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Child Support (mf, ff, nc, md, mc, in)

Part I

My mother was only 17 years old when I was born. Her pregnancy had shocked everyone because she had always been a straight A student who was more interested in books and studying than in boys.

My grandfather was a proud man who took my mothers pregnancy as a personal affront to his dignity. The fact that, despite repeated threats from my grandfather and desperate pleas from my grandmother, my mother refused to tell anyone who my father was only aggravated the problem.

At only 17 years of age and three months pregnant with me, my grandfather threw my mother out of the house and told her never to return. To my knowledge that is the last time that my mother ever saw her father. My mother had to quit school and try to find a way to survive on the cold, hard streets. Unlike today, there were fewer shelters or programs available to single unwed mothers with no place to live.

My life story may have ended there, even before it had begun, if it hadn’t been for the kindness and understanding of a young couple named the Wilson’s. Mr. Wilson owned a small clothing store and when my mother came to him begging for a job to help support herself and her unborn child, he took pity on her. Instead of giving her a job, he took her home and gave her food to eat and a warm place to sleep. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson even took care of the medical costs when I was born and arranged for my mother to return to school and complete her education. She repaid them by, once again, becoming a straight A student and eventually graduating at the top of her class with a degree in Business Administration.

We lived with the Wilson’s for a few years and my mother helped turn Mr. Wilson’s small store into a thriving business with enough income for him to retire. My mother then took a job with a fledgling software firm and we moved to an apartment of our own in a quiet suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of town. Our lives after that point were happy and I enjoyed a normal and exceedingly uneventful childhood. That is, up until about two years ago.

I was 13 years old and I remember that fateful day like it was yesterday. I arrived home from school at around 3:30 and noticed a number of cars parked in our driveway. I remembered that it was Wednesday and my mother had taken the afternoon off of work to meet with her single mothers’ support group. The support group was made up of four women including my mother who had all attended the same high school and had all had children at a very young age. I recognized most of the cars outside our house but there was one rather expensive looking car that I had never seen before.

I entered the back door quietly, trying not to disturb their meeting. As I crept through the kitchen I heard a strange sound coming from the living room. Instead of the buzz of conversation that normally emanated from one of the group’s meetings, I heard a loud moaning like someone was in pain. I decided to take a quick peek into the living room to see what was happening, so I quietly tip toed through the dining room and slowly looked around the corner.

What I saw shocked me. The first thing I saw was two women that I recognized as being members of the group laying either way on the couch, completely naked, and with their faces buried between each others legs. I didn’t understand what they were doing but I could hear them making soft slurping noises. Next, I noticed a man that I had never seen before sitting in the large easy chair on the far side of the room with two women kneeling at his feet. One woman’s head was bobbing up and down at the strangers crotch while the other woman, who I also recognized as being a member of the support group, was softly kissing the man’s thigh and gently playing with something between the man’s legs. All three were naked and the man’s eyes were closed while beads of sweat rolled down his distorted face. As if responding to some silent signal the women quickly changed places. As the woman whose head had been bobbing up and down began kissing the man’s thigh I could finally see her face.

Seeing my mother down on her knees with no clothes on, kissing and fondling a complete stranger, caused me to jump backwards with a start, where I collided with the large china cabinet. Realizing that they had heard me, and not wanting to face my mother until I had had time to think, I quickly bolted for the back door. I was just about to open it when I suddenly couldn’t move. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t force myself to open that door. I tried to yell for help but all that came out of my mouth was a tiny peep. For several seconds I stood there frozen like a statue until, just as suddenly as I had found myself frozen, I found that I was now able to move. Unfortunately I was not moving in the direction I had intended and found myself walking back through the dining room into the center of the living room. It was like my body was now under someone else’s control and my mind was just along as an unwilling passenger.

As I came to a stop in the center of the room, the man in the easy chair looked up at me and announced in a loud voice, “Look! We have a visitor”.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the two women on the couch briefly stop what they were doing and look at me before swiftly returning their attentions to each other’s pussy. The third woman, who was busy sucking the man’s cock, never stopped or even slowed down, apparently uninterested in anything but what she was doing. My mother, on the other hand, had ceased her caressing of the man’s testicles and sat there on the floor staring at me with a look of sheer terror on her face. I looked back at her and noticed a single tear begin to fall down her bright red cheeks.

“You must be Scott”, the man announced, drawing my attention away from my mother. “Your mother has told me so much about you. She says that you’re an excellent student much like she was when she was your age”. The man then turned to my mother and said, “Mona, you must be very proud of Scott”.

My mother just sat there frozen in place never taking her eyes off of me.

The man seemed angered at my mothers lack of response and in a stern voice said, “Come now, Mona, aren’t you proud of Scott?”

Reluctantly, as if she was fighting it with all her might, my mother slowly turned towards the man and nodded her head stiffly.

“I believe it’s your turn to relieve poor Diane”, he said to my mother.

The woman sucking the man’s cock, which I assumed to be Diane, drew back and gave a brief look in my direction before bending forward again and gently licking the man’s hairy balls. I then watched in horror as my mother moved her head over and took the entire length of the man’s penis deep into her mouth and throat. As my mother resumed her bobbing motion, my attention returned to the stranger.

“When I met your mother today at the mall, I couldn’t believe my luck”, he said. “And then when I found out about your mother’s little group here, I felt that it was only fitting that we should have a high school reunion”. “Did your mother ever tell you about me?” he asked, looking down at my mother with an evil grin on his face. “Of course not”, he replied. “You couldn’t. Could you my dear?” With that comment he suddenly seemed incredibly pleased with himself and let out a long laugh.

Overcoming my initial shock at being unable to control myself and fearing what the man before me had in mind I, once again, began struggling to move. I closed my eyes and tried with all my strength to move even one finger but to no avail. After trying for several minutes to move any part of my anatomy with no success, I opened my eyes and looked back at the man who seemed amused at my attempts to break free of his influence.

“You’re going to hurt yourself if you keeping straining like that”, he said rather matter-of-factly. “Trust me. I’ve been doing this a long time and no one has been able to break free yet, so why don’t you relax and enjoy the view”, he said, looking down at my mother. “Mona? Why don’t you stick that tight little ass of yours up in the air so that Scott here can get a better look”, he suggested.

Slowly but surely my mother moved her knees farther away from the easy chair so that instead of resting on the backs of her legs her butt was now sticking up in the air as her mouth continued moving up and down the man’s member.

“Don’t you find your mother attractive?” the man asked.

Because my mother was so young when I was born, she was only thirty at the time this happened. She had always been athletic and performed aerobics at least three or four times a week. There wasn’t an ounce of excess fat on my mother’s body and her large bosom was the object of many of my friend’s fantasies. I had never noticed my mother in a sexual way before but to my never-ending shame, seeing her firm buttocks gently rocking back and forth as she continued working her magic on the stranger’s penis caused a subtle but unmistakable pressure in my pants. Not wanting to admit that my own mother was turning me on, I was able to shake my head in response to the man’s question.

“Come now, Scott”, he said. “Don’t you find your mother even the slightest bit attractive?”

Once again, I shook my head no.

“Aren’t you wondering what it feels like getting a blow job from your mother? And isn’t it getting you even the least bit aroused?” Before I could respond again, he said, “Tell the truth”.

Instead of shaking my head no as I had intended, I found myself nodding in agreement. I began to cry as the stiffness in my shorts joined the betrayal of my still-nodding head.

“I thought so”, he said in a smug, conceited tone of voice. “Well”, he continued, “today is your lucky day. I was wondering how I was going to please all four of these lovely ladies”. “I’m not as young as I used to be and although my sexual prowess is known far and wide I don’t have the stamina I had in the carefree days of yesteryear”, he said, while billowing his chest. “Although you’re a little young, I believe that it’s never too soon for a boy to be introduced to the finer things in life. And believe me when I tell you that your mother is one of the finest things around”, he concluded as he rubbed my mothers head like she was his favorite cocker spaniel. “Mona? Why don’t you show Scott over there how proud you are of him by giving him one of your best blow jobs”.

My mind raced with a mixture of fear, anger and, to my dismay, excitement at the thought of having my virgin cock sucked by my own mother.

My mother quickly removed her mouth from the stranger’s penis and sat back on her legs again but made no movement in my direction. In what must have been a Herculean effort, my mother looked up at the man sitting before her and was able to utter two words, “Please don’t”.

The man suddenly turned bright red with rage and raised a hand as if he was going to strike my mother. Not only did my mother flinch at the anticipation of the blow but also everyone in the room cowered at the waves of pure hatred that radiated from this devil incarnate. But instead of hitting my mother he simply gritted his teeth and commanded, “Get over there you bitch!”

Unable to resist any further, my mother turned and crawled towards me as the waves of hatred gradually dissipated. Shame and sorrow burned in her eyes and what had started with a single tear was now a torrent of pain and suffering.

I knew that she was not in control of her actions. Trying to tell her that I didn’t think any less of her because of what she was about to do, I managed to wink and smile at her weakly as she reached up and began to unbuckle my belt.

She smiled back at me as she undid my pants, indicating that she understood. As she pulled my pants and underwear to the floor in one swift movement, my fully erect penis sprung forward almost hitting her in the face. Gently, she reached up and grasped the base of my cock and began guiding it towards her approaching mouth. As my mother began slowly kissing and flicking the tip of my penis, Diane began doing the same to the man’s considerably larger member.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the two women on the couch had pulled themselves away from each other’s pussies and one of them was busy sucking on the others swollen nipples, while gently squeezing her small but well-rounded breasts.

My mother regained my undivided attention as she began inserting the tip of my cock in her warm and wet mouth. Gradually she began sucking more and more of my cock into her mouth and down her throat until my entire length had disappeared from site. Firmly wrapping her lips around the base of my throbbing penis, she began slowly drawing her head back before lunging forward again just before the tip came free. She began repeating this action while increasing the speed and pressure with each stroke. Being only thirteen years old and experiencing my first blow job it didn’t take more than a dozen strokes before I felt my body tense and I spilled my load into my mothers waiting mouth. She easily swallowed all my semen, which wasn’t very much.

Completing her assigned task my mother sat back and licked her lips, while I stood there immobilized, trying to catch my breath.

Noticing that I was finished, the man in the chair glanced over at me and said, “Done already?” with a disappointed look on his face. “Oh well”, he said, “I guess I’d better join you”. He closed his eyes and concentrated for a minute and soon his body began to tremble and shake as he began to shoot stream after stream of gooey white liquid into Diane’s mouth while she tried desperately to swallow it without drowning. After what seemed like an eternity, the flow of cum started to subside and his body seemed to deflate and sink even lower into the enormous easy chair.

For a second I felt like I could move but before I could react, he had recovered from his momentary exhaustion and I found myself immobilized again. This seemed to concern the man, but he didn’t want to let on that anything was wrong so he merely sat up in the chair and smiled at me as if nothing had happened.

“Well”, he said, “did you enjoy that?” “Remember you have to tell the truth”, he added.

Once again I found myself nodding in response to his question.

“I think these two ladies deserve some kind of reward for a job well done. Don’t you?” he asked.

Unsure of what he meant or how to respond, I simply stood there and didn’t move.

“Well I do”, he finally said as he turned his attention to the two women on the couch.

They had switched places at some point during the activities but were continuing to pleasure each other.

“Jan. Liz”, he barked, causing the two women to spring from the couch and stand at attention. “I want you two to go upstairs into the medicine cabinet and bring back the jar of petroleum jelly that you’ll find there”.

The two women nearly fell over each other as they sprinted for the stairs anxious to follow the stranger’s orders.

Later I wondered how he knew that there was a jar of petroleum jelly in our medicine cabinet but at that moment my growing fear of what he had in mind was consuming my every thought. I had heard stories from the other kids at school about the things that men and women do together. Steve Wright had once brought a magazine to class that showed a man with his cock buried inside a woman but I never dreamed that I would be experiencing such a thing, especially with my mother.

While Liz and Jan retrieved the lubricant, the man ordered Diane and my mother to move to opposite ends of the couch and bend over the arms. He then rose from the chair and positioned himself behind Diane as I again found myself moving involuntarily and standing directly behind my mother whose ass was thrust unceremoniously into the air.

“Hurry up, I haven’t got all day”, he yelled as Liz and Jan finally returned with the large jar of greenish-yellow substance. “First”, he announced, “I think we’ll need some help reviving our drooping manhood”.

Knowing exactly what he meant and exactly what they were intended to do, Liz and Jan each moved to where the stranger and I were standing and after dropping to their knees they each began to gently stroke a penis.

I didn’t know which one was Liz and which one was Jan but whichever one was caressing my cock had very soft and supple hands. It didn’t take long before my flagging member was once again returning to full mast. Even the horror of what was about to occur couldn’t cancel out the waves of electric pleasure that were surging from my crotch.

Seeing that the man wasn’t ready yet and knowing that she wasn’t supposed to make me come, the woman rubbing my cock slowed her strokes to a point which kept me simmering but didn’t bring me to a boil.

As the man looked down at the forlorn expression on my mother’s face, he said, “Cheer up, Mona”. “They say that you should always save your first time for someone you truly love and in this case you love Scott and Scott certainly loves you”. Wanting to torment her even further, the man then smiled malevolently and said, “In a few minutes, he’s going to love you in a way I bet you never thought he would”. This malicious comment did more to boost his arousal than anything the woman kneeling before him did and soon he was also ready to go.

The woman in front of the stranger removed the top from the jar and took a large handful of petroleum jelly. She then slid the jar to the woman in front of me who also took a large handful of the gooey stuff. Almost in unison, the two women began gently spreading the slippery substance over the entire length of their assigned penises, being careful not to leave any uncovered areas that could cause friction and pain later on. Once assured that they had completely lubricated our members, they applied a thorough coating of the jelly to the asses of the two women who waited patiently for the coming invasion.

My mother shuddered involuntarily as the woman at our end of the couch shoved a glob of the viscous substance deep into her butt crack.

Finally, satisfied that everything was ready, the two lubricators crawled over to the vacant easy chair and began spreading the jelly that remained on their hands over each others breasts, enjoying the feeling of the cool liquid on their skin.

The man looked over at me and said, “Ready?” But before I could respond he reached down and used his right hand to guide the tip of his cock to Diane’s sphincter while his left hand tried to pry her firm ass cheeks apart in an attempt to facilitate entry.

To my amazement, my own body mimicked his movements exactly, causing my own right hand to guide my cock to my mothers sphincter while my left hand tried to spread her ass cheeks apart.

Seeing that I was unable to insert even the tip of my 13-year-old sized cock into my mothers tightly closed ass the man looked over at me and said, “Having a little trouble over there? Maybe I can help”. He closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment and I felt the muscles in my mother’s butt suddenly loosen and relax.

Once again, the man and I inserted our cocks into the awaiting asses and this time I felt little or no resistance.

I looked down and saw tears fall from my mothers face to the couch below but with her back turned to me I couldn’t tell if it was from the physical pain of my unwanted intrusion or from the shame of being reamed by her own son. Although I didn’t share her physical pain, I shared her sense of revulsion at this mental and physical rape and swore that someday I would make this man pay for the indignities he had heaped upon us.

Without a word the man began sliding his cock in and out of Diane’s ass while my own cock kept exact time in my mother’s ass.

Despite my every effort not to enjoy the experience, I found my mind being flooded with a myriad of pleasant sensations caused by my mothers hot, tight anal muscles wrapped around my lunging member. At one point, I heard my mother let out a moan of pleasure that indicated that any physical pain had passed and she was having as much trouble as I was fighting the pleasure that threatened to overwhelm us both.

As I felt the pressure begin to build in the base of my cock, I suddenly had an idea. If the man lost control again when he climaxed, I would use the opportunity to throw myself at him and hopefully catch him off guard enough to allow me to subdue him. His superior size and the distance I had to cover before he regained control made my chance of success almost non-existent but I was blissfully unaware of how doomed my plan was.

We humped the women’s asses with reckless abandon as we began to breathe in short ragged gasps.

I knew that we were both approaching our climax and turned complete control of my body over to the stranger in an attempt to conserve my willpower for the moment I would make my break. Finally I felt my body tense and waited for the lapse in his control that I had felt before. My cock began spouting streams of sperm deep within my mother’s bowels but as the pleasure of release filled my mind I began to feel groggy and had trouble focusing. As consciousness slipped away and I collapsed forward onto my mother’s back, I heard the stranger say between rasps of breath, “Sorry, kid. Nice try though”. I awoke two hours later in the easy chair.

The strange man and the other members of my mother’s group were gone and my mother was asleep on the couch.

I quickly sprang to my feet and was relieved to find that my body was once again responding to my commands. I ran to the couch and kneeled down beside my mother’s prone form and gently place my hand on her shoulder.

As her eyelids fluttered open, she saw me kneeling beside her and pulled me to her nearly squeezing the life out of me. When she heard me gasp for air, she released her hug and held me away from her at arm’s length to examine me for any physical harm. As her eyes reached my exposed penis, we suddenly became aware that she was completely naked and I wasn’t wearing any pants.

I reached for my pants, which remained in a pile in the middle of the floor, while my mother covered herself with a comforter that we keep in a cupboard in the coffee table. A thousand questions were buzzing around in my head as I fastened my belt buckle and sat down on the couch beside my mother. I opened my mouth to ask my mother who that man had been but when I tried to speak no sound would come out. I cleared my throat and tried again but still I couldn’t say a word.

Finally, my mother reached up and placed a single finger on my lips as she began to cry. I wrapped her in my arms and we held each other for another half an hour before she finally wiped the tears from her eyes, stood up and said in a confident tone, “I think we should go out for dinner”. I watched in awe as my mother went upstairs to get dressed, unwilling to let the day’s events beat her.