The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cherry’s Mom

Why hello, time again for another story of sexual exploration, hypnosis, and me! Of course you all came to read about me because you have no choice but to love me.

Today’s story takes place in Fairview, a bustling city in the heart land of America. Recently, I acquired a fine figured redhead, and a Pittie blonde girl. But as Cherry explained to me that her mom, would be seeing me about her grades. Stacy was a middle age, well endowed, brunette with ankle long hair. As Cherry describes to me, Stacy has a far better hour glass figure than she does. I decided to set a trap and capture cherry’s mom. I gathered Cherry and Ashley at my apartment.

Now Cherry, give this to your mother and tell her that I am the only teacher not going away this spring break. As soon as your mother leaves, I want you to go to the Boom, Boom Bar. Ask for Dominique and tell her that Lisa sent you. Do as she tells you. I’ll pick you up after the week end.

Yes Mistress

Now as for you Ashley, you’ll be practising your yoga, and when she gets here you’ll wear this maids outfit. I want you to show her to the living room and you’ll “do” what ever she tells you to “do”

Yes Mistress

Good, now I’ll sleep for awhile and shower before my newest slave comes here. Later on that day, I heard a knock on the door. Turning on my tv, I watch the scene unfold.

Hello, and welcome to Miss Skye’s home. May I help you?

Yeah, HI, I’m Stacy and I’m here to talk with Miss Skye. Is she around?

Yes she is, please follow me.

Ashley takes Stacy and her bag into my living room.

If you wouldn’t mind waiting, Miss Skye is handling other business. Would you like anything to drink or to eat?

Wait! I don’t have all day, but a bottle of spring water would be great. Tell me how long do you expect Miss Skye to be?

Not long.

Ashley leaves and Stacy looks around the room. Standing up she moves towards some of the wall paintings. One is a beautiful, young women, with platinum blonde hair and very busty. Another is an Indian women, who isn’t wearing a top and is wearing see through pants. Without noticing her surroundings, Stacy walks into the end table and knocks off a bottle of perfume. Ashley walks in with a bottle of spring water. Stacy looks at Ashley and spoke,

Oh, this fell as I was smelling it.

Don’t worry, I shouldn’t have left it there anyway. Miss Skye really loves that smell. Care to sniff it?

Sure, I guess, tell me who makes it?

A small native group in Nova Scotia make it. Miss Skye loves going to Canada.

Ashley picks up the bottle and sprays Stacy’s neck, wrists and her cleavage. Stacy takes a step back and coughs

It’s a little over whelming at first but you’ll get used to it.

Ashley bends over and puts the bottle of perfume away. Stacy walks behind Ashley and places her right hand on Ashley’s butt. She then leans forward to whispers.

Your in my daughters class, I recognize you. Failing too? Came over here to do Miss Skye bidding?

No, she’s my Mistress.

Well, well, she’s got you trained. Lets get you undressed.

But my Mistress?

Stacy starts to pat Ashley’s butt,

Don’t worry, we’ll be done before she is.

Stacy unbuttons Ashley’s uniform and forces it off her. Using her left hand, Stacy reaches up to Ashley’s breasts and gently cups them. Stacy lowers her head, and places her rosey red lips, onto Ashley’s nipple. Letting out a soft moan from her lips encourages Stacy to continue with her rape.

Now be a real women and get on your knees.

Ashley complies. Stacy removes her dress, and steps over Ashley,

Stick out your tongue filthily whore!

She sticks out tongue as Stacy lowers herself onto Ashley.

Start licking you slut!

Ashley slowly moves her tongue into Stacy’s waiting vagina.

Ummmm, that’s right you little slut, pleasure me with that fifthly tongue of yours. Slowly, and quietly, I enter the living room.

Hello Stacy, how is my slave? Is she being nice?

Startled, Stacy looks back at me, getting off my Ashley

Hello, Miss Skye, I presume. I was jest having an oral test with your maid. Spoke Stacy

I could see that, tell me why are you here? I asked

Well, you see my daughter is in your sex ed class. Also I noticed that she hasn’t been doing well in it. I would consider it a great favour if you could give her a passing grade. Replied Stacy.

Walking over to this arrogant women, I bring my ruby red lips next to Stacy’s and slowly lick the upper lip. Bring my hands next to breasts, I begin to explain.

I will not pass your daughter!

Stacy’s face began to tense up and her eyes were red with hatred. Inhaling with short, quick bursts, as Stacy started to talk.


Slapping Stacy across her face, I stopped her in mid sentence. Annoyed by her antics, I replied,

First of all, Your “Cherry” isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. Next, your own arrogance, has blinded you to the fact that you’ve jest raped a 17 year old girl!

Looking at my sweet Ashley, laying naked on the floor, Stacy looks back at me.

You can’t prove that I raped this young women!

Pulling the remote controller from my pocket, I played back the part of Stacy on top of Ashley.

Now be a real women and get on your knees.

Ashley complies. Stacy removes her dress, and steps over Ashley,

Stick out your tongue filthy whore!

She sticks out tongue as Stacy lowers herself onto Ashley.

Start licking you slut!

Fear and bewilderment take over Stacy’s face as she starts to panic.


Now I’m going to give this the police station, tootles. Oh Ashley, Restrain that bitch!

I begin to leave the room, when Stacy calls,

Please wait, don’t go to the cops, I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never done anything like this before. Please can’t you forgive me for giving into my temptations. I’ve been living with this shame for lust and desire for women for many years now. (As tears flow down her face) I’ve been a fool.

Thinking to myself, “Oh please, what a fuck’n load of shit that is. I could use this to my advantage.”

You really want to make it up to me?

Stacy nods her head.

Well, how about you CRAWL over here and LICK MY FEET!


You heard me you FUCK’N SLUT, LICK MY FEET! Ashley ride her.

Positioning Stacy on the floor, my Ashley climbed onto her back. Using Stacy’s hair as a rein, Ashley encourages Stacy to move forward.

OUCH. This hurts, please stop. I’m begging you.

Are you ready to lick? I ask

Yes, I’ll do it.

Inching her way forward, Stacy reaches the edge of my foot. As I bring my toes towards her mouth, Stacy opens her lips and engulfs my big toe. Caressing it with her long, sinuous tongue, makes me squirm. Knowing her perfect place is obvious now.

Ok, that was good, now all I want you to is to look into this.

Dangling my necklace in front of her face, she looks up at me. Slowly her eyes release the twinkle of free thought and will. Stacy’s face becomes relaxed and smooths out. All her tensions, and worries are gone.

Listen to me Stacy, listening to me makes you calm, and peaceful, the more you listen to my voice, the more calm you are. The more calm you are, the more submissive you are. Remember listening to me makes you calm, and peaceful, the more you listen to my voice, the more calm you are. The more calm you are, the more submissive you are. As you become more submissive towards me, the more you need my guidance. My thought is law, my will is order. Repeat it to your Mistress.

Your thought it law, your will is order Mistress.

From now on, your new name is slut, when ever you hear the name slut, you will respond. By crawling towards the person who called for you. No longer will you need clothes, clothes are too good for you. Remove your clothes.

slut hears you Mistress.

Quickly slut removes her clothes and throws them across the room.

Now put on this collar.

slut takes the collar from my hand locks it into place around her slender neck.

You are not good enough to walk your legs, from now on, you will only be able to crawl on all fours, and act like a pony. Drinking from a troth, neighing to speak, whining for attention, trotting that ass of yours when happy. If you’ve been a good girl, I’ll reward you. But if you’ve been bad, the punishment will be severe! Do you understand?


Good girl. (Pats slut on the head.) Now, slut, for two weeks a month you’ll go into heat, causing you to hump the legs of my slaves, bed posts, the arms of furniture, but you’ll never be able to cum. Cumming is something that I control, and only I can control it! Understand?


Good Girl. Ashley Clean up, we’re heading back to the mansion.

Yes Mistress. Replied Ashley

Thinking about how I’m going to get slut home, I realized Cherry was still with Dominique. I had better call Dominique to tell her that I’ll be picking her up in a few hours.

“Hello you have reached Dominique’s office, Cherry speaking.”

Cherry, sweetie, put me over to Dominique.

But she’s in her private time. She told me not to bother her. Replied Cherry


Yes Mistress. Replied Cherry

Look, who ever you are, my secretary is new and should not have patched you through. Still needs to be broken in. Spoke Dominique

Oh really Domini.

Lisa, that slut you sent me was amazing, I’ve had her teach my usual pussy munchers, how to munch.

That’s wonderful to hear, our little deal is done and over with. I’ll be over to pick up Cherry in a few hours. See you at the next poker game? I asked

You bet your sweet ass. Replied Dominique

Picking up a very tired Cherry from Dominique, we started for home. It was going to be a long drive but my nice soft bed was waiting for me back at the mansion. I couldn’t wait to get home and get slut settled into her cage. When we got back, the place was in perfect order. Grabbing sluts collar, I drag her into my room.

Hello Mistress, how was your trip?

Hello genie, The trip was great. I got a new pony for the place. Her name is slut.

Hello slut, why you are a pretty pony?

slut looks up at Genie, and wags her ass high in the air. Crawling forward towards genie, I got a wicked notion.

slut lick Genie’s pussy. Be good and lick. Lick until your Mistress says stop.

slut eagerly runs up to Genie’s vagina, and hungrily laps at the soft velvet folds.

Oh Mistress please don’t, I want to be in bed with you.

Are you arguing with your Mistress? For that you are not allowed to cum until I say so! Also, I’m going to reduce the size of those boobs of yours!

Walking towards Genie, she looks up at me and cries,

Please, Mistress. All I want to do is make you happy. I love you for giving me my big titties. I’ll never disobey you again.

Is that how that is?

Yes Mistress, I love you.

Ummmmm, alright but you still can’t cum.

Thank you Mistress, thank you mistress, thank you mistress,

I fell asleep to the chanting of my slave, the noise of my new dog licking in tempo, and the musky smell of Genie’s ever need to cum.

Thank you for listening to my stories once again. Can’t wait till the next adventure.