The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Causing a Stir

Story by Adantedae

Lydia got to work; she was brimming with bitter energy. She had worked here at the coffee shop ‘Causing a Stir’ for the last four years, but now she had the upper hand. Mind control was hers, she could makes them see how she felt, make them feel the pain but that was too easy besides it was too good for them. She had to make them suffer, like she’d suffered. She was a lesbian witch, and not afraid of her powers anymore.

“Lydia! What fucking time do you call this! I’m telling Mike!” Sophie said crossing her arms and venting fury at Lydia. Lydia stood casually picking her teeth “so?”. Sophie was slightly larger than Lydia, Lydia suspected that the bigger girl vented her frustration at not being able to find a boy at Lydia. After all Lydia got all the attention from the boys, with her petite frame pale skin and lustrous dark hair.

Sophie faulted a moment unsure how to manage this drastic change in behavior. “you’ll… lose you job you dyke!”

“fuck the job and fuck the manager” Lydia said

“what the hell is wrong with you today, what have you taken! I’m going to call the cops”

“no I’m not” Lydia said holding her ring finger

“no I’m not” droned Sophia. Then shook her head.

“I’m going to masturbate with this coffee stirrer.” Lydia said giving it to Sophie who repeated the sentence. Lydia let go of her finger.

“what…what the fuck just happened?” asked Sophie looking at the wooden coffee stirrer.

“You just told me that you are going to see if you can get splinters in you cunt” said Lydia

“no. I didn’t say that! I was going to…” Sophie was greatly disturbed by a strange absence of control. Like a dream. She rolled up her skirt and apron to reveal some blue and white underwear. She pushed these down. She needed to rub this wood on her pus. “Don’t look you fucking lesbian freak!”

“If you don’t want me to see then don’t show me.” Said Lydia “it’s your body right?”

“what the fuck” Sophie said as she wriggled in vain, trying to cover herself up.”

Lydia pushed back her chair to see Sophie’s pussy “word to the wise it’s easier to rub yourself off when you spread your legs apart.” Lydia said with a touch of hunger in her voice. With her ring finger held she said “I will spread wide and enjoy my sex” Sophie mimicked.

This time Sophie heard herself speaking “no don’t tell me that” said Sophie as she jiggled up onto the desk and pushed her legs wide apart. The wooden stirrer teased her flushing pussy lips apart.

“Holy fuck Lydia, the store opens in ten minutes, there will be people outside soon!” she hissed “tell me to stop! Now! You win whatever just tell me to stop!” Sophie continued to tease herself with the tiny wooden stick. Her body gave her arousal away, her nipples were hard her face was flushed and her breathing beginning to increase but all blood had drained from her face.

Lydia could taste the fear spiked with a tiny trace of arousal in Sophie’s voice delicious.

“Don’t worry little Sophie, our good store manager Mike is watching all of this on the video, he will be here soon to see why some sick perverted staff member is fucking company equipment.”

“oh god” said Sophie.

The door flew open and Mike stormed in “Sophie stop what you’re doing this moment! It’s filthy and unhygienic”

No one moved. Mike looked set to explode.

“Mike i… can’t stop!... please Lydia is doing something to me”

“Chubby Sophie is close to coming you see” explained Lydia. “Soon her body will quaver with pleasure and her mind will momentarily reduce to animalistic glee.“ Lydia stroked Sophie’s hair. Sophie shot a poisonous look to Lydia.

“well i—“ Mike began

“shh” commanded Lydia holding her ring finger. There was a silence except from Sophie’s fear filled murmurs of pleasure

“Mike” Lydia said standing up from the stool “you’re a smoker?”

Mike was stubbornly silent. “Answer me” asked Lydia reasonably.


“Ok well not anymore, now you’re addicted to Sophie’s pussy.” Lydia watched Mikes’ Face “you need it Mike, listen” Lydia gripped both her ring fingers with each thumb, looking like a satanic female Buddha. “I will no longer crave nicotine. I will crave Sophie’s vagina. I yearn for its relaxing aroma more often than smoking and I will do anything to taste it.” Mike murmured the paragraph like a wedding vow.

“No Mike! What are you saying you have a wife?” Sophie thundered, reestablishing in mike a glint of control. Mike closed his eyes and opened them wide like waking up from a daydream. “Sophie, just get your clothes on right now or you’re fired! I’ll talk to you about this later!”

Lydia raised her eyebrows expectantly at Sophie.

“As for you, I have had enough of you childish antics, late shifts and endless complaints—you’re on your final warning!” Mike slammed the door and went back to his office.

“are you nearly there dear?” asked Lydia resting her chin on her hand. Sophie was bright read. She never thought that Mike would be the first man to see her naked pussy, she felt a powerful feeling drawing near like a balloon about to burst, it must be what people called an orgasm. She felt filthy for wanting it but she bit her lip with anticipation of that balloon bursting…

“I will return to normal” commanded Lydia. Sophie spat out the command and threw the wooden stirrer on the floor. She pulled her panties up and rolled her skirt back. She ran off to wash her hands.

Lydia turned the sign over at the café door. The bell rang shortly after. The girls had to clear the morning rush. The strange morning had to wait.

“Sophie?” Lydia asked.

Sophie ignored Lydia serving an old man some coffee “Sophie?” Lydia held her ring finger “I like girls now.”

“I like girls now” said Sophie, uncomfortably loud. The old man pretended not to hear.

Sophie looked up angrily. Then shook her head fiercely. “I don’t know how you did what you did before but just get out of here… you fucking lesbian freak show”

Lydia shrugged. “I’m going to flirt whenever I can like the slutty lesbian I am” She said casually holding her ring finger.

Sophie droned the command then sighed heavily. Sophie leaned over to clean the counter, showing the girls her cleavage. “Would you like cream with that?” she asked. The middle aged woman was looking down eyebrows raised. Sophie followed her gaze and looked away instantly embarrassed.

Meanwhile in the office Mike drummed his finger on the desk frantically. It was a stressful day already. He had never been in such an awkward situation. He was printing staff disciplinary forms.

He’d gone through one whole packet already, it was odd, and it was like the smokes had no effect anymore. Something that Lydia had said to him had shaken him to the core. He thought of Sophie pushing that small wooden stick onto the folds her plump virginal pussy. The smell must be fantastic. The printing had finished, before reviewing them there was something he had to do…

On the shop floor Sophie was bending over, flirting, pouting and basically shoving her tits into girl’s faces. Lydia was having great fun. Mike slipped in silently, seeming like he had seen a ghost. Lydia looked across and Mike broke eye contact, looking at the punters with a plastic grin.

The café was bustling; Lydia was kicking back on a stool watching Sophie frantically grapple with her flirtatious gestures. Lydia saw mike edging closer to the discarded coffee stirrer from earlier, the penny dropped.

The wooden stick was near the front window of the shop. Mike reached for the stirrer it was so close, he just needed to get that to his office and everything would be fine. Just as he touched the still warm stirrer, a hand with immaculate black nail polish held it firmly on the ground.

“Lydia! Don’t leave litter on the floor!” mike said, attempting to assert dominance over her unsettling grin.

“uh-uh” she shook her head slowly. “it’s not going to be that easy.” She held her ring finger and stuck her tongue out. “I will use my teeth” Mike echoed the words. Saying them without knowing he was saying them. Mikes hand pulled away he crouched down with great effort he picked the stirrer up from the floor using only his mouth.

Mike stood up, brushed himself off. People had cleared a circle around him. He looked around sheepishly. “The floor is so clean here you can eat your breakfast on it!” he said, then ran into the back office. There was a soft chuckle in the room.

Mike sat and smelled the stick. Its aroma was like the finest cigar, he felt his heartbeat lower his shoulders sagged and he tried to get every hint of aroma off the small stirrer. It almost satisfied him. He began to think again of Sophie’s slick hairy pussy, sucking all that beautiful fluid off of its delicate folds with his tongue.

“I hate to break it to you mike” Lydia’s voice made mike jump out of his chair “but Sophie’s a lesbian”

“Where did you come from!” wailed mike.

“I just walked in, you seemed a bit… distant. Anyway, you wanted to see me?” Lydia said. Mike cleared his thought and railed his mind to think of the reason. Concentrate, you need to Fire her, get her out of the picture then you can blackmail Sophie into letting you give her oral sex.

“Yes Lydia.” Mike put the stirrer into his top drawer “four years ago I hired you, and in that time you have come a long way”

Lydia could already hear the ‘but’ and the ‘disappointed as I am’ but she had other plans for now. Mike never stood up for them, he always focused on missed targets and had no qualms about holding their requests to ransom, she held her ring finger “I will promote Lydia to my position and then I will resign”

Mike murmured the command. “So it is obvious to me that you are much better suited to this role than I Am.” mike seemed to digest his own comments with a perplexed frown. Things were not going to plan. “And so will resign effective immediately, I’ll inform HQ that I have nominated you as my replacement with my commendation”. Mike pinched the bridge of his nose, he felt like liking Sophie’s pussy so bad right now.

“Cheers Mike, now close the store for me and bring Sophie in, we should have a final staff meeting”

Sophie for the first time looked defeated. He head was lowered her hands over her apron. Lydia sat down on mikes entertaining couch, she spread her legs apart, and watched Sophie squirm slightly. Perhaps she had difficulties with her new sexuality; Lydia ought to ease her in.

“I think that mike wants to eat you out Sophie” said Lydia.

“Don’t be preposterous said mike” red face and hot under the collar that is exactly what mike wanted.

“Stop pretending mike, you are such a pathetic person without authority.” Lydia snapped “Sophie, you should consider yourself lucky I didn’t make you two fuckbuddies. That wouldn’t be a good way to pop your cherry would it?”

Sophie looked up surprised.

“How could I not know? All this time you have vented your sexual frustration at me. I get all the boys numbers and cat calls and you get nothing.” Lydia slipped off her shoes “you just wanted some meat headed jock to pump your pussy full of cum, so that you would feel like a woman. Good thing all that negative energy would come in use for something”

Sophie blushed. This situation was so out of her league. She recalled all the times she had embarrassed Lydia in front of people, shouting across the café that she was a dyke, interrupting boys mid sentence with assurances that Lydia only ate taco. And it had felt good, it felt like justice in this crazy world.

“and mike, you only care about how you look to management, you used both of us to further your career time and time again. You never listened to me, you only looked for ways to get more control. Well now your evil actions have granted me a higher echelon of satanic power” Lydia slid off her skit and leggings to reveal her pale slender legs covered with fishnet stockings and a bare shaven pussy.

“Sophie why don’t you come and kiss me goodbye.” Lydia said, softly stroking her pussy apart “and kiss me where it counts”

Sophie licked her lips, betraying a hunger.

“Crawl over to me, and take your panties off so that mike can get some satisfaction from this too.”

Sophie obliged. Lydia didn’t need to use mind control, the pair had already been stirred up enough.

Sophie slowly crawled over on her hands and knees her short skirt sometimes showing mike a glimpse of Sophie’s plump round ass. Mike quietly and carefully approached Sophie. He got down on all fours and kissed the inside of her knee, then worked his way up, pushing her skirt up using his lips.

Sophie meanwhile, looked longingly at Lydia while her head was approaching Lydia’s crotch, half apologetic, half begging. Lydia looked on, dispassionately. Mouthing ‘lick me’.

Sophie tentatively touched Lydia’s pussy with her outstretched tongue. It tasted good. Mike attention was approaching her own pussy so she kissed Lydia’s pussy squarely. She felt a twinge of excitement, and before she knew it Sophie was burying her mouth and nose in Lydia’s sex. Lydia held the back of Sophie’s head, drunk with power; she let her head roll back as she felt Sophie’s lips nip softly.

Mike began to lick Sophie’s pussy like an ice cream. He had never felt so calm and satisfied.

Lydia pushed Sophie into her crotch firmly and Sophie accelerated as she herself reached climax. That balloon, which had had been pumped up earlier, now burst. There was an explosion so intense that Sophie lost control of her legs and began to spasm. Mike held Sophie up as her legs twitched helplessly, his mouth glued to her twitching pussy. Sophie squirted girlcum into mikes waiting mouth. Lydia pushed Sophie away like used goods.

“haha! You’re a squirter!” Lydia rubbed the last of the orgasm off of her own pussy then rolled her leggings and skirt up. “And you came eating my pussy! Who’s the dyke now?!” lydia ring, the secret to her control, now glowed purple with the energy of the virginal orgasm.

Sophie didn’t care about anything; she lay happily numb after her first orgasm. Mike was still lapping away also lost in his own world. His dick was hard, but he couldn’t make himself cum, because both hands were employed in holing Sophie’s crotch firmly to his mouth.

“One last couple of commands” Lydia touched her ring finger “Sophie; I love this sexual experience I have to imagine this moment every day for the rest of my life” Sophie shouted the command gleefully. “mike; I will never need to cum again, I only need to smell a females scent, and I need it so much I don’t care where it comes from” mike said the words into Sophie’s pussy.

Lydia stepped over the two “well my work here is done. Thanks for making four years of my life miserable, enjoy the rest of your miserable lives.” Lydia emptied the till into her handbag and left, permanently, she had big plans.


The coffee shop ‘Causing a Stir’ had undergone some changes over the last few weeks. After Lydia left Sophie had embraced her fate as a slutty lesbian. She flirted with girls naturally and with such success that male patrons became nervous that she would steal their girlfriends, sometimes she did. Sophie got lucky most nights now. Mike came in every week or so to pick up a laundry bag full of Sophie’s dirty panties, sadly he had separated now, but with what money he had left he bought a laundry down the way called ‘ruff n’ tumble’, he even washed ladies smalls free of charge.