The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Crialia


Tabitha was having a really good time.

It wasn’t really like her, the shy girl, to feel so confident. Paul had a way of making her feel special though, and even though she had met him barely hours ago, he had made her the center of the universe.

Normally, when a guy came on to her, she felt awkward, embarrassed, and wanted to know how to make it stop without offending them, but in Paul’s case, his charm and his easygoing manner had completely slipped through her defenses, and she was happily drinking her second cocktail of the evening while listening to him tell stories of his exploits as a photographer in Guatemala.

Normally, although she was frequently approached because of her slim figure, beautiful face and long, flowing blond hair, she was quickly dismissed as an unlikely conquest because of her paralysing shyness. It would take considerable effort for a potential suitor to overcome this, and most assumed she was a prude, uninteresting, or sometimes they assumed she was aloof or arrogant. Paul had made the effort, seeming to see through the shyness to the girl within, and he took a genuine interest in her life and her ambitions.

He kept complimenting her, and he made it clear he was attracted to her. He eyes would look into hers, and occasionally she caught him glancing—involuntarily it seemed—at her breasts. Tonight, she didn’t mind. Usually it was sweaty fat obnoxious men who mentally undressed her in public. Paul was probably one of the most attractive men in the nightclub, with his slim waist, strong shoulders and two-day stubble that gave him a slightly roguish appearance despite his impeccable manners and accent. In fact, every time he glanced at her in a way that indicated attraction, she felt little glimmers of excitement, and stray thoughts of what might happen if this continued were causing a slightly unusual but exciting hardness in her nipples, which she was terrified he might notice somehow.

She was still absently touching her forearm where he had let his hand rest on it as he hit one of the high notes of his story. She put her hand back on her knee, so that it would be within reach of his. She wanted him to touch her again.

The conversation went on, and she smiled more and more as she enjoyed the butterflies in her stomach.

Tabitha never slept with people on the first date. Or the second or the third, usually. But in this case she’d been single and down on herself for a while, and—she thought to herself—Paul was clearly a catch. She felt it likely, or at least managed to convince herself, that he didn’t often take girls home on the first date either. Or pick them up in bars, since that’s what really happened tonight—she imagined that he had felt the same connection as she had, and couldn’t think of letting her go without proposing something any more than she could turn him down.

By the end of the evening, they’d found a discreet corner of the bar and were kissing passionately in the shadows.

He’d remained a gentleman, limiting his touches—aside from his lips on hers—to flirtatious grazes on the sides of her breasts, or gentle caresses of her lower thighs. He’d put his hand on her small ass just once. The overall result was that she was incredibly turned on, and actually quite desperate to go home with him by the time he finally made a decisive move.

He’d had such a wonderful way of putting it.

“I know it’s frowned upon, but I can’t stand to stop touching you. You’re so beautiful and sensual. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but... Would you like to go somewhere else with me? Somewhere private?”

Of course she’d said yes, the butterflies fluttering harder for a few moments as the excitement gripped her. This gorgeous man wanted to take her home, and make sweet gentle love to her. Or perhaps strong passionate love. She hadn’t had sex in so long, and the physical side of her last relationship didn’t really count anyway. She deserved this, and the tingling anticipation between her legs was not to be denied.

She hadn’t lost her mind though, despite a small headache that pushed at the front of her head, and so she countered with her brain instead of her libido.

“I really want to carry on too. But Paul, since I don’t know you so well...”

She’d paused there, and he’d looked crestfallen for just a moment.

“... I really think we should go to my place rather than yours.”

His big blue eyes lit up again and he melted her with his smile.

After a brief taxi ride during which his hand had made it above her knee under her skirt, onto the soft skin of her thigh, and his tongue had drawn her earlobe into his mouth, hardening her nipples and giving her goosebumps, they entered her little studio, whispering loudly in an overexcited attempt to keep the noise down.

Once she’d shut the door though, she let her voice return to a more normal volume.

“We can make a bit of noise now. The corridor isn’t private, but the individual rooms in the building are fairly soundproof.”

He looked very mischievous when he replied, “Well that’s opens up the menu a little.”

She’d giggled and found herself being undressed ever so slowly. A little shy and very overexcited, she kept her elbows in and her hands to her chest as he gently walked around her, unclasping her necklace and placing it on the bedside table, undoing her top and easing her out of it, moving her hands gently to get it off her, caressing her inner arms with his fingertips as he went. It was a sensual dream come true for Tabitha.

Luckily, her headache that had started in the club had receded to a slight dull pressure on her thoughts, and she managed to enjoy the experience fully.

He unzipped her short dress, and after she stepped out of it, folded it carefully on her chair, and she found herself in her underwear in front of him while he was still fully clothed.

She moved to put her hands on his belt buckle, but he intercepted her wrists and guided her backwards towards the bed, making her sit on the edge of it. Then he proceeded to undress right in front of her with not an ounce of embarrassment, without fanfare, without rushing, gradually revealing a fit, toned and very attractive body beneath. Tabitha wondered at what she would feel when those abs were flexing above her later, when whatever was causing that bulge between his legs was doing something else, somewhere else. The building warmth in her loins was a clear indication of her own rising level of excitement.

He didn’t stop at his underwear and soon stood before her completely naked. His cock was perfect—neither too small, nor big enough to scare her, and it was hardening ever so slightly in anticipation of what was to come.

He knelt on the ground in front of the bed, his head just a little lower than hers, and as he made her bend down to kiss him, she felt his hands reach around her back and undo her bra. He reached up and slipped the straps off her shoulders, and then his hands swept around her upper arms, around her sides and were stroking her breasts, the pleasure making her feel wonderfully disoriented.

She moaned into his mouth. His hands were soft and warm, and her smallish breasts had never been handled with such tenderness. A strong burst of pleasure from lower down brought a wave of heat over her whole body and her eyes shut of their own accord as she concentrated on the sensations.

If things carried on like this, she had no doubt she’d soon be experiencing the best sex of her life.

Paul lowered one hand to her ribcage, and the other went behind her neck, and he gently eased her backwards until she was lying on the bed, her legs still dangling over the side. Then he kissed a trail from her collarbone to her panties and then kept going, kissing her mons through the cloth, sending through her body. She lay there letting him lead her on this journey, and had no difficulty suppressing the usual slight panic as she felt his hands slip under the elastic, and begin to drag her underwear down her legs.

As the fabric separated from her sex, she felt a telltale wetness sticking to the crotch of the panties, but with Paul this didn’t embarrass her, he had made her this aroused, and this was the evidence of how good he was at getting her ready. She was proud that her body had responded like this to his touch.

His hands pulled the panties down her legs, and as they did so, his kisses started again on her inner thigh. When the panties were gone, he gently lifted her thighs away from each other, and his kisses made their way gradually up towards the center of her world. She felt his gentle fingers stroking and caressing her skin, his tongue getting closer and closer to her most vulnerable place, and let herself get lost in an ecstasy of submission to this incredible journey he was taking her on.

She was panting hard now, desperate for him to start licking at her, but his lips teased her, moved from thigh to thigh, back down to behind a knee, and his hands caressed her chest, her breasts, her nipples. She forced herself to lie there, prone, moaning when he hit good spots, whimpering with arousal the rest of the time, squirming as she allowed him to wrap her in a web of pleasure. Occasionally she couldn’t hold back a whispered, “Oh my God!”

When his tongue began to make its way back up her thigh with what felt like a real purpose, her entire body stiffened in anticipation, and she began to moan in earnest, her hands clutching at the sheets.

He licked her expertly, circling her sensitive nub, caressing her folds with his tongue. He made her cry out with need, brought her to the very edge, but seemed to hold back just enough to prevent her from coming. She didn’t dare interrupt or interfere, for fear that he might stop, she was in heaven, cruising on a pre-orgasmic rollercoaster, counting on the promise that it would eventually end with a climax, but too far gone to do anything to bring it about herself.

She felt the tongue leave her, but the finger he had inside her continued to move, keeping her delirious and on the edge, and then he was on top of her. She briefly considered that it was unsafe to do this without a condom, but that thought was washed away in a torrent of desire the second she felt his hard cock at her entrance, her body yielding to his advance.

She was so wet he didn’t need to be gentle, but he made her feel every inch of it anyway, pushing smoothly and steadily into her, but never violently. He proceeded to do the same thing as he had with his mouth, bringing her as close to the edge as possible, moving rhythmically above her, his rock hard cock penetrating her soaking wet center, and her arousal rose and rose, never quite cresting, never retreating, the orgasm building higher and higher without release. He was a consummate lover, and through the haze of passion, looking at him fucking her from her prone position below, she wondered at his absolute mastery of her body and her sensations.

Something in his eyes indicated he thought she was finally ready, and his rhythm became a little more pronounced. Her arousal began to change in tone, and she felt him bringing her to the point where she’d have no choice but to scream in his ear and come wonderfully beneath him, she felt excited beyond belief, almost as though looking at her body from the outside, but so very trapped within it by the pleasure, and then she felt herself pass the point of no return, and all the pleasure and emotions wound themselves together and crashed through her in a massive release.

She clenched and moaned, her stomach muscles bucking and writhing as she convulsed underneath him, and he pushed completely into her, holding her down with his body, pinning her to the bed with his cock. She felt her pussy gripping and squeezing his hardness as her thoughts exploded into an unstructured mess of emotion and pleasure and confusion.

In the midst of her orgasm, she felt that strange headache, which had been pushing in the background against her awareness, against her mind, against her thoughts. The pleasure melted the structure of her thoughts, making everything fuzzy and confused for the duration of the orgasm, and that weight, that pressure—kept outside when she was in control—sank softly through her lowered defenses as she came and came, and made some very small, very significant changes.

Even as her orgasm continued and her body clenched and twitched outside of her control, she felt her conscious mind split in two, her awareness relegated to a viewing role. She understood little of it as it happened, as she still fully felt the wonderful pleasure crashing through her body. She had only begun wondering at the strange sensation when she came back down from her climax, lying panting, sweaty and wet beneath him.

As she recovered, she realised that Paul hadn’t orgasmed, and yet he had stopped after her own climax, still deep inside her, looking intently at her face.


She hated being called Tabby, but since she was gurgling happily in post-orgasmic bliss, she was going to tell him nicely to please call her Tabitha.

She giggled like a 15-year-old schoolgirl and said, in a voice that matched the giggle, “you made me come so hard”.


She tried to raise her right hand, and indeed her right hand lifted up, but instead of pushing back at his shoulder as she had intended, it went between her legs, which she also lifted, and reached around to gently stroke his balls.

“I want you to come really hard inside me,” she said, still in her schoolgirl voice, while looking straight into his eyes.

Without a condom? Of course she didn’t. What was she saying?

But her hand was stroking behind his balls, making his eyes roll back in his head, and he had begun making small, almost involuntary in-and-out movements with his cock. She was driving him now, with her sexiness, with her hand and her tight body, with the muscles in her pussy.

Her other hand came around, completely unbidden, and began caressing her clit. She felt her arousal begin to return almost immediately, thoughts of his cock ejaculating deep inside her stimulating some hitherto unidentified fetish, and making her horny.

“Yeah, Tabby, You’re going to make me come deep inside you, you want that?”

Her tummy clenched in response, as though the idea itself had generated a burst of arousal.

She smiled at him, beaming like a teenage cheerleader with too many hormones and no self-control.

“Oh yes!”

Tabitha was utterly confused. Her rational mind rebelling against what was happening while feeling completely turned on by it, but worst of all, her body seemed to be acting of its own accord—even speaking of its own accord. As though she were possessed.

She tried to stop herself, tried to push back at him, and again her hand seemed to respond, abandoning its caresses on her clit, only to turn traitor and start caressing his body, running over his hard abs and his taut nipples, and coming down to feel the rigid cock in her pussy.

“You’re so hot, Paul, and your cock feels so good in my tight little pussy. It’s so hot and wet around you, and you’re so hard.”

What was this? Was she trying to talk him into having an orgasm? It seemed to be working, his face was taking on a slightly wild look.

“You can’t help it if you’re going to come in my tight little body. It’s going to feel so good.” This was followed by another infuriating giggle. “Let go, Paul! Take me! Feel how wet and hot my pussy is around your hard cock. You can’t help yourself. Come for me baby!” And she lifted her torso up and stuck her tongue in his ear, one hand behind his head, while clenching strategic muscles between her legs to give him the push he needed to go over the edge—knowing exactly how to do this despite never having done any of it before, using her body in ways no man could resist.

His thrusting, which had become almost violent, ceased with a strangled groan, and he began to spasm and cry out above her, his pelvis grinding against hers and rubbing deliciously against her clit, and she felt his ejaculation deep inside, hot within her loins, her nipples hardening and her breath catching in her throat at the thought of it, while a lone voice in the back of her mind shouted... “What the fuck?!”

Paul had collapsed above her, and she could feel his softening cock inside her. Her thoughts were going around in circles, and she kept telling herself to push him off, but her hands kept caressing his back and his butt. When she tried to move her legs to get out from underneath him, her body actually just tensed her vaginal muscles, milking his spent cock and extracting from him a strangled groan. The part of her that seemed to control things was giddy with pride and happiness that she had given a boy so much pleasure.

He gradually pulled himself off her and knelt back, she could see her juices all over his cock, and he looked straight at her.

“Damn, Tabby, you’re one fantastic lay.”

—Fuck off, what the fuck is happening to me?

She giggled. “Thank you! You’ve got a nice cock! I totally creamed myself.”

He looked her right in the eye, and said, “So, Tabby, and Tabitha, I suppose you have a few questions.”

Her blood ran cold. Only it didn’t. She felt those thoughts she could identify as her own stop cold, but other thoughts that were floating closer to the surface, that she could hear equally clearly, seemed to not care so much.

“Yeah...”, she replied with fluttering eyelashes and a smoldering smile, “How long before I can get you nice and hard again, and how long do you think you’ll last when I have my lips around that beautiful cock of yours? I want to taste myself on you.”

He needed to speak to the person trapped behind the eyes.

“Tabby, be quiet for a second please, I’ll be right with you, but stroke yourself so you’re nice and horny,” and he changed tone again, “You’ve probably noticed you’re stuck in there, and that Tabby here has abilities appetites in the sexual department that you never had.”

She was stunned into virtual silence, even as her body brought one hand up to its breast and began idly caressing it. His tone had become matter-of-fact, and although he was still as gorgeous as he had seemed only a few minutes ago, there was something offhand in his manner, as though he considered himself superior to her, and she was nothing but a silly little girl.

“Tabby is what we call a drop-in personality. Not all that bright, most of her is based on certain bits of you, and we only really added a dash of sexual fantasy, a flourish of submissiveness, an occasional tendency towards giving strangers pleasure, not to mention a huge encyclopedia of sexual knowledge. That and a willingness to follow instructions. The rest of you is locked up nicely in that pretty little head of yours.”

He reached out and pinched one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger, and twisted, not very hard, but hard enough to cause a shooting pain in her chest.

Only the pain somehow changed to burning pleasure somewhere between her chest and her pussy. Her body, inhabited by Tabby, squealed then panted with arousal.

She yelled at herself in her head.

—Stop being such a stupid, horny bitch while this freak takes advantage of you!

Tabby looked up, slightly confused, into Paul’s eyes, and said, “I’m horny, will you take advantage of me?”

He laughed out loud.

“I assume you just tried to communicate. That won’t last.”

She felt a bit of despair creeping in around the edges of the pleasure that was still echoing from his treatment of her nipple.

“The human mind is very resistant to forms of outside influence. It’s almost impossible to do anything to someone if they don’t want it to happen”, he explained, “but there’s an exception to the rule...”

She had more or less figured that out already.

“When you have a particularly good orgasm. I mean really good, the kind you can’t give yourself. The kind that hits all the right spots, on a mental, physical and emotional level. At that point, the mind shuts various things down as the pleasure and reward centers overload your system, and for a few moments you’re mentally defenseless.”

He seemed proud of himself.

“It took most of the evening to perfect the influence I wanted to exert over you, and then it took every ounce of my not inconsiderable lovemaking skill to ensure you got the orgasm of a lifetime. And it was, wasn’t it?”

She felt herself get wetter at the memory of the pleasure she had endured. It had been more pleasure than she had ever thought she could feel. She hated herself for being so weak, but the emotion was hard to hold onto when her finger was sliding wetly between her folds and against her labia.

“And at that moment, when you came, when you spasmed helplessly around my cock, I gave you Tabby, and your mind did what it does best. To protect you, it relinquished the territory I had won and concealed you in a part of your mind where I can’t get to you. That’s what always happens, unfortunately. Believe me, I’d rather you’d been erased, but that’s not how it works.” His smile seemed to indicate that the thought of her trapped helpless as her body gave itself to every man she met was actually very entertaining.

He was a monster, but feelings of hate were difficult when two of her fingers started massaging her clit, and her breasts started to move up and down with her panting. His use of sexual imagery in his speech was having an effect on Tabby, and therefore on Tabitha.

“Your mind can repair itself, and will do so, but that’s the beauty of the solution we’ve devised. Every time you come, every time you squeal in pleasure, every time someone takes you to climax, the prison reinforces itself again.”

Despite her horror at what he was saying, Tabby’s arousal was overcoming her ability to think rationally about things. Tabitha seemed to feel everything Tabby felt, the sensations and the emotions both. She tried again.

—Stop fucking about and listen to what he’s saying!

Tabby absently removed her finger from her sex and started licking it. Tabitha rejoiced faintly at the control she had managed to exercise, while trying to mentally deal with the taste of herself for the first time in her life, and getting turned on by it despite her best efforts not to be.

“You’ll be able to exert some influence at the moment, because since I’ve only just imposed the drop-in personality, it’s not very strong, but believe me, by the end of this evening, you’ll be able to scream and shout as much as you like under that beautiful blond hair, and Tabby won’t react at all. Then it’ll take a whole day without sex for the prison to weaken even a little, and you won’t be getting many of those, especially since Tabby herself loves to fuck.”

At that, Tabby’s eyes lit up, she thought for a second and then got on her knees, pushing Paul onto his back.

—I’m going to kill him, thought Tabitha.

But that wasn’t what Tabby had in mind, as she gave him a look that threatened death by orgasm, kissed him hard on the lips, then sat between his legs and began sucking his cock back to life.

He laughed out loud, and Tabitha screamed silently in frustration, even as she reacted to the wonderful and intoxicating sense of the gorgeous cock in her mouth.

She heard his voice while focusing on the blowjob, “You’ll find that you feel everything Tabby … ahh … feels, and enjoy everything Tabby enjoys … God that’s good … and sooner or later, you’ll just give in and let her be your guide, showing you how you love ... ooohh yes ... all sorts of things you never thought you enjoyed before... Gaah, right there.. yessss... oh... and by the way... unghh... I can’t wait until you... ah... ah... find out how much you love getting licked out by another girl...”

As his cock stiffened remarkably fast in her mouth, she felt him insert one finger in her pussy, and then remove it, then she squealed in her mind in exquisite surprise, even as Tabby squealed out loud around his cock, as he stroked the outside of her anus with the lubricated digit. She was unable to resist the pleasure of it, despite knowing that only an hour ago, she would have kicked anyone who tried to touch her there. Meanwhile Tabby arched her back and pushed her ass towards the offending digit, begging it to do more.

Tabby really knew what she was doing. Her mouth was doing one hell of a number on Paul’s cock, and she knew she could get him off. She felt the certainty of that knowledge, given to her at the same time as she’d been given Tabby to share her head with. She knew exactly where to lick, how hard to suck, how wet to make her mouth, how gently to hold his balls, how to squeeze the base of his cock. She soon had him grunting and thrashing against the sheets.

Then he pushed her over and she felt his hands turning her around and lifting her ass. Her body seemed to respond very quickly to the instructions implied by his touch, and she found herself kneeling on the bed, presenting her ass to him, her face against the sheets, thoughts of how to act as sexily as possible, looking over her shoulder, forming rapidly in Tabby’s head.

A wet finger slid into her anus and she groaned with arousal, even as she silently begged him not to take her there.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll save this one for later, but I’m going to let you know how much you’re going to enjoy it when it finally gets taken.” Every little movement of his finger seemed to send ripples of orgasmic submission up her spine and into her breasts.

His cock, now rigid again thanks to her earlier attention, entered her pussy from behind, and submissiveness stole across her like a blanket. Tabby’s fantasies came to life in their shared consciousness, and she heard an inner voice saying, “he’s so strong, I’m completely helpless, I love it when he takes me, I can’t help myself I’m so aroused, he makes me come with his cock and I can’t resist the pleasure”.

A brief investigation of Tabby’s two-dimensional mind indicated that she had pretty much every fetish under the sun, and would slip into whichever fetish best suited what was being done to her or asked of her at the time, only the fetishes were now also affecting her own locked-in personality.

As his cock slid in and out of her, and her arousal quickly reached the plateau before climax, she guessed at what he intended for her, why this had been done to her. Then she felt her pussy clench around his cock and ripples of pleasure radiate from around his finger in her ass, as Tabby’s voice rose to fever pitch in her mind, “Oh my God it feels so fucking good!”, and she came in an ecstasy of submissiveness that left her reeling from it’s potency.

—He’s going to make me into the prefect prostitute. The ultimate escort girl.

Tabitha was terrified at the thought, Tabby juiced at the idea of all the sex.

But that was the last thought she managed to share with her newly-created twin. The climax had brought a lead curtain down between her and the rest of her mind. She could still feel everything Tabby felt, hear her thoughts, experience her arousal, and benefit from all her senses, but it was all one way now, and she could no more reach through the curtain to communicate with Tabby or the outside world than she could fly to the moon.

Paul stopped fucking her when he saw she’d orgasmed, and said, “Let’s go to the shower, you can finish my blowjob there, then you can put this on and we’ll go for an entertaining drive to your new home.”

With that he he opened his bag and threw something on the bed. Tabby picked up his gift, and felt delicious excitement at the thought of being stopped by police while wearing a short summer skirt, and underneath it the harness she now held in her hands, tightly strapped to her hips, it’s perfectly-sized dual dildos making it impossible for the officer not to notice how helplessly turned on she was. Perhaps she’d even climax right in front of him, unable to hold herself back as they vibrated her to yet another shuddering orgasm.

Then she skipped happily to the shower, thoughts of Paul’s cock in her mouth spurring her on, her helpless passenger beating at the invisible bars of an invisible prison in her mind.