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Christmas Eve

* * *

Author’s note: This is a “Kateverse” story featuring the two main characters from my story “Amnesiac.” You don’t need to read that story to enjoy this one, although I’d certainly be happy if you read both! Wishing all of you a happy and peaceful holiday season. © 2019 by 321, all rights reserved and such.

* * *

“Welp, she’s down. Again.” Kate slipped beneath the enormous flannel blanket and, after a bit of tugging, claimed enough of it to cover herself. She snuggled against James and sighed. “We’re all settled in for the night here at the inn. Right, Rigby?”

Rigby, sprawled out on the floor, responded with a mighty yawn. He laid his head on his paws and, with a snort, closed his eyes.

She let her head come to rest on her husband’s shoulders. “Whatcha watching?”

“Christmas Carol. It just started. We’re not even at first gho—ah! Shit! Your hands are freeeeezing! Here, let me…” He dug his hands beneath the blanket and wrapped them around her own. “God, you’re like a snowman! We really have to get a new furnace. Seriously.”

“Did you ask Santa for one?”

His hands were strong and warm. “I didn’t think it would fit down the chimney.”

“It literally is the chimney, James.”

He laughed, and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. She met his lips with her own, and their kiss soon deepened into passionate tongue-play. Behind them, the movie continued.

”I am the ghost of Christmas Past.”

“Long past?”

“No, your past.”

“And what business brings you here?”

“Your welfare.”

“To be wakened by a ghost at one o’clock in the morning is hardly conducive to my welfare!”

“Your redemption, then.”

He pressed against her. “Do you think she’ll stay asleep for a third night in a row?”

“Why not? It’s the season of miracles.” She tucked her head under his chin and smiled as he gently ran his hands through her hair. She winked at Rigby. Eat your heart out, buddy. “Alice is a good kid. She loves her parents and wants them to be happy.”

“I’ll remember that later tonight when I’m changing diapers.” He fumbled for the TV remote, and after a moment of searching, found the ‘off’ button. The room plunged into darkness.

She frowned. “Aw, now we’ll never know what happens to Ebenezer Scrooge!”

“Scrooge travels into the future and becomes a super-successful wealth management guru.” He tossed the remote onto the coffee table. “Smart investors never spend money at Christmas, folks. It’s not a humbug, it’s a hum-feature!” He turned to Kate, who delivered a playful, well-aimed jab at his ribs.

“That British accent needs some work, you big nerd. Why did I marry you, again?”

“Because you were brainwa—“

“STOP! Stop stop stop stop that was not a real question!” She looked into his eyes. “Try again.”

“Because I’m handsome?”

“Mmmmhmmm. Good start.”

“Because… I own my own home?”

“That’s a bonus point, sure.”

“Because I love you, and I want to make you happy every single moment of every single day?”

“Ding ding ding! We have a winner!” She poked him with both hands. “We… have… a… win… ner! Your prize is… your lovely wife. Ready to do whatever you want her to do.”

“Really?” His face glowed with mischievous energy. “I’ve been… practicing, you know. In the mirror, anyway.” He shot her a wink. “I doubt that Claire would let me try it out on her.”

“And I doubt that you’d enjoy much of anything about your life if I ever found out that you tried, bucko.” She forced her arms to leave the warm hanger beneath the blankets, wrapping them around his neck and pulling him close. “Also, I know you’d never do that. You’re the good guy in all of my stories.”

“It’s a little weird that we both… I mean, after everything that happened? Come on, it’s a little weird.”

“The past doesn’t define us. Or control us. We do what we want, and that… that is the best Christmas present of all. To freedom, and sexy husbands, and beautiful children, and doing whatever the fuck we want when said children are asleep.”

“Are we supposed to toast or something?” He looked down at the sleeping Labrador. “Rigby, fetch us some wine and some glasses. Rigby. Rigby, fetch! You… some helper dog you are, buddy.”

“A toast,” she whispered seductively. Their lips met, and pressed together. She pulled back and rubbed her nose against his. “Clink.”

“Okay, on that note, I got us something.” He began to shuffle underneath the blanket, shifting his body weight as his hands dug through the couch cushions. “I’ve got it right… no wait… where the hell did it go?”

“You had a Christmas gift for me this whole time and never told your lovely wife about it until just now? For shame, James. For shame.”

“I… here! Wait… here! Here! Merry Christmas, lovely wife.” He pulled out a small black box and smiled.

“I hate to break it to you, but we’re already married.”

“Oh, wait. This is for my other lovely wife.” He placed a hand over the top of the box, slowly opening it while keeping it hidden from her eyes. “So hard to manage my harem this time of year.”

“Nice. Make with the gift. Chop chop!”

He curled a fist around the object and let the box fall into his lap. With a wink and a flourish, he slowly revealed a green gem set in a gold frame. “I thought it matched your eyes,” he said, sliding it into her waiting hand. “Also, you know, sales and stuff.”

“It’s beautiful,” she said, and she meant it. Sale or no sale, it was a well-made and clearly expensive piece of jewelry. The lights on the tree gave the stone a slight glow, as if it were an ornament waiting to be hung next to the candy canes. She found herself twisting her hand back and forth, entranced by the shifting colors and the soft glint of the gold frame. “So this is why we’re not getting a furnace this year?”

“Do you want to be warm, or do you want to be pretty?”

“Hmmm. Both? Both. I choose both.”

He snatched the gem from her hand, leaving her to grasp the attached chain in response. A short tug-of-war ensued. James snorted and pulled harder. “Gimm… hey! C’mon, I want to show you something!”

“Okay. Fine. Scrooge.” She released her grip and settled back, watching with bemused interest as James rearranged the gem in his hand. He let it drop from his fingers and began to swing it back and forth. “It’s really pretty, you know. Guy at the store told me it had magic powers.”

“I know what you’re doing,” she said. Her green eyes twinkled in the candlelight. “Don’t act like you’re all smooth and subtle, James my husband. You’re not.”

“Shhh. Magical powers, Kate. Once you look at it, you can’t look away. It captures your eyes, your gaze. Drawing you in, deeper and deeper. Watch.”

Even as she wrinkled her nose to mock him, she found her eyes drawn to the green gem just as predicted. “Am I supposed to resist?”

“No,” he said, giving the gem a slight twist. “Okay, maybe a little. Just watch. Watch it spin.”

“It’s beautiful, James. I love you.”

“You love looking at the pretty gem, is what you love. Only the crystal. Watch.”

“You’re goofy.” She nestled against the cushions and sighed. “Mmmm. I’m just going to watch it for a while. Just a little… bit…”

“It’s so pretty, isn’t it? The way it captures the lights from the tree, red and green, back and forth. Just watch, Kate. Watch. You can’t look away.”

“Mmmm. Yeah. You’re getting good at… this…”

“Shhh. Watch. When you’re ready, let your mind start to drift away. Let all of your thoughts just melt away. Let them flow into the pretty, pretty gem.”

“…really… really… I… hypno…”

“Relax. So beautiful, Kate. So relaxing. Alice is asleep, it’s Christmas Eve, and you can just let your tired, tired eyes close. Your heavy, tired eyes. So heavy, Kate. So tired.”

She sagged against him, eyes glazed and locked on the pendant. “I’m just… just gonna watch… just… for a little…”

He gave the pendant another spin, enjoying the way it reflected light into his wife’s tired, sleepy eyes. He really was getting better each time. “When you’re ready, Kate, and only when you’re ready, you’ll close your eyes, and fall into a deep, deep sleep. A deep hypnotic trance. Relaxed and safe and warm, deeply asleep. Counting backwards from ten, down to one. Down, Kate. Down and down. You can start counting when you’re ready. Down from ten.”

Her mouth fell open before she even realized what was happening, as if her body had already decided to render her mind redundant and forgotten. “Ten.” The words oozed out of her, taking with them weeks of pent-up stress. “Nnnnine…”

“Eyes so heavy, Kate. So, so heavy. Pretty and green, just like the emerald. Heavy, just like the emerald. Heavy. Sleepy. Counting down.”

“Eight.” It felt so good to count. All of those sleepless nights spent tending to her daughter, all forgotten now, lost in a blissful, wonderful fog of drowsiness. She could give in. There was time to just let… herself… “Ssssseevvvvvv…”

He touched her forehead. “Sleep.”

“vvvnnnnnnnn…” Her eyelids slowly closed, opened again halfway, then slammed shut for good. Her voice faded into a slow exhale.

“Are you hypnotized, Kate?”

She nodded. “Uh huh.”

“You’re safe in my hands. In a very safe place. If you’re unhappy, you will wake up and remember everything.” He paused, trying to think of what safeguards he might have overlooked[a]. After some thought, and some time spent admiring her entranced face, he added, “If you like this, say yes.”

“Yesssss… I trussssssst… open to you…”

He grinned. That was more than good enough. He reached for the little box they kept stashed behind the end table lamp. It was stuffed full of business cards, mostly collected at conferences and business meetings; few if any had ever been used for actual business. Normal business, anyway, he thought. A month before, bored and more than a little drunk on wine, they’d sat down and given them a new purpose. He held up a handful of cards like a poker player. “What should we do tonight, Kate?”

“Anything…” Her cheeks flushed red for a moment, before sinking back into the depths of trance. Then she fell silent, awaiting his commands.

Harem girl, stripper, hypnotist volunteer, maid… Jesus, why did we even include maid? Finding no inspiration in the initial stack of cards, he turned the box around and rifled through Kate’s suggestions. His eyes settled on the back of what was once Dinah Winslow’s business card. Hmm…

“Kate,” he said, holding her limp hands and stroking them with his thumbs. “Listen carefully to my voice…”

* * *

”Are you more rested?”

“I am. Bless your dear, gentle heart. You know, I didn’t think there was anyone like you left in the whole world.”

“Nnnnnnn…” Rays of light peeked through the curtains of her eyelids, just enough to rouse her brain from its peaceful slumber. For a moment, she resisted, hoping that the annoyance would pass and leave her to sleep in peace. Instead, her ears picked up the sound of whatever James was watching on television, and the chorus of light and sound brought her to full awareness. She forced open her eyes and frowned. “What time is it?”

“Late, I guess. Alice is still asleep. You really have the magic touch with her.”

She pressed a thumb and finger against her eyes, rubbing them as life returned to her body. “Mothers and their children. You know how it goes.”

He was huddled under the blankets, head exposed like a star on top of a very lumpy Christmas tree. “I was raised by wolves,” he said.

“Why am I not surprised?” She glanced at the screen. “Scrooge again?”

“You fell asleep on me. I got bored.”

She sat up and pulled her thick robe tight around her body, hoping to trap as much heat as she could. “Do you want any wine? I think there’s still some in the kitchen.”


His eyes roamed her body, and she happily basked in his attention. She fought the urge to jump him right there and then, to burrow under the blanket and give them both another way to stay nice and warm all night long. Instead, she placed a single, seductive finger to her lips. “After wine, do you want to… play around a little? Our little idea box is right there on the end table.”

“As my mistress commands.”

God, I want you so bad right now. “Oh, you will. You’ll do exactly as I…” Her eyes drifted back to the television. “Wait.”

“Hmm?” James followed her eyes to the television, feigning disinterest. “Wait what, hun?”

“What did you do to me, you butt?” She landed a playful swat against the massive blanket. “Come on, spill it!”

“I did nothing of the sort, lovely wife.”

“Mmmhmm. Because one second we’re on Ghost of Christmas Past and now we’re finishing up with the Ghost of Christmas Present, just like that?”

“I told you, you fell asleep.”

“I have a good idea as to why.”

He looked with glee in his eyes, a schoolboy about to unveil his latest, greatest prank. “Kate, won’t you join me in the ballroom?”

“We… I…” The trigger washed over her like a warm, gentle ocean wave. A voice nibbled at the back of her mind, reminding her of her next task. When you hear those words, Kate…

She felt her eyes flutter and her legs wobble as her body melted into the floorboards like candle wax. “Yesssss…”

* * *

“Lady Pendleton, may I say that you like quite stunning this evening?”

“Hnnn… what?” She slowly opened her eyes, and waited for them to focus on the blurry shape in front of her. After a moment, it became the admiring face of Admiral Shaw. Tall, vaguely handsome, with a deep baritone voice that befitted his position, Admiral Shaw was her favorite admirer. There were many others.

“I asked if I may compliment you on your beauty this evening. That is quite a stunning dress, my dear.”

The Admiral’s request was a bit embarrassing—he was old enough to be her father, or perhaps even her grandfather—but it was also a relief to hear. “You’re too kind,” she said, taking his hand. “My mother threatened to chain me to my bed rather than let me out of the house dressed like this.”

“It is rather daring,” he said. He almost certainly meant her décolletage, plunging as it was, but his eyes refused to dip to her chest. Instead, he looked straight at her face and chuckled. “You carry it quite well, Lady Pendleton. Ah! I think my wife is getting jealous of me, seeing me attending to such a ravishing beauty while she’s off by herself. If you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time for me to put out to sea.”

The perfect gentleman. If only you were my age, Roland. If only…

He stepped away, then turned. “Oh, Lady Pendleton, have I introduced you to James?”

Ugh, no. No, Rupert, no. “You have. There’s no need to introduce us again.” Once was more than enough. “I’m afraid we don’t share much in common, if anything.”

Another low, baritone chuckle. “Just stand right there, Lady Pendleton. When I snap my fingers, James will be standing where I am. Wait one second.”

It was an odd thing to say, and she opened her mouth to tell him so. Just then, with a wink and an awkward bow, the old sailor removed a white glove and pressed thumb against middle finger. Snap.

Everything went sideways—the room, the dancers, her own body. She felt herself slide to the edge of the room, landing hard against the ornate oak paneling with a thud. The impact seemed to knock her out of her senses. Her eyelids suddenly felt so, so heavy, and she struggled in vain to keep them open. “Whaaaa…”

A voice. Not the admiral’s, but somehow still familiar to her. “Listen to my voice,” it said.

She listened.

* * *

“You’ve never seen the likes of me before, have you Ebenezer?”

“Never, and I wish the pleasure had been indefinitely postponed.”

When she came to again, she found herself staring at the floor. Shadows swirled around her—other dancers, most likely, although her head was far too heavy to lift and allow herself to take a look around. She could, if she concentrated hard enough, just make out her own outline in the highly polished surface. She made a note to send the cleaning staff an extra bonus for Christmas.

A hand cupped her chin, lifting it until her eyes left the floor and settled on a handsome, vaguely familiar face. She squinted. The Admiral? No, he was gone. In his place… what was it that he had told her? When I snap my fingers, James will be standing where I am.

“Lady Pendleton. An hour spent gazing into your eyes is like an eternity in heaven.”

She knew that voice. Knew exactly who it belonged to. “And a moment gazing into yours is like an eternity in the dentist’s chair,” she said, her voice as icy as the front driveway. “Hello, James. The pleasure is all yours, I’m sure.”

“Well we both seem to be having fun.” He placed a hand on the small of her back and expertly led her through the throngs of spinning dancers. Soon they were spinning as well, fast enough to make Kate dizzy and short of breath. The longer it went on, the more she wanted James to stop. She worked up a sharp reprimand in her head, the kind that was just powerful enough to stab his ego without making a scene, but just then James really did come to a halt. The room around them continued to spin. She resumed her study of the ballroom floor, hoping to calm her nerves and her stomach. “I’ll give you this,” she said between greedy gulps of air. “You’ve been practicing.”

“I think I’m the one who is supposed to be staring at your cleavage, Lady Pendleton. Although I can’t fault you for wanting to sneak a peek as well.” His hand drifted dangerously close to her heaving breasts.

She swatted it away. “If this were a century ago, I could have you executed just for saying that.”

“If this were a century ago, you’d be married with eight kids and dying of tuberculosis. This is much better.”

“Is it? I have my doubts.”

He smiled in a way that would have easily melted her heart, had it come from any other pair of lips but his. “You see, the thing is.. you’re already starting to fall in love with me, Kate. The spell’s already started to kick in. I can see it in your eyes. Even now, as we dance, you are beginning to fall hopelessly in love with me.”

She barely managed to stifle a laugh. “Even now, James, my opinion of you continues to plumb new depths.”

She let her body go limp, hoping that James would relax his hold on her and let her slip away. Instead, he pulled her close to him, until her chest pressed up against his. He held up his free hand and, still smiling, passed it in front of her face.

“James, really, this has gone far—” Her eyes locked onto his hand as it traced lazy circles around her face, dipping from time to time down her arms and over her upper body. Everything suddenly felt… odd. Like she was floating. He was still smiling. He did have a nice smile. Nice teeth, nice lips, lips that needed to touch hers, lips that could plant soft, wet kisses on her body, lips that could blow onto her eager, throbbing pussy, his tongue darting out and…

“That’s right, Kate. Your skin is already starting to get red and warm with excitement. Sexual excitement. Warm with lust and desire. You want my body, don’t you?”

You are pretty sexy, James. Sexy… so, so sexy… sex… ugh. Nnnnoooo “I’d never. I’d rather sleep with the sous chef.”

“You’ll do no such thing, Kate.”

“I’ll do no such thing.” The words were out of her mouth before she even knew they existed. Panic began to set in. What was happening to her? Why did she feel compelled to keep dancing? Why did James suddenly smell so amazing? “You’re trying to hypnotize me. You’re trying to mesmerize me into your bed.”

He leaned in close, until their foreheads touched. “Into your bed, Lady Pendleton. Feeling so warm, so horny, so aroused. Hopelessly in love with me.”

His voice sounded like a music box, light and sparkly and so very relaxing. So sexy. He was so, so hot. His body felt strong and soft against her skin. She pushed against him, letting his hands roam her lower body, feeling his breath tickle her face.

“Look into my eyes. Don’t look at anything else. Just my eyes. My eyes.”

His eyes… They filled her vision. Everything else melted away. She was suddenly very, very tired. Had she been dancing that long? It was still early in the evening. Why would she be so exhausted after only a few hours? But she was so very tired. So, so sleepy. A little voice insisted that she was, and the more it spoke, the more tired she felt. Drifting off to sleep. Looking into his eyes. Only his eyes.

The voice told her that her mind was blank, and she accepted it as fact. The voice was strong and sexy, and it made her skin tingle to listen to it.

“Come with me,” it said.

She did.

* * *

“I have to… hold on. I have to use the railing for a second.”

James gently lowered Kate to her feet, leaning her up against the wall like a piece of lumber as he stopped to catch his breath. “I’m sorry, I’m too out of shape to carry you up the stairs. Next year, I promise, I’ll join a gym.” He placed a hand on the railing and exhaled. “Whew!”

Life began to stir behind her glassy, empty eyes. “Sir James,” she asked, “why have we stopped? I thought we were going to my bedchamber?”

He was by her side in an instant, and with a mostly-silent groan, tipped her into his arms. “You’re falling deeper and deeper under my spell, Lady Pendleton.”

“Yesssss…” Her eyes glazed over again. “Under your ssssspelllll… sssooo hot. So horny. I need… need you…”

That was all James needed to hear. He covered the remaining distance to their bedroom in record time.

* * *

Her bedchamber was larger than most of the homes in the kingdom, a fact that Lady Pendleton rarely failed to mention to her many guests and admirers. The fact that her bed rarely held anyone other than the Lady herself was something she would never admit to anyone. Tonight, however, was different.

“I’ve been waiting for you for so long, James,” she breathed into his ear. “I’ve been so lonely, waiting for you. Please, stay the night. Stay here forever with me.”

He responded with a kiss that threatened to pull her soul from her body. When his lips finally left hers with a wet smick, she found herself swooning in response. Swooning! “W…wow,” she managed to stutter. “I…”

“You’re madly in love with me, I know,” he said. He leaned in for another kiss, and she gladly accepted it. “I’m madly in love with you, too. You’re so smart and so beautiful, Kate. I’ll always love you.”

“If you think your present looks pretty now,” she said, narrowing her eyes, “wait until you’ve seen the unwrapped package.” Her hands went to her dress. Her eyes never left his.

“Hold on,” he replied. “Let me.” He rested his chin on her shoulder as he whispered more words into her ear, soft and seductive phrases that she only sometimes recognized. They bypassed her brain and went straight to her hands, which began to roam the curves of her body. “Give in, Kate. Give in to your lust.” He kissed her neck. One of his hands tugged at her zipper and lowered it as the other slid against her shoulder blade, gently pushing the dress fabric away from her skin. The cool air tickled her skin. “Completely under my spell, Kate,” he said, and her eyes rolled into her head.

“Uhhnnnn.” What little resistance remained fell away like dirt, leaving only her pristine and radiant body behind. She was perfect now, perfect for James, perfect for all time. How had she managed to resist him for so long? She’d been under an evil spell, most likely, one that James and his whispered words had now expertly removed from her soul. She was free. Free to be with him. “Completely under your spell,” she agreed. Such simple words had never made her happier. “Completely. Totally.”

Her dress and undergarments fell to the floor, and she stepped out of them without hesitation. The thought of doing so made her incredibly aroused. Played like an instrument, driven like a carriage—she would be any and all of those cliches, as long as James was part of them. She needed to be them. She heard pounding, and after a moment of searching realized that it was her own racing pulse. This is all happening so fast! This is all happening now! No one had touched her like… like this in years, it had been so long and now James was… was… ohgodyespleasepleasekeepgoing

Their lips eagerly collided in wet, sloppy kisses. He placed his hands on her face for leverage and drove his tongue into her mouth. She moaned happily and pushed back with equal passion, closing her eyes and placing her hands on his chest. She could feel his heart pounding as hard as her own. His kisses seemed to last for centuries, breaking away only to desperately take in a lungful of air before returning, again and again.

A single word escaped her mouth. “So…” Then he kissed her again, twice as passionately, and the remaining words melted like cotton candy on her tongue. His hands drifted down to her round, firm ass, and she pressed against him, desperate to feel as much of his body against hers as possible. She laced her fingers around the back of his head and ground her body against his, letting his body heat warm her soft, pale skin.

His leg slipped between her own, and the sensation of bare skin rubbing against her inner thighs made her ache with anticipation. She was getting very, very wet. No one had ever made her feel this way, not even the knights and princes who dominated her nightly fantasies. They were near the edge of her mammoth bed, and with a sexy glint in her eye and the slightest push, she sent him sprawling onto his back.

“Oof,” she heard him say. She ignored it and focused her hungry eyes on his boxers, which were inexplicably still in place. That wont do at all, she thought. She knew, instinctively, exactly how she would solve this little problem. She sank to her knees and looped a finger of each hand under the elastic waistband. “Let’s get these off,” she purred, gently pulling her arms down. It felt like she was opening a potentially wonderful gift. A few more pulls, a few moments of glorious expectations, and then…

Oh God. Perfect. Of course it was. Of course he was. “Fuck,” she gasped. Fuck. That was exactly what she wanted.

“I hope that’s a ‘good’ fuck and not an ‘oh no’ fuck,” he said.

His cock shifted as he spoke, and she watched it, absolutely mesmerized. Completely under your spell. She rose to her feet and slid across his hot, sweaty body, pushing her tits against his chest, enjoying the sensation of his hard, erect cock brushing against her sex. She curled her legs around his and placed her hands on the mattress. “That was an ‘oh no, I’m going to fuck you senseless’ fuck,” she said. She stared into his eyes, pushing her will into his. She was under his spell, but she could also make her own magic.

He reached for her, grabbing her by the waist and guiding himself inside of her. The moment of contact was explosive enough to make them both shout. His hands cupped her perfect tits, gently caressing them as she began to ride him. “Ungh,” he moaned happily, the sound driving her further into her own world of ecstasy.

“Deeper,” she panted. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as the world faded around her. There was nothing but James, and her burning, aching walls, and the waves that propelled them both forward. “Deeper…” Deeper into her. Deeper into the spell he’d woven around them, the one that was now transforming her life, filling her entire body with more electrifying pleasure than she’d ever dared to dream. They were both under the same spell now, hopelessly ensnared and intertwined, their sexy bodies now forever joined as one.

Forever. This moment. This one, powerful, amazing moment. It was all she’d ever wanted. It was all she’d ever need.

She rode him until their world exploded in blistering, white-hot fireworks.

* * *

The world came back to her in puzzle pieces, gradually fitting together as she regained her senses. She found herself lying in bed, sweaty and naked, tangled in the thinnest of what should have been a mountain of luxurious sheets and blankets. Her body ached, especially… mmmmmm, especially down below. She slipped a hand between her legs and gently brushed her fingers against her sex, smiling and moaning softly.


The pile of blankets and pillows next to her collapsed in a landslide of lavender and purple, uncovering a man’s head and upper body. James. James. Just the name alone made her feel warm and fuzzy and safe. She pushed away the intervening blankets and rested her arms on his upper body, yawning as she did so. “Good morning, my love,” she cooed. “You were amazing last night.”

He smiled and winked, just enough to melt her heart all over again and kick her libido up a notch or two. Then he glanced away, towards the bedchamber door. “It’s still dark out,” he noted. “Sounds like Alice is up. Oh well! I told you we wouldn’t get lucky for a third time.”

Lady Pendleton was certain that she could easily get lucky for a third time, and a fourth and a fifth for that matter. She leaned in to tell him so. Only then did she hear the sounds coming from down the hall.They were unmistakably from a small child, mostly soft gurgles punctuated by muffled, vaguely insistent shouts. Her own motherly instincts, rusty and nearly forgotten, creaked to life. “Oh, the poor little thing,” she said. She gave a passing thought to throwing aside her warm sheets and tracking down that sweet little voice. A bolt of impulsive thought shot through her. “I should get up and go see her.” She smiled. It was an oddly liberating thing to say. No nursemaids needed! She could take care of the child all on her own.

“No, I promised you I’d take Alice duty tonight. I’m on it.” He sat up, sending a small avalanche of pillows spilling to the floor.

Her eyes drifted to his bare chest. She was already getting horny again. She placed an index finger against her lower lip and pouted. “If I can’t go, I’d rather you stay here with me. The servants will take care of her, James. It’s what I pay them for.” Her green eyes burned with desire. “Besides, that does free us to do… other things. If you’re up for it.” She glanced down at the bed, hoping for a sign that James was indeed ‘up.’ To her disappointment, the gigantic pile of blankets hid any and all evidence.

James laughed. “Yeah, right? I wish we had…”

He turned to her, and she felt her heart skip a beat, hopeful that he was about to take her up on her offer. Just the thought of him inside of her made her pulse race. Her free hand drifted to her tits. “You wish what, lover?”

“Sometimes I wish that we had a nursemaid whose name wasn’t James Pendleton.” He cocked his head to one side, like a confused puppy. “Oh, you’re still… I get it. You’re still under my spell and all of that.”

Completely under your spell. “Yes,” she said, a dreamy smile on her face. “I’m madly in love with you, Sir James. I’m bound to you now, body and soul.” Did he really cast a spell on her? Was it just hypnotism? Was it even that? He could be suave and charming. He was certainly handsome. His body left her begging for more. Their tryst seemed less magical with every passing moment. “I’m really falling in love with you,” she said, surprising herself with her enthusiasm.

He giggled. “I hope you’re this lovey-dovey when you wake up for real.”

Before she could respond, he placed a hand on her forehead. “Sleep,” he commanded.

A familiar heavy curtain fell over her, and she sagged against her pillow. “I… sssleeeepy…”

“I love you, Katie-Bear. I’ll take care of everything. Now sleep. Sleep and dream. Deep sleep. Sleep.”

The darkness rushed to meet her, and she happily embraced it.

* * *

“What’s today, my fine fellow?”

“Today? Why, it’s Christmas Day!”

“It’s Christmas Day! I haven’t missed it!”

A wet kiss on her forehead. She squinted through closed eyes and frowned, hoping that the kisser would withdraw and let her get back to sleep.

Smick. James would do no such thing, of course. Her husband loved his morning make-outs. She raised her chin and puckered her lips, gently receiving his kiss, enjoying the faint smell of his aftershave as their faces brushed against each other. “Good morning,” she said, opening her eyes. Light poured in through the windows. “Merry Christmas!”

They snuggled together under the covers. “The princess has turned back into a pumpkin,” he said. Hs hand traced lazy circles along her body. “That was fun, though! You’re feisty when you’re wealthy.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You’ll find that I’m pretty feisty all the time, James Arthur Pendleton Junior.” She grabbed his roving hand and held it against her chest. “You’ll find that I’m madly, deeply in love with you all the time, too. Even without magic.”

“Did you sleep well?” He played with her tits, cupping and releasing each in turn.

“Mmmm. I love it when you do that.” She yawned. “I slept well. I take it Alice is all good?”

“Just that one time, and then she was fine.” Back and forth, boob to boob, brushing her now-erect nipples with his thumb. “So, should we go downstairs? Breakfast?”

“No rush. We should probably enjoy these moments while… mmmmm stop, you’re distracting me! Pretty soon Alice is going to be dragging us out of bed at the crack of dawn, every Christmas for the next ten or fifteen years.” She rubbed her head against his shoulder. “Besides, you’ve already given me the present I asked Santa for. You, yourself and you. That’s all I really wanted.”

She slid a hand along the bed sheet, fingers splayed, searching for something. When she didn’t find it on the bed, she lifted her arm and moved her search to the nightstand. “But next year,” she said, drawing her hand back beneath the safety of the covers, “I’d really like a new furnace.”

“I think you’re hot enough as it is. I don’t know if I can handle any more hotness.” His fingers crawled along her back until they found the ticklish spot they were looking for.

“Ah! You butt!” She rolled until she was on top of him, lightly pinning his arms to the bed with her own. She dangled her breasts above his appreciative face. “You’re going to pay for that, bucko.” She held up her right hand. It was curled into a fist.

“Don’t hit the face! Not my pretty face!” He giggled and squirmed beneath her. “Wait, did you steal what I think you just stole?”

“It’s my Christmas present,” she said, letting the pendant fall from her fingers. It glittered in the morning sunlight. “Now it’s my turn.” She turned the pendant in her hand until its chain was fully twisted, then released it. Green sparkles flooded the bedroom and washed over his face. “Watch and listen, James. Watch and listen. Back and forth. Watch. Back and forth.”

His face slackened. “The… idea cards are… downstairs,” he said. His voice was already fading. “Down… stairs…”

“Back and forth, James. I already know what I want. Another dance with my lovely husband. You’re going to slip into trance for me, James. Deeper and deeper, until it’s time to dance again. Drop into that world for me. Do it for me. For us. Sleep. Deeper and deeper. Sleep.”

“Sleep… for you. Yessss…”

He smiled as his eyes slid closed.