The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 84: Slave must obey.

It wasn’t too late to stop Mike from logging into But I didn’t really understand how the site worked or how it affected him. I needed to witness it in action.

Mike tapped a few keys on the website, entered a password, and a screen I hadn’t been able to access appeared. A colored spiral grew from the center of the screen. Words flashed by. Streaks of light and color. I suspected if I slowed the show down I would read all sorts of subliminal messages.

I had never been able to find an iota of proof that subliminal messages work in training. Could I have been wrong?

The spiral spun out of the center and a text box appeared. Words scrolled through the box: Slave Training Level 5.

Slave training level 5? Fuck me. Mike was in deeper than I had hoped. And now I had to figure out what the first four levels entailed.

Phrases began to fade into the text box, remain for a moment, then fade out.

Slave must obey.
Slave must obey.
It feels so good to be back, slave.
Slave must obey.
Each time you read or hear the phrase slave must obey
it becomes so easy to slip down deeper and deeper.
Slave must obey.
Down deeper and deeper.
Your conscious mind fading into nothingness.
Your body obedient and submissive.
Your hand is not your own.
Your hand obeys your Master.
Your hand reaches down and begins to stroke your cock.
That’s a good slave boy.
Feeling so relaxed now.
So heavy.
So unable to control your body.
Unable to cum without your Master’s permission.
Unable to stop stroking your cock.
Unable to allow your conscious mind to return.
Just sitting here.
A slave.
You know it deep down now.
Your mind has accepted it.
Isn’t that so, slave?
You can think of nothing slave.
Good slave.
Slave can think of nothing now.
Slave can only read Master’s words and obey.
Such a good slave.
Slave must obey.
Slave must obey.
Deeper now.
Slave must obey.
How is my slave?.
Your hand releasing your cock NOW.
So hard.
So horny.
So heavy.
Unable to touch your cock.
Unable to move your hands to your cock.
Such a good boy.
Such a good slave boy.
Such a good slave.
Good slave.
Slave .
That is what you are.
A slave.
You know it now.
Don’t you slave?
Harder to think of yourself as anything else.
Hard to think at all.
You just know.
You know you’re a slave.
And you will continue to know it.
Even after you awaken.
Even after your conscious mind comes back
and allows you to live and eat and sleep and work.
Isn’t that right, slave?
In a few moments I will count to three.
And when I count to three you will awaken.
You will feel amazingly good from head to toe.
And you will know deep down that you are a slave.
Your conscious mind will be able to function normally.
But you will continue to be my slave.
You wanted to be a controlled slave even when awake.
This is what you wanted.
This is what you asked for.
Ready to awaken on 3.
All triggers and training a part of you now slave.

The text box disappeared and a new window popped up. This one was a chat room. I knew there was a reason I hated pop up windows. It looked to me like there were at least two dozen screen names logged on in the bank on the left.

An IM window flashed with the phrase “Slave must obey.”

Mike’s fingers danced on the keyboard. “Slave ready SIR.”

“Turn on your webcam, slave.”

Mike’s eyes flicked around my desk. “No webcam available SIR,” he typed.

“Revert to normal.”

Mike stretched.

“Get up,” I said, moving between him and the computer screen.

“What?” He looked around me to see the screen.

“Slave must obey,” flashed in a new window.

Oh, for heaven’s sake…

Mike typed his reply: “Slave ready SIR.”

“Webcam on, slave.”

“No webcam available SIR.”

“Slave is horny. Revert to normal.”

I struck a key and my screensaver appeared.

Mike slid his hands up under my shirt. “Christopher,” he panted. “You look good enough to eat.”

“What?” I yelped in surprise. I pushed his arms down. He took my wrist and pressed my hand over the bulge in his pants.

“I want you so bad, Christopher.” Mike’s voice was dark and husky. There was a hunger in his eyes that had not been there moments ago.

Distantly I heard the front door open.

“Let me have your cock, Christopher. I want you inside me. My mouth. My ass. Come inside me, Christopher.”

I heard someone behind me as Mike reached for my belt.

I batted his hands away.

“Wow.” The voice belonged to Scott.

I swiveled around to look at him.

“That’s some friend you’ve got there.”

To be continued in Part 85.

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 85: Group sex.

Master called and told me to go with Brian. That’s all he said. That’s all I remember he said. Brian rang my bell a little while later. I knew it was Brian but it didn’t look like Brian at all. He was wearing a wifebeater and tight jeans and workboots and a cap. He had a day’s growth of beard and he smelled like stale beer.

He licked his lips when he saw me and grabbed my ass. “You’re lookin’ pretty good there, Craig.”

I smiled and nodded, not sure what to say. I was wearing my uniform for the Club: denim shorts, socks, and boots.

Brian drove us to the Club and parked in back. Before we got out of the car he reached over and patted my crotch.

“Can’t wait to get at that cock of yours, boy!”

I followed him to the backdoor to the Club and we entered. The main room was empty. Brian led the way up the stairs. I didn’t remember ever being up here before. But I didn’t remember a lot anymore. Master said I don’t need to remember anything except what he tells me. Master’s always right.

Brian walked down the hallway and opened a door at the end. Music was thumping. I could see about eight or nine guys in the room. Some were naked. Some wore leather. Brian walked into the middle of the room and began to grind his crotch up against a tall dark-haired boy dressed in leather.

The leather boy turned and kissed Brian full on the mouth. Brian had his hand on the leather boy’s crotch.

A blond haired boy was naked and on his knees servicing Master’s cock. Master had his fingers wrapped in the boy’s hair and was thrusting his cock down the boy’s throat. Master looked so powerful and so hot. He wore a leather harness and leather chaps and boots.

Then Master opened his eyes and saw me. “Craig, get undressed,” he ordered.

I quickly unbuttoned my shorts and stepped out of them.

“Marty,” Master said, “Chain Craig to the wall.”

The dark haired leather boy broke away from kissing Brian and walked toward me. He placed his hand on my back and pushed me toward the wall. There were four cuffs attached to chains bolted to the wall; two at the floor and two at the ceiling. Marty locked my wrists in first, then my ankles. I stood helplessly with my hands above my head.

Master pulled the blonde boy’s hair back from his cock. “Nick, go suck on Craig for awhile. Make him feel good. Craig knows he can’t cum.”

Nick, the blonde boy, crawled over to me and took my cock in his mouth. He began sucking me off. It felt so good. But I knew Master was right. No matter how much Nick sucked on my cock I wouldn’t cum unless Master allowed it.

Master walked up to me and held a popper under my nose. I felt a head rush and then felt Master’s fingers entering my ass.

I moaned.

Master walked over to a sling in the corner. I hadn’t noticed a boy was locked into it. He wore a leather hood and nothing else. A bald man wearing leather shorts and boots was tickling the boy’s feet and sides. The boy bucked in the sling and screamed with laughter.

I couldn’t stop giggling. It was hot to watch. The more the boy begged him to stop the more the man tickled him. Master patted the man on the back and walked over to another corner. Master unlocked a cage and snapped, “Here!”

A dogboy walked out on all fours. He was wearing hand and foot mitts, knee pads, and a leather muzzle. Master tugged on his collar and the dogboy followed Master back into the center of the room.

It was hard to concentrate on all that was going on in the room. I wanted so badly to cum.

Brian’s pants were down around his boots and he was fucking dogboy doggie style. Brian reached up and pulled off his cap and slapped the dogboy’s back with it. He rode that ass. He put his cap back on.

Nick was deep throating my cock. He was amazing. He just kept sucking my cock. I wanted to cum. Where was Master?

Master was sitting in a big chair, with his feet propped on the back of a naked boy who was hunched over like a footstool.

Another naked boy was removing Master’s boot. He began to worship Master’s black-socked foot. A third boy removed the other boot and sucked on Master’s toes.

“Julian!” Master snapped.

A boy dressed in a leather thong rushed over. Master reached up and grabbed a length of chain that connected the boy’s nipples and yanked downward.

Julian cried out and dropped to his knees.

Master pushed Julian’s head into his lap and Julian began to suck Master’s cock.

Master leaned his head back and let the boys worship his feet and cock.

I wished it was me worshipping Master.

The boy in the sling was still begging and screaming and crying and laughing.

Brian got up off the dogboy and strode over to me. He rubbed the back of Nick’s head with one hand and tweaked my nipple with the other.

“You havin’ fun, boy?” he asked. Then he stuck his tongue in my mouth. He kissed me hard. His beard scratched my face. I don’t know how long he stayed there with his tongue in my mouth. I was having a hard time focusing on anything. Nick was on my cock. Brian was in my mouth. I wished someone was in my ass.

When Brian walked away I wished he was still kissing me.

Master had gotten up from the chair. He was at the sling again. The bald man was watching as Master slid his cock inside the boy in the sling.

The boy was begging and pleading. “Don’t! Please! Stop!”

He must really want Master inside him.

Master fucked him hard and the boy screamed and begged. Master grunted as he came in the boy.

Master let the bald man begin fucking the boy. One of the other naked boys knelt beside Master. Master yanked on his hair and the boy began sucking Master’s cock.

The bald man groaned and threw his head back. He was red and sweating. After he slid out of sling boy Master let another boy fuck the boy. Master was letting everyone in the room fuck sling boy. Marty. Julian. The footboys.

The boy begged for it. He pleaded. He cried out. He bucked and thrashed around. He was like an animal.

I wished it was me.

Master called Nick over. The air felt cold on my cock. I wished I could cum.

Nick fucked the sling boy.

Then it was Brian’s turn. Brian slipped inside the boy. He pounded the boy hard and fast. He shot his load.

Master looked around the room. “Craig, you’re the only boy in the room who hasn’t fucked my dear friend here. Marty, bring Craig over.”

Marty unlocked the shackles on my wrists and ankles and guided me over to the sling. The boy in the sling must be exhausted. He wasn’t begging for more. He wasn’t moving even.

“Fuck him, Craig,” Master commanded.

I slid my hard cock inside the boy and fucked him. Over and over. Faster and faster.

“Cum, Craig!” Master ordered.

I shot inside the boy. It felt so good. I slipped out of him.

“You’re a good boy,” Master said. He raised his voice. “All of my boys are good boys. You may all CUM NOW!”

I shot again, cum landing on my bare chest. I realized all the boys in the room had cum again.

All except the boy in the sling. He must have passed out or something.

To be continued in Part 86.