The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cats and Dogs

By Hemaccabe

Chapter 3

I led her to the bathroom. She didn’t know it yet, but the bathroom was locked to my hand. She would have to ask whenever she needed to go, conceding control of another basic human function to me.

“Umm, are you gonna wait outside.” Daisy asked nervously.

“Then, I wouldn’t be close to you.” I replied pleasantly.

I put the seat up for her, she nervously started to sit, I stopped her.

I physically helped her into position. Rather than sitting, she would be in her kneeling pose. Her toes would sit on the seat, her knees would remain well splayed. I showed her where to put her hands for balance.

She was clearly nervous and very self-concious. Eventually she made.

I let her clean herself.

Then I took her from the seat and had her kneel facing the door. Having given her no privacy, I sat and did my business. Once again underscoring the unequal nature of our relationship.

I noticed her hands had moved to her flower.

I got up, cleaned myself, and washed hands.

Then I stepped behind her and gently pulled her hands away.

“Please, always let me take care of that.” I said whispering in her ears.

Then I reached around again and rubbed her. Once again, I brought her right to the edge, her body red and full of desire leaned back into mine. When I knew she about to come, I stopped again.

I led her, with a very confused expression on her face, back into the main room.

We went back to eat and once again she knelt next me and accepted getting fed and watered that way.

When we were done eating, I knew I had left her hungry and thirsty, I suggested, “I have a game I’d like you to play for me. If you win, I’ll take you back to the bedroom for a really marvelous reward.”

“I’m not sure.” She began, clearly she was thinking about asking a question or making a protest.

I just reached in and gave her another rub. Once again bringing her right to the very edge but not over.

“Okay.” She replied with an uncertain voice that creaked with lust.

I showed her to the table. It was a simple game designed to improve hand-eye coordination. The player would be assigned a color. Then the various squares on the table would flash different colors. She was to tap a given square only when her color flashed. She needed to do it in a certain length of time, or she would lose points. If she hit the wrong color, she would also lose points.

“You just need to get 700 and you win.” I explained.

Then I demonstrated playing the game a couple times and easily beat 700.

Then I let her play.

She didn’t do well at first. Which was reasonable. She was new to it, had to learn the game a bit. She did get better, got to 690 a few times, never quite 700. That was because I was cheating. I could turn the game’s difficulty up and down to maintain her interest. We had a few pauses. Every time I saw her getting tired, we would stop, I’d have her kneel and then give her water. Never enough to leave her not feeling thirsty, but enough to keep going. Every time I detected frustration, I’d come up behind her, hold her gently, then rub her back to intense need.

Things were going well. She had committed her social status, her self-esteem, her virginity, in both vagina and mouth, to this relationship. She had a lot on the line.

She was naked while I was dressed. Control over her eating, drinking, sex and the ability to go to the bathroom had all been conceded to me already. She was getting used to kneeling. She had also conceded full access of her body to me.

I was having her play this game because I just wanted to exhaust her while not letting her think. Physically, it wasn’t terribly demanding. However, most forgot that mental effort is the most draining. I kept her at the game all afternoon. By evening, she was exhausted.

I led her to the table and fed her while she knelt beside me again. Then had her go to the bathroom again.

Then I took her to the bedroom. I laid her down the floor and rubbed her back. While rubbing I kept repeating, “Sleep. Sleep for me.”

Within five minutes, she was out.

I slept three hours. It was all I needed in a given night. I woke Daisy up too once I had showered and dressed again.

She needed more sleep, but I made her play the game again for an hour. Then I took her back and, while giving the sleep command, let her go back to sleep again. Three hours later, she was up and got to stair climb for me. Then with the “sleep” command back to bed. Then an hour later it was morning. She had definitely not had enough sleep, nor for a long enough time period. It would make her confused, easy to manage.

This morning it was time for Daisy to make another concession. I had her make while kneeling above the commode again. She wasn’t even asking for her clothes anymore. Then I had drawn us a bath. I stripped down and could see the hope light in her eyes. I took her in the bath and gave her some TLC. Still, I didn’t let her come. I did give her vagina another long massage.

Then I lifted her half out of the tub. I put her rear on the side of the tub. That meant she was facing up. The top of her body rested outside the tub on the bathmat. Her legs were still in the tub with me between them. Her vagina was nicely exposed.

I had made preparations. I put a towel on my shoulder. I had a bowl of warm lathered cream. I rubbed the cream into Daisy’s vagina. She enjoyed the sensation a great deal. She became very relaxed.

Then I said, “Don’t move.”

Daisy didn’t move. I used a very functional straight razor and shaved her vagina bare. Swipe by swipe, she lost her womanhood. When I was done, I rinsed her off.

Then I said, “This may sting a bit.”

A hundred years past, depilatories were a bit uncertain. By now, there were a number of completely functional products available. An expensive one would feel quite pleasant. The one I used was a red liquid and was quite painful. Still, it would reliably and permanently depilate a person. I poured it on and spread it around.

A second later, she screamed. I held her legs and she screamed for several minutes.

Yes. I didn’t want to cause her pain. However, this pain wasn’t used as a punishment, but to increase her commitment. Now, in addition to all the concessions she had made, she had permanently, painfully, given up her vaginal hair to me. Each concession would bind her to the process.

I rubbed her flower again and brought her to edge of orgasm again. This time, not to correct or confuse, but to distract. It worked.

I dressed again, leaving her still nude, and led her out to the couch in the living room and had her kneel.

“Today, I want to play a new game. I want you to stay on your hands and knees for me. Okay?” I asked reasonably.

“Umm, I dunno, that seems…” She began and she got another rub for her trouble.

“Just for a bit. If you don’t like it, we can try something else. Okay?” I continued.

“Okay I guess.” She replied uncertain.

I led her now, her crawling next me on all fours like a good cat, to the table, had her kneel next to me and fed her.

Then I led her still crawling form back to the couch and had her kneel between my legs.

I pulled out my hard manhood and pointed. Without any protest this time she leaned in and sucked for all she was worth. Eventually, when I came, she drank it all down without complaint.

“Now walk around the room for me with your new walk.” I urged and she went hands and feet around the room a few times.

Then I had her kneel and gave her a small drink.

Then I put her on the treadmill. I made her walk on her hands and knees for hours. I kept pushing faster then, when she was on the brink of exhaustion, slowing to let her recover, then fast again.

Then I had her kneel and gave her a small drink.

Then I led her, still on all fours to the table, then fed her as she kneeled.

Then, with “sleep” command I let her sleep on the floor again for two hours. She was still mentally and physically exhausted.

Then I took her back to the table, lowered during her nap so she could play from kneeling position. She looked a little disinterested. I fixed that quickly with a rub.

“You got so close yesterday. Today’s the day.”

Once again, she played, and once again, I thwarted her while letting her drink just enough. Whenever she seemed frustrated, another rub would motivate her.

By evening she walked on all fours to the table to be fed again in her kneeling position.

I led her again to a new pet bed at the end of my bed and all I had to do was say, “Sleep,” once and she was out.

Three hours later, showered and dressed, I woke her for another hour on the treadmill, practicing her new walk. Then, when I brought her off the treadmill, not even back to the bedroom, just “Sleep,” there in the middle of the floor and she was out.

Two more hours and she got to get up and give me some more table work. She again proved she was learning the sleep command.

The next morning, I had her make again then I put her in the bathtub on her hands and knees while I stayed dressed outside and I washed her. I knew the depilatory would still be hurting. Her vagina would feel much better washed, though it would be tender for a while.

Then I led her to the living room.

I took her to the couch and once again her mouth did it’s office to my manhood. The fact that pleasure consistently went from her to me only and, whenever I wanted, was very useful training as well.

Before I could continue, she asked, “Are we going home today?”

I had prepared for the question.

All the shutters were shut. There was no way to look outside. I had a rain sound playing on the hidden house speakers.

“I’m sorry honey, no. It started raining hard last night. Can you hear it?” I asked.

Daisy nodded.

“Yeah, the roads are impassable. We’re stuck up here for a few more days. I’ll tell you when we can leave okay?” I explained.

Daisy nodded.

“The good news is that we get to spend more time together. Isn’t that wonderful?” I asked.

Daisy actually smiled as she nodded.

The roads were fine and it would take a monsoon to wash them out. But I needed to delay the end of our game a few days. I had expected that from the beginning.

I held up her face and looked in her eyes. “Today I want to play another game. It’s called the quiet game. From now on, you should not speak until I give you permission, okay?”

“I don’t understand, why shouldn’t I…” She began to ask and a quick rub distracted her.

“Okay, nod your head if you understand?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Good. Also, I need an easier way to lead you around. So, I would like to use this.” I said as I brandished a pink leather collar.

I didn’t give her a chance to object and just snapped the collar on. The collar snapped on easily but required an electronic command or a shears to be undone.

Then I attached a leash. I led her to the table.

Without any prodding she assumed her kneeling position.

I looked down at her and explained, “Since you can’t talk now, the way you tell me you want something is to put your hands up like this.”

I then demonstrated lifting her hands into a begging position, though rather than putting her arms in front of herself, they would be kept at her sides so her pretty endowments would remain nicely visible.

“So, if you’re hungry, you come to your place by the table and put your hands up. If you need to go, you go to the bathroom and assume this pose. Okay.” I explained.

She nodded, then put up her hands. Clearly, she was hungry.

“Good Daisy. Good girl.” I said and she smiled again. Then I fed her.

We spent the morning with me leading her around the cabin’s interior on a leash learning the “Heel,” command.

She got occasional drinks that were never enough to slake her thirst and never fed enough to satisfy her hunger.

She got another nap with the “Sleep,” command. This time sleeping in the dining area.

The afternoon saw her on the treadmill practicing her new walk.

She went to the bathroom on her own to show she needed to make and made the begging gesture.

We spent another night training the sleep command. She never got more than three hours sleep in a row. Never letting her get enough sleep. Keeping her confused and pliable, always too tired to think or resist.