The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Chemical Persuasion

Chapter 1: Taking Zoey

by Penny Propofol

Tia had finished up with her workout for the evening and was ready for a good hot shower. It had been a good long workout; she had worked up a good sweat and was looking forward to feeling clean again. At least she could look forward to having the showers to herself. She had gotten a late start, so everyone else had already finished. She luxuriated underneath the hot water after using the body wash. The heat felt good on her tired little body. Her dark brown hair looked wet and shiny; her tanned body looked slippery and delicious under the water. Her dark brown eyes were closed, her arms wrapped around herself. When she finished the shower she wrapped the soft, thick, warm towel around her and stepped out to go to her locker. It had been a long day and suddenly she was feeling very tired. It was getting harder to focus on getting dressed and getting out of there. Tia caught herself staring at the floor and zoning. Her eyelids were getting heavy and she nearly drifted off to sleep. It was only her beginning to fall over that woke her up. She sat there for a few moments, trying to gather her thoughts.

She was vaguely aware of the sound of approaching footsteps. As she looked at the floor, she saw two large shoes come into her view. A man’s hand reached down and gently lifted her chin, causing her to look at his face. He studied her for a second and smiled. He said, “Your water bottle plus Benadryl equals one very sleepy girl.” With a distressed look Tia said, “Uhhh. Benadryl. That shit just knocks me out.” Rick smiled at her and delicately cupped her face in his hands as she sat there. With his thumbs, he gently caressed her face as he spoke to her soothingly. Tia was so drowsy, she didn’t try to pull away or even block out his words. As he spoke them, they sank deeply into her mind. She was dimly aware that he was shutting down her defenses but she was too tired to care. His gentle touch with those strong hands was having an effect upon her. She could feel herself being soothed into submission.

Softly, he parted her lips and then kissed her. Tia’s eyes slid closed as she became immersed in the sensation. He was a very good kisser, strong and gentle, very dominant but patient with her. Tia felt herself melting for him, just like a little pat of butter. He carefully tilted her head to one side and began to kiss her neck. It sent tingles all through her body. This man really knew what he was doing. Somewhere deep within her mind she realized that all of this was wrong. But right now Rick had more control over her body than she did. Rick stood her up since she was unstable on her feet. He took off her towel. She was about to protest as she felt his strong hand between her legs. She felt his hand wiggle from side to side until her pussy lips separated and allowed the knuckle of his thumb to nestle right up against her vaginal opening. She whimpered when she felt the very hard knuckle pressing against her soft opening. The rest of his hand cupped her right ass cheek and gave it a very firm squeeze. It both surprised and pleased her. In her drugged state she wasn’t thinking clearly, she giggled as he squeezed her very soft and smooth buttock. Effortlessly he lifted her to his chest, she felt like she was floating. Her moist pussy was resting in his right hand, completely at his mercy. She was lying across his chest with her head resting upon his left shoulder. She could smell his masculine cologne, his scent in general. Strong, virile, potent, with a hint of musk and it was very intoxicating as she breathed it in. She breathed it in deeply, savoring his attractive scent, feeling herself wanting to be as close to him as possible. His left hand was placed gently against the back of her head, cradling it. She felt safe in his arms, she felt herself wanting to submit to his will.

For a brief moment, a sense of danger flashed over her. She cleared her head for a second and realized that this man was a stranger. A stranger was holding her wet and naked body in a locker room for women. Tia began to try to protest, to call for help, but he began to gently bob her up and down while rocking her side to side just like a baby. As he did he spoke softly into her ear, “Shhhhhh...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... shhhhhhhhhhhhhh” To her shock she felt herself relaxing completely into his hands. Her body was melting, just as if she was a baby having had her bottle and now she was being put to bed. Against her will, her limbs went limp and hung loose against him. She let go and allowed the full weight of her head to rest upon his powerful shoulder. She was amazed at his ability to control her. It was like he had read a manual on her body and mind or learned from her mother what she used to do to pacify her when she was just a baby. Either way, this man knew how to make her relax whether she wanted to or not.

Her body went utterly limp as he carefully swung her from side to side. The gentle motion was rocking her to sleep. Tia’s eyelids were growing too heavy to keep open. She was no longer afraid, she actually felt herself wanting to fall asleep in this man’s arms. The warmth of his body felt really good as it sank into her. He was so strong; he’d been holding her for what seemed like hours. Her soft, smooth left leg was cradled inside the elbow of his right arm. She could feel his powerful bicep pressing against her soft thigh. She felt the relaxed flesh of her leg bending to the shape of his powerful muscles just as her mind was bending to his will. By now her delicate pussy had made his hand quite wet. Her body jumped slightly when she felt his thumb penetrate her ass. She felt the rest of the fingers of that hand grip her buttock firmly. She was now firmly in his grip and she had no wish to get away. She let the Benadryl have its way and she sank into slumber. She felt the cool air against her naked skin as he carried her through the locker room. She felt her limp body jiggle with each step that he took. The sound of his footsteps was the last thing she was aware of as she floated away.

Colette had been waiting for her friend Tia to come out of the locker room for a while. Even though Tia had a late start, she was usually pretty fast getting through her routine. Colette was a pretty blue-eyed blonde with straight hair that reached below her shoulders. She had on dark gray yoga pants and a form fitting top that featured her cleavage. She dropped by to meet Tia and they were going to eat after Tia’s workout. Tia wasn’t answering her phone and Colette had nearly finished her cup of coffee. It was very unusual for Tia to be late for anything and Colette was beginning to become concerned.

Christie was working behind the counter. She could see that the girl sitting at the counter was bothered by something so she offered her some words to keep her company. She said, “It looks like you have a lot on your mind, miss.” Colette turned and smiled in response to Christie’s words. She asked, “How much longer are you guys open?” Christie let out a small laugh and said, “Well, we’ve been closed for about ten minutes but I have to stay until everyone leaves.” Colette replied, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you over. I’m waiting for my friend to come out of the locker room and she’s really late.” Christine smiled and said, “It’s not a problem, honey. It happens all the time. How long has your friend been in there?” Colette said, “It has never taken her this long to shower up and get out here.” Christie replied, “Well if she hasn’t come out yet she must still be back there. If anything happened to her someone would have called an ambulance or something. We have staff that work back there. They never leave clients alone just in case of an accident in the workout area or showers. I’m sure she’ll be out soon.” Colette smiled and said, “You’re right. I just worry too much.”

Christie walked around the counter and sat on the stool at the counter next to Colette. The girls were talking and laughing together for a couple of minutes when Colette put her hand to her forehead. She said, “Oh, my head. I feel funny.” Christie gently cupped Colette’s face in her hands and spoke to her softly. She said, “It’s okay honey, it’s just chloral hydrate. You’re going to sleep now.” Colette’s pretty blue eyes opened wide for a second as the words registered. She said, “Wha.. what did you do to me!?” She stood up but was unsteady on her feet. Christie gently turned Colette around so that her back was turned to her. She took a small lipstick tube sized vibrator from her pocket and clipped it to the middle finger of her left hand and switched it on. She reached around and began to toy Colette’s pussy through her yoga pants. Colette let out a low moan as the pleasure from the small but powerful vibrator hit her. Suddenly her head was swimming, Christie’s voice sounded as though it was echoing down a long tunnel. Christie said, “That’s it, that’s a good girl. Just give in.”

She pulled down Colette’s pants to the bottom of her hips and then inserted her finger with the vibrator into Colette’s soaking vagina. Colette said, “Oh! Oooooooooooooh. That feelssss good.” Christie eased Colette back so that she was leaning against her chest and the back of her head was resting on Christie’s shoulder. She gripped Colette’s right buttock with her right hand and gave it a good squeeze. She used the pad of her pinkie to stimulate the young blonde’s anus by pressing it right up to her back opening and making gentle circling motions as she squeezed the buttock with the other fingers. She began to kiss the girl’s long, slender neck and Colette whimpered with pleasure. Christie whispered in her ear, “Don’t fight the drug sweetie. Just let it take you away.” The words echoed into Colette’s ear. The onset of the drug was upon her now. She could feel it absolutely shutting her down. Her vision blurred and she saw colors; then everything went black. She willingly surrendered to oblivion as her body went limp in Christie’s arms. Christie gently turned the girl around and put her over her shoulder to carry her back. She gently patted Colette’s naked ass and said, “You’ll be with your friend in a couple of minutes. You just have a nice sleep now.”

The next afternoon Zoey had a massage appointment with Shasta the in-house masseuse at the fitness center. Zoey had seen the blonde girl go into the fitness center the previous night but hadn’t seen her come back out. Zoey was a young PI who had been sent by her boss to look into the disappearance of the client’s sister. This client had gone to the police but they had no leads and were no longer actively pursuing the case. The girl had been missing for some time and Zoe’s client wanted some answers. Zoey was a tall, very attractive woman with long, silky red hair. She had pretty brown eyes and a smile that conveyed a spirit of mischief. She had lovely legs, an ample and perfectly shaped ass and nice round breasts. She was a very sexual woman that liked showing off her attractive body. She walked inside and checked in for her appointment. She was a new member so she was assigned a locker and membership card.

Zoey looked around as she was being given the tour. Though she didn’t think that she would find the missing blonde just standing around, she looked for anything that looked suspicious. Once she was shown around the building, Zoey went to the locker room to get into her robe for the massage. At a nearby locker, a pretty brunette named Bonnita was dressing down for her workout. Zoey was stripping down as she said hello to the other girl and asked her how long she’d been a member. Bonnita smiled and explained that she’d been here for a couple of months. She finished getting into her workout clothes and left the locker room with a pleasant goodbye. Zoey had finished getting her clothes off and was looking for her robe. She looked forward to putting it on as it felt so soft and plush. She wanted to feel it on her skin. Behind her at the end of the row of lockers was a laundry cart. Maybe it had ended up there. She went over to the cart and began to look through it.

From behind Rick’s strong hand covered her mouth and pulled her up straight. Zoey’s pretty brown eyes opened wide in surprise. A strong arm wrapped around her upper body, pinning her arms to her sides. With her head tipped back, she couldn’t see anything but the ceiling of the locker room. Her cries for help were muffled by the hand over her mouth. Rick said into her ear, “I always had a thing for natural redheads.” She felt a sharp sting in her neck and heard a quick hissing sound. She had been forcibly injected and her head immediately began to spin. She felt her body relaxing in Rick’s grip as his hand left her mouth. Rick enjoyed the feel of her soft, smooth, naked and relaxed body against his own. For a few seconds he enjoyed watching Zoey struggle against the effects of the powerful drug.

Once she was adequately sedated, she was bent over the edge of the cart. She felt a gloved finger lubricating her asshole. Then something cold and slippery penetrated her ass. In her ear she heard Christie speak to her tauntingly. She said, “This is just a little something to keep you quiet after the first shot wears off.” Then a hand slapped her buttock before she was stood up again. She was turned around and her dazed brown eyes came to rest on Rick’s face smiling at her. Rick bent down and scooped Zoey into the laundry cart. As the drug in her blood stream rushed to her head, her eyes slid shut as a slight smile crossed her lips and she was out like a light. Carefully, Rick covered the sleeping Zoey with soft warm towels and carted her off. As he pushed the cart along he smiled down to the towels and said to Christie, “Looks like this little girl’s investigation is over.” Christie laughed, “The only thing she’s going to be investigating for the next few hours is the inside of her eyelids.”

Sometime later, Zoey shook her head slowly from side to side trying to wake up. Eventually her eyes managed to focus on another girl strapped to an inclined table. The effects of the drug in Zoey’s system made it difficult for her to think. Her eyes wanted to close again, she was so sedated. Tia was the girl on the inclined table. Tia had been kept asleep for so long that she essentially forgot her own personality. She had drug induced total amnesia and since she had no memories she was a soft bit of clay to be shaped in any way they wanted. After she had been erased she underwent marathon narco-hypnosis to recondition her mind. She was programmed to recognize a new and different life as her own. New memories were implanted, new loves, tragedies, life altering events. Tia was now a willing slave, so much so that she wasn’t even aware that she was being controlled. She simply obeyed; obedience was all that existed for her. Tia’s eyes were closed as she lay on the table in the deepest of sleeps. The device strapped to her head prevented her from waking up. The look on her face was one of total peace; every muscle in her body was completely relaxed. She was essentially being stored on the table until they were ready to ship her out to her new owner.

Zoey’s eyes were blinking and she was fighting off the sleepy feeling from the drug. She hadn’t yet realized that she was hooked up to an IV line that was feeding a sleepy drip into her arm. She had been zoning out as she stared at the pretty brunette asleep on the table. To her left, she could hear some struggling going on. She could hear someone protesting but weakly. They sounded heavily drugged and unable to articulate very well. Two nurses were walking a young woman into the ward. When she came into view, Zoey recognized her as the pretty blonde she’d seen walk into the building on her stake out the night before. Colette was barely awake, she had just been scrubbed down and given a deep cleaning by the nurses. They put her onto the table and strapped her down against her will. Her IV line was hooked to the needle installed into her arm. Colette’s big blue eyes watched helplessly as the sweet translucent liquid that promotes dreamless sleep was pumped into her. With a moan, her eyes rolled up and closed. Her head sank to one side as she lost consciousness. Her pretty blonde hair partially covered her face. Zoey thought the pretty girl looked like a sleeping fairy princess.

The nurses attached devices into the girl’s ear. While she slept, her mind would be erased by the drugs and new content would be pumped into her mind through the phones in her ears. Zoey wanted to get up and break loose from the table so badly. Her straps weren’t even all that tight. She couldn’t muster the strength or the will. She couldn’t fight her drowsiness any more. As much as she wanted to get free and avoid ending up like the other girls, she was just too sleepy to stay awake any longer. With a sigh her soft brown eyes slid shut and she let the drug have its way. She liked the way the drug made her feel and she smiled slightly as she slipped into blissful oblivion. She floated away with the sound of the nurses’ voices echoing through her mind as she went under. Soon, she would meet her new master and then her new life as a slave girl would begin.