The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 88: Wade’s First Time.

This was most definitely a stupid thing to do. Yeah, I’m mad at Andrew. I mean, WTF? We’ve been together for how long now? And now he starts trying to pick up girls? I can’t believe he could be so mean to me.

I was standing outside Austin St. James’ door, ready to knock. If I could just work up some nerve. I could hear him moving around inside. But I kept flashing back to the last time I knocked on his door. That time he ended up opening up my pants and pinning me down on his bed while his tongue found its way around my mouth.

Man, that was hot.

I knocked.

No answer.

Weird. I was sure I heard somebody inside. I knocked again.

“Austin?” I called. Then I remembered that he had put his number in my phone. I hit the screen and it dialed. I could hear the phone ringing inside his apartment.

He answered the fourth ring. “Hello?” He sounded out of it.

“Austin? Hey, did I wake you? I’m sorry. It’s Wade. Thompson?”

“Oh. Hey.”

“Listen, I’m kinda outside your door. I can go if you’re busy or tired or something.” That would totally not be chickening out.

“No. Wait a minute.”

I could hear through the phone and from through the door the sounds of movement. Then the door opened.

Austin was bare-chested and barefoot, wearing only a pair of workout pants. I had to force my eyes up from his abs and chest and arms to his face.

That face. Austin was cute with his button nose and warm brown eyes. He tossed the phone aside and reached up to muss his own hair.

“Wade. How long you been here?”

“Not long. I guess you didn’t hear me knocking.”

Austin shook his head and stepped backward inviting me inside.

I stepped in and he shut the door. There was a T-shirt, a pair of sneakers, socks and underwear on the floor. I guess those pants really were all Austin was wearing. My eyes darted to his crotch and I realized his pants were tenting big time.

“Listen, if I’m interrupting you or something, I can go.”

“You’re not interrupting,” he said. He shook his head and flashed me a grin. “Guess I’m a little groggy. I didn’t think you’d come back, Wade.”

I shrugged. We were both standing and I was struggling to keep my eyes off his obvious erection.

“You want to sit down?”

I looked at the bed and again flashed to rolling around on it with him. The only other seat in the room was his desk chair. I moved to the desk.

Austin laughed and hopped on the bed. I could hear the springs as he bounced and landed on his back, leaning on his elbows and crossing his bare feet at the ankle.

Man, he was hot.

I saw myself out of the corner of my eye and realized the webcam was running on his laptop. I also saw a text box with a message from someone called PIGTOP9159 commanding someone to stroke faster.

My eyes drifted to the web address.

I couldn’t figure out why that sounded familiar. But holy crap! Austin was into Dom/sub stuff?

“Austin, your webcam is on.”

He leapt to his feet and raced to shut the laptop. “I didn’t realize...” he stammered, color rising in his cheeks.

He was standing so close I could smell cocoa butter on his skin. I took a deep breath and looked everywhere in the room but directly at him.

“You saw what it was, didn’t you?” he asked.

I nodded and met his eyes.

“I’m not some kind of freak or anything,” he said, backing away from me.

“I didn’t think you were,” I said. “What are you into? Dominance? Bondage?”

Austin froze, stunned.

“Don’t worry. Nothing you can say is gonna shock me.” Man, if he only knew...

“I don’t know about that.” Austin slowly lowered himself onto the edge of the bed. “I’ve wanted to be dommed for as long as I can remember. I want to be tied up. I want to try, like, EVERYTHING.”

I smiled. “Cool.”

“So I found this website that said it could hypnotize guys and make them dom or sub and all this really neat sounding stuff that couldn’t possibly be true. So I signed up for an account. And they had this page that said it could help make me more of a jock—you know, motivate workouts and portion control and all this stuff. And now it’s like I can’t stop myself. I run for miles and I do all this cardio and weights and today I have to go swim as soon as the pool is free, and—”

I interrupted him. “What do you mean you have to?”

“If I don’t I won’t be able to do anything else. It’s like it’s all I can think about.”

I frowned. Really? What were the chances both nice, hot guys I’ve ever been attracted to are both into hypnosis. Man. “So what’s up with the webcam?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I wake up and feel kind of out of it and the webcam is on and sometimes I’m naked or sometimes I’ve got cum all over me. And I don’t remember jacking.”

Trance amnesia. That’s what Chris would call it. I hoped Chris wouldn’t freak out over what I was about to do. “I know somebody who can help you with that. I mean, if you want help. He’s really good at hypnosis. And he can probably fix whatever’s going on.”

Austin’s grin returned. “You’re messing with me now.”

I shook my head. “Not at all. I’ll set it up for you.”

Austin jumped up and pulled me up into a hug. “Awesome.”

The hug went on a little too long. I could feel his cock, still hard, pressed against my hip.

And I was pretty sure he could feel mine too.

I could push him away, walk out the door, and just set things up with Chris for him right now. Or I could man up and do what I desperately wanted to do. I cleared my throat. “Listen, uh, you have any rope here?”

“Rope?” he yelped.



Man, he sounded disappointed. I frowned. I saw the dirty socks on the floor again. “That’s ok.” I looked at the bed. His headboard had slats that would make it real easy to tie him to.

I reached down and rubbed his cock through the workout pants.

Austin gasped.

I steered him back toward the bed. He sat down on the side and I pushed him gently back. He swung his legs up and stretched out.

I picked up the tube socks from the floor and straddled Austin’s chest.

He grinned nervously up at me.

I gently took his right hand and tied the sock around his hand and the bedpost in a knot. Then I tied his left hand to the other post.

I bent down and kissed him. Just a quick kiss. Then I slid down the bed a little and let my tongue flick his left nipple.

“Fuck!” he breathed.

I laughed. I licked his nipple and then bit it. Not too hard. He pulled against the headboard but the socks held his hands enough to keep him from getting free.

I reached down and rubbed his cock through the pants again. A wet spot was forming. “You’re leaking.”

Austin blushed again.

I reached inside his pants and got some precum on my finger. Then I ran the finger over his lips, slipping it inside his mouth. He sucked the precum from my finger.

I barely touched his cock again when he said, “I’m gonna shoot.”

“Try not to,” I whispered. “Not yet.” I bent down and paid attention to his other nipple.

He was breathing really heavy and moaning.

“You ever tasted your own cum before?”

He shook his head. “Uh-uh.”

“You ever been tied to the bed before?”


I reached inside his pants again and played with his balls.

His moans became higher pitched and louder.

“You gonna shoot for me?”

“Yes Sir.”

I laughed. “Good boy. Go ahead!” I jacked his cock three times and his whole body started spasming. I still had my hand down his pants. I kept jacking him even after he stopped cummming.

“Please stop. Please stop. Please stop,” he panted. He tried to twist away from me but with his hands restrained he couldn’t go too far.

I pulled my hand out. It was covered in cum. “I could make you lick my hand clean...” I teased.

“Hot!” he said.

I forced my palm over his mouth. “Do it.”

I could feel his tongue cleaning the cum off my palm. I only let him get a few licks before I got up and grabbed some tissues from a box on the bedside table to wipe off the rest.

I sat down beside him on the bed and ran a fingertip over the ridges in his chest and abs. “Did you like that?”

“Fuck yeah.”

I grinned. “Good boy. But next time you don’t get to cum ‘til I do.”

“Next time?” Austin chirped.

I had unknotted his left hand and reached up for the right. As soon as he was free he pounced on me, flipping me over and pinning me. “There’s gonna be a next time?”

“You want there to be?”


“Then sure. But I better get going. I’ll set it up so you can meet Chris. Can you come over tonight? Around 7?”

“Sure. I have to hit the gym first.”

“Cool.” I gave him my address and we said goodbye.

At his door Austin was glistening with a light sheen of sweat and there was a big cum stain on his pants. He stepped forward and gave me a peck on the lips. “I can’t wait ‘til next time.”

Me neither.

To be continued in part 89...

Part 89: Lifestyle Change.

“Chris, are you here?” Wade’s voice called even before I heard the front door shut.

I leaned into the doorway from the kitchen. “In here.”

He practically galloped down the hall. “You got a minute?”

“Sure. I was just throwing together sauce for dinner.” I rinsed off an onion and took out a cutting board.

Wade pulled out a chair from the table and straddled it. “I kind of did something and I hope you’re gonna be okay with it.”

I started chopping the onion. My mind flashed through possibilities. Tattoo? Piercing? Drugs? “Do I need to be concerned?”

“Do you remember that guy I ran into on campus—Austin?”

I nodded absently.

“I invited him here tonight.”

“For dinner?” I asked.

“No, after. I think he needs your help.”

I turned and saw Wade had folded his arms atop the chair and propped his chin on his arms.


“Chris, there’s this website called”

My heart sank.

“You’ve heard of it.” Wade smacked himself in the head. “I knew it sounded familiar! I must’ve heard you and Scott mention it.”

I didn’t want to pursue that line of conversation. “Your friend has been using the site?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think he believed it worked. But it does.”

“How did you find out about this?”

“I went over to his dorm today. I kind of accidentally found out.”

I knew there was a story there, but Wade didn’t seem willing to share just yet. “Well, I’ll be interested to meet your friend.”

* * *

Scott made it home for dinner. Barely. Wade brought up, but Scott was as noncommittal as possible. These discussions were becoming increasingly difficult since Wade didn’t know Scott is undercover.

After dinner Wade went upstairs to freshen up while Scott and I did the dishes.

“Scott, I think it’s time to tell Wade who you really are.”

Scott swiveled around but said nothing.

“You’ve said yourself that you have a good relationship with Wade and you trust him.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust him, Chris. I already compromised my investigation by bringing you in.”

I frowned. “He lives here too. We can’t keep this from him.”

“Keep what from who?” Wade asked from the doorway. He had changed his shirt and neatened up his hair.

“Well?” I said.

Scott sighed. “You don’t play fair,” he said.

I actually laughed. “This is completely fair. Hypnotizing you to make you do my bidding would be unfair.”

Scott raised his eyebrows but said nothing.

“What’s going on?” Wade asked.

“You were right when you said you heard Scott and me discussing”

Scott gestured toward the table. “Why don’t we all sit down?”

* * *

Wade looked wounded. “So were you only nice to me because of your investigation?”

Scott’s surprise was evident. He reached over and placed his hand on Wade’s arm. “No. I was nice to you because you’re a great kid. I had to bend the truth a little because of my job, but I never lied about being your friend.”

“So you work for the FBI. You’re not a college student or a bartender?”

“Well, I am taking those classes at the college. If I finish the semester I’ll have the courses on my transcript. And yes, I did work as a bartender before I joined the academy. But my real reason for being here is the steady stream of missing boys.”

The doorbell rang.

Wade looked startled. “Austin!”

“Well, let him in.”

Wade raced to the front door. I swear that boy is always in overdrive.

Scott and I followed.

Austin was cute. Average height, trim, with dark hair and eyes, and dressed in jeans, a pair of beat up Nikes, and a hoodie which he unzipped when he stepped inside revealing a skintight T-shirt.

Wade made introductions and I suggested we head into the living room. It was interesting watching Wade around Austin. He seemed nervous, but there was an electricity in the air between them that I could practically see. I had to wonder if Andrew would be looking for a new love in the near future. Get a grip, Chris. Wade has said nothing about being attracted to Austin. Yet.

Once we had settled in the living room and Austin turned down any refreshments, I suggested he explain why he and Wade thought he needed my help.

“A friend of mine sent me a link to a site called He said there was a whole section on it that said you could use hypnosis to help with portion control and working out to get in better shape. It was called jock training. It sounded like just what I wanted. So I checked out the site. I didn’t think it was doing anything but I kept going back to it. And now it’s like I can’t stop. I go on these crazy long runs and I work out all the time and, yeah, I look better, but some nights I can’t even go to bed because I have to go to the gym. And I’m hungry all the time. And sometimes I wake up at my computer with the webcam running and—” He stopped and shifted nervously.

“Having orgasmed?” I supplied.

Austin looked at the floor and shifted again in his seat. “Yeah.”

Wade was blushing.

“Before you went to the site were you interested in dominance or submission?”

“Chris!” Wade yelped.

I held out my hands. “I’m sorry. We’re all adults here. has a very strong connection to the world of BDSM.”

Austin nodded slowly. “I was curious.”

Scott spoke for the first time. “Who is the friend who sent you the link?”

“This guy I know from the gym. Jerad.”

“And Jerad’s last name would be...?”

Even as Austin pronounced “Pillinger” I saw Scott mouth the name.

“This means something to you?” I asked him.

“It will be in tomorrow’s paper. Jerad Pillinger was the body found behind Kampas.”

Austin’s face seemed to drain of color. “He’s dead?”

“I’m afraid so,” Scott said.

“Was it because of the website?”

Scott and I locked eyes. I could tell he hadn’t known that was a possibility until now.

“Scott, why don’t you go make that phone call you need to make?”

Scott excused himself and headed upstairs.

“Austin, I do believe I can help you. But you’re going to have to work on this too. You need to stop visiting the site. My friend Mike is in the same situation you’re in. He’s losing time and unable to remember why he’s undressed, things of that sort. Sound familiar?”

Austin closed his eyes and nodded.

Wade patted Austin’s shoulder. “I told you Chris can help.”

“I will do my best. But tonight, why don’t we head out for ice cream? Scott should be off the phone soon, I’d imagine.”

“I can’t really eat ice cream,” Austin began.

“Sure you can. Think of it less as a diet and more as a lifestyle change.”

To be continued in Part 90...