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Club L


Tanya looked at everything to make sure it was all ready. It was kind of odd still preparing her kids lunch when they were in college, but if she didn’t they would probably just eat whatever the cafeteria was serving and she did care about their health. Looking at the clock she realized it was just a few more minutes until her husband Lance had to wake up and get ready for work.

Tanya quickly headed upstairs stopping only to adjust herself in the mirror. She brushed aside a stray black hair and looked at her light brown eyes. When she was young, Lance would always compliment her looks. These days now that they were married and with her approaching thirty eight, it seemed as if Lance complimented her less and less.

“Lance wake up,” Tanya said softly entering the room.

As if on cue, Lance opened his eyes and began to get ready for work. It was becoming habit, Tanya would attempt to slowly sneak up on him with some hope of a romantic morning only for it to be dashed away by Lance waking up easily and getting ready for work. Lance quickly finished getting ready and left without even a kiss. Tanya was beginning to feel a bit lonely inside from it all.

Giving up on the romance Tanya headed over to her first kids room. Roxy was their first born child. She had the same black hair as her mother, but the dark green eyes of her father. She was skinny as a rail and wasn’t very popular with the boys. What she lacked in looks though, she more than made up with it for brains. Top grades all through school, winning every science fair she ever entered. College after college wanted her to join offering full scholarships and everything. Everyone was surprised when she turned them down for the local college.

As Tanya entered Roxy’s room she took a look around. Lately Roxy had been getting nice things that were outside her meager budget. Her room was filled with the latest high tech gadgets, she was getting new expensive jewelery, and she also seemed to be getting the latest in fashion. She said she had a new boyfriend and he was buying her all the gifts. Tanya just accepted this since it seemed most likely. Plus she was proud that her daughter was finally dating.

“Time to get up,” Tanya whispered sitting down on Roxy’s bed.

Roxy moaned slightly and stirred in her bed. Tanya watched lovingly as her daughter opened her sleepy eyes. Tanya’s eyes suddenly widened with shock as she felt her daughters hand move towards her pussy under the blankets. Roxy suddenly opened her eyes widely realizing she was awake and stopped instantly.

“Sorry mom, didn’t realize you were here,” Roxy said sleepily.

“It’s okay, we all have our urges,” Tanya replied calming down, “Just try to keep it more private.”

Tanya stood back up and headed out of the room. Most daughters would complain about a mother entering their room in the morning and invading their privacy. Roxy was different as she didn’t mind at all. She kept her door open all the time and was very trusting of the family. It was more than Tanya could say about her other kid.

Nelson had just entered college, but he still acted like a high school student. He had Tanya’s brown eyes and his fathers dark brown hair. Just like his sister, he too was a skinny geek. People often compared him to his sister which he hated. Unlike his sister he enjoyed dating a bit in high school. His last girlfriend just recently broke up with him with no real reason as to why.

“Nelson, time to get up!” Tanya yelled as she knocked on his door. Unlike his sister he kept it locked. Tanya often wondered what he did in there.

“I’m up, I’ll be out in a minute,” Nelson called from the other side of the door.

Tanya sighed and moved on. She knew Nelson would be out just like he said, but she might have to come back to make sure. Putting the lunches she prepared into paper bags, she set them out on the coffee table for the kids. As usual Roxy was the first down and out the door, but not before a friendly hug and saying goodbye. Nelson was a bit slower, once down he took his lunch and left without saying a word. Tanya wondered if the breakup was the reason he was acting so rude recently.

With the house finally empty, Tanya set about her daily tasks. She began cleaning each room except for Nelsons. After cleaning she grabbed the newspaper off the front steps and sat down for a cup of coffee. Immediately inside was an ad for the new lesbian club called Club L that had opened in town. She had protested the building of such a club with a bunch of other people, but they failed and everyone seemed to just give up shortly after the grand opening. The club was slowly just melting into a part of everyday life.

Tossing the ad into the trash, Tanya continued to read the paper. As she drank her coffee reading the doorbell rang causing her to spill some of it onto her paper. Taking a napkin, Tanya quickly wiped the coffee off the table and a bit that managed to spill on her and went to answer the door.

“Hi, my name is Grace and I was wondering if you would like to try some new products my company is selling,” a young girl said as Tanya opened the door.

The girl was kinda short, but cute. She had light blond hair and blue eyes. She looked as if she barely was out of college. It was a shame to see young ones like her in such bad careers.

“Come on in,” Tanya said. She wasn’t really interested in the products, but she didn’t have much else to do that day. Grace smiled happily and made her way in.

“Wow, nice place you got here ma’am. Looks real clean,” Grace said as she looked around.

Tanya smiled a little. It had been a long time since she heard someone say ma’am politely like that. The girl just earned a few points in her book. She might even buy something after trying the samples. Grace took a seat on the couch and set down a bag. Tanya sat next to her and waited to see what kind of products were being sold.

“My company is selling diet cookies which will be on store shelves very soon. We are getting opinions from the public on how it taste’s for an ad campaign,” Grace said retrieving a box of chocolate chip cookies.

Grace opened the box and held it towards Tanya. Tanya figured why not and grabbed one and ate it. The taste nearly sent her into orgasm. She grabbed another cookie and greedily ate it. Grace just smiled as Tanya finished off the entire box like she was some kind of addict. When the box finally emptied, Tanya tipped it upside down and tried to get the last of the crumbs out. After a few minutes of no success, she suddenly started to feel dizzy.

“That’s a good girl,” Grace said as she began to stroke Tanya’s hair.

“What’s happening to me?” Tanya asked trying to stay up.

“There was a special ingredient in those cookies,” Grace replied taking Tanya’s head and laying it on her lap, “They are taking effect now.”

Tanya was in no position to fight and it actually felt good to lay down for a bit. Grace gently stroked Tanya’s hair as she tried to figure out just what was going on. Tanya felt her clothes tighten a little. Extra fat from around her body seemed to be disappearing to accommodate the growth. She felt her mind slipping away.

“Wow, two minutes exactly.” Tanya could hear Grace’s words, but they meant nothing, “From now on when you are like this you shall be known only as number twenty-two. You shall now work for Club L. Every night when your husband is asleep you shall get up and walk over there. You will act as a stripper, waitress, or any other task seen needed by management. You start tonight. You are also no longer allowed to sleep with your husband or any other man. You work for lesbians therefore you are lesbian.”

Tanya heard grace get up and leave. For the next couple of hours the commands left by Grace bounced throughout Tanya’s head. They became fact. Finally she was able to break out of her trance and regain her thoughts. Tanya spent nearly an hour crying as she realized what had just happened.

That night as instructed Tanya left her husband sleeping and walked to the new club. She was already tired and sore by the time she arrived. Walking in the door she could smell the strong drinks and smoke from the patrons. There were tables with stripper poles placed throughout the club. Already naked women were dancing on them. Around the tables were chairs with many women watching and placing money on for a better show. As Tanya looked around Grace from earlier in the day approached her.

“All the stripping positions are filled for the night. Take this tray and deliver these drinks to anyone who wants them. If a customer asks you for anything, you are to provide it if you can. Finally we have a strict dress code of all lower employees being nude. Since you are a lower employee I suggest you strip before management sees you,” Grace instructed.

Tanya immediately set about her task. It felt great to finally get free from her bra. Since the growth it felt very restricting. After getting the bra off, Tanya noticed a small tattoo of the number twenty-two on her left breast. She wondered if the cookies she ate had somehow put it there. Deciding to dwell on that detail later, Tanya quickly took the rest off and grabbed the tray.

While on the floor many of the women in the seats ordered drinks. As Tanya delivered many of the customers grabbed her ass and squeezed her breasts. Grace’s instructions held and she let them do whatever they wanted to her. Several customers even had her get on her knees and eat their pussies. By the end of the night Tanya felt humiliated.

Finally with just an hour to sunrise, the last of the customers shuffled away slightly drunk and happy. Grace dismissed Tanya and she put her clothes back on and walked back home. Oddly she didn’t feel the slightest bit tired by the time she got home. After a quick breakfast she felt better than ever and was ready for her usual routine.

The morning went by more or less normal as usual. Her husband still seemed to ignore her, Roxy was as sweet as ever, and Nelson still rude as ever. After everyone left, Tanya set about her regular cleaning cycle. After cleaning instead of entertaining herself, Tanya just sat as if waiting for instructions. She stayed that way until her family finally came home.

Again at night Tanya left and returned to Club L. After entering the door she quickly stripped and awaited for instructions. Grace quickly arrived and smiled at the sight of Tanya already standing naked and waiting for instructions.

“Very good twenty-two,” Grace said, “Tonight we have a special guest. She is the CEO of a large Europe based company. She saw your picture and requested you to service her privately. Tonight she is your only concern. Go upstairs and head to room three. She is waiting for you already.”

Tanya immediately turned and headed upstairs. She hadn’t been to that part of the club the night before. The walls and carpet were all red. Tanya quickly came to room three. Taking a deep breath she went inside. The inside of the room had the same carpet and walls as the hall. Along the walls were a two couches and a few chairs. Beside them were small tables for customers to place their drinks. In the center was a dancing pole.

“Why there she is,” A women in a gray business suit said who was sitting on one of the couches, “I was beginning to wonder if you would ever show up. You look more lovely in person, your picture doesn’t do you justice.”

The women took a drink of something she had already ordered. She then stood up and walked around Tanya examining her like a piece of meat. She took her hand and cupped Tanya’s breasts and smiled.

“You will do just fine for tonight. Give me a nice show to get things started,” she pointed to the pole in the center of the room.

Tanya walked over and began seductively dancing for the woman. She rubbed her body up and down the pole. Halfway through her dance Tanya looked over and saw the woman masturbating. She merely smiled and had her continue. Finally Tanya heard a muffled scream and the order to stop.

“Very good, now come over here and clean my pussy with your tongue,” the women ordered.

Tanya walked over to the woman and got on her knees. She brought her head down and began licking the woman’s pussy. The juices from her masturbation session were still very fresh. Tanya greedily licked them all up much to the woman’s pleasure. After the woman was finally satisfied she ordered a final drink and left.

As Tanya put her clothes back on to go home for the day she felt humiliated. She was being used by the club and by it’s customers. She wondered if her participation agianst the building of the club was the reason they recruited her in the manor they did.

The morning routine was more pleasant than usual. Nelson seemed a bit more friendly than usual. Her husband even talked a little with her. It was but a small comfort in her new world. Tanya knew she would never have her old life back. She almost wished things would be as they were the day before so she could stay emotionally detached.

The night came and Tanya grudgingly followed her programming and headed off to the club. She was in for a shock when she got there. Nelsons old girlfriend was naked and waiting for orders just like she usually was. Tanya didn’t dare question what was going on and stripped herself and waited next to her. It didn’t take long for Grace to show up.

“Twenty-Two you will be partnered up with Thirteen here. A customer in the back likes watching, but rarely participates. Tonight you will see that she gets a good private show. After the customer leaves management would like a word with you twenty-two.” Grace gave out the nights instructions.

Tanya followed Nelsons former girlfriend Thirteen. She wished she had learned her real name. Nelson was private about his girlfriend though. She had only seen her once when she came by before a date. Nelson whisked her away before any questions could be asked.

As they entered the back there was an empty room with only a chair in it. The chair was occupied by small girl in glasses. She had red hair and brown eyes. She looked up at the two girls and had a wide smile on her face.

“Very good, now get to entertaining me. I’m paying by the hour I don’t want to waste a dime,” she commanded in a stern voice that Tanya wasn’t expecting.

Tanya and Thirteen immediately got to work. They started out kissing and rubbing each others bodies. Slowly Thirteen worked her mouth down to Tanya’s pussy and began licking it. Tanya brought her down to the floor and slowly worked herself into a sixty-nine position. After they cummed, they rolled over and began to rest for a few minutes.

“Did I say you could rest? I don’t care if you cum a hundred times, keep going until I say stop,” the girl commanded.

Through sheer force of will Tanya managed to position herself back over Thirteen’s pussy. She bent her head back down and began licking again. She could feel Thirteen licking hers again. The girl sat on her chair masturbating. After cumming a second time the girl had Thirteen put on a strap on and fuck Tonya. Next Thirteen pretended to be a baby and suck on Tanya’s tits. The girl forced them to do all sorts of things until her time was up. After the girl left Grace came to collect Tanya.

“Thirteen, the bar needs attending. Go see to it. Twenty-Two, management is ready to meet you, follow me,” Grace turned around.

Tanya watched as Twenty-Two split from them as she headed down a long hallway. Soon she and Grace were at a door with the word ‘Management’ etched into it. The room was brightly lit and well decorated. Grace took a quick scan and then came upon the manager of the club. It was her own daughter Roxy.

“Hello Mom,” Roxy said with a grin, “Bet you didn’t expect me to be management. I really didn’t want to recruit you for my club. Nanobots are expensive to make and I would prefer not to enslave family. But then you just had to protest the opening of my club. One thing I’ve learned when I gained power is not to take crap from anyone. So I decided to punish you for defying me. I’ve also injected nanobots into Nelson and Dad to keep them from noticing what was happening to you and to keep you pure from men while working at my club. Most of my customers prefer not to sleep with women who are bi. They want pure lesbians. We will discuss this more when we get home in the morning. For now get back on the floor and get back to work.”

Tanya turned to follow Roxy’s instructions, “Oh and by the way, welcome to Club L.”