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Another story feature the Curse Master telling a story, this time one he considers tragic.

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The curse master saves a young girls life, And now offers her a chance for revenge, but has she made the right choice?

The Choice

You know I hate death, may sound surprising, since well I have likely seen more of it then numbers you can meaningfully comprehend. And yes before you ask, I can technically die, but that is another story. I remember seeing it, a young girl jumping off a building. Such a sad sight, I know I shouldn’t involve myself in such things, but it is a hard thing to watch. But what bothers me more than watching it is wondering why. To think that she is doing this all cuz of a misunderstanding and if she would only hold on 1 more day things would improve. So against my better judgement, I interviened. Of course never losing my taste for the theatrics.

As she was falling, she noticed time slow down, she could move, speak and think but her falling stopped as she just hung there in mid air.

“Whats going on?” The woman whom I later discovered to be named Irene. What a pretty name I thought.

I appeared before her. “Hi.” I said

“Whats going on? Who are you? Why are we just floating here.” She said in a frantic voice, but much more calm than I expected.

“I am god, or karma? Or easter bunny. Call me what you like. I prefer the score keeper, the curse master” I said. Oh god, that was when I was calling myself the score keeper, even I remember that as lame. Moving on.

“So uhm, god? Why am I not dead yet. Or am I dead?” She asked

“I am surprised how calm you are. Even in these circumstances, people are usually more impressed. Well jumping off a building. Usually it gives you so long to reconsider, yet no chance to chance your mind. Having any regrets?” I said

“No, I have nothing. Why do you plan to do this to me, just let me die!” She cried out.

“Seriously, meeting god doesn’t even bring 1 more question? Well, if you wish” I allowed time to speed up yet not return to normal. “I can allow you your death, I try not to interfere in such matters, but here is my offer. Coffee? And a talk. Figured win win. Either I can help you want to live, or this building will still be here in 20 min. Or your in a hurry to die?” I said. It is important not to label me a hero here. I really didn’t care whether or not she lived or died. I just didn’t want to see the show.

She agreed and we went to a coffee shop. Side note, I love this stuff. Probably will go insane if starbucks ever goes out of business. She informed me of her name, and that at her college a cheerleader had stolen her life. And, that may sound … weird? Definitely a new one to me, and, I had to admit that is impressive. So this cheerleader had started hanging out with all her friends on the condition they ignore her. In addition they helped her cheat to gain good grades. So within the past month. She had stolen her spot on test scores, taken her boyfriend and all her friends. Doing this to a geeky girl with self esteem issues. I was getting, angry. But I play fair. And this was going to become a dangerous game. I had to give her an out.

“Here is the deal. You have 3 choices: A. Walk away and forget you met me B. I can reverse the effects of the cheerleader. But that is it. C. I let you get revenge. So what will it be?” I offered her.

“Uh. Can I have a moment to think this over?” Irene asked.

“You may have 1 day.” I said and vanished.

She left and went home, wondering what to do. It wasn’t everyday god offered you revenge. It had been a while since she visited home. As usually everyone was too busy to take much notice to her visit. But after a while she asked her mother.

“Is it wrong, to get revenge?” She asked

“And eye for an eye leaves the entire world blind dear. Is this for a paper? Oh sorry dear, but I am awful busy, can we talk next week? When is your paper due? Ok bye see you then sweetie.” And her mother was gone.

Her family was amazing, and it made her sad even on a day like this she barely got 1 minute. But in all honestly she realized, this was her choice. And she had decided. Today she almost died. And she wasn’t sure if she would go back to living. So she would earn her revenge. It was about this point I appeared before her.

“So, ground rules. I decide how hard or light we hit. Agreed?” I said

“How did you know what I decided?” Irene said.

“God? Well, prefer the Curse Master.” I said

“So, you know everything?” she asked

“No, if I could why would I have asked you for a talk with coffee earlier? Since then I was watching, and waiting for your choice. But enough for now, we shall start tomorrow. I need to visit someone” I said and disappeared. Tomorrow a new game began, but I was in a dark place, and decided to visit Irene former boyfriend.

“Who are you? Whats going on?” he said squirming in my hand.

“Shut up! Your lucky I am trying to reform my behavior. I want you to think. Your girl, Irene. You betrayed her. For what a piece of stupid ass! I have a thing about betrayal. Though it isn’t the back stab. I get why the cheerleader would back stab a random person. But you. You were her ally, you didn’t back stab her. You looked into her eyes and you pieced her hea.... you deserve worse.” I said as I throw him off a building. He fell at 1/100 percent, he would have a while to think about his choices. Before waking up from this nightmare. Yes I just inflicted him with a nightmare. I did after all say, I don’t like death. In the last 100 years, that is the closest I have come to killing. But enough of that. Your likely more interested in the story starting the next day.

Irene, the woman, had no idea what to expect. I appeared before her and mentioned we would give her a taste of her own medicine. Also, finally remembered to ask the name of the cheerleader, Emily, not that to me this much mattered. Your going to take her life. Just go with it, I told her While she was st her first class I did my magic. In a sense I was only doing what Emily did, just more so. I was making people believe the swap. Emily to everyone now was the geek. And Irene was the cool cheerleader.

Irene wasn’t sure what to expect. After she left first class, she bumped into a different cheerleader.

“Hey Irene, you coming for this seasons try outs right?” The cheerleader said, as perfectly as it was today was try outs for the new cheer season. That made this next project so easy.

“Uh, what do you mean? I … could never be a cheerleader” Irene said realizing god was on her side.

“Oh course you are, you have been our captain for years, always a kidder, come on girl, lets go, we don’t want to be late.” She said. Irene gave no more objections.

Upon arriving at the cheer area, Irene was the first asked to audition. And she was surprised how easy it was for her body to preform the moves. It was about this moment that Emily arrived.

“Seriously! You like think you can join the cheer squad, like just go home geek.” Emily said

“Hey don’t be calling my homegirl a geek, bitch. Plus your one to talk, like you can cheer.” Another cheerleader said. It was surprising to Irene to see someone defend her, but it was something she liked.

Emily was quite confused, but not the type to continue a scene, she figured she would let the judges, her close personal friends denying her and choicing her would be humilating enough. Emily took her turn, and preform at her standard ability. I didn’t modify her in anyway, just the way people viewed her. And as you might expect, Emily was quite confused to see her denied and Irene accepted. Hell had frozen over to her. Again though Emily was covert and just left, to figured what had happened.

Over the next week, Irene took in what had happened, and was living the good life. She loved it. She was so happy. Though since she hadn’t been modified, beyond her dancing ability, she had the best of both worlds, the cheer squad, the good grades, no cheating, or maybe she didn’t have that. And even Emily boyfriend.

Before I continue, I want you to realize a notable difference. I didn’t have a double standard here. Emily boyfriend, is not loyal, they both know they were with eachother cuz of social standing, and losing that standing ending there relationship was known to both of them. This is worlds different than the loyalty Irene former boyfriend broke.

Irene had been wondering what would happen next, figuring they planned to do more to Emily.

“Maybe, we shall be responsive, we are waiting for her move. But this isn’t enough. You have become happy? Have you not? You have stolen her life, this is not enough?” I asked, but before she could respond, she got a text.

“Hey girl, whats up with this Link You were blowing the teachers? This is a rumor right? ”—Cheerleader

“What?! How? … Everyone thinks I cheated to get my grades?! Emily started a rumor to hurt my social standing! That bitch!” Irene said.

“Hahaha, well, time to counter strike.” I made a box and handed it to. “This is your counter. A rumor mill. Write a rumor about someone, type there name at the top, and enter it in, the rumor shall come true. But be warned, curb your punishment, if you go to harsh, it will auto correct to what I consider acceptable.” I told her. With this I let her play.

Irene decided to test it. She wrote: “Emily has been coming to school in the skimpiest outfits. High heels and all. Not only that she will flash her boobs to anyone who asks. And she can’t hide anywhere.”

The next day sure enough Emily was always in plain sight the entire day, in a tube top, a mini skirt high heels and had an expression that looked like she wanted so desperatly to hide. She hadn’t flashed anyone, but Irene thought she could help with that.

“Hey Emily why wear the top, just show everyone your boobs.” Irene said.

“Fuck off bi... what the fuck” as she pulled her top down. A few seconds later she pulled it back up but for the rest of the day it had become a revolving top that went up and down nearly constantly.

Irene hadn’t felt like she had gained enough though and wrote another card now that she knew it worked: “Emily is such a school tramp, if she is alone with anyone on campus for more than 10 seconds she offers them some sort of sex. She can’t say no to sex activities and well only walk and talk in a way that screams for sex.” Irene felt satified about her revenge now.

The next day was so funny to Irene. She saw Emily walking like such a tramp. Her face was surronded with fear and it looked like she was familiar with the alone condition. But to add to it, or ensure it happened, Irene told the teacher with the class they share she threated her life. Which of course lead to her being held alone after class. I watched through the door window. The teacher of course didn’t accept, damn, maybe I hadn’t fully thought this out. When Emily left the class she ran into me.

“You sexy bitch, you like did this to me, right?” Emily said.

“Guilty, aren’t you forgeting to asking me something” Irene pointed out how they were alone.

“Ugh, do you want to have sex with me?” Emily struggled so hard to avoid uttering those words.

“As if geek, but, I suppose we can go back to my room and you can lick me.” Irene said. And that is just what happened. Irene felt so good. Emily was a prisioner in her own body, dreading every moment, hating having to watch herself kneeel before this geek and lick her pussy. Unable to even slow, having to swallow all the cum she eventually earned from this person who only a week ago was so beneath her.

Having regained control she spoke“ I will get you back for this. I will figure out what you did, and get you kicked out or worse. I will get revenge, you sexy beast! Ugh damn it I can’t stop myself from cumming up with sexy phasing.” She stormed away.

Irene was pissed “like she will ever get me back. I have the power, I have god on my side. I will just finish this and end you.” She said aloud.

I entered the room, warning her. “Don’t do it. You done enough, time to give this up and return her life.” I said

“What, no, never, Its mine now. She derserves this.” She justified as she began writing a new card: “Emily, while your mind shall remain the same away of this curse, you are know just a hooker, leave school. Become a sex machine unable to say no. Needing to ask. Your are chemically addicted to sex, you can’t stop having it even if you were mentally able to. Never try to hurt me or think about it again. Just live your now sexy life.” Irene slammed the card in the box.

“How sad. Emily, her type, seen a million times. She doesn’t realize if you keep steping on insects you might find one with a stinger. But you. You know I gave you her life for a reason, to see if you would be willing to give it back. Eye for an eye indeed is a bad thing. But not all revenge must be this way. To teach a bully to hate the thing she does. But you went to far. You have allowed her the greatest of victories. You let her change your sweet nature. Goodbye” I said as the box revealed the cards text Irene noticed it said: “Irene for failing to learn your lesson. The last card is now your fate. Hope you enjoy the destiny you wrote for yourself”

“Wait, no, you cant do that. Your on my side” Irene frustratedly screamed

“No child, I was the score keeper. You got lost in your trial of revenge. It saddens me, but this is your fault” And I left.

Emily didn’t get off scott free. While I let her dress as she wants too, she is still inclinded to offer sex to anyone she is talking with while alone. And she cannot say no to any person of requests sex. This is her punishment for the game she started. But Irene got lost up in it and forgot her morals. I would say maybe one day she derserves a second chance, but remember, this was her second chance. Remember, always be careful how you treat others, you may one day step on a bee. And that remember to make your choices carefully.

The End.