The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Chemistry of a Good Idea

by Pause88

These many stories about high school nerds discovering mind control techniques the rest of the world has missed aren’t nearly as ludicrous as the reader probably thinks. You don’t have to be a government super genius to devise a route into the prom queen’s panties. Most of the information is out there already, researched by universities with budgets more than both my parents make together. The trick to enslaving the prissy prom queen or cheerleader or class president is in knowing where to look for such information. Mainly, what research you can find on the Internet that is useful to your goal.

You do have to be a little smart. I mean, you can’t just Ask Jeeves how to enslave pretty high school girls and make them horny for your dick. You have to know what research to look for.

For instance, is there a chemical that triggers the sucking reflex? Is there a hormone that facilitates bonding between a mother and her baby? What biological process allows a person to recognize one of their ideas as good?

Barry was always researching this kind of information. He was the nerd in our little click, a friendly mad scientist type with stringy, unwashed hair and a manic grin that never faltered. Barry was usually interesting to listen to, even though he wasn’t the cutest guy I hung out with. That guy was Danny, who could almost grow a beard and who I made out with every chance I got. There were a couple other guy’s in our crowd too and I mostly got along with all of them, except Ed, who was tastelessly perverted. He was always talking shit, sleeping with any girl who’d let him (fat girls, skanky girls, etc) and making us watch porno movies when we hung out at his house. Ed makes me very uncomfortable, but we hang out with him because he’s older and can buy beer. Once, Ed grabbed my tit, and Danny kicked his ass right there. Danny is so cool.

Being the only girl in the group, I saw it as my mission to help the other guys get girls too. Sure, I liked the attention I got being the only girl, but the guys needed girlfriends of their own if they were ever going to clean up into the respectable men I knew they could be. Besides, they had such lofty goals for the girlfriends they didn’t have. Barry had researched condoms and knew which were really the thinnest (Beyond Seven). Mike had all the Victoria Secrets catalogs and an after school job, and a list of all the things he’d like to buy a girl if he could ever find one. Greg read Penthouse Forum and sent letters in too, though we all knew he was a virgin.

What was it about these guys that kept them from meeting girls? Shyness, probably. They were an antisocial bunch, well, to anyone besides each other. They avoided after school functions, preferring instead to play Dungeons & Dragons, though for what I saw, they never did anything but make characters. I tried to bring girls around when I could, but alas, they never stayed. It was pointless. Danny’s friends were losers.

And so, when Barry asked me if I’d participate in a little experiment, I was more than glad to play along. To hear him say it, this was going to mean the difference between godhood and dying virgins. He wanted to mind control me.

“Sure,” I agreed, easily enough. I probably should have thought about it more, but Danny was going to be there. He’d watch out for me.

What was something I ordinarily wouldn’t do? When the guys asked me this, I wasn’t sure how to answer. There were a ton of things I wouldn’t ever do, but I didn’t think blowing up a busload of nuns was the kind of thing I wanted Barry mind controlling me for.

“Joanna won’t have sex,” Danny said, whiny, whiny, whiny. I hated when he whined. Certainly, it didn’t make me want to give in to him. But this wasn’t a good thing to let Barry mind control me for, mostly since it wasn’t something I was wholeheartedly against. Indeed, not only was it something I thought of VERY often, but I was sure it was going to happen someday soon. No, if they were going to test something out on me, I wanted to make sure it worked.

Ed had an idea. “Tell Joanna to have sex with me. That’s not something she would do.”

“Great idea,” I said, but it was the same as saying fuck you. Danny came to my rescue and I’d known he would.

“No fucking way,” he said and since he could kick any of their asses, that was that.

“Tell you what then,” Barry said. “Let’s just get you in a mind controlled state and we’ll see how suggestible you are. We won’t let you do anything bad.”

There was the whole group of them and my boyfriend, so I figured Barry was probably right. “Okay,” I said and Barry gave me a dixie cup with an orange colored liquid in it.

“This is an amino acid cocktail,” Barry explained. “It’s going to simulate the chemistry of your brain when you’ve just had a really good idea. You know how sometimes you recognize something’s a good idea right off? That’s cause of these amino acids.”

“Will it hurt me?”

Of course Barry had no idea. He didn’t think so. Everything he’d mixed together was over the counter stuff, the kind you could buy at GNC if you knew what to look for. “It’s not any different than what’s normally in your brain,” he explained. “Only this is a larger dose. You should be okay.”

So I drank it. It tasted fucking nasty as hell and it was all I could do to not puke it right back up. I grabbed Mike’s cherry coke and chased it down. I think I was more aware of the cold flavor of cherry and cola than ever before. Even so, the bitterness of that orange fluid lingered on my tongue.

That’s when I noticed they were watching me expectantly.

“What?” I asked. “Am I supposed to feel something right away?”

Barry didn’t know.

“Think,” Ed said. “It is a great idea to take my clothes off.”

Danny punched him.

And then I started to feel something. It was funny. I suddenly felt compelled to take my clothes off. I knew they’d approve of me doing it. Maybe Danny would feel a little weird, but it would probably be okay if all I took off was my shirt.

I took off my shirt. All the guys laughed, and I did too. It was like we were all in on the joke together.

“Okay,” Mike asked the crowd. “What’s something she wouldn’t normally do?”

“Besides taking off her shirt?”

That’s right, I realized. I don’t normally do this.

My taking off my shirt should have been positive proof enough that Barry’s hypothesis worked. They could all have girlfriends now. Go on and multiply. Yet, my being like this was interesting to them. Suddenly the new experiment seemed to be what are Joanna’s boundaries and how far can we push them?

Ed said, like he was a detached researcher, “I want to take off the rest of my clothes.”

This time, Danny did not punch him. I took this to mean it was okay for me to take off the rest of my clothes. I did it, slowly, and it felt freeing to do it. As I took off my panties, I was extremely conscious of where my pubic hair left off and the air began. But I did not feel ashamed. To the contrary, I felt completely confident of my righteousness to be standing naked before them.

“I’d really like it if everyone here was naked,” Ed said, like it was supposed to be what I was thinking. “We should always be naked around each other.”

And he was right too. If I was naked, they should be naked. After all, no one was better than anyone else here.

I said as much. They all laughed, but then Ed really undressed. Danny told him to put his clothes back on, but I protested. “Danny, you get your clothes off too.” I started to help him, which is something I have never done, and which he certainly didn’t want to put a stop to. I convinced everyone to take off their clothes.

“Isn’t this better?” I asked, and could feel the heat of everyone in Barry’s bedroom. It felt so good to finally be naked with all of them.

“Yeah,” they agreed.

“Don’t you love talking about sex?” Ed asked. It was funny how he had become the boys’ spokesman for leading me along. Oh, I realized all right what Ed was doing, but as soon as I realized it, it seemed like the best idea in the world to me. Ed had the right idea, getting me naked and horny.

“Well, it’s certainly more interesting than D&D characters,” I agreed. I thought about D&D characters. I thought about sex. Sex was way more interesting. More interesting. More interesting.

Suddenly I couldn’t think of anything else worth talking about.

“I imagine it sometimes,” I said, “when Danny and I are making out and he’s hard. You know, in his pants. I imagine how it would be, if he were up inside me. It makes me a little scared because it’s big and I’ve never been with anyone...” This confession of virginity, so unnecessary...

“I bet you’d really like the feeling of a man’s dick in your pussy, Joanna.” Ed again, and by implication, his dick. I knew it from the way he said it, and so did everyone else. Danny should have gotten mad, but he interpreted it to mean something other than Ed’s dick. Ed’s dick. Ed’s dick.

I looked straight back at him and said, “That would feel amazing.”

He held my gaze. “Imagine it, Joanna.”

I imagined Ed’s dick in my pussy.

Now our gazes had been locked a little too long. Danny shook me. I looked at him, and as I did, saw Danny in front of me. Ed’s dick in my pussy. I had described it as amazing, and that opened the door on a whole list of other adjectives. Ed’s dick in my pussy. Amazing, Stupendous, Spiritual... Why haven’t I done this already? Thrilling, Fantastic, Life-changing...

Wait, I never thought of Ed that way before. Ed’s dick in my pussy. I had thought Ed was kind of sleazy. But that didn’t matter. It felt inevitable. Ed’s dick in my pussy. My pussy ached for it there, like I remembered it from a past life. Ed’s dick in my pussy. I couldn’t wait.

Danny shaking me. “It’s okay,” I said, stepping back from him. “Stop shaking me.” He did. Yet it was dawning on him that Ed had affected me somehow. For a second, I thought Danny might go off on him, but instead he tried to pretend like nothing had happened.

“How are you feeling?” Danny asked me.

“Absolutely fantastic,” I purred. I felt like today what about the biggest I could have hoped for. “Actually, I’m a bit turned on.”

The boys all got quiet, except for Ed, naturally, troublemaker... “Joanna, we want to see if you’ll do things you normally wouldn’t. So, please, play with yourself whenever you’re feeling turned on.”

Danny looked like he wanted to hit him.

“This is an experiment,” he reminded Danny.

Okay, then. They expected me to do things I normally wouldn’t. And I was turned on—hadn’t I just said that? I started tugging on my pubic hair, teasing toward its moist center.

This was just getting me turned on even more.

“Get on your knees and do that,” Mike suggested. Everyone noticed him like that, speaking out of turn, but it was innocent, seeing he wasn’t exploiting me as much as Ed. Ed’s dick in my pussy...

My pussy clenched onto my lack of Ed’s dick.

I got down on my knees, smiling at everyone as I did it. Now I was looking up at them. I leaned back so they could see, and began to finger my pussy.

Now the guys had all more or less gotten hard as soon as I took off my top. Then it had been incidental, now it was something they trophied to show off. I made a show of noticing each one, though it was Ed’s I wanted up inside me.

When I was looking up at Barry’s, he said, “You look like you’re about to start giving out blowjobs.”

He laughed, like it was only an observation, not a command for me to either respond to or not. I laughed too. I knew that was exactly how I looked down on my knees there fingering myself, and giving blowjobs seemed like exactly what I’d been right about to start doing. I imagined licking the head of Barry’s dick. It was so close to my face I wanted to gobble him right up.

Danny pulled me to my feet. “Joanna....”

He meant to get me out of here, but where was he going to take me? We were naked and Barry’s mom was out there.

“No, Danny,” I protested. “I want to stay.”


That decision meant something. It meant I wanted to give everyone blowjobs and feel Ed’s dick buried deep fucking my tight wet juicy little pussy.

What the hell had happened here? Just fifteen minutes ago, I’d been dressed in jeans and a t-shirt just like everyone else. I was one of the guy’s, except for that Danny and I sometimes made out. Now I was naked. My fingers were massaging in and out of my pussy, and I wanted to suck one, then all five of the thick dicks being waved in front of my face.

The idea that this should bother me. Probably, it would have mattered had my ability to recognize good ideas not been so watered down by all the good ideas I was recognizing. Now it was mere passing curiosity.

“This is an experiment,” I reminded Danny. “Experiment on me.”

How easy it was to find Danny’s dick in my hand.

“Whatever goes on here is just part of the experiment,” Barry said, as I got back down on my knees and began sucking Danny’s dick.

I had never done this, though of course I had imagined it. Times, making out with Danny, I had imagined doing this for him. Why hadn’t I? Now that I was doing it, I could only think back to my pre-blowjob life as someone else. That silly girl had been worried she’d look stupid or, heavens forbid, do it wrong. I wanted to laugh at her.

Giving blowjobs was easy. And fun. It turned me on too. I kept working my fingers in and out of my horny pussy. It was on fire. I imagined my fingers were Ed’s dick. I dreamt of when I could get him alone.

I turned my ass toward him. I wanted Ed to see how available I was. I wanted him to enjoy watching me. They all seemed to enjoy watching me. I was hoping he’d say something too. I wanted Ed experimenting on me.

“When’s my turn?” Mike asked, in a joking voice. Oh, it was no joke. He knew what he was doing. I couldn’t wait to suck Mike next.

“Shut up, all of you,” Danny gasped between groans. I wasn’t talking and was relieved not to have been part of Danny’s reprimand.

I reached for Mike’s dick, and managed to hold onto it briefly before Danny pulled me back toward him. The boys all laughed at how freaked out Danny was getting. I thought it was funny too.

“You’re such a selfish asshole, Danny.”

Soon as Mike said it, I realized he was absolutely right. Why had it taken me so long to realize what a selfish asshole Danny was? I felt immediate disgust and pulled away from him. I stood to my feet.

“Does everyone agree Danny should leave if he can’t handle the experiment?”

“I do,” I said. To Danny, “Stop being such a selfish asshole.”

“Haha,” Ed said. “Joanna agrees you’re a selfish asshole.”

“Get dressed, Joanna,” Danny said. “We’re getting out of here.”

I bent to pick up my clothes.

Ed said, “Joanna, could you possibly be even more obsessed with my dick?”

It didn’t immediately dawn on me what Ed was asking. He said it like I was already obsessed beyond measure. I imagined the most obsessed I could possibly be. When I conceived of how infatuated I could be, I realized that I felt exactly this way. This gave me a new starting off point for imagining being even more obsessed with Ed’s dick. I had the strangest feeling then. I was standing in the same place, yet suddenly all the voices in the room seemed so far away. Danny’s drama. The boys were yelling at each other now, but I simply tuned it out. I felt like I was floating, drifting off, helpless.

I anchored myself to this world by imagining Ed’s dick in my pussy, in my mouth, between my breasts, all over my skin... In my mind, I was rolling around in a tall shag carpet of Ed’s dicks, thousands of them. They were touching me everywhere.

This is what I wanted. To be completely covered, all at once, by the skin of Ed’s dick. Except I knew he had one, not thousands, and that they couldn’t be everywhere all at once. I thought, where did I want it the most? I was more sure of the answer than my own name. In my pussy.

“Get dressed, Joanna,” Danny insisted again, and I did.

“You’re not taking her out of here,” Mike told him. “Not until the effects wear off.”

“The hell I’m not,” Danny said. “Joanna’s my girlfriend.”

“She can’t stand you,” Ed laughed. “She thinks you’re a selfish asshole, remember?”

My eyes met Ed’s then, and I realized I was smiling at him.

Mike said, “We promised we’d watch out for her all during the experiment. That means we don’t let her out of her sight.”

“But you’re welcome to leave, of course, Danny,” Ed suggested. “Or Joanna can come hang out at my house.”

Nobody seemed to be paying Ed much mind. Probably because everyone was talking at once. Mike and Danny were trying to intimidate each other, both pretending they had my interests at heart. Yet, my interest was in hanging out at Ed’s house. I imagined being alone with him in his bedroom and couldn’t think of a more perfect place.

I was the only one dressed. “I’m going to the bathroom,” I lied, hurrying out the door. Everyone else was naked. Barry’s mom was out there. They pulled the door shut right away, so she wouldn’t see, and suddenly I was on the opposite side.

I didn’t go to the bathroom. I felt a slight compulsion to, but concentrated on how great it would be to be in Ed’s bedroom. I was getting the hang of this. When every idea was a good idea, the trick was to focus all your attention on one. The more attention I gave an idea, the more it grew on me.

I gave getting to Ed’s house all my attention. I hurried outside, not even saying goodbye to Barry’s mom.

I ran all the way there, and was out of breath by the time I arrived at his front steps. I think the drug was wearing off too. I had the beginning of a headache and couldn’t seem to summon a thought in my head. I’d used the last of my motivation getting here, and now I had no will or desire for anything else. I parked my ass on Ed’s front steps and rested my head against the handrail. The whole world seemed too bright. I couldn’t wait to be in Ed’s room, in the dark.

I wondered when Ed would arrive and whether I’d still be able to perform for him with the same enthusiasm. Well, I’d certainly try.

The cognitive part of my thinking reflected on how Barry’s concoction had affected me. Even though the drug was metabolizing itself out of my system, decisions I’d made had established themselves permanently in my psyche. It was like when they take a baby elephant and tie its leash to a stake. It tries and tries to pull away, but isn’t strong enough. After it realizes this, the elephant never tries again. Even fully grown and capable of yanking the stake free from the ground, the elephant submits to restraint.

I was like the baby elephant. Things I’d decided (with help) were parts of me now that I could depend on, that I would never ever attempt to question.

I wanted Ed’s dick in my pussy. Of course I did. I knew this like I knew my multiplication tables. It turned me on to know this about myself, and as Ed came hurrying up the street, I felt my hands irresistibly drawn to my pussy, where they belonged whenever I was turned on.

Ed was thrilled to see me. He unlocked his door and pulled me inside. I couldn’t help being flattered by his urgency as he locked the front door behind us and led me to his room. As he undressed me, Ed told me all sorts of things. “Pleasuring me is your addiction. I always know what you want. You always want what I tell you. Joanna, you love watching porn with me. It brings us closer, arouses you incredibly and gives you exciting ideas for our sex life. I fascinate you, and all other men are boring. Your mouth and pussy always ache to be filled by me. And by my cum. My cum is precious and you’re greedy for it...”

Ed kept talking, but by now, I was hardly listening anymore. All I could think about was having Ed’s dick inside me. I wanted to wrap my legs and arms around him and keep him inside me forever. His cum was precious.

I guess some of the things Ed was saying were getting through, potion wearing off or not. I tried to visualize what was happening in my mind. It was like my head was a jar. It had been filled with rocks—the good ideas I’d latched onto at Barry’s. The things Ed was saying now was like sand filling the empty spaces around the rocks, supporting everything in my mind as one solid whole. I thought of Ed filling me with rocks, with sand, with his beautiful dick. He entered me then. Thrusting his tongue every which way in my mouth, Ed claimed my virginity, and all I could think of was what an excellent decision this had been. I told him how right this all felt.

“Right, right,” he muttered, thrusting spastically into me. I loved every minute, and when Ed finally squirt his wet reward into my pussy, I knew he was the man for me... forever.