes. Suddenly, she felt weak and she leaned back against the bed, looking into his eyes with a mixture of fear and arousal. But these weren’t her thoughts! She was about to sit up and plead Ranki some more, but he pressed further. “Your human form was weak and couldn’t handle the things I desire,” he added. Again, she felt weak. “You boring life was nothing compared to most Trianni! In a short eighteen years, I had achieved more than any weak human could in twice that amount of time.” His voice was doing something to her. She quivered and clasped her thighs together, hoping to hide her arousal. He noticed her reaction and smirked. “What’s the matter?” he asked mockingly.

She looked to him with a beet red face as she covered her naked breasts. “I-I don’t know, R-Ranki,” she answered truthfully and quickly looked away. Ranki grinned as he pushed himself on top of her and pushed her arms away from her breasts. “R-Ranki…” she gasped. With her arms away from her breasts, he ran his hands over the surfaces, taking care to glide over her-ever hardening nipples. Sarah moaned at this light touch and jut her chest out for him to touch. “W-why am I doing t-this?” she thought as she shut her eyes tightly. Ranki leaned forward and licked her lips and began to move down her neck with his rough tongue. Her moaning continued as she began to lose herself in pleasure.

With a grin, Ranki stopped and pulled away from her. Sarah was confused at this and quickly sat up to see him looking back at her with his Cheshire Cat grin. “I ‘found’ some women’s clothes just for this occasion; get dressed,” he commanded and crossed his arms.

“R-Ranki, w-wha—” She was slapped again, harder than the last. Her hand immediately went to her face and rubbed. “…D-did I do something wrong?” she asked, very confused.

He pointed to her. “You belong to me, remember?” She nodded, about to speak, but he interrupted her. “And since you are mine, you must do what I say.” She looked away, towards the ground. Roughly, he grabbed her chin and turned her to face him. “Look at me when I’m speaking to you!” he shouted, making her eyes widen in surprise. “You do as I say without question. Do you understand?” She nodded. “I said ‘Do you understand’!” he shouted as he shook her face a bit.

“Y-yes! I do!” she cried out with a sob.

“And don’t cry!” came his command. Not wanting to anger him further, Sarah stopped her crying. Her shoulders shook as she fought back the sobs. “Now, go to that box in the corner and get something to wear,” he said, pointing to a simple cardboard box sitting alone in a corner. He headed to the bathroom and smirked. “I’m taking a shower. If you’re not dressed by the time I get out, you’ll be severely punished.” With that, he walked off and closed the door behind him with his tail.

Although she was frightened about what he said, something in her wanted to know what that punishment would entail. Looking around the room, she saw an array of weapons ranging from long swords to whips. When she looked to the whip with a metal point to it, her heart skipped. Would he whip her with that? Would it hurt? Unconsciously, she was rubbing the lips of her vagina as her breathing hastened. “D-do I want to be whipped? O-or should I get dressed, avoiding the whipping?” The water started running in the bathroom. How she wanted to go in there and shower with him. She rubbed harder and a little faster, her juices beginning to drip. With a low moan, she approached the bathroom door and pushed in…

The door opened all the way with Ranki standing before her completely naked. With a smirk, he looked to her with her fingers working furiously between her thighs. “Well, look who it is,” he said with a slight laugh. “What’s your decision?”

She moaned as she walked into the bathroom against Ranki, feeling his erection between her legs. “W-whip me if you want, but p-please let me shower with you…”

He grinned more as his arm wrapped around her and slapped her backside harshly, getting a soft moan from her. “Ladies first,” he said and gestured to the shower. She eagerly jumped in, her tail swishing quickly, showing her excitement. Ranki proceeded to follow her in, pressing himself close to her much more womanly posterior. She moaned, feeling him against her as she craned her neck to kiss his cheek.

Her body was betraying her. She didn’t like Ranki’s changing her or how he was treating her, but she couldn’t help herself. The b sexual desires she’s suddenly feeling for him, the need to please him, the need to obey him, and the need to be with him; why was she feeling this way? Had she always felt this way for the Trianni? Or was it something he did to her? It didn’t matter; her hungry sex drive was in control of her right now. Just the feeling of Ranki’s b manhood against her drove her mad with desire. She moaned again as blush crept up on her.

He reached out and turned the water on to the hottest setting. The showerhead hanging overhead sprayed them both with scolding hot water and Sarah yelped. Her sensitive body was getting off from the heat of the water and the way it hit her. Water was thundering down on her large breasts, sending ripples of pleasure to her ultra sensitive clit. Ranki’s arms wrapped around her and turned her around to face him. His dark crimson hair drenched and laying flatly on his head, the water pouring down his serious face and his chiseled body. She melted when he pulled her closer and she felt the head of his penis pushing into her waiting slit. She wanted this; to be used by Ranki. But at the same time, she didn’t want it. She was so confused, but so horny at the same time—she couldn’t focus. She needed sex. And she needed it from Ranki. She knew this wasn’t going to end. Part of her begged and pleaded that it would, but the other part dreaded the thought of all this pleasure ending. Ranki thrust deep into her newly formed vagina, and it felt many times better than the first time. She pushed herself closer to him and took more of him inside her. She purred wildly, especially when he started groping her glorious chest.

End of Chapter 2: The Change