The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


This is inspired by a short segment in a Limerick story, I forget which, but I figured it could make for a good full story. I may write more in this universe, I may not, we’ll see!


It had been a while since Nick and Suzy had been to the films, but with the pandemic wearing down, the room mates had decided to indulge themselves and go restart “Bad Movie Club”. The others couldn’t make it—Mana busy with their studies, Lucille out of town, and Tsu was just ‘busy’—but the pair were looking forwards to it anyway. It had been a mainstay of the uni years, going down to the old low-budget cinema and watching whatever trash had been put on, be it old B-movies, modern animted disasters, or even, occasionally, a surprise good movie.

The crowd was pretty light, a few uni kids their age, an older woman looking for something to do, a couple looking for a unique date, and then someone Nick couldn’t take his eyes off. A girl in a midriff and thigh exposing costume, with long bleached hair, and cleavage that acted like magnets. She was pressed up against some man with muscles the size of fists, leafing through the playbook. A distant giggle made Nick realise he’d been caught staring, even for the moment, and he tried to look inconspicuous, straightening his pants.

“Enjoy the film!” Nick almost blushed as the girl’s syrupy smooth voice was directed right at him, and Suzy gave him a nudge in the stomach.

“You know her?” She teased, raising an eyebrow. “Didn’t think she was your type. You usually go for people with a sense of modesty.”

“I was just looking for a schedule...” he lied, picking one up. “Looks like we’re expecting ‘Attack of the Martian Women’. Now that’s peak science-fiction.”

Suzy scoffed again. “I’m not gonna judge you for staring.” She glanced back, before leaning in close. “You know, if you turn round now, you might be able to see her ass.”

Nick was smart enough not to fall for that bait. “Isn’t it feminism that you can’t insult her for her outfit choice? If Mana were here—”

“If Mana were here, they’d be teasing you even more than I am. After all, a key part of feminism involves mocking you personally for your libido. Now come on, I want some overpriced popcorn.”

“I don’t remember that line in lectures...” He grumbled, rolling his eyes teasingly. The pair of them had been sniping at each other since they’d first met, and it was the core of their friendship. Some people had even mistaken them for a couple at times, but they’d vehemently refused. One drunken kiss years ago had ruined that line of thought for both of them, and they were firmly happy as they were. Friendship was severely underrated, neither of them would ever say to each other.

As they grabbed popcorn, the blonde from earlier glanced over at them, feeling up her husband’s chest. With a smirk, she laid her claim. “Mmm, bet you that boy blows his first load on the girls titties. He looks like a tiddy guy. I can tell.”

The husband chuckled, stroking her hair possessively. “What have you got to bet? ”

“Mmmm, I’ll dress up in that nurse costume again? You loved it when I have you a check up?” She winked at him adoringly, and he smiled softly.

“I love it no matter what you do. And fine—if you lose, you’re getting the check up. Someone needs to make sure that ass of yours still works fine.” He spanked it through her miniskirt, and she giggled loudly.

“Uhh, sir?” The low voice of an underpaid nineteen year old came from behind the counter, as the attendant had shown everyone into the theatre room already, and was staring at them with deadness in her eyes. “I’m gonna have to ask you both to keep it PG, or go find an adult cinema.”

The couple looked at each other for a second, before both turning their gaze towards the younger woman. The man flashed her a winning, beaming smile, as he reached into his pocket. “Sorry, little miss. How about I give you this to perk you up? You look like you could use something sweet. After all, it must be hard working here.”

Inside the film room itself, the pair settled in, Suzy happily starting on the popcorn even as the lights began to dim. The film reel stuttered and started, and for a moment it looked like nothing would play, before a logo cut in. An old style film canister rolled across the grassy floor, until it stopped at the stiletto’d foot of a woman. A hand with immaculate nail polish reached down to grab it, picking it up as the camera followed it. The pan went lustily along the side of her leg, and while anything rude was blocked by the shiny silver box, it only added an extra allure. Eventually, it stopped, and a zoom out revealed the woman was holding a pair of the canisters, right in front of her breasts. She smiled, as she faded out, the two canisters forming the O’s in the production company’s logo: “KABOOSE”.

Suzy raised an eyebrow at the weird level of sexuality on display, and Nick found himself feeling similar. They hadn’t expected something involving a nude woman before the film had even started. Suzy went to whisper something, but the screen shimmered, shuddered, and Nick felt his mind blur…

Reality faded back for a moment, and Nick suddenly felt uncomfortably warm in his seat. The film had the lead woman, Lotsa, narrating her latest spy contract, as she prepared to head out. He couldn’t help it as his eyes caught on her ass in a leather catsuit. He wondered who the actress was—even for the 70’s, this was objectifying. Hot, though. And this film looked almost too good for the 70’s. Was that a modern laptop in the background? The screen pulsed again, and his mind went silent.

“Why is she dressed like such a...” Suzy was whispering something to him from the seat, as he reached over to grab a handful of popcorn. “Like a...”

“Just say it, Suze.” He whispered back. A quick glance told him no-one seemed to notice. They were all enraptured by the scene. Miss Lovine, super spy for TITS (The International deTective Squad), was undercover at a college where young women has been going missing. And, while all the outfits were schoolgirl fetishey, hers was something beyond. A pleated skirt that could be measured in single digit inches, a blouse open for the world to look down, and a black bra just to make sure you noticed it as she chased one of the professors through the rain.

“Like a slut! Look at her tits!” He glanced over at his friend, and saw her rubbing her own breasts through her shirt. “Showing them off for everyone to see.”

Something nagged deep inside him, and he asked, “Are you—”

A garbled, ultrasonic screech ripped through the cinema, and Nick’s attention was pulled back to Lotsa Lovine catching the rogue professor, as the screen spun with unseeable colours.

Time passed. Maybe hours, maybe seconds. He blinked a few times, his eyes falling off Miss Lovine tying up Professor Corset in something that was far-more BDSM than expected. He felt his cock tenting his pants, and he reached down to try to adjust it. Suzy noticed, and pouted. “What does she have that I don’t?” she asked, her voice breathier than he’d expected.

“Confidence,” Nick teased back, reaching up and petting her head condescendingly. “The actress owns it. The camera loves her.”

“I love her...” came a voice from the other side, and both Suzy and Nick looked over to see another college student with her hand snuck beneath her waistband, slowly pulsing up and down. The pair of them raised their eyes, and the small, unaffected parts of their brains screamed something was wrong, until their eyes drifted back to the screen, just as Special Agent Lovine winked at the camera, and pulled Professor Corset’s shirt apart to reveal her enchanted corset.

When next Nick was fully conscious, Suzy was pulled in close, his hand groping her tits as she nuzzled into his chest. Their friends with benefits situation was pretty well known among everyone, mainly because they were shameless about it. He didn’t quite remember Suzy being this gifted in the chest department, but it didn’t matter, she’d look hot with something bigger than bee stings.

On screen, there was some kind of fight scene going down, with the Special Agent fighting off a bunch of ninja women for some reason. There was a lot of slow motion, and the ninjas were very bouncy, and the swords looked an awful lot like dicks. It was, all in all, not the worst fight scene he’d ever seen. The ninjas eventually had her surrounded, and pinned to a wall, and as one of them leaned in close to her face, about to kiss her, and -

Nick’s shirt had been thrown off a few minutes ago, and Suzy was tracing circles round his newly grown muscles. They matched those of the newly introduced villain, Doctor Cox, who’d been using the college and its students as a testing ground for his mind-altering technology. He had one of the students on display, a cute little thing dressed in only a pair of panties, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she giggled dumbly. Nick thought it was pretty hot. He obviously wasn’t the only one, as the woman next to them had gone naked below the waist, and was playing with herself even harder. She was also, Nick thought, pretty hot. Not quite Suzy, though. Too lithe. Suze had some thickness to her that he appreciated. He pulled her a little closer in affection, as the pair of them drifted back into the film.

“Do you think she’s gonna get brainwashed?”

Suzy asked some time later, her hands wrapped around Nick’s dick, exposed to the warm cinema air. It drooled cum over her hands, and she licked at them, at first hesitatingly, then far more enthusiastically. It reminded her, somehow, of popcorn. “Probably not babe,” Nick told to his girlfriend, as he fingered her in her chair. Her panties had been thrown at one of the other college students, who was jacking his own newly-grown dick into them. They could get them back later. “She’s the main character. She’s probably gonna break out at the last minute and suck someone’s dick to save the day.”

“You’re only saying that cause she’s a hot girl.”

“I’m saying that because they set up the lipstick that puts people to sleep earlier in the scene with X, and they said it needs to be applied below the waist. Remember?”

“Was too busy eyeing up X’s ass. He was pretty hot for a nerd. Like someone else I know”

“Hehe, you have a type.”

That was seemingly enough to get the attention of the woman of the row in front, who turned to look at them. “Do you mind? Some of us are...”

She trailed off, as she saw Nick getting jacked off. Her jaw went slack, and she blushed. “D-do you mind?” This time, rather than looking annoyed, she looked pleading, as she pointed.

Nick patted the chair next to him, and flashed a charismatic smile that had been drilled into his brain in the last half hour. “Plenty of room for three.”

She clambered over eagerly. Suzy noticed the girl, just like most now watching, had ditched her panties, as she snuggled in next to her, and smiled softly, before the trio turned their attention back to the screen.

It flickered and flashed, as it reshaped the minds and bodies of everyone watching. Awareness came back to the trio close to the climax of the film. Suzy was sat in Nick’s lap, as the pair lazily fucked in the cinema seat. Krissy had been pushed down in the pecking order, as she sucked on Suzy’s inflated tits while trying to watch the final fight scene. Or, rather, final sex scene, as Special Agent Slut (Nick had forgotten her name when he’d seen her pussy flash on screen) sucked and fucked Doctor Cox to make sure he couldn’t brainwash every woman in the world. None of the audience was quite sure why that would be a bad thing, but hey, the plot had to go on.

Nick reached down to give Krissy’s ass a nice grope, and she moaned lewdly, in counterpoint with the student further down the row. She’d splayed her legs out over the row in front, and with a horsecock dildo she’s found underneath her chair, she was vigorously fucking herself. Her panties had been stolen by the same student from earlier, who’d seemingly made it his new aim to claim one from every woman he could. He’d licked her out to an orgasm as a fair exchange. In the rows ahead, the older woman, morphing very rapidly into the milfiest milf that ever milfed, had adopted the couple into her own harem. The pair of them suckled on her tits greedily, as she stroked their cocks, one in each hand, steadily up and down.

On screen, everyone’s attention was held, and at this point it wasn’t just the subliminals encoded into every pixel holding them. They all wanted to see the Special Agent win, and with a triumphant musical sting from some cheap composer who was paid in horny pills, she did, as her ruby red lips teased Doctor Cox above his limit. The girl’s face was sprayed in pearly cum, and as she flashed a smile at the crowd, something released in the audience’s brain. Nick’s vision went white, and he growled as he pushed up into Suzy, pumping her with his own seed. Suzy screamed in ecstasy, and slumped back into his chest, giggling softly as Krissy dropped to her knees to try and lick up the drippy mess. People came all through the cinema, settling into newer, sexed up bodies, and newer, perverted personalities as Special Agent Lovine walked off into the sunset, completely naked, her ass shaking as the screen faded to black.

On the way out, Nick waited around the atrium, Suzy comparing make-up tips and cup sizes with the student from down the row. Krissy had gone to donate her frilly pair of panties to the collector, and he watched the Milf lead out the couple from the entry door, by their dicks of course, as she whispered sweet nothings. Her eye caught Nicks, and she winked at him. “Need looking after, cutie?” She licked her lips, but he chuckled, reaching over to bring his girl back to him.

“I’m taken.”

She giggled, blowing him a kiss, and leading her enchanted pair out. Nick leaned into make out with Suzy, the pair already wondering if they could bring the rest of the gang to see this. They couldn’t wait to introduce Krissy, either—she had such good taste in films!

Over in the corner, the pair who were responsible for all this chaos watched what their local film group’s project had done to a normal group of people, and couldn’t help but feel proud. The woman felt extra proud because the attendent from earlier, having accepted their offer of brat bubblegum and had her mind melted into pink fluff, was sucking her boyfriend’s cock eagerly, moaning as she took the foot long pole down into her throat with soft squeals every time. What she did notice, which made her pout, was Suzy’s pussy dripping cum, as she remembered her bet. Looked like she was getting the check-up she’d been offered. Not that she cared. Her and her fiance were back in bimbofying action, and look out world.

Cheering herself up, she walked over to Nick and Suzy, smiling as she offered the pair something they’d prepared to spread the word. “Can I offer you two a DVD? It comes with deleted scenes, plus scenes too hot to handle~”