The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Change in Her

My name is Anne. I’m a 18 year old bisexual. Since my breakup with my girlfriend Amy, I’ve been very lonely and sexually frustrated. Everyone knows the feeling after ending a very active sexual relationship. Starting a new gay relationship is usually a long process. While the boys seem to fall all over themselves over me, I’d rather just stay with the girls for the time being.

I live in a nice upscale area where the big houses are built a little too close together. From my bedroom window I can look into the bedroom of the house next door. That room is occupied by Jill. She is a my age, and she is in some of my classes at school. Jill is the most beautiful girl in school, and she has the most perfect body I’ve ever seen. She would be the most popular girl in school except for the fact that she is very prudish, and she lets everyone know it. You know the type. She makes straight A’s in the hardest classes that the school has. She is dating the caption of the football team, and he makes straight A’s too. She tells everyone that they are saving themselves for marriage.

I’ve tried to make friends with her since she moved in a few years ago, but she has let me know that she wasn’t interested. She had probably heard that I was the very opposite of a prude. One time I actually tried to get her to watch me walking naked around my bedroom, but as soon as she noticed me she quickly slammed her blinds closed. She probably ran to confession to say that she saw her nude neighbor through the window of her house. I wanted her so badly because she was completely unattainable.

The package arrived just after my birthday. I opened it and held in my hand a beautiful gold pendant with a clear stone in the center. The note that came with it told me that my great grandmother had left it to me for when I had became a woman. I didn’t know anything about her other than the fact that she was a gypsy in Europe somewhere. The pendent came in a very old looking leather wrapped box that fell apart when I opened it. Under the leather is where I found these instructions:


I looked at the pendent not believing what the instructions told me. “Ya, right!” I said to nobody. I threw the broken box in the garbage with the note and the so called instructions. I planned on taking the pendent to a jeweler the next day to see if it was worth as much as it looked. I put it on my night stand, flopped on my bed, and looked out the window into Jill’s bedroom. It was dark. I slipped my hand inside my panties and thought of her.

After eating dinner and getting off again in a hot bath, I slid into my bed. The pendent caught my eye, so I examinee it more closely. There were carvings of eyes and ears arranged in a circle around the stone. On the other side was only the word “xyzzy”. When I read the word my toes started to tingle for a few seconds. “Xyzzy!” I said aloud. Nothing seemed to happened with my toes that time. When I only thought the word again, the tingle returned! Feeling a little silly, I went downstairs with the pendent in my hand. Determined to prove to myself that I couldn’t cast any spells with the thing, I sat down in the kitchen where my mom was just finishing loading the dishwasher.

“Xyzzy! Mom! Get a drink of milk!” I thought to myself while looking into her ear. Mom continued wiping up the sink. Nothing! Feeling even more silly I tried it from another angle. “Xyzzy! Mom! I’m thirsty! I need milk!” If the spell worked, I didn’t know if she would get me the milk, or if she would get some for herself. She quickly finished cleaning up the sink, grabbed a glass, pored some milk in a glass, and eagerly drank it up. Then she filled the glass again and began to drink that one. I was astonished! My dad walked into the room “Xyzzy! Dad! I love my wife!”

“Hi, hon.” He said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and gave her a tender hug.

“Mmm.” Mom said as she worded on her third glass of milk. Dad continued hugging her, and she continued drinking milk until she had finished the whole quart.

“Hey, Mom! Now look at that! You drank all the milk!” I complained. “Now what about milk for breakfast?”

“Oh! Am I full! I don’t know why I did that, but I’m still thirsty!” She put her glass under the tap and filled it with water. She only looked at it before dumping it down the drain.

I got very little sleep that night. My imagination went wild with all the things I could make people do. The way I figured it, I can give anyone a temporary obsessive compulsion that would fad away after five minutes. How I could use it to make Jill desire me was going to take some planning. The first part of my plan was to make her dump her boyfriend. I knew that would be fun.

When I got out to the bus stop the next day, Jill was already there. She was dressed in her cheerleader’s outfit, as usual on a Friday when there would be a peep rally before a game. “Hi, Jill!” I said with a perky voice. She ignored me as usual. “Big game tonight?”

“Ya, I guess.” She responded stiffly without looking at me.

I looked into her squeaky clean right ear, touched the stone, and thought into her ear, “Xyzzy! Jill! I want to sit next to Anne on the bus!” She turned toward me and looked me over for a second. When we got on the bus, I found a seat next to a freshman named Bill. Jill stopped next to my seat, frowned, looked at Bill, and sat on the seat across the isle from me. If I had made her need to sit next to me, maybe she would have made him move. As it was, she only wanted to sit next to me. Looking around the crowed bus, I picked a target for a little experimentation. There was a boy sitting next to Jill. His name was Rudy.

“Xyzzy! Rudy! My dick itches really bad!” Rudy immediately undid his belt, popped the snap on his jeans, and shoved his hand inside. He began scratching his dick like crazy with no concern that a beautiful girl was sitting next to him. Jill looked down at his lap with a look of shock and disgust on her face.

One isle up and across from me was a girl named Janet. She was a rather plump girl. “Xyzzy! Janet! I must not wear my panties!” She quickly stood up, pulled her panties off from under her dress, and shoved them in her purse. Jill, not wanting to watch Rudy with his hand working away in his pants, had looked up just in time to see Janet remove her underwear. She just stared at her with her mouth open.

Bill, the kid sitting next to me, had his eyes closed. If he wasn’t asleep, he was lost deeply in his thoughts. “Xyzzy! Bill! God, I’m horny! I’ve got to jack-off without anybody seeing me!” He slowly put his hand in his pocket, and I watched him try to reach his dick. He must have had small pockets, because he gave up on that. I looked over at Rudy, and he had finished with his itch. I looked back at Bill. He had slipped his left hand into his pants, and was trying to hide it with his books. Jill was pretending to read a school book, but I saw her shift her eyes around the bus. Her face was a little red. I couldn’t tell if she was mad or embarrassed.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I think it’s fun to not wear underwear!” I wanted her to relax her ideas about sex. That was my plan for her today. Jill got a smile on her face, and leaned forward to tell Janet something that I couldn’t hear. Janet seemed to agree with whatever Jill had told her. “Xyzzy! Jill! It would be nice to kiss Anne!” The bus pulled into the school parking lot, and everyone was getting up. In five minutes she would only remember that she had nice thoughts about kissing me, and about not wearing underwear. By the end of the day, she will have had a lot of new thoughts!

By the time third period had rolled around, I had made a number of boys proudly walking around with hard-ons. My history teacher couldn’t resist looking up my dress at my uncovered beaver. I was in the computer lab for study hall when I remembered that Jill should be in Gym class now. Near the end of the period, I slipped out of the room and went to the girls locker room. Jill’s class was showering and getting dressed, but I noticed that Jill was staying near her locker. I wasn’t surprised that she waits for the girls to clear out before getting undressed.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I need to take a long hot shower!” That should help her forget her shyness for now. I took a peek into the shower room. There were two girls still there. Luckily I knew their names.

“Xyzzy! Judy! I would like to kiss Marge!” Judy rubbed the soap out of her eyes and looked over at Marge. I glanced back at Jill. She was half undressed.

“Xyzzy! Marge! I must give Judy a deep long kiss!” Their eyes locked, and Marge slowly walked up to Judy. She put her arms around her, and gently planted her lips on her mouth. As much as I wanted to watch, I needed to catch Jill as she walked to the showers.

“Xyzzy! Jill! Watching girls kiss would be a real turn-on!” Jill had just wrapped her towel around her chest, and was starting to head toward the shower room. “Hi, Jill!” I said as she passed.

“Oh, hi.” She paused and said with a frown. “I need a long hot shower! I’m having a real strange day!” She seemed very confused.

“Ya, did you see that girl on the bus pull off her panties? That was weird!” I said with a smile.

“I wonder what she was thinking, just taking them off in front of everybody. Got to shower, bye!” That was the first time that she had ever actually stopped and talked to me. I wondered if she remembered that she wanted to kiss me earlier.

“OK, see you at lunch!” I waited as she walked into the shower room. Slowly I walked around the corner and peeked into the showers. The two girls were still locked in a passionate kiss, and Jill was just standing in the middle of the shower room watching with great interest. I knew that it would get her aroused. Since this was a new feeling for her, I wondered how she was handling it.

In my next class, I gave the Spanish teacher a vaginal itch which she unconsciously scratch in front of the class. There was plenty of giggling. After class I went to wait for Jill near her locker.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I want to eat lunch with Anne!” I thought into her ear when she arrived. “Hi again, Jill!”

“You going to lunch now?” She asked. “I’d like to eat with you today.”

“Ya, sure! I’ll meet you there. Save a place for me!” She put her books in her locker and hurried toward the lunch room. I waited for her to go around the corner and headed there myself. Jill usually eats with her boyfriend, and I needed to cast a spell on him too. I found Jill and Mark in front of the lunch room as usual.

“Xyzzy! Mark! I must tell Jill that she looks really fat today.” I watch as Mark told her. Jill got a really shocked look, and walk into the lunch room with him following her. I quickly follow too. “Xyzzy! Mark! I must kiss Mary Ann!” Mary Ann is the ugliest and fattest girl in school. Mark stopped and searched the large room. Her found her sitting by herself near the center. He quickly pulled up a chair next to her and started kissing her on the mouth.

“Mark! What are you doing?” Jill shouted. She was really mad now.

“Xyzzy! Mark! I need to shut that bitch up!”

“Go fuck off, bitch!” Mark managed between kisses. Jill ran toward the door crying.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I must buy my food and sit with Anne now!” She changed her direction and stood in the lunch line with me. “What’s the matter Jill?” I ask.

“None of your business, Anne!” She barked. “Just get your food and we will find a table toward the back.” She was drying her tears, but was still quite upset.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I want to tell Anne about the two girls in the shower!” I thought into her ear as we sat down across from each other.

“Remember I said I was having a strange day?” She started. “Well, when I got into the shower, there was these two girls in there. They were kissing each other!”

“Cool!” I replied. “That would really turn me on, watching that!” I smiled at her and licked my lips. “Mmmmm! Ya! How did it make you feel?”

“I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I got turned on watching them. Weird!” Jill was very confused. “And they just kept kissing, and I stood there and watched.”

“Xyzzy! Jill! I would like to kiss Anne if we were alone!” She lost the confused look and looked at me sweetly. “Have you ever kisses a girl?” I asked.

“Huh?” I she was lost deep in her thoughts. “No, I’ve never even kissed my boyfriend. That ass!”

“Xyzzy! Jill! I would love to hold Anne’s breasts!” Her eyes started drifting back and forth between my lips and my boobs. I leaned over the table toward her and asked, “Jill? Look and see if I have something in my eye, please?” She moved in until she was close to my face, and I pulled back an eyelid. She looked into my eye, but kept glancing down at my lips. I tilted my head as if to start a kiss, and her mouth opened slightly. We froze in that position for a moment. Her breath quickened. “Penny for you’re thoughts, Jill.”

“Ah...Well...Nothin’.” She said as we sat back down. We finished our lunch quietly. By then, my spells had worn off, but she was still blushing a little.

“What was that with Mark?” I asked as we took our trays to the conveyer belt.

“I don’t know, Anne.” She said, sounding hurt.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I hate Mark!”

“But we’re finished! What a jerk!” She was very mad.

I ran up to my bedroom as soon as I got home. My afternoon classes were a lot of fun. I made lots of people act really stupid, but I couldn’t wait to get home to continue my manipulation of Jill. As we got off the bus, I made her want to watch me from her room. This time she won’t close the blinds on me, but I knew that my spell would wear off shortly. I was relying on some of the ideas that I planted in her thoughts to linger.

I quickly positioned a small mirror on my night stand so I occasionally could check to see if she was still watching. When I saw her enter her room, I started to remove my cloths. She had closed her blinds and was peeking through them. As soon as I was naked, I cupped my breasts with both hands. It was very exciting knowing that, at least for now, she was enjoying my little show. My head tilted back, showing her that I enjoyed getting pleasure from my boobs. Normally, when someone watched me like this, I would masturbate myself to an orgasm. This time, with Jill watching, I wanted her to see the beauty of my sexuality. I wanted to make her a little excited. Sitting on my bed next to a lamp, I wetted my areolas with my finger and blew on them. My nipples tightened up quickly. Again I cupped my breasts with my erect tits sticking out between my fingers. I rotated my hands around and squeezed my nipples. I fantasized that it was Jill’s hands that were giving me pleasure.

Looking in my little mirror, I was encouraged to see that Jill was still watching despite the fact that the spell had been over for a while.

I wondered if she was getting turned on by watching me. Did she remember that she wanted to kiss me earlier? Had I found my way into her fantasies yet? I stood up and ran my hands down my naked body. When they reached my crotch, I lightly brushed my pussy and ran them back up to my breasts.

How did Jill view me? I wanted her to see me as a vulnerable girl who needed some loving. I picked up the pendent and the mirror, and looked into my ear. “Xyzzy! Anne! I am lonely and need to cry!” A wave of sadness fogged over my brain, and I began to weep. Pulling a chair near the window, I sat and looked up into the cloudless sky. I was crying uncontrollably. “Oh! God! I’m so alone!” I cried out to nobody.

By the time spell had finished I was feeling a little better, but the general feeling of loneliness lingered. I had been lonely the last couple of months since I broke up with Amy, and the spell had reminded myself of that. My pussy began to stir. I was going to have JIll soon. I knew that now. but I had to go carefully.

“Hello?” Jill’s father said into the phone.

“Hi this is Anne from next door. Is Jill there?”

“Hold on, Anne.” He replied. I was still feeling a bit down, and I wanted to make sure that my voice showed it.

“Hello, this is Jill.”

“Hi, this is Anne. Did you understand that formula Mr. Davis gave us in Algebra today?”

“Ya, sure! I knew it anyway.” She replied proudly. “Why?”

“Well, I was kind of distracted by the girl next to me, and don’t remember how it works.” I answered. “The girl next to me kept pulling up her dress every time Mr. Davis looked her way! Did you see that?”

“The whole class did!” She said with a giggle. “I saw a lot of kids doing stuff like that today! Weird! I saw one guy walking down the hall with his penis sticking out of his pants!”

“Really? Wow! Anyway, could you come over and show me how that formula works?”

“Ah...Well?...There is the game tonight. I can’t miss that. I guess I have about an hour to give you. See you in 10?”

“Great!” I knew that if I had asked her for a favor yesterday, she would have told me to fuck off.

Mom was cooking dinner when I went downstairs. Dad and my brother Bill were watching TV. “Xyzzy! Mom! I think that dinner looks like shit!” Mom started to frown and opened up the oven for a look.

“You know, Anne, I think I’d rather we go out for dinner tonight.” She said, throwing her apron on the table.

“You all go, Mom. I have a someone coming over right now to help me with my homework. I’ll finish cooking that for myself.” I said pointing to the oven.

“We’re going out!” She announced as she walked into the den. In five minutes I was alone in the house. I had on a short terry cloth robe, and I made sure that it only barely covered my breasts. After setting the desk in my room with Algebra stuff, I started running a brush through my hair while I waited for Jill. Looking into the mirror, I saw that my eyes still looked like I had been crying. When the door bell rang, I checked my robe and answered the door.

“Hi, Jill. Thanks for coming over.” She paused in the doorway, looking at my cleavage. My tits were just barely covered, and the robe was open all the way down past my navel. Pretending modesty, I pulled the robe closed with one hand. “Oh! Maybe I should have gotten dressed, sorry!”

“Ah...Well, that’s OK I guess.” She said as she came in. A little red blush rose on her cheeks. My magic pendent was in my desk in case I needed it, but I didn’t want to use it to make her do something that she wouldn’t want to do.

“Come on up.” I said, and released the grip on my robe. “My family went out to eat, so we won’t have anyone bothering us.” We settled behind my desk, myself in the big chair and Jill on a folding chair. When I put my right elbow on the desk, I made sure that my robe opened up giving Jill a full view of my breast from the side. She couldn’t have missed it. We fiddled around with the math formula for a few minutes, and I moved my arm on and off the table, teasing her with the view. When I opened the desk drawer to get an eraser, the pendent caught my attention, tempting me to use it. I couldn’t resist, because I didn’t know how I was going to get things going.

“Xyzzy! Jill! Anne’s skin looks so soft. I would love to feel her skin!” I thought at her ear while rubbing the stone. We quietly worked on the math problem for a minute. “Oh, mmm!” I said, rubbing my neck.

“You know, you don’t look too good.” Jill said with concern. I watched as her eyes invade my robe again. “Ah, is there something the matter?”

“I’m just kind of tense.” I lied, and pointed to my neck. “I’m tight. My neck hurts. Could you rub my neck and shoulders for me Jill?” I turned in the chair twisting my shoulders toward her.

“Ya, OK.” She said eagerly, thanks to my little spell. She grabbed my shoulders through my robe and started squeezing. I let her do that for a minute, not wanting to hurry the process. I wanted the spell to expire while she was working on my back.

“Here...” I began, standing up. “I’ll make it easier.” When I slid the robe off my shoulders a little, Jill placed her hands on my warm skin.

She wasn’t giving me a massage any more. Her hands were just gently stroking my shoulders and upper back. “That feels nice, Jill.” I said softly, pulling my arms out and letting the robe drop to my waist. Jill continued down to the small of my back, then moved her hands out to my side and back up to my shoulders. “Mmmmm, don’t stop.” I moaned. She slid her hands down my arms, and back up to the sides of my neck. I heard her breath quickening as she moved in a little closer behind me. When she started moving her hands down my sides again, I pushed my hair up with my arms and rested them on the top of my head. Her hands stopped at my robe which was still around my waist, and I stepped back closer to her. She only had room to continue onto my stomach. Rubbing on my stomach, her hands slowly moved to just under my breasts. That’s when she stopped and backed away.

“No! This is wrong!” She said with her hand over her mouth. I reached into the drawer, and touched the stone.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I need to tell Anne how I feel about touching her!” I was standing bare breasted a few feet away from her. “I really liked that, Jill. It felt real nice. Why did you stop?”

“I don’t want to be a queer!” A lot of concern was in her voice.

“Didn’t you like stroking my skin?”

“Yes, I like it. You are so soft. But I shouldn’t like it!”

“It’s OK! That doesn’t make us queer! We both like boys! I replied. “How did it make you feel?” I asked.

“It made me all warm inside. I’m wet down below. Feels like I did a pee in my pants. I don’t know why, but I liked it a whole lot! I was making you feel good?”

“Oh, yes! I wish you didn’t stop! What else are you feeling?”

“I don’t know how to tell you this...” She continued with a blush, “but I kind of want to kiss you. I’ve never wanted to kiss a girl before!” I stepped up to her, and wrapped my arms around her back. We locked eyes, and I cocked my head a little. I waited for her to move in for the kiss. She paused and looked down at my lips. We were both breathing heavily. When she didn’t make a move, I moved my in a little closer.

“Kiss me, Jill.” I said with a soft voice. She let out a soft whimper as her lips came forward to met mine. My tongue slipped into her mouth, and she responded by circling her tongue around the end of mine. She open her mouth a bit wider, and let me explore inside her mouth. I broke the kiss after a few moments, and kissed her cheek and neck. “You’re wonderful, Jill!” I said and returned to kiss her mouth. I pulled her in tightly, and our tongues began to dance.

“Please rub me more, Jill.” I said when I broke off the kiss. I turned around, nestled my back into her chest, and placed her hands on my stomach.

“I...don’t know...about this.” She stammered.

“You like it, Jill. You said so.” I moved her hands in circles on my stomach. Before long she start doing it on her own. “That’s nice, Jill. Mmmm. Now touch my breasts, Jill. Yes, yes. How do they feel? No. Don’t answer! Cup them in your hands. Mmmm. Push them in a little... harder. Oh, yah. Nice. Smooch them around...there, like that! Yes...Oooo! Now roll my tits between your fingers. Mmmm...Harder... No, harder!” Her mouth was next to my right ear, and I heard that her breaths were becoming long and irregular. “That’s nice, Jill. You turn me on so much. Mmmmm.” She was doing a wonderful job, and I could tell that she was really enjoying it. I pulled on the belt of my robe and it fell to the ground. “Please feel my pussy, Jill.” I gently pushed her right hand down to my lower stomach and spread my legs.

“I want to, but I shouldn’t.”

“You make me feel so nice. Please?” Her hand crossed my mound and slid onto my slit. “Yes, baby. Rub it. Yes, like that. Feel how wet you make me? Yes! Push a finger in a little, yah! A little deeper. Mmmmm. Slide it up to my clitoris. Mmmm. There! Ooooh, yah! Keep doing that!” Her other hand continued pinching my nipple. I felt an orgasm building up. My arms wrapped behind her head, giving it a gentle hug. “You’re going to make me cum, Jill” I said close to her ear. “Don’t stop!” Her finger quickened the pace as I started to cum. “That’s soooo nice, Jill! Ohhh! Slower...Mmmm. OK, OK, stop, tickles! Oooh!” I had to turn around in her arms to get her to stop.

“I did good, huh?” She asked proudly. “I’ve never even done that to myself, Anne. And I never kissed my boyfriend like that either!”

“You did great, Jill.” I replied. “Can I make you feel good now?”

“Ah, I don’t know. I probably won’t like it, Anne.” She left me a rather large opening with that. I placed my hand on her left breast and gently push it in.

“Oh, I think you’ll like it. Just relax and let me show you. You made me feel so nice...” I planted a few kissed on her neck, and continued working on her boob. She responded my loosely wrapping her arms around me. “Talk to me, Jill. Tell me what you want.”

“I like that. What you’re doing.” I lifted her cheerleader’s sweater up, unhooked her bra, and slid both hands underneath. “Anne! Oh, yah.” She had much larger breasts than mine. The biggest I’ve ever felt. Her areolas were very large and light colored. I lifted her bra up and put her right nipple in my mouth. “Oooo, Anne! Bite it! Yes!” She had a bear hug on my head, and started pushing it firmly into her breast.

“Let’s get you out of these.” I said, pulling her sweater over her head. She pulled her bra off her arms as I pulled down both her skirt and panties. “Down here, Jill.” I said, pushing her back onto the edge of my bed. Not wanting her to suddenly change her mind, I quickly laid on top of her. My mouth clamped down on her other nipple. I had placed my knee firmly on her slit, and I started moving it up and down as I worked on her tit.

“That’s so nice, Anne!” She again was hugging my head, smashing my face into her huge breast. My knee felt a lot of moisture on her crotch. “Oh!” She squealed when I bit a little too hard.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Jill.” I ask, knowing that the spell had long since passed. Kissing and licking between her breasts, I started moving my mouth down her stomach.

“Oh, yea! I’m so hot. I can’t stand it. What are you doing now? You aren’t going to kiss my vagina, are you? No, no!” I stopped at her navel and frenched it for a moment. My hands pushed her legs farther apart. “No! Yes! Oooo!” She cried out when I nibbled around her belly button.

“I’m going to make you climax, Jill.” I slid down between her legs, and started licking and biting the inside of her leg near her knee. Her hands came down and were softly rubbing the insides of her thighs near her pussy. Slowly, I moved my mouth up the inside of her thigh, leaving a trail of saliva as I went. When my nose got close to her crotch, I smelled the sweet juices of her sex. “Grab your knees for me, Jill.” She quickly complied to my request, giving me complete access to her. I wetted my tongue with extra saliva and licked it around on the area between her slit and leg. Her legs were quivering, and she was moaning quietly. I continued down to the spot between her pussy and ass hole, softly kissing and licking. Jill pulled on her knees, and raised her hips off the bed. With a firm bite on her left bun, and she lowered back down a little. Positioning myself right in the middle, I began slowly swiping my tongue up the length of her slit. With each turn, my tongue pushed inside deeper and deeper until it found her clitoris.

“Oh! That’s marvelous! Don’t stop! Mmmm! I think I’m starting to have an orgasm! Oh, Anne!” I slid an index finger deeply into her, and sucked her clit between my teeth. Her entire body shook as her climax arrived. Very slowly I slid my finger in and out. When I felt her orgasm subside, my tongue slowly licked the sides of her clit. “OK! Stop. It tickles! Stop! Too sensitive! Hee hee!.” Following her wishes, I rocked back on my knees and watched as her body started to relax.

“Jill? Was that your first orgasm?” I asked.

“I never knew it would be like that!” She replied. “And look at what I’d been missing all this time!”

“You should show Mark how to do that.” I recommended. “Just make sure you use protection when you want to fuck!”

“That Mark!” She said angrily. “You saw him today!” I went over to my desk and grabbed the pendent.

“Xyzzy! Jill! I think I’ll give Mark another chance!”

“I’ll go home right now and give him a chance to explain.” Jill bounced off the bed and started to dress.

“Great idea!” I replied. “If you need to bend my ear, I’m here! And don’t forget the fun we just had. We MUST do that again!”

“Oh, yes! Again. Ya!” She said as we descended down the stairs. “Got to call Mark!” I stood naked in the doorway as she stepped off the stoop.

“Jill!” I called out. She turned to me, and I cupped my breasts with my hands. “Again, Jill!” She paused and looked at me. A big smile rose on her face.

“Yes, Anne! Again.”