The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


I heard my husband Ron come home from his trip to the strip bar. I had sent him there alone as a birthday present. I knew it was him because he was whistling a happy song as he came in and walked up behind me while I prepared some potatoes over the sink. I felt him press his chest into my back and I could feel his raging hardon pressing into my lower back. As my husband reached around my neck I could feel something silky soft being placed on me as a “snap” sound resounded from the clasp of whatever he had just placed on me.

“Honey your dream has come true. Remember that guy I told you about that does magic tricks on stage with the strippers? Well I got to talking to him and I told him about your secret desire to be a sex slave, and the difficulty you have role-playing as one. I told him how you want to be out of control and to be made to do anything you are instructed to do without thinking twice. Well for $20 he gave me this silk necklace that I just put on you, and it’s magical!” As he said this, I just stayed where I was, leaning against the sink with my eyes closed, enjoying the silky softness of the necklace. I was thinking to myself that anything magic was improbable and ridiculous. In another part of my mind I was thinking about the contrast of the softness of the necklace to the rock hard cock pressing into my back. I only thought momentarily on the fact that I don’t ever use the word cock, even in my own mind, before my husband’s speaking distracted me. “He told me that you probably would not believe me so he told me to have you do something you would not normally do right away. Before I get to that though, he also gave me a set of rules to give you before any commands.”

“Rule One, You will not take off the choker without me asking you to. Rule Two, you will not think upon anything I tell you to do, you will just do them without question. Rule Three, you will not think that anything I tell you to do is odd, strange, or out of the ordinary.”

“With the necklace on you will be you, not some mindless drone, so you will be able to do anything you want to do that does not go against my commands and rules. So, Rule Four, I want you to do everything in your power to make me happy and please me until I take the necklace off or tell you to take it off. Lastly rule number Five, I want you to keep yourself in a constant state of arousal and sexual readiness whenever possible but do not get yourself off unless I command you to.”

“The magician says that the effects become permanent if the necklace is worn for more than about 8 hours consecutively, so to be safe we have about 6 hours to play. Your first command is to take off the silk necklace around 6 hours from now if I do not tell you to do it before then. Now before I tell you to do something that you would not normally do to prove this magic works to both of us do you have anything to say Honey?”

I didn’t even think before I spoke, it just seemed to come out all at once. “Babe, this is ridiculous, magic is not real and this wont work, but I love you so much for being foolish enough to try to make my wish come true. We’ve talked about it before and you know I would try anything to be able to be a perfectly obedient sex slave for a day if I could. Remember, I even considered consenting to using a date rape drugs on me, but there was just too much risk. And Honey we both know that I’m just to stubborn to let anyone push me around no matter how much I try to role-play, we’ve tried remember?” What I said next came out of my mouth with absolutely no thought behind it, it just slipped out. As I spoke I reached behind me and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him harder into me. “Anyways, so when are you going to quit teasing me with your cock pressed into my back and press it into me proper!?”

My husband stiffened momentarily from my aggressiveness and his cock twitched against my back. My husband stepped back, grabbed my shoulders, turned me around, and pressed down on my shoulders forcing me to kneel. Once on my knees I instinctively grabbed at his belt buckle without thinking, realizing immediately that I must be really lusting for him. Normally I would not have knelt so easily let alone offering a blowjob without him begging for one.

“Stop” my husband said, and I froze, not frozen, I just stopped what I was doing, thinking nothing of my abrupt loss of the desire to move. “First off don’t talk until I ask you a question or tell you to speak. Second I want you to crawl on your hands and knees and go kneel at the side of my favorite chair in the living room and wait for me there. I need time to think of what I’m going to do with you.” As I began crawling towards the carpet my husband called behind me “Oh, and do you believe me now that the magic works?”

I had a hard time fathoming what was happening, but I eventually figured out that I was definitely not my normal self. There was no way I would have crawled anywhere, even if I had been ‘In the mood to role-play’. I had been cooking, and the next thing I knew I was wetting my panties with pussy juices kneeling in the living room pinching my nipples slowly as I awaited my husband’s return. Moments earlier I had been thinking about work and stuff I needed to do while peeling potatoes, now I was on the floor only thinking about the things my husband might let me do to him, or things he would do to me. I realized that it was my husbands Rule number three, “not to think anything he told me to do was odd” was making it really difficult for me to decipher what I normally would do and stuff that I would not. Either way though, I did realize that the necklace was working, and my dream really had come true.

My husband came back into the room and sat down on his favorite chair. He leaned forward some and placed his right hand on my head, petting me slightly as he sat lost in thought. I realized that he must not have really thought this entire thing through before hand. Typical male, never read directions, just think on the fly. Thinking of his fly just made me want to pounce on it and tear down his pants, but I was told to wait, so I waited. I knew that I was appeasing rules number Four and Five, I was playing with my body seductively, pinching my nipples rubbing myself up and down with my hands moaning softly, I know that he really likes it when I touch myself, something I’ve only done for him once. Rule number five was in full effect also, the pleasure was mounting in my body so I was being careful not to touch my privates in fear that I would explode in orgasm with the first touch.

“Ok, I have to think of something to make you do that will convince you that this is for real”, my husband mumbled as he thought. Little did he know that I already believed, but I would not offer to tell him, since he had not asked me to speak.

“I know”, he finally said. “Tell me a deep dark secret fantasy that you have never shared with me before, something you do not want to tell me.”

“I want to fuck Bridget while you watch, then I want to do 69 with her while you fuck me!” I blurted almost as if I was trying to get it out before it got stuck in my throat or something.

Ron sputtered, seaming to almost be in shock “Really, I thought you never wanted to do anything like that? What else? Elaborate.”

“I’ve already spoken to Bridget and she really wants to do it to, but I’ve never had the nerve to ask you and Bridget said that she expected me to bring it up to you first. She has the hots for your body and I’ve told her how big you are.” I could tell that I was blushing from head to toe, and a guilty look was probably very evident on my face. When he asked why I had never told him I explained that I never wanted him to know, because I never wanted to worry about it messing up our relationship, and yet now I was telling him everything.

“Well today I granted one of your secret fantasies, and yet it’s MY birthday. Now this is not a command, you are free to do what you like but if you want to grant one of my fantasies on my birthday then call Bridget and ask her if she still wants to have a threesome.” Compelled by rule number four, I called her without a second thought. Ron didn’t realize that I was being compelled by his rule number Four. Although, deep down I knew that I did really want this after all, I had dreamt about it so many sleepless nights while he was away on business trips, and I had thought of brining it up to Ron. More than once Bridget and I had kissed passionately when all we had meant to do is hug each other goodbye, and I had thought of asking Ron again. There was even a cool summer night when Bridget had come over to use the Jacuzzi nude together and we ended up fingering each other to multiple orgasms right out there in the open night air. That night I wanted so badly to mention the idea to my husband Ron that Bridget had made me promise her that I would ask him, but I chickened out once again.

While we waited for Bridget to drive over to our place Ron asked me more about Bridget, and he found out, totally by accident, about my secret sexual rendezvous with her. Once he knew about this ‘interesting information’ he grilled me fore more, intentionally trying to find out what her hot buttons where and what she liked. I explained to him that she is naturally the submissive that I always wanted to be. I told Ron what Bridget had told me, that when she was in the mood to role-play she would do whatever she was told and not talk back like I always did, before the necklace.

“Since you two are such good friends already and I’ve not had the chance to ‘meat’ her the way you have, I want you to greet her at the door naked. I want you to kiss her personally like you told me you have before. I will be sitting in my favorite chair watching and you will ignore me to focus only on her. You will seduce her and get her ‘warmed up’. You will tell her to be submissive to me and that you two will be my sex slaves for the night. If she does not agree to the game have her address me directly. If she tells you to do anything you will ignore her commands and simply tell her that ‘The man of the house is the only one that can command his sex slaves’. Then you will slowly strip her down. Do not let her leave the front door landing until she is lacking all of her clothing, understands and agrees to play our game, and her juices are flowing liberally. Once she is ready tell her that both of you will step onto the rug, kneel down, crawl to me on hands and knees and each of you will take one of my legs and hug it in respect. I will take it from there.”

When Bridget arrived she immediately caught on to the idea that we where putting on a show for Ron’s enjoyment, as soon as I had explained to her the “game” she was all in. By far that kiss on the front landing was the best one the two of us had ever shared! Soon I was slowly removing each of her pieces of clothing. I explained to her what to do next and we both crawled over to my husband. Looking at the two of us you would have thought that we where actually competing each other for ‘best sexy crawl award’ or something.

I don’t know when my husband had gotten it but once we where both hugging his legs he reached down and placed one of my old ribbon chokers around Bridget’s neck, giving her a slave collar too. My old choker didn’t have any magical properties, but Bridget didn’t seem to need it, especially with me ‘playing’ along so well.

“Neither of you are to speak until spoken to. Neither of you are to touch me in any way unless I tell you to. Neither of you may touch yourselves for pleasure unless I tell you to. Now Babe get down on your back and Bridget get on top of her and kiss each other some more for my enjoyment. Try to get each other off without touching each others privates with your hands.” The two of us girls had so much fun on the floor messing with each other we had almost forgotten that Ron was there at all. It must have been 5 minutes before we where interrupted by a “Stop”. “One of my slaves informed me earlier that she would like to fuck the other slave while I watch. This would please me greatly. Now I know why she’s been hiding a strap on dildo in her undies drawer for months now. Slave, go get it, Bridget you will dance for me while we wait, you may NOT touch me, you MAY touch yourself, but you may NOT get yourself off.

I don’t know what Bridget was doing downstairs while I rushed to get my newest toy, but I was a bit sad that I could not have also been watching her. She has a smoking hot voluptuous body. She’s got the kind of body that many girls would kill for, short and thick without looking fat at all. She had a nice round ass and fine breasts to match. I often envied her breasts for being real when most people thought they where fake. Me on the other hand, I’m short like her, but skinny as a rail without being just bones. My breasts are much like hers except that mine are fake. The two of us girls have a lot in common. We both wax head to toe. I do it for smoother looking skin, Bridget does it as a sign of her submissive side. We both have small dark nipples and good tans. Unlike me, Bridget has tan lines; she wears the smallest bikini you have ever seen when she sunbathes on her roof, whereas I tan in a booth naked. We share small waist, but hers looks smaller thanks to her larger hips.

Once back downstairs I found Bridget giving Ron a floating lap dance, she had one leg up on his chair and her hips as close to his lap as possible. Being careful not to touch him you could tell that she was giving him a really good close view of her various assets. Ron just ignored me as I came in the room, his eyes where intently roaming her body as she ground an invisible cock in the air. I put on the strap-on, walked up behind her and gave her a hard SLAP on the ass with my fake cock. Surprised, she squeaked and stepped off the chair, looking a little embarrassed.

Ron looked a little bit put off by my aggressive cock slapping behavior. “Honey, what is my favorite position, get this right and you will be rewarded, wrong and you will be punished?” “When I am on my side with my top leg tucked into my chest?” I answered. “Wrong, my favorite position is sitting with you sitting still on my cock while you play with yourself slowly bringing yourself to an orgasm impaled on me for my viewing enjoyment. You will be punished for your wrong answer, but I’ll let you off the hook some if you get this right. How many times have you done this for me?” I looked down at the floor and replied that it had only been once.

“For your punishment you will take off that strap-on, give it to Bridget, instead of you getting to fuck Bridget she will be fucking you in the ass, and you will enjoy it.” He said the last sentence with a tone of command and I immediately realized that he was right, the choker on my neck would now make sure that I enjoyed being fucked in the ass. Ron got up and walked to stand between the two of us. “You two take my clothing off in the sexiest way you can think of, do not touch my cock. Once we had done this Ron went to sit on an ottoman then called me over to him. “While Bridget is putting on your punishment device you will sit on my cock and play with yourself like you should have done for me all these years.”

I realized immediately what this meant; he was going to have Bridget fuck me in the ass while he was inside of me. If I thought before that I could not fit the girth of that strap-on in my ass I was sure now that it would not fit with him inside of me as well. Having no choice though I squatted over him and slowly, teasingly put just the first inch of him in me. I had planned to tease him, but with my eyes closed enjoying myself I did not see him reaching towards my thighs and he slammed me all the way deep onto him in one stroke. I reveled at how wet I must have been to have preformed that feat, but it had slid in with no resistance at all. “Bridget there is lube and at least one condom in the drawer under the corner lamp. Put on the condom and come over here to service this slave.” Bridget did as she was told. Without needing to be told any more Bridget expertly lubed up my pucker squatted herself over Ron’s legs, tickling my back with her stiff nipples and began pressing the huge condom covered strap-on into me. The control of the necklace seemed to help, I had no problem loosening up my muscles even as the first tiny twinges of over-fullness came and went. Bridget began fucking me and I just relaxed as much as I could, laying on my husbands warm chest feeling a fullness I had never felt before. Soon Ron was getting some enjoyment from this reaming even though the only movement he was receiving was from the vigorous pounding forcing my hips to move slightly. I on the other hand was moments away from a screaming blissful orgasm.

“Stop” Ron called. “Bridget sit upright and sit down right down on my thighs, but don’t slip out of her. Slave you also sit up. Slave put your hands behind your back, crossed, so that you can pinch onto Bridget’s nipples. The closer you come to orgasm the harder you will pinch her nipples. Bridget I want you to teach her how to play with herself for my viewing enjoyment not her pleasurable enjoyment. Give me a good show, but don’t let her come. She should be writing and squealing, begging us!”

Bridget was relentless, she squeezed, she poked she wiggled her fingers, she sucked on my neck and ears, she even threw in a couple anal thrusts with her cock for my pleasure. Against my own will I squeezed her nipples in accordance with my coming orgasms, but none came, Bridget was an expert and Ron was really enjoying the view. Finally I started begging, writing in ecstasy on the edge again I humbled myself and begged for release. “Bridget if she gets this question right make her come. Slave, what is my favorite position!” “ME… Riding.. no SiTTing.. Still.. On yOUR CoCK.. Fingering myself…. And … and …. Playing with myself… to O-O-OR-OrgaSM… FoR YOUR … VisuAL Enj.. oyMMEEE.. NNTTTT.” As I finished the sentence Ron reached up and grabbed my nipples as Bridget bit down hard on my shoulders and went to town with her right hand on my clit as two of her left hand fingers buried themselves deep in my mouth receiving a good sucking off. The two of them began thrusting wildly into my two holes and the last thing I remember was blacking out, still awake but all of my vision black and me disoriented.

The next thing I knew was that I was on the floor, on my back coming to. I could feel cum dripping out of me. My husband was sitting in his favorite chair again and Bridget had taken my spot in his “favorite position”. I could not tell if he was in her or not, but I hoped she was buried deep so that I could suck her taste off of him. “Honey we have time for one more game before our ‘time is up’. Honey, stay where you are and when you are ready for more just let us know, I’m just going to enjoy what your friend has to give while we wait for you.”

When I was ready to go again he reluctantly sent Bridget over to me to assume the 69 position with me. He came and mounted her and the entire neighborhood probably knew within seconds that she really liked the fact that my stories of Ron’s size where true! I lapped at a woman’s clit for the first time, taking in the smells and the tastes as my husband pounded her from behind. I loved it, I loved every minute of it and it was not the collar talking at all. I loved that my Ron was fucking another woman while I got to watch, got to taste their juices, freshly mixed, dripping out of her. I loved that I was sucking on a clit while a woman sucked on mine. I was glad that I finally, after all this time, could share my bestest girlfriend with Ron. Most importantly I was glad that I was fulfilling one of his greatest fantasies. My moans competed with Bridget’s mostly so that my husband would know how much fun I was having.

Ron pulled out of Bridget and moved around to the other side. As my clit got suddenly cold I could hear her mouth sucking their combined juices greedily off his cock. Soon enough he had flipped us over with me on top and he was pressing home as Bridget sucked on my clit. I could hear his balls slapping into her forehead as I realized I now had full access to her womanhood.

When that was all over Bridget and I lay on the floor in each others arms, still in the 69 position, while Ron sat in his chair grinning over his slaves. While we lay their Bridget broke character and started talking to Ron, who obliged with conversation. I was unable to speak because of the necklace but I really had nothing to say anyways. Bridget asked almost immediately what had happened to make me suddenly become so submissive, and how the threesome idea had finally been broached. When Ron explained it she just laughed, saying ‘no really tell me the truth’ a lot during the entire description of events. Ron had explained everything, the necklace’s level of control, the 8ish hour time limit etc.

Ron said “Fine Bridget, I bet if you tell me one thing you would never do and I’ll make you do it with just one command once I put the necklace on you. If I win the bet I get to keep you overnight as my personal slave, and my wife and you will just have to pretend to be my slave without the necklace as best each of you can.

“Fine, I’ll take that bet. I’ve always been a bit of a closet exhibitionist, I’ve always wanted to show off my body naked in public, but I can never get myself to do it for real, hence the tan lines. Make me go re-park my car 2 houses down the street, naked, and I’ll be your slave.” Bridget added with a huge smirk. “Until, AT LEAST, the morning.”

“Honey it’s about time for you to take off the necklace anyways and you are probably too tired to be non-compliant without it anyways. Take off the necklace and place it on your best friend. After I complied he simply said “Go do the thing you just told me you would not ever do, do nothing else and come straight back inside when you are done.” A few minutes later she came running back into the house panting. Bridget tried to close the door behind her but in her rush and hasted lust it got caught on her foot, bounced back open, as she knelt down on the entry way tile on all fours and fingered herself to a crashing sceaming orgasm with her ass in the air right there in plane view of the neighborhood.

After letting her recover Ron let her know that the door was open and maybe she should shut it since all three of us where naked. Embarrassed she realized her folly and scrambled to close the door.

Having won the bet he took the collar off of her setting it down on the coffee table. Ron got up to go to the bathroom and while he was away us girls go to talking. She asked me if I had really wanted all of that now that the necklace was off and I fully, enthusiastically agreed. She mentioned that it would be fun to do that again and I again agreed. Bridget got suddenly serious and looked me in the eyes. She starred deeply into me searching for something before finally asking me if it would be alright if I could ‘share’ my husband more often with her. Being best friends, seeing how much fun we all had tonight, and realizing that this would make Me, Bridget, and my Ron very happy I agreed with a huge smile and gave her a great big hug. I told her I would share him with her whenever she wanted, as much as she wanted.

“Oh you two at it already?” Ron called from the kitchen doorway carrying some wine, bread, and cheese on a platter for us all to enjoy. “In your wildest…” I retorted. “Careful slave or you’ll get punished again.” To tired to argue I just kept my mouth shut. Once he had sat down I gave Bridget a womanly eye and she jumped down on the floor with me to kneel at Ron’s feet. We all fed each other and pet each other, no one really being a sub, just all of us taking a break and relaxing before we would retire upstairs to go to sleep. When I woke in the morning my husband was laying between us petting Bridget as she cooed softly. As I rolled over to look over Ron’s chest a tiny twinge of jealously shot through me for just a split second. Bridget was already wearing my silk slave necklace. “You two already up to some fun this morning? Already got yourself a NEW slave?” I teased with a smile and a jab in his side. “Actually I’m just giving her the house rules now that she’ll need them, she put the necklace on herself in secret before we all went to sleep last night.”

As I lay in bed still waking up the significance of the statement came over me like a small orgasm, we had gone to bed hours earlier. Our alarm had not gone off, and now as I looked I found it had been unplugged. By the look of the light outside the bedroom window she had been wearing the necklace at least 9 or 10 hours. “Bridget has informed me that she has given herself to her best friend, to be slave and companion forever. Bridget also informs me that so long as her best friend is married, ‘The man of the house is the only one that can command his sex slaves’.” Ron rolled over to face me. “By the way this should make your chores today a lot easier.” Ron finished the last sentence so fast that I didn’t have time to react before the slave necklace was around my neck again and I could feel the rules from last night coming into effect again. Our first chore of the day was the clean each other well in the shower, Ron gave me permission to take as long as I liked getting acquainted to my new slave sister in any way we liked. I thought deviously to myself that maybe I would follow Bridget’s cue and collar myself tonight with the alarm clock unplugged…