The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cheshire Grins : Act1

This story came about quite by accident.

An injured acquaintance couch surfing while recovering from some injuries decided to share her heavy duty pain meds the same night another acquaintance decided to share her newest invention after the Mexican coke liqueur, the White Label Mountain Dew Liqueur, she keeps me supplied with both drinks so I had to at least sample it, right?.

My couch buddy failed to forewarn me about sharing said meds and I sampled the new drink, I got loopier than I want to think about.

Anyway I was doing some research in the forums when all of this happened.

I remember running across the 55 word challenge thread and laughing at my entries, after that the night is kind of fuzzy.

When I woke the next morning, I found this in a text file on my desktop labeled Cheshire Grins.

After contacting and getting permission from the two people referenced, here it is for your enjoyment and amusement.

As for whether this is a stand alone one off, or part of something more is up to the victims, umm, referenced authors.

* * *

“Wow.” Mike whispered to himself staring. At the next table over Jennifer, the only good and good looking cheerleader ever voted off the squad at their former high school, sat apparently entranced watching the stage hypnotist.

“Now let your eyes close and remember respond to my voice and only my voice.” Hippy the hypno clown said as he started the risqué part of his routine for the we are not a frat party the last weekend before college begins.

“Yes sir.” Jennifer whispers along with the others in trance, the rest being on stage though.

“How do you feel?” Mike asks jokingly taking advantage of his singing skills and background to emulate the voice of the clown thinking she is goofing around.

“Relaxed.” She whispers in reply.

“Wow.” Mike whispers to himself shocked.

“Good that’s very good.” He says still emulating the clown’s voice, “Do you want to play a game?”


“Good, that’s good. How about we play the waking game, do you know that game?”


“That’s ok Jennifer, I can teach you how to play it. You want me to tell you how to play don’t you?”


“What’s then magic word?”


“Please what?”

“Please teach me how to play.”

“Good girl Jennifer, I bet you’ll be a great player. You want to be a great player don’t you?”


“Excellent. Now this game has several steps, are you ready for the first one?”


“Good, now what you have to do is pretend you are awake, but that’s the easy part. You also have to count though, you can count can’t you?”


“Then you can pretend you are awake and count at the same time easily can’t you?”

“I think so yes.”

“Good, that’s good. Now it is important no one be able to tell you are still relaxed and asleep. You have to be so convincing you even fool yourself. Do you understand so far?”


“Now while you are acting awake on the outside, you have to count on the inside. You can do this however, and it is important for the next part of the game. So what do you have to do.”

“I have to pretend I am awake on the outside while I count on the inside.”

“Excellent. Now you can’t count quickly, you have to count slowly, in fact it would be best if you counted along with your heart. You can do that can’t you, count your heart beats?”


“Excellent again Jennifer. Now the counting is important for later. Every time you count you make it easier to do the next part of the game, if you count high enough, you will be able to do it without thinking at all. You would like to be able to do that wouldn’t you?”


“Perfect Jennifer, I bet by the time you get back you will have counted so far you can completely let go and play the game perfectly, you want that don’t you, to let go completely, to become the game?”

“Yes, I guess so?”

“Come on Jennifer, you want to win don’t you?”

“Yes, of course. I want to win.”

“Then once I say to start you will act awake and begin, ok?”


“Good. Now there is a time limit. Once this area is clear, say in an hour or two, you will return here and wait for me. You will continue to wait until acting awake and alert, but secretly deepening your trance by counting onward until I say to stop. Because of the game I will be in a disguise, so I will not look or even sound like myself. But you will know me because I will tell you ‘sleepy time jen jen’ and you will return to this exact state. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Jennifer replied repeating back everything exactly as instructed.

“Excellent, Now I am going to walk away and you begin the game.” Mike said getting up and leaving then watching from a distance as she blinked and acted awake afterwards.

“Sleepy time Jen Jen.” Mike said to her from behind not the expected two hours later, but five.

“Sleepy time.” Jennifer echoed as her eyes closed not even having seen him.

“Are you ready to play a game?”


“Are you ready to win?”


“Now you already did the part where pretended to be awake. I bet you played so well you even fooled yourself didn’t you. I bet you remember everything that happened while you were playing awake and I bet you even thought you were didn’t you?”


“Excellent, I thought so. Now this part is harder, are you ready?”


“Good girl. Now for this part you have to pretend to be awake as someone else, since you did such a good job on that you can do this part easy can’t you?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“You’ll do great. Now all there is to it is to let yourself become the character I am about to give you on this piece of paper. Just wake up as her, be her so well and so deep she has no clue it is just you playing a part. You can do that easy, you fooled yourself so fooling her is even easier, you can do it easy. Let’s here it, you can do it.”

“I can do it.”

“You can be her.”

“I can be her.”

“She will have no idea she is fake.”

“She will have no idea she is fake.”

“You will be her until I tell you sleepy time Jen Jen. You always return to this state when I say that.”

“I will be her until you tell me sleepy time Jen Jen, I always return to this state when you say that.”

“You always do as I say in this state.”

“I always do as you say in this state.”

“That’s a good girl. Now Jennifer what I want you to do is begin counting. As you count upwards you are retreating from yourself leaving the character in your place. The further you pull away the better you will be her, but only until I call you back. Once are ready you will become her until released, her first act will be to kneel and place her hands behind her back. Begin when you are ready.”

“One, two, three.” Jennifer begins counting softly. It takes several minutes but she finally kneels on front of Mike and he smiles.

“Excellent.” He says once her eyes open, “How are you feeling?”


“Do you know your name?”


“Then what is it?”

“I am Lisa the Teaze, sexual councilor.”

“And who am I?”

“You are McG, The Mind Control guy.”

“Do you know what is happening?”

“You are controlling my mind.”

“So you are aware, well that changes nothing.” Mike says smiling, “Come with me.”

“Yes sir.” Jennifer says in her Lisa Teaze guise.

“Ok Lisa do you know what happens now?” Mike asks after they arrive at his apartment.

“I think you are going to make me have sex with you.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Mike says playing the Mind Controller playing with his prey to the hilt, “I am going to play a game with you.”

“What kind of game.”

“That’s the fun part, for me that is. While we have been walking, I have been implanting memories in your mind of a girl named Jennifer. She was my real target tonight.” Mike tells her, “You are to play her part, be her. I have a scenario I want to play out with her. Since you look a lot like her and you are already under my control, I am going to use you instead. However, you will be playing her, doing your best to be her exactly as she would be if she were under my control like you are. Do you understand so far?”

“And are you finding those memories?”


“Excellent. Now when I say to begin you will act like her and respond to her name. I am not in fact planning on going all the way, my wants and needs are simpler that that right now. However, if you don’t play the part well enough I will need additional distraction so I will go further. The happier I am with you, the faster it will be over and the sooner I will release you.”

“Then I must endeavor to please you.”

“Good, now just ignore the video camera like it doesn’t exist. When I snap my fingers you will assume the persona of Jennifer altered like you are so she is simply compliant. She may show some curiosity about why she is obeying, but she is to obey smoothly and cleanly.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Before we begin that though come to attention then spread your feet wide apart, place your hands on your hips and your elbows straight out. You will remain in that position until I tell you to move.”

“Yes sir.” Lisa replied complying.

“Now smile.” Mike ordered playing McGuy and took pictures from all around her. Satisfied with this part he stood close in front of her and pulled her close cupping her buttox firmly and playing. Smiling as he watched her squirm but not move to resist he cupped a breast and fondled. After several seconds of her just standing there, he grasped the other as well.

“Tell me you like this.” Mike ordered.

“I like this.” She echoes without enthusiasm.

“Tell me what you like me doing.”

“I like you playing with my breasts.” Lisa replies trembling.

“Good girl, now remove your shirt. Resume this pose every time until told otherwise.” He orders backing off.

“Yes sir.” Lisa replies quietly as she sheds the shirt letting it fall to the floor exposing the tight form fitting sports bra covering her now obviously hi C cups.

“Toss your bra on the bed.” He orders and watches her hands expertly unclasp the bra and peel it off forward in a sensuous manner before simply tossing it on the bed and resuming her pose.

“Tell me you like this too.” He ordered grasping then massaging her bare breasts after taking another round of pictures.

“I like you playing with my bare breasts.” She echoed hollowly but he felt her nipples begin firming.

“Do you want to undress?”


“Will you?”

“If you tell me to, yes.”


“I can’t help it, you are in control.”

“Good girl.” McGuy said stepping back with a grin, “Alright, now put your bra and shirt back on.”

“Yes sir.” She replied complying.

“Now remember, when I snap my fingers you will become the Jennifer in the memories I gave you, convinced she wants to do as I want, convinced she doesn’t want a choice.”

“Yes sir.” Lisa answered.

“Begin.” McGuy said snapping his fingers.

“So how is this going to play out?” Jennifer asked nervously.

“I’m going to tell you to do something.”

“And I’m going to do it?”


“What are you going to make me do?”

“Why don’t we start with your shirt.”

“Ok.” She gulped nervously.

“I want you to unbutton your shirt, remove it and hand it to me.”

“Ok.” She gulped again as her hands moved to her collar and she watched them. She looked as though she were unsure who had really told them what to do.

“That was well done Lisa, my compliments.”

“Am I supposed to respond as Jennifer or Lisa Teaze?” She asks hesitantly.

“For now either, no need to make a distinction between you since you are both under my control right now. Now unbutton your bra.”

“Thank you.” Lisa answered as Jennifer unbutton her bra leaving it hanging so it still covered her breasts.

“Does it matter who I order to do what?”


“Lisa Teaze obeys McGuy so Jennifer belongs to him as well.”

“Lisa Teaze obeys McGuy so Jennifer belongs to him as well.”

“Good girl.” Mike said speaking as McGuy. The roles blending in his own mind as he circled around behind her then reached back around to slide his hands under her hanging bra to cup her bare breasts and enjoy the involuntary response as her nipples hardened.

“Now reach back, undo my pants, open my shorts and get me erect.”

“Yes sir.” She answered with just the slightest waver in her voice in perfect sync with his ministrations. It was awkward and took her several tries, but soon he was erect in her hands being stroked in perfect time with his twigging of her nipples.

“Jennifer likes this.” Mike orders as McGuy.

“Jennifer likes this.” Lisa echoes as some lines blur inside her.

“Jennifer likes to play this game.”

“Jennifer likes to play this game.” She echoes no part of her sure which is responding.

“Kneel.” He commands moving back pulling out of her grasp.

“Yes sir.” She replies complying.

“Come here and take me in your mouth.” He orders going to a chair.

“Yes sir.” She replies walking over on her knees before tipping to take his erection with her smile.

“Now without letting go, undress.” He orders as the lines in him blend as well. Lost in the feeling and the moment he watches her struggle to push off shoes then remove the rest. It doesn’t really feel real, in spite of feeling it.

“Good girl.” He says and can feel her smile, “Now begin working on me in earnest and get yourself off in time with it.

“Gmmghp.” She responds one hand moves to her waist and the other braces on his leg. Then her head begins to work up and down. A gentle suction with touching teeth on the way up, a firm tongue on the bottom of his erection with the top dragging on her pallet on the way down, in perfect sync with her ministrations on herself.

“Yes. Oh god that’s good.” He mumbles in response to a whisper he isn’t even sure he heard.

“Yes, yes.” He says absently to the question of whether he wants release.

“Yes I want permission.” He whispers almost silently, Mike himself and his persona for this game neither one truly aware either has answered.

“Yes, please.” He says out loud with no awareness of speaking.

“Climax.” Mike and McGuy both hear Lisa Teaze say, ignoring the impossibility since her mouth is full of his erection, and he does.

“Good boy.” He hears her whisper and that just makes even better as she speeds up slightly.

“Good girl Jennifer.” He says when his eyes focus again, having to concentrate because she has not stopped despite swallowing, “You can stop, just keep me erect in your mouth.”

“Now Jennifer,” He says a while later recovering, “lay down over the foot stool with your legs wide and use your hands to spread your butt cheeks.”

“Yes sir.” She replies softly as maneuvers over.

“Excellent.” He tells her smiling at the nervousness.

“Hold still.” He orders then lines himself so his tip is touching her, spreading her slightly, ready to enter her anally with a single thrust.

“I have a question.” He says as his hands find her dangling breasts and begin kneading.

“Yes sir.” She says as she feels his tip pushing harder, ready to enter that first part.

“Jennifer, if I gave you a choice between me having you like this right now. And you giving me a topless blow job in which you will swallow. With me having the opportunity to play with you above the waist included both before and after said job, with me able to play until I am done with you.” He asks, “Which would you choose?”

“I would choose to give you the blow job.”

“Full service?”

“Full service.”

“I get to see and play with your bare breasts.”

“You get to see and pay with my bare breasts.”

“You will continue until I am done with you.”

“I will continue until you are done with me.”

“Would you like to choose?”


“Then do so.”

“I choose to give you a blow job in the morning.”

“What does one say when one wants something?”


“Then go ahead.”

“May I please give you a blow job in the morning McGuy?” Lisa asks for Jennifer.

“Do I get to see your bare breasts?” Mcguy asks for mike.


“Yes what?”

“Yes you get to see my bare breasts.”

“Do I get to play with your bare breasts?”

“Yes you get to play with my bare breasts.”

“You will continue until I am done with you.”

“I will continue until you are done with me.”

“Good girl.” He tells her with no way to keep track of which he was speaking as and which he was speaking to as he withdraws and flops back on the chair.

“Jennifer, go get my camera from beside the couch.”

“Yes sir.” The nude woman replies retrieving and handing his camera.

“Now stand with your legs spread again, hands back hips and elbows straight out, you shall not move from that position except to accommodate me until I say.”

“Yes sir.” Lisa playing Jennifer replies complying.

“Smile.” Mike orders playing McGuy standing up and circling her taking more pictures.

“You like this.” He orders as he hugs her close from behind again and cups her now completely bare breasts.

“I like this.” She echoes hollowly staring at her reflection in a mirror showing his hands massaging her bare breasts with him grinning over her shoulder.

“You want this.” He orders maneuvering his erection between her legs so his gentle rocking motion is touching, almost stroking her.

“I want,” She replies pausing to lick her lips, “This.”

“Good girl.” He tells her again backing off before he gives in to his baser desires.

“I am a good girl.” She echoes hollowly with a grin.

“Put your panties back on then gather your clothes and go to my room.”

“Yes sir.” She replied softly gathering her clothes after redonning her panties. He began cleaning up the room to remove any evidence of what he had really been doing. He put the old memory cards back in his cameras so it would look like he had not taken any pictures last night. With the scene reset as though she had merely come home with him, he went to his room.

“Put these pajamas on.” Mike orders holding a set out.

“Yes sir.” She replies taking them and dressing. After watching for a few moments he gets into bed leaving a place for her join him.

“Now lay down with me backwards and take me orally.”

“Yes sir.” She replies climbing into bed with him and posing as he indicates.

“Now you just take to working on that gently.” He orders as his hand finds it’s way into her pajama bottoms to locate then stroke her favorite spot. He begins gently, bringing himself into time with her efforts on him so she worked on his erection with her mouth in sync with him stroking her. As he gets close she adapts to him and stays in sync even when he changes rhythm.

“That’s a good girl Lisa teaze.” He tells her, “You keep Jennifer moving with me, you make sure she finishes what she started. You obey Mcguy, you make him happy. Make a noise if you understand.”

“Mgmgph.” Lisa Teaze responds to Mcguy ordering her.

“Excellent.” He responds lost in the moment, unable to tell if Mike or McGuy were speaking.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing.” He orders when he feels extra warmth around his hand indicating she is getting close, “You move with me no matter what.” He says when he feels her spasm slightly as her nostrils flare.

“You will continue until you are done.” He orders feeling her breath deepen, “Sleepy time Jen Jen.”

“That’s a good Jen.” He tells her as her head keeps bobbing up and down in time with him, “Keep it up, keep doing what you are already doing.”

“You can feel that again in the morning.” He tells her as he withdraws and cleans his hand, “Just keep doing what you already doing and stroke yourself just as I was doing.” He says and watches as one hand slowly works it’s way down to do just as he had been doing.

“Good girl Jen.” He says grinning at the site and feel, “Just relax and let yourself drift into a normal natural sleep. When you wake in the morning this will all be a dream, a dream you have little need to remember, just a hint of how good it would feel is enough. You will wake knowing what to do. You won’t remember it, but you will still return to this state just as you are now when I and only I tell you ‘sleepy time Jen Jen’. You will return to this state, just as deep, just as relaxed, just as ready to do what I want because it feels so good.”

“Do you know what to do when you wake in the morning? If you do make a noise.”

“Mgmph.” She mumbles around him.

“Good girl Jennifer, now just relax and let yourself drift into a regular sleep. You will keep yourself ready to resume the moment you wake, but you will rest deeply and wake feeling rested, relaxed and overall wonderful.”

“Good girl.” He repeated as he spread a blanket to cover both their bodies but leave both their heads exposed. It would be kind of cold for him in one place, but given Jennifer in deep trance becoming sleep sucking on him gently as she kept working him in her mouth, it would be worth it. He went to sleep enjoying the feeling as though it were a lullaby.

“What?” Jennifer thought waking in the morning. The almost full feeling in her mouth confused her until she opened her eyes, then surprise held her still. A haunted thought that Lisa would know what to do came unbidden, but was answered all the same. Her tongue moved to lick and massage and the flaccid member began firming in moments.

“It’s already there, just like she said it would be.” Jennifer thought as Mike came stiff in her mouth so she began moving her head just a little at first.

“Who?” She thought as she absently kept working on Mike, “Lisa? Lisa who? Lisa said it was important that I finish what I started. I need to do this right.” Her thoughts went on as her tongue rubbed his now erect tip bringing a groan of satisfaction from him

“Oh! That’s nice.” Jennifer thought as a hand not her own found her favorite spot and began working it almost exactly as she liked.

“I can do this.” She said to herself as she felt a hand cup her breast through cloth, through the Pajamas she now realized she wore and appreciated. That meant her worst fears were unlikely, but the bits of dream leaking out unbidden made her wish perhaps that he hadn’t been quite so gentlemanly.

“I like this.” The thought came unbidden, but prompted her to rise on one hand without blocking the hand stroking her while the other struggled with buttons trapping her breasts.

“Come on, please.” She thought desperately as a hand now cupped her bare breast and she could feel him tremble as though on the verge, but nothing she did could take him over the edge, and she couldn’t stop now. The feeling of the rhythm, the feel of him filling her mouth, stroking her, fondling her bare breast drove her onward, making choice a distant thing. She would have screamed to climax now, orgasm now, were she not trapped with her mouth filled unable to break the rhythm that owned her, controlled her and danced her with a rhythm not her own.

“Oh my god!” Mike thought back half arched, unable to speak, unable to stop, unable to move more than to just keep stroking Jennifer as he waited for that last little bit so he could let go. That one word, that admission that she wanted it, her permission to finish. That impossible permission since his erection currently filled her mouth and her mouth currently held his ability to speak at bay behind the almost not quite orgasm that paralyzed him.

They sat watching the contest, Mike versus Jennifer, to see who would win. He had bet on Jennifer winning, she had bet on Mike. Whoever won the contest on the bed would decide which of them was the sub this weekend. The atmosphere was charged, the smell of the rut from the bed drove all other smells from the room and all other things from minds of the couple watching.

A Cheshire grin watched them. Like the cat, it was only barely visible. The couple lost in their contest paid no mind to the Cheshire grin watching them watching Mike and Jennifer. After all, it had taken that grin quite some time to get that couple just the way it wanted, no need to be hasty now. Taking the names of other Forum members as trigger markers was just for fun, nothing personal, just a way of keeping score.