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The Cleaners

“Come on, Bobby. 150 million a year, plus bonuses, you get to choose every other project, and 15% of all products you work on. My employers are throwing a gold mine at you, here.”

Bobby Rosario took a drink to cover his smile. Hell, he’d have signed just for the money and the percentage. Creative control as well meant a chance to really make a name for himself. When the rum and coke was lowered back to the bar, he had regained his composure, making a big show of serious contemplation. Briefly he considered pushing for even more, but there was such a thing as pushing too far.

“All right, Mike, I’m in. Send your man over next week and we’ll sign all the paperwork. You’ve got yourself a project chief.” He raised his glass in a toast, then turned to face the club. It was a good place, exclusive enough to keep out riff-raff but open minded enough to let in hotties even if they didn’t have a pedigree. It was totally win-win.

Mike was on the phone, excitedly passing on the word to his superiors before ordering a Long Island Iced Tea. When it came, he turned as well. “Bobby, check it out. You’re being scoped, 3 o’clock.”

Bobby followed the instructions and whistled... a hottie, indeed. A leggy blonde, complete with solid curves and a perfectly predatory smile, was checking him out. “Nice spot. Time to spend some of that money.”

Mike laughed. “Not too much, though. Here’s the card... you know what to do with it. They’re everything I told you about. Give me a nod if you need distraction with her friends, I’ll be right here.”

Bobby gave a nod and a grin. A deal maker, strong business connections, and a good wingman besides? Wondering briefly if Mike could be placed on his creative team, Bobby ordered a margarita and walked towards the blonde with all the confidence of a man who had a $150 million payday on its way...

* * *

The next morning...

Carmen stretched languorously as she awoke, her head gently buzzing in a way that said that she hadn’t curbed her drinking quite as much as she’d meant to. Opening her eyes, she was a moment getting a real sense of her surroundings...a hotel room, and a nice one at that. Or, at least, it recently had been.

The signs of last night’s... episode... were all around. A lamp had been knocked off of a table and broken when he... Bobby?... had carried her from the couch to the bed. They’d ordered wine, but much of the bottle had ended on the floor. A bottle of scented oil had fallen sidewise on the table and had overflowed basically EVERYwhere, and her clothes and his were torn and tattered, buttons sent flying everywhere.

She chuckled to herself, then winced slightly as the sound caused a headache. She prided herself on being something of a wildcat in the bedroom, but this was a bit above and beyond even for her, of course, for a guy like this one, the investment was worth it. She’d overheard him talking salaries at the bar, and if he closed even half a deal like his friend had been proposing, well, Bobby was going to be a very, very wealthy man very soon. A guy like that would naturally be in need of a hot girlfriend, covered in pearls and diamonds.

Rolling slightly to face him, Carmen grinned as his eyes opened to face her. “Good morning,” she purred. “How did you sleep?”

“Crazy dreams,” He muttered as he pushed himself up onto his elbows. “Shit.” He said, glancing around. “That was some night last night. Hotel staff is going to be... no... wait.” He pushed himself up until he was sitting upright, then gestured towards a folder on the bedside table. “Could you see if there is a card in there, please, and then call the number? I need a drink of water. Just give them the room number.”

Carmen tsked a bit in irritation. He was going to need some training, apparently, but if she played sweet and submissive for now, she had a better chance of setting the hook. “Sure thing, baby. Bring me some water too, would you?” The card was fairly nondescript, simply a number and a single line of text, “Mario’s Top-End Clean-up Service.” Grabbing the hotel phone, she dialed the number, and it only rang twice before it was answered.

“Code, please.”

Carmen blinked. What kind of business was this? “Umm, code?”

“There should be a six digit number on the back of the card. What is it?”

Flipping the card over, she saw it. “Oh, yeah. Uh, it’s 452334.”

A pause. “Mr. Rosario?”

She was impressed, if confused. Whatever this place was, it couldn’t be cheap. “He’s in the bathroom, he asked me to call for him,”

The tone changed, from businesslike to suddenly quite friendly. “Ah, we see. Very well, miss, we will be there shortly. We show you as being at the downtown Hilton, Room 516. Is that correct?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“We are on our way. Give Mr. Rosario our compliments.”

Carmen hung up and stared at the phone for awhile. “Um, Bobby?”

“What?” He called from the bathroom. From the sound of it, he was having a tough time in there.

“What the hell was that about?”

“Just a sort of hangover-assist, service. They’ll take care of the... aw, shit.” Carmen covered her ears to avoid joining him in the stomach discomfort. Before it was finished, there was a knock on the door.

“Holy shit, they’re fast...” Carmen thought, running towards the door as she grabbed a bathrobe from the hangers. “You could at least have given me some warning before they...” there was another knock, louder this time. “Okay, okay, I’m coming, just hold on...”

The door opened to reveal several very serious looking men, who pushed past her to survey the room, chuckling to themselves as they checked off marks on clipboards. One of them lifted his cuff up to his ear.

“Looks like a standard hotel scenario, sir. Starting clean-up. Shouldn’t take long.”

“Radio contact?” Carmen asked, spinning as she tried to keep up with all the activity going on around her. Already the lamp had been replaced and most of the oil cleaned off of the table. “You all are pretty official for a cleaning crew...”

“We find it helps to keep things quiet, which is what our clients want most,” One of the men answered her, with a smile. “Mr. Rosario is where?”

“Bathroom, but he’s not very pleasant right now,” she warned. He sighed and walked in.

“Now, now, Mr. Rosario, have a drink of this and you will be feeling MUCH better, I assure you...”

One of the other men, after another radio check in, walked up to Carmen, rooting around in his workbag. “And you, ma’am? Are you feeling poorly this morning?”

Carmen shook her head, then winced. “No, I... ugh. Okay, a bit of a headache, but that’s all. Just a bit too heavy on the drink, I’m afraid.”

The man frowned, gesturing to damage everywhere. “I’m sure that’s what you think, ma’am, but you might be dealing with a concussion. Looks like things got pretty rowdy last night, after all. Would you mind if I ran a couple of tests, real quick? It’s just to be sure.”

Carmen sighed, but then nodded. No one could fault these guys for their thoroughness. The man pulled out a strange little device... it looked a bit like a magic wand, but with some kind of light bulb on the end. “First, an eye test, if you would just follow the light...”

The light turned on... and the world seemed to tunnel away from around it. “Wha...” Carmen said as she stared at it.

“Very good. Now, tell me your name.”

There was something fishy going on here, Carmen was sure of it, but she was finding it increasingly hard to think. Until she knew what exactly was happening, probably best to hide a little. “K-Kari. My name is Kari.”

The man sighed. “Your real name, please, and the whole thing. We are in a bit of a hurry, you know.”

This time she didn’t hesitate. “Carmen Elizabeth Pritchard.” There was no need to hesitate, no need to worry. She just needed to stare into the light...

* * *

Marco kept up the small, patient smile he used in new-client situations. His sense of humor usually came out in scenarios like this, but it was best to be businesslike with a potential new account.“Come right this way, Mr. Rosario, and we’ll have all of this cleaned up in no time. Now, about the woman out there?”

“Woman?” Rosario was still a bit bleary eyed, though he looked a thousand times better than before he’d drunk the detox formula.

“Yes, sir, the blonde. Girlfriend of yours, close acquaintance?”

Rosario waved him off. “Don’t know her, met her in the club, bought some drinks, one thing led to another...”

Marco nodded. “I see. That’s all I need to know, sir. Come out and join us when you are ready.” He walked out of the bathroom to see Freddie standing in front of the woman, who was still gazing into the sphere, slowly giving her recount of the previous night.

“Christ, Freddie, turn that thing off once they’re under. I swear to God, one of these days we’re gonna find out some reflection or whatever has fried half of your brains out, and I don’t want your Carla coming after me when she finds that out, capice?”

“Sorry, Marco,” Freddie mumbled, deactivating the device. The blonde’s eyes slipped out of focus as it went out. “Her name is Carmen, drunken one-night stand, looks like.”

“Confirmed client-side. Very well, I’ll take over, help Isaac with the wine. Carpet should still be salvageable.”

“Aye, Boss.”

Freddie gently directed Carmen towards the bed, where she sat without any resistance. “All right, Carmen. Just a few questions that you will answer truthfully, yes?”

“...yessss...” she almost hissed, her eyes glazed and staring. Marco glanced at his watch... he had a good five minutes. More than he needed.

“You have a boyfriend, Carmen?”

“On... and off... asshole... could do better...”

“I’m sure you could. Are you sexually active, Carmen? Do any drugs?”

“No... drugs... sex... sometimes... meet people... at club...”

Marco sighed. He’d been hoping for a virtuous girl scenario. They were a lot cleaner. “Isaac, did they use protection?”

The big guy glanced around. “Couple rubbers in the trash, boss, but not enough to cover this whole mess.”

“Christ. Fine. We’ll have to test her.” Marco looked into his bag. “Remove your robe, Carmen, then lay back on the bed with your legs spread like you’re about to take a cock.” Carmen did as she was told, and Marco pulled out the Test, shaped like a dildo with a opening at the end. Aside from the HighLight, it was the most expensive tech he had, even more valuable than the detox formula if he let it on the open market. Pulling on latex gloves, he reached down, spread the lips of her vagina, and pushed it in, letting it start to vibrate as he did.

“Full test,” he said clearly, and through the buzz of the vibration a tinny voice responded. “Confirmed. Processing.”

Rosario walked in, looking rather impressed as he took in the changes. “Not bad, not bad. You guys are as good as advertised.”

“Happy to hear that, sir. There is breakfast on the table if you are hungry. We will be out of your hair in three minutes.” Marco glanced back down at Carmen, who had begun to moan slightly. “Quiet, Carmen.” She shut up, simply reddening at the sensation she was feeling. Finally, the vibration stopped.

“Negative test for fluid-borne pathogens. Antibody count suggests recent case of common cold. Recent ovulation, combined with sperm counts, represents a 23% chance of impregnation.”

Marco sighed. Good thing he’d checked, then. “Run sterilization protocol. Full burn. Freddie, hold her legs. Issac, get her arms.” The two men stumped over and did as they were told, and just in time as Carmen started writhing in pain. “Easy, Carmen, it will all be over... it’s already over.” Pulling the slightly hot Test out of her, Marco wiped it with a towel then put it back in his bag. He looked at Isaac. “Her phone?”

“No recent calls or texts to worry about, though it does seem that she took some pictures. We’ve deleted them.”

Marco nodded. “Good work. Call the taxi, bring her clothes, we’ll be done here in a second. Carmen, stand up.” The blonde obeyed, standing a bit uneasily. Marco felt a bit bad about that... the sterilization procedure was painful, but she HAD failed to use proper protection. “Okay, miss... Pritchard, yes? Very good. You will forget last night, completely. It is all a terrible haze. You stayed the night with someone, had consensual sex with them, but never asked their name, and can’t remember the face. When my associates put you in the taxi, you will tell the driver where you live and he will take you home. There is no point in trying to follow up on last night at all... it was good night of sex and no more. Understand?”

Carmen blinked a few times as her mind absorbed the instructions, her breasts swaying slightly as she shifted in place. “I understand.”

Marco nodded. The HighLight worked like a charm, everytime. Just one last thing. “Mr. Rosario?”

The businessman looked up from his bagel. “Yeah?”

“Would you be interested in meeting miss Carmen again, sometime? We could leave her tagged if you are interested, its free this first time.”

Rosario looked the blonde up and down, then shrugged. “Hell, sure, why not?”

Marco nodded again. “Very well. Carmen, though you cannot remember Mr Rosario’s face, or name, nonetheless if he ever approaches you in public you will be completely amenable to anything he wants. Oh, and lose the skeezy boyfriend, will you? At least TRY to keep yourself clean.”

“I... understand...” Carmen intoned. Just then, Freddie and Isaac returned with clothes close to what she had previously wearing, dressed her, and took her down to the cab. If they copped a feel every now and then during, well, they were just working men, after all.

Marco glanced around the hotel room... it was completely pristine, save for the breakfast Rosario was plodding through. “If you are interested, sir, we would be happy to set up a regular account for you.” Rosario smiled at him, and Marco allowed himself a brief smile as well... another happy, and soon to be regular, customer.

* * *

(A few weeks later)

Carmen sighed as she glanced around the bar. At first, ditching Alex had seemed like a great idea, a good way to start over. The idea had come to her after a recent one-night stand... the details were fuzzy, but she had gotten home the next morning with the simple assurance that getting rid of her old anchor would be a solid next step.

However, now, she was having second thoughts. She’d never realized how scummy most of the men she’d known were, but in the three weeks since that amazing night, or at least she assumed it had been amazing, she’d never even conversed with one she trusted enough to sleep with. She’d never bothered about it much before, that was what doctors and morning after pills were for, after all, but now staying clean seemed, well, just more important.

The doors opened, and glancing over she watched as a new entourage entered. The man, surrounded by several beautiful women, walked with a sense of purpose that she found vaguely familiar, though she was certain to the depths of her being that she had never seen him before. She was about to close her tab and call it a night when he walked over, beautiful women still on his arms.

“Your name is Carmen, I believe?” he said with a big grin. Carmen frowned slightly, but nodded. He continued. “Come with us, then. I have... something I’d like to try out, tonight.”

The lecherous gaze she gave to the other women and to her left no doubt as to what he meant, and skeezy as that was she was certain she would just leave, maybe with her last drink on his face as an... “I’d love to...” she said, her voice distant, her vision oddly blurred, as though she had recently been staring into a bright light. The other women were similarly unfocused.

“It might be quite a mess, if memory of you serves, but no worries. I’m sure it will be all cleaned up afters.”